Its been a few months now and i think i got my new routine down. First i would wake up freshen up then go outside for my daily run next i would attempt to find naruto which i usually succeed in. oddly enough i didnt see her the entirety of october for some odd reason. I asked her about before about it but she never answers and start reflecting questions right back. That another thing this naruto was less pathetic than her male counterpart. Well fanfiction wise she doesn't cry at 1 little act of friendship like a hug. Apparently she had close friends before parents started to tell the other kids to stop talking to her.

On the times i find her i usually we would go on a pranking spree most days or just hang out at ichiraku's ramen. It continued like this until we were both enrolled into the academy a few weeks ago. I just so happen to be assigned into the rookie 9 class. We didnt sit next to each other because the sensei iruka picked the seats but she was right behind me so we could still talk in class i we so wished.

Im sitting in class right now listening to the teacher droning on about math. I cant wait until next year where we are allowed to actually train insead of this useless shit.

My eyes rome over my class mates to alleviate my boredom. First one to catch my eye is sasuke uchiia still male btw so thats low key disappointing…...what would you rather have to fight in the future. A edgy teen boy or a edgy teen girl. I'll wait….exactly.

Anyway i looked at kiba next which also got the gender bender. Man its about to get real fun when i turn into a teenager. But lets not get into that. She got her dog in her hoodie like her male counter part had in the anime.

Onto the next classmate. Fodder fodder#2 fodder#3 yadda yadda. AH HA finally someone interesting. my eyes landed on hinata or rather hayate hyuga. Yep hinata got genderbent too well at least boruto can still be a thing. He's still a shy guy tho.

The rest of the rookie 9 remained the same other than the odd genderbending. I got done with my little scan of the classroom right as the bell ringed and we were released for the day. I hurried out the class room so i can get some sleep at some meddow doesnt matter where as long as it isn't in the orphanage. Dont want any of those kids to try anything and ill have to take a paddle beating for retaliation against them.

I know what your thinking rn. Probably why Don't you make friends with the rest of the cast the answer is because i dont care about them enough to even try to become friends with them. Yea they are probably nice people but im good on friends rn. Not like i can get stronger with social links anyway.

I was walking out the academy gate and into the street when i saw naruto settle beside me. Im not in the mood for some pranking so i just automatically started heading towards ichirakus. Naruto noticing this started to have a little pep in her step.

We soon arrived at ichirakus in silence. Why the silence you may ask because there's nothing to talk about. Well nothing interesting to me and naruto is just as bad as talking to people as i am so we just mostly chill in silence until one of us come up with a interesting topic

We ordered our food and waited until it got served then we ate then parted ways. Naruto to go prank some poor smucks and me to go to the orphanage or to my tree to record more of memorys. Maybe i could write down some lyrics to some lyrics to rap i still remember. I finally got to my destination at the park and looked around for my vibing tree found my book the sat down and started writing. I bet your wondering why arnt i writing down foreknowledge from the anime. The answer is that it's too risky. Even if i wrote it down in english or likely the research and development department will be able to decyfer it. Like come on how is a teenager that watches anime on his free time gonna out smart a ninja department that cracks other ninjas codes for fun? Its not gonna happen thats why i started to write down everything in my past life excluding the naruto parts.

I will take my foreknowledge to the grave i don't care if im being untruthful to my future bea or teammates. They don't need to know about my foreknowledge or past life. My goal with writing down my knowledge is to eventually publish it as a novel in the future. Im sure with bleach if restructured and shinigami turned into samurai it would sell like hot cakes.

"I heard you a simp boy, corona cause im so sick boy"i hummed while writing down more info. Man we used to get lit to that song.

I stayed there until it started getting dark then i re baried the book and pencil i stole from school and left to go back home.

A year later

I dodged out of the way of a right hook only to have to move again to avoid getting kicked in my junk. Man fem kiba fights really dirty. I remember last time she did that move in one of our spars. She kicked so hard that i litterally had to get a medic nin at the hospital to heal them. My voice was so high through out that week.

I dodged out of the way of another kick only for that to be a feint and take a punch straight to the face. I rolled with the hit then quickly got back to my feat to block another kick from hitting my face. Alright she's doing too much with these kicks ima have to end this quickly.

With that in mind i set my plan in motion by feinting a right hook then punched her straight in the gut vegeta style i then hit her with a over head hammer blow to the head to lay her out on the ground. I then proceeded to stomp the ever loving shit out of fem kira until she was knocked unconscious. I hope i didn't break any ribs with that maneuver.

"Winner is huey" said our practitioner for today she healed kira and made us do the seal of whatever tf its called. I believe being a good sport and all but this part was completely unnecessary if you'll ask me . just take the L and keep it pushing. Thats what i did and look at where i am. Able to beat the 3rd best taijustu fighter in our class.

"How did you get so strong man, you hit like my mom" kiba said still holding onto her gut i kicked the ever living shit out of from earlier. Ehh maybe i over did it.

"Pushups situps and plenty of juice"

"Thats bullshit just tell me the , we friends arnt we? I want to hit that hard too!"

The truth well i wasn't lying earlier. Thats literally all i did. Well i drinked milk instead of juice but thats besides the point. We made our way out of the arena so the next 2 contestants can start their match. Kiba bugging me about my training methods and getting the same answer every time. Not my fault she doesn't believe in the truth. Guess she can't handle the truth…...heh maybe that joke was kinda lame.

And after the last spar we were aloud to leave the academy. We only have spars on mondays Wednesdays and fridays. The rest of the time we spent in school is learning general studies and learning how we can apply it in ninja life. Like calculating what angle you need to throw your kunai at to hit your target at a curve. These are by far my worst subject in the Academy. Put me in a ring to fight some kid in the arena and i would dominate but give me a distance formula problem? I'll answer it but it will take me way longer than necessary. Guess i didn't inherit hueys smarts and only his fighting skills.

Naruto was hanging out with shikimaru and choji today. They seemed to hit it off with each other and became decent friends. I even hung out with them sometimes. Usually its just cloud watching or the occasional food eating contest between choji and Naruto. Idk why but she get this weird look in her eyes when she looks at him. Heh weird.

"Hey kiba!" I yelled out catching up to her her before she left the academy.

"Yeah wassup huey"

"Wanna go a few more rounds of sparring? I got nothing better to do and your my best training partner right now" i said

And i wasn't lying either sasuke is way out of my league and I'd rather not be turned into a paraplegic everytime i get punched by hayate. That gentle fist i one scary ass technique.

"Eh why not i need to pick up akamaru from the vet first"

"Alright awesome! Bet i could beat you without getting hit next round!" I said

"In your dreams" kiba responded

We walked around the village until we found ourself in front of the inuzuka clan compound. Smells like wet dog hear almost all the time. You get used to it but it would be nice not to have to wash the scent out of my clothes when i get home. As typical of orphan wanna be ninjas konoha sets you up a apartment until you graduate then you'll have to pay back all the money they spent on your living expenses when you graduate and become a genin. And i heard they dont just take it straight out of your check no thats too easy. You literally have to count out what you owe and set that money asside so you can hand it over to the mission giver. Konoha making kids pay back school debt like they are dirty collage students, you love to see it.

What were we again? Oh yeah the compound. We made our way past a couple of pretty good looking house's. Im ngl the first time i came here i was astonished with how nice some of the houses here look. The have some cave man tribal paint on the sides of the house. Useally of dogs or wolfs. Reminds me of some cool ass graffiti from my past life.

"Huey, hey huey we're here now so you can comeback to earth now" kiba said after waving her hands in in my face for a little.

"Yeah sorry" i said, by now the entire class knows about my little inter monologuing issue. Some students in class try to distract me into doing one mid spar but it never works. I'm not that stupid to do that mid spar.

With my little monologuing problem mixed with my generally low to average general studies scores the teachers started giving me dissapointing glances at times. I dont know why im sure my taijustu makes up for everything else.

We walked threw the vets door and went to the front desk. You never guess who worked there. If you guess hana inuzuka then your correct.

" here to pick up akamaru huh kiba?"

" you bet sis,how was he anyway"

" he was in amazing shape, looks like you take good care of your partner, keep this up and you might be allowed to get another ninken!" Hana said

" no way akamaru is my one and only partner! No other ninken is right for me isn't that right akamaru!?" Kiba yelled, getting a load bark coming from the back.

"Eh your missing out but its your choice" hana said before going in the back and coming back with akamaru in her hands. Im still surprised that such a little puppy can grow up to be that big ass arcanine looking dog in shippuden they must be feeding steroids to these things.

"Hey huey! Didn't notice your there,here to spar with kiba again? I swear your such a training maniac" hana said with familiarity mixed with humor in her tone

Me coming here to spar is a regular occurrence. Once upon a time i was average in fighting and used to get my teeth kicked in by non clan and clan kids. After training with kiba for a couple months i slowly began to rise in class rankings. Now i only get beaten by sasuke, hayate and occasionally kiba.

"Heh i have to keep my position somehow miss hana" i said politely

"What did i say about that kid just call me hana any friend of kiba is a friend of mine" hana said while giving me the stink eye.

"Err yes miss er i mean hana" i said, the reason im being so polite is because of those 3 big ass huskies she has in the vets play area. Let me tell you those things have teeth the size of my middle finger if not a little longer and one mean ass snarl. One of her dogs did that to me once and I pissed myself. Kiba teased me the entire day after that.

"Don't worry they don't bite" she said in between laughing her ass off

She just doesn't understand how terrifying those things are to a non inuzuka. I try to avoid the bigger ones coming to the compound with kiba to hang out at her place or spar.

"Well don't let me keep you any longer" hana said. After I started monologuing she started to talk to kiba about her day at school.

"K nee-san bye!" BARK akamaru also said his goodbyes.

"don't beat your boyfriend up too badly kiba and dont be late for dinner either!" Hana yelled after us while we were leaving the vet.

"Same spot?"

"Yeah same spot, you ready to get your shit kicked in? I didn't like that low blow you did earlier,"Kiba said with a feral dog smirk.

We reached the clearing we always use. Got 10 feet apart then got into our stances. Kiba had the typical inuzuka stance one hand behind or torse and one hand in front lowered. Both of her hands where in a swiping position perfect for slashing opponents with her long sharp fingernails. Must be a bitch to get blood out of.

As for me i don't have a specific stance i stick too. I rotate between the academy style boxing or muay tai. Granted i only know 2 of those styles but a man can dream can't he? For this spar i decided to use balrogs fighting style and stance from street fighter 5. A basic style but don't let that fool you. every punch i throw out are hard and fast so if you get hit it might knock you out if your unprepared caught surprised or underestimate the power behind the attack not to mention the grapple and headbutts mixed in for good measure.

I put my feet apart, got my hands in a boxing position and started swaying.

We stared at each other until an unseen signal rang and we launched at each other. I came in with an upper cut but she avoided it and countered with a quick jab. Reeling back I opened my eyes fast enough to see her leg heading straight to my face. Thanks to my spidey sense going off prior to opening up my eyes I was able to position my hands in from of my face to block it. But it seems like that's exactly what she wanted to do, obscure my vision. when i finally finished sliding back from her kick i moved just in time to avoid a blunted kunai. So we are using weapons now huh ok bet.

Looking around the clearing shows that kiba disappeared but i know better she's probably hiding in a tree somewhere.

As soon as I turned away from a tree i was trying to find kiba in i felt my spidey sense go off and dodged to the right just in time to avoid a devastating kick to the back of the head. Yeah that would've definitely knocked me the hell out.

While kiba was recovering i ran up to her with speeds surprising not only myself but her too and with all my strength socked her across the face then grabbing her before she could fall to the ground head butting her hard. Then i stepped on her foot so she wouldn't fall down immediately and hit her with another right hook then a left hook then another punch then another punch. Each punch getting faster and faster until i finished it off with a devastating uppercut. Sending her flying in the air before she flopped onto the ground after such a long flight.

"I guess i win again huh?" I said while looking at my hands. I didn't know I could hit that hard or fast. Did I have a bloodline or something?

"Sorry to disappoint you but i won today" she managed to cough out before i felt something metal on my jugular. Wait isn't she on the ground right now?... Oh shit i forgot about akamaru. She usually doesn't fight without him. Eh either way I can get out of this easily.

"You know i can get out of this easily right?" I stated thinking i still won

"Not quite huey look around you"

I looked around confused and was gonna ask what she was talking about before I saw a glint of metal in front of me….motherfucker.

"You set up ninja wire while you were hiding in the trees didn't you?" I said a little mad i got out, played by kiba of all people. Man i need to step it up a notched.

"Not just while i was in the forest but while we were fighting. I just needed to properly extend it and you gave me long enough to do it. Looks like round 2 goes to me dummy" kiba said while staggering to her feat.

"Fine, i concede man i didn't expect you to actually come up with a plan kiba"

"You usually just fight me head to head" i said , truly surprised at the thought of kiba coming up with a plan.

"I knew you were getting too strong to fight head on so i had to come up with something else. Don't worry I'll kick your ass head on after my training with mom finishes!"kiba said competitively

"Well i look forward to that day, it's getting late wanna call it quits here for today?" I said the sun was setting now. How long were we going at it?

"Sure wanna come over for dinner?" Kiba said with a knowing smirk on her face

"Hell no not with those big ass predators in your house ill see you monday, peace!" I ran off while kiba was laughing her ass off from my reaction. Its not my fault that last time i came over and tried to feed one of the puppies its 200 pound mother started to press me. Never again I swear my heart literally stopped that time.

I ran out of the compound towards my home when I saw something interesting.

"A mask stand?" I guess it makes sense. Konoha is currently holding the chunin exams. Usually then weird shops like this pop up. A mask on display caught my attention. It's a mf doom replica mask. What the hell is that doing here. It looks cool but stupid….but it looks so cool….. fuck it looks like we are eating only ramen this month. I'm buying that mother fucker if it's the last thing I do. I walked up to the salesman and bought the mask for 300 ryos. I asked him about where he found such a peculiar mask.

"I don't know, just one day I took stock of my supplies and found out I have 1 extra mask so I just put it on sale with the other ones I own. Your the first to take interest in it" he said

I thanked him for the info then started back on my path to my apartment. I got in, locked my front door then got ready for bed. But before I could let sleep over take me I had to check something. I walked towards my mirror in my bathroom and put on the mask I bought earlier.

"You look dumb"

"But it's soo damn cool!" I said to myself

Hmm maybe i could get this as my anbu mask if i decide to join in the future on my path to become hokage. What would my code name be? Doom? Mf? Or mf doom? Yeah mf doom sounds about right.

Author note

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. This is my first fic i published so some constructive criticism would be very much appreciated. My plans for hueys skill set is to be a physical attack specialist i.e bo staff sword and hand to hand. If you guess have any other ideas for the fic i would love to hear them. Until next time cya.