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Chapter 20 – Old Friends and Foes

Niflheim, Free Folk Settlement…

"She's what?" Jon asked with complete astonishment, not able to comprehend what he was hearing. His companions likewise were too stunned by the introduction to utter any words, at least those that understood just what this meant.

"It was after my mother died." Benjen said, still holding Lorra's hand as they both looked at Jon. "My father in his grief took up with a woman from Winter town, the daughter of a man who worked in the castle. She was Lorra's mother." Benjen said with emotion in his voice as he had never expected to speak of her again, he had long thought her dead.

"My lord father paid my mother for my upkeep. Even brought me to meet my siblings and live in the castle when winter came. So, is he?" Lorra asked as her eyes turned to Jon, seeing he had the look of a Stark and Benjen nodded.

"This is Jon, he's Lyanna's boy." Benjen said which surprised them at how quickly he gave out that particular piece of information given she was a stranger but few would care about it north of the Wall Jon supposed and 'Lorra' was apparently family. Lorra smiled as she looked at Jon and told him.

"For a woman that swore she would never sleep with any man, whoever your father was he must have been quite the charmer. How is your mother?" Lorra asked with an amused look in her eye.

Benjen and Jon both looked uneasily at each other, not sure what to say but Lorra was quick on the uptake and her expression changed to one of shock and spoke.

"No, not Lyanna." Lorra said mournfully as she realised her sister was dead. "How?" She asked, wanting to know what had happened.

"Giving birth to me." Jon said with sorrow as he felt the weight of guilt settle on him. He was still struggling to think of Lyanna as his mother and even more so to think of Rhaegar as his father. Benjen seeing this was a hard subject for them all tried his best to keep going regardless.

"When the wildlings carried you off, father sent parties to look for you for a long time...but we never found you. He mourned you...so much no one spoke of you to avoid hurting him." Benjen said turning back to Lorra who was still shocked at the vibrant and strong Lyanna being gone. "Then Lyanna was taken or ran off we can't be sure which with Rhaegar and the Mad King had father and Brandon burned to death. Then we were at war...by the end we had lost so much, it didn't seem right to tell Ned so he would have someone else to mourn." Benjen said, ashamed he had never told Ned about Lorra until now and that the rest of Winterfell who had known had done the same.

Lorra honestly looked shattered at the knowledge that all her family with the exception of Benjen, another brother she had never known along with at least one nephew was all that remained of her family. She didn't want to think of the strong and boisterous Brandon, Lyanna who seemed to radiate strong will and energy from every part of her being and her father, quiet but with such dignity and strength under his long stern face...that they were gone from this world.

"But how did you build all this?" Benjen said, holding her hand tightly as if not willing to let go of his sister now he had found her again. Lorra, took a moment to gather herself before answering.

"I was rescued from the Free Folk that took me by my mentor. She is the one who taught us all how to build this town and a few others like it. She is the one who helped me wed into the Thenns and bring many of the other Free Folk beneath my rule...made me queen." She said with a nervousness that belied her earlier confidence. "She took a lot of orphans and people like me that needed protection. Like Ygritte over there." She said, nodding to the red headed archer that had been flirting with Jon ever since they met.

"What about Mance Rayder?" Edd asked, knowing he was the one that claimed to be King Beyond the Wall.

"He rules only over those I don't...the worst of the people here." Lorra said with disgust at those that followed Rayder.

"Your mentor?" Samwell asked, not understand a lot of what was going on but someone powerful enough to bring all this about was someone they needed to know.

- x -

None of them in the Hall had even noticed that Loki had managed to slip outside the hall, he stood with his smirk at the side of the hall while at the other end someone stood there waiting for him.

She was tall for a woman, around six feet with an athletic body and a beautiful if stern face. She had raven black hair to her mid back and pale green eyes which were glaring daggers at him.

"I should have known that you would survive." She said with a similar accent to his own. Her eyes glaring at him and she spoke with great disgust and hatred towards him.

"I am more puzzled at how you did Sif." Loki said with his usual smirk. "I spent centuries wandering this world looking for ways to sustain myself until I found the way to destroy it. You...look hardly any different." He said with a curious look in his eye, wondering just how she had done it. Sif was still glaring at him but did answer.

"When I fell from the Bifröst I was lost in a timeless void, I went insane a dozen times before I managed to escape and found myself on this world a century ago." Sif said, her stony expression not showing any turmoil that she must have felt after being stuck in a literal hell for who knows how long. "I began to teach the primitive people of this land how to tame it and took in those who needed my protection, bringing them under my banner." Sif told him and Loki's smirk just widened as the thought of Sif being a mother hen with a flock of adopted chicks amused him no end.

"When enough was done we founded Niflheim." Sif said with some pride in that. The mention of the realm of ice and snow made Loki laugh briefly, the land around them did in some ways remind him of that realm. The other realms Loki thought with a sharp mourning, how he missed them so and dearly wanted them back as soon as possible.

"Yet you did nothing about the Walkers." Loki said with a raised eyebrow at her inaction. Sif did not take kindly to his critical comment and snapped back.

"You know as well as I that we can't risk killing the Night King without Gungnir." She said, her eyes blazing with green fire. "I might have found a weapon that could kill him but letting all that energy loose would only make...him stronger." She said, gesturing to the longsword at her waist. It had a dragon themed hilt and despite it being out of its scabbard Loki could guess it was the lost Dark Sister. How she had acquired the Valyrian steel was a mystery that he would content himself with another day.

"I do what I can to keep the Army of the Dead rising in number as much as I can, set up sanctuaries for the Children of the Forest, the Giants and those humans that follow those I advise." Sif told him shortly, largely at having her honour questioned.

Loki took all that information and pondered its implications for his own plans, if Sif had indeed managed to keep the Army of the Dead from rising as high as it could have done it would help him greatly.

"I have arranged for the girl that wields Gungnir now to come here. She should be here shortly." Loki said and Sif was shocked into silence for a moment before her eyes became suspicious again.

"If you're lying..." She warned him and he just kept smirking.

"Sif, you know me too well." Loki said.

"Sylvi, some water please." Lorra asked her albino looking servant girl who nodded and went to get some while she sat at the end of one of the long tables with Benjen. She was still in grief over the devastation of her father's family and the two siblings who had welcomed her with open arms despite them only sharing the same father. Benjen took a thankful sip of water before telling her.

"We were all so worried, we looked for so long. And all the time you were here." He said and Lorra smiled a little at that, feeling better that they all had cared so much.

"I married the Thenn, had his children and when he died, I took his place. When the time is right my sons will follow me." Lorra said with a proud smile gesturing with her hand to a trio of strong looking young men down the other end of the table where Jon and his friends were sitting.

"A queen beyond the wall." Benjen said with a proud smile. "No one but you could manage that, a Stark queen."

"Not a Stark, remember." Lorra said sadly, a childish part of her wishing that she had their name but she was a bastard, a Snow and would remain so for the rest of her life but Benjen told her.

"You always have been, a member of our house and our proud lineage." Benjen said with a smile, Lorra smirking widely punched him in the arm but a dampening around her eyes revealed how touched she was.

- x -

"And the giant made a snort like a growl and the supposed Lord of Bones and all his lot when running, leaving a trail of yellow snow behind them." One of Lorra's sons, Skal said with a big loud boisterous laugh which was echoed by the others around the table. He and his two younger brothers Hok and Broc were easily as tall of the Smalljon and only a year apart. They like Jon had the look of the North with slightly long faces, pale skin, grey eyes and dark brown hair. They were also Jon found with amusement, very full of life. They were always laughing and joking, telling funny stories and just trying their best to make the most of every moment. He himself was unable not to smile in their presence and even indulged in an arm-wrestle with Hok, his arm was now aching from the sheer strength of his cousin but at the same time they had not done it intentionally so Jon wasn't going to bare a grudge.

The others around the table were laughing with Skal, Hok and Broc even Gilly and her sisters who were usually quiet and solemn, even more than him. Jon was astonished at how easily his cousins could bring them out of their shell.

He had even forgotten to be nervous around Ygritte who was now sitting so close to him, any closer she would literally be on his lap. Without realising it Jon had even put an arm around Ygritte's waist, any worries about being so close to a woman forgotten.

"How is Munda?" Tormund, one of Lorra's best men and a fighter as skilled and as strong as an Umber said. Skal smirked before telling him.

"Getting bigger, my son's going to be as big as me." Skal said proudly but Tormund frowned before saying.

"For your sake hope it's a girl and small otherwise I'll gut you for putting a babe in my daughter." Tormund growled at him but Skal just smiled before becoming more serious and told him.

"I want my child to have her as a mother, I won't have anyone else. When mother decides to give up her throne to me then she will be ruler of the Thenns with me. I will never let her down Tormund." Skal said, speaking of Munda, Tormund's eldest daughter who was wed such as it was to Skal and currently pregnant with their first child.

Lorra and Benjen approached them and seeing them all getting along smiled before Lorra said.

"You boys get to know your uncle Benjen; I'd like to talk with Jon for a bit." She said and Jon immediately felt unsettled at that and reluctantly separated from Ygritte who looked at them with curiosity before they left the main hall and sat in a small side room for privacy.

"Benjen told me...about why Eddard lied about you being his bastard." Lorra said with a sad smile, although she had never met her eldest living brother it sounded like the sort of thing he would do if Lyanna asked him to on her death bed. She was still sad to hear that Lyanna was gone but was eager to get to know her nephew. "I know a bit about what it's like to be a bastard, even in the North." She told him.

Jon knew that although he was not actually a bastard, he had been called one for his entire life and frowned.

"Yes, and he let his wife treat me like how the Seven think all bastards should be treated till she started hurting my...cousin too and that put a stop to it." Jon said with bitterness as Eddard Stark had done little to stop Catelyn Tully's treatment of him till her pet septa had resorted to physically harming him and Meera. Lorra frowned before telling him.

"You and I were lucky." She told him sternly which brought him up short. "Most men would be happy to see the back of a bastard if it saved their reputation and marriage but he and my father too risked their names and reputations rather than having us killed or sent as far away as possible. They took us into their homes and raised us, made us a part of their family. Had us taught by educated people. Most people would give their souls to have even the smallest part of that." She told him sternly.

Jon was immediately left feeling very guilty for being so ungrateful for all he had been given. A home, a family, an education...so much that had not been necessary. His cousins had treated him as one of them regardless of him being apparent evidence of their father's infidelity. Robb and Meera had even insisted he share their name day since he did not know his own.

He had been very lucky indeed.

The eyes of his newly discovered aunt reminded him of Eddard for a moment, Jon was still finding it hard to change his thoughts about the man that he had called father for so long but in a way he didn't want too. Eddard Stark had been the one who raised him, not Rhaegar Targaryen and risked his entire kingdom to do it. It would have been so easy for him to send Jon as far away as possible or even left him to die.

But he had been as good a father as he could possibly have been to all of them and when they did meet again Jon would have a great deal to thank him for.

"You know you are a lot like Eddard from what Benjen has told me of him." Lorra said with a warm smile coming to her face as she bonded with her nephew. "Brandon and Lyanna were very different, full of fire and life, nothing was a boundary that couldn't be crossed or a mountain that couldn't be climbed. If they were told they couldn't do something or it couldn't be done chances, are they would attempt it just to prove it could." Lorra told him, remembering all the times they had been told not to do something only to do it anyway.

"Sounds a lot like my cousins, Arya is always breaking the rules and Bran climbs regardless of who tells him not too. Meera if she is told something is impossible will work on doing it to prove it can be done." Jon said with a wistful smile wishing they were all together at Winterfell again.

"Then I will enjoy meeting them." Lorra said, liking the sound of her nieces and wondered just what sort of people her nephews were.

River to Torrhen's Square, the North…

House Harlaw was known for creating excellent and successful raiders, its reputation had made it one of the most powerful of Balon Greyjoy's vassals. They contributed a good portion of his fleet and so they were trusted with leading some of the different campaigns or rather raids they were mounting across the Northern coast.

Earl Harlaw was a grey-haired older man with a seeming permanent scowl on his face. He was bitter at being passed over for the chance to wield Nightfall, the Harlaw ancestral sword in favour of his distant cousin despite having served the house far longer and being in his own opinion at least a far better fighter. He was hoping that today he would get enough loot that he could prove he was more worthy of the sword than Harras Earl thought with anger.

So, he was trying to attack Torrhen's Square, one of the best towns in the North and would hopefully not just have plenty of loot but even good-looking women to take, he could certainly use a salt wife or two he thought almost licking his lips in anticipation at taking their cunts.

The five ships he had brought were sailing up the river to the town and would escape the same way when they were done. But the sight of a river gate in their path began to make Earl's confidence falter a little. He had not expected it to be here, in fact it was rare since the establishment of the Iron Throne for anyone to bother with them but the two tall towers with a sturdy chain between them level with the water instantly posed a problem for him. Earl gritted his teeth and commanded as he saw a light on the top of the tower, presumably a beacon being lit.

"Get that chain cut!" He yelled out and some of his strongest men rushed forward with huge axes and swung them hard in the chain but to their surprise the chain didn't break.

Just as Earl was struggling to come up with a way to get through the chain arrow fire started falling down from the towers on the decks of his five ships. Large bolts soon joined them, the angle allowing them punch straight through the wooden decks and let in water. Earl was in too much shock to grasp fully what was happening till he realised that his boats were now all largely holed and wouldn't survive the trip back up the river without sinking let alone the sea in their current state. They needed to be repaired before he could do anything!

"Beach the boats! Take the tower!" He said with fury, his men looked at him like he was mad but with water slowly creeping up around them they had little choice or drown. Using their oars, they pushed the boats so they came to rest on the bank and jumped into the shallow water up to their thighs to wade ashore. The Tower on the side they landed was Earl noticed as he pushed himself through the cold water was heavily fortified and they had no siege equipment. He was about to order the men to run into the forest till they could come up with a plan when the rumbling of hooves started nearby.

They looked up and saw to their horror a squadron of horses charging straight at them with bows in hand, they were slowed by the water and reeds that lined the river so he and his men where helpless to defend themselves. Arrows flew through the air and started striking men down as they struggled forward to get out of the water and have a chance to survive.

Earl managed to get out of the water and stumbled onto the bank but just as he did, he looked up and saw a woman with the look of the North, not that good looking but wholesome enough to take as a salt wife. He would have taken her had he been given the chance but he never got it as she ran him through with her spear.

- x -

Osha smirked as she and the Rangers finished off the Iron Born who honestly were rather pathetic fighters and poor raiders, those North of the Wall were far more lethal than these fools. It had been way too easy she thought with pride but regardless it had been a good day she thought and she had managed to prove she could ride as well as any man and handle herself in a real fight.

Looking at the partly submerged five longboats she considered if they could be re-floated and put into Northern service? That was a question for carpenters and the like but it should be a good boon for her new people. Normally she wouldn't have cared but it would be a real good thing for her reputation around the North if it was doable.

She smirked broadly feeling very proud of herself.

Sea Dragon Castle, Sea Dragon Point…

A large force of Iron Born had tried to land at Sea Dragon to not only raid it but use the land as a staging ground for attacks on the rest of the North but Asher who ran Sea Dragon Castle had other ideas. As a squadron of Northern rangers rode around the enemy camp picked off those that tried to escape, Asher meanwhile led his men straight into the enemy camp.

Asher, easily the best warrior his family had produced in decades was like a force of nature as with a shield in one hand and a sword in another he seemed unstoppable, cutting through Iron Born raiders with no mercy.

He soon however found himself against two Iron Born Lords, Lord Goodbrother and Lord Sunderly who had been tasked with establishing this camp. The two men were older and more experienced fighters than the rest of their men and had the intelligence to fight together against him.

Asher however proved how good he was at fighting by using his sword and shield interchangeably between them to attack one while defending against the other, he blocked the sword of Lord Sunderly with his shield while parrying the blade of Lord Goodbrother with his own sword.

The battle raged on around them but then Lord Sunderly made a mistake, in his desperation to break through Asher's defence he thrust to hard so when he came too close, Asher was able to smash his face in with the shield. Dazed he stumbled back but was out of the fight for crucial moments that allowed Asher to briefly focus all his attention on Lord Goodbrother, the man was older than Asher and far less skilled. Asher was easily able now he no longer had to divide his attention between them to force the man's sword aside with his shield and then skilfully impale Lord Goodbrother through the chest which was covered with only light leather armour.

Pulling his sword out Asher then turned to Lord Sunderly who was trying to get back on his feet but without pity Asher swung his sword across the Iron lord's throat.

The Red Keep, Kings Landing…

Tyrion was growing increasingly frustrated with Cersei as she did every single thing, she could to undermine their attempts to keep the city safe and secure. He and Bronn were watching as she tried to leave the castle with a bunch of guards to attend to her secret project.

Tyrion however had a group of his own men standing in their path and they did not even get as far as the gate before they were stopped. Tyrion with a sigh walked over with Bronn and some of his men as Cersei made loud demands.

"I am the Queen! YOU WILL LET ME PASS!" She demanded but the guards didn't move and only looked to Tyrion as he approached, seeing this Cersei turned and nearly foamed at the mouth.

"What is the meaning of this?" She demanded, not asked but demanded but Tyrion who had other places to be did not bother getting into an argument with her and instead made his intentions plain.

"I have no intention of you going to the pyromancers so you can have more wildfire made. I will not risk you burning the entire city down since you cannot comprehend just how dangerous and foolish it is to try and use wildfire defensively." Tyrion said with a mixed look of dismay and disgust on his face. Bronn too looked unimpressed and spoke.

"I don't know, your grace if you have ever seen a battle but they can get a bit messy because when we're flinging things at Stannis, he's flinging them right back at us. Men die, men shit themselves, men run which means pots falling, meaning the poor cunts trying to defend the city end up burning it down." Bronn said in his rude and uncouth way but in this he and Tyrion were of one mind.

"Quite right Ser Bronn." A nasally voice said and to Tyrion's dismay he saw Joffrey approach with the Hound at his side. "But while we do need to dispose of the wildfire, I may have a use for it. Stokeworth was used as an assembly point of the force that attacked against the city was it not?" Joffrey asked not his mother but Tyrion who nodded while looking rather fearful of what Joffrey might be planning to do with that wildfire.

"Lord Prester and I will take a force of our own to Stokeworth and use the wildfire against it. That way we get rid of the wildfire safely and not only dispose of an enemy but send a message to the other crownlords and remind them just who sits on the throne." Joffrey said with a wild savagery in his eyes. A chill ran down the spine of Tyrion, Bronn, the Hound and several others who realised just what wildfire was like. Cersei who had been angry a moment later was now beaming with pride at her son. Only for that to change a moment later when Joffrey suddenly turned towards her

"That does not mean mother that you are forgiven for nearly burning down my city!" Joffrey said with a nasty smirk which instantly made Cersei stop smiling and Joffrey then told them her punishment. "One lash for every hundred jars. How many jars have the pyromancers made Lord Hand?" Joffrey asked Tyrion who was still very troubled by Joffrey's intention to use the wildfire and answered reluctantly as Cersei sudden began looking fearful.

"Twelve hundred." Tyrion said and Joffrey nodded with a look of glee on his face.

"Twelve lashes then...with an iron whip. Now take her away." Joffrey said with a horrible smirk on his face before turning to his mother who was now looking terrified of her own son.

"JOFFREY! NO!" She started screaming as guards dragged her off for her punishment while the rest all kept quiet, not wanting to bring Joffrey's wrath on themselves.

Tyrion was not happy that Joffrey was about to do what he was about to do. It was so close to the madness of the Mad King that he would likely be named as such soon if he wasn't already. He had no interest in saving Joffrey of course but for now it was not the time to replace him.

Tyrion decided to leave and spend some time in his theatre where at least he could get away from court for a while, a chill ran up his spine and as he checked the accounts upon arrival was at least glad to see his play was well received Tyrion realised he might need a plan in place to end Joffrey quickly if it came to that.

- x -

Stokeworth, the Crownlands…A Week Later...

The castle of Stokeworth was a small castle but appointed well since the land was rich and prosperous and currently lacked any lord having died before the attack. The late lord had left no sons but a few daughters who were not worth much and so to save their position they had allied with the rebels against Joffrey.

To that end the Lannister reinforcements that Lord Prester had brought on orders of Tywin Lannister had assembled within range of the castle. Trebuchets were being assembled and the jars of wildfire sat in a specially adapted group of carts nearby.

Joffrey stood with Lord Prester as the jars kept together within a net were loaded into the scoop of the trebuchet and aimed straight at the castle walls.

"AIM." Lord Prester commanded his men before turning to his king and asking. "Would you like to give the command your grace?" He asked and Joffrey with almost giddy anticipation wasted no more time and commanded.

"LOOSE!" Joffrey yelled loudly and the men to their credit didn't hesitate to obey the command.

The mechanism threw the jar filled nets high into the air and sent them flying straight towards the castle, missing the walls and smashing down within, the men Lord Prester had brought being exceptionally well trained.

The jars smashing open while fully exposed to the sun caused the dangerous mixture to ignite into massive fireball that engulfed everything around it. The green flames consumed everyone around it and Ser Jaime who was guarding Joffrey was visibly unsettled as the screams that he well remembered from his days as part of the Kingsguard for the Mad King repeated. The more pots that were flung at the castle the greater the spread of the flames.

Joffrey however was smiling with a sinister grin that honestly didn't seem human and scared many older men who saw it, even Jaime who was now wondering just what demon he had brought into this world by sleeping with his twin and could only be glad that he had given up the practice. He only wished he had never done the first time though as this mad creature he had created seemed to be getting more dangerous every moment.

"If you will permit me to say it your grace." The elder Lord Prester said with a smile. "You do remind me of Lord Tywin himself when he was younger. Not only in look, but back then and too this day he will tolerate no dissent and punish severely those that do."

Joffrey smirked widely and said to Lord Prester.

"Worry not Lord Prester, given my grandfather's reputation and all he has accomplished even if he has so far failed to stop Stannis and Renly, I take it as a compliment to be like him." Joffrey said with a vicious smirk but Jaime who had been listening in silence could only think to himself in horror.

No Joffrey, you're not like him. My father might be ruthless and he might be dangerous if crossed but he is practical and not a complete monster...not like you. Jaime thought with worry, knowing he would need to spend quite a while drinking to forget the events of today.

Lannister Camp, the Reach…

While Joffrey was burning Stokeworth to the ground Tywin was getting increasingly furious with the situation, he was fighting a war and seemed to be losing ground faster than he could gain it and would have considered pulling his army back to Kings Landing so he could not only keep full control of the capital but be closer to his own supply lines while Stannis and Renly fought it out but an unexpected development had made the situation much more in his favour.

A certain party involved in one of the enemy camps had become very dissatisfied with how things were and was willing to speak with him. Tywin knew there were many details to be fleshed out but if the negotiations bore fruit, then the situation would change dramatically in his favour.

It would be a while before he could take advantage of this but for now, he had had to hope that Ser Gregor proved just how dangerous he was...to remind Stannis that he wasn't the only one with a vicious weapon to use.

- x -

Ice River Clan Camp, The Reach…

A camp of the cannibals was enjoying the warmth of the day while helping themselves to the fresh...meat they had acquired in their raids of Reach villages. Men who had worked the fields and had muscle on their bodies while others who were fat simmered alongside them.

This camp had no women here, this was a camp for raiders while the majority of their people and stolen women and girls were held elsewhere. They had little worry or care as they enjoyed the spoils of their victory.

The thundering of hooves however broke them from their day of rest, looking up they saw a huge man in heavy armour charging straight at them on an enormous horse while men behind him did the same. The cannibals quickly reached for their weapons and prepared to fight, the land was too flat and had nowhere they could flee too faster than the horses could catch them so they would have to stand and fight.

Ser Gregor, finally having the object of his hatred in his sight was burning with fury and held his enormous great sword in hand while holding the reins of his horse in the other. The moment one of the cannibals finally were within his reach he swung his sword with all the hatred he could muster at the cannibal as he rode past.

The sword's steel blade sliced clean through the man with all of Gregor's great strength behind it. He wasted no time in riding anymore and dismounted for his horse in full armour and with the fury of an animal rather than a man he roared as he swung his sword into another nasty looking cannibal charging at him with a battle axe while his men rode around the cannibals and began butchering them as fast as was possible.

Gregor himself was excited in his vicious and cruel way to at last he could start wiping out these fucks that had been stealing his kills and fun.

- x -

At another camp, not far from the other one that was under attack the Windblown were launching an attack of their own. The horses encircled the camp to prevent any one escaping while the infantry charged in to wipe out the cannibals.

The Tattered Prince with his cape of many colours was leading the assault, despite his apparent advanced age he was still an agile and efficient fighter, his sword swinging or stabbing through the enemy with deadly accuracy.

There was a difference however as to how the Windblown managed the attack as opposed to Ser Gregor. They took prisoners, not so they could face some kind of punishment for their actions but rather so they could torture them to find the location of their other camps.

Derring Downs, the Reach…

While the Tyrells and Lannisters were finally striking back at Ice River Clans Brienne of Tarth was feeling the most important and capable she ever had before as her king who had allowed her to join his Kingsguard or Rainbow Guard as he called it had ordered her to take command of a small army to mount an attack on a Lannister camp near the caves of Derring Downs.

Brienne rode her horse into battle with the other knights and felt no real fear despite it being her first real battle. The forces of House Yarwyck were small and unimpressive compared to most the houses that Tywin Lannister commanded. Their tactics were basic and lacked depth so it did not take much to outwit them. They had even been able to lead their men closer to the enemy camp by using the caves.

Apparently, the location of the camp had been leaked by a spy, a sympathetic supporter of House Baratheon who had gained much information on the moves of the enemy. While Brienne was glad that someone recognised that his grace would be a good king, she did think it suspicious that this information was so useful and always seemed to be accurate.

Still, it was worth their trust she thought as she caved in one soldier's head with her sword's pommel before a halberd like the one that was on the banner of House Yarwyck was swung at her but she managed to jump back in time for the blade to miss her. She knew she had to get close enough for a sword strike so she grabbed a shield that one of the Yarwyck soldiers had dropped and used it to block the next attack so she could get far enough forward that the enemy who might from his elaborate armour the lord in charge, wouldn't be able to swing his halberd properly. In such close quarters a weapon that large was a hindrance.

With his weapon now a major issue Brienne stabbed her sword with ease through the gaps in his armour and ended his life. While she did not relish it this was her duty and she would fulfil it and deliver the first victory for King Renly in the war.

Cape of Eagles, the Riverlands…

Yara Greyjoy, knowing that further attacks on the North would get her nowhere had decided to try her luck elsewhere. While she might get richer pickings in the Westerlands or the Reach they were much further away when a far better and unsuspecting target was much closer to hand.

The Riverlands had once been theirs and while she knew they wouldn't be able to conquer it at their current strength let alone hold it for long. So Yara thought, trying to be cunning she would raid it and use its extensive waterways and her longboats shallow draft to strike deep into its heart and escape with her gains.

The Cape of Eagles was a good place to start, while there was no port it did have a number of fishing villages that were lightly defended and House Mallister was not yet rallying its own men so they were ripe for raiding.

As her boats landed the screams were music to her ears as she and her men charged in, their weapons already in hand and their yells filled the air around them rivalled only by the screams of the locals.

Yara had her throwing axes in hand and seeing a bunch of fools who were trying to fight with a pair of crude fishing spears she smirked as she threw them, especially as they were trying to protect a group of young girls and women that were likely their families, even boys who could barely hold their spears were joining in. Their cries of pain as the axes buried themselves in the men's chests which allowed her raiders to finish them and the little boys off before advancing towards the terrified women and girls who screamed as Yara's men tore their clothes from their bodies and began to have their fun.

Yara didn't even give it a second glance as she helped herself to some nice-looking furs that would keep her bed warm at night, chuckling as she managed to launch the first successful raid of the war so far. She turned away from the woman who were now forced to the ground as they were assaulted and ignored their screams for mercy as she went to look for something else worth claiming.

Later on, those same women and girls huddled together in the hold of her ship as they were claimed as salt wives and Yara feeling proud of herself at the helm.

Winterfell, the North…

Robb Stark had returned briefly to Winterfell to meet with his lords to discuss strategy and new developments along with checking on his pregnant wife. He was standing at the head of a long table with maps of the North and Riverlands laid out on it and many of his senior lords around it. Wylla and Sansa sat with them as Robb read the message he had received from Lord Blackwood and Lord Mallister.

"The damage inflicted is terrible and more raids are expected soon. With the rivers they can strike anywhere in the Riverlands with little to no warning," Robb said to them before putting down the letter and telling them the only reason he was considering getting involved.

"The Twins, Rickon's future holding, Raventree Hall and Seagard are all under threat. This has the potential to endanger our allies there not to mention our grain production. To that end I have decided to protect our own interests down there and some of the few families worth a damn namely the Blackwoods and Mallisters. Both have been good friends to the North, so I will lead a force down there to help in the defence of their lands while in my stead I appoint Lord Glover and Lord Forrester to command the defence of the North's coast. Wylla and Sansa will continue to be in charge of Winterfell while Lord Umber and Lord Karstark will reinforce our eastern coast and Northern front in case the Wildlings attack the Wall and the Nights Watch needs our help." Robb commanded and the lords in question did not look happy about wasting their time helping the southerners but since it was helping their allies in the south, they were loyal to Winterfell and it was protecting their own interests they accepted it.

"Making sure that we are all able to co-ordinate Harrion Karstark will handle matters of defence from here in my stead." Robb said, entrusting his soon-to-be good brother with military affairs so his wife and sister could concentrate on running the North as a whole.

"Roose will lead some of my men to join you." Lord Ryswell said with a tired look in his eyes. The old man had been badly ill recently and had not yet recovered so he left management of the Rills to his heir Roger while Rickard ran the Dreadfort as his own. Robb nodded and spoke.

"It is appreciated Lord Ryswell, I will not take a large force but enough to help the armies down there already fight the Iron Born. Strangely the Skargosi have also agreed to send men to fight with us in the Riverlands." Robb said with an edge to his voice. The other lords and ladies present all looked at him with surprise and suspicion, knowing as well as him that the Skargosi were far too rebellious to be trusted and to be honest Robb had thought they might even rebel given the situation around the North at the moment but surprisingly they were actually answering the call to arms and pledging their warriors to his cause.

He didn't trust them, he like everyone present knew their reputation and their disloyalty to the rest of the North, this seemed...odd. To odd to be trusted, so Robb would accept their help, but watch them closely.

Wylla in particular as not pleased about this and jabbed her finger into his chest, saying with anger.

"You had best come back before our child is born." She said, her belly was already showing now months along. Robb however just took her hand as it poked her chest and gently kissed her palm while saying.

"I promise." He told her and she with her emotions running rampant nearly started crying but instead kissed him while the other lords and Sansa present all smiled, seeing the scene before them for what it was and hoping that Robb would indeed be home in time for his child to be born.

Dothraki Camp, Essos…

Daenerys had been sat in her tent for quite some time, grappling with a debate as she looked at the eggs in front of her.

The dragon eggs specifically, alongside the fire crystal and the book.

Dragons would be a great boon to her cause she realised, it had been her dream since she had received the eggs to find some way to hatch them and one day ride them through the sky. Maybe alongside her future child she thought putting a hand to her stomach with great emotion.

However, Daenerys thought there was danger to this. She was fairly certain she could feed and train the dragons, even control them but it was how others would feel that worried her the most. The fear it might create which while useful in its own right to open some doors it might also close some doors to certain alliances.

It was a question she had been debating since the moment she had acquired the crystal; it was potentially a world shaker and would allow her to build her empire much quicker if it worked out...but that was a big if.

She got up from the cushions where she had been sitting and looked down at the eggs, standing there for goodness only knows how long. Lost in her own thoughts and not sure just what to do.

Finally, though she was disturbed from this by a voice at the tent's entrance.

"Khaleesi." Ser Jorah said with a hesitant voice, she pulled herself together and turned, fixing a smile to her face and replied.

"Yes Ser Jorah, what is it?" She asked him pleasantly and the man took that as permission to walk into the tent with a woman at his side that Daenerys had never seen before.

She was older than she was by a decade at least maybe a little more. She was paler than the Dothraki with dark brown hair and light green eyes but what caught Daenerys's attention the most was the large scars across her face. They were brutal and if not for them she might even have been considered beautiful if stern, then again in a dress she would have looked out of place Daenerys thought with a smile as in her heavy if mixed rough looking armour she was a picture of strength.

"Khaleesi, this is Beskha. Formally of the Slave fighting pits of Meereen she has fled her masters there before becoming a good sellsword and seeks to join us here. She is from what I know of her a highly capable fighter and her expertise will be useful in training new warriors." Jorah told Daenerys who looked at Beskha who scoffed before saying.

"I can speak for myself you know." Her voice was smooth which was surprising given where she had come from and her eyes rolled which did make Jorah a little indignant but Daenerys immediately took a liking to her. "I want to find myself somewhere to stay that is worth my time. I've been hunting bounties for a while now and it is getting stale. You give me that, and a little gold for drinking money then I will fight for you." Beskha said with an easy-going smirk.

Daenerys of course knew better than to just trust a sellsword as she had enemies and they would love to have her killed but Beskha could she realised be very useful to her and it wasn't so much to pay for an apparently capable fighter.

"Very well, find her a tent and I should warn you...Dothraki are as eager for a woman's body as any man anywhere so make sure you are secure in your tent." Daenerys warned her but Beskha laughed before saying.

"If they want a warm body for the night then they had best please me first. I'd crack their heads in if they didn't." Beskha said with a chuckle and somehow Daenerys had no trouble believing it and now was smiling herself.

"Then welcome Beskha, I hope you will enjoy yourself here." Daenerys said and the other woman who smiled widely before leaving with Ser Jorah to find her a tent.

Daenerys still with a smile on her face turned back towards the dragon eggs and knew that ultimately, she could never control everything. She would never even try and while worrying about what others might be useful in staying grounded, she had to remember she was trying to build an empire here...some people were bound to not be happy about it regardless of what she did.

- x -

Later that night, accompanied by her husband and closest she stood in front of the dragon eggs that had been placed in a nest of wood and cloth while she stood some way off with the fire crystal in her hands.

The others were not sure just what to expect but Daenerys, doing what the book had told her made a cut on her palm and let three drops of blood fall on the crystal which glowed a deep crimson for a moment and the heat inside became more intense. Daenerys could feel the incredible force just waiting inside to be released, she swallowed her sudden nervousness and gave her full attention to the task at hand, looking at the eggs and nothing else before saying one word in High Valyrian.

"Dracarys." She said, almost in a whisper but with all the concentration she could.

A moment of complete silence followed, nothing happening which made her wonder if she had been wasting her time but then in the blink of an eye...everything changed.

The crystal much to the surprise and fear of everyone glowed brightly and shot out a powerful burst of flame that would have rivalled an actual dragon's breath. Everyone behind Daenerys looked on with shock and fear for her while she with wide eyes held onto the crystal for dear life and hoped that she could focus the flames. The force it created sent her hair flying up behind her head and her clothes it they were loose too.

Thankfully the flames stopped after what seemed like an eternity for Daenerys and she was able to put the crystal back in its metal box. She looked at it with unease before turning back to look at the makeshift nest and her breath caught in her throat as in the middle of a blacked earth and pile of ash were three small dragon hatchlings squirming in the dust.

Niflheim, Free Folk Settlement…

The settlement that Josera and Elsera's leader had apparently created was impressive when you considered that it had come from nothing. Unskilled people had to be taught, materials gathered and turned into more useful parts to build and maintain the settlement. Training people in new skills as she well knew was a long and difficult job wherever you were so whoever this person was...Meera wanted to shake her hand.

They were allowed to enter, the eyes of the wildlings inside were suspicious but Meera held her head high and her party even Mira and Quentyn walked behind her although like her they kept their weapons close to hand. Josera and Elsera were both quite popular it seemed and people came up to give them hugs and other greetings as they walked through the town. Meera wasn't like most northern people or the rest of Westeros that thought of them as wild and vicious beasts, some of them were like that she knew but most of them were just people trying to live in a hostile world. Some of her own party she noticed where looking scared at being in the camp and she would admit some fear herself but one part of her that had never changed from being Harry was that she cared more for those she loved than for her own safety.

Jon and Uncle Benjen were here she thought with desperation, and she was going to bring them home.

Josera and Elsera quickly brought them to the centre of town where they saw a good-sized hall that looked somewhat like a longhouse that the Vikings might have made albeit larger than those she knew about. She followed them inside and the warmth was appreciated after so long in the bitter cold but what really made her smile was the sight of her uncle and brother straight in front of her.

They too looked at her with smiles and Jon walked forward while she met him in the middle, seizing each other in a hug as she honestly was so relieved to see him okay. He looked far better than she had been expecting given how long he had been a prisoner.

They stayed like that for a while before finally breaking apart when Uncle Benjen and a striking woman with flame coloured hair walked over.

"Thank the gods you are safe." Meera said, giving her uncle a hug which he warmly returned.

"So are we to see that you are too. But first Meera there is someone I want you to meet." Benjen said with a smile before letting her go and turning to the other woman present. "Meera, this is your Aunt Lorra."

Meera blinked in surprise as did her party, no-one having expected that. Benjen quickly explained just who 'Lorra' was and awkwardly Meera stood face to face with her aunt. Lorra was looking as uncertain as she herself felt which was reassuring as they were still very much strangers to each other. Then Benjen said while Jon smiled.

"I can't wait to let Ned know; I'm surprised he let you come so far North with such a small party though. Would have thought he would have made you bring a small army." Benjen said almost joking.

However, any warmth that might have gathered in Meera's heart quickly fled as she was faced with something she hadn't even considered when she set out to find them.

That she would have to tell them…what had happened in Kings Landing. A heavy weight settled on her chest and she really wished she could put off telling them but, in the end, she simply didn't have the heart to lie to them.

"Jon, Uncle Benjen...father is dead." Meera said with a mournful voice.

The silence that followed those words was awful and tense, Benjen and Jon could hardly believe it and Lorra herself was silent with shock.

"I... I couldn't save him...I'm sorry." Meera said as her guilt over her father dying when she had sworn to keep him safe coming back to stab at her. She couldn't even look Jon or Benjen in the eyes before she recounted what had happened in Kings Landing.

- x -

Mira Forrester while her lady told Jon, Benjen and this new Stark what had happened in Kings Landing, she was standing next to her half-siblings...the ones she hadn't even gotten up the courage to talk to yet.

She had no idea just what could have made her loyal and honourable father sleep with a woman out of wedlock? She knew of course that a lot of men did especially with whores but the idea her own father had done it perhaps around the time of marrying her mother given the twins age...that was really hard for her to understand.

She didn't want to admit her connection to them! She thought angrily, she didn't want this to be happening! She wanted her family to be the way it had been before coming here!

She didn't need two new siblings, even if they were half-siblings Mira thought stubbornly.

Mira knew that bastards were not nasty people by nature, they were just people as Jon proved. But the fact that her father had likely betrayed her mother and then banished his shame beyond the Wall so they couldn't threaten his marriage...it was just too much for her to take.

However, she had to remove her outer cloak as the heat of the hall made it uncomfortable and when she did, Josera and Elsera both noticed something around her neck.

Mira suddenly stopped still as she saw them looking at her with expression of disbelief on their faces. She then realised from their eyes what it was they had seen...the Forrester Medallion she wore around her neck!

She went to cover it but it was too late as Josera grabbed hold of the Medallion and held it up to the light so they could see it better. Their expressions hardened as they realised just what family she belonged too and that they must be related.

"Who are you?" Josera said with a low growl, his eyes intense as were his sister's as they bore into her. Mira was a little scared at the intense looks they were giving her; she had never been on the receiving end of such looks.

"Mira...Mira Forrester." She said reluctantly and tried to avert her eyes but Elsera grabbed her by the chin and made her look at them. No one else seemed to have noticed the three of them as they were too focused on the Starks, meaning no one was there to intervene on her behalf.

"His...little lady." Josera said with spite and she almost cringed away from the strength of it. "Who grew up nice and safe in a castle while we were sent to this gods-forsaken hell to hide his shame. Who was taught to read and write no doubt and grew up warm in her mother and father's love?" He told her with disgust. Elsera while not as intense as her brother looked at her with disdain as well.

"I should have seen it before." Josera said with anger, his face becoming almost red with his rage. "You have the same eyes as us! The same eyes as him!" He spat out.

Mira who was now terrified realised much to her own shock that he was right, they all had the exact same shade of light green in their eyes. Even down to the flakes of gold around the pupil, she even had the same chin and shaped face as Elsera. This was only making her feel worse so when the twins took one more look at her and stormed out leaving her nearly shaking in their wake.

Meera and Jon excused themselves from the hall, seeing that no one was following them except her Unsullied thankfully. Their heads to full of emotion to fully understand anything right now as they all struggled to cope with all the changes in their lives.

For Jon it was heart wrenching, Father was dead...he thought despite knowing that Lord Eddard had not been his real father he still loved him like one. He had wanted to go back to Winterfell and actually thank him for all that he had done for him. Ghost, feeling his distress rubbed his big white head against Jon's leg which Jon did appreciate and rubbed the wolf gently behind the ears.

Meera meanwhile was struggling not only the renewed pain of having to deal with her father's death which she was still coming to terms with but also the fact that she had a new aunt out of nowhere it seemed. One that ruled over a good number of the people on this side of the Wall no less and she had three sons of her own, not that far apart from her and Jon in age.

It was a day for surprises and she was about to find out that it wasn't over yet.

Just as they were about to try and talk to each other, the most regal and tall woman Meera and Jon had ever seen appeared. She was stern faced but beautiful and her dark raven hair would make a Baratheon's look pale in comparison. They both looked at her with surprise while she in turn looked at Gungnir which Meera still had on her back. She tilted her head and then told them.

"So, it's true, you do wield Gungnir. I had never expected to see it since..." She said trailing off as if caught in a memory and not a pleasant one judging by the grief in her eyes and face. She however turned back to them just as someone else turned up.

"Loki." Jon with anger at the man who had kidnapped them and had used them as bait to draw Meera out here. Meera herself was shocked at the name; she knew it from her knowledge of Earth. The Norse god of Mischief, a brother to Thor and a trickster that loved causing trouble wherever he went. Her eyes narrowed as she knew if he was the real Loki, she should never trust him. It would hardly be the strangest thing to meet the real Loki given her spear had the same name and was likely to be the same weapon wielded by Odin, the head of the Norse gods himself.

"So, the girl with two lives knows of me." Loki said with a sly grin and a knowing look in his eyes. Meera was startled at how much Loki seemed to know about her and her other life as Harry. Jon looked at her strangely for the mention of her having two lives but said nothing. "Good, then you will need these where you are going." Loki said with a vicious smirk and threw two rings with rather good-sized red diamonds in them. Without thinking they caught them and felt the warmth in their hands coming from the red diamonds.

"Valyrian firegems, will create fire if given blood. But now if you are going to face the White Walkers you will need some incentive and if you succeed there will be a little reward." Loki said with a devilish smirk before disappearing in a cloud of green fog. The woman and them all stared for a moment in surprise before the woman called out with anger in a refined accent that Meera couldn't place.

"DAMN YOU LOKI! THIS ISN'T WHAT WE AGREED TOO! I should never have thought centuries here could have changed you." The woman said and cries started coming from the hall. The three ran back and looked into the hall in time to see Loki standing there with a number of people including most of their party glowing green briefly as Loki himself smirked.

"I cursed some of those you care about, they will never be able to leave this town if you cannot defeat the walkers and given the walkers are on their way it will be a death sentence or worse." Loki said with a vicious look in his eye. "The weapons you need are in the chests I brought, special armour for you to wear my dear and my dear Unsullied." He said turning to the dozen or so Unsullied he had brought with him who all turned at him addressing them. "Will follow you. Have fun." He said with a teasing smirk before disappearing again.

"SIF!" Lorra called out with worry on her face. The name also familiar to Meera but that was the last thing on her mind as they dealt with Loki's actions. "What is happening?" Lorra asked desperately. Meera could feel the aura of dark magic that was making the air around them heavier so she knew this curse was no bluff.

"Loki has cursed a lot of you, check your body. There will be some kind of mark somewhere." Sif said and they all started looking all over their bodies, Meera and Jon among them. Meera and Jon found no marks on them but Lorra and her sons all found a green mark on their right shoulders. Benjen and Grenn from Jon's group did as well. All three of Craster's daughters too had the mark on their shoulders while Mira along with Ser Gerris Drinkwater and Ser Cletus Yronwood all found one on their own shoulders. Even Ghost had one!

"What the hell?!" Grenn said with fear while Meera looked at the twenty or so Unsullied from her party and Loki's, two members of the Nights Watch she believed were called Samwell and Edd, Gendry and her own guards, Prince Quentyn and Ser Wells.

This was it? She thought with worry, she was supposed to fight the White Walkers with this!

While the others milled around, she stormed forward and opened the chests to see just what the hell Loki had given her to fight them with. The boxes were filled with dragonglass spears and daggers which she blanched at and according to myth may work against them but also there were many bottles with rags tucked into them like a stopper. They looked filled with some kind of clear liquid and she carefully smelt the rag only to reel away at the pungent smell that she couldn't place exactly but was not unlike the smell at petrol stations on the other world, that was when she realised just what they were...primitive Molotov Cocktails.

Well Loki, Meera thought with anger. You are threatening the people I love and I would like nothing more than to stab my spear straight through your smug face but at least he had given them some weapons that might actually be useful.

She kicked open the last chest, expecting to see more of the same but was shocked at just what was inside.

It was a set of armour, designed for a woman and its metal plates were dark with very distinctive ripples in the steel. Meera ran her fingers over the cool metal and saw a Valyrian steel sword had been included with the armour, it was itself an interesting piece with a beautiful red stone in the hilt which had been styled to look like flames and even coloured gold to achieve the effect.

Meera was even more spooked when she realised that the suit was built perfectly for her size and shape...it would fit her like a glove.

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