Hey guys! This is a oneshot of Harry after the war. Written for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Alchemy, Task #2.

Harry opened his eyes to see a bright white hall with several beds and curtains. A few of them were occupied while the one that weren't, were kept neatly in order. Harry's face filled with confusion for a moment, before everything that happened yesterday came back to him, and he closed his eyes, groaning. He was in fifth floor, St. Mungo's.

He shouldn't have groaned, though. That woke up his wife, who had fallen asleep on the table side nearby. She jerked awake with a start, and her eyes fell upon Harry.

"Harry? Are you alright?" She asked tentatively.

"Hey Gin" he replied, sitting up

Heaving a relieved sigh, she hugged him. Then, letting go, she launched into a rant.

"Harry James Potter! What were you thinking when you decided to go full on Laxley? You promised you won't take anymore foolhardy risks and look where that got you? Do you have any idea how worried I was when I heard you got yourself admitted into St. Mungo's?"

"Ginny -" He tried to explain.

"Don't 'Ginny' me! Ron, Hermione and I were out of our minds worrying about you! Imagine you leaving the house without saying a word and then-"

Harry cut her abruptly by kissing her full on the lips. Finally getting her silent, he said "Ginny, I'm really sorry. I'd taken an unnecessary risk, I promise it won't happen again."

Ginny looked into his green eyes. Lily's eyes. The pair of eyes that made her hopelessly in love with the Boy-Who-Lived.

She smiled. "Alright, so who were you trying to hex?" She asked cheekily.

"Redhood" Harry replied.

"Redhood? The guy who tried to curse the three muggles?"

"That's the one"

Ginny shook her head knowing it was useless to argue.

"What was he trying to smuggle?" She asked.

"Do you really need to know?" Harry asked. Ginny gave him a look.

"Or I could have James instead of Teddy baby-sit Lily" she said. Harry's eyes went wide.

"No need. Redhood was trying to smuggle Venomous Tantacula seeds"

Ginny's eyes bugged out. She nearly launched into another Molly-level rant when Harry cut in.

"So when can we leave?" Harry asked Ginny to change the subject.

"At least another week" she replied.

"Another week?!"

"Yep, if I have anything to say about it"

Harry flopped back on to the pillow, groaning again.

Phew, so that's over. Sorry for the less material, I'm just bad at romance, never having been in a relationship. Review please!

Word count : 458