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Chapter 24 - Battle for the Dawn Part 4

Warm Caves, Beyond the Wall…

The weather had improved since they had wiped out the Army of the Dead and inside their fortified village the group was feeling much better about their chances. Sure, they were still afraid but now the odds were turning somewhat in their favour.

The group gathered for their daily meal and sat around the fire to stay warm while sharing some stories.

"Then I just laid the bastard out with a punch and told his sister not to believe his lies. He was no dragon and people only care about being fed, not who rules them. That she could be more than a puppet for this lunatic. To make her own life and do whatever she wanted to do." Meera told them, deciding since it was her turn to speak that she would tell them what had happened when she and her father had gone to Braavos years ago, just finishing up with the moment they had boarded the ship back home.

"Hear hear!" Ygritte said loudly from where she was sitting with Jon with a broad grin on her face. They all smiled at little at her enthusiasm but Meera briefly allowed her thoughts to wander back to that young girl. She was about her age and she wondered just what had become of her? She hoped she was well and her idiot brother hadn't gotten her killed.

She wished she'd had the sense at the time to ask the girl her name as it would make finding them easier now but unfortunately, she hadn't and so there was little to nothing that she could do.

"Best get some sleep before we decide what to do tomorrow." Quentyn said with a tired look in his eye. "I'll take the first watch."

"Good idea, I'll take over in a couple of hours." Meera said before Quentyn went to take his turn on the walls while the others went to their bed rolls and did their best to get warm.

Jon and Ygritte however snuck off into the caves to enjoy some private time together. The others chose to leave them to it as it was their business, Meera smiled widest though as she was glad that at last her brother was actually doing something for himself rather than a notion of honour or duty.

She was going to leave their relationship alone; it deserved a chance to flourish Meera thought with some worry they all needed something to pick them up right now. All of them did she thought with a sigh and hoped that their luck held.

- x -

A couple of hours later Meera woke up, adjusted her clothes and went over to the walls where Quentyn was vigilantly standing guard and looking very cold and tired. She walked up to him and told him.

"Get back inside and warm yourself up not to mention some sleep." She told him and he nodded, telling her.

"Nothing so far, why are they waiting? They know we're here." He asked not sure if he wanted to know the answer but felt he had to ask anyway. Meera frowned before telling him.

"I think they planned on just overwhelming us with their Army. Now that they don't have it anymore, they are considering their tactics." Meera said with a grim look on her face as she considered the different possibilities and smirked slightly before adding. "I bet you didn't think you would be here trying to save all that lives when you decided to come North?" She said, trying to bring some levity to the situation.

Quentyn managed a small smile, before telling her.

"No, I was just here to make sure my family had good relations with the Starks." He said with some exasperation.

"So, we'd go along with their plans? To bring down the Lannisters and the Baratheons no doubt." Meera said, losing her smile and he frowned, looking ready to deny it but she told him sternly. "Come on Quentyn. In what might be our last days alive we should be honest with each other." She looked at him with a hard stare that eventually broke his resolve.

"Yes. Yes, you are right." He admitted reluctantly. Not sure if he should but his conscience refused to allow him to lie to her. "The plan is to isolate the Lannisters and destroy them…Joffrey…" Quentyn said and she already knew what he was going to say answered for him.

"Isn't Robert's son, I know." Meera said with a sad smile which made him blink in surprise, realising he had underestimated her again. "We figured that out in Kings Landing, even Robert knew." She said with a shake of her head.

Quentyn was astonished to hear that and she explained to him. "Robert wanted to act but with the Lannister's hold on Kings Landing was so strong he was constricted not to mention he discovered he had some sickness; it was killing him. The only reason he came to name my father Hand of the King was so he could make us aware of the true parentage of Cersei's children and to spend his remaining time with his best friend…my father." Meera said with a sad look on her face as she wished it had been so but Baelish had ruined that, curse him Meera thought with venom.

"Robert's plan was to bleed Tywin Lannister dry of gold since the mines of Casterly Rock have run dry and they had no other alliances in Westeros. So, the other houses would rally behind Stannis and destroy them." Meera told Quentyn who listened carefully, thinking his family had clearly underestimated Robert Baratheon if this had been the case. "However, Renly ruined that plan by becoming ambitious and digging himself in deep with the Tyrells if what we heard before we crossed the Wall is true. I dread to think what is going on down there right now." Meera said wondering if Renly was just really stupid as without meaning to sound demeaning…he was never going to rule easy without an heir. She had learned of his night-time encounters with Loras Tyrell and while she hadn't cared as either Meera or Harry about whether you were gay or not, without an heir no king sat easy on the throne.

"I see my family isn't the only ones who know how to play the game Lady Meera Stark." Quentyn said with a respectful nod and Meera who had not been taught and learned much on her own could only shrug.

"We Starks are aware of the game; we just prefer not to play in the South. In our own lands, yes but only to secure our position and to ensure the wellbeing of the North. It's a land we know and love, my family doesn't care for much else. Our duty is our life and our dedication to our family. Starks are like the wolves we have as our symbol, we move as a pack, we defend as a pack and if necessary, we strike as a pack." Meera said with a smirk on her face, glad the rest of the family was hopefully much safer in the south. She knew the Iron Born were almost certainly attacking the North by now and was just hoping her brothers and sisters were alright. She had complete faith in them to manage but that didn't stop her worrying.

Quentyn honestly was starting to understand both the Starks and her a lot better now, they were far from foolish if simplistic in their goals but that gave them as an advantage. They weren't trying for more power, they just wanted to maintain what they had and could devote their focus to that. It was easier to just protect what they had rather than protect what you had and expand your grip at the same time.

His family had once been much the same, focusing solely on Dorne and their position within it. Then the Targaryens had managed to convince them to join their rest of Westeros under them. Then they had gotten caught up in the great game as well but at least on some level they had stayed rooted in their home.

Maybe the Starks and Martells weren't so different he thought and realised now that they had only gone along with the Lannisters in Kings Landing because it had been the smart move at the time and had no love for them at all. As long as it didn't hurt the North they didn't care what happened south of the Neck.

He honestly didn't feel so tired anymore as he stayed with her and they gently talked about their families and even their own plans for the future some more before a few hours later Gendry came to relieve them. He stared at the two with suspicion but neither seemed flush or anything like that and he was here to serve not to question.

The pair went back inside the hut and got close to the fire pit they had made wrapping themselves up warm and resolving to be fresh for the morning. Unaware that tomorrow would be the hardest day of their little war so far.

Castle Black, the Wall…

Lord Commander Jeor Mormont was an old man and one that was greatly burdened being commander of the Night's Watch which was despite recent improvements thanks to the gold from the mines to the north still in very rough shape. He felt his old bones ache and wished dearly that his son would be here like he had hoped to take over when the time came. He wouldn't be able to go on forever and sooner or later the Watch would need a new Lord Commander.

He hoped perhaps that Jon Snow might join the Watch formally and he could train the lad as his replacement. The lad had the heart of his father even if he didn't have his name and was good with a sword. He had also shown the ability to lead and bring out the best in some men at least, all of which was good qualities for a Watch Commander to have.

But he was unsure if the boy was going to, Jeor thought with annoyance. He could hardly blame him; he was a young man after all with his whole life ahead of him and there were many things outside the Watch that were open to a young man of his skills and connections.

He would just have to keep his options open and hope if Jon Snow didn't join the Watch, then another good candidate would present themselves or just do what he had been planning originally and name Benjen Stark to replace him if he could. He really didn't want to leave the Watch in Thorne's hands, better anyone than him. Bloody arsehole would have the Watch collapse from mutinies within half a year.

He was then distracted from his thoughts by the sound of one of the men on the outer gate.

"Lord Commander!" He called out. "A party from the south. Looks like fresh recruits."

"Open the gates." He called out, hoping their recruiters had managed to get a good-sized group as despite now having enough men to man four castles it was thinly spread and if they hoped to maintain the castles they had and reopen more they needed more men.

The gate opened slowly and revealed a fairly large column of men led by their brothers. However, Jeor frowned as he didn't recognise the brothers leading the column and he knew most if not all of their recruiters personally. Unease spread as he saw the men were armed not with the normal weapons which they usually had but a mixed bunch and he was sure he saw a few stone weapons there. From that he didn't need much more information to realise just what was happening.

"They are not Nights Watch!" Jeor yelled out and the rest of his brothers including Thorne all looked up in surprise.

But the reaction from the column of supposed recruits and recruiters was even more dramatic. In an instant without any hesitation, they dropped any act of being on their side and had their weapons in hand, charging with blood curdling screams at the surprised and unprepared Watch. Jeor was one of the few that had a weapon to hand and even with Longclaw in hand he soon found himself outnumbered as five of the imposters came at him all at once. He was however still a Mormont underneath and was used to fighting while outnumbered.

The young fools that thought because he was an old man and on his own that he would be an easy kill soon found otherwise, he moved with the ferocity of the bear that his family made their banner. He cut down one the moment he got into range and then another a moment after. Delivering a haymaker to another, smashing in his face and kicking the knee of another breaking the bone before stabbing the last one with his sword.

He wasn't the only one fighting he thought with some relief as other members of the Watch took up whatever weapons they had to hand. One man he saw was swinging around two large buckets and smashing them hard into the heads of their attackers. Thorne to his credit was always armed and was fighting as hard as possible but unfortunately there was such chaos no-one was able to close the gates which were now admitting others that clearly, he realised with great alarm were wildlings!

Eventually enough men surrounded him and the other members of the watch that they had no chance of escape or winning. However, as he saw Thorne be impaled by the Lord of Bones, identifiable by his 'unique' armour which disgusted Jeor, he himself was overwhelmed by men grabbing at him. He lashed out with his sword and fists and feet but it was no good…there were simply too many of them to resist.

He felt his sword being ripped from his hand and soon he was down on his knees, he struggled and it took quite a few of them to hold him down. Something he would have taken pride in if he were not being restrained by animals like them, he thought with anger.

He saw most of his brothers being ruthlessly slain before the wildlings cheered with a savage bloodlust, some holding up the severed jagged heads of Watch men while others stood over broken bodies in triumph after finally managing to conquering Castle Black after centuries of trying.

Jeor was disgusted and now realised he had infamy of being the Lord Commander when the Watch had suffered its worst defeat in history. He was glad to see at least Maester Aemon was still alive as the old man was dragged out and it looked like they were going to force him to kneel next to Jeor but a voice spoke out.

"No, leave Maester Aemon be. He is a wise man and a man of knowledge. Such men are rare in these parts." A man said as he entered the gates, one that was regrettably familiar. "Now we have this castle we shall spread along the rest of the Wall and seal off the passages. We will be safe from the Walkers and the Nights Watch will be no more." He claimed which made the wildlings cheer like crazy. Jeor grimaced as he realised if they had already managed to find their way through the Wall some how and had managed to conquer Castle Black which held the majority of their brothers then the other castles without some kind of warning didn't stand a chance. The man that Jeor recognised as Mance Rayder continued to speak. "And by pretending to be the Watch, the North will never threaten us." He claimed.

"It won't last Mance." Jeor shouted from his position on the ground, glaring at the man who looked at him with no feeling at all. "The North won't let this stand and you cannot hide the truth forever. Then the Northern Army will come against you in force and retake the Wall." Jeor said with confidence.

However inside he was really worried as he knew that might take a long time. With the war going on with the Iron Born the North was distracted and many had exceptionally little contact with Castle Black. The only silver lining was that he could see was one month was the soonest anyone might realise something was wrong. Supply convoys north to the mines and gold coming back happened once a month and although the last one had only passed through a couple of days ago another was due in a month. He knew the men that moved those supplies and gold, and they knew the Watch. They wouldn't be fooled by pretenders and if the gold failed to arrive the North would come looking for a reason why.

But that was going to take a month he realised while gritting his teeth. He could guess Mance only wanted to keep them around to make sure they had some potential hostages in case the North discovered the truth. Mance he just hoped was using outdated knowledge and that he wouldn't know about the gold.

"Lock them in the Ice Cells." Mance said, ignoring Jeor's words and instead focusing on his campaign. Mance wasn't stupid but he was running out of options and he was indeed unaware of the gold from the mines. So, he was hoping that he could hide here at the Wall for as long as possible and when the Army of the Dead showed up at the Wall that he could convince the Northmen to side with them against their common enemy.

Winterfell, the North…

Cries of a woman in pain filled the corridors of Winterfell as at long last, Lady Wylla Stark was finally having her babe.

Wylla was in her bed with her brow covered with sweat while Maester Luwin and midwives aided her in the painful delivery. Wynafryd was in the room with her alongside Sansa who were mopping her brow and holding her hand.

"Keeping breathing Wylla, deep steady breaths." Wynafryd said trying to reassure her sister but it was broken by Wylla crying in pain as the contractions continuing. Still Wylla did her best to follow her sister's advice.

"You're doing so well." Sansa added with a smile, trying to encourage her while feeling completely out of her depth in this situation. The labour had been going on for most of the day at this point and Wylla was exhausted.

"Now my lady. Push!" Maester Luwin said firmly and Wylla despite feeling so tired she couldn't think of anything else she did as she was told and pushed with all the strength she had left, screaming loudly as Sansa and Wynafryd held her hand.

"There." Luwin said as the child emerged into the world, he held the naked babe in his arms. As he had done for most of the Stark children since he had first arrived at Winterfell including Sansa who like Wynafryd all looked at the small babe in awe. He cut the cord and handed the child to one of the midwives who carefully washed the babe and wrapped him in a warm blanket. "A boy my lady." He announced with a genuinely warm smile as the future lord of Winterfell came into the world.

However, that was when they realised the night wasn't done yet as her stomach was still swollen…another babe they realised with shock. Just like Robb and Meera before it seemed this new generation of Starks would begin with two children once more.

Wylla who had hoped she was done now had to find the strength to push again, screaming with the effort as despite being bone tired, she had to keep going. Eventually after a short while another babe emerged from her.

"A girl my lady." Maester Luwin told them with a small smile. He had not been the one to deliver Lord Robb and Lady Meera even though he had delivered all their siblings, however now he had just been there to deliver the newest members of House Stark.

Both children, now cleaned and wrapped in warm blankets were placed in their mother's arms. Wylla was immediately in loving awe of the two children she and Robb had created and gently pressed a kiss to each of their heads while rubbing her cheek against their soft skin. They huddled into her and she honestly was openly crying with the sheer joy of holding her two children.

"They're beautiful." Wynafryd said with a smile and adoration in her eyes as she saw her niece and nephew for the first time. Sana too was in complete loving adoration of the pair of little babes she had seen brought into the world.

"They're perfect." Sansa said with a huge warm smile and Wylla smiled with complete love for her children in her eyes.

- x -

When news spread about the birth, all of Winterfell was rejoicing as the future Starks came into the world. New life was precious in the North, with winter being so bad every child was appreciated. The fact that twins had been born again into the Stark family was seen as something of a blessing from the gods. Like they were proud of House Stark and its actions, that the North was being blessed.

Lanna Lannister was sitting at her desk in Winterfell, having to deal with much of the running of the castle right now with Sansa distracted although she was 'helped' a little by Arya who had returned to the castle in time to see her little niece and nephew.

"Please tell me it gets more exciting than this." Arya begged Lanna as they worked through the intense workload that came with running both Winterfell and wider trade especially in war time. Lanna just smiled, used to her lack of patience for such things.

"Sorry, not really but it is important. Castles don't run themselves." Lanna told her with a teasing smile. Arya looked immediately disgruntled at this and would rather be out in the yard but had no choice but keep on helping since she wasn't going to leave her family to struggle.

They were disturbed though by the door opening and saw Jory walking in, looking at his daughter with a proud smile on his face. Being the unofficial stewardess of Winterfell and running the Northern trade, he knew she was smart and was so proud of her rising so high but there was still a tenseness around his eyes that made them realise he had bad news. He held out a message they'd just received and saw the Lannister seal on it.

Lanna now became tense and her hands almost shaking as they opened it, reading the carefully written script and realised it was merely another call to Casterly Rock but it was at least she noticed with some relief that she was to come after the war was over without delay.

Arya took the message and read it herself, looking seething at the end.

"We need to find some reason for you not to go." Arya said with a frown, knowing the danger of crossing Tywin Lannister even at her young age.

"Keep defying him and he will take action." Lanna said with fear, knowing that much from her letters with Tyrion which still came regularly despite the war and all his duties, not to mention occasional letters from Myrcella.

"Then maybe we need to ensure he cannot wed you off, because you are already married. Married to someone that would give him pause." Jory said with a hopeful look on his face but didn't get hopeful reactions from the two girls. Arya was against marrying off Lanna on principle while Lanna herself doubted that marriage to the king himself would stop Tywin and wondered who would be mad enough to try and wed her.

- x -

Sea Dragon Castle, the North…

The Iron Born had taken some serious losses in their attempts to invade the North and Riverlands and had pulled back to regroup. This meant that the Northern forces had a chance to rest and regroup themselves, Asher Forrester and his wife Gwyn were taking advantage of the break in the fighting to spend some time together and Asher's older brother Rodrik and his new wife Elaena Glenmore had come to finally visit them and see their little son Malcolm.

"Brother." Asher said as Rodrik finally arrived. The two brothers exchanged a hug as did their wives Elaena and Gwyn despite never having met before they were goodsisters now and would treat each other as such.

"Welcome to my home brother and congratulations on your marriage. I am sorry we were unable to attend." Gwyn said, Asher being busy with the war and his position here while she had been pregnant and running the castle.

"Think nothing of it. We are all very busy these days." Elaena said with a smile, glad to finally get the chance to meet her extended family.

"Yes, but at least House Forrester and House Whitehill are being highly praised these days for their efforts in defending the coast." Rodrik said with a little distaste for their rivals but at least held back on it as his brother's wife was part of that house.

"Yes, Asher has managed to drive the Iron Born off our coast and in the south my father and brothers have been fighting hard in Lord Stark's name as has your father." Gwyn said proudly and relieved that so far, the truce between the Forrester and Whitehill was holding. At least her marriage had helped heal that rift a little.

Rodrik who had been fighting himself for the North with the Glovers was glad of the recognition. He himself was being recognised for fighting many battles and defending their lands. The Whitehills meanwhile had concentrated their efforts down south in the Riverlands. This left his family, Asher and, the Mormonts and the Glovers to do much of the fighting up here and he could see they were trying their best to get influence with Lord Robb but at least their father was in the south to and from what they had heard doing very well.

- x -

Stark Camp at Riverrun, the Riverlands…

Basing himself in the heart of the Riverlands or close too it allowed Robb to keep himself close to the action and send his forces out in any direction and keep himself aware of movements both allied and enemy alike.

It also had the means of supporting his camp and kept them provisions while battering the Iron Born whenever they dared come to raid. But today it was time he rewarded his loyal vassals and others for their service.

"House Glover and House Karstark have been utterly dedicated in the defence of the North. Harrion Karstark has been the greatest aid to our people by organising the coast into areas of defence and predicting their patterns. House Glover has fought ferociously in its defence. Both are in need of recognition and it is today that I honour them by awarding them with one of the Valyrian steel swords held at Winterfell, the name of which will be decided by the family in question." Robb announced. Lord Karstark was smirking widely he noticed as his family was given the honour of one of the two swords that had rested in the vaults of House Stark since they had acquired and made them from an oversized Valyrian steel arkh House Stark had captured in Braavos years ago.

Lord Glover would likely be excited too as his house received a sword but their men and ships had been crucial to protecting the North. Robb knew however that he would need to award the other houses for their service and was planning some honours and other rewards for them too but first it was time to name the first Paladin. So, in front of the gathered Northern lords and heirs he centred on one particular one knelt in front of him.

"Torrhen Whitehill." Robb said to the heir to House Whitehill who was actually older than him. "You have a singular honour among the North. By the nomination of Lord Ryswell, you stand before us, for in the last battle with the Iron Born you led your family's men into the heart of the struggle, captured six of their longboats, killed Lord Donnar Saltcliffe who was leading the assault rendering that house extinct and, in the process, saved the life of Roose Ryswell. A demonstration of sound mind, exceptional bravery and skill as a warrior and as a leader. Such actions are rare and to be admired, so in the name of the North…I charge you to be bold, to be swift and to be steadfast as the first of the North's best warriors. I name you Torrhen Whitehill…Paladin." Robb said with Ice moving the great sword carefully about his shoulders. "You may rise."

Applause filled the tent as the gathered warriors celebrated the first ever Paladin, Lord Ludd Whitehill being the loudest as he stared proudly at his son. The first ever Paladin he thought proudly, and all on his own merits. He thought the title silly in private but being the first warrior to be recognised and named for their great gallantry in this war was something he could be very proud of, something that his whole family could be proud of.

Not that he noticed his younger son Griff Whitehill was not clapping nor smiling as his older brother was celebrated. He in fact was scowling with jealousy.

Soon after a celebratory drink the lords dispersed back to their own tents while Robb stayed in the Stark one and looked through the other potential Paladins that had been nominated. About seven and he had to look through their deeds to see whether he should name them Paladins. Not to mention there was still the matter of the war to attend to he thought sadly wondering just when it was going to end.

However just when he thought it couldn't get any worse his mother appeared at the tent entrance with his youngest sister and Uncle Edmure. He frowned before sitting back in his chair knowing he wasn't going to get much more done till they left. The little girl, Minisa he thought correcting himself with slight guilt at his instinct to keep her at arm's length, brightened up when she saw him and startled holding out her arms for a hug.

With unease he lifted the little girl in his arms, and she eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a sloppy kiss on the cheek before giggling. His heart did melt around his little half-sister at least a bit, she was just so happy and always smiling. She treated everyone like her best friend, and it was very endearing Robb thought with a slight smile as he tickled her which got the little girl laughing harder.

Catelyn was teary eyed as she saw her oldest child holding her youngest and she dearly hoped that her little girl would in time have a strong bond with all her siblings.

Edmure however was awkward as if not knowing what to say or do in this rather touching scene in front of him. Eventually he spoke.

"So, going well then?" He asked with some mixed confidence. Robb with his sister still in his arms frowned before telling him.

"It's going as well as can be expected but without further support we can only defend, until the southern war is over and we can mount a full invasion of the Iron Islands these raids will only keep going on and on." He told them both sternly before tickling Minisa again which made the little girl laugh again.

Catelyn and Edmure both looked chastised, but Dacey Mormont came in and interrupted them.

"My lord, a company of a hundred Vale Hedge Knights have arrived. They claim to be here to join the fight." Dacey said with a frown, not believing them on principle of them being knights from the south.

Robb nodded; a hundred hedge knights was hardly the largest force he could have hoped for but it was a useful addition to be sure. A hundred mounted knights were enough to form another good-sized patrol which would allow him to cover more ground and hopefully more would come with time.

He told Dacey to find them some tents while he worked on where they would be patrolling, still holding his littlest sister in his arms and hoping the rest of his family up north was alright, especially Wylla he thought anxiously as he knew the birth was coming soon or perhaps had already happened.

Another reason that made him despise the Iron Born and not treat them with any respect or mercy, for taking him away from his family at the time he should have been there the most. He was going to miss the birth of his own child because of them and a cold fury rose up inside him which would not be quelled till he had made them pay for this. Any prisoners they took were interrogated brutally and executed the moment they had all the information out of them they could get. He knew he should give them the option of going to the Wall but he was so sick of them at this point it was all he could do not to kill them all whether they had any value or not.

Perhaps them also being killed might scare a few into leaving the mainland alone.

Garth's Field, the Reach…

Garth's Field was a large open space in the Reach, famous for being the site of the infamous Field of Fire during the Targaryen Conquest nearly three hundred years ago. Centuries later it had recovered and now looked like any other field in the Reach.

However now, almost three hundred years later it was again the site of a battle as Stannis and Tywin fought again for dominance.

It had been going on all day and both sides were starting to become tired but it was the Lannister forces that were getting the worst of it. Tywin himself had taken an arrow to the shoulder and was gritting his teeth with the pain as he commanded.

Seeing his flank begin to fail he knew defeat was staring him right in the face but despite his bad losses today, the losses Stannis had suffered would be more critical. Turning to his officers he told them.

"Sound the retreat horn, today we may have lost but tomorrow will change the course of this war." He told them with certainty as his secret negotiations with Olenna Tyrell had finally concluded and he had what he wanted. Stannis might have won today but the tide of the war was about to turn in favour of House Lannister Tywin thought with cold ruthlessness and more to the point an obstacle in the way of his legacy and their dynasty on the throne would be removed.

- x -

Highgarden, the Reach…

Renly was getting dressed after a passionate session with Loras and his lover was looking equally pleased with their time together and looked splendid in his armour. He was eager to go and find something to eat and was considering just what to get when Brienne of Tarth burst into the room with a look of great fear on her face.

"Your grace, you must get ready to flee." Brienne said urgently. "There is a mob of septons and their followers rallying nearby. They are calling for your arrest!"

Renly was momentarily stunned at the announcement, so was Loras. He incredulously asked Brienne when he regained his wits.

"On what charge could they arrest a king?" He asked not believing this for a second. Loras himself was now looking angry and fit to burst.

"That you have broken the laws of 'gods and men' by sleeping with other men." Brienne said with a cold frown on her face. She knew the charges were true as did Loras and Renly who both looked very unsettled as they realised just what they were facing if caught. A trial of the Seven and likely imprisoned by the Faith. If not execution.

"Where is my grandmother?" Loras asked urgently knowing if anyone could find a way out of this it was her but then Brienne delivered the greatest blow.

"She is the one who informed the Faith of your 'preferences' after Lady Margaery confessed her suspicions to her." Brienne said with an angry look on her face, not referring to Margaery as the queen due to her betrayal of her husband.

Renly and especially Loras though were stunned to hear this and even though neither was a particularly smart man they both knew this meant that House Tyrell had turned against them. Their comfortable life here was disappearing before their eyes and Brienne knowing time was of the essence reminded them urgently.

"Your grace there is no time to waste! They could be here any moment!" She reminded them and Loras and Renly quickly finished getting dressed and grabbed what they could while Brienne kept an eye out for anyone coming.

They with a bag each ran out of the room and down the corridor where a pair of knights were waiting for them, Brienne had her sword out in a flash and cut them down on the run before they carried on running, Loras having to drag Renly who was still in a state of shock over these events.

They reached a courtyard near one of the castle's gates where three horses were waiting along with some ten or so men that had stayed loyal to Renly. The would be king honestly was in a state of shock at his sudden reversal of fortune and couldn't seem to grasp that his comfortable life here was over. He had to be forced onto a horse by Loras and Brienne before the party fled as fast as they could out of the castle gates and away from the Faith's mob that was chasing them.

- x -

Olenna Tyrell was far from pleased when she found that Loras the stupid boy had fled with Renly as she had already secured his protection from the Faith and more importantly ensured that the Faith would execute Renly and leave Margaery free to marry again, more importantly marry a king…one that would at least be able to put a babe in her that would one day sit on the throne.


She wasn't exactly happy about it given the boy's reputation for sadism and near madness but she was confident Margaery could handle him and would soon have him eating out of the palm of her hand. To that end she had instead gotten an annulment of the marriage since it was never consummated which was just as good and would leave her free to wed her granddaughter again.

- x -

Stannis Baratheon's Camp, the Reach…

Stannis Baratheon was now taking stock of his position and it was reasonably good as he had won another battle against Tywin Lannister and inflicted heavy losses on his army. He was considering his next move when Ser Davos came in with an urgent look on his face.

"Your grace." He said before handing him a letter. "From one of Master Kilburn's spies."

Stannis didn't waste time with stupid questions and instead went to open the letter and his face tensed as he read the contents. It was from one of Kilburn's spies specifically one located in Highgarden. The message due to its importance had been sent straight to him rather than go through the normal channels.

It seemed his idiot and arrogant brother's attitude and behaviour, not to mention refusing to lead his men on the battlefield and let them struggle while he lived in luxury at Highgarden while fucking Loras Tyrell instead of his own queen had finally driven Olenna Tyrell's patience to breaking point. She had turned to the Faith and convinced them of Renly's choice in bedpartners which meant the Faith was now after Renly and he had fled Highgarden.

Where he went was hardly any of his concern Stannis thought with a dismissive shrug, no-one would support Renly now at least no-one who followed the Seven and there was little chance of the North or Iron Islands siding with him.

But what was worrying was that House Tyrell had switched sides, Renly's marriage to Margaery Tyrell had been annulled and now she was apparently going to marry Joffrey Waters instead.

Stannis gritted his teeth as he realised this meant that the Reach's army would join forces with the Lannisters, that was exceptionally bad for him as all the casualties they had taken would be reversed with fresh reinforcements and worse the note also said that Lord Randyll Tarly had recovered from the attempt on his life earlier in the war and was now fit enough to take command of the Reach's Army again.

Instead of facing two smaller armies Stannis now found himself faced with one big one and more to the point led by someone who was a master of the field. Stannis realised immediately that if he tried to fight openly in the field against them there was no chance of victory, he thought with anger, wishing Renly could have just fucked his wife rather than act like an entitled prick as it would have kept their forces divided till one of them had been defeated.

Now thanks to his stupidity, lust and laziness Stannis himself was faced with an enormous problem.

He pondered on what to do, he could try to take Tarly in the field but knew that would likely end badly for him. After all, as the one man that had beaten Robert on the field Tarly was not one to be messed and he was not as good a tactician as his late elder brother had been. So, he gave his orders to Davos.

"Pack up the camp, we are retreating to the Stormlands and digging in." Stannis said knowing they had to change tactics or it would all be lost. But he wasn't going to just give up though Stannis thought with grim determination. "We will launch a series of raids to go to Reach farms and destroy them, diminish their supplies and morale." Stannis said with a grim look in his eyes as he knew the tide of this war had turned in the enemy's favour.

Dothraki Camp, Essos…

Cries echoed out of the tent as the whole camp waited with baited breath, the reason…it was finally time for their Khaleesi to give birth to the Khal's son.

Drogo had not left Daenerys's side since her labour had started and gently held and supported her as she felt a pain known to women since the beginning of time. Daenerys was panting with effort as she pushed, her ladies doing their best to help her as was Haldon.

It carried on for a little while but eventually as the middle of the night came, the moment both Drogo and Daenerys had prayed for arrived.

"A boy Khaleesi." Irri said as she carefully washed the small babe before wrapping him in clean blankets.

"The Stallion who will ride over the world." Drogo said with awe as his son was carefully placed in Daenerys' arms. He peered down at his little boy's small face as he snuggled into his mother who herself was looking down at the little boy with adoration.

They looked up and Drogo kissed her forehead gently before wrapping her and their son up carefully in his arms and holding them close.

"Our son." Daenerys whispered quietly to him, her skin covered with sweat after the hard effort but despite being tired she had never felt better or more complete in her life. The pair stayed like that for much of the night, not moving a muscle till they fell asleep with their son nestled in his mother's arms while she was protected by Drogo's.

- x -

"MY SON!" Drogo proudly proclaimed to the camp when the dawn came again, holding his son up so he could more easily be seen. The camp cheered as they saw their future Khal in his father's arms while the Khaleesi stood at their side.

"We have been quiet too long. When the horses are ready, we will march on Saath. We will take the city and rename it as our own!" He announced and the khalasar cheered with the news that they were going raiding again.

Daenerys was troubled at what was going to happen to the city she had chosen but she managed to not show it. This was a ruthless people she was trying to rule here and she couldn't stop them doing what came naturally to them. Centuries of culture didn't change over night she thought and knew that to make things change she would have to start small and expand things not curtail them yet.

That was why she had made her alliance with the Lhazareen and she was going to expand on that soon or so she hoped.

Later once they had returned to their tent to prepare for their journey and Daenerys had to feed her dragons. Like any human child they grew, especially as she didn't confine them to a cage and fed them cooked meat regularly, now they seemed to the size of a middle-sized dog. They chirped happily at the sight of her and she gently petted them as they fed, the little ones loved the attention and when they were introduced to Rhaego the little dragons seemed to almost see him as one of them and curled protectively around him.

Daenerys was almost brought to tears as her dragons bonded with her son, she really hoped that in the future they would ride the skies together.

The tender moment was unfortunately broken by one of Drogo's bloodriders came into the tent and told them.

"Khal, Khaleesi. A group of women have arrived at the camp, well-armed women." The Bloodrider said. "They claim to have been invited by the Khaleesi to discuss something." He said and Daenerys smiled as at last she had received a response to her invitation. Drogo who of course knew of what she had done nodded and told the bloodrider.

"We will meet in the main tent." Drogo said before turning to Irri and Beshka and telling them. "Watch over Rhaego."

"Yes Khal Drogo." They both said together with a nod, his authority in his voice so strong they obeyed without question. Daenerys was immediately filled with anxiety at being separated from her son but at the same time she wanted to keep him safe from any possible harm while she and Drogo took care of business.

So, she followed Drogo and the bloodriders to the main tent while Ser Jorah stayed with Irri and Beshka to help guard Rhaego. Opening the flap of the tent she saw a group of six Warrior Women standing there looking impatient. They were tall and a muscular, far more than the Dothraki women Daenerys had trained and all of them had leather armour on. Armed with a spear, a knife, a bow and a sling not to mention a quiver of arrows and a pouch of stones to throw with. She recognised none of them but the way they looked at Drogo in particular put her on edge and she frowned but told them.

"I see you saw fit to accept my invitation." Daenerys said, getting right down to business. All of them taking a seat so talks could begin.

"We did but no more." The apparent leader said with a guarded look on her face but Daenerys caught her and the other women's eyes going around the tent to see the muscular men and their defined chests and a brief look of admiration appearing before it was gone. Daenerys had faith in Drogo not to sleep with another woman but the others were easy game in their eyes it seemed.

"I have heard of the problems you are having with the Great Fathers. Low birth rates and the boys and even some of the girls are born with many issues and not as strong as those that came before." Daenerys said, not acknowledging their attempts to put her on the back foot. "We are in need of steel to make both weapons and tools with…something you have. We have men who are strong and fit who could bring fresh blood that will give you strong and fit children. Isn't that worth considering?" Daenerys asked with a small smirk on her face.

The women all shared looks and seemed to be weighing up the opportunity to have fresh blood that would give them some better children. The current ones had a lot of problems with their health and some had issues with learning or interacting with others. Quite a few had very unstable emotions much like Viserys had once had but on a much vaster scale.

All signs of inbreeding something Daenerys well knew the signs of, not that surprising given they had been using the same blood for generations now with little fresh blood being brought in to help keep things going. The existing Great Fathers were fat and stupid with many of their sons being the same.

The Dothraki however had many strong men who would love to 'help' the Warrior Women with their problem.

Drogo himself saw what she was doing and smiled, admiring his wife's exceptional cunning and way with words. He could see they were already half way to agreeing to this which showed how desperate they must be. Drogo knew many of their people would be only too happy to do this and it got them much better weapons and tools in exchange. For the Dothraki weapons and for the Lhazareen better tools for their own works.

Everyone was happy, well he thought with a smirk everyone except the useless 'Great Fathers' he sneered at for their inability pitying the poor people of the Bone Mountains to be led and bred from such poor stock. So, he then had an idea of his own to get the Warrior Women to finally agree with this and see how much better the Dothraki were.

"We ride to Saath to conquer it for our own use soon. Ride with us and see for yourselves how strong our men are." Drogo said and put his arm around Daenerys which she instinctively leant into. She gave his hand a squeeze and he squeezed back gently.

The Warrior Women seemed to think about it for a moment before they graciously accepted and Daenerys, maybe to make sure they didn't get any ideas about her husband snogged him right in front of them which surprised him but he kissed her back with equal passion.

Warm Caves, Beyond the Wall…

The day was still dawning when everyone woke up. Two of the wildlings were just about finish their watch and go to the hut to get some much-needed sleep while the others went about their day. Some of the Unsullied would take their place the walls watching for any sign of trouble.

The longer this went on the more worried ironically that Meera became. She knew the Walkers were still out there but she didn't think they had just given up and gone back north. No, she thought with a worried frown, they had waited for thousands of years for a chance to destroy the living…they wouldn't just give up now after being hit by them.

Her fears were making a strong feeling of tension run through her and she was so anxious about it that when a sound suddenly appeared she nearly jumped in surprise.

It was a loud guttural screech that seemed to come from nowhere and the two on the wall suddenly cried out in terror before, suddenly without warning the wall shattered!

Logs went flying in all directions while the wildlings on the top flew backwards along with them before landing painfully on the ground.

But if they survived this, they weren't alive for very much longer as four enormous mammoths stampeded straight in after them and trampled them under foot along with three giants and all with the glowing blue eyes of the wights.

The giants and mammoths now penetrated the inside of the sanctuary swung around widely, catching some of the others and sending them flying back with horrify speed. The shock of the suddenness of the attack had them all reeling for a moment but they soon realised they had to do something.

One of the wildlings with a spear in hand tipped in dragonglass charged at one of the giants but it grabbed him around the middle and he could only scream while it crushed his chest with its enormous hands.

Meera had Gungnir in hand within seconds and threw her spear straight into the head of one of the mammoths, the creature screeched before slumping forwards, its sheer size making the earth move as it fell. Without worrying if anyone could see Meera called it back to her hand and just as it reached her, she had to jump away as one of the giants lunging at her. Trying to grab her just like it had done the wildling man a moment ago.

Meera moved much faster than he did though and ran forward, dropping to her knees so she could slide right between his enormous legs and behind him before stabbing her spear straight into its back. The creature screeched but was powerless as the spear drained the energy that kept him moving and it slumped over dead.

Gaining more power with each kill Meera moved quickly and pulled her spear free roughly and looked for her next target.

But while the mammoths and giants were smashing all the structures to pieces and people along with it but Jon was far from being idle either and used his own enhanced body to leap up a tree and while surprised at this, he then managed to launch himself onto the backs of one of the mammoths.

The creature really didn't like that at all and it tried to throw him off but Jon knowing how his sword got its power plunged it into the back of the mammoth and the creature howled but soon its slowed and stopped moving, its falling making Jon rip his sword free and leap towards one of the giants that was now menacing Ygritte who had no time to find her bow or arrows and was just glaring at the creature while trying to help Samwell who was carrying a wounded Edd back to the caves where hopefully it would be safer.

Seeing his lover and his two best friends in danger enraged Jon who slashed at the legs of the giant to attract its attention. The creature despite not being able to feel pain did notice when Jon put a little too much of his enhanced strength into the swing and severed the leg straight at the knee. The creature was immediately unsteady and toppled over allowing Jon to stab it straight through the chest and kill it.

The others gave him a grateful nod before continuing into the cave, knowing they were no help in this situation.

Jon and Meera from opposite ends of the small village turned to see the remaining three creatures approaching. Two mammoths and a giant that remained. One of the mammoths chased straight for Jon while the remaining mammoth and giant went straight for Meera.

Both of them gritted their teeth as they faced the enormous creatures, preparing to face them.

Jon was sweating with his own fear of this creature but he didn't let it stop him. Instead waiting till the enormous creature was almost on top of him before diving out of the way and letting the creature run itself straight into the ruined hut behind him. Jon would have made an attempt to kill it then but it wrenched itself free with surprising speed and then turned around to charge again.

Jon gritted his teeth as he faced the creature down, Hofund in hand and ready to cut into the creature but Jon's fury combined with his own innate magic meant that hot blue flames appeared and wrapped themselves around the blade. He didn't let the creature charge this time, he ran forward at his best speed and with a hard cut Jon sliced his blade into the creature.

The creature howled seemingly in agony as the intense blue flames came into contact with its shaggy and matted fur. The blade delivering them deep into its flesh as well but the flames seemed to catch the fur and spread far faster than you would believe possible, setting the undead animal on fire so easily it might as well have been a bunch of wooden logs or a barrel of oil. Hofund glowed as it absorbed the corrupted magic that held the creature in this state and Jon could feel rather than anything else that the sword was now back up to its full power again.

While Jon was doing that though Meera was facing issues of her own.

Unlike Jon who had only one opponent to worry about she had two. The Mammoth and the Giant.

The thought of wondering how giants in this world differed from those back in her old world drifted across her mind but she pushed that aside and focused on the here and now, especially as the mammoth charged straight at her.

Meera thought about throwing her spear but didn't as there wasn't enough space to do it properly so she instead decided to run straight at it, only to use the reflexes built up by playing Quidditch and training with her spear to move out of the way so the mammoth ran straight past her and she then started running after it and took a running leap straight at it. Her muscles, enhanced by her magic and the spear managed to send her straight over it while it was stopped and land with a duck and roll and then jabbed her spear straight into the creature's head.

The spear's runes glowed again as the energy that held up the creature was absorbed and purified before the creature died for the final time.

Meera pulled her spear out and saw the Giant was now snarling but with her spear in hand she threw it hard and impaled the giant right between the eyes. The giant stopped still and fell backwards, Meera was still breathing fast and stretched out her hand, calling her spear back to her hand.

The spear pulled itself free of the giant's head and flew back into her hand. Meera used the giant's rough clothing to wipe any blood off the spear and felt it was back to full power again. That was something she supposed and looked around to see just how much damage was done by the brief but devastating rampage.

Her breath hitched when she realised just how much damage had been caused in the violent raid. She honestly wished she could bring those two idiots that had been on the walls back just to yell at them. How could they have missed these creatures approaching? She asked herself with anger, if they had detected them earlier perhaps, they could have prevented this.

She looked at the remains of the gate and the wall had been more or less demolished, scattered and broken logs lay all around and she gritted her teeth as she realised that their only real barrier weak though it might have been, was now literally in pieces. Not to mention they now had the large corpses of mammoths and giants laying around everywhere.

Meera felt a sinking feeling in her stomach as she stepped over the wreckage left lying around and found Jon who looked as winded as she did. Thankfully he wasn't hurt and seemed glad she wasn't either but like her was deeply troubled at the devastation all around them.

They turned to look at the cave and saw the others emerge. The number of people that came out as opposed to how many they had before was troubling.

Looking around they saw bodies of their own group scattered all around the place and loss of so many people was a horrible feeling that went through both of them.

But seeing Ygritte, Samwell who was helping a wounded Edd, Gendry who had a rather nasty gash on his head, Quentyn who was supporting his friend Ser Yronwood who couldn't stand on his own and only two Unsullied, Strong Shield and Arrow Point still left standing. That made Meera feel a deep sense of foreboding, what that all that had survived she asked herself? Recounting to make sure she hadn't made a mistake and getting the same result.

Meera realised to her horror that they had lost over half of their people and three of the survivors were injured. Jon went over to them to see how they were doing when Meera realised that the mammoths had focused on the hut where they had been sleeping not to mention the one next to it which suddenly made her heart miss a beat as she realised that they both had been far more than that.

She wasted no time and ran over to huts wrecked remains and started pulling the broken wood and stone away like a mad woman while the others looked at her with surprise and wondered just what she was so desperate to find.

She smelt what she was looking for before she found it. The jars of fat and oil had been broken completely open and spilt their contents all over the floor. That was bad enough, the food supplies thankfully had faired better and were in reasonable shape so at least they wouldn't starve Meera thought with gratitude.

But then she went over to check on the other things they had been keeping in there and her face turned from worried to horrified in an instant.

Their supply of dragonglass…it had been smashed to bits.

And she meant bits she thought shifting through what little remained, the daggers and arrow heads they had must have taken a direct hit from the mammoth or several hits, crushing them beneath its great weight. Either crushed to dust by its hooves or reduced to pieces about the size of her finger nails.

Their weapons against the Walkers were all but destroyed she thought with a great cold weight settling in her chest as now they had only three weapons that could kill the Walkers.

Gungnir, Hofund and the Valyrian long sword that had come with her armour, Fire Heart as she had named it.

She sat back in despair as she knew that with the loss of the dragonglass which had surely been one of the main points of the attack they were now in a terrible position.

"Gather broken wood." She said getting to her feet, trying to pull herself together. "And get the food into the caves we need to move fast." She said with some urgency as she felt in her bones what was coming next.

"What's wrong?" Quentyn asked as he came over and saw for himself the damage they had suffered.

"We've lost the oil and the dragonglass." Meera called out, trying not to let her own fear show on her face. "Get everything that's left into the cave and burn those bodies fast! We won't have much time before they arrive." She said looking out at the destroyed gate as if expected them to appear at any moment.

"Who?" Gendry asked with confusion. Ygritte answered for him with a look of fear on her own face.

"The Walkers! Who the fuck do you think!?" She snapped at him although it was more of her own fear than anger.

"What do we have left?" Samwell asked with fear on his own face now and Meera told him with a moment's hesitation.

"My spear, this sword." She said indicating the long sword at her waist. "And Jon's sword. That's it."

"Three weapons." Quentyn asked with worry himself but Meera was more concerned with getting rid of any potential wights the walkers could use against them.

"Yes, we could run…but I highly doubt we'd get very far. Now, wood…burn the bodies fast." Meera repeated and that got them moving as they gathered up all the wood that was laying around and with their fire gems managed to burn them to make sure that the Walkers couldn't use them. It was hard, burning their own people but they had no choice.

Meera and Jon turned to look and saw the storm was intensifying again and seemed to be approaching them.

"Maybe if we distract them, the others could run." Jon suggested with some hope but Meera shook her head as she saw how close the storm was.

"They wouldn't get far enough, not with this snow and those winds…and they wouldn't survive long without shelter." Meera said with a worried look on her face. However, the storm broke for a brief moment and with their better sight they could see something in the distance.

Thirteen figures walking towards them at a sure and steady pace. They were too far away to see many details but the way the storm seemed to swirl around them…well it didn't take a great intelligence to figure out who they were.

Meera gritted her teeth and pulled Fire Heart from her waist and walked over to Strong Shield. She handed him the sword which he blinked in surprise at gesture.

"Keep hold of it, you may need it." She told him and he nodded in agreement with his mistress before Meera addressed the group as a whole. "Get in the cave and stay quiet! Hopefully if we fail, they won't know you're there." She told them before turning to Jon who nodded and did his best to look resolute.

"What are you doing?" Quentyn asked with concern.

"Diving in headfirst, being reckless. Whatever you want to call it." Meera said with a strange smile on her face, remembering all the times in her other life when she had done just that and she was about to do the same thing again right here. She turned and walked towards and then out of the broken gate leaving them behind to move into the caves reluctantly.

Jon walked at her side, looking as determined as she was and while she was tempted to tell him to go back to hide with the others, she knew in her heart he wasn't going to leave her to face all the walkers on her own.

So, on the path into what had once been the fortified village and stood there, drawing Gungnir and Hofund. Wrapped up in their furs and waiting as the Walkers approached.

Ready for the fight of their lives.

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