"Do you have any idea what I want to do to you?" His teeth are clenched and sweat is continuously dripping down the side of his face. "Calm down, Kurama." Naruto warned assertively. A low growl escapes Kurama's lips in protest. "The woman was a literal Goddess on your nether region and you're telling me to calm down?"

"Yes," He said matter-of-factly, he was not going to tell him again. "Tch! Selfish!" Naruto ignored the fox's remark and resumed to where he left off. Kurama was right, she was a literal Goddess the way she swallowed him earlier. He couldn't believe that he threw in the towel.

"Mmhm," She moaned quietly, taking in the feeling of his hands attempting to fit her breasts in his big calloused hands. The hands that he used to fight with, is being used to pleasure her. Even if they are only being used on her breasts, she could feel the heat travel down to her sacred portal. She was a mess. After all the work she put in, she has succumbed to the overwhelming feeling of his hands and mouth on her supple breasts. How was he always able to get her to behave like this? She thought she had him.

"Good," he stated sternly, his brows furrowed as a grin stretched across his face. " 'Cause I'm just getting started."

Giving her breasts one last suck, he lifted her up with ease, silently laughing at the audible yelp she let escape her lips. She was taken by surprise by the sudden action. His eyes reverted back to their original color, but his chakra was still off the scales.

He was ready.

Instantly they were inside his office, there was no time to make it upstairs to their bedroom. He needed her right now.

Skipping past the futon he normally lies on whenever he was too tired to make it upstairs, he treads carefully to his desk, quickly pushing aside any paperwork that may get stained from what he was planning on doing to her.

Hinata didn't ask any questions, which was a good sign that he could do what he wanted. She knew he was unpredictable and she knew that it was his turn. The feeling frightened and excited her at the same time. She was a ball of mixed feelings.

Softly sitting her down on top of the cherry wooden desk, he made her lean back a little by pushing her stomach down and traveling up to her breasts, giving the left one a light squeeze. As if on queue, Hinata did as he was showing her to do and leaned back, taking in the warm feeling of his hands sensually moving up her body and onto her chest. She anticipated the move and yet, she still is getting more and more aroused by his foreplay. She sucked in air with her teeth, almost equivalent to the sound of a snake.

"Shh," He warned her. He wanted to enjoy this. But how could he when his wife was letting out the sexiest sounds he's ever only heard from her, just by him only touching her breast beneath his hand? "Don't apologize either."

Her mouth immediately closed shut and a smirk etched its way across his face, his teeth shining, his whisker marks becoming asymmetrical. He knew her so well, her heart was practically beating outside her chest by how much he was turning her on.

Exploring her body was no easy task. He had to take his time with her. She was a work of art. Not many would understand it. He didn't want anyone to understand it. She was his art. Only he understands. "How dare you Kurama," his teeth became clenched as he was taking in the figure before him. "Hinata is mine!" Releasing his grip on her breast, he spread open her legs, slid them underneath her thighs to hold them in place, and dived down into her sacred portal.

"Oh!" Hinata jumped up from the sudden action. She did not know what had gotten into him all of a sudden. He was so soft and sensual before, now he's strong and rough and got her squirming like a worm desperately trying to go back into the dirt underground. He was lapping at her juices, licking and lightly sucking her pearl, kissing her thighs with each breath he took. Her brain was on overdrive. It was as if she became the and stopped working. She didn't know whether to moan, scream or call out his name. She was stuck, her breaths becoming irregular with each lick and suck. She could feel his soft lips cave over her pearl and the sliminess of his tongue going in and out of her sacred portal. His mouth was warm. So warm and good. She wondered briefly if this is how he was feeling when she put him down her throat. Her thoughts instantly became a lost memory when she felt his long thick fingers stretch her open.

"So tight," He said subconsciously out loud, the air that released from his mouth after he said those words, was cold on her pearl but then became hot again as he started to slowly push his fingers in and out of her. Hinata let out a long sigh and leaned all the way down onto the desk, her eyes rolling to the back of her head.

Naruto watched the way her body was responding to his fingers opening herself up to him. The sight was almost unreal. She was dripping so much juice, he had to clean it up otherwise, it would get everywhere. Oh how much he loved to see her dripping with come all over his fingers. She was making him hard as a brick, his own come was starting to make its way up and out of him.

Removing his left hand from underneath her thigh, he gripped his member and slowly started pumping himself in sync with his fingers moving in and out of his wife. She was dripping with so much arousal, the sound of her come made him want to slurp her up as if it was Miso Ramen from Ichiraku's. "Not yet." He told himself. He was set on taking his time with her, and that is exactly what he was doing. Watching her squirm and seeing how she was almost at her limit just from him fingering her, got him more and more excited. "Don't come yet."

She didn't hear him. She didn't want to listen to him, more so, she just couldn't, even if she tried to. Her back was slightly arched, her legs opening and closing with each pump of his fingers and she had no idea how many he put inside her. Her eyes were closed shut, focusing on the pleasure that he was giving to her. The expression she had on her face might look like she was in pain when it was really her reaching her climax. Her eyebrows were in a deep furrow, her mouth opening and closing, and occasionally she would bite her bottom lip to suppress her moans.

"Naruto!" She yelled his name in a whisper, her voice cracking. She wanted to scream. She wanted to yell, but with the way she was positioned and how they are in his home office, she just couldn't do it.

"Hime," His fingers abruptly stopped pumping her, he kissed both sides of her thighs before coming up to his feet.

She relaxed her legs, attempting to get her breathing back to normal. Her chest rising up and down unevenly. The sight was heavenly in his eyes. Her nipples were peaking up and begging to be tweaked.

Why did he stop? I was so close.

"Not yet," As if he was answering the question that was lingering in her mind, he grabbed her by her arms, bringing her to her feet. She didn't know what was happening but her lady part was now dripping on the floor like melted icecream.

He spun her around and pushed down on her back that way her chest was on the table and her peach bottom was in full view.

With a light but firm slap to her rear, he took hold of the side of her hips, giving them a light squeeze.

"Get ready. I'm just getting started, Hinata,"

Part 3?