Hey boys! So, I decided to kind of fix up this story a bit. Too inconsistent for my tastes. Also, in this AU, Lucy is only a year younger than Lincoln

5 years. 5 years since the bombs dropped. He still remembers when it happened. At the time, the nations of the world progressed rapidly. It marked the beginning of a new era among humans. One that strived for scientific prosperity. All thanks to a little girl named Lisa loud. The then 4-year-old invented a new way of extracting energy. She had contained a black hole.

She was hailed by her discovery. And with the new source of energy, quality of life improved everywhere. Except for the nations that denied it, stating that it was dangerous and that they shouldn't be playing with fire. Brazil, Iceland, Madagascar, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo banned the use of the new source, while the rest of the world vowed to never use the back holes as bombs. Oh well, whatever. The world pressed on. With the coming of her 5th birthday, nearly all of the third world countries turned first world. Lisa was hailed as a hero. Mars and Moon colonies were being built, The arctic was being terraformed, with new technologies developing to see if they can conquer Venus even. All of this has happened rapidly. Too rapidly.

Tensions were beginning to rise again, as countries began to arm themselves with nuclear warheads. Others began to ask questions. Many of them gave the same answer "What else is there to do with all this Uranium?"

Tensions rose and rose. Arguments and tariffs. Until BAM. A warhead struck Russia.

Everything from there went to shit. Nukes going off everywhere. The new energy source is destroyed. Countless lives lost. Many towns, covered in ash. Gone from the face of the Earth. However, from the ashes, rises the Phoenix. New life, grotesque versions of what they used to be. Disgusting abominations. Taking whatever lives were left on this hellhole of a planet.

Lincoln remembered the exact frame in time that his world changed. Being 12 years old, eating lunch next to Clyde. It was Meatball sub day. One of his favorites. The bright red sauce with chunks of tomato. All of it was artificial, grown from a lab. But Lincoln didn't care. They grew it well, and it was more comparable to Wagyu beef than the table scraps he used to get throughout his life. He took the first bite as Clyde took his. They both savored the wonderful taste. Clyde cracked some joke, Lincoln couldn't remember what about. Then the world went black. Screams and desperate choking filled his ears as he faded

He wasn't sure how long he was out for. He wasn't sure if he was dead, or alive. He remembered the way Clyde looked against the wall. Contorted into some unholy creation. The entire lunch room was destroyed. Tables and bodies flipped around everywhere. Windows blown in, walls collapsed.

Lincoln remembered crying. Crying because his arm was broken, the sharp, blistering pain bolting through his body. Crying because he had a splinter of wood lodged in his stomach. A large shard, 8 inches long and 4 inches thick. Crying cause his friend was stripped away from him in an instant, smashed against the wall, sliced apart by glass.

How long he cried for, Lincoln didn't know. He just remembered the walk home. Staring at all the destruction. The scorched sidewalks and the orange sky. The grey clouds, the bodies. What frightened him the most was the fact that most of the bodies hadn't died of natural causes. Some had been shot, some had been stabbed. The one that scarred him the most was the mother. The axe is still in her decaying body. The stroller she was pushing however, empty.

His house looked intact surprisingly. Intact as it could get when a nuke was dropped. The grass in the front yard had been burned away, as well as the trees. Vanzilla had been turned over, looking like someone had tried to burn it down to ash.

The door fell when he gripped onto it. Slamming into the house with an echo. Step by step, the boy looked through his house. Hoping to find someone. Anyone. More tears fell as he stepped through. Windows broken, pictures strewn around. Lori's phone was on the ground, shattered. She was nowhere to be found however. "Guys?" He groaned. His voice was hoarse from lack of water. It hurt to speak. Walking upstairs was a challenge. The weak stares crumbled under the weight, but he managed to make it up. Without breaking them

The door to his room was open as if someone had been looking for him. Everyone else's room was as well. Lisa's room looked perfectly intact. Had she made a bomb shelter out of her own room? The metal on the walls indicates as much. Checking all the rooms gave him nothing. Except, for one. Lori and Leni's room. Rubble had piled onto the floor. An arm, and blonde hair. On the floor beside her, was a small puddle of a dried dark crimson liquid. Staining what was laying in it. A pair of white sunglasses. Lincoln tried to scream, only for a large rush of air to leave his lungs. He fell backward, turning away from the sight. His tear ducts were dry already, but that didn't mean his body stopped him from trying to.

He spent the next hour rocking, his mind had shut off from the rest of the world. Every sound, every movement meant nothing. Lincoln came to his senses later that day. His muscles felt weak. He needed something to eat, badly. His stomach rumbled as he stood, nearly falling over from exhaustion. Making his way down to the kitchen, or whatever was left of it, he felt a presence in the air. Wondering if it was Leni's ghost or an intruder, he stayed wary. The kitchen had knives, and he wasn't going down without a fight. The kitchen was a mess, yet at the same time, welcoming to the boy. Night was soon to come. He needed food and water quickly. His original plan was to simply bring it up to his room and gorge on whatever he could as he blocked his door with his nightstand. Walking in, he couldn't help but notice some empty cans on the floors. Mainly beans, and Vienna sausages. He smiled, the small sausages were the best thing in the world to his younger sister Lucy.

Lucy was an odd case in the family. A year younger than the boy, she was obviously raised alongside him in similar circumstances. She was his closest sibling, and his heart ached when he wondered if she was alright. He picked up a can of the sausages, as well as a can of baked beans, peas, corn, and stew. He decided to eat the Corn and Stew tonight, as they would taste the best without a fire or anything to cook it. As he turned around, his leg caught on a fallen chair, sending him towards the ground. The wood in his abdomen got pushed in even deeper. The pain was too much for the child to take. His vision faded to black, but at the last moment, a shadow hopped out of the vent, hearing the noise, and rushed towards him.

(Line cut)

Lincoln awoke in his room. His dresser was pressed against the door as he had planned, yet he distinctly remembered passing out on the kitchen floor. He sat up slightly, only for a hand to push him back down lightly. "Shh'' it said. "Please, do not sit up. You are badly injured my dear''. Lucy sat across from him, using a small power bank to power a single burner. The can on top smelled of soup. It was the tortilla stew he had grabbed earlier. Lincoln smiled, yet didn't know how to react. He wanted to hug her, wanted to thank her and wanted to never let go of her again. But he couldn't. His energy was drained and he knew she was right. "So, how do we get it out?" he said, reaching for the stump. Lucy was turned away, focusing on the can to make sure it didn't catch fire or boil over. "I wouldn't recommend taking it out. We dont have anything to clean the wound and-"

Lincoln groaned loudly as he pulled the shard out in one movement. It hit the ground with an audible thud, splattering Lucy's already dirty thigh highs with specks of red. "Lincoln!" she said, rushing over to him. She took off her shirt, and began wrapping it around his abdomen. "What the hell are you doing?" She said. "Do you want to enter the darkness so soon? Do you not want to see the sun rise on this desolate planet ever again?". Lincoln was about to speak before a tear shed from her eye. "I am not losing you again. Never". The boy grabbed her head, and rested it on his chest. It was a sweet moment, one that they would both remember for a long time. She used a spare Lincoln's shirt she found in the drawer to pick up the can and let it rest for a few minutes to cool down. They could both eat the sausages and the stew. Protein was needed for Lincoln's body to heal properly. "So", Lincoln said. "Where're all the others?"

Lucy opened the drawer, the movement of bottles sloshing around making large amounts of noise. She pulled out a bottle of water. The bottle itself was scratched all to hell, with deep gashes in the plastic and wrapper. The water inside looks delicious however. She brought it to her brother, and demanded for him to open his mouth. "Open. Don't move anything but your mouth". He agreed, and opened. Pouring the water in felt like Lincoln had just entered the gates of Valhalla. How long has it been since he's had anything to drink? "It's been 3 days," Lucy said quietly. "The second news broke about the bombs, Lisa guided everyone into her room. Except 3. You, Leni, and Lola". She took the bottle away from Lincoln's mouth, and replaced the stream with still steaming stew. "Leni and Lola died immediately. Lola was outside, and we couldn't get to her in time. And Leni went into her room to retrieve some clothes, despite us telling her not to leave for anything. Then, there was you. The only one not to get sick and have to stay home, and the one who survived outside the bunker too".

"How come you're not sad about Lola or Leni?" Lincoln said. He didn't feel very sad about it either. He loved them both dearly, but the exhaustion on his mind had broken him slightly. "What's there to be sad about? They got to leave. They got to go back to the void that they came from before existence. They're at peace now". Lucy took a sip of the stew, finishing it off. The two then shared the can of sausages. Lucy chugging the salty liquid inside, while Lincoln snacked on three of the sausages. Lucy would take the rest. Lucy moved Lincoln aside, and crawled into bed with him. She felt cold and exposed without her shirt on, yet her brother made her feel safer than she had alone in the vents. Her matted and dirty hair was disgusting, her clothes were dirty and her body was exposed. Yet, for the first time in what seemed like eternity, she felt warm.