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Chapter One

"Harry? Is that you? Oh, how marvelous it is to see you. Tom! Tom, come meet my dear friend!" Ginny said all of this in a rush and pulled over a tall, handsome man with dark hair and eyes like the night sky.

Harry, meanwhile, stood there, mouth agape, shocked that Ginny didn't even bother with a normal individual greeting before trying to introduce him to someone, Ginny's newest paramour no doubt.

The man, who Harry took to be Tom, looked irritated for the briefest of moments before schooling his face to appear ever so slightly amused. "Now, Ginevra..." Tom chuckled, and if Harry didn't know better, he'd have believed it to be genuine.

Ginny slapped Tom on his arm — Harry didn't miss the flash of anger that passed Tom's eyes — and she scolded him on calling her such an old-fashioned name; no matter that it was her actual name, the one her mother had insisted upon giving her despite her father's objection that it was, indeed, too old-fashioned a name. "Harry, this is Tom, my fiancé. Tom, this is Harry, an old friend of mine."

"Fiancé?" Harry was surprised to say the least. "I had no idea you were settling down, Ginny," Harry said lightly, not wanting to stir up any trouble.

"I know I said I'd never, but Tom and I — we hit it off so well. Wouldn't you say so, darling?"

Tom smirked. "Indeed. It was quite the whirlwind romance. The tabloids went wild."

"And how did you two meet?" Harry asked.

Tom answered, "Well, you see, my associate, Draco Malfoy, was hosting a soiree, and I happened to notice this fiery redhead looking quite put out. I decided to go over to see if I could improve the situation."

Ginny scowled. "Draco, that bastard, had invited me at the last minute, and I couldn't very well decline as it was a major event. A lot of important connections were there. And he'd had the audacity to insult me for not being as well put together as I would have been had I the time to properly prepare."

"It was just the right time that I came by as this lady was just about to hit Draco. While he certainly would have deserved it, Ginevra would have had to deal with a great deal of bad publicity, and Draco, pathetic as he is, would have turned it into an even bigger spectacle. It was beneficial that I was there."

"And then what happened?" Harry asked.

Ginny sighed. "Then Tom asked me to dance with him, and we danced the night away."

Tom snorted. "Oh, yes, we quote danced the night away end quote. I do recall getting you off once or twice in the gardens that night."

Ginny scoffed, cheeks pink. "Tom!" When Ginny slapped Tom's arm this time, he looked amused. Harry knew Ginny well enough to know she wasn't truly scandalized. The woman was a bit of an exhibitionist, he recalled from his past relationship with her.

Tom continued. "As I was saying, we danced the night away, and then we had some fun in the gardens, and then what does this lady do? Why, she invites me back to her home to keep the fun going. I'm quite certain the only reason she wasn't snatched up before and married is because the other men didn't have the stamina to keep up with her."

Ginny rolled her eyes. "Please. You weren't the only one who could satisfy me."

"Really? Name one man who was anywhere near as good as me."

"Harry, obviously."

Shocked, Harry spilled his glass of champagne on his shirt. "Ginny!"

"It's true!" Ginny insisted. "There was this one thing you'd do — and, oh, Tom, you should learn how to do it — where I'd see stars. It was heavenly."

Harry, red-faced from embarrassment, protested, "Is this really appropriate to be talking about right now?"

"Of course it is," Ginny grinned, "because we would like you to join us this evening."

Harry frowned. "Why is it that every time you get a new lover you insist on having me join in on your bedroom activities?"

"At this point it's simply tradition. Besides, they're always better after."

Harry sighed. "Tom, do you seriously want this? I know Ginny does as she always does, but do you?"

Tom looked at Harry, giving him a full once-over, before nodding. "You'll do."

Harry nodded, resigned. "Fine. I'll do it, but I can't miss out on the reveal of the Hogwarts collection. I'm supposed to bid on the items for my employer."

Ginny squealed with delight. "This is going to be wonderful! Don't worry, Harry. We'll make sure to not take up too much of your time."

Harry proceeded to follow the couple to their suite. Just to be sure he didn't miss the auction, he set an alarm on his watch.

One hour later, Harry was seated at his assigned table for the auction, and a woman with dark, bushy hair came up behind him, kissed his cheek, and whispered, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

Harry turned around, reciprocated the kiss, and muttered, "Mischief managed."

The woman sat down next to Harry and asked, "So where have you been? I've spent this evening looking all over for you. I wanted to make contact an hour before the auction, not ten minutes before."

Harry rubbed his wrist, which felt a bit sore still from his tryst with Ginny and Tom. "I ran into someone who knew me, and I couldn't very well tell her to go away nor disappear too soon without attracting suspicion." That Harry had experienced the most satisfying threesome of his life yet didn't make his statement any less true. "The name's Harry by the way." Harry always went by his real name, even if his associates didn't realize it. A good cover was a real one.

"My name's Emma," the woman responded. No doubt that was an alias. Harry could tell she was the type of agent who'd use one.

"Nice to meet you, Emma. So how do you want to do this? Is there a specific item that is especially important to focus on?"

Emma nodded. "We have reason to believe that Slytherin's locket will be stolen tonight. It's easily the simplest of the items to sneak past due to its size."

"And what's so special about this locket?"

Emma grinned and sat up straighter, clearly in her element. "There are many rumors about Slytherin's locket, but none have been clearly established. It's said that the nobleman Salazar Slytherin gave the locket as an engagement gift to his beloved, but then, on the day they were to be wed, a jealous suitor murdered her by driving a sword right through her heart. It's believed that Godric Gryffindor was the one who did this and that he used his famed sword to do so. From there, it goes that Slytherin was so distraught that he begged a witch to bring his beloved back to him. The witch, Rowena Ravenclaw, told him to be careful with what he wished for. He insisted that he wanted his beloved brought back to life. Ravenclaw granted him his wish, but it had a severe cost. It didn't take effect right away either. When Slytherin fell in love with another woman, he gave her the locket. Her name was Helga Hufflepuff. As Hufflepuff drank from her goblet at the engagement dinner, the locket grew increasingly tighter around her throat, eventually strangling her to death. Slytherin was horrified. Then he saw his initial beloved possess Hufflepuff's body. The two eloped that night and engaged in vigorous lovemaking for days. And then they realized something was going horribly wrong, for Slytherin's beloved was decaying. The body was animated but not actually alive. They went to Ravenclaw, who explained that resurrection was not natural and that to maintain it they would have to sustain it with more death. They went ahead and killed dozens to keep Hufflepuff from decaying. Eventually, Gryffindor slayed both of them with his sword, putting an end to their tyranny of bloodshed. Nowadays it's rumored that anyone who wears the locket and isn't a lover of a descendant will die or go insane. Supposedly it's because Slytherin's wife is locked within the locket. The reality is that people do die who spend too much time around the locket, but it's usually because they're murdered. That happens because the locket is so valuable."

"That's an interesting story, Emma, but why is it that we care about the locket? Surely it isn't simply because of its interesting background."

"That's simple. It's because it's expected to be exchanged between Lord Voldemort and Gellert Grindelwald. Which one wants it I don't know, but neither should be allowed to get it to align with the other. Those two together would be a nightmare. Both are intent on making World War 3 happen."

Harry frowned. "No one wants to make World War 3 happen."

Emma shook her head. "That would be the outcome, however."

"But why? There has to be a reason."

"They want to rule the world, Grindelwald controlling the eastern half and Voldemort controlling the western half. Do you even bother to read the reports we're given?"

"Sometimes." He never did. "So I take it we're to bid on the locket?"


"And what if someone else is willing to bet highly on it? Just how far can we go?"

"I'll let you know. As you would have realized if you'd bothered to read to prepare for this mission, Harry, I'm in charge of how much we're allowed to spend. I'd imagine it's related to your penchant for buying expensive cars and wrecking them beyond repair."

"That only happened once!" Harry protested.

Emma gave him a blank look. "It happened more than once."

"Okay. Okay. Twice." At Emma's expression, he amended, "Three times?"

Emma sighed. "Five times, Harry. Five times."

"Really? Five times?"

"If you don't believe me, I can tell you which cars you bought, when, and for which missions as well as how you destroyed each car."

"No. Thank you. I think I'll just take your word for it."

Harry looked up and saw Ginny entering the room, her arm entwined with Tom's, and she looked radiant. It was on occasions he saw her looking like this that he regretted having ended their relationship, but it had to be done. The life of a secret agent didn't really allow for long-lasting romantic relationships, and Ginny had been intended as a temporary lover, useful in helping him with the mission he was on at the time. He hadn't expected to fall for her as hard as he had. No matter. They weren't together any longer, and Ginny was on her way to getting married to a man who seemed to suit her.

"—rry. Harry." Emma snapped her fingers in front of him. "Focus!" she hissed.

Harry shook his head. "Sorry."

"Honestly, you're awfully distracted tonight. Are you sure you can handle this?"

"Yes. Yes. I'm sure."

"Good. The auction's about to start."

Harry looked to the front of the room and saw where the auctioneer stood. The auctioneer was a portly man who reminded Harry greatly of his uncle Vernon. He clenched his teeth with frustration at the reminder of his relative's existence.

"Attention, everyone!" the auctioneer cried. "Tonight," the man paused until the room quieted, "we have a most wondrous display before us, the Hogwarts collection!" He uncovered a series of glass cases, all of which contained treasures that gleamed in the light. "Before we begin the bidding, let's consider all of the items, shall we? First, we have the sword of Godric Gryffindor, rumored to be sharper than any blade in existence and the metal tougher than any other. Be careful, for one cut could be deadly! Second, we have Helga Hufflepuff's goblet, said to bring the greatest of luck or the worst of luck - depending on the legend - of anyone who drinks from it. Third - and this one is a real treat - is Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem. Legends say that the one who wears it will be granted immeasurable wisdom. But beware! You may see a ghost if you have this in your possession, the ghost of the Grey Lady! And finally, we have Salazar Slytherin's locket. Oh, yes, I know this is the prize to be won tonight. It is said that this locket will provide the wearer with immortality, but it will only grant it to the worthy. If it deems you to be unworthy? Why, it may instead take your own life!" The auctioneer grinned. "Now, let's begin the bidding!"

The auction lasted far longer than Harry had expected, and he occasionally threw up bids for the first three items, but he did so just to keep up appearances. In the end, Neville Longbottom, a well-known botanist, won Gryffindor's sword; Zachariah Smith, the son of a CEO of a major bank called Gringotts, won Hufflepuff's goblet; and Luna Lovegood, the co-owner of the famous publishing company Obscurus, won Ravenclaw's diadem. Although Harry had bid higher and higher amounts, he did not win Slytherin's locket. Eventually, the cost reached such a height that Emma told him they had to stop bidding. At this point, two individuals kept raising the bar: Ginny's lover, Tom, and Draco Malfoy, of all people. Harry understood why Draco wanted it: The man liked to show off how rich he was. But Tom? He was an enigma. And whose money did he intend to use, his own or Ginny's? In the end, to the surprise of all, Tom won. He and Draco exchanged dirty looks but no words. The winners wouldn't take home what they won until the following day, once their funds cleared. Harry saw Ginny gesture for him to come over, and he excused himself from Emma's presence.

"Who's that lady you've been chatting up?" Ginny asked.

"Oh, just a friend, well, more of an acquaintance really," Harry answered.

"Does that mean she won't mind if I steal you away once more?"

Of course she wanted another round. Ginny was always randy after she won any sort of competition. Go figure that this had been one to her. It was probably only because of how badly Draco had wanted the locket. "She won't mind, but I will need to let her know that it's time for me to leave tonight."

"Of course."

Harry informed Emma that he'd see her at headquarters the following day and that he was done for the night. She accepted it with just a questioning glance. Harry spent the night in Ginny and Tom's suite and found he understood exactly why Ginny was so crazy about Tom. The man was not just handsome but also charming, brilliant, and greatly amusing, in addition to being incredibly skilled as a lover.

The trio went downstairs the following morning and found that the locket had gone missing.

"What do you mean that it's missing?" Tom hissed.

The auctioneer, sweating, responded, "I have no idea how this could have happened, but rest assured a full investigation will be conducted."

"And also a refund," Tom said, sternly.

"Yes! Of course!" The auctioneer ran off after that.

"I bet Draco took it," Ginny muttered.

"He better not have," Tom replied.

When the police arrived, Draco was the first to be questioned. He was the prime suspect. "I didn't do it," he insisted. "Anyone could have taken it. If you search, you'll see I didn't take it. I have an alibi too. I was with Astoria Greengrass last night."

Astoria confirmed this. "Draco and I went out for dinner and a show after the auction. Was he upset he didn't win the locket? Certainly. But he'd meant for it to be an engagement present, similar to the actual winner's intentions, from what I understand. The mythology is quite romantic."

Harry, Ginny, and Tom were questioned as well and were alibis for each other.

After the police released them, Harry parted ways from the couple and went to headquarters, where he was questioned again, this time by M. M was a tall, thin woman who always looked serious and almost always was. She informed him that he should have watched over the locket until the winner had it, and Harry explained how the locket would've been easier for the thief to steal once the winner got it. Harry got put on the case with Emma to find the locket.

"We have reason to believe that Draco Malfoy or someone close to him did steal the locket," Emma told him. "He has ties to Grindelwald."

"How?" Draco didn't seem the type to be involved with international crime.

"His father, Lucius Malfoy, claims to have gotten his money from French aristocracy, but the family he cites relation to is so obscure that it's not believable. It was definitely through illegal trading. It's never been clearly established, which is why he's not in prison, but MI6 keeps an eye on him. We believe that the Malfoy family's upcoming trip to France, supposedly to see family, is a cover and that they'll be heading over to Germany upon arrival to the continent to meet with Grindelwald."

"And why is that? This just sounds like a lot of guessing."

"We have an informant. It's very hush hush."

Harry and Emma began preparing for an upcoming trip to France. Ginny and Tom, separately, had invited Harry over to visit them prior, but he had to turn down their offers. Harry found it interesting how Ginny was more interested in him now than she had been when they'd dated. And Tom's interest surprised him too.

Before heading out on their mission, Harry and Emma visited "Gred" and "Forge," the best inventors their organization ever had and the most creative. It was through them that he'd met Ginny all those years ago as they were two of her older brothers. Harry didn't know her other brothers the way he knew these two.

"Welcome, Harry. Welcome, Hermione," the twins greeted.

"Hey!" Emma, apparently actually named Hermione, protested.

"Hermione, huh?" Harry noted.

"You will continue to call me Emma," she insisted.

"Sure thing, Emma."

"So your name actually is Harry, Harry?"


"Huh. Interesting."

"Now, now, children. Let's get on with the equipment you'll be getting, alright?" The twins grinned.

"For starters, Hermione, you'll be getting this necklace," Gred started. "It's called a Time-Turner."

Emma looked at the necklace, which consisted of a gold chain with a turnable hourglass pendant at the end. "What does this do?"

"If you push the buttons on the edges, it releases a gas that will knock out your opponent," Forge answered.

"It may knock out an entire room though," Gred added.

"Unlikely though," Forge continued. "There is only so much gas it can make. It's based on a chemical reaction with the sand inside."

"We can't say what the sand actually is, but it's useful," Gred finished.

"Next, for Harry, we've decided to give you what we call the Firebolt," Gred announced. "M told us you can't get any more tricked out cars, and we know why, but she didn't say anything about motorcycles!" Gred and Forge grinned, obviously proud of finding a loophole.

Harry grinned because he knew this would be good. "What does the Firebolt do?"

Forge answered, "Notice all these buttons? Each has a different function. One will release a gas that will obscure vision when you need to make an escape. The others we'll let you figure out. Mostly, it's just incredibly fast and has great maneuverability."

"I tested it out myself," Gred added. "You'll love it."

Gred addressed Harry and Emma. "Both of you will be getting the basic tools you'll need, of course. Guns, tasers, etcetera."

"Just don't shoot up the place if you can. You know how M gets when that happens," Forge finished.

When Harry and Emma went to France, they took a boat. It was easier to hide what was being transported, and there was less risk of encountering the Malfoys too soon. They stayed at a luxury hotel, one the Malfoys would be staying at. Emma took a cab while Harry rode the Firebolt. Harry liked the cars, but he really liked the motorcycle.