Chapter 1. Himiko's pov

My Name is Himiko Yumeno. I am the SHSL Mage, also known as the ultimate Magician, my story starts after I send my letter to Hope's Peak Academy. In the last 2 weeks before the semester stars, I've got a letter from Makoto Naegi, the headmaster of Hope's Peak telling me that I can enroll the Academy but only if I'll use the name of ultimate Mage. It was a dream come true! And my best friends were happy for me. I couldn't wait for the day when I will make a step inside the academy and say "This is where I need to be".

And that day had finally come. I was in front of Hope's Peak Academy. I was just waiting for my friend to come and finally enter the school.


Yes, that's my friend, her name is Tenko Chabashira. She's this year ultimate Akkido Master, even tho she's my best friend she's kinda annoying some times because of her disgust for males.

"OK I'm here." Said Tenko

"Good job Tenko, you made it in time"

"Don't worry Himiko, there are 3 more days until the semester starts. We're here now to take a room. A room for us without any degenerate males." Told me Tenko.

"Tenko, maybe we can ask someone for help? This is our first time."

"Good idea Himiko! Let's ask that woman! She's not a male so she clearly knows something." Tenko was pointing at a girl with long blue hair. The girl was very focused at the academy

"What about one of those guys? They're closer." I was pointing at a tall guy with long hair and mask, next to him it has a short boy with white clothing and purple hair. Shortly after, Tenko gasped like it was the end of the world.

After a while we've got into the academy. I was in the 53-B-b room but Tenko was in 53-B-c room. She was sad and mad at the same time. So I left her at her room and I got in my room. When I entered I saw the short guy with purple hair from outside, that was the moment when I realised he was taller than me!

"Who are you?" Asked the short guy

"I am Himiko Yumeno! The ultimate Mage!" I said

"Mage? Yes! See Kiyo? See! Magic is real!" Said the short guy. After he said that I was trying to look around the room and saw two bunk beds. One on the right side of the dorm, one on the left side of the dorm. On the upper bed of the left bunk bed was the same tall guy with long hair and mask from outside.

"I never said that." Said the guy with the mask.

"Don't try to lie! Liar!" Said the short guy .

"I guess we're going to be classmates so you'll need to know our names." Said the guy with mask.

"I am Kokichi Oma, the ultimate supreme leader!" Said the short guy

"I am Korekiyo Shinguji, the ultimate Anthropologist." Said the guy with the mask.

"Nice to meet you, I guess"

After half an hour I unpacked all my stuffs and I was ready to meet my order classmates from the 53-B class. I wanted to leave the room but then a girl wearing a maid outfit and one covered eye entered the dorm and ask

"Is this the 53-B-b dorm?"

"Who knows?" Said Kokichi

"Nyeh. Yes, this is the 53-B-b dorm. Are you an ultimate students like us?" I said

"Yes, I am Kirumi Tojo, the ultimate maid. Please let me know if you require my services."

"Ohhh ultimate maid you say? This sounds fun!" Said Kokichi

"Don't mind him. His acting just like a kid. Nice to meet you, Kirumi." Said Korekiyo

After meeting Kirumi I left the room and heard


That was Tenko, wasn't she?

"Himiko there's a degenerate male in my room."

"Yes, I heard Tenko. I'm pretty sure he's one of our classmates. Just don't yell in the halls for no reasons. C'mon, I wanna meet that guy." And Tenko gasped again.

I entered the 53-B-c dorm (Tenko's dorm) and there was a guy with green hair eating an Avocado.

"Who are you Degenerate?!" Said Tenko ready to attack

"Hey, I'm not a bad guy. I'm Rantaro Amami, this year ultimate Adventurer."

"Well, Nice to meet you Rantaro." I said

When I wanted to leave Tenko's dorm a blonde girl and a guy with short blue hair entered the room.

"Kaede, I think we have the same room" Said the boy with blue hair

"I think you're right, Shuichi. I heard that there are 2 boys and 2 girls in every room." Said the blonde girl.

"I read a book about the rebuilded Hope's Peak Acad-

"Degenerate male! Who are you?" Said Tenko.

"Umm I'm Shuichi Saihara this year ultimate Detective." Said the boy with short hair.

"I'm Kaede Akamatsu, the ultimate pianist." Said the blonde girl.

Then Rantaro, Tenko and I introduced ourselves to Kaede and Shuichi. So after the introduction I left the room and hear.

"Nyahahaha, Himiko there you are!"

This sounded like my other friend Angie Yonaga, the ultimate Artist, she was late because of business with Atua.

"Angie! You finally arrived!" I said.

"Yes of course, I finish the ritual for Atua!"

"Well in what room are you?" I asked Angie

"53-B-a, what about you Himiko?"

"I'm 53-B-b, at least we're on the same class"

"C'mon Himiko, let's see my dorm!"

And so Angie and I entered the 53-B-a dorm. But there we saw:

"C'mon Keebo, let me see! I really wanna see what's between your legs!" Said a girl with long blonde hair.

"Please don't, I feel uncomfortable!" Said a weird looking boy that, it looks like he's trying to escape the long blonde hair girl.

"You know your not alone in this room?"

I heard a voice but when I looked to check who it was I didn't saw anyone. Then I saw a little guy with a lollipop in his hand, he was shorter than me, but he looked pretty scary.

"Are you in the 53-B class?" I asked the scary guy

"Yes, so what?" He said

"It would be very nice of you if you would tell me and Atua your name!" Told Angie to him.

"I am just the empty shell of Ryoma Hoshi, the once called the ultimate Tennis Pro." Said the short scary guy

"Oh I see, I see, you just need a reason to live! Am I right Ryoma?" Asked Angie but Ryoma didn't answered

"Nyeh. What are you 2 doing anyway?" I asked the long blonde hair girl and the weird looking boy.

"I am the beautiful, the smart, the gorgeous girl, MIU IRUMA!" Said the long blonde hair girl.

"I'm K1-B0, the ultimate Robot. Please adrees me as Keebo." Said the weird looking boy.

They introduced themselves but they didn't answered my question.

"A robot? Nyahahaha you look more liveful than Ryoma!" Said Angie, and Ryoma, again, didn't said a word.

I left Angie to unpack her stuffs and left to see my other classmates. I remember that in every class, there are 16 students, so that means I need to meet 4 more classmates. I belive they're at the 53-B-d dorms. So I've knock the door and heard a voice telling me to enter. There I saw a girl with long blue hair and glasses.

"Hello?" I said.

"Oh wow you look adorable! Are you an student from the 53-B class? In that way we would be Classmates! We can Cosplay together!"

I don't even know her and she's already to excited

"Nyeh, I am Himiko Yumeno, the ultimate mage." I said

"I am Tsumugi Shirogane, the ultimate Cosplayer! Nice to meet you! Maki would you like to introduce yourself?"

It looked like a girl appeard from a shadow, she had two long black hair tails, red eye and she looked mad.

"I'm Maki Harukawa, the ultimate Assasin. Don't care about me and I won't care about you." Said the scary looking girl then she disappeared in the same way she appeard.

After meeting Tsumugi and Maki I've left the room and saw a huge person in front of me. He had a brown uniform, green hair, glasses and red eyes. I was really scared of him, he looked like he would kill easy who ever made him mad.

"H-hello?" I said scared

"Oh thank you!" He said

"Why did you thank me?"

"Gonta is scary looking and no one wants to talk with Gonta, so Gonta has to thanks you because you talk to Gonta!"

"Well, Gonta, can I know your full name and talent?" I asked

"Yes. Gonta's name is Gonta Gokuhara, Gonta's talent is Ultimate Entomologist."

He look scary, but he act so nice. After meeting Gonta I saw a guy with purple weird hair and a little beard.

"Hey you guys know where the 53-B-d room?" He asked

"Look at the sing" I answered to him

"Don't tell me you don't know how to read?" Said a voice

"GHOSTTTT!" The guy with beard screamed and hide behind Gonta. Then I realized the voice behind the guy with the beard was Kokichi.

"Neeheehe I really was hoping I would scare Himiko, but to scare an idiot was way funnier!" Said Kokichi

"I am not an idiot! I'm Kaito Momota! Luminary of the stars!"

"The ultimate idiot?" Said Kokichi

"NO! I'm the ultimate astronaut! You're an-"

"Yeah, yeah whatever, I'm not even here for you. Himiko, Come in our dorms! Kiyo is trying to make Kirumi think magic is a fantasy!"

"Nyeh? No, magic is real!"

I had to expect from the ultimate supreme leader to lie about almost every thing.

And so, the adventure just started. Me, Tenko, Kokichi, Korekiyo, Kirumi, Rantaro, Shuichi, Kaede, Angie, Ryoma, Miu, Keebo, Tsumugi, Maki, Gonta and Kaito ended up being classmates at the 53-B class. There would be a lot, until we'll graduate. I guess I'm ready.