A.N: Hey guys and Merry Christmas. I know it's late, and I failed to remember to upload this story to this site as I did on my profile on wattpad so please excuse the timing. I wanted to bring some much needed cheer to everyone, especially the pups. Please enjoy guys and have a blessed night. Also I don't know if I told any of you guys on here, but this story will have a sequel! So keep am eye out for that and remember that none of my work would be as special if I didn't have you guys to share it with and have your support, so I thank you guys and I love you for that!

This story takes place after Happy Pills, and I invite you to check it out beforehand so this story will make more sense.


If there ever was a time for celebrating and focusing on the positives and abundant blessings hidden in the shadows of life, it was Christmas. It had been three weeks since Chase and Rocky returned from the hospital, and despite all of the work down the road, and the trials the future was sure to have in store for them, the patrol were doing their very best to remain especially positive this year. And although some of the pups were on strictly no speaking terms. Everyone was enjoying the special week leading up to Christmas in their own way.

Now that Chase was no longer confined to bed rest, he spent every moment he had with Everest, who had been moving her stuff into the lookout throughout the first week they were back. Every time she would arrive at the lookout with more belongings, she would go straight to Chase's room and check up on him, ready to get him whatever it was he needed, if anything. Her heart melting evrytime she would first enter the room as Chase's attitude would shift drastically from gloomy and sore, to an utterly love sick puppy that had gone too long without his daily dose of Everest.

Everest and Chase stayed around the lookout, digging up Christmas decorations and hauling them up to the spare room, much to Ryder's displeasure. By the end of the day, it was as if a Christmas cheer bomb went off in their room by the time the two pups were done with it.

And as bedtime was approaching far to quickly, they only needed one more thing to make their night complete; cookies and milk. The only problem was that it was far past Chase's bedtime, so they agreed that they would need to be stealthy. And would you believe that they came up with the idea together, and not one of them influencing the other? Everest even found oversized beenies that they used for masks to wear on their covert operation. All geared up, they moved as silent as Santa himself, down to the kitchen.

Chase approached their target with light paws. All of his years of spy training guided him in his movements. He peeked around the corner, with the kitchen in sight, before activating his pup-tag. "This is Dasher calling snowflake, come in snowfla-"

"I'm right here Chase." She giggled quietly, standing a few feet behind him. "Why are you calling me that again?"

"Because you are beautiful and one of a kind, like a snowflake." He said, before adding. "Besides, we have to remain undercover, we don't want Ryder, I mean, the Grinch from catching us again. He was grumpy enough that we moved all of those boxes upstairs and I don't want to imagine what he will do if he catches us down here."

"Because he wants you to rest." Everest said, smiling sympathetically.

Chase ignored her remark. "Well I will be restless without cookies and milk." He smiled slyly, before taking careful steps to the fridge. "Besides, you'll be doing all of the heavy lifting."

"And what will you be doing mister?" She called after him no louder than a whisper.

"Supervising mainly. Besides I can get the cookies, they aren't heavy."

"That depends on how many you take." She let out a quiet laugh as she reached the refrigerator.

"Lets just say that Santa will be disappointed this year." He said, pawing at the pantry door. They worked silently securing their targets with careful paws. Chase effortlessly snatching the bag of cookies, as Everest half hazardly opened the refrigerator door, a nagging worry distracting her from their mission as a conflicting feeling built in her gut as she worked.

Everest normally would have been on Ryder's side about all of this. She knew better than anyone that Chase was supposed to be taking it easy for the first two months, and she doubted late night cookie heists were part of his recovery plan. But at the same time, she was overjoyed to see Chase the happiest he has been since the hospital and everything that led up to it. Glimpses of his puppy-like demeanor shined through multiple times that week as they discussed Christmas gifts and decorated their room.

Ultimately, Chase's happiness and mental well being was, as far as she was concerned, more important than his doctor's and Ryder's overconcervative recovery plan driven by fear that kept Chase stuck in bed and away from doing anything.

However she was not, by any means, above shutting everything down and marching him up to bed if he overdid it, hurt himself, or otherwise endangered his own recovery in any way. She even considered canceling their cookie heist, but she didn't have the heart to say no to a face as cute as the one Chase gave her.

"Snowflake?" Chase looked at her waving a paw infront of her face, before she finally came back.

"What is it Cha- Dasher?" She corrected herself. Just because she was essentially babysitting, didn't mean she couldn't play along and have her own fun.

"Tawget Alpha secuwed, do you havv vishualizashunn of Tawget beta?" He said smiling, a bag of snowman, Christmas trees, and candy cane shaped cookies clenched in his mouth.

"Roger that, target beta sighted." She said as seriously as she could. She grabbed the milk and brought it over to Chase's bowl, and with some difficulty, filled said bowl.

"Target beta secured." She said enunciating every word, smiling smugly at him, before picking up the bowl of milk.

"Show ofh" he tried.

Silent as the night, the slinked through the shadows, reaching the elevator quickly, and rode up to the second level undetected. Chase nosed the door to their room open, Everest followed him in and shut it with her tail. They dropped their contraband by their bed, looking down at their hall with satisfied smiles and growling tummies.

Chase leaned over and kissed Everests cheek. "You make a very good, and very cute spy."

"Well I have a good teacher." She said nuzzling into his neck.