Bucky fell heavily against the backseat, his fists clenched tight. Pinpricks of light blasted his vision, his breath coming in short, sharp gasps.


"She was crying," Bucky choked out, the fear and agony of the woman's death roaring through him. "She was crying."

Face etched with grief, Steve embraced him, anchored him. Bucky collapsed into him, barely able to breath. Turning his face into Steve's shoulder, long-held tears started.

"Steve," Sam said quietly from the front seat. "We gotta go."

Barely able to think past Bucky's anguish, Steve said helplessly, "Where?"

Sam started the car. "We'll start with Delacroix."


100 chapters of 100 words each. This is the end of Part One. Part Two, tentatively titled Healing, will begin on August 1st. Hope you guys liked this fic and really hope you will tune into the next one. I'm loving writing Marvel fics