A/N: This is my first official fic I have written for the untamed. I wrote this at 2am because i couldn't sleep and dammit they deserve to be happy. I'll edit this tomorrow but for now I'm going to bed.

"Song Lan, are you okay?"

Song Lan opened his eyes to be met with a worried Xiao Xingchen.

"Xingchen..." his voice was barely a whisper, he stared at his friend, disbelieving. Tears pricked at his eyes.


He had missed that voice, missed that face, open and kind, worry behind his eyes. There was none of that horror, that terrible, crushing anguish that he had the last time, right before he took his own life in his desperation. A sob escaped him and he lunged forward, grasping his dear friend in a hug. He was here, Xingchen was here. He was alive, he was breathing. He- Song Lan held him close as sobs racked his body.

Concern quickly overtook confusion as Song Lan lunged forward to catch him in a hug.

"Xingchen you're here, you're okay "

His friends words were desperate, his voice shaking. Xingchen was glad they were already sitting as Song Lan collapsed into him, anguished sobs escaping. He held his friend, murmuring reassurances, wondering what in the world had happened when Song Lan had blacked out a moment ago.

He sobbed until he had nothing left, the evidence of his breakdown absorbed by Xingchen's now damp beautiful white robes. His energy expended, his body drained, he clutched Xingchen, his eyes falling shut.

Xingchen stood, lifting the now sleeping Song Lan in his arms, he carried him back to their room in the inn.

"Xingchen what day is it?"

That had not been what he expected to hear from Song Lan the next morning but he answered easily, worry tugging in his gut.

"Song Lan, what happened?"

"I-I'm not sure how to answer that. Xingchen, don't worry. I need to go take care of some urgent matters. You will be able to handle the resentful spirits?"

"Yes, but-"

"Xingchen, I'm sorry to leave you, I don't want too, far from it, but I need to take care of something."

Xingchen studied his friend, he stood tensely before him, his face a mask of determination.

"Okay, I will be in Yiling if nothing else comes up after this. The people there are always in need of help to fend off the resentful energy of the burial mounds."

A strange look passed over Song Lan's face but it was gone as fast as he saw it. "Goodbye Xiao Xingchen, I hope to meet up with you again soon."

With that Song Lan strode away, but he hesitated at the door, looking back at him. "Be careful my friend." He walked away, leaving a confused Xingchen in his wake.

It tore him up inside to leave Xingchen, but he knew he had to take care of Xue Yang first. The world would not be safe if he was allowed to live.

As he searched for Xue Yang he heard of the death of Jin Guangshan and that Madam Jin was now the sect leader of Lanling Jin, which was concerning as that had not happened the last time around, not that the world was not better without such a vile man.

He found Xue Yang in Qishan. He watched his routine for two days, taking great care to not be seen. On the third day, two hours after dinner, he donned his disguise, that of a guard in Wen Ruohan's palace, and got a good look at the castle, discovering all he could about it without being caught. That was how he discovered Nie Huaisang, the incompetent leader of the Nie sect -a 15 year old boy in this time period- in possession of a vial of the deadliest poison known to the cultivation world. He took the apparent aspiring assassin back to the inn he was staying in and they had a long, revealing discussion that left Song Lan dumb-founded.

In the end, it was decided that next time Xue Yang left the castle Song Lan would be waiting in ambush at his favorite candy shop, while Nie Huaisang, using the distraction provided, poisoned the drinks of Wen Ruohan, his sons, and Wen Zhuliu respectively.

It happened two days later. Xue Yang came into the candy shop to be met with an angry and skilled cultivator who killed him quickly after a fight drawn out for peak distraction.

The next morning Wen Ruohan, his sons, and the core melting hand, were dead. It was obvious it had been an assassination but Wen Qing quickly provided proof of what the tyrant had planned. Even without the testification of many others within Qishan, fear no longer silencing them, enough evidence was brought to light that it was generally agreed that the death of Wen Ruohan had been a good thing.

Wen Qing was offered the role of sect leader but the Nie sect stepped in, saying that while she was certainly qualified, no one so young should have the duties of sect leader thrust upon them with so little warning. Wen Qing was able to suggest another who would do better, a member of the Dafan Wen's who had gone into hiding to avoid execution years ago.

The assassin who had killed the Wen Ruohan and his sons never found.

All the politics after however had little to do with Song Lan, who went to Yiling and found Xingchen there. Later, when Song Lan and Xiao Xingchen are officially cultivation partners, they find a peasant girl, not blind even if she wont admit it, who joins them in their journey's, becoming like a younger sister to the pair.