The Unspeakable Tales

Chapter 6 – British Troubles VI

Moving quietly across the rooftops, Harry crouched down as he looked over the edge of the building. Down below he could see and hear the bustling streets of Diagon Alley, and even as a shimmering barrier formed over the rooftop they stood on, he could still hear the crowds below.

"The barriers set," Valkyrie spoke and Harry turned around, looking to the squad assembled.

Nodding his head, he rose to his feet and turned to them. "Eagle." The man in question stepped forwards, everyone looking to him for the report.

"As you're already aware, thanks to the actions of Dragon, the Werewolves have split into cells no larger than a dozen or so in each. However, thanks to the recent hunting and elimination of these cells," here Eagle looked pointedly at Dragon. "They've once again been gathering in larger numbers. We suspect that they're preparing to do one large, final push, a last-ditch effort to gain a victory."

Harry looked to Derek here who released a sigh. "It doesn't seem like Peter, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was his plan. Conquering Britain was his mission, it was believed to be easy because of you just coming out of a war against Voldemort. They were planning to use Britain as a staging ground to invade Europe from the rear. Peter doesn't really have the option to fail otherwise it looks bad on him for losing what was considered, an easy assignment."

"Right then." Harry took control. "Our recent scout report suggests that the Werewolves are planning a final assault on Diagon Alley. We don't know if it's true, but from the information we've gathered, it's the only consistent piece of evidence we've found. So prepare yourselves, it could be today, tomorrow or a week from now. Either way, we'll be camping out here until it happens, or we find out more information."

And with that last piece, Harry turned back to look across the Diagon Alley, eyes peeled as he studied each and every person. Behind him, he could hear the movements of his squad, some sitting down, others laying down.

It didn't matter to him, he had one job and he'd do it.

They were so close now to ending it all and that's all that matters. Once it's over, he could sleep easier knowing that his friends and loved ones would be safe. That's all that mattered to him at this point.

The reports had been right, the Werewolves were planning to attack Diagon Alley. They came around midday a week after they arrived, they had disguised themselves amongst the common people on the streets, in stores and even in Gringotts. Then they had drawn their wands, guns and accessed their partial transformation before attacking wildly.

Dozens of civilians were killed in the opening moments and that's when Harry and his squad made their move. Bear jumped down by the Leaky Cauldron dealing with those there and pushing further up. Valkyrie had gone down Knockturn Alley. Dog had covered the centre of Diagon Alley while Dragon and Eagle had made their way towards Gringotts.

Despite this assault being sudden and shocking to many, Harry and his squad were able to easily dispatch them. They weren't overly powerful, a handful of Betas and a few newly turned Werewolves unsure and unused to using their powers. No more than two dozen in total.

As soon as it began, it came to an end nought but a few moments later. And as they finished off the last Werewolves, Harry and his squad quickly Apparated away from the scene, appearing on the same rooftop they had arrived at earlier this week.

"That was easier than I expected," Bear noted.

"That's because they were made up mostly of Omegas and only a handful of Betas." Dog said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Hardly what I'd call an attack force. As much as a plan like this doesn't fit Peters memo, a force like this is even less so."

Harry couldn't help but agree with that, a force like this was perhaps one of the weakest he'd faced in a long time.

"Wait, I thought Omega's were the prisoners?" Valkyrie questioned.

"Most of them are." Dog replied. "But the Werewolves don't refer to them as Omegas, only you Wizards do. Werewolves don't even give them a name; Omegas in the Werewolf Pack refers to the weakest of the Pack. The untrained and newly turned."

"It was in the dossier provided to you all." Harry reprimanded. "But that's beside the point, Dog's right, a force like this was too weak and too small to be a final attack force. Which only leaves one option…"

"A misdirection." Bear finished.

It was at that moment that Harry felt the Two-Way Mirror in his pocket grow warmer and he quickly pulled it out. On the other end, Croaker's face appeared, a look of urgency clear to see. "Dragon, Ravenstown has come under assault."

Ravenstown was a small, yet newly built town in the countryside of England. With the changes in Magical Laws more and more Muggleborns were coming back, especially those who hadn't been able to achieve much in the way of stability in the Muggle world. The changes Kingsley brought not only offered jobs and equal rights to the Muggleborns for the first time but also offered them a stable job.

The creation of Ravenstown was one of many initiatives Kingsley had put into place to expand Magical Britain and also boost its economy. Thanks to the money taken from the Purebloods and the dissolving of numerous useless branches of the Ministry of Magic, it enabled them to have a large influx of money.

Money that they used to not only train up their Auror force but also rebuild Britain after the damages dealt with it during the Second Blood War. However, the purchasing of Gringotts on top of paying the staff to work it (with numerous Muggleborn bankers from the Muggle world more than happy to work there for a higher salary), the paying of dozens of more Aurors, more workers and construction materials had certainly not been cheap and had taken a vast majority of their funds to do so.

But, pretty soon, the money paid out to these workers was funnelled back into the Ministries coffers when they spent it on foods, books, wands, etc. it was a cycle that while initially costing the Ministry a great deal, was serving to reap some rewards.

So good in fact that Kingsley had decided to continue down the current direction and start expanding on current towns. The expansion of Diagon Alley and Hogsmease as well as the renovations of Knockturn Alley were well underway and nearly completed, they expanding from small villages to large towns. And now they were starting plans to build new villages to accommodate the influx of Muggleborns from the Muggle world.

Ravenstown was the first of the new villages being built and no expense was being spared. 'This can't fall.' Harry thought to himself as he appeared on a nearby hill, overlooking the construction site below. A few houses had been erected, with numerous others still in various states of construction.

As soon as Croaker had told him of the Werewolves attacking Ravenstown, they had not even hesitated. They couldn't afford to, not only was their dozens of workers still here, but Ravenstown was as Kingsley had described it to the people of Britain, a symbol.

A symbol of a new age for Magical Britain.

'Which is why the Werewolves must have chosen to target this place.' He realised, and as his squad appeared behind him, they rushed down the hill towards the village. They could see the Aurors that had been stationed here still fighting, or a few were, those that still lived. "Valkyrie, Dog, assist the Aurors in evacuating the workers. Bear, protect Eagle, don't leave his side. Keep destruction to a minimum."

Harry didn't hear the affirmatives and as soon as he closed in on the location of the Werewolves, fired off dozens of powerful cutting and piercing spells. He didn't bother with explosive spells, they were good at sowing confusion and discord amongst the ranks and as their description dictated, causing mass destruction. Harry not only recognised that using them was unnecessary, but also that it would be damaging to the surroundings.

Within a few moments, five Werewolves dropped down dead, their partial transformation may provide enhanced durability, but it wasn't much. Not nearly enough to be able to withstand a spell from Harry.

And as Harry threw himself fully into the fight, he didn't focus on what his team were doing but purely focused on the Werewolves. His mind whirled with spells and tactics, gaze flickering every which way as he identified targets and his body moved upon instinct in line with his thoughts.

But one thing that stood out to Harry despite this, was how easy it was. 'Again, there's only a handful of Betas. Most of them are Omegas.' Wand slashed and stabbed through the air, powerful spells firing out in the direction of Werewolves who attempted to dodge his strikes while attacking him at the same time. 'This doesn't make any sense, first Diagon Alley and now Ravenstown? What's Peter aiming to accomplish with these small raids.'

That was what confused Harry the most.

The locations of the attacks made sense, Diagon Alley was a popular shopping centre filled with hundreds and Wizards and Witches daily. Ravenstown on the other hand while still mostly a construction site, was Britain's symbol of a new age.

Yet what didn't make sense was the size and make-up of each raiding party.

They were just too weak.

And just like with Diagon Alley, Harry and his squad along with the aid of the Aurors easily managed to clean up the rest of the Werewolves. In the aftermath, just over fifteen Aurors and workers were severely injured, a further ten killed. However, the Werewolves suffered complete annihilation, with over twenty dead except for a single prisoner.

"Eagle, take him back to the HQ." Eagle nodded his head, activating his Portkey and disappearing with the prisoner. Meanwhile, Harry turned to face the Aurors who were using Portkeys to help evacuate the workers. "Captain."

One man looked up, a gold badge of the Auror department emblazoned upon his robes. "You asked for me, son. I have to say, I don't know who you are or who you work for but thank you." He looked around at the dead bodies of the Werewolves and while a frown was upon his face at the sight of the bodies of his compatriots, he was pleased to see the Werewolves amongst them.

"It's our job," Harry told him simply, looking around at the gathered Aurors. "I want you to send a message to Gawain Robbars. Tell him to increase security in all the towns and cities, especially in Hogsmeade. I suspect the Werewolves aren't done with these raids."

"There's been more?"

Harry nodded his head. "Diagon Alley was attacked less than half an hour ago. Considering the nature of their raids, I believe Hogsmeade is their next and final target."

"I'll do…" The Auror Captain didn't get to finish that sentence as a howl cut through the air.


"What is that?"

"Get out of the town now!" Harry ordered urgently, but by that point, it was too late as they could feel Wards being placed over them all. And as soon as one many pulled out his Portkey, it didn't work. 'Shit, they've cornered us!'

Upon the hill, overlooking Ravenstown, Peter moved through the group of men gathered on top of it. Each of them turned, some patting others as he moved through them, they parting around him as he came to a stop at the top of the hill, beside an older, smaller man, holding a cane in one hand and sunglasses covering his eyes.

He looked down at the man, lips curling in anger at the sight of him. "Stop scowling." The man spoke up, not even turning to look at Peter. "It is unbefitting of a man who failed so miserably."

"I did not fail, Deucalion." Peter shot back, fully facing the right-hand man of Fenrir Greyback himself, frame tense and radiating anger, fingers flexing as eyes flashed a dangerous red. But Deucalion did nothing, simply figure continued to face the battlefield below. "This has simply been a minor inconvenience."

"One that shall be rectified by my hand." Deucalion returned, finally turning to face Peter. "Our campaign in Europe rests upon your victory here in Britain. If you fail, we will be unable to push further west than Germany. If we cannot secure Britain, we cannot secure Europe and if we cannot secure Europe, then we cannot send much-needed reinforcements to take over Scandinavia."

"As I said, it has been a minor inconvenience. One that I shall solve." Peter stressed, eyes glaring down upon Deucalion as the men around them shifted uncomfortably, just waiting to see what would happen between the two Alphas.

Out from behind his sunglasses, red eyes stared back and for the first time, Peter felt a chill run up his spine. It was so easy to forget just who Deucalion was, and that was a powerful Werewolf, one that had already laid the groundwork for the formation of a mass Werewolf Pack before Fenrir came along and took over through force. But whereas Fenrir had overwhelming power with little intelligence, Deucalion had both power and intelligence in droves. Strong enough to overwhelm and suppress other Alphas, but the intelligence to plan and oversee four campaigns at once.

And Peter struggled not to look away. "These, British have proven themselves surprisingly resilient, especially this Wizard they call, Dragon. And now from what I'm seeing, he has three like-minded individuals suggesting that their numbers are growing." Deucalion explained. "If not nipped in the bud soon, then they will not only take Britain forever out of our grasp but may also strip us of our efforts in Europe as well. That cannot be allowed to happen, am I clear?"

Peter nodded his head.

"Good, then finish it today." Deucalion then spun on his heel, cane tapping out on the ground before him as he began to walk away. "There can be no more failures, Peter or else your life will be forfeit."

And as Deucalion walked away, Peter turned back to the battle taking place below with a growl. For a few moments, he did nothing before fully allowing his powers to run throughout his body.

"We finish this now!" He growled out, releasing a loud howl as he began to rip off his clothes and then the skin, revealing a furred body beneath. All around him, the men on the hill followed his lead before they all rushed down the ground heading towards Ravenstown.

Damnit it all, this is insane!' Harry cursed, diving to one side as he fired a number of spells in quick succession, dropping a few Werewolves. Around him, the battle was in full swing, Werewolves besetting the group of Aurors and the members of his squad from all sides. They had held out well in the beginning, the first few droves being quite weak. But then around halfway through when not only the numbers increased, yet their power did as well.

Speed, strength, durability and magical resistance also increased dramatically.

Whereas the initial group would go down with two or three spells, a single in Harry's case. They now were taking upwards of five or six spells to take just one down. As a result, they had formed into little groups here and there. His own squad were gathered together just north of his position. The Aurors themselves were split in two, but their numbers were dwindling.


As a howl ripped through the air, cutting deep to their bones as they all turned to look to see dozens more Werewolves rushing down the hill. Considering they were already outnumbered and the nature of their wave tactics, it was no doubt that while few in number, these would be the most elite members of the Werewolf Pack based in Britain. With them already struggling there was no doubt in his mind that they would be unable to hold them off here.

"Retreat!" Harry shouted over the noise of battle. "Fall back out of the Wards, now!" He had tried his best to keep Ravenstown but right now, Harry recognised that defending it would be impossible and his first priority as dictated by Croaker, was to fall back if it was impossible to win.

An Unspeakable Field Agent must be willing to give his life to win. Yet at the same time, an Unspeakable Field Agent must be able to recognise when a situation requires the sacrifice of their lives and when it is not a viable option. If victory was unlikely even with sacrificing their life then it was unviable. After all, just like a wand, a Field Agent was a tool and if it still had uses, then there was no need to discard it.

As the Field Commander, it was his duty to recognise when the sacrifice of his agent's lives was necessary and when prioritising their lives was required. And sometimes, that meant sacrificing others in their place.

Much like he had expected, his squad followed his lead, they were situated in the direction he was heading and so, they linked up quite easily. On the other hand, the Aurors were behind him and with the Werewolves coming mainly from that direction, they were forced to take the brunt of their attention. Which served to provide Harry and his squad the perfect opportunity within which to escape safely.

Making their way through the streets, spells spitting out and striking out at Werewolves coming from nearby alleyways and the path up ahead. The Dragon Squad made their way with relative ease, the Aurors acting as perfect meat shields to keep the brunt of the Werewolves busy.

Just as they were about to pass through the wards, they suddenly heard the thundering pounding of something closing upon them. They turned to see a large, black-furred beast closing in upon them rapidly from the rooftops of the buildings. It released a roar before leaping off the building and landing between them.

Its landing cracked the ground, and Harry heard a rage-filled cry from Valkyrie as he struggled to see through the smoke lifted up from the ground and clouding his vision. From the smoke, Harry noticed a large hand swiping out at him and he barely had a moment to raise his arms before the hand struck his guard. It was strong and powerful, more so than anything he'd felt before and it broke his guard with ease.

Claws cut deep, somehow breaking through the Dragon Scale armour he wore and leaving deep gashes in his arms. A cry escaping his lips, Harry was flung through the air, smashing through the walls of another building.

Laying there, Harry coughed out some blood as he clutched his arms with a groan of pain. Pulling them away, he noticed the blood seeping out and Harry quickly clamped down his Occlumency Shields in order to smoother the pain before it spread. As soon as he did, he once again became aware of the battle going outside and pushing himself to his feet, gripped hold of his wand and rushed out.

Numerous Bombarda and Reductor Curses smashed into the giant Werewolf's back, effectively saving Eagle from getting his body cut clean in half. It also served to draw the attention of the Werewolf towards him and as the red eyes of the creature locked onto his own, Harry realised who exactly this person was.

'Peter Hale, he's larger than any Werewolf I've ever seen before. Is this an Alphas form?' He questioned, taking note of how little damage Peter had taken from the numerous curses that struck his back.

"Dragon!" Hearing a shout, Harry turned to see Dog and Bear rushing forwards, the former jumping upon the back of Peter as to distract him. Meanwhile Bear tackled the Werewolf around the waist, it didn't do much, but it certainly drew his attention elsewhere allowing Harry to rush by.

As soon as he did, Valkyrie and the newly returned Eagle who had situated themselves right upon the border of the Ward scheme, fired dozens of spells just as Dog and Bear released Peter. The angered Alpha went to strike out at them only for the spells to then hit him, knocking him back.

This act saved both their lives and allowing the team to rush towards the Ward scheme, Peter and his Werewolf Pack hot on their tails.

Feeling the cold air on his back, Gregori paused outside the cave and looked up at the moon high in the sky. Rain fell down, soaking the rocks around him as he channelled magic into a barrier to keep him dry. After making sure his surroundings were clear, Gregori stepped inside the dark cave, a ball of light escaping from his hand and illuminating his path.

Eventually, as he continued down the narrowing path of the cave, he reached the end. A wall of rock that Gregori knew to be nothing more than a lie. Pulling out a small knife, Gregori cut the palm of his left hand and squeezed it tightly, blood dripping down over the rocks.

Then the wall shimmered, melting away to reveal an open passageway, lit by burning green torches. Dismissing the ball of light that he had been using to guide his way, Gregori stepped through.

It was long, but straight, lined with bones that crunched under foot. However, Gregori dismissed it all and continued down, eventually coming out into a large open chamber. Pillars of ancient design decorating the wall as what seemed to be an entire civilisation seemed to have at one point lived here.

Now, as he continued down the empty an ancient hold, Gregori began to feel a chill down his spine, as if he were being watched. Then, perhaps intentional or purely by luck, he managed to pick up the sight of movement.

"Come on out, Nicodemus, I know you're here." Gregori called and it was followed by the sound of laughter, a woman's laughter, sharp and piercing. Then the chamber shimmered once more revealing the once barren chamber filled with over a dozen people. And in the centre, right before his eyes was a man and a young woman.

All of which possessed great power that emanated from them, but none more so that the man who reclined comfortably on the throne-like chair. A young woman, resting upon the arm rest, his hand gently stroking her bare thighs.

"Gregori, my dear boy, it has been too long." He greeted, an amicable yet arrogant smile upon his aged, handsome face. "Tell me, what brings you here to my humble abode."

Gregori took another glance around the chamber, one that could hardly be called, humble. Even shrouded in darkness and shadow, one could not deny the majesty of the room. So to call it humble was quite an ironic statement for sure.

"I have come to call in the favour that you owe me." Gregori said, earning quite a few mutterings of discontent. Even the young woman, once smiley and happy changed to be angry and frowning. Outraged at the mere thought of Gregori demanding anything from Nicodemus.

However, the man in question just laughed. "As forward as always, Gregori." He said with a smile. "So, come, tell me what favour you would have of me. I haven't forgotten your aid in returning free of our brethren from the clutches of the council. So, what is it?"

"Harry Potter." It was but a single name, but one that sent a ripple across the room.

"The Archmagus?" Nicodemus asked, a hum escaping his lips as his lips curled, not completely a smile nor a frown. It was something that lay in between the two, showing both and neither, amusement nor confusion. "That is quite a tall order."

"Is it a problem?" Gregori questioned and Nicodemus shrugged his shoulders. This was something that made the wizard frown, looking around at the various figures all around the room. Each of them were vicious beings, all of which had obviously seen a great deal of combat over the course of many years.

"No, I'm just curious as to why I should risk so much in order to do so."

Gregori seemed pleased by this. "So you agree that he is a threat then?" That was good news and proved his fears right if even Nicodemus, the leader of the Order of Blackened Denarians was wary of what Harry Potter symbolised.

"No, not in the slightest." Nicodemus spoke, amused by the entire idea. "The boy is untrained, inexperienced and the very thought that he could pose a threat to me is both amusing and insulting. Try not to do it again, Gregori otherwise I cannot promise that you'll get out of here alive."

Gritting his teeth, Gregori warily looked around at the other Denarians, all of which seemed to give no outward sign, yet he could feel it bearing down upon him. A pressure, an intent to kill and Gregori could feel a cold sweat forming upon his brow. Restraining the urge to gulp audibly, he rose his head as to not appear weak, something that he knew would ruin any chance of gaining anything of note from this negotiation.

"Then what do you mean?"

"Well, you wouldn't come here if you had access to the Councils resources." Nicodemus pointed out. "And you certainly haven't been fired otherwise I would ben unable to keep a straight face throughout this negotiation." That earned a bit of laughter and Gregori grit his teeth in annoyance. "So that leaves only one possibility, the White Council have in their…infinite wisdom, decided to leave Harry Potter as he is. Something that you for whatever reason, cannot allow to pass."

Gregori glared at the man, angered at the way in which he was being mocked constantly. "Spit it out, Nicodemus, what do you want in return for this?"

"The location of my estranged wife and her faction of followers." This request made Gregori laugh out loud, completely ignoring the ripple of anger that spread across the room as a result of this.

"You, you must be joking?"

Nicodemus frowned. "Not in the slightest."

"That's too much." It was one of the most ridiculous requests that Gregori had ever heard. He certainly had the location of Polonius Lartessa and her faction, but that was information that he had hoped to keep for himself. Something he could use as leverage in another negotiation with Nicodemus in the future. Just like he could use the location of Nicodemus as leverage in a negotiation with Polonius.

But now he was being pressured into giving up such valuable leverage, despite being owed a favour. "That's your problem." The Denarian leader returned. "You want my aid in killing Harry Potter, the last living Archmagus, favoured son of Britain and person of interest for the White Council, you're favour, does not cover that. So I need extra incentive. At the end of the day, it's a question of how much you need him dead."

And as those words were spoken, Gregori clenched his fists tightly in anger.

"Magog." Nicodemus called.

"You called for me." A dark skinned, muscular man clad in a brown jacket over a black combat pants and a bulletproof vest. Magog was a rare case, having managed to completely dominate his host, and a powerful one at that. Originally, the host whose name escaped him, had once been the plaything of Rosanna, the righthand servant of his wife. However, upon learning that Rosanna was just playing with him, the host had attempted to discard the coin of Magog.

It had failed, eventually giving into the corruption that Rosanna had created within him. He took up the coin once more and this weakness of mind, gave Magog all the strength he needed in order to conquer the host entirely.

Nicodemus could feel Anduriels jealousy, as while they had come to terms the two of them, it was in the nature of a Fallen Angel to attempt to possess its host entirely. But Nicodemus was certain that by this point, he would never fail in retaining control of himself.

"You will deal with the Archmagus, make a show of it." Magog nodded his head, turning on his heel and walking away. Deirdre, his beloved daughter releasing a huff of discontent at his decision.

"Why not send me?"

"Now why would I risk my beloved daughter over something so petty and inconsequential?"

Rushing along the forest, Harry looked down at his ring with grit teeth. 'Fuck, what the hell's wrong with this thing?' He questioned, looking over his shoulder towards Valkyrie and the approaching Werewolf horde behind them.

They had escaped the wards surrounding Ravenstown some time ago but while Dog, Bear and Eagle had been able to activate their Portkeys safely and easily. Harry had attempted to do the same, but his Portkey had failed and Valkyrie upon seeing this had remained behind.

"Whereabouts are we going to, Dragon?" Valkyrie questioned as they continued to rush through the woods, the werewolves hot on their tails.

"A few miles from here is a safe house, we'll rest and recover there," Harry answered as he spared one glance over his shoulder. "But first we need to lose our tails. You're a Veela, right? Use your allure to distract them."

Nodding her head, Valkyrie did as she was ordered, Harry watching as after a few moments, the lead Werewolves began to show signs of distraction. Feet tripping over the ground and some coming to a stop, shaking their heads in an attempt to rid their minds of some distraction. And Harry used this opportunity presented to him to turn.

His wand was already drawn and a spell on his lips. "Fiendfyre!" He shouted and from the tip of his wand, waves of burning hot, cursed flames rushed out and engulfed the Werewolves. Howls filled the woods, quickly silenced as they were engulfed by the cursed flames and reduced to ash.

"And how is everything at your end?" Croaker asked over the communication mirror.

Looking around from his position against the wall of the cabin, Harry checked his surroundings to make sure there was nothing in sight. "Secure. But Ravenstown has been lost along with the Aurors that were there."

"I'm aware." Croaker informed him. "Eagle filled me in on everything that happened. Unfortunate as it may be to lose Ravenstown, your survival is more important at this stage. Not to mention we have finally discovered the location of the Alpha, Peter Hale." That gained Harry's attention, he rising up from where he was leaning against the wall.


Croaker smirked. "I had one of my researchers watching from a distance." Harry shouldn't be surprised by that fact, nor should he be shocked that he wasn't provided by aid by said Unspeakable despite being able to see that his Portkey was not working. "As soon as they lost you, the Werewolves returned back to the main base, they haven't split into different groups anymore. They followed the Werewolves, and we now have their location. Your use of Fiendfyre has reduced their numbers greatly albeit at the cost of great damage to the surroundings. Quite risky of you to make such a decision without authorisation."

"I made an informed decision based on the knowledge I had at hand. I needed to put some distance between them and us, so I used the best option available to me at that time." Harry said. "Besides was it not you who named me Field Commander, decisions such as that are mine to make in the field. That's why you promoted me to that position, was it not?"

This earned a short laugh from Croaker. "Yes, it was." He nodded his head. "Stay low, for now, in a few days we'll figure out what to do in the future."

Closing off the communication mirror, Harry pocketed it and then headed inside. As soon as he did, he paused upon the sight that greeted him of Valkyrie pouring herself a glass of what he could make out to be Fire Whiskey. He honestly didn't know that they had Fire Whiskey in this place, and he also didn't expect to find operative drinking on a mission.

"What are you doing?" He demanded, moving forwards and taking the glass of Fire Whiskey off the table and away from her. Valkyrie herself flinched at his actions, shocked out of her trance-like state and reflexively reached out for the bottle only for it to be pulled further away from her. "I asked what you were doing?"

Seeing that the Fire Whiskey was out of her reach, she instead took her half-full glass and downed the rest of it in one go. Face scrunching up and coughing as it burned her throat. "What does it look like?" She shot back.

"It looks like you're getting drunk on duty."

"We're safe, are we not?" Valkyrie continued to argue, and Harry frowned in thought, picking up the distinct French accent.

'Don't tell me.' He thought to himself. "Fleur? You're Fleur Weasley, right?"

"Fleur Delacour now, my 'usband is dead, I'm a widow and a Weasley no longer," Harry said nothing in response. "And I am drinking, to forget." She had been so close to the one who killed Bill and took her unborn child from her. So very close and yet, she hadn't been able to get revenge.

Harry frowned as he listened to her words, and he looked down to the bottle in his hands and then to the glass Fleur had in her hand. Getting to his feet, he moved towards the sink and open cupboard where he assumed she had taken both the Fire Whiskey and the glass and picked one out for himself. Moving back to the table, he sat down and pulled off the lid of the Fire Whiskey, Fleur watching him pour out a glass for them both.

"To Bill." Harry rose the glass and after a moment's hesitation, Fleur picked up her own glass and clinked it against his.

The door slammed open as their tangled and drunken bodies came stumbling in. Their mouths messily meshing against each other as clothes were quickly being shed and thrown to some unknown places by grabby hands. Harry picked Fleur up as her strong legs wrapped themselves around his waist, hands gripping her ass as his lips quickly found her neck. She tilted her head back on the wall they suddenly were on, moaning at the feeling of his lips as her hands quickly went to his hair.

He groaned against her neck as Fleur rubbed her crotch against his, she moaning as well as the pleasure induced by such an action. He quickly separated them from the wall and stumbled to the bed, both collapsing onto it with them quickly locking lips once more. Both of their hands venturing down and undoing Harry's pants as quickly as possible in order to join her in her state of nakedness.

One of the hands slowly slid its way down to her dripping womanhood, an inexperienced but eager finger slipping inside and she moaned loudly at the stimulation. Returning the favour, Fleur reached down, gripping hold of his cock and slowly began to pump it.

Using her free hand, Fleur guided Harry into her entrance earning a groan from both parties. She wrapped her legs around him as he thrust inside of her. Her groans turning into moans which then turned into gasps as he worked his way inside of her. Harry on the other hand was controlling himself not to explode like a virgin. He and Ginny had certainly had sex before, only once so he was still inexperienced and all he could think about was prolonging this experience.

This feeling of her tight walls gripping his cock almost as if she was trying to milk him.

He gritted his teeth as he pumped harder and harder into her. Her legs tightly wrapped around his waist, tensing and pulling him deeper into there with each thrust as she rocked her hips in time with his. Her arms as well, tightly wrapped around his neck, bringing him deeper into her cleavage where here nipped and sucked upon her breasts, still swollen and filled with the milk she had begun to produce in the later stages of her pregnancy.

So far gone in his lust, Harry didn't stop, even when she began to lactate, too focused on fucking the Veela who happily reciprocated his actions. Her moans in turn rising in volume at the sensation of her breasts being milked.

But as his end began to approach, one of Harry's hands grabbed at the headboard as it banged against the wall, an attempt to stave off his coming end. And as he felt her tighten around him, a long-drawn-out moan escaping her lips as and shivered in pleasure, slumping ever so slightly, he knew she had cum. He in turn let himself go, stopping his attempts at delaying his end any further and released his load into her.

And as he kneeled there over her, both breathing heavily, Harry picked up a drunken murmur from the Veela. One that shocked him awake from the drunken fog clouding his mind. It was but a single murmur, a name, but it was like being dumped in cold water, freezing him to his core. Guilt gripping him at his very core.


Releasing a sigh, Harry leaned back against the side of the cabin, enjoying the cool, brisk breeze of the outdoors. Last night had certainly been an experience, one he had no intention of repeating. Was it enjoyable? Absolutely, but the guilt he felt afterwards was crushing. That was Bill's wife, a widow, a pregnant woman who had her unborn child stripped from her.

The guilt he felt was overwhelming and was the reason he had spent the night out here. Fleur had gone to sleep, completely unaware of what she had said. He on the other hand had snapped out of his drunken stupor and had left.

Part of him wished he could go to sleep, which would have saved him the trouble of spending hours just replaying the events of the evening. Because as guilty as he felt, images of him and Fleur locked in their throes of passion-fuelled sex kept replaying in his mind. He could still taste her on his lips, feel her skin brushing against his, hear the sound of her gasps and see her naked body and the look of ecstasy on her face.

It made for a very uncomfortable evening for him in which he escaped to the outdoors.

Feeling a vibration in his pocket, Harry pulled out the mirror and saw Croaker's face appear. "Are you still secure?" Croaker asked and Harry nodded his head silently, eyes once again doing a quick cursory glance of his surroundings. "Good, head north to Kent, that's where the Werewolves have gathered in force. You and Valkyrie should head there now, your team will be waiting and Eagle will provide you with the information we've compiled."

"And what about my ring?" Harry asked.

Croaker frowned. "I am uncertain as to why it malfunctioned. However, a replacement has been dispatched, it should be with you in an hour."

"Understood." Harry agreed simply and pocketed the mirror once more. For a moment he just remained seated before eventually releasing a sigh and pushing himself to his feet. Brushing off his pants, Harry made his way inside to find Fleur sat awkwardly at the table staring at the nearly empty bottle of Fire Whiskey. "We've received orders to head to Kent. Get ready to leave."

"I'm already ready, sir," Fleur replied robotically.

Harry paused at the sight and after a moment of deliberation decided not to bring up lasts nights events. Obviously, she was already aware of some of what happened and her reaction was telling as to what she thought of it. "During our fight at Ravenstown, when Peter Hale arrived, I heard you cry out in anger. Why is that?"

Fleur turned to him and took note of the blank look she gave him, yet he also noticed the way her frame tensed and fists clenched in anger. "Is that really any of your concern?"

"It is," Harry responded. "If his presence makes you angry, I can't be certain that you won't go off the handle. We're finally close to ending it all today, a stupid mistake might let them escape. We can't afford that at all."

"You can be assured, sir, that I won't let that beast escape with his life." She spat out and Harry remained standing for a moment. Eventually, he shook his head and turned on his heel, only pausing when he heard the sound of glass shattering. However, when Harry heard the sound of movement behind him, he continued on.

Appearing with a pop, Harry and Valkyrie made their way across the lawn and made their way into the house before them. Much like every Unspeakable safe house it had a similar layout, the rooms magically expanded and designed to create a sense of familiarity.

Inside, his team was sat waiting, Eagle and Bear sat at the table while Dog was lounging upon the sofa. All had their masks in place, ensuring that their identities would be kept secret, thus ensuring that even if one was captured, they wouldn't be able to reveal their agents to the world. The only ones that did know their identities were Croaker, and while he knew Dog was Derek, he was now aware that Valkyrie was Fleur, the latter knowing who he was.

Eagle and Bear were people he had no idea who they were which while disconcerting, Harry knew he'd have to deal with it. He had a lot of responsibilities dumped onto him recently and he was glad to not have the knowledge of his team's identities over his head as well.

"Alright everyone, gather up," Harry called, pulling out a chair at the table as both Dog and Valkyrie also took a seat. "Croaker wants this ended today and so do I. Peter dies today, the Werewolves will be driven out of Britain, today."

Here he turned to Eagle and nodded his head. "From what our reports indicate, the Werewolves number no more than twenty, but every one of them is elites. Dragons use of Fiendfyre took out a vast number of their soldiers before they could escape." The information specialist explained, rolling out a map of "We have also discerned that their base of operations is here, Miller Heights."

"That's a high profile area," Bear noted gruffly. "What about civilians?"

"Croaker has gained permission from the Muggle Government to place roadworks up around the area, diverting all traffic away. We also have Aurors stationed nearby to move a majority of the foot traffic away as well. However, we cannot remove too many without the Werewolves getting suspicious." Eagle continued on and Harry frowned, sensing that there was something more to this.

"What does Croaker want us to do?" Harry asked and even Eagle hesitated.

"He wants us to blow up the building and kill all those inside." Those words sent a ripple of shock across the room. "Peter choose the location precisely because it's a high profile area ensuring that any fight had there would result in the Statue of Secrecy being broken. Even the Muggle Government after being presented with the information by Croaker have agreed that the Werewolf threat is real and intend to use news stations and media outlets to cover the destruction of the building as an act of terrorism."

There was more than a few uncomfortable shifting and looks shared amongst them all. None sure if what they were hearing was true and whether they could actually go through with it. It hadn't been said, but while many of the residents in Miller Heights could be out when the building collapsed, not everyone would be. In the best-case scenario, only a handful of civilians would be inside. Worst case scenario would be that every resident of the one hundred and twenty-two block apartment would be inside.

Either way, this plan would result in civilian casualties.

'Why do this though?' Harry asked himself. Sure Croaker was the type to do plans like this, but even Harry realised that this wasn't exactly Croakers usual style. Everything up until this point had been subtle in and outs. Harry working to cripple the Werewolves while the Auror's dealt with them openly. It had all been done to draw little attention from third parties.

There had been exceptions, such as the Auror Squad, but they were personally selected by Croaker as future recruits and very little survived that battle. And while Dragon Squad had been acting more openly recently, their ambushes on the Werewolf raids had been quick and decisive with very little photographic evidence of their presence. Those that did exist were incredibly blurred and destroyed soon after their publication.

However, an attack on this scale came with a great deal of risks of being revealed which beggared the question as to why Croaker was doing it. He was not a man to take unnecessary risks and this seemed like one.

"What's the situation on the other fronts?" Dog spoke up.

"Scandinavia has halted the Werewolf advance completely. In Europe, the advancement of the Werewolf expansion has been slowed. Russia is the only one currently affected with the Werewolves pushing further and further eastward." It was this that made it click on Harry's mind as to why Croaker was pushing for an extreme action like this.

"With Britain out of the control of the Werewolves, they can't use it as a staging ground to attack Europe from the north. This, in turn, means that Europe holds strong and so long as that remains the case, they can't direct more resources to Scandinavia." Derek pointed out, confirming Harry's own thoughts.

'Without Britain, the Werewolves are going to struggle. They gambled on taking us without much of a fight and that's backfired massively. Croaker wants to end this once and for all, secure Britain and then focus on taking the fight to them.'Yet as Harry thought that, he clenched his fists discretely under the table. 'All this counts on the fact that we can carry out the mission and blow up Miller Heights.'

"If none of you can go through with this, now is the time to say," Harry said, loosening his iron fist as his Occlumency Shields clamped down. "If you do, none of you will have to take part and I will carry out this mission myself if I have to. For those of you who decide to not take part, nothing will be held against you. So make your decision now."

At the end of the day, Harry would make the same decision he had from the beginning of his training. He'd do anything it took in order to ensure that his godson didn't have to live a life as he had. No matter what it took, he'd make sure that no one he loved or cared for would have to suffer the horrors of war anymore.

He'd already failed that, but he would make sure to end it here and now. No matter how bloody his hands became, he'd drown in it, stand upon a mountain of corpses so long as he could ensure they'd be safe.

Harry only had one choice available to him.

Gritting his teeth in frustration, Peter tapped his foot against the ground as he clasped his fingers together. He could feel it, the stares he was getting, the judgement he was enduring from the remaining Betas. They were looking down on him, an Alpha! They didn't see him as worthy, they only saw a failure.

But none of them understood, this wasn't his fault.

When Fenrir had proposed the idea of taking the world for the Werewolves, many while agreeing had been wary. Wizards had not remained the predominant rulers of the Magical World without a reason. Dark Wizards, Goblins, Centaurs, Giant, Vampires, Werewolves and all other manners of Magical Creatures and Dark Forces had been defeated. Some might take longer than others, but the end result was always the same.

Wizards emerging victorious from the ashes and none of them could understand that this entire plan was a folly. If there was one thing that could unite the Magical World together it was a Werewolf rebellion, especially one of their size.

It had started off small, Deucalion laying the groundwork by first gathering Alphas from around the globe. His intentions had purely been a Pack composed purely of Alphas. However, Fenrir, a Werewolf of a size and strength none had encountered before came along and took over. Under his rule, the direction of their Pack changed and cautiously began absorbing Werewolf Packs into their own and also increasing their number by turning others.

Their numbers skyrocketed when somehow, Fenrir managed to gift them all with a serum that enabled the passage and transformation of the Lycanthropy Curse to be one hundred percent effective. An unprecedented incident and one that shook not only them to the core, but also the Magical World.

Unable to hide their growing numbers, they went on the offensive, launching a crippling strike in three directions. Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.

Russia was deemed to be too backwards and also too divided by its rivalling warlords to be capable of actually putting up a resistance. Fenrir and Ennis were making quick work of any force the Russian warlords that attempted to stop them.

Europe in turn was seen as too bureaucratic and too civilised to actually be able to mobilise a proper force in time to stop their advance before they reached the border of Western Europe. That assumption had been proven correct, but since then their advance had ground to a halt, small skirmishes breaking out upon the frontlines but with no real push being made. Not because they didn't want to but because they couldn't. The border between Western and Eastern Europe was now an impenetrable barrier, one that neither side could cross.

Then there was Scandinavia, the biggest problem to deal with. They were united and unlike their Muggle counterparts, still followed the old ways of the Vikings. They were strong and incredibly dangerous and Peter had seen firsthand just how difficult an opponent they were. Just pushing them out of Denmark had been a trying task that cost them heavily.

That front needed reinforcements which are where Britain came into the equation.

Peter had been given this task by Deucalion, it was a slap in the face and a showcase of just how little the former Alpha of Alphas viewed him. Britain was deemed to be weakened, barely able to put up a proper fight as a result of their Pyrrhic victory over the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Once Britain was conquered and made an official state of the Werewolf Kingdom, they would then bolster their ranks with additional troops before launching an invasion to France from the north. This pincer strike would weaken the border between Western and Eastern Europe, Europe itself having t divert troops to protect a new front. This in turn would allow the main force to push further west.

It would be a rolling victory with the Werewolves using the momentum they had gathered and stopping the Wizards from being able to mount a proper defence. This in turn would fill up new troops that could be dispatched to the Scandinavian Campaign or even the Russian front.

Werewolf victory would be secured with their forces too large to be stopped.

However, they had made a terrible miscalculation, those black-clad Wizards, spies and assassins. Just one at first, he hadn't been considered much of a threat and one Peter had thought had been dealt with. The second miscalculation was the trustworthiness of his young nephew, Derek, the traitor was no doubt working for the British Government and actively helping them.

'I'll kill him.' Peter thought to himself with clenched fists, eyes flashing a dangerous red that made the Betas look away in fear. 'But first I need to get away from here. Away from Britain, away from the Werewolves. I'm finished.'

There was no coming back, no redeeming himself from his crushing defeat at the hands of the British. Though there was perhaps a silver lining to all this, with Britain not under the control of the Werewolves the war effort would be that much more trying and difficult. Deucalion was likely to fail and that made Peter smirk.

'Perhaps Fenrir might even kill the blind rat for me.' Peter thought amusedly.

That was when there was an explosion ripping through the tense silence of the room, the building shaking dangerously. "What the hell was that?!" Someone shouted in panic, everyone looking around wildly.

As the buildings shaking grew more and more violent, the heat growing, time seemed to slow down as Peter felt a chill down his spine. Someone was watching him and Peter only had a moment to turn and saw a group of black-clad figures on the opposite building. His eyes widened as he recognised them, but he couldn't say or do anything as in that moment the ground beneath them gave out, all plummeting into the flames that rushed up to meet them.

'It's done.' Harry thought with a sigh, looking upon the collapsing building, flames eating away at the rubble as panicked cries and screams filled the surroundings. Planting the explosives had been easy, but passing the few dozen people that remained in the building at this time had been hard.

It had been difficult to see their faces and know what was about to become of them. A few on the lower floors Harry had used the Confundus Charm, getting them to leave. However, that had been the extent of what he had been able to do. If too many people left it would risk alerting Peter to the possibility of something is about to happen.

Harry couldn't allow that to happen, not when he could escape and possibly return. People had believed Tom to be dead and look what had happened. He had believed Fenrir to be dead and look what happened. As much as it pained him, those who lost their lives had been a necessary sacrifice.

"Let's go," Harry murmured, the air between Dragon Squad been sombre as they watched fire engines and police cars appear on the scene. With a twist of their heels, each disappeared from the spot with a light pop.

So here we are, the first arc is officially done and the next, Denarian Troubles will be introduced. After all, thanks to Gregori's actions, the Order of Blackened Denarius are on the move and Harry is their target. Anyway, Peter is dead and Britain has defeated the Werewolf threat there. But the Werewolf threat is still a threat to Europe, Russia and Scandinvia.

And, I think I should clarify on what happened between Harry and Fleur, it was effectively a drunken mistake on both their parts. They were physically and mentally fatigued, incredibly stressed out, still grieving (in the case of Fleur), drunk and in the case of Harry effected by the Allure just enough to give in. I don't like the idea of being immune to the Allure, instead I've gone with the route of people being able to resist its effects but in moments of vulnerable mental states can be effected by it (this is what happened to Harry, he was drunk and therefore unable to resist the Allure as he usually could). Of course, the moment Fleur whispered the words Bill then that snapped him out of his trance and of course they both regret what happened.

Like I've said before, romance isn't really the main aspect of this story and eventually, I intend to make Harry a more James Bondish character. This is the start of that change in him, the change that won't make him hesitant to sleep with a woman to get what he wants, someone who's not afraid to take advantage of a woman's vulnerable mental state to use them for his own means.

That is the nature of Harry's job, doing whatever is necessary to succeed and that will be what Harry will become. He's not the hero of the Light, not the good guy, he's just a guy that fights on the side of the good by doing bad things. As we saw this chapter, especially at the end, Harry will sacrifice innocents in order to win. That is the nature of war and one Harry is and will become intimately familiar with.

Anyway, before we begin, I'll do the usual and show the cast. I'll only show new characters, but if you've forgotten pre-established characters go to the earlier chapters. I'll simply be limiting it to newly introduced characters because eventually it will get incredibly long, but here we are:

Fleur Delacour – Margot Robbie.

Deucalion – Gideon Emery.

Nicodemus Archleone – Mads Mikkelsen.

Deirdre Archleone – Sofia Carson.

Magog/Sanya - Winston Duke.

Anyway, let's get onto the questions:

Kid Coheed: Glad you're liking it, while in the future, more crossover characters will be making an appearance, I won't be forgetting about the HP characters. But due to the nature of the world I'm developing and the way Harry gets more and more involved in more dangerous and larger Magical world, the less prevalence they will take. But as you can see, it's not an instant thing and will take time. Right now, I have a number of crossovers planned, but so far, Teen Wolf and the Dresden Files are the only ones currently introduced, but there will be more to come.

edoabb: I can see what you mean, but Rowling has said on many occasions that she personally dumbed down Harry in order to make him a useful plot point for Dumbledores info-dumps and to advance the plot. She also has shown great inconsistencies in Harry's studious nature, jumping between eager and being lazy. We also saw how brilliant he could be when having a teacher could encourage him in Slughorn (yes, he did copy the book, but Snape would also provide instructions on how to make a potion and would then go to harass and breathe down peoples necks distracting them).

Then the Patronous Charm, one of the most difficult charms to produce and Harry did it in his third year, casting a full Patronous that was strong enough to drive off hundreds of Dementors. Certainly because of Rowlings inconsistencies Harry never showed his true potential, but he had the raw power and potential to rival Voldemort and the likes. The only person who refers to Harry as being average is Snape, and he uses it more as to insult and chip away at Harry's confidence.

Hermione says that whoever casts the Patronous is a powerful wizard. Krum stated that Harry (a fourth year) knew magic he didn't and he came from a school that was on the darker side. Harry was the only one capable of duelling alongside order members, successfully defending against Bellatrix and Dolohov despite being a fifth year.

He has talent and intelligence that Rowling is willing to remove in order to advance her plot which is a shame but what can you do?