This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down and i'll like to take a minute so sit right there i'll tell you how i became a kage of a town called konoha.

"Shit that doesn't rhyme" I said , currently sitting down trying to write down my past life.

Yeah im a reincarnate fascinating isn't it. I have no idea what happened. I just went to sleep one day. Then The next thing you know i'm a huey freeman look alike in some Japanese rural town. Smh you love to see it.

"I should probably get back to the orphanage" I said slowly getting up after hiding my autobiography? Memories? Eh same thing behind a tree under some dirt. Should be fine there…...hopefully.

I slowly began to walk back to the orphanage, man still can't get over that. I wonder why this set of parents abandoned me. Probably just didn't want a kid. Shit they probably would've aborted me if they even have that in this bumfuck nowhere town. They probably be scooping babies out with a spoon her-



Dammit this always happens. I get up and brush my clothes off and look at who I bumped into.

….Hmm nah i must be trippin

"What was that for dattebayo!"

Hmm they even have the same little verbal tick naruto has. I wonder Why a 6 year old would be cosplaying here of all places? Do they even have tvs here?

"I apologize i didn't mean to bump int-"

It Looked like i took too long to answer and they walked away. Yo this inner monologuing needs to stop real quick. I need to get out of this habit. If i want to become a ninja shit im doing it again. Well at least I'm at the orphanage now.

Contrary to what you might think do to fanfics. The orphanage isn't torn down and raggedy. Maybe a little dirty but if you got like 30 little bastards running around this place its bound to be dirty.

"Hey huey-san! Did you have fun outside today?"

I turned my head to the voice of one of the matrons here. Her name was kai. Ironic because she does use a big ass paddle to discipline trouble makers.

"Yes kai-nee san" I said , pulling my dirty sandals off of my feet. I walked up to her and gave her a leg hug. Man, I'm short.

"Glad to hear it, suppers already happened so you can just heat up the leftovers"

"Ok thank you nee-san"

I hurried to the kitchen, let me tell you 1 thing these little bastards are always hungry and they don't care if the caretaker put aside something for you, they will take your shit and laugh while doing it. These kids are ruthless. Luckily I made it in time to catch them mid act.

"You better not continue what your doing" i said as i ran up to the thiefs

"Crap he's back lets bail guys!" the theifs said running away

"If i catch you doing that shit again i'll beat yall asses you hear me?!" i yell after them i mean come on why are you stealing anyway your well fed already stop being greedy. I looked inside the fridge and took out a small plastic container. Dammit we got curry again? I hate the taste of this thing.

I went to the kitchen table to sit down and eat. I guess i should explain my position here. I am what you call a alpha male here. How did I obtain that title you ask by fighting kids that mess with me. Apparently before I got my memories back I used to get bullied a lot, I had enough of that in my past life so put a stop to it real quick. When they tried bullying me again i dropped them and proceeded to beat the dog shit out of the bullies. They kept trying me after that to try and reinsert dominance and kept beating them down again and again. I eventually got tired of their shit and started to bully them instead. You know the usual taking what money they owned, tripping them, making fun of them, dunking their heads in toilets like the movies.

You know that never happened to me in my past life at all. Like who does that shit in real life. Its on that disney channel bully energy. Anyway let's get back to the previous topic. So yeah other bullys tried to do the same to me so i uno reverse them. I got into a lot of trouble because some of the kids decided to become tattletales and I got a paddle straight to the butt on occasions i got caught. Oh well at least nobody is stupid enough to mess with me anymore unless they want this five finger death punch.

I finished up my curry and put it into the sink. It's still light out. might as well go back outside and aimlessly wonder. I walked back to the entrance of the orphanage and yelled out

"I'm going back outside for a bit!"

And ran outside. Your not supposed to do that but as you can already tell I'm a little delinquent. I ran around the town until I got tired and sat down in front of what looked like an antique shop. Times like this makes me wish that t.v was a thing, maybe i wouldn't have to run around all the time to entertain myself and get to be lazy like the rest of my generation. But nooo I had to be reincarnated suddenly.

"Times like these suck" I said sulking on the corner of the street. My spidey sense suddenly started tingling I got up and started to look around to see what set it off. Apparently I got a 6th special sense in this life that's pretty much just a bootleg spider sense. That's mostly how I beat those bullies in the past so easily. As I was monologuing I felt my spidey sense go haywire but was too late to avoid what was heading towards me.


I felt the back of my head and when my hand came back I saw… paint? As soon as I stared at the paint in confusion I heard obnoxious laughter on top of the roof across from me.

"HAHAHAHAHA That's what you get you bully!" the supposed culprit said. Before I could get a good look they ran off. All I saw was a glimpse of orange.

...did i just get pranked by that 8 year old weeb from earlier? Guess they are putting extra effort into acting like their costume i guess.

This is gonna take forever to get out of my hair…...wait will i lose street cred over this? great now i got to work extra hard to make up for it.

Fake ass naruto wanna be, at least she's not dressed up like sakura's useless ass.