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Chapter 15 – Truths Emerge

The Red Keep, Kings Landing…

The Tower of the Hand was tense as the newest and most reluctant member of the Stark household settled in with the rest of them. Pearl put down her bundle with all her limited possessions in her simple but she admitted comfortable bed, feeling very one edge and unsettled...this was the last place she wanted to be and was desperate to leave.

"As soon as we can you will be free to leave, give us a month or so and you can leave without fuss." A voice at the door said, Pearl turned to see Lady Meera Stark standing there, the sight of her did little to sooth her nerves. The lady was she admitted no spoiled and pampered little girl or a heartless barbarian like she had been told all Northerners were. She did her best to swallow her preconceptions and told her.

"I would be grateful, Westeros is no place for a woman with a mind of her own." Pearl said sadly and Lady Meera hummed in agreement before saying.

"Tell me about it. Anyway if you don't mind me asking just where is it you will be heading for once you are free?"

Pearl thought for a moment before saying.

"I don't know my lady, I spent most of my life travelling on a ship with the captain...my father died when I was young and so he took me in and raised me as we sailed the world. I have been to so many places I never really had a home that didn't move with the tides." She said thinking back on that much more happy time in her life. "Yi Ti might be a place for me to go, I spent a good deal of time there and have some friends who should help me."

"You really have travelled haven't you." Meera said, not phrasing it as a question but a statement and Pearl looked annoyed at being doubted but Arya then chose that moment to burst in followed by her new cat.

"What sort of sword is that? I would love one just like it." Arya said with envy as she admired the strange and incredible sword that Pearl had. She frowned a little but was glad of the distraction away from questions she didn't want to answer. So she drew her sword, noticing that Meera's hand was much closer to her spear than before but just ignored it as she explained her sword to Arya.

"The Yitish call it a Dao, a sword that can be wielded with either one hand or two and there smithing is far more of an art than it is here. They spend weeks crafting beautiful swords and my sword is made of song steel, so it is even more time consuming to make." Pearl told the young wolf who frowned with curiosity.

"What's song steel?" She asked and Pearl sighed a little before expanding on what the special metal was.

"Song Steel is the Yi Ti equivalent of Valyrian steel, the method for making it is not forgotten unlike Valyrian Steel but it does take at least one year to create a single sword and even then only one group of monks that live high in the mountains know how to do it. Had it not been a favour from the God Emperor I would never have gained my sword." She told Arya who instantly looked intrigued and started bombarding her with questions on the distance and mysterious land.

Pearl wished she had said nothing now, she had the five thousand gold dragons and the golden bejewelled chalice which would be more than enough to get her out of Westeros and at least most of the way to Yi Ti. She could try and get some more she supposed but was distracted by the large and still rough looking cat that seemed to be sniffing her leg before it gently wound its way around her shin.

Durain's Forest, the Riverlands…

Jaime on the back of his horse was sweating in his armour as he and the rest of the search party pushed through the thick forest and his frustration was growing with each passing day that they failed to catch even a whiff of the bandits.

Seeing the incomplete castle of Rugar's Hold coming into view was both a blessing and making him feel like a failure as yet again they had nothing to show for a hard day's search.

Riding in through the gates Jaime dismounted from his horse and spoke to no-one as they all settled in. The gates were closed and as he sat in makeshift bed in his room which was one of the better ones admittedly but he still felt angry and frustrated.

What in the world had possessed him to come out here on this stupid pointless hunt for Stark of all people? To waste so much time moving at a near crawl through this awful forest?

Oh right he thought to get away from Cersei and to clear his head.

He sighed with annoyance as despite more than a week of hard searching he and the men the Riverlords and Crownlords had given him had nothing to show for all their effort, he remembered his old mentor Ser Arthur Dayne who had once hunted down the Kingswood Brotherhood had endured similar conditions and honestly Jaime wished he had the man here now to draw some advice from...another thing he could thank Stark for Jaime thought with anger, wishing that Ser Arthur had triumphed that day and wondered just how Stark had managed to kill him? Some underhanded trick no doubt Jaime thought darkly, no one would ever be able to win against the Sword of the Morning without one let alone a bastard like Ned Stark! Jaime thought with anger.

That thought though, about Arthur and his legendary pursuit of the Kingswood Brotherhood and their leader the Smiling Knight made Jaime stop and suddenly grin as he realised that he had been going about this all wrong. Bandits had to sell their wares to buy the things they needed but couldn't steal, they had to have people to watch for opportunities on the roads.

People who would know how to find them.

He got up from his bed and went over to the map of the area that he had been given and looked closely, marking the area they had searched and looked for the nearest settlements and saw there was a market town nearby, if someone there didn't know where they were Jaime thought with a smirk coming to his face he would eat his own shoes.

Exiting the room he went down to the rough and incomplete yard and saw that some of the men were fighting and yelling at each other. He gritted his teeth with annoyance coming in and he called out.

"STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" He yelled at the men who all stopped when they saw him storming towards them. One man came up and saying with aggression.

"What you going to do about it kingslayer?!" The man said with a sneer but Jaime with no patience to deal with it and knowing he had to establish authority or they would walk all over him just smashed his fist straight into the man's face which did hurt more than he thought it would before then kicked the man over and denying him the chance to recover then while he was down kicked him hard into the face.

The men in the yard all looked down at their supposed ringleader and Jaime shouted loudly to make sure he could make his point while he had their attention.

"DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THIS BLOODY FOREST FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES!? I DON'T SO STOP ARGUING AND FIGHTING! WE NEED TO FIND THIS BLOODY GROUP OF BANDITS BUT SINCE YOU MEN CLEARLY NEED SOME RELIEF WE WILL GO TO THE NEAREST TOWN AND WHILE THERE YOU CAN ENJOY THE LOCAL TAVERNS AND WHORES!" Jaime said loudly and a cheer went up which almost made him roll his eyes at their simplistic needs but he was just glad to have them back in order and have a good cover for the trip to the market town.

This he thought with irritation was why he was glad he wasn't a lord, leadership was a burden he didn't want, with this group in particular it was like herding cats and this trip only had made that more clear to him. Whatever his father may the gods curse him or his sister who he was sure would find herself in the bowels of the hells soon enough said he was not cut out to lead and had no interest in gaining power for himself or for his 'family' either.

- x -

Market Town, the Riverlands…

The town was very grateful of the coin the men brought Jaime thought with a shake of his head, it was of course good for business having an army close by. Money to be spent on taverns and ale, on whores and other things that made everyone local richer.

That of course opened many doors for him in particular as was a Lannister who people assumed he had gold to throw away. Jaime had no problem using his family's reputation though if it helped him and thankfully with some careful questions and a few gold dragons here and there he had found just what he needed.

A local butcher who was trading with the bandits, the man had seven children and a wife to support and needed the trade but Jaime had remembered just how Arthur had convinced the people to turn on the Kingswood Brotherhood and proposed the same trade to the butcher.

"The rights to hunt in the forest, to get all the furs and meat I want." The gruff man said and despite the horrible smell that followed him Jaime nodded.

"Indeed, sole rights to it and here is the agreement to it. It only needs my signature on behalf of the crown." Jaime said, hoping up an agreement to that effect. The man couldn't read but took Jaime for his word which was fine as Jaime was done with lying.

It had cost him his relationship with Tyrion he thought bitterly, what had lies really gotten him? His sister everything he thought with disgust...three children he could never acknowledge but she could ruin, a position of queen when she had acted no better than a whore...he nearly shook with his anger but suppressed it knowing it wouldn't help him now and so he stayed the course.

- x -

Durain's Forest, Three Days Later…

Once he had managed to rally the still recovering men from their fun in the town Jaime dragged them all back on the hunt for the bandits, except this time they had a guide to the enemy camp.

Creeping through the thick forest the men had thankfully been convinced to stay quiet till they managed to finally come into sight of the camp. It was a lot bigger than Jaime had thought with surprise and was unwillingly impressed at how well hidden it was but also they had platforms built onto the larger trees that could support a small sized dwelling.

He nevertheless sent the hand signal back and with his helm already in place and with his sword already in hand Jaime led the men on a charge straight into the unaware camp.

Seeing the bandits who were unprepared for the assault turn and panic at the sight of them was almost rewarding to Jaime as he reached the first few disgusting bandits, they raised a rough pair of axes but Jaime could have laughed as he struck them down with the barest effort, he honestly felt so much better in the swing of combat and pushed forward, no longer caring about his current troubles lost in the rush of fighting. He hadn't felt it in such a long time Jaime thought with a feeling of exhilaration and wishing he had the chance to indulge in this more often, it was so liberating...not having anything to worry about other than your fight, only survival. It was so perfect Jaime honestly wished he was a man alone in the wilderness so he could experience this full time but knew in his heart that he would go mad if he did that.

Coming to the centre of the camp as the men, like him lost in the thrill of combat pushed into the camp and caught the unprepared bandits on the run. Seeing a woman holding a vicious looking axe coming charging straight at him Jaime didn't hesitate and easily blocked her clumsy strike before impaling her with his sword although not the way most men would wish too. She was he thought with some admiration not afraid and rather beautiful in that rough and wild kind of way that some men liked although Jaime preferred his women…

He stopped himself there, partly because he had been in Cersei's thrall for so long that he had never really been with another woman. He had no idea just what he liked but the more immediate reason Jaime had stopped that line of thought was a rough looking older man with red hair and dressed in rough red coloured clothes was charging straight at him.

This must be Dugan the Red Jaime thought with amusement, the so called bandit chief of the region. He was infamous for his bloody raids and his disgust at nobles for their privilege meaning he would often torture any that he managed to get his hands on to a bloody and prolonged death although he was no averse to taking a ransom if one was offered. The man was a hypocrite and Jaime honestly cared little for what drove the man...only wanting to see him dead.

Dugan was Jaime admitted as the man swung his steel sword at him, a reasonable swordsman. He managed to stay balanced on his feet and was fairly fluid in how he moved and deflected Jaime's strikes but Jaime smirked, he was far from a master and used to small fighting against people who couldn't really fight back.

Not a knight that was one of the best around.

Jaime easily deflected his rough and overpowered lunges and sideswipes before taking advantage of a brief pause as the man struggled to right himself after being forced to swing wide by Jaime to impale the man straight through his unprotected chest.

The older man looked down and then straight at Jaime who coldly looked him straight in the eye as he choked on his own blood. Jaime pulled his sword out and then kicked the man down, smirking a little at him feeling the euphoria of achieving what he had set out to do. Bandits got very little respect from him, as a knight it was his job to protect people from thugs like them and for once in a very long time Jaime actually felt like he had accomplished something and could feel proud of himself.

Looking around with his smirk still on his face he saw the men were clearing up the bandits who had nowhere to run or time to escape. Feeling a great sense of accomplishment Jaime was only disappointed it was over so fast and wondered if he could find some other excuse before going back.

"WELL DONE MEN!" Jaime called out to the men who all were now bloodied and some he noticed with annoyance were already looting the camp but he put that aside and continued talking. "BACK TO THE MARKET TOWN, NOW WE CELEBRATE!" He called out and the men cheered with excitement.

- x -

The men didn't waste time spending their loot Jaime noticed with some amusement, spending it again on alcohol which to his chagrin he noticed included some of the Northern kinds. He avoided them as a rule, his pride refusing to indulge in anything they made despite the King doing so all the time.

He was too busy any way fending off various whores that were trying to ply gold from him Jaime thought, some were fairly pretty he admitted reluctantly but none particularly caught his fancy. His earlier thoughts about not knowing just what kind of woman appealed to him came back to him again and he sighed, wishing he had tried more in his youth to find these things out rather than merely fixate on Cersei.

Please he thought with bitterness, don't let that be my kind of woman. He sincerely hoped not.

Then a strange thing happened. A young woman whore entered the room and she was he admitted good looking; long legs, rounded heavy breasts and a good figure but what really caught his attention was her dark hair and very familiar blue eyes.

He had seen those eyes nearly every day for the past sixteen years, Baratheon eyes he thought with surprise.

Oh he thought with amusement, maybe it was a sign. Given her apparent age she must have been conceived around the Tourney of Harrenhal and he decided for once in his life to do as his younger brother would do and just enjoy himself, calling her over.

Riverrun, the Riverlands…

Catelyn was laying on her bed with tears in her eyes, her depression and sadness was so bad today that she could barely find it in her to get up and eat let alone take care of Minisa who she could be thankful was still sleeping.

Robb had gotten married, her eldest son had tied himself to a woman forever and she had not been there to see it.

She could only sob quietly as she was so lost in her grief and sadness, her beloved boy her golden son who was so strong and smart...a true lord and now a man but she had never been allowed to see him getting married. To see him cloak a girl in a Stark cloak although that was not how it was done in the North. To celebrate such an important moment with him and the rest of their family.

And she hadn't been there to see it.

She hadn't there with tears of pride in her eyes to watch such a great event...to be there to plan it or sit with her husband and speak about how it seemed to have come too soon and even wonder if they were soon to become of grandparents, something that could well come to pass as she had become pregnant with Robb and Meera the first time, the Stark seed was potent as she well knew it had given her so many children.

And it had all been denied her, she tucked herself deeper into her blanket as if trying to hide from her misery but it only clung tighter to her, swallowing up and drowning her in a pit of despair.

Her letter, begging to be allowed to come had been firmly rejected and she had been told to never contact any of her children again!

She continued to sob into her blanket, she had stitched it herself. A pack of nine wolves in the snow together. Her family she thought with pride, even little Minisa.

The big tall male in the centre was Ned, next to him was her with Robb sitting proudly next to them while Meera was playing with her sisters Sansa and Arya while Bran, Rickon and Minisa were curled up at their feet.

Her fingers ran gently over her children's wolf selves, almost like she was reaching out to them but only cold cloth was there...not the warm and loving people that her children were.

Minisa, as if sensing her distress started fussing and her maternal instincts shot through her. Catelyn got out of bed and went over to her little daughter who reached for her and although her heart was broken she took what comfort she could and kissed her little girl's forehead. Wrapping her in a secure embrace and rocking her gently.

"Mother's here sweetling, I love you so much!" Catelyn whispered to her, resting her cheek gently against her. Minisa snuggled into her and the pure and unrestricted love from her daughter gave Catelyn something to live for as she had lost anything. Without her Catelyn thought to herself quietly, she wouldn't be here any-more...what else did she have to live for anyway? She thought darkly to herself. Her marriage was in ruins and her other children hated her she knew with great misery, Minisa was all she had despite her being a product of her affair.

"She is a beautiful babe." A gruff voice said from the corner and it was so familiar that she gasped and turned to see her uncle Brynden standing there looking both stern but also tender.

"Yes, the most precious ever." Catelyn said and gently kissed her little girl's forehead again.

Brynden was struck by how much more like the girl he remembered Catelyn was now, despite her misery that he knew she must be feeling or maybe because of it she was finally acting more like her old self. He was disheartened that it took the breaking up of her marriage and being separated from her family and her home to finally bring her back to herself but at least his niece was in her right mind again Brynden thought with relief.

Catelyn, while cuddling with her precious daughter and showing her proudly to her uncle was tempted to tell him what she and the others suspected about the red wisps but decided against it, her uncle was such a grounded man she realised and would never believe her she thought sadly.

Castle Black, the North…

Jon was smiling today, a rare sight on his face on any day and even more so at the Wall. The reason being his recruits were finally showing progress in their training, they were at last showing the signs of being capable rangers. Their riding was getting better, their archery was now much more competent and their swordsmanship was now much more developed. Jon proudly watched as his recruits duelled against Thorne's own band of thugs with Samwell at his side and both smiled as Grenn, Edd and the others all managed to show just how better it was to actually teach rather than just beat men.

Jon was surprised when the Lord Commander appeared next to him and looked down with a grim look. Jon was confused as he would have thought the man would have been glad to have such batch of good recruits but the man just stared silently as Jon's men beat the stuffing out of Thorne's recruits. At the other side of the yard they could see Thorne looking like an overripe fruit who was about to burst with all the rage at seeing his men so badly beaten.

When the last of Thorne's men fell many laughed at the Knight who marched over and started screaming abuse at the beaten men while Jon just smirked. Jon's men came over and he told them with pride as unlike Thorne's men they were all still standing albeit with a few bruises and wounds here and there. They all were smiling and Jon returned the gesture telling them.

"Well done. You proved you are all strong and the best of men." Jon told them and they all puffed up with pride but the Lord Commander then butted in.

"Yes, well done. Now Jon I was just informed that your uncle and my first ranger has been taken while he was on his range." The Lord Commander said, the area went quiet as the news sunk in. Jon was struck silent and unable to understand just what was being said at first but soon he recovered and asked what he feared most.

"By the wildlings?" Knowing if that was the case then Uncle Benjen was as good as dead...maybe worse depending on just which group had taken him. Lord Commander Jeor though shook his head to their surprise.

"No, the only man that escape reported that it was a party of well armed foreign men with darkened skin. He could not understand them when they spoke but a man who looked to be of Westeros led them and said in the Common Tongue that they needed the First Ranger alive. He was captured and the man saw that but we know little more other than their general direction."

"Where?" Jon asked with desperation, knowing that his uncle was likely in great danger and was eager to go after him, Lord Jeor just shook his head.

"Your father would have my head if I let you go alone." Jeor knew the Starks were always supportive of the Watch but Jon was neither a sworn brother or a skilled ranger, his father and brother would chase him to the other side of the Wall if he let him come to harm. However Jon's friends, many of whom had yet to truly take their vow spoke up, more surprisingly it was fat boy from the Reach though that spoke first.

"Then we won't go alone, we can accompany him." Samwell said before realising just what he had said but then Edd and Grenn got on board and spoke.

"Absolutely, we have enough to form a party." Edd said and Jeor instantly felt very uneasy as they didn't seem to understand the sheer scale of the task that they were taking on. They were only half a dozen green boys as skilled as what they had shown they had no idea just how hard the lands north of the Wall were going to be and the difficulties they would face up there.

No knowing the lay of the land, the best routes to take, finding food and more crucially evading the wildlings were possible. And that was without having to find Benjen Jeor realised but seeing the boys were going whatever he said he sighed and resigned himself to doing what he could to increase their odds of success.

"A party of experienced Rangers will join you." Jeor told them with worry as this well armed party of foreigners could indicate a foreign power was working with the wildlings against them. "Your party will pick up supplies from the gold mines before heading out towards Craster's Keep. They were seen heading in that direction."

Jon was so determined that it was just as well that the Lord Commander had agreed to send the rangers since he would go regardless of what he said. Jon himself was only thinking one thing.

'Uncle Benjen, stay strong...we're coming."

Kings Landing, the Crownlands…

Ned Stark was sitting in his solar wondering deeply on how to tackle the enormous debt that had accumulated while also questioning why Jon Arryn had visited a blacksmith and a brothel in the city. What limited information he had uncovered about his late foster father's movements just prior to his death told him that he had visited these particular places but not why. Why Jon would need a blacksmith could be Ned supposed if he needed armour for himself and his men but given Jon's age it seemed unlikely. The brothel was even more perplexing as Jon Ned knew never partook of such things and in fact encouraged both him and Robert not to use whores at all, even sat them down and gave them many reasons not too, Robert of course Ned thought with a shake of his head didn't listen but why then had Jon gone to one?

He turned to his eldest daughter who was now looking at the same information as him and pondered for a moment before looked up with a cautious look on her face.

"Since he had no personal reason to go to these places it must have had something to do with the crown." She said, her brow creased with thought before continuing. "There must have been something in these two places that attracted his attention, the best way to discover it might be visit the places ourselves and see just what is there."

"Good, then we will go tomorrow." Ned said, eager to find out the truth but Meera raised her hand to stop him and said.

"Not we, me. I will take some of our men with me but I will attract far less attention than you will. I can say we are looking for replacement armour for our men or finding Pearl some Stark marked armour from the blacksmith." She told him, coming up with as good a cover as she could for the visit to the blacksmith but then Ned who was still very uncomfortable with his daughter going out into the city even with guards.

"And the brothel? What possible reason could you have for needed to go there?" He asked her intently and Meera merely raised an eyebrow, wondering if he thought she was so naive that she didn't know the sort of thing that happened there.

"Simple, one of our men has gone missing and he said he was going to a brothel in the city. I am merely looking for him." She said calmly and Ned looked at her with confusion at first then resignation as she had of course found a good excuse for being there without appearing completely corrupt and making her look good at the same time.

Helping her new sworn-sword and looking out for their own.

He was very uneasy about this but knew she was far sharper than he was and would likely as she said attract less attention than the Lord Hand would. So he reluctantly agreed and she nodded gently with a small smile.

"Don't worry father, I will be discreet and take Pearl and Strong Shield and his men with me. I will be well protected." She said to reassure him but he dearly wished they had brought more men with him, especially given where they were.

- x -

The following morning Meera with a cloak on and accompanied by Pearl who was also cloaked and Strong Shield who was wearing his typical leather armour alongside his men all made their way to their first stop. The blacksmith shop which was owned or so so she had been told by Tobho Mott, a master weaponsmith from Qohor who had made his home in Kings Landing. She knew of him even before this as he had been one of the men that her father had approached to reforge the oversized Valyrian steel arakh into two more useable longswords but he had refused. She wondered how long the two swords were going to continue gathering dust in the vaults of Winterfell? They would make great gifts to whoever they chose to give them too but just who would that be she pondered? There were many good choices, too many she supposed but they would resolve that when they returned home Meera decided and walked into the shop with her small party.

The shop was reasonable in its size and full of all the bits and pieces that you would expect in a blacksmith shop, tools and various pieces of armour and weaponry hanging on the walls to show off to potential customers but none of these she realised with disappointment would have attracted the interest of Jon Arryn.

Just then, a man older than her father came out of the workshop in the back and seeing the Stark medallion that she had been sure to make visible he bowed at once.

"Lady Stark, welcome to my shop. It is an honour, might I interest you in some of my wares or was there some other work that you needed for your father?" He asked her politely and she nodded.

"Indeed Master Mott, your reputation as a smith is rightly famous. I fact I am in need of some steel breastplate for my father's men and some new spear heads. Would that be something you could turn your hand too at the moment or is your time too full of other work?" She asked, maintaining the veneer of a customer and he seemed happy with her excuse and said quickly.

"It will take no more than a month to see to all that Lady Stark. Boy get in here." Mott said and a young man maybe her age or a little younger came out of the back. Her breath caught in her throat as she instantly realised just what Jon Arryn had been looking for here.

He was tall for his age, standing taller than Pearl while his chest and arms were very muscular from working as a smith she presumed but what really attracted her attention was the fact that he had the exact same dark hair and blue eyes that she had seen not only the King have but also Stannis and Renly Baratheon have. Hell the boy looked so much like Renly you could have passed the two off as siblings.

In fact a portrait of a younger Robert Baratheon that now hung in the galleries of the Red Keep that she had seen made it clear in her mind that the boy was clearly the king's bastard son!

"What is your name boy?" Meera asked and the boy looked stunned for a moment as he looked at her but averted his gaze after a sharp look from Mott and told her quietly.

"Gendry my lady."

Meera nodded, now starting to see just what Jon Arryn had been doing just prior to his death and now certain that he had been murdered for it but who had done it she couldn't say.

With the order for a half-dozen breastplates and spear points placed she left the smith, trying to wrap her head around the fact that her earlier suspicions were apparently true. She knew it was foolish to base all that on one encounter but given how much like the king Gendry looked he couldn't be anything but his son given the boy's age. Some probing questions about the boy's history had only added weight to the theory as apparently his mother had been blonde but he had black hair and blue eyes without a single trace of his mother in him.

Knowing what she knew now she could guess what waited for them at their next stop and tried to distract herself by turning to her swornsword who like her had noticed it immediately. She was concerned the other woman might spill it out but said nothing, wanting to be sure before saying anything.

Arriving at the brothel she saw the host coming over and Meera fixed a polite smile on her face before telling the man.

"Good day, I was wondering if you had seen one of my father's men? He told us of his intention to come here and enjoy your services but has yet to return to the Red Keep. He goes by the name of Mikal?" Meera said making a man up on the spot to the host who looked put off by her not being here to enjoy the services on offer and told them.

"I am sorry Lady Stark but we have no one here by that name." Meera however pressed a small bag of silver into his hand and told him with a calm smile.

"My father is most concerned for the return of our man, he would come in person if he was not so busy but I am sure he will come with the gold cloaks to do a more through search later." She said sweetly and saw the colour drain from the man's face before adding. "Oh course if you take the little compensation there I could just check quietly now." She said sweetly and the host took the money and stepped aside so she could check.

Meera nodded slightly with a smirk on her face that was actually mirrored by Pearl as they slowly checked through each of the rooms although they did so quietly and discreetly ignored all the things they witnessed. Meera was impressed at some of the positions the whores here managed but managed to stop from blushing at the sights.

Soon they came across a young woman who was nursing a small babe, she looked up surprised to see them and the tuff of black hair on the babe's head and the blue eyes let Meera know she had found just what she was looking for.

"Hello." Meera said kindly to the young mother and walked over calmly before she looked down at the babe. "You have a beautiful babe here, what's her name?" Meera asked gently and the young woman only smiled before saying.

"She is the most beautiful girl in all the world." The young woman said with a big gentle smile. "Her name is Barra, she's the king's you know. She has his nose, his black hair, his eyes."

The infatuation the woman had with the king was clear to see and Meera felt for her, she was barely older than her and here she was with a babe and selling herself to eat...Meera had to stifle her natural urge to rage and instead asked the girl kindly.

"What's your name?" The girl seemed surprised that she had even been asked before saying brightly.

"Mhaegen my lady."

Meera nodded and her heart strings tugged hard when she realised the poor girl was probably going to end up a whore just like her mother who should never have been a whore at all. Lanna she realised with a pang would likely have suffered the same fate if Jory hadn't taken her in which only made the situation more tragic. It stabbed at her and she just couldn't let it rest and knowing how dangerous the city was she took a few gold dragons from her pouch and handed them over to Mhaegen who looked at the coins with shock, never having seen so much wealth in all her days.

"There is a trading ship bound for the North departing tomorrow, heading to White Harbor. Be on it, tell no one of where you are going or of the coins but it should be enough to get you there and find you settled with Barra. The city is no place for you and your child, the North will be much safer." She said knowing full well that while the North itself was far from safe it was a damn fair bit safer for the young pair than here. There was many jobs Mhaegen could find in White Harbour as their main port, what that would be she couldn't say but hopefully a better place than this.

Mhaegen looked shocked and then when it finally sank in just what she beamed and started saying quickly with tears of joy in her eyes.

"Thank you my lady! You are the kindest soul in all the world! I will do exactly as you say, I will find a better job, not go back to being a whore I promise." She said brightly and rushed to pack up her little belongings while Meera watched and then the moment she had left the brothel Meera too left with Pearl and others.

"That was a very kind thing you did." Pearl said quietly as they walked back to the Red Keep and Meera just replied just as quietly, feeling a little better at her small kindness.

"If you don't try to save one life, you'll never save any." Meera said calmly. "That might not cause any great change but it will change her life, hopefully for the better. I would do the same for Gendry but that lad has a trade already and should have no trouble keeping a roof over his head." Meera said, hoping that Gendry was going to be safe and hopefully he should be but he at least was strong and able to protect himself at least a little, Mhaegen was far less able to find a more safe path in life. Not to mention they would need someone to show to the king as proof of their suspicions.

Pearl meanwhile was pondering over the young lady she had become unwillingly attached to, neither of them had wanted it. However what she had long thought about them, that they were unfeeling brutes incapable of kindness and good feeling was clearly wrong. She wished her foster father had given her a more balanced view of the world as she was told of Westeros.

- x -

Arriving back at the Tower of the Hand Meera was unsure of just what to say to her father, if she held the truth back from him to keep the peace he would investigate himself and it didn't feel right to lie.

But if she told him the truth...that was a far more dangerous path.

He would she knew want to tell the king and that would lead to an enormous civil war, the Lannisters would fight fiercely to keep the throne and all their lives would be in enormous danger. She looked to her sister and Lanna as she passed their rooms and saw the pair making a fuss of the cat Arya had found and adopted, feeling a lump in her throat as she considered the incredible danger all this placed on them. Images of her daring little sister and Lanna, so beautiful and kind laying in a pool of their own blood rushed through her mind and she had to stop looking and walk away because it was too much to bare.

She continued up the tower followed by Pearl and Strong Shield, looking at the floor as she went, not sure exactly what to say to her father but whatever it was she thought with reluctance she had best decide quickly as she arrived at his door. She gently knocked and heard him bid her inside, she quietly walked inside and nervously looked around to make sure they were alone. He looked at her expectantly and asked.

"Well, did you find out what Jon Arryn was investigating?" He asked her bluntly and she nodded slowly, nervous and struggling to speak but managed too with some effort.

"Yes, I went to the brothel and I discovered two of Robert Baratheon's bastards." She said, deciding it was best to get it out as fast as possible rather than waste time trying skirting around the issue. "They both look so much like him, even the girl babe. One even had a blonde mother yet was completely dark haired. Father...I don't think Joffrey, Myrcella or Tommen are the king's children at all." She said, her words coming out quickly as she rushed to say what she needed to say.

Her father to his credit did not reject her assertion out of hand, instead he sat back and rested his head on his hands while sighing an exhausted moan. Pearl and Strong Shield both looked confused at his reaction and Meera herself walked forward to see just what he had been reading and saw it was huge book with the lines of all the houses of Westeros as recently as five years ago. It was opened to the page of House Baratheon.

"Lord Orys Baratheon, black of hair." She read out loud. "Axel Baratheon, black of hair. Lyonel Baratheon, black of hair. Steffon Baratheon, black of hair." Her feeling of anxiety increasing with each name and then she turned the page and continued reading. "Robert Baratheon, black of hair. Joffrey Baratheon, golden haired."

She closed her eyes, genetics again she thought. The other world had studied family traits that could be passed down and dark hair was a very strong gene that often would go on for several generations even in competition with other genes and remain dominant. So were blue eyes she thought with resignation as the truth now lay before her clear as day. Even if Joffrey was a child of Cersei and Robert, at the outside he should have a shade of brown hair but seeing in the book that several Baratheon's had married blonde women and even a Lannister here and there and the children still had black hair Meera knew it would be next to impossible for him to be solely blond if he was Robert's son.

This was a nightmare she thought with distress knowing that civil war was now inevitable, the Lannisters would never give up their claim to the throne and Stannis would never let them keep it. Renly too might have something to say about that she realised and knew the moment Robert died all hell was going to break loose and her family would be extremely hard pressed to stay out of it. She was just glad that the King wasn't pressing for her to wed Joffrey or for a marriage between Arya and Tommen much to her surprise.

"I need to talk to the queen." Her father finally said after seeing she had seen the book Varys had given him a short while ago. "I should warn her to flee before I tell Robert."

The silence at his announcement was complete and Meera not to mention Pearl was shocked at the statement.

"Father are you mad?!" Meera exclaimed with anger which surprised him.

"My lord if you warn the queen what is to stop her having the king killed before he can act?" Pearl said from the side and felt very torn about the situation, this was the sort of thing she had wanted so much to avoid. She hated both Lannisters and Baratheons but was now caught firmly between them alongside the Starks of all people.

"If you tell her then you are signing Robert's death warrant." Meera said, agreeing with the other woman instantly, father looking very unsettled and torn at that. "It is extremely foolish to even consider that. We have to make sure the King is aware of the truth as soon as possible before anyone finds out that we know. That is possibly what got Jon Arryn killed and I would rather not be killed too." She said making sure to press the point. "What about Arya? She would be at best a hostage, wed off while they try to have Robb and the rest of us killed so they can use her to control the North. We must act swiftly or it might not be the Queen that ends up on the chopping block." She said with a vision of herself and her father with their heads on spikes.

Ned was torn, his daughter was speaking sense as she always did. Making sure he knew the best course action to keep them all safe but at the same time he was haunted by the sight that had greeted him in the throne room so many years ago. Three bodies wrapped in red cloaks, stained with blood at the foot of the Iron Throne.

Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon.

All slaughtered so brutally and Robert rather than be appalled…he had applauded the actions of Tywin Lannister's thugs.

Images of the same thing happening again haunted him, the arrogant queen no longer arrogant in death with Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen all wrapped in cloaks just like Rhaegar's wife and children had been.

He didn't want to see that, but he realised with a groan at his own stupidity it would be so easy for the Queen to kill Robert and put Joffrey on the throne. So easy that it made him feel extremely foolish for even considering it.

So he would tell him, ask for them to be spared the block but that would be Robert's decision Ned thought sadly.

"I will go with the king on a hunting trip tomorrow, you come with me I may need you to convince the king." Ned said sadly, knowing tomorrow was going to be a very hard day.

Meera sighed with relief, knowing her father understood the danger of being kind to someone like Cersei Lannister.

The following morning the king was delighted to go hunting with Ned and even more so when Meera surprisingly joined them. Pearl stayed back at the tower with Arya for safety though but the former Unsullied were with them.

Soon they were deep into the Kingswood and saw a buck standing in the clearing ahead of them, Robert lined up a shot and let his arrow fly, striking the poor creature cleanly in the head. They all carefully followed the king as he went to claim his prize when suddenly a shrill cry filled the air. Ser Barristan who was at the King's side quickly stood in front of the man as a crazed boar came charging straight out of the bushes nearby. Meera with reflexes quicker than any of them had her spear in hand at once and stabbed the creature clear through the side. The beast struggled but soon fell dead.

Robert, not at all perturbed by what had just happened laughed out loud and said to Ned with a broad smile.

"Quite a daughter, quite a woman."

Ned nodded and turned to Meera, she too nodded and turned to the Unsullied and gestured to them, pointing at the king's squire Lancel Lannister. They having already been told what was required came went over to the Lannister and distracted the boy away from the king while Ned and Meera came as close to the king.

"Your grace, we have a suspicion." Ned started saying not liking himself for having to say this. "That the Princes and Princess are not your blood children."

Robert seemed confused for a moment before finally he smiled and surprised them by laughing loudly. All of them including Ser Barristan who was as astonished as them and looked very unsettled by the idea of the royal children not being the King's.

"I already know, they come from the Kingslayer fucking his own sister." Robert told them when he was done laughing.

That honestly shocked all of them; Ned, Meera and Ser Barristan all looked at the man with confusion and then disgust at what the king had just said. If he already knew, then why hadn't he done something about it? They all asked themselves and Ned asked him.


Robert smirked a little before he answered.

"Stannis's new man, the trader who got him the new wife...he pointed out the differences between me and the Lannister brats. Showed me it was impossible for them to be mine."

"Then why haven't you done anything?" Meera asked, astounded that he had known and done nothing.

"Done what?" Robert said with a sigh. "The Lannisters are too entrenched in Kings Landing. I would be dead within a day if I tried but Stannis's man did tell me something else. His network of spies found out the Old Lion's gold mines are drying up or are already by now. He is running out of gold and so I decided to get as much as possible out of him as I could. Run him dry so he can't use his gold to win the throne and made sure that both Stannis and Renly have a sighed copy of my will which names Stannis as my heir. That's why I let him stay out of the city with his family. When I die the throne will pass straight to him and he will have proof that he is the rightful heir." Robert told them with a smirk but the way he said 'when I die' sent a chill through Ned who asked.

"Robert?" He asked intensely and Robert's face fell a moment before he came back although he was not smiling any-more.

"Something I caught on my last trip, some strange disease that I can't name. I have an elixir that Stannis's man found that I am taking that helps but I have a year or so maybe. I just want to spend the time I have left with my best friend." Robert said sadly and looked to Ned.

Ned was shocked and horrified at the news that his best friend and king was dying. He was about to turn to Meera and near beg her if there was something she could do but with the look of expectation on Robert's face he told him with a heavy heart.

"Then we will do that, spend the time as you wish." Ned said with a smile that he managed to force up from somewhere. If Robert really was dying, then what else could he do. Robert looked very happy at that.

Ser Barristan was looking unsettled by all that he had just been told and so was Meera, she knew the King might well be not be dying but she would look into this immediately. If she could extend his life or even save it then it would be the best thing for everyone...except the Lannisters she thought with a slight smirk. They had no idea that the King was playing them for fools this whole time and the fact that the gold mines could well be running dry which made sense given how long they had been mining there she supposed and could have smacked herself in the head for not thinking of that earlier.

She had to give it the king though, it was a good way to hurt Tywin Lannister. Drain him of as much gold as possible and so when war came he would struggle without the funds he had been used to in the past although given Tywin's reputation Meera knew far better than to just write him off like that. You didn't become as successful a lord as Tywin was without being not only extremely capable but also very ruthless. The Lannisters might still triumph Meera thought and knew her latest 'invention' might be needed sooner than she thought.

But still it only made her desperation to get her little sister out of harm's way grow, Lanna too as Tywin might well use her as a piece in his game. A beautiful girl with a potential claim on Casterly Rock? How many might jump at that regardless of her mother and the history she had? Meera worried and as they returned to the Red Keep knew they had to do something.

- x -

Ser Barristan meanwhile was both appalled and disgusted at what he had now learned about the second longest serving member of the Kingsguard, he had never liked the cocky Jaime Lannister from the moment he had met him and felt he should never have been named to the Kingsguard in the first place. After killing his own king he should have been stripped of his cloak and made to join the Watch Barristan felt but now knowing the disgraced knight had actually fucked his own sister and gotten her with child, and then to make things even worse he had passed off his three bastards as the king's own children! The heir to the throne no less!

Honestly if Barristan had to name the worst man to ever be named to the Kingsguard it would be Jaime Lannister he thought with disgust at having him as a sworn-brother. If the king had not gotten this plan to bankrupt the Lannisters so they would be more easily defeated he would probably have run Jaime through the moment he saw him just to remove the stain on the Kingsguard.

He could at least be glad to know the truth and would serve Stannis gladly when the time came Barristan thought with relief. The man might be too stern but he was a dutiful man which would make him far better than the last two kings Barristan had served.

- x -

Once they were back in the Tower of the Hand Meera checked to see if the construction of the new archery range for Joffrey was going as planned and once she saw it was she called her sister, Lanna and her father into her father's solar and told Arya very bluntly.

"Arya, I need you to misbehave."

Everyone was stunned, especially as if Meera did talk to Arya about her behaviour at all it was to be on her best, not to ensure she did the worst.

"Why? I thought you wanted to get on with everyone." Arya asked annoyed and confused at the sudden change of attitude. Seeing her father was about to no doubt just tell her not to ask questions Meera cut through the waste and told her simply.

"I need you to get yourself sent home so you can make sure Robb and Sansa know that Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are not Robert's children." Meera said plainly and both younger girls stopped still at the announcement while father just put his hand to his face in exasperation. Meera sighed before explaining the whole situation to Arya and Lanna who just looked shocked at what they were being told.

- x -

For Lanna it was especially shocking as she realised her cousin who had been so kind and nice to her was in fact a bastard born of incest. Lanna was actually trueborn while she was baseborn, it was such a strange thing that she could barely believe it but she didn't care about that. Myrcella had been so nice to her and even welcomed her as family, the fact that she was a victim of incest between her own mother and uncle/father...honestly it made Lanna feel so sorry for her. She didn't deserve to be killed for the horrible people she came from.

Lanna shook her head slightly, wondering if there were any decent Lannisters other than Myrcella and Tommen? Her grandfather was a brutal and horrible monster, her father a rapist drunk, her uncle a oathbreaker and sister fucker while her aunt was a liar, a vicious bitch, an adulteress and fucked her own brother. She knew little of her great uncle or his family but from what she had seen in Lancel when he was squiring for the king he was hopeless too.

- x -

"So we must make sure that when Robert dies Robb and Sansa know the truth, we need both you and Lanna in the North and out of harm's way in case something goes wrong. The easiest way to make sure of that is if you do something bad that let's us 'banish' you home with Lanna going with you as a 'chaperone." Meera told her younger sister who immediately looked very worried.

"What about you and father?" Arya asked and Meera shared a look with Ned who reassured her.

"We will be fine, we have enough men with us and can take care of ourselves. This isn't about you both not being able to but making sure that we are ready when the time comes." He told them and they both looked very reluctant to leave them both in the middle of danger while they went to safety.

"Besides there is something else I need you to take to the North." Meera told them, pulling out the saddle bag she had brought with her. They all eyed it curious about what she had in there. "This contains something I discovered during the Tourney. We need to get them to Winterfell before anyone finds out we have them." She said before opening the bag and showing them to her father, sister and Lanna.

They gasped in amazement at the four dragon eggs when they could see them. Arya and Lanna even ran their hands over the scaled surface before she put them back and looked Arya straight in the eye.

"This is an important duty sister, we can only trust family and those closest to us. Do you accept this challenge sister?" Meera asked Arya and Lanna, looking the pair straight in the eye and both shared a look with each other. Arya was feeling proud that she was being asked to smuggle the dragon eggs and such important information back to Winterfell but worried for her father and sister who were going to be in such danger if something went wrong.

But given all that was stake, how could they refuse?

"I will find something." Arya said with a mischievous smirk which her sister returned.

Ned sighed with relief, glad that at least one daughter would be out of harm's way and dearly wished that Meera would go with her but it he sent all his children back it would be too suspicious.

Gods he thought with anger, he hated Kings Landing.

The next day was a tense one and they settled into the routine, the knowledge that they now had about the king's 'children' was like an irritating itch that refused to leave them alone. Meera was looking at the still under-construction archery range and was troubled at all that was arrayed against them, she knew her father would fight against the Lannisters and put Stannis on the throne if he had the chance. That was the way he was she thought with a sad smile, his integrity was a thing of legend and in some ways she agreed with him.

It was the honourable thing to do.

She had sized up the younger brother of the King when they had briefly met at The Twins years ago and knew his reputation, stern to the point of being unreasonable and dutiful. She frowned as that might be a good and a bad thing for him being king. While he would be strong and firm in his duty and making sure the realm was run, he would be unforgiving to his enemies or those who he thought would be. Not willing to talk and be as blunt as a hammer. Not to mention he was unlikely to reward his vassals that stayed true to him as he would likely see it as merely doing their duty.

That would not be a good thing for being a king.

Renly she thought with distaste was unlikely to be any better, she had seen how lax he was in doing his duties...how lazy and jovial. The opposite of Stannis really but too weak willed, slow to act and prone to fancy.

She put her head in her hands with exasperation, wondering if she could convince her father to sit out the war since whoever won it was unlikely to be good for anyone.

She knew her father was accompanying the king tonight to see the newest play by Tyrion Lannister and was insisting all of them accompanying him. She was a little curious at what the Lannister had cooked up but while she respected the man's abilities she was unsettled by what he had done to his wife.

Still she and her father had agreed to do as Robert had wished so they were going, Arya and Lanna were supposed to be coming too and she would make sure to stay close to Lanna who she was sure would need some support tonight.

Either way though Meera thought with anxiety, she would feel a great deal better when they had gotten Arya and Lanna back to the North and out of harm's way, Arya had been proud to show her the secret passages that she had found which might well be needed if the situation got worse but still the moment Arya was safely back in Winterfell her worries would be greatly lessened Meera decided with a sigh.

- x -

House of Kisses, Kings Landing…

Petyr Baelish was smug, everything was falling into place as Stark was so close to finding out the truth about the king's supposed children and war between him and the Lannisters was almost certain at this point. He would have felt more comfortable if there was more bad blood between them but that could be solved he thought with a smirk.

He had learned the Imp had a new play being performed tonight, while he personally found such things boring he knew that other people especially the king enjoyed it so he would take advantage of this. The Queen had been quite vocal in her disgust of Meera Stark and the Imp's daughter Lanna, while he cared nothing for the stuck up and vicious bitch Petyr knew getting some favour with the Lannisters would work out well for his future plans.

So he had arranged for some thugs from in the city to storm the box where the Starks would be, if they killed the little Lannister whore the Queen would be delighted and if they killed Meera Stark he thought with amusement all the better. While it may hurt his potential chance with Cat, killing her daughter she cared little for the girl anyway and that was only if she ever found out he thought with a sly grin. Even if it failed then it would stir some doubt and ill-feeling in so it was a good thing for his plans either way.

Dragon Pit Theatre, Later that Night...

The theatre was a fairly big building and well built the Royal/Stark party thought as they entered and settled themselves in the comfortable and well-appointed royal box.

Lanna sat down next to Myrcella and was almost tempted to tell her what she knew but didn't have the heart to do so. The poor girl should enjoy being a princess before it was snatched away although Lanna decided if she had the chance of making sure that Myrcella was treated well then she would do whatever it took.

When they were finally all settled and the stands around them were packed, something that she would never have believed given her low opinion of Tyrion Lannister, the play finally started.

Everyone sat eager to see just what the master playwright had come up with this time, as she sat in the box Lanna was personally just hoping that this was over quickly so she could leave, she wanted as little to do with the man who had sired her as possible. Jory who was firmly at her side was nervous at them being so exposed here despite having many of the Kingsguard around them. Ser Barristan and Ser Aerys Oakheart not to mention Ser Moore too meant they should be well protected.

The scenery was fairly detailed but the sight of a young woman with dark hair walking down the road stole Lanna's breath away as she suddenly realised just who the young woman was supposed to be, Jory too was taken aback as he saw the young woman being accosted by a vicious group of thugs only to meet a pair of brothers on the road.

Over the next couple of hours Lanna watched with baited breath and tears in her eyes as her mother's life story was played out in front of her. Seeing her beginning as a simple crofter's daughter and then meeting Tyrion and his brother on the road as she was forced to leave her home...it was so heart-breaking as she knew full well how the story ended.

- x -

Baelish's thugs were led by Ser Osney Kettleblack, the youngest of the three brothers that made up that knightly house. They were reasonably skilled fighters and charming enough but better for Baelish were often short of coin and lacked the morals of a true knight...willing to do whatever it took for coin or to gain favour. His eldest brother was a frequent bed partner of the Queen herself and as such enjoyed her glorious body but also her favour.

But she was not so good when promising them coin and so he had accepted an offer from the Master of Coin Petyr Baelish to kill one of the Stark whores and the Imp's bastard for a considerable sum. The gold would see them secure for years if used wisely and he was near salivating at the thought of it all.

He and his men were few in number but used head scarves to disguise themselves and approached the side door of the Imp's theatre. Osney thought it was stupid to waste coin on something like this when there were whores and ale to be had he smirked but what did it matter to him, he forced the side door open and went in quickly with his men only to be greeted by a rather smug looking sellsword and a bunch of other men.

"Boys, you picked the wrong play to try and interrupt." The smug sellsword said with arrogance and drew his sword. "Keep it quiet though, don't want to spoil anything."

The man's casual dismissal of him and his men had Osney almost steaming with rage and he was about to say something when the sellsword as quick as a flash impaled his sword straight through Osney's chest.

Osney was in such shock he could only look down at the metal blade now stuck in his chest while the sellsword's associates with ruthless efficiency cut down the rest of the thugs.

- x -

Tyrion looked on with disgust, the last man that had been taken alive had just revealed they had been sent by Baelish to kill Lanna and Meera Stark to curry favour with the Queen.

"Dispose of the bodies, dump them near Flea Bottom the locals there will do the rest." Tyrion said with a grim and annoyed voice. He had known that Baelish was a threat but never that he would be so rash as too kill a Stark when her father was still Hand and the King was so close. The man he realised must be desperate to create ill-feeling for his future plans.

But the fact Baelish had tried to have his daughter killed was what really got Tyrion so angry that he was prepared in that moment to bury an axe in the smug man's face. His whore of a sister too Tyrion thought with fury.

He needed to redouble his efforts he realised, find someone that knew Baelish's operations well enough to break his plans wide open or just give them enough information that he could reason them out. His agents had identified a few now he just needed to know which one but first he would ensure his sister suffered for this Tyrion thought a dark plan forming in his mind, knowing full well how to make her pay.

Baelish too Tyrion realised, knowing that he would need to be dealt with since he had threatened his daughter and would need to exact his revenge.

- x -

Back in the theatre meanwhile the play was finally ending with 'Lanna' being born and then her mother's death before being adopted by a noble knight who swore to protect her. The real girl in question was now openly crying as she was so full of emotion at witnessing her mother's story and now hers on stage. She saw a kind look in the eyes Jory and Lady Arya not to mention Myrcella gripped her by the hand and smiled at her.

Lanna was grateful for that, for all of them as she turned to see the Imp...no Tyrion she thought with sadness looking at her from the side. She saw the way he had created the story, the way he had written her mother and even himself and for the first time she realised something or at least accepted it.

Her father had truly loved her mother…he really had and she could see the loathing he had put into play that his fictional self had towards himself for what had happened. He did really regret it, she realised with heart felt surprise, he really did love her mother.

She gave him a small smile and he was shocked, she could tell but smiled a little back after he managed to realise what she was trying to say. She still couldn't fully forgive him for what he had done, for not standing by her mother and letting such an awful thing happen but she knew he was sorry at least.

Tyrion meanwhile was so exhilarated with the smile his daughter had given him that he managed to smile too. She knew now he thought and hoped dearly that maybe they might have some kind of relationship after all.

- x -

House of Kisses, Later that Night…

Baelish honestly wanted to smash the Imp's face in with his bare hands or rather stand there gloating while some thug did it. His attempt to kill the bitches has failed completely and his thugs had 'disappeared', where he could guess though as 'brown soup' was being served in Flea's Bottom again.

He was fuming as the relationship between Stark and Lannister remained intact and the Queen the whore that she was would not fail to rub it in his face. Stark wasn't following his plan any-more and he was becoming worried as the chaos of the war he had been trying so hard to create which was the ladder that would take him higher up towards the heights of power was looking less and less likely.

He needed something more.

A knock at the door brought him a moment of release to his tension as in walked his newest puppet and perhaps the best weapon he had to make sure the war happened.

"Welcome Ser Tallad. Drink?" Baelish offered with a vicious grin to the newest knight of the Kingsguard. His Knight he thought smugly.

- x -

White Sword Tower, the Red Keep…Middle of the Night...

The home of the Kingsguard was a perfectly rounded tower with rooms for each of the seven members and their squires, close to the main Keep so they were at hand if they were needed in a hurry.

There were no real guards in the tower as who would dare attack the greatest knights in the realm? But one of the secret passages Arya had discovered led into the tower and tonight she was taking advantage of it.

Creeping in as quietly as she could she smirked as she carefully entered the room of Ser Rex, he was sound asleep and his armour was on its stand for ease of change along with his white cloak. She pulled a bottle of potion her sister had given her and quietly poured the thick liquid all over the armour and cloak. It was a sickly green substance and took only a short while to set after being poured on and she as quietly as she could left the room and went to Ser Tallad's room. The man was drunk and collapsed into his bed which only made her work easier, Arya smirked as she poured a hideous pink liquid from another bottle on the man's armour and cloak which were scattered around the room.

That was the pattern as she carefully crept into each room and used all the light footwork she could to pour a different coloured liquid on each member's of the Kingsguard's armour. The only exception being Ser Jaime Lannister who was not present, Arya thought that a shame as to her mind after what his lies had done to Lanna's mother he deserved it most of all.

Leaving quickly she barely got back into the passage before she started laughing, knowing full well how it was going to look tomorrow.

As court opened the following morning and the Red Keep came alive as servants moved about their duties and courtiers milled around as they ate their morning meals and congregated in the throne room they were greeted by the sight of the King and Crown Prince sitting in the throne and next to the throne respectively while they waited for the knights of the Kingsguard to arrive.

When they did honestly the crowd was shocked.

Ser Rex's armour and cloak had turned a sickly pale shade of green while Ser Tallad who looked rather worse for ware; being pale and his eyes bloodshot had his own armour in a ghastly shade of pink.

Ser Arys Oakheart was looking self-conscious as his armour was a bile kind of yellow, Ser Moore had a dark brown colour and the Hound was wearing a set of dark blue armour and cloak. He wore it well but the fact it wasn't their white armour and cloak definitely caught people off guard.

Ser Barristan had been the luckiest though even if he looked very uncomfortable looking as he did, his armour and cloak had been turned a dazzling shade of gold that was very eye catching. It shone and glittered as the sun caught it.

The King and the Crown Prince like many others looked on it disbelief at the sight of the most fearsome knights in the realm in a strange array of colours but soon Robert could not help himself and burst out laughing with Joffrey right behind, a number of other courtiers who were natural arse-kissers or just of a similar humour then started laughing too while Ned just put a hand to his face and let out a tired sigh, among those laughing were his daughters and Lanna with Arya in particular looked very proud of herself.

"Maybe we should keep the gold for you Ser Barristan." Robert said when he finally managed to stop laughing. "It suits you."

"Thank you your grace." Ser Barristan said calmly although his eyes held a certain amount of irritation at the whole business. Made worse when Ser Jaime Lannister came in wearing his a little dirty and marked but still white cloak and armour.

When Ser Jaime strode proudly into the room and saw the state of his sworn brothers he honestly couldn't help himself and burst into laughter which only started the rest of the room laughing too. The rest of his sworn brothers all glared at him but could do nothing with the gaze of the king on them.

"Welcome back Kingslayer, victorious I hear." The King managed to say after awhile and Ser Jaime if he was bothered by the name didn't show it.

"Indeed we hunted down the bandits and slaughtered them to the last man. Durain's Forest is for the first time in years free of bandits." Jaime said proudly, knowing the place had been a notorious hideout for criminals for centuries. It would probably be so again in a relatively short amount of time but it was for now at least law abiding.

"Then see to it that his deed is added to the Book." Robert said before turning his attention to the drink Lancel Lannister was holding for him.

So Jaime proudly watched as a scribe carefully wrote in the White Book about his deed in the forest against the bandits. It might be alongside his killing of Aerys but it was a deed for his page at least, that made Jaime more glad than anything else. He had achieved something on his own and no one could deny him that.

- x -

Arya had finally been 'overheard' boasting about her prank on the Kingsguard which was of course staged and soon word spread that Arya Stark was responsible for the humiliation of the Kingsguard. Many did not think much of it but it was enough for Lord Stark to send his youngest daughter home and to make sure she got there he was sending young Lanna Lannister with her as a chaperone and Ser Jory the Captain of his guard would lead the group. Even Syrio would be joining the party to ensure Lady Arya could continue her training.

None of them knew about the four dragon eggs hidden amongst Arya's clothing, instead they were focused on the tearful goodbye that was being held outside the Red Keep.

"Take care." Arya said with worry for her father and sister who were staying behind while she and Lanna went to safety. They both smiled at her to try and reassure her but it didn't reach their eyes, given the danger that they knew they were all in.

On the other side of the cart Lanna was saying a rather sad farewell to Myrcella who was actually upset at her cousin leaving.

"I will write." Lanna promised and fully intended to keep her word on that and even allowed Myrcella a small hug, she turned to Tyrion Lannister who was watching from a distance and swallowed as her conflicted feelings swirled around inside her. And with Jory looking on with suspicion she said. "Maybe we can too." She offered to Tyrion who looked shocked at her extending a hand to him and he nodded feeling a great sense of anticipation.

"If you want too, I will wait." Tyrion said and Lanna gave him an uncertain stare before nodding slowly.

Arya and her then got onto the wagon and with Jory, Syrio and a number of Stark men around them began to ride out of the Red Keep and make their way eventually to Winterfell. Myrcella waved and Lanna waved back sadly, knowing this might well be the last time they saw each other. Tyrion likewise was torn as he knew that fact himself but would be glad that she was out of harm's way at least.

Watching them go was both a relief and a worry for Ned and Meera who honestly felt like they were surrounded by vipers every moment while glad that Arya and Lanna would be out of harm's way, worried for each other as things seemed to be getting more dangerous.

None of them noticed though Arya's new cat jumping off the back of the wagon and running over to Pearl before pressing itself against her legs with affection. Pearl lent down and picked up the cat and stroked it gently, not sure why the cat was clinging to her so closely.

- x -

Later that Day…

"If that is all the outstanding business then I will bring this meeting to a close." Ned said as he sat in his seat on the Small Council as he and the rest of the council went through all their normal business. Meera who had again accompanied Joffrey though had a suggestion that she hoped might help the situation in the city.

"I was hoping to make a proposal to the Small Council." Meera said as she sat next to Joffrey and when none of them spoke in response she made her suggestion. "I was thinking that it might be a good idea to have a single person to run the affairs of Kings Landing...A Mayor if you will." She said calmly.

They all looked confused so she suppressed her own exasperation and explained her point.

"The city has not been given the attention it needs to ensure sustained and controlled grown not to mention the enforcement of law and order. As it is duties are shared out between different people and there is no one person with the controlling say except the king and he must contend with the business of all of Westeros at the same time. Every other large city or town has a house that deals with its affairs like the Hightowers in Oldtown and the Lannisters in Lannisport but Kings Landing does not and as such the city suffers if the king and Small Council are too busy to keep it in order. What this new 'Mayor' would do is manage the city on behalf of the crown; they would control the gold cloaks, work with business owners in the city to ensure stability, hand out justice on behalf of the crown and of course ensure the king's will be done. He would sit on the Small Council and work alongside them so that the Small Council and indeed the King could focus on dealing with the larger issues of the kingdom." She said.

She was aware of course that giving someone supreme power over the city was to say the least dangerous, whoever had that title and position would be incredibly powerful and if that person was corrupt far less chance of being caught but it would mean that someone had the job of maintaining the city and seeing to its needs which was far more than what they had right now.

"That is completely unnecessary Lady Stark." Grandmaester Pycelle said with a croaky voice. "The Small Council is more than capable of managing the city for the king."

"But it is something to consider." Prince Joffrey said, liking the idea of having someone to do the boring business of running the city for him so he could find more time to do the things he wanted. "Given the corruption of the Gold Cloaks and the poor state of commerce in the city having a new hand at the helm might be the best for thing." He said smugly.

Renly and Baelish both looked like they had sucked a lemon as this was particularly insulting to them, control of the Gold Cloaks fell traditionally to the Master of Laws while the Master of Coin was supposed be responsible for commerce in the city. To say they were both incompetent was a huge insult and Meera knew full well it might be dangerous but at this point she realised Baelish was likely going to be their enemy anyway and Renly was useless.

It wouldn't make any difference to their situation she realised with concern and smiled at Joffrey, as charming as she manage and he blushed a little.

Whether or not this helped the city or not it would be revealed if it was ever put into place, it probably wouldn't in her life time she thought sadly but maybe if she planted the idea now it might in the times ahead.

- x -

Dragon Pit Theatre, Kings Landing…

Tyrion was reviewing his latest earnings, to his surprise the play about Tysha and Lanna had proven to be a major success and brought a fresh wave of coin into his coffers. He frowned and pondered just what to do with all this new wealth before looking into other businesses and property around the city that he had his eye on. Soon he thought with cold calculation he would own much of the land in Kings Landing but while that made him rich he was not satisfied.

No, he needed more actual power he thought with cold calculation. He would expand his network of spies and informants not to mention continue looking for some sort of weakness in Baelish's organisation and he had just discovered what might be a promising lead. A place on the Small Council would be useful for his future plans he considered, either being Master of Laws or Master of Coin perhaps since Master of Ships was next to useless for him. Hand of the King would be ideal but knew there was little chance as things stood.

The idea that the Stark girl had of a mayor of Kings Landing, a man who would run the capital on behalf of the crown...that was interesting. It was unlikely to be put into place but maybe if it was he could take advantage of that.

But all that was to enable his end goal...revenge...revenge against his father and all the other Lannisters Tyrion thought with cold calculation. They had destroyed perhaps he only real happiness and a good woman in the process, not to mention cost him the chance to see his child grow up.

He would never forgive that.

So he would bide his time and continue to build his power so that when the opportunity came he could tear House Lannister down from the inside out he thought with a cruel smile. Apart from his youngest nephew and niece none would be spared his vengeance.

But for now he thought with cold patience, he needed to be calm and maintain his façade. Learn their weaknesses so that he could take every single thing from them. However he thought that maybe a little petty revenge might be in order, just to keep him amused till he could do something more long lasting.

He knew most of not all of Cersei's more common bed-warmers now and their habits and who they fucked too. So he decided to ensure one of them caught a nasty little bug, not a fatal one but perhaps one known for causing great discomfort till she swallowed her pride.

Winterfell, the North…

The wedding celebrations had lasted almost a week and at last were now finally ending, the guests had left for their own homes and the Stark household was at last settling down into its new routine.

Robb had been spending much of his time when he wasn't running Winterfell and the North with his new wife, enjoying their first days of married bliss. Sansa was busy taking up the slack from Robb so he could enjoy his time with his new wife.

Bran meanwhile was packing as soon he would be leaving Winterfell to go down to Moat Cailin and learn from Lord Reed how to manage his new castle and lands. He frowned not wanting to go but it was his duty he thought sadly, he saw Rickon who looked as miserable as he was knowing more of their family was leaving although the news Arya was coming home did lift the youngest Stark's spirits somewhat.

However Robb who was taking a moment away from his marriage bed to see to the exports of the North was tired as he had spent little time actually sleeping when Sansa came barging into his room with a look of great worry on her face.

"Theon's gone!" She said quickly and more than a little breathless.

Robb jumped to his feet and instantly was concerned for his best friend.

"Gone?! What do you mean gone?!" He asked quickly and Sansa sighed with frustration at him not understanding so tried to explain more clearly.

"I mean gone as in left Winterfell! I used the Weirwood and he received a letter from his father and sneaked away during the wedding celebrations." Sansa said trying to make Robb see how bad this was. Theon wasn't supposed to go home till his father died to rule the Iron Islands, if he went now they had just lost their only hostage against the Ironborn who had been the North's enemy for centuries.

Robb seemed to understand that but was unable to think that Theon, the boy that had grown up alongside him would run off without at least letting them know...or that he might collaborate with his father against the North. A part of him knew that Theon could be shifty, even deceitful if he wanted to be but at the same time he was sure Theon was better than that.

"Have Ser Rodrik tell the Northern Rangers to watch for him. If he hasn't managed to get to a port then we might still find him before he gets out of the North." Robb told his sister who was glad that he had at least given that order...he just hoped it wasn't necessary.

Pyke, the Iron Islands…

Theon was gripped by such a strong sense of foreboding when he finally stepped off the boat onto the shores of his home. He hadn't been here in years and none of it looked familiar to him, he frowned as he almost missed Winterfell in that moment...like that was home instead of Pyke.

He shook off the feeling and wasted no more time given why he was here, it didn't take long for him find his ancestral castle as it was clearly visible from where he had landed and began to walk to the castle. He could have sought out a horse at the town nearby but he was still torn by his conflicting feelings about this place and wanted to try and get his thoughts in order while he walked to the castle.

The rocky and seemingly barren islands were so unlike the North he thought as he observed the area on his walk that he thought it so bleak. Despite seeming bleak the North was full of life if you knew how to see it while the Iron Islands on the other hands didn't seem to have much at all. Theon frowned as he tried to put those thoughts out of his head and continued on his way.

Getting to the castle that shared its name with the island on which it stood did not take half as long as Theon thought it would and he was still deeply unsettled as he approached the gates. The men on guard were rough looking and their armour and weapons were of poorer quality than he was used to. He again told himself to stop being stupid, the Iron Islands were poorer than the North so it stood to reason that they wouldn't have as good a quality weapons and armour as the North did. It seemed like they were expecting him as they let him pass unopposed which only made things worse in his mind as they did not even ask his name or his business.

It was dangerous and would make it easy for assassins or any one else that might mean harm to those inside, Theon resolved when he was lord here that would change and he would make sure that the guards were focused on their duties he resolved.

He walked into the small yard and saw many men were milling around in their cheap and crude armour and he struggled to remember just where his father's rooms were but he found himself confused as he simply couldn't recall.

However much to his relief a familiar face came into view, an older man with white hair, many rings on his winkled and leathery fingers and a very split lip.

"Dagmar." Theon said in relief seeing the Master at Arms for the castle who took a moment to look at him in confusion before smiling a little which to be honest given his scarred mouth was rather terrifying to look at.

"Master Theon as I live and breathe." Dagmar said with a crooked smile. "We were worried the Starks had trapped you. Now come, your father awaits." The old man said and Theon now with his anxiety eased by the sight of someone familiar followed Dagmar. The castle became a little more familiar as he walked its corridors and began to remember more of his childhood here. Still he was becoming nervous again at facing his father again, not to mention seeing Yara too. It had been so long he thought and no letters had come from the islands for him. It had been disheartening as he had been so eager to hear from them but nothing ever came.

Before he could think about the silence from them any more he arrived at his father's solar and with great trepidation at what would be inside he stepped inside after Dagmar opened the door and let him pass.

Once inside it was much larger than Lord Stark's and full of what Theon could only guess were trophies of the past Lord Greyjoys or even further back. However when he saw his father standing by a desk with a map of Westeros laid out on it and a rather good looking woman with the same hair colour as him standing at his side and they both turned to face him he felt a stone drop in his stomach.

The woman although not immediately recognisable was wearing a thick leather armour with the Kraken lying around the lumps for her breasts. The armour was of better quality than the ones the guards wore and suddenly as she stood next to father Theon realised just who he had been thinking lustful thoughts about.

His sister Yara.

However as his own stomach threatened to empty its contents all over the floor he was struck by something even more disturbing...or at least a different kind of disturbing.

His father was not only standing, albeit with long and unkept greying hair but looked in very good health...far from being at death's door as the letter had said. The truth began to dawn on him with startling clarity...he had been deceived and lured back here.

"Well, look what the fisherman dragged in." Yara said with a mocking smirk that angered him as at least he didn't stink of fish which she certainly did he could smell it from here. He frowned and told her.

"Well I came here expecting to see a man at death's door but it seems that either he has made a truly incredible recovery worthy of the Drowned God himself or you were lying. I can only assume its the latter." Theon said shortly, his anger growing as he realised just how foolish he had been to take the letter so seriously. He had been so glad of the contact after all these years and eager to help his family he had forgotten just who they were, how untrustworthy his family was.

"Well if you were expecting me to die then you'll be waiting a long time." Balon scoffed and looked his only living son up and down before asking. "Did you pay the Iron Price for those clothes and that sword? I think not." He looked at him with derision and Yara chuckled with him.

Theon fumed, he had argued with Meera many times over this sort of thing and while once he might have cowered before his father he was so angry he would not stand there and let himself be talked down to by a worthless, lying failure like his father.

"Of course not, if I did that they wouldn't fit and then I would look like a right fucking idiot wouldn't I? I mean if Yara did that then she'd have to belt them around her small waist twice or they fall to her ankles and then she's look like a whore whose too eager for a customer's cock." He said with his anger choosing his words rather than his common sense.

The smirk was instantly wiped off Yara's face as she took in what her little brother had just said about her and with a snarl on her face swung a powerful right hook at his face. He was knocked back but given he had spent many hours in the yard at Winterfell trying to get stronger to beat Meera and she could hit far harder than Yara could he only staggered for a moment before throwing a right hook of his own right at Yara's face.

She was caught off guard and didn't move in time, feeling it right in her cheek and Theon charged forward knocking her to the ground and then they wrestled with each other while their father looked on in bemusement at his only surviving children fighting. Both smacking and kicking each other whenever they could and rolling around trying to get on top of the other.

Finally after a while he called in guards who forcefully separated them, Yara had a nasty looking black eye while Theon had a bent nose and both had bloody scratches all over their faces. Balon laughed and said with amusement.

"Maybe there is still some iron in you boy after all! And again my daughter proves her own! But till you prove your worthy of being a Greyjoy boy you will sail with her. Go and don't come back till you have some worthwhile prizes." He said knowing that being on the same ship would only make any animosity worse between them which honestly made him laugh.

Theon and Yara glared at each other, Yara spat at him and he spat right back.

When finally they were released by the guards they continued glaring as everyone else left the room and only they were standing there, Yara eventually smiled though which surprised Theon and made him more than a little suspicious before Yara walked over to another table and pour two tankards of what looked like ale from a barrel. She handed him one and when he waited for her to drink she laughed and took a deep drink to show him it wasn't poisoned. He carefully drank and the poor taste made him want to spit it right out again but he managed to drink the foul liquid.

"I was worried the North made you soft, seems like you haven't forgotten being Ironborn after all." She said with a smirk but Theon with his anger still strong snarled at her.

"Its surprising since thanks to our fucking stupid father I ended up being taken by the Starks in the first place! I haven't heard a bloody word from either of you since! I know you can write, so why not?" He asked, no demanded of her and she frowned and did not seem to have an answer for him so she said.

"Do you need me to hold your hand? It's not my fault you got taken either." She said at him with annoyance which only fed his own.

"I was alone in a land of people that hate us! Just one word from either of you would have been better than nothing. But since apparently we are going sailing, just where are we going?" He asked knowing now it was unlikely he would be allowed to leave in any case so he had better know what was going on.

Yara seemed unsettled for a moment at being called out on her neglect of her relationship with him but soon recovered and told him with excitement.

"I was thinking around Fair Isle. There are some good pickings there and it will be good to see if you still know how to sail." She said with a smirk.

Theon frowned as he had barely been taught anything about sailing given how young he was when he was taken, not to mention he was extremely uncomfortable with raiding so close to the Westerlands. Tywin Lannister would skin them alive if they were caught but knowing he would have no choice in this he just hoped they got lucky.

- x -

The Sea near Fair Isle, A Week Later…

The Black Wind was cruising around the sea looking for valuable prizes to be taken. The weather was fair and the seas reasonably calm so it was gentle voyage so far.

Theon however as he scanned the horizon with what he suspected was a stolen Myrish glass or rather a telescope as it had become known in Winterfell felt uneasy about this. He knew raiding was his people's way of life and many times they had either been forced to change or had tried to over the years but the always reverted back to this. He felt sick to his stomach at what they were trying to do, honestly he did but still...he couldn't bring himself to say no.

What sort of coward did that make him? He thought, knowing Lord Stark and Robb would be so disappointed in him which bothered him more than letting down his own family. That honestly made Theon pause as he realised again that the Starks were more like family to him than his own father and sister! That shook him, confused him especially as they had tricked him into coming here and removing the only hostage that could stop them from raiding.

He fumed, knowing full well that this was all a prelude to trying for their independence again. Regaining the old ways again.

Getting themselves slaughtered by the mainland again, Theon thought with anger knowing full well that was what was going to happen.

His father had learnt nothing from the last time, his only smart decision was to wait until the king died and the mainland fell into civil war and they were too busy to deal with them. Then they could raid to their hearts content according to Balon Greyjoy.

Theon already saw the big flaws in this plan however, one it depended on civil war and two more critically even if civil war did spread their independence would only last as long as it did. When the mainland was united again they would come to the Iron Islands and make them bend the knee...again.

He wished to get back to Winterfell and warn the Starks but...something held him back. A yearning to rule? To have his family again? Maybe even to raid himself he wasn't sure but he just couldn't speak up or bring himself to move.

"THERE IT IS!" A man in the crow's nest shouted and Theon turned his telescope to see a ship on the horizon. It was a fair sized ship that he could identify immediately but against the Black Wind it would be no match due to its lack of weapons.

Theon felt that cold weight settle even deeper in his stomach, he knew what was about to happen what they were about to do but instead of speaking up and maybe trying to save the poor souls onboard that ship he said nothing.

Deploying their full sail, the Black Wind was easily faster and rapidly started closing on the other ship which noticed them and started trying to run but it was far too slow and far from land to escape them. When the Black Wind finally closed to range their archers began to fire at the men on deck while other men threw hooks to pull them alongside.

Ramps were dropped as soon as they were close enough that would allow them board and Theon despite all his best instincts telling him not to joined in the charge.

His sword in hand he cut down the sailors who were trying to fend them off with what looked like fishing spears, he easily broke one with a single downward strike and then ended the smelly sailor who wielded it with ease.

Combat was easier even if it wasn't much of a fight, Theon would later realise, easier when you just concentrated on his own survival. He cut down every sailor that came close to him, it was so easy that he might as well not be trying but sooner than he had expected it was over and the crew lay dead at his feet.

He looked around and saw the mass of corpses and felt sick to his stomach, quite a few of them were dead by his own hand and he wanted to go and throw up over the side of the ship but he was unable to when Yara came up to him and slapped him on the back.

"Maybe you have what it takes to be one of us after all! Well done now let's go and get pissed, this lot had some of that northern whisky onboard. Shame to waste it." She said with a large smirk and he was dragged towards the Captain's cabin.

Dothraki Lands, Essos…

The sun was burning down as Daenerys stood in front of her warrior women as they watched her.

"Now draw back with one fluid motion." She told them, doing the same with her bow. "Then let go." She told them and released her own arrow which struck the target she was aiming at dead in the centre. The women watching looked impressed by their Khaleesi before at her expectant look made them try to do as she had. Arrows flew at different speeds, some failing to get get more than a few feet but a few managed to hit the target. Fewer than she had hoped but Daenerys sighed it was at least an improvement on how they had been at the beginning.

She turned to Irri who was her main lady now and saw to her pride that she had managed to hit the target, giving her a smile which was shyly returned. Jhiqui was a little slower than her but she was getting better and so Daenerys gave her a smile too. Doreah was the only one that had refused to join them which had soured her relationship with the rest of the women but at least two of her ladies were standing with her Daenerys thought with pride.

She saw Drogo smiling in the distance and smiled back to him which was then interrupted to their shock by a rider coming in fast. They all turned and heard him shouting. He was so panicked half of what he said made no sense but one word did.


An attack, Daenerys thought with fear running through her as despite her training she had actually never fought in a battle before. She immediately drew her bow and an arrow as did her women to their credit while men grabbed their swords and mounted their horses.

A rumble of hooves in the distance made them realise it must be another khalasar and Daenerys could see the enemy now in sight, she did her best to push her fear aside and notched an arrow, carefully took aim at the nearest enemy warrior and let loose.

Her aim was true and hit the man straight in the chest, making him fall from his horse but she did not waste her time and drew another arrow and took aim another of her enemies. Her women doing the same with looks of awe as they were inspired by her standing up and downing their attackers with seemingly no fear. They too started shooting with their bows and although it was less accurate than hers but they managed to hit enough of the attackers or their horses to blunt the attack. They seemed confused as if not sure what was happening.

Their own warriors cheered while mounting their horses and riding forward to hit the enemy, Drogo leading with his bloodriders and soon he found the other Khal and began to duel him with a vicious fury while Daenerys and her women continued to shoot at the enemy, thankfully knowing their own people from the enemy due to being familiar with the warriors of their own camp.

Daenerys saw a group of bloodriders who were charging at her husband, men that were definitely not his own and her fear for him made her change targets. Quickly she drew her remaining arrows and started cutting them down. The lead man was the first to die and his death shocked the others who had no idea she was there. She did not waste time and shot down another before they all realised that she was one that was doing it and all snarled at her before charging. She was to her own fear now running short of arrows but like the bear that he wore as his symbol Ser Jorah appeared in front of her and with skill unlike any she had seen before cut down the bloodriders.

Drogo now he was no longer in danger managed to cut the rival Khal and sever his head cleanly from his shoulders. Cheering wildly as he held the head up for all to see and the enemy Dothraki all stopped fighting and hung their heads as they saw their Khal had died.

"YOUR KHAL IS DEAD! YOUR LOYALTY IS TO ME NOW!" Drogo shouted out and they all began to sheath their weapons as they knelt before him. Daenerys now smirked with exhilaration flooding through her as she realised that she and her women had proved their worth and helped make their khalasar stronger.

Drogo came over to her and in full view of everyone kissed her hard on the mouth with so much passion it blew her away. She soon started kissing back with all her passion too perhaps because of the thrill of battle but either way it was a kiss she would always remember till her dying day.

- x -

Viserys sat fuming in his too small tent, the one he had been cowering in while the attack went on and fumed that he was not being celebrated too, despite having done nothing in the battle and even hid when it started. He was the dragon he fumed and yelled out in rage at still not being given his crown! He deserved to rule he raged, he should be in Westeros being waited on and worshipped! He should be king!

Instead here he was here in this stinking tent! He was here while his whore of a sister was sucking the face off her horselord husband and wishing dearly he could slap her like he used too! It was all wrong he snarled, he was the dragon and she should be scared of him.

Looking out of the tent he saw one of his whore-sister's woman, Dora or something crawling out from another tent nearby. He felt his blood boil and was determined to hurt someone and so he got up and without even thinking about it he grabbed her and put his hand to her mouth to stop her screaming. She struggled but he only tightened his grip as he dragged her back to his tent and forced her down on the ground while forcing her legs open and opening his breeches, his hand around her throat as he choked her.

He would take some satisfaction today...even if it was from a whore like this! Viserys raged as he forced himself on his sister's third woman, imagining it was her.

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