I'll follow your voice


0 BBY, After the liberation of Lothal

Sabine quietly retreated to her cabin. She felt miserable. Another member of the crew, her family, had been ripped away from her. The second in less than a week. She wanted to paint, but realized that it would just be a grey, depressing piece that she wouldn't like. Really, she just wanted to curl up in her bunk and sleep. Preferably for several years.

She dropped herself on top of her bunk, only bothering to take her helmet and blasters off. She laid her head on her cushion, pulling her knees up to her chest, curling in on herself. She felt the fabric of the pillow cover on her cheek. But when she turned her head, she suddenly felt something else. She raised her head, turning to look at the object on her pillow.

It was a piece of flimsi. A note, to be more precise. Sabine immediately recognised the handwriting, even in her dark room. Ezra's handwriting. She quickly got out of bed and turned on the lights in her room. She then picked up the note and read it.


By the time you find this note, if all goes according to plan, I will be gone. I'm sorry for not telling you sooner, but I knew you would've tried to stop me, and I need to do this.

I do not know how long I will be gone. I know that the Force has plans for me, but I promise that I will see you again. But I have a request for you. Please, keep Lothal safe. The Empire will come back, and you need to be prepared. Lothal needs to be prepared. Don't let Kanan's sacrifice be for nothing.

And when the time is right, an old friend will come and find you. She'll tell you what to do.

I know I can count on you.

May the force be with you.


PS: I want you to have my lightsaber. I know you will keep it safe.

Sabine swallowed. She read the note again, and then a third time.

It seems that she had a job to do.



Unknown Regions

Ezra woke up on the floor. He felt the cool durasteel against his cheek, soothing his pounding headache ever so slightly. He stood up to assess the situation.

The bridge of the Chimera was in disarray. There was broken glass everywhere, several bodies laid on the floor, either dead or unconscious. Ezra grabbed an imperial blaster off of the floor. Soon, these imperials would wake up, and they would not be happy to see him.

He knew the layout of a Star Destroyer from memory, seeing as how often he had visited them. As he made his way down the halls, he could hear the metallic groans of the ships being held in the grasp of the Purgill. By the time he had made his way down to the hanger, a few of the imperials had started to wake up. He looked over the hangar, and quickly spotted a shuttle. He silently made his way over to it, sat at the controls, and initiated the start-up sequence.

Suddenly, he heard alarms ringing outside the cockpit. Looking out of the windshield, he saw several stormtroopers and pilots head his way. "Time to go!" he thought, as he took off. He saw a few blaster bolts hit the ship, but they didn't damage anything critical.

As the shuttle shot out of the hanger, he looked at the Navicomputer, to determine where he was. The results came back inconclusive, confirming Ezra's suspicion that he was in the Unknown Regions. "Blast" Ezra thought.

He looked back out of the windshield, and noticed that a part of the Purgill flock had split off. This flock was not pulling any imperial ships, and looked like it would head in the general direction of the Outer Rim. A plan started to form in Ezra's head.

Ezra grabbed the steering yoke and ignited the engines, steering the shuttle towards the smaller flock. Once he'd set a course, he reached out with his mind toward one of the Purgill. The creature freely let Ezra into his mind, and started to wrap the shuttle in it's tentacles, carefully trying not to do too much damage. Then, the blue stripes on it's tentacles lit up, and the creature jumped away, the commandeered shuttle in it's grasp.


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