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Chapter 12 – Lannister Revealed

The room went silent as the Queen focused all her attention on the young girl who was sitting there completely stunned and petrified at having been called out by the Queen for seemingly no reason.

"Bloody hell! Fucking Blondes in the North now!" Robert said loudly with annoyance as he sat beside Ned, who cringed a little at the reaction along with others especially Myrcella and Tommen who looked visibly hurt at their father's comment while Tyrion and Jaime looked angrily at the king for his words while he was distracted. Robert however was not finished. "Come here girl!"

The girl in question rose to her feet and walked to the centre of the hall, conscious of everyone's eyes being on her and not understanding why she was being singled out. All of the Lannisters were looking intently at her and confused in some cases as she had all the traits of being a Lannister.

"What is your name?" Robert asked firmly, hoping to get this over with quickly so they could get back to the feast.

"Lanna your grace." She said with a curtsy and her name certainly did nothing to ease the situation and only seemed to make the situation worse and from the side, Jory Cassel felt compelled to speak.

"She is my daughter your grace." He said stepping forward and standing right in front of Lanna as if to shield her from them. His nervousness was strange as he was normally so confident that many looked at him with surprise and confusion.

"Only by adoption." One of the guards said quietly but it was heard by enough people including the king. The Lannisters too were now suspiciously looking at them and not sure what was going on.

"Who was your mother girl?" Robert asked now confused himself and Lanna without any hesitation and before her father could stop her said.

"Tysha, your grace."

The name produced no reaction in many except for those that recognised it as a Westerlands name but it was Jaime and Tyrion Lannister that had the strongest reaction. Jaime looked at the girl was complete shock and disbelief while Tyrion was so surprised at the name that the goblet of wine he had been holding fell from his hand and broke as it hit the floor.

Tyrion seemed to recover after a moment, possibly because in his very drunk state he forgot the company he was in.

"A whore! A lying little bitch!" He said with anger at the memory of the woman that had fooled him.

The words were loud enough to be heard in the very quiet hall and Lanna looked shocked and very hurt at the insults towards her mother while Jory's face turned red almost immediately and before he could even stop himself, his anger exploded out.

"LIAR! YOU DISGUSTING TROLL! SHE WAS NO WHORE! YOU BETRAYED HER! YOU BELIEVED YOUR BROTHER'S LIES AND WATCHED AS YOUR FATHER HAD HER GANG RAPED BY THE ENTIRE GARRISON OF CASTERLY ROCK BEFORE FINISHING THE JOB YOURSELF! SHE DIED DOING WHATEVER SHE COULD TO RAISE HER CHILD ALONE BECAUSE OF YOU!" Jory yelled with all the years of hatred and venom he could muster after years of knowing what had been done to the woman who had captured his heart in Braavos so long ago now. All the rage blinding him to where he was and more importantly just who was here to hear it.

The silence following his outburst was so complete no sound beyond very quiet gasps, no-one could believe what had just been said and some as the news sank in began to look at Tyrion with disgust on their faces for what he had done, Ned in particular was horrified as Lanna had lived under his roof for years and he had no idea of just what the Lannisters had done to her mother or her connection to them. He had seen their methods of dealing with things first hand in Kings Landing years ago and images of those terrible sights still haunted his dreams to this day.

The strongest reaction however was from Lanna herself, every word that came out of Jory's mouth stabbed her like a dagger to the heart. She had for so long wanted to know the truth of her mother's life and the identity of her blood father but now she knew that the Imp, Tyrion Lannister was her father and worse she now knew the horror that had been done to her mother and that her 'father' had participated. Tears began to run down her face and she ran from the hall as fast as her legs would carry her.

Jory it seemed then realised just what he had said and turned to see his daughter flee from the room in tears before running after her. Lady Meera quickly gestured to Sansa and her friends to go after her, concerned for her well-being given what she had just learned. Her own disgust at what Tyrion Lannister and his father had done clear on her face, her polite mask slipping.

Ser Jaime she noticed was looking particularly unsettled and she gave her father a nudge to get his attention so she could point it out. Ned with his own anger now burning asked with a firm cold voice.

"Is there something you want to say Ser Jaime? Or want to confess?" He asked him with a cold, hard look in his eye and Jaime was unsettled by the intense look.

"HOW DARE YOU-" Cersei started to say looking outraged that someone would dare accuse her sibling of anything before Robert intervened.

"Shut up woman! You have no say in this! Now Kingslayer...what is this about the bloody girl's mother that you lied about?" Robert demanded and Jaime was torn, before finally his guilt over what happened got to him and made him say what he should have told Tyrion years ago.

"Tysha was no whore, but father decided she was trying to get into the Lannister's treasury and...and..." Jaime said struggling to find the words before finally it burst free. "He ordered me to lie, tell Tyrion she was a whore hired for him and that they were never really married but I never expected father to do that to her." He said finally in some ways relieved to finally admit his part in what happened.

"Jaime!?" A strained voice said and he looked to see his younger brother with eyes he had never seen, almost pleading and horrified at the same time. Begging him for this not to be true but Jaime only looked away, his guilt spiking as he confirmed to his brother that it was.

Tyrion looked like someone had slapped him and wandered out of the room in a daze.

- x -

Lanna ran as fast as she could the Godswood, her face stained with tears and her eyes raw. Sobbing loudly she fell against the tree as her legs could not carry her any-more, she was so full of horror at what had happened to her mother. She had been warned from the moment she was able to understand to be careful of men, that sometimes they would take from you what they wanted and you would suffer from it but she had never known it had happened to her mother...worse that she was possibly the product of that crime!

Loathing ran through her like water down a river bed and she cried out in anguish, her spirit broken and her world gone in the blink of an eye. All she had ever wanted was to know more about her mother, now Lanna thought with despair she wished she never had.

"Lanna." a voice said gently and she looked up to see Jory standing over her with tears in his eyes now. "Sweetling." He said started but she interrupted him with a voice raw in emotion and from her crying.

"Please tell me you were lying." She said with desperation that this wasn't true but he wasn't able to speak, letting her know every word was truth. Her last hope gone she felt like she was falling into an endless void and she crumbled up like a doll with its strings cut. He gathered her up and held her in his arms, resting her head on his chest while tears ran down his own face.

"I swore to myself that you never find out like this." He said, his own voice changed by emotion and tears. "That you would maybe never find out if I could help it." He told her, holding her tight and she clung on to him as the only thing in the world that seemed to be stable at that moment.

She saw Sansa, Mira and Jeyne approach her and each of them walked forward slowly until they were knelt down next to her and had tears in their own eyes but reached forward and each put a hand on hers to let her know they were here to help her now as she faced the worst moment in her life.

- x -

Tyrion had only managed to get to the stables before he could go no further, his mind in complete disarray as the life he had thought he knew was shattered and the past demons returned now stronger than ever.

Stronger by his own guilt.

The memories of his time with Tysha, even in his drunken state were as clear to him now as they had the day they happened. The best time of his life, when he had been loved...not for the wealth of his family but purely for himself and he had honestly never been more content than that moment. Never had he loved anything or anyone as much as he had Tysha who had seen things in him that he had never believed could be there.

And he had been right he thought with his own despair rising, they weren't there.

That he was brave, that he was intelligent, that he was his own man with the potential to be the greatest he could be.

Instead, Tyrion thought with self-loathing he had proven how weak and gullible he was. He had never questioned his brother, he knew how easily led Jaime was and still he had believed him when he had said exactly what their father had said. Tyrion had stood there with no expression on his face as Tysha was held down screaming for his help when the men of the garrison had forced themselves on her one after the other, raping her in nearly every way it was possible to rape someone and he had not only stood there and watched it happen but he had just as the last man was finished and she was laying there, bruised and broken on the ground gotten on top of her and forced himself on her too.

Tossing a golden coin as Lannisters were worth more, he remembered his father's cold and dismissive words.

All his life his father had wanted him dead, Tyrion had always known this and yet he had turned into a monster just like him. That he believed a word that came out of his mouth...Tyrion would have stabbed himself with a dagger had he managed to get hold of one at that moment. Tysha...the one good thing in his life, perhaps one of the few truly good people in this shit filled world and he had destroyed her through his father and brother's machinations.

He could never even say sorry he thought with grief as despite him knowing that would never have been enough to even begin to repair the damage he had inflicted, because she was dead. Dead and gone years ago if his daughter had been raised by a knight of the North that had done as far greater job than he could ever have done.

Oh gods! Tyrion thought with horror, he had a daughter.

A daughter who was on the verge of becoming a woman, whose life he had completely missed and now given his words about her mother and what he had done to her would stop him from ever getting to know her...maybe even having some kind of relationship with her someday. Maybe even calling him father.

Another thing he had ruined before it even had a chance to be.

Tyrion passed out at that moment, lost in the nightmare of that last day with Tysha...the last time he had seen her and now knowing that she had been innocent all along making the sheer scale of the crimes committed against her by him and his family seem as large and imposing as the Wall to the North. Worse now Lanna, his daughter was featured in those nightmares too as she was subjected to the same treatment as her mother.

- x -

The feast was over, everyone returned to their rooms while Robert and Ned sat at the main table alone trying to wrap their heads around what they had just learned, Jaime had been forced to recount the whole story before being banished out of their sight so now they knew everything.

"I knew the Old bastard was cold and harsh...but this." Robert said, still struggling to understand why the Old Lion had been so cruel. If you were going to kill someone then just do it, quick and clean not torture them like he had the girl's mother. He himself had been with many women in many places even before he had been king but he had never taken a woman that was unwilling. Let alone ordered so many men to rape a woman so viciously. The Old Lion might be late in his life but he certainly was becoming more dangerous as he went.

"It certainly is difficult to swallow." Ned said sadly, now understanding why Jory had been been so protective of the girl and had gone to such lengths to keep her away from Tyrion Lannister. The only reason he hadn't done so this time Ned guessed was because he had not been aware the Imp was joining the Royal Family on this visit until it had been too late. Ned sighed as he knew full well there was no way of bringing justice to a man like Tywin Lannister.

"She'll be in danger now, the girl I mean." Robert added knowing as well as Ned that Lanna would be a marked girl now. Tywin was certainly not going to be happy when his nasty little secret came out, that was for sure. "He'll probably have her killed."

"Not while I am Lord of Winterfell he won't." Ned said suddenly, revolted at the poor innocent girl being murdered just for Tywin Lannister's pride let him be damned. Robert nodded before saying.

"I know but there is only one real way to keep her safe, give her the Lannister name." Robert said sadly which surprised Ned and worried him.

"I don't see that stopping him, if anything that will make it worse." Ned said and Robert nodded.

"But if she is a Lannister Tywin will not want to risk killing her because she will be one of them and it will strike at his family's name to kill each other. I know its not perfect but it might be the only thing that keeps her safe." Robert said sadly.

"Then it is just as well that I will be your hand, you'll need all the help you can get." Ned said with a smile. If Robert was willing to stick his neck out for Lanna like this then it was the least he could do to be there to help shoulder the burden. Robert smiled instantly and laughed.

"Then at least something good came from this." He said and picked up his tankard and knocked it into Ned's who raised it before they both took a deep drink, needing after the events of the evening so far.

Joffrey meanwhile was annoyed at the interruption of the feast but glad of the diversion so he could spend more time pursuing his new hobby, he was looking at different war-machine designs that had been provided curtsey of Lady Meera who had acquired them from Maester Luwin.

He was still astonished by her, she was stronger and more cunning than he had ever imagined. His mother he was starting to realise had been mistaken in her judgement, something that seemed almost heresy to say. The Northerners were not mindless savages at all...at least one of them anyway.

Many girls had come to court in hopes of becoming his queen and he had been utterly bored with all of them, not a single one had managed to hold his attention for more than the shortest amount of time.

Meera however did intrigue him, he thought she was smarter and more confident not just in how she acted but how she dressed. She actually had leggings under her skirts and didn't care who she offended.

Having looked at a number of guard towers designs he grew restless and decided to walk around the castle. He was surprised to see that the early morning sun was creeping up over the horizon wondering just how long he had been at it, clearly all night he thought with surprise wondering how he had been so distracted that he had forgotten to go to bed. Still he was in good spirits and was about to go and get something to eat as the noises from the kitchens showed they were already at work when he saw the Kingsguard in the yard. Most of them anyway; Ser Barristan was with his royal father and Uncle Jaime was with his mother and younger siblings as was proper but the other five had gathered in the yard to train. Nothing new there and he was about to go on his way with the Hound when he noticed a woman entering the training area with a spear in her hand.

- x -

"Lady Stark! It is not proper for a girl let alone one of noble birth to be dressed in such a manner or be in the area where men train!" Ser Merlyn Trant exclaimed with derision but Meera stopped him with a cold look and said calmly but with great cutting precision.

"Well if what I saw was the way you train Ser Trant then it is just as well I am here to set you straight. The only way I can see you defeating anyone half decent with a sword is if they are standing there without armour and allow you to hit them." Lady Meera said with all the words as cold as ice shards and they cut deeply. Ser Aerys seemed amused by what she had said and had to quickly hide his smirk while the other knights just stared in surprise and Ser Trant welled up into an ugly purple colour.

"HOW DARE YOU BITCH! I AM A MEMBER OF THE KINGSGUARD!" He yelled out and the insult towards her hung in the air, the other knights looked shocked at what he had just said.

Meera felt a cold anger rising inside her and her eyes narrowed, none of them knew her well enough to recognise this as the look that promised a lot of pain.

"Then let us put your membership of such an august body to the test." She said holding a training spear in hand. She was stepped into the circle and with her hand beckoned him forward while smirking mockingly at him.

Before any of his sworn brothers could stop him Ser Merlyn charged and swung his training sword right at her which she easily sidestepped and jabbed him hard in the side, causing him to yelp as the blunted spear point struck right between the gaps in his training armour. He yelped in pain as she put a lot more force behind it, enough to actually leave a nasty bruise.

However she wasn't done, deciding to make sure he learned his lesson and spun her spear around and smacked him hard in the knee bending it over to the side, the crack of it breaking and his screaming in pain as he fell to the floor and almost as satisfying as the kick that she swiftly delivered to his head, knocking him out before he even hit the floor.

The other knights in the circle looked on in astonishment and she just raised an eyebrow, yawned as if she was bored and smirked before saying.


The other knights were now far more wary of her given how easily she had beaten Trant and all backed away from her although Ser Aerys stepped forward bravely.

"If it is the lady's wish to spar then who am I to refuse, just please my lady can we avoid injuries that would end my career as a knight?" Ser Aerys said with a nervous look towards the injured Ser Trant who might well not recover from the injuries she had given him, the leg especially.

Meera, smirked this knight she thought with a little amusement was worthy of the cloak being not only courteous, took her seriously and apparently respected her ability to fight. She decided to give him a little favour in return and said with a seemingly regretful sigh.

"Oh if we must Ser Oakheart."

She then went on the offensive and began her jabs and thrusts in his direction, to his credit Aerys did move quickly and was able to deflect more of them away actually making her work for a little bit for it but in the end it was short fight before she managed to get a 'killing' jab in although not so hard that it would hurt him badly.

He blinked and accepted his defeat with grace and stepped out of the circle before she looked to Ser Greenfield and Ser Blount and smirked at them. The two knights instantly backed away and started to utter excuses before Ser Oakheart and Ser Moore, fed up with their cowardice came up behind them and pushed them forward.

Meera was underwhelmed to say the least as they were far slower than Ser Aerys had been and she in frustration leapt around their clumsy waving of their swords before kicking Ser Greenfield in the back and sending the man face down in the dirt. Ser Blount then received a hard jab which knocked him over.

Ser Moore had the sense to sheath his sword though and Meera frowned, she had been expecting far more than this and with frustration went to go practice on her own while Ser Aerys and Ser Moore looked at her impressed.

- x -

None of them had noticed Joffrey however who was staring at Meera in amazement, he had never seen a warrior woman before. He had heard Dorne allowed women to fight but never had he actually seen one himself first hand.

She had been so graceful as she moved that she put many dancers he had seen a court to shame and her vicious jabs and thrusts excited him and the way she had put those knights in their place...it reminded her of Queen Visenya Targaryen, the sister of Aegon the Conqueror who had been as fierce if not fiercer than her husband, ruling the court with an iron fist and fighting from either the back of her dragon or on the ground with a sword. He had yet to meet her direwolves but if they were as large as some said then he had a vision of her riding one of them into battle as if it were a horse.

Not to mention the shape of her body was outlined well by the leather armour she wore, many women wore gowns to show off their body's shape but the way it looked in the dark coloured leather...it was incredibly distracting.

"She is something isn't she?" Joffrey said and the Hound or Sandor as he was known who himself was admiring the young woman who was so strong and looked so good too answered.

"Indeed your grace." Sandor nodded, impressed at how easily she had taken those Kingsguard apart and left Trant who was little more than a sly and cruel thug in Sandor's opinion possibly useless. Men did heal from injuries like that but only with the right care and Trant was unlikely to receive it, as a knight if he could not fight he was no good to anyone and Sandor for one would be glad to see him struggle.

His thoughts returning to the wolf-girl he was however worried for her too, she had attracted Joffrey's notice and he had seen what Joffrey liked to do to people especially those that interested him when they eventually bored him. She might have his attention for now but what cost would that bring on her later. He hoped with what little caring he had that perhaps she would become wise to this and get as far away as she could as quickly as she could.

- x -

The Wall, the North...

Jon was sad to have left Winterfell, he had slipped out without saying goodbye to his siblings, leaving a letter for each of them knowing that they at least would have tried to stop him or made a scene of him going, comforting Arya had been hard enough he thought sadly. Ghost mournfully trotted at his side, sad he could feel at being away from his home and littermates at Winterfell but Jon sent all the reassurance he could to his wolf, things would settle eventually he reassured himself.

Uncle Benjen had met him on the road and looked at him with disapproval for sneaking out the way he had but allowed him to ride to the Wall anyway. He would allow a year or so before taking his vows, like he had promised father and his siblings but honestly Jon could not see himself wanting to leave the Nights Watch.

Whatever his father had said it was a great calling and one he would be glad to give his life too.

The ride up was faster than he had expected and soon the Wall came into view, the sight of the enormous structure that spanned the width of the country and stood so high was enough to take Jon's breath away. He had never imagined it would be so big or imposing and he was almost smiling in anticipation of serving there.

As he rode closer the Wall only got bigger and bigger in his mind and his nervousness grew with it but then he saw the small structure at the base of the Wall where he and his uncle were riding too. It looked so insignificant compared to the structure against which it stood.

As he and Uncle Benjen rode through the gates of the castle which looked insignificant compared to the few other castles Jon had seen in his life, wood that hardly looked strong enough to repel any kind of attack and the inside was little better. The rough looking wooden structures inside were maintained but only barely by the looks of it and the sight of so many rough and old men honestly stunned Jon. The bleak and defeated looks many of them had couldn't be more at odds with the picture of the Watch that he had in his mind, they looked so hopeless when he had been expecting such dedicated and proud noble warriors who stood fast to their duty regardless of the difficulties. He had been told this about the Watch before, that the people sent here were often criminals who did it to avoid the block but somehow his boyish dreams had seemed stronger than those words. They all looked at him without much concern but the sight of Ghost did attract some attention and Jon gave one of the men that looked at him with hunger a sharp look that made him turn away.

A pair of grizzled older men came out to meet Uncle Benjen, neither of whom Jon knew. One was a much older man with thinning white hair on his head and a beard & a weathered lined face. He was tall and stood proudly and wore the mark of the Lord Commander so Jon guessed this was Jeor Mormont, former lord of Bear Island. He was a man held in great esteem by much of the North for his integrity and his skill in battle, not to mention his sacrifice of joining the Watch.

The man at his side was much younger than the Lord Commander and far more sour looking, his eyes looking at him with disdain and anger. Jon had no idea who he was but given he was greeting his uncle as the First Ranger alongside with the Lord Commander Jon reasoned he must be someone important. Neither man gave Ghost any attention though but turned straight to Uncle Benjen.

"Lord Commander, Ser Thorne. My nephew Jon Snow, he has come to serve with us for a time." Uncle Benjen introduced with respect to Lord Jeor who turned to look him up and down with hard judging eyes while the sour looking Ser Thorne scornfully said.

"The little shit can't even stand to make his vows, what fucking use is he?"

Benjen gave the man a baleful look before saying.

"He's better with a sword than you are Thorne and certainly smart enough to be a steward or a ranger. He is just considering his future." Benjen snapped at the man who just glared back before Lord Jeor stopped them both.

"Enough bickering like stuck up children! If the boy wants to serve and he is anything like his father then the Wall will be all the better for having him here." Jeor said sternly before turning to Jon himself. "Find yourself for suitable clothes and get in the yard. Don't prove me wrong lad." With that Jeor turned around and left, Jon feeling like he was only a foot tall. Ghost groaned a little and pushed his big white head against him which made Jon rub behind his ears to let him know he appreciated the comfort.

He looked around, wondering briefly if coming here was a mistake but he shook himself and rallied his own conviction. It was an honour to serve at the Wall he told himself, whatever these men thought it was and he would do so with all his own skill and might.

But he suddenly in the back of his own mind started waiting for the day that he could leave without losing face.

Winterfell, the North…

The rooms given to the Queen and her children were far from peaceful as once Tyrion had finally woken with the hangover to end all hangover's he had been dragged up to the room and when Myrcella and Tommen were out of sight confronted by his snarling sister.

"Just when I think you cannot insult the Lannister name more than by your pathetic plays and drunkenness you finally manage to achieve a new height." She said with a vicious look in her eye that was so cutting it would have sliced through flesh easily had Tyrion not been so thick skinned. "To get some whore with a bastard child."

"She was no whore bitch!" Tyrion said sharply back and his glare looking far more intense than normal given how bloodshot his eyes were. "She at least did not open her legs for the tiniest bit of power and had only one lover she chose when you have had countless." He added with a nasty look in his eye.

Jaime who was looking more troubled than any other time in his life just looked up confused at what his little brother had said and the glare he received from Tyrion was so powerful in how much fury his brother had towards him he was stopped from speaking.

"Oh didn't you know brother! Our whore of a sister has had a stable of lovers including but not limited too cousin Lancel, at least two of the Kettleblack brothers, a Myrish man and his wife for variety and a knight from House Byrch. Your cock is never good enough for her unless she gets something else out of it." Tyrion knew that was only a few of the ones she had let into her bed over the years from his own network of informants in the city. Jaime was still reeling from the hatred that his younger brother now had for him and the knowledge that Cersei had been disloyal to him with other men and even women honestly was shattering his already broken heart into irreparable pieces.

Cersei was so furious at what he had said she screamed out as she went to hit Tyrion.

"Your little bastard should have been drowned at birth just like you, at least father knows how to deal with whores!" She yelled at him but despite his hungover state Tyrion was able to catch her hand and used it as leverage to pull her down so he could unleash the sheer anger at her comments backed by all the years of built up hatred towards her as he backhanded her as hard as he could.

She fell away screaming as blood fell down, the ring on Tyrion's hand that he had made for himself when he had started his theatre catching on her face and slashing into her skin along the cheek. He was not finished yet though and kicked her hard in the stomach and then again in the face. His enraged green eyes burning before he spat on her and stormed out of the room.

Jaime would under normal circumstances have been the first to comfort his other half but this was far from a normal day. He was still coming to terms with what he had done to his brother and that their bond was likely to never recover from this, all their lives they had trusted each other and given their friendship and kinship so freely but now Tyrion knew what he had done to him and his wife, the screams of that poor girl now so loud in his mind...he could hardly bare it Jaime thought with horror at what he had helped make to happen.

That Cersei had other lovers though...that was a harsh hammer blow to his heart! Jaime thought with heartbreak, he hoped that Tyrion could be lying but despite their broken relationship and him not returning the favour Jaime knew that Tyrion had never lied to him. The integrity of his brother was perhaps the greatest of all House Lannister and he had been repaid for it with nothing but betrayal.

He left his sister screaming at the wound on her cheek and went to take a leaf out of Tyrion's book and get very drunk, honestly not sure what to believe any more and hoping to gain some separation from his guilt.

- x -

Tyrion himself meanwhile with his head banging like a drum being beaten by the Hound on one end and the Mountain on the other was still struggling to comprehend just what to do with the new situation he was confronted with.

Tysha, the love of his life and the only woman that had ever truly loved him was dead and he could never repay the horror that had been inflicted on her. Those sights haunted his dreams and he knew would never leave him and they never should either, he thought with his guilt stabbing roughly and sharply into him.

His anger still burning towards his father, brother and sister who honestly belonged in the deepest darkest depths of the Seven hells in his opinion he would never help them ever again he swore to himself, unless it benefited him in some way he would let them flounder and burn he swore and if they were doing too well it might be worth it to create a few problems to make them suffer he thought vindictively.

Still he was haunted by the daughter that was so close and yet so far away.

It sobered him and took away so much of his fire as he was again struck down with guilt and depression, he knew given what he had done she would want nothing to do with him and there was so much he wanted to know of her.

Her favourite colour, her favourite song, the stories she liked to hear and who were her friends. Did she have a suitor he thought not liking the sound of that at all but as much as he tried to put it out of his mind as he knew that path would likely only lead to more pain he could not help himself.

He wanted to know her but...how would he ever get close enough to even speak to her? He pondered trying to find some plan that could make that possible.

It then struck him that there perhaps was one way to let Lanna, he thought needing to remember the girl had a name and that she was no babe sucking at the teat what her mother had meant to him.

His recent writer's block was now far from his mind given the very real trouble he had discovered up here and that was when he realised there was a way to show Lanna what his mother had meant to him.

So he returned to his room where all his spare paper, ink and quills were waiting, he had a new play to write and complete before they returned to Kings Landing.

Lanna meanwhile found herself summoned before the King, Jory remained glued to her side and his presence was a great comfort as she became once again the centre of attention before the most powerful man in the entire continent. Given what had happened last time she had stood before him she was scared of what could happen this time. The King looked at her sadly before telling her.

"I know your story now girl, I only wish it wasn't so but we must now decide a course of action as the Imp's father is not going to be happy about this. Chances are if he doesn't know already he will very soon and given what he did to your mother...I doubt he will be welcoming of the idea." The King said solemnly and Lanna almost started shaking with fear as she realised the most dangerous man in all of Westeros might soon be out to kill her. Jory at her side took her hand and squeezed it tightly, letting her know he was there.

"So we must appeal to the one taboo that Tywin has never broken." The King said with a grim look. "Kinslaying, and since your mother was married to the Imp when you were put in her womb that makes you trueborn. The only way myself and Ned thought might protect you from Tywin's wrath is to give you the Lannister name. From this moment on, you will be known as Lanna Lannister." The King heavily, knowing this was unlikely to be what the girl wanted in the extreme.

And he was right, Lanna was first too shocked to even think of a single word to offer in response as it sank in before finally she was able to utter a protest.

"Your grace...they are not my family! They are monsters!" She said with horror at the thought of sharing the same name as the creatures that had hurt her mother so badly, it was a burden she did not want to bare, it was bad enough she thought with a shudder that she shared blood with the same creature who had ordered her mother raped and the Imp that had participated had created her. Sharing their name?! The only filled her with disgust and dread.

"It is not a sure thing of course but it is the only thing we can do, Tywin isn't likely to tolerate any insult to him family and making sure you are known to be a Lannister might stay his hand a little." Lord Stark reassured her.

"I don't want to be a Lannister!" Lanna said with anger coming into her voice, any sense of propriety now lost, her anger and loathing now so strong she no longer cared how she spoke to the two men before her.

Jory who had been silently watching did not hesitate to pull her into a hug and hold her close, she struggled a bit but relaxed into his secure and warm embrace and whispered in her ear.

"Whatever name you carry, you are my daughter and I love you with all my heart. Never forget that." He told her and tightened his hold on her. She honestly had never been more glad then to have him in that moment as she hugged him back.

Jory meanwhile was terrified about his sweet and caring daughter's future, they all knew Tywin Lannister may the Gods Old and New curse him would be unlikely to receive this news well and to his great fear that no defence might be enough to stop him from whatever plot he created to deal with her.

He could feel Lanna quaking in his arms and while not sure if it was from fear, upset over the last couple of days or a combination of both. He just held her as close as he could and stroked her hair. The king and Lord Stark both left them alone to nurse their hurt feelings and neither would move for a long time.

- x -

Robert was was unsettled by all this business with the girl, he honestly had no idea the Old Lion could be so cruel and was glad in a way that the girl had been found and raised here in the North by a Northerner and in Ned's home. The girl might hopefully escape the nastier traits of her family and be an actual lady unlike his own wife who in his mind was little more than a disgusting harpy! Robert thought with anger.

He then saw Joffrey walking towards him, he hated the little shit but was surprised at how well he was behaving since they arrived here and grateful that he wasn't going to poison relations with the North, the last thing he wanted was for Ned to think less of him due to his the bloody children. He groaned slightly as the Crown Prince and the Hound approached. He really was not in the mood for any of his antics today Robert thought with a moan and was about to just walk off when Joffrey spoke.

"Father, it seems we will be needing some new members of the Kingsguard. Lady Meera inflicted so rather serious injuries on three of them and quite easily defeated them in the yard." Joffrey told him with a smile.

Robert was surprised by that as was Ser Barristan at his side who had never imagined that Lord Stark would permit his daughters to be warriors but hid a small smile as he learned which ones were brought down by the Wolf Lady. Trant, Greenfield and Blout were the three most incompetent and Barristan held out a hope that perhaps they might actually find new knights worthy of the cloak instead of those fools.

Robert then couldn't help himself and laughed.

"Then it is just as well that we will be having a tourney when we get back, a chance to find some good fighters for the Kingsguard." Robert said with a smile, he would enjoy the chance to get some new blood into the court and less Lannister puppets he thought for his own amusement. The bad ones would be banished to the Watch, if a girl even a Stark girl had beaten them so easily then they were not worth the cloak anyway.

"You have been spending a lot of time with her I noticed." Robert said the subject now changing to the girl who had surprised him so much when they arrived and continued to do so. Joffrey suddenly looked a little uncertain which was the first time Robert had ever seen such a look on his face and it was refreshing to see that the boy might at last have met his match.

"She has been most gracious in showing the different parts of Winterfell and is even taking the time to create a new archery range for me in Kings Landing when we return...I have never met a girl like her father." Joffrey said and Robert almost smirked, knowing that for once at least a girl had gotten some modesty into the boy. Something Robert would be very grateful for and made him glad that Ned and his eldest girl would be coming to Kings Landing with them soon. He was then regaled with the details of the archery range the girl had apparently designed and Robert was again surprised by her creativity as was Ser Barristan.

Ned was a lucky man to have such a capable child Robert thought, now wanting to see this range for himself.

- x -

Elsewhere in the castle Lord Stark had called a meeting between himself and his eldest three children. Meera, Robb and Sansa all sat across from him and he told them what he had decided. None of them were really in the mood given Jon's sudden departure but things had to be done regardless of the way they felt.

"I have accepted the king's command to become his hand, so I will be going with him to Kings Landing the moment that the Royal Party leaves." Lord Stark told them and Meera then interrupted.

"And I will be going with you. Sorry father but that city is far too dangerous for you to go alone." Robb looked ready to speak as did Sansa, no doubt to make sure that they would be going too but Lord Stark reluctantly told his eldest son and second daughter.

"No Robb, you and Sansa must stay here and watch over Winterfell and the North in my absence. It will do you some good to have the responsibility of ruling and the rest of your siblings will help you. Meera has been requested to join us anyway by the King and Prince so she must come. Arya will be joining us as she desires to travel so it may ease her wanderlust a little." He said with a slight smile at his adventurous youngest daughter which was shared by her elder siblings. It was a sadder smile though as she was at present still raging in her room from Jon leaving without saying goodbye.

Meera however remained worried although she did her best not to show it, the capital was a dangerous place and although she would be there to help her father she was unsure if either was ready for what they would face there. She knew given the drunken ramblings of the Queen who apparently wanted all the Direwolves dead so they couldn't bring their companions with them because the nasty bitch Meera thought with anger would have them killed the first chance she got.

- x -

In her rooms the Queen stared at her reflection in a mirror, carefully applying face paint to her face to cover the horrible scar her demonic imp of a brother had inflicted on her. The salves the Starks had created at least had proven useful in repairing most of the damage but a definite and angry red line now cut straight across her cheek. She applied the face paint and it slowly was hidden from sight but even though it was now invisible she could still see it there in her mind every time she looked at herself. But the face paint couldn't hide the obvious fact that her nose was somewhat now bent out of shape and she had been informed that it would not heal.

She was struck by an incredible burst of hatred and anger, taking the hairbrush on her dresser and throwing it hard across the room she cared not where. Her eyes were burning with anger, blazing like wildfire that would destroy anything in their path. The Imp his little bastard whore had done this too her and now her ridiculous husband had given the horrid girl the Lannister name.

No greater insult could be given she thought fuming and knew her father would have something to say about this when they returned south soon. Not that she wouldn't either she thought with a vindictive and vicious smirk appearing on her face. Yes she thought to herself with satisfaction as she considered just what revenge to take on the Imp and his little whore.

Riverrun, the Riverlands…

News from the North was a lot harder to come by than Catelyn would have believed but thanks to some traders and general word of mouth Catelyn had managed to keep up a little in terms of what was happening there.

The King was there! At Winterfell and he had offered Ned the position of Hand of the King too! She smiled proudly at him achieving such a thing and even though they weren't married any more she still thought of him as her husband. However she was worried too, worried because of the dangers of the capital and she honestly was terrified something might happen to him there. She had almost written to Petyr asking him to help but held herself back as she had no right to ask such a think of her old friend. He had tried to write to her father about something she knew that because her had heard him raging about it from down the hall but no details.

She could take some comfort in the fact that while Ned was in the capital Robb would be ruling Winterfell and the North in his stead. She beamed with pride at her eldest son becoming a man in his own right and was deeply saddened that she would not be there to see it. The news that Meera would be accompanying Ned to Kings Landing was telling, there had been no formal announcement but many now said that she would be Prince Joffrey's queen when they were both of age. While she was unsure of her current feelings towards Meera due to her rebellious nature she was ashamed of how she had treated her eldest daughter. She would never be able to say or show how sorry she was for all the things she had done to her and all the trouble she had caused her but she just hoped that one day she might at least see her wed.

A royal wedding with her daughter in the Great Sept in Kings Landing...oh she could barely imagine what a great day that would be Catelyn thought, her daughter in a beautiful dress on Ned's arm as she was led to the Golden Prince and wed by the High Septon himself while all the nobility of Westeros were in attendance.

Oh she thought with awe, she would dearly wish to see that.

But she was brought back to the real world when she felt her babe move inside her again, this babe she thought with some discomfort was so like Arya, never still and always moving. She would love to have a grey eyed brown haired girl she thought with a distant look in her eye...a part of the north with her and a child to care for. She wondered if that was why her father was keeping her around and refusing to wed her off to some knight, in the hopes this child might restore the Northern alliance.

But she moved her attention to Septon Hector who was leading her to the rooms of the castle's Maester Vyman. The old maester opened his door for them and ushered them inside quickly, he was a much older man with white hair and many lines on his face but he was a good teacher who had seen to the education of Catelyn and her two siblings when they had been children. He had been giving her disappointed looks whenever they had crossed paths since her arrival which had upset her a little but now was looking at her with a little more curiosity.

Looking towards the centre of the room a map of the known world had been laid out on the table and different positions were marked with painted red stones. She was confused at what this was about and why the old men felt the need to keep this little meeting secret. Hector had been most curious about the red wisp and strangely had seemed to believe her when she had described it to him, she had been mystified by that but now hopefully she would finally get some answers. Hector and Vyman meanwhile were talking.

"And what she described was almost exactly like every other account we have ever managed to discover Vyman." Hector said with urgency. "This is the first time that we know of that someone has been host to the wisp and survived! This is the greatest chance anyone has ever had to find out just what it is and what it wants."

"Sorry?!" Catelyn interrupted, eager to find out just what they were talking about. "Host? There has been other sightings and hosts of this...thing?!" She said now wanting to know just what the two men were going on about and curious too as they apparently knew far more about this than she did.

The two men shared a worried look for a moment before Vyman began to explain.

"Throughout history going back as far as we can there have been talk of these red wisps like the one you encountered. Sightings when people died of these 'things' escaping from mouths at the point of death and eyes turning red when they do. Some Maesters and Septons like ourselves have been looking into these occurrences in hopes of finding out the truth of them but until now no-one has ever been separated from it and lived." Vyman told her, then Hector took over.

"The one of the first known sighting was at least three thousand years ago, one of the Kings from Beyond-the-Wall named Gorne who with his brother Gendel led an invasion of the North until he was slain by the King of the North in battle. When Gorne was dying many men including the King saw his eyes turn red and a red wisp escape his mouth before flying off into the distance before anyone could stop it. Another sighting was Argos Sevenstar, an Andal warlord who tried to invade the North. When he was slain in battle by King Theon Stark another red wisp was seen leaving him when he died and those two men died thousands of years ago!" Hector added which shocked Catelyn before Vyman continued.

"During the Century of Blood the Dothraki warlord Mengo and his son Moro both were witnessed to have red wisps leave them when they died. And sightings have been more prominent in the last three centuries though in Westeros. While no one saw Maegor the Cruel die a red wisp was seen leaving the room by some men before his body was found. While many think no-one saw Harren Hoare die there were some servants who witnessed it and they too saw a red wisp leave him. During the Dance of the Dragons red wisps were seen emerging from Rhaenyra Targaryen when she was eaten and from the palanquin carrying Aegon the 2nd before his body was found. Others sightings include Aegon the 4th, Daemon Blackfyre, Aerion Targaryen, Maelys Blackfyre and many others across different lands and times." Vyman said with confusion at just what they were dealing with. "Many sightings are just dismissed as products of a fertile imagination so there could be many more that either went unseen or were just dismissed which we don't know about."

Catelyn was struck with terrified awe at the scale of what she was seeing, it was almost too incredible to believe and she wondered just what this 'thing' wanted...what did all these people it had touched have in common?

Pentos, Essos…

Daenerys sat in her bath, glad of the warm water that eased her worries about what was happening later.

The day had finally come for her to be wed to Khal Drogo and honestly she was dreading it!

She knew full well what to expect if the words about them were true, rough and vicious thugs who loved their horses more than anything in the world and plundered and destroyed without a care in the world. The Khal she was marrying was one of the more powerful ones but she would not likely be his only woman which irritated her especially when she had hoped dearly even if the world did not work that way that she might find love.

Still she sighed as she relaxed back into the scented water she had to make the most of it, the world was not fair and she had to be realistic in her goals.

So she had devised a plan...one that depended on not only her ability to convince her new husband and people that they were worth the effort and did not change their culture so much at least she thought with a slight smile at first.

The Dothraki were nomadic and roamed far and wide but had no infrastructure beyond one rough city and stole what they needed which meant they would often go without for long periods and could count on nothing. Their favourite target was the Lhazareen, a mostly peaceful group of farmers who were frequently butchered by the Dothraki for food or gold.

This was the first thing she intended to change.

Getting the Dothraki not to raid was a battle that she would never win, it was their culture and ingrained by centuries of tradition so the best way to start changing that was to make them more selective against who they raided. If she was able to convince Drogo to accept a pact with some Lhazareen settlements to provide food and other services then they would receive not only trade with the Dothraki but protection from other Khals in return. It allowed the farmers, smiths and traders to thrive and the Dothraki too as they could support each other.

There would be those thought she knew who would object to any change but it would be up to her to show those that would listen it could help them and she had a very good way of making the Dothraki accept at least an attempt at her plan...creating a horse breeding farm. A place that would work exclusively to breed and produce the best horses possible for the Dothraki and give them a ready supply.

She did not fool herself into thinking that this would easy...oh no she thought with some trepidation this was going to be very difficult and would be an up hill struggle and her later plans would be dependant on whether or not this initial one succeeded.

Realising the time to meet with the Dothraki was almost here she reluctantly got out of the bath knowing it would be the last one she could take at least like this in a good while, she took the towel and gently rubbed herself dry, her now much more womanly figure reflected in the mirror. She could at least she thought with a little vanity think that she looked good, her skin was clear and her figure shapely not to mention her silver hair fine and soft to the touch. She smiled a little before going to the white silk gown she had been given by Master Illyrio and slowly put it one before lifting her leg so she could part the slit in the skirt and strap on the small sheath for her dragonbone dagger. She slid it into the sheath easily and then carefully arranged the skirt so it hid her private weapon. The feel of it being there was a much needed sense of safety that she needed today and if Drogo didn't like it she thought with her annoyance at the whole situation flaring he could be the first to feel it against his neck she thought.

She took a calming breath to bring her raging feelings under control of walked out of the room, sad that it would be the last time she would ever see it. So many happy memories here that it was as much home as the House with the Red Door had been in Braavos so many years ago.

Outside in the water gardens, another place she would dearly miss she saw her smug looking brother standing with Master Illyrio and another man that she did not recognise. He had brown hair and grey coloured eyes which reminded her of the girl she had met of the Braavos pier so many years ago now. It was a strange thing as they were clearly not related but there were some similar traits between them.

Putting that out of her mind she came up to stand between them and did her best to school her face into a smile that she didn't really feel inside.

Time however passed with no sign of her new husband and she did her best to suppress her nerves but it was hard and her brother, ever the impatient one was unable to even stand still and was shifting his weight impatiently from foot to foot.

"Where is he?" Viserys finally asked with impatience and his temper flaring, Daenerys wished that for once he would control himself as the prideful Dothraki were unlikely to tolerate his tantrums but Master Illyrio spoke calmly.

"The Dothraki are not known for their punctuality."

Then just as the words left his mouth she could hear in the distance a rumbling of hooves coming closer and her eyes looked over to the gates where a group of riders appeared suddenly. They were exactly as Daenerys had pictured them, bare chested and wearing rough leather and cloth with curved swords at their hips but she had to suppress a little flush at the solid and muscular chest of the man who led them.

He was far taller than most men she had met and his beard was braided but she was most entranced by his dark and powerful eyes, he was a strong minded man as well as being strong in body she realised and wondered just what sort of man he would be to her in private. Would he be a barbarian who would rut with her and then leave or did he have it in him to be tender she pondered while Illyrio made the initial introductions.

As her name was called she walked forward purposefully with her head held high so she was just before Khal Drogo, she refused to be cowed by him or his men she thought with her pride holding her up and looked Drogo straight in the eye. He stared back just as fiercely but she refused to back down and kept up her stare, this went on for a few moments before he smirked a little and said to his men in their native tongue.

"She has spirit."

"She has far more than that Khal Drogo." She then said back in their language which made all the Dothraki start with surprise and Illyrio look on with concern as he was unsure how well Drogo would take it.

Drogo however looked at her with interest and laughed.

"Then I will enjoy learning what else you have to offer my moon." He said giving her a name based on the silver colour of her hair which reminded him of the moonlight. She accepted it as it was far from the worst name he could have given her and she then saw to her horror that her brother was coming down the steps behind her.

Before he could say a word which she knew would only annoy the Dothraki she quickly turned and with a swift movement grabbed Viserys by the arm and twisted it behind his back before hissing firmly into his ear in Valyrian.

"Do speak until you are spoken too! They do not care for your supposed throne and I have no patience for your delusions today! So unless you want me to break your arm you will keep your foul month closed! Am I understood!? AM I UNDERSTOOD?" She said with a slight twist of his arm to make sure she had his complete attention and he winced in pain before saying in a pitiful little voice.


She then released his arm and let him fall to the ground while she turned back to Drogo with a smile on her face again and told him almost pleasantly in Dothraki, switching languages easily.

"My brother requires a firm hand to keep him in line, he tends to become unruly if I do not remind him just who is in control." She said and he nodded in understand, now smirking wider having enjoyed her little display.

"I see, like a wild horse he must be broken in before he can be ridden."

She nodded glad he understood, Viserys was little more than a spoiled child and needed her to be firm. She turned to Master Illyrio who had been watching the proceeding with concern but now relief that it was going so well and gave him a slight nod. He understood what she wanted and made a motion with his hands. A beautiful white mare was led out and Daenerys turned back to Drogo and asked.

"Shall we ride Khal Drogo?" She asked him before going over to her horse and mounted with the ease of many hours practice, she then looked at him expectantly and he said with a curious smile.

"We shall my moon." At his words she started riding with all the practice she had gone through before all this and seeing her ride so well made the Dothraki look at her with amazement before they rode after her, the blood riders thinking Drogo a lucky man for finding such a woman.

Unknown Location…

Loki was sitting at his desk, enjoying the glass of scotch that he had to admit had grown on him since he had started drinking it. He twirled it around inside the glass while considering all the work he had been up since he had come to this miserable little country. He had been building a network of his own and ensuring that he had the perfect view of the entire spectrum of this world, it was laughable how they fought in the dirt like animals and it annoyed him greatly that he was trapped here for the foreseeable future. These pathetic creatures were hardly the most stimulating of company and he was growing more frustrated with them the longer he was stuck here.

That was why his plan was so important, why he had to ensure that everything went according to his design if he was ever to escape this world. All the pieces were thankfully in place and his own network ready bringing back the usual vicious smirk to his face.

It was time to play he thought gleefully.

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