We are burning


The planet is burning,

Our bond is burning,

We are burning,

Space stretches on between us,

Crackling and sparking,

Ashes and smoke obscure us,

We are crumbling into shades,

Each blow sizzles between us,

Pain beyond pain,

Worse than any injury,

We shatter apart,

Desperate, desperate, desperate,

Don't do it,

Don't do it,

Don't do it,

Words worse than burns,

Claims sharper than swords,

Slicing into each other with every breath,

Hate, hate, hate,

A final blow,

An ending at last,

You were my brother,

I loved you.

So, thanks to a Tumblr post by katierosefun, I heard this song for the very first time. And it's just so perfect for Anakin's fall. Just perfect. I was inspired right there and then to write something, anything. And this poem spilled out.

I might well write a longer fic about this latter on. But for now, I just had to get my thoughts out. I hope you enjoyed reading them!