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Chapter 28 - Deciding your path

Dothraki Camp, Essos…

Khal Drogo was meeting with his bloodriders, deciding on just where to try their luck next. The new siege weapons they had meant even the strongest cities might be now within their grasp. He was considering which one had the most to give when his people took it when they heard the screech. It was inhuman and he grabbed his weapons and rushed with his riders to find the source as did a lot of his people and saw to their astonishment shadows floating around but in the centre of all this was his Khaleesi's Dragon dagger.

He was struck with the horror thought that he didn't want to consider, that these things had killed his moon, he roared with rage and swiped at the shadows with his arkhs but the shadows passed harmlessly through them and they seemed to laugh at him, that was the closest he could describe the noise they made which only infuriated him more.

Then the pit fighter that had joined their Khalasar some time ago and should have been stuck to his moon's side, something he intended to demand about later rushed forward and dived between the shadows and grabbed hold of his moon's dagger before stabbing it into one of the shadows.

That Drogo noticed had an impact, the shadow screeched and withered before forming into an old and almost skeleton like man with his skin stretched tighter over the bones. He had blue lips and big shadows around the eyes, the man if he could be called that still had the dagger in his chest and it whimpered in the most pathetic way before finally dying.

"What is that thing!?" Ser Jorah said quickly followed by a similar demand from the riders, Beskha made a disgusted face as she pulled the dagger free and noticed immediately that the other shadows had disappeared.

"A shadow of the Warlocks, where they can turn themselves into shadows and can only be killed by a magical blade like the dagger. I have heard they had such powers but not they could use them so brazenly to abduct the Khaleesi." Beskha said with a tremor of fear that they were able to reach so far now and take a person so far away from Qarth.

"The Warlocks?" Drogo asked, glad his moon was alive but furious she had been taken by these man-like demons. Beskha seeing the rage in his eyes was quick to clarify.

"Yes, the Warlocks of Qarth in the House of the Undying. That is where they have taken her." Beskha said quickly with a worried look on her face for what the Warlocks would want with her.

Drogo didn't even need to think about what he was going to do next; he turned to his bloodriders and told them with a voice that told them he would not tolerate any argument.

"We ride for Qarth and we will burn the city to the ground for this!"

The Bloodriders were so intimidated by Drogo in that moment and immediately went to do what he told them, getting the enormous khalasar ready to move out.

Drogo didn't bother speaking to anyone else, he went straight for his tent where he saw his son playing with his caretaker and the three dragons guarding him. It brought a lump to his throat when Rhaego looked up at him and cried out with happiness, he didn't know about his mother and Drogo went over and picked up his son, cradling him in arms while kneeling so the dragons who looked confused as to where their 'mother' was could cling on to them.

I will find you my moon, Drogo swore to himself, for your sake, for our son's sake and for your dragons' sake…I will find you.

Castle Black, the North…

The last of the stones had at last been cleared from passageway and the gate at the far end was finally open, Meera smiled as she saw the rest of their party come through, Mira, Strongshield, Gendry, Edd, Grenn, Tormund, Samwell and Gilly. Even Quentyn and three friends. Lorra and Benjen too although Sif did not come, her absence was noted but hardly that important.

"So, it's over." Benjen said sadly as he looked around at the castle which had been his home for so many years, having been told that the Watch was effectively dead. The Free Folk were pleased about that, smirking to themselves. Lorra put her hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently to reassure him.

"It lasted longer than anyone could have imagined. And with our people no longer enemies, this castle can serve a much more important role as a stopping point for trade. It's not an end, just a new beginning." She told him gently and he squeezed her hand back and managed a smile, Lorra then turned her attention towards Lord Umber and Lord Karstark.

Meera almost laughed as the two men, both unfortunately widowers at this point in their lives were almost spell bound by her the moment they caught sight of her. Meera supposed she couldn't blame them; Lorra was a very striking and beautiful woman. She had a very aristocratic face, the traditional grey eyes of the Starks, a generous mouth, fairly tall for a woman, a slim if portioned figure highlighted by her grey coloured furs and long red hair that curled at the end.

"Lady Lorra Snow, welcome to Castle Black." Lord Umber said with calm politeness which was surprising as his family had more reason to hate 'wildlings' as they thought of them than anyone but he was almost ensnared by Lorra, she was however fully used to this and smirked before telling him with that low husky voice of hers.

"A pleasure to be here Lord Umber, I have waited a long time to see the North again. I only regret my three sons couldn't be here with me but they are staying home with my 'advisor' to ensure things are well." She said with a teasing smirk, knowing it was going to shock them.

Both lords looked shocked at how slim Lorra was and yet apparently, she had already been a mother three times.

"Either way, I will be glad to inform you that those I rule will be happy to trade with the North. It will benefit us both." She added with a smirk and the two men immediately went to see to organise a wheelhouse for her and the others but it was hardly necessary. Lorra would far prefer riding to being in a wheelhouse or even a cart but neither lord realised this.

Quentyn came up to Meera who offered him a letter from his family and he nodded gratefully before telling her.

"I suppose I will have to send a raven to let them know I am well and, on my way, home before I leave. It has been quite an adventure Lady Stark." Quentyn said, having of course travelled further North than he had ever dreamed and fought against the walking dead, creatures of legend that were horrifyingly real. He at last he thought to himself with amusement had a story that made even his uncle's likely exaggerated tales look tame. In truth he suspected that no one would believe him but at the same He AND those that mattered knew what had happened and would proudly say he had been a part of the 'Brotherhood for the Dawn' as he decided to dub it.

"Indeed. Farewell Prince Martell and safe journey, you are a much better man that your uncle." Meera conceded and Quentyn laughed before shaking her hand and with a last glance he went to organise horses for him and his men.

Meera didn't think him a friend, but for a time he had been thought provoking in getting her to think about living her own life again and he was right she thought with some frustration, she had constantly put her own needs aside for her family and while she loved them, she did need to start thinking about what she wanted.

Problem was she just didn't know what that was.

Meera decided to turn her attention to the other Night's Watch castles which thankfully were now all back in friendly hands. She wondered just who to give them too as they would be Jon's future vassals, so she needed people who were loyal and needed recognition. Lord Umber had been given a good chunk of the New Gift in the allocation of land so maybe it was Lord Karstark that needed to be rewarded for his swift help she thought and decided to give Eastwatch to Lord Karstark's youngest son as his holding. His family had always been loyal and it would do good to show people that they cared.

But what about the Shadow Tower and Westwatch? Meera thought, thinking maybe they could give Westwatch to one of Whitehills as by all accounts they had been loyal through the whole war so far. As for the Shadow Tower? Meera thought, wondering just who to trust before thinking it might be a good idea to offer it to one of the Northern hill Tribe houses as a holding. They had always stuck with House Stark and that should be respected.

Tormund came up to her and his smile as he considered just where he was standing was infectious, Meera started smiling too before he told her.

"Ten thousand of our warriors are ready to join ya and the North against the sea fuckers." Tormund told her with disdain from what limited tales of the Iron Born had reached him. He felt that they were nothing more than thieves, not real warriors and would enjoy tearing them limb from limb. Some of the younger warriors he had were a bit rowdy but he knew how to handle them.

"Oh." He suddenly remembered, handing Meera a piece of parchment. "Lady Sif sent you that. She would have come herself but she is handling the settlement till Lorra comes back."

"Thank you." Meera told him as she took the parchment and went to a private room to read it. Walking through the yard she saw Mira was speaking to Val with her two half-siblings at her side. Josera was doing his best to impress Val and Elsera just rolled her eyes at his obvious flirting and getting nowhere. Meera smiled at that, not to mention Gilly was on Samwell's arm, marvelling at the sights of Castle Black and couldn't wait to show her Winterfell.

Arriving in one of the rooms she closed the door and opened the parchment to see just what was so important that she couldn't have mentioned before they'd left.

Meera Stark,

I do feel regretful I did not inform you of this before you left for your climb over the Wall but now you are the chosen wielder of Gungnir and your half-brother is the wielder of Hofund, I should make you aware of the powers that these weapons possess. Both weapons as you already know give the wielder greater strength, resilience, stamina and speed but individually they have unique abilities of their own.

Gungnir, it has been imbued with the power of reading runes and no language will be incomprehensible to you and your speed at learning will be greater. But it has also been merged with that of Mjolnir, the hammer of my husband that had the incredible power of commanding nature. The weather itself will bend to your will once you have learned to access it, the winds, fog, thunder and lightning can all be influenced by you when holding your spear.

Hofund, on the other hands has the ability to summon blue flames of great heat as you already know. With effort, Jon should be able to command the flames around him too so he can walk through a blaze without even being touched by the fire. It is also able to project an image of Jon at long range to one person so Jon can communicate with you or other people at long range. Jon will also find that while holding Hofund he can see at great distances but only if he is certain of what to focus his attention on.

I hope this knowledge proves useful to you and be aware that Loki is still out there and is likely to be up to more of his mischief, although it will undoubtedly be much more dangerous than a mere jape.

Advising you to keep both eyes open,

Sif, wife of Thor.

Meera, while annoyed at Sif not coming in person to help her and Jon solve this was intrigued by the abilities that she had indicated that Gungnir and Hofund possessed. It had already been known to her that Gungnir has been able to affect the weather and she had managed to affect the wind at least a little but more than that had proven difficult but admittedly she hadn't really tried too since destroying the Walkers. With the relaxing of the bind on magic maybe she could do more Meera considered with a thoughtful hum.

She would show Jon the letter later so he could try and start to see just what he could do with Hofund, some of them could be incredibly important and useful but Jon would have to master them yet as would she so it might be some time yet before they learned just what their limits were.

- x -

Jon meanwhile was watching Samwell standing with Gilly who seemed to idolise Val and Ygritte as they were talking before, he noticed Maester Aemon looking forlornly around the castle, it had been his home for a long time Jon realised and soon he would have to leave it for Winterfell which hopefully would be a good place to spend his remaining time in this world. Jon felt a great deal of pity for the old man and would make sure he was well cared for at Winterfell and had every comfort.

But then he remembered something else, the man had once been a Targaryen Prince, even been offered the Iron Throne and rejected it.

Like he had decided to never go after it himself.

He knew the weight of what had happened to his…to their family Jon thought correcting himself as despite whatever he might wish he was half-Targaryen, must weigh heavily on him and Jon felt a great deal of sympathy for the man.

He wouldn't recall exactly when he had made the decision but he walked over to the old maester who heard his approach and turned.

"Young Snow, your walk is heavier than when we last met. I take it events beyond the Wall weight heavily on you." Maester Aemon said and Jon was again struck with awe at how well the much older man had mastered his senses to the point he could identify a person without sight.

"Indeed, they do Maester Aemon but there is a discovery we made that I think you should know." Jon said, plucking up all his courage and somehow found himself struggling to speak. He felt Maester Aemon's sightless stare on him before finally managing to admit the truth.

"I learnt that…that Eddard Stark wasn't my father." Jon said before cursing himself for not saying the part he needed to and tried again. "I have Stark blood in me but it's not from him…but from his sister, my natural mother Lyanna Stark."

Jon wondered just what was wrong with him as again his tongue faltered to admit the part that he really needed to tell Aemon. Aemon however proved his own intelligence; he had many links on his chain and they had not been forged for nothing.

"And that Rhaegar Targaryen was your father." Aemon finished for him.

Jon's face fell and all he wanted to do was nod but he forced himself to say. "Yes."

Aemon's face was guarded, he said nothing which somehow was worse than if he had cursed him but after a moment, he reached out his hands and felt Jon's face. Jon allowed it and the old man moved his fingers carefully over Jon's whole face as if to make a picture in his mind as to what he looked like.

Aemon eventually pulled away and smiled a warm and gentle smile and tears ran down his face.

"There is so much of Egg in you. Maybe your brow from my great-grandfather Daeron. It is a shame you smile so infrequently as it would make your face light up as theirs did. I need nothing else; you are of the Dragon." Aemon said with a proud smile as he grasped Jon by both shoulders.

Jon felt unease at that, granted he had only mentioned the good ones in his immediate ancestry but Jon himself knew full well how many bad ones there were. Aemon seemed to sense his discomfort although how he did this was a mystery to Jon.

"Are you intending to take the throne?" Aemon asked him and Jon was quick to answer.

"No. I am sorry if that disappoints you Maester Aemon but I am no king and that responsibility is not one that I want upon my head." Jon said quickly and Aemon much to his surprise smiled.

"Then you have discovered the wisdom I found when I was studying to forge my chain. The weight of being king is far greater than any man should carry or be trusted with. Few in our family have been truly worthy of holding that honour and taking the responsibility seriously and while I personally think you would make fine king; I understand completely as to why you wouldn't want it. No sane man would. Too many in our family have only taken the throne for the power it grants them and have misused that power shamelessly, which ultimately led to the destruction of our family." Aemon said with a sad look in his eyes, he knew the family history far better than Jon did so it stood to reason there were things not in the records that Aemon might know about.

"Be lord of this castle." Aemon said with a certain firmness and command in his voice. "Wed that woman who has captured your heart so strongly and make a family to be proud of. A new start, a new day." Aemon said with a look of excitement on his face.

Jon nodded and smiled too, Aemon was right he realised what was past was past, there was still the future to come. A future that was open to all kinds of possibilities and it was all yet to come, he thought with a sense of relief. The time that mattered was now and making the most of your life.

Something Jon vowed to make sure he did from now on.

Winterfell, the North…One Week Later…

The streets of Winter Town were lined with people as Meera and Jon led a small column of people through the streets on the way to Winterfell. The sight of the old castle was like a balm to their battered spirits given all that had happened since they last saw it.

Ygritte who rode with Jon which was sure to cause much gossip but the sight of the enormous castle ahead of her made her momentarily open her mouth in shock. While nowhere near as tall of the Wall the castle was easily the most impressive settlement she had ever seen.

Lorra who rode with Benjen looked up at castle had been briefly her home in her girlhood days, sighing as she knew that none of the people that she had hoped to see would be there to meet her. Benjen at her side smiled and she smiled back a little.

Behind them, Samwell rode with Gilly, of all the skills Samwell didn't have which had angered his father greatly he could at least ride. Not brilliantly but well enough to be passable and just as well as Gilly who was not used to riding clung tightly to him.

Mira behind them rode with her siblings, both of whom were riding in a wagon while the enormous snow bear Shadow rode at their side. The immense bear terrified many who saw it but the creature was perfectly docile as long as Josera was close by. In fact, like his human companion and Elsera, Shadow seemed interested in his surroundings sniffing at all the new smells and sights around him. One child broke away from his mother and walked up to Shadow nearly starting a panic in the people but the bear just sniffed him and licked his face before carrying on, making the little boy laugh before he was snatched back by his mother. Josera and Elsera both laughing themselves as they knew Shadow would never harm anyone unless they either tried to harm him or they were a threat to Josera.

Riding at last through the gates the sight of their family made Jon and Meera sigh with relief, it had been so long and so much had happened since they had last all been together. They dismounted from their horses and walked over where Robb came forward and gave them both a warm hug, followed in quick succession by Sansa, Arya and Rickon. However, their attention was stolen for a moment by the two small babes in Wylla's arms. They came over and immediately gasped at their niece and nephew, smiling gently at the pair as they got to know them.

Ghost meanwhile was happily barking as Greywind, Lady, Nymeria and Shaggydog all piled on around him, playing happily with their brother after not seeing him for so long.

Meera then found herself tackled by two who had missed her most of all, Romulus and Rema both happily yapping as they leapt around her and she cuddled and petted both her wolves, they had missed her so much and she had missed them too. She could be heard telling them that she wouldn't leave them again which brought a smile to many faces.

Ygritte meanwhile was trying to get used to her surroundings, not sure what to say in such finery. She didn't like it personally but knew if she wanted to be with Jon then such things were in her future too. Seeing him with his family made her sad though, her own were long gone. Either taken by the cold or by sickness, she'd been a wandering child until Sif and Lorra had found her and taken her in. Having a family was something as strange to her as living in a castle but it would be a welcome thing she thought privately, not to be alone anymore.

Lorra meanwhile was sadly remembering the last time she had stood here; the yard was almost the same as it had been back then but a look around didn't reveal any familiar faces. She honestly felt like she was surrounded by ghosts that only existed in her mind, haunted by the absence of those she used to know and love.

Benjen put hand on her shoulder and she leant into him, glad at least he was familiar but then a voice that seemed to come out of nowhere spoke up.

"Oh, by my days! Little Lorra!"

She turned to the source and momentarily she was struck by the first familiar face she'd seen since coming south of the Wall. It was much older than she remembered but the face and the voice were still as she remembered.

"Old Nan?" She asked, turning to the much older woman who came up to her and took a gentle hold of her hands.

"Oh, look at you! You're the spitting image of grandmother." Old Nan said with a bright smile. "The Stark one." Old Nan added to make things clearer. Lorra smiled and felt greatly relieved at someone recognising her.

Then just as she was getting used to that, another familiar voice spoke.

"Lady Snow." A voice said from beside her and she looked over to see Ser Cassel standing there. "My lady! You're alive!" He said in awe.

"Ser Cassel." Lorra said with a smile, remembering the man clearly now. He looked at her with sorrow on his face and spoke solemnly to her.

"My lady, I beg your forgiveness." Ser Cassel said with a heartfelt plea. "If I had been quicker years ago you would not have been carried off."

"It is fine Ser Cassel." Lorra said with a gentle smile to ease the man's worries. "It was hard but I found my spine out there, I found myself and now I have three sons all of whom are fit and strong, I am even a grandmother now."

The mention of her being a mother and a grandmother shocked both Old Nan and Ser Cassel but they smiled too as they realised, she was a woman grown now and at ease with her life and herself.

Soon however she was faced with a more difficult meeting as Meera and Jon led their siblings over, the sight of her other nieces and nephews not to mention the sight of her great-niece and nephew further away brought a lump to her throat. Meera thankfully was able to make the introductions.

"Well, it seems a day for firsts. Robb, Sansa, Arya, Rickon…this is our father's second sister, our aunt Lorra Snow, leader of Niflheim and all the folk north of the Wall." Meera said with care as she knew well the stories that they had all been told of the Free Folk.

The reaction was not one of immediate rejection which was something at least but the guarded and suspicious looks were something she could do without. Lorra just stood there worried while Meera and Jon were seemingly powerless to intervene as Lorra was confronted with her brother's children, all of whom seemed unwilling to try and bridge the gap that had formed between them.

Then the youngest girl, Arya she recalled stepped forward, her other siblings except for Meera and Jon looked ready to pull her back but Arya instead asked her.

"Is it true you have giants north of the Wall?"

The question was a blessed relief to Lorra and the others as it broke the ice and let them speak on a subject that was easy.

"Oh yes, we certainly do but they are generally good people if you know how to reason with them. We don't hear much from them these days as they are in the middle of replenishing their numbers. They trade with us though and their huge carts are drawn by mammoths." Lorra told Arya, seeing much of her dearly missed half-sister in her niece.

"Mammoths?!" Arya said with excitement having only heard of such things though old tales from the smallfolk or lessons with Maester Luwin.

"Oh yes." Lorra said with a smile on her face as she spoke of something she knew well. "Huge smelly things that reach as high as that." Lorra said, turning to point at the window on the nearby gate which easily towered nearly twenty feet up. "Covered in shaggy fur with tusks longer than wheelhouse and a trunk that stretches even further."

"Really?!" Rickon said, now getting into the spirit of things himself. That thankfully was enough to relax them all and Meera and Jon sighed with relief as did Benjen who was just glad to be back in Winterfell.

- x -

A short while later while Benjen was getting Lorra and Ygritte settled in their rooms and Wylla was taking a break from things Robb, Sansa, Meera, Jon and Arya all went to speak to each other in private.

"And you are sure they can be trusted?" Robb asked, not sure of either his newly discovered aunt despite now knowing her story or the girl that had inserted herself into his half-brother's life. Meera and Jon both wanted to sigh with his stubbornness which they had missed until now but it was grating all the same.

"Yes, we fought the White Walkers with Ygritte and seen the things Lorra has created. They can be trusted." Jon said plainly although the mention of White Walkers made Meera sigh as everyone looked shocked before telling them.

"Sit down. I'll tell you all about it." Meera told them all and with confused looks they did as she asked and so she poured out the whole story to them and they all blanched at the ancient enemy of everything that lived being something more than a mere legend. But the mention of Meera killing the Night King made all of them look at her with awe which made Meera fidget uncomfortably and that was without the Valyrian steel armour she had hid in her room.

Robb himself was now very unsettled as without knowing it Meera had confirmed that the red wisps did exist and at least now they all understood why their magic had suddenly become more powerful.

"I think I have managed to learn some useful spells we can adopt but we'll need to find foci for all of you. Me and Jon have the rings and I will look into what is possible when I can." Meera told them knowing if she was going to try wand crafting which was a highly specialised art, gods she wished she had Olivander right now Meera thought for a moment, then she needed to know what materials she had to hand. Weirwood and other types of wood for the wands that was relatively easy as most of those trees could be found in Westeros, but core materials? That was a big problem she realised as most of the creatures she could have used seemly didn't exist here. Meera could only think of one off the top of her head and that was dragons.

Immediately she remembered the four eggs they had acquired and wondered if maybe it was time to try and hatch them, with the rings they could create the magical fire that was needed. Dragons could, she knew highly dangerous but with their warging magic she was fairly certain that they could control them.

Her mind briefly wandered back to the fact Targaryens while they had dragons had often kept the Starks at arm's length when they were around, had they known about their magic somehow? Meera thought and not allowed them close so they wouldn't learn of it? It was an interesting thought but hardly one to dwell on now she thought and pulled herself back to the present.

"Right, but first we need to deal with the Iron Born." Robb said gravely before explaining the situation on the coast and particularly at Flint's Finger. Meera who had been a key player in fortifying their western coast like Sansa and Arya hadn't taken long to realise just who was responsible.

"Theon! I knew having him here would come back to haunt us." Meera said with anger and disgust in her voice. "Just as well we can now take all our men from north and move them west, not to mention Lorra has given us ten thousand of her warriors to help us."

The mention of 'wildling' warriors fighting on their soil even if it was for them worried Robb and Sansa a great deal but then Robb had an idea, proving to them why he was a master of warfare.

"We need to capture their ships intact. If we could take the ships that they have moored there we could take an army over the water and invade Iron Islands themselves, that will give them something to worry about." Robb said before turning to Meera and asking her. "Can you come up with something that can break a castle's walls?" He asked her and while the others blinked in surprise at Robb's ambitious idea Meera just smirked.

"Don't need too, I already have." She told them with confidence. "I finished work on it just before we left for the Wall. It's ready to go." Meera told him knowing gunpowder was a dangerous thing to use but it would ensure the North could break the Iron Islands by itself. They wouldn't need the rest of the kingdoms with them although she hadn't yet managed to come up with a reliable cannon design for it, she still could make good use of it.

"Good." Robb said with confusion at just what his genius twin had come up with now. He would ask her about it later and then told her and Jon of the situation further south. Meera nodded and told him.

"Dealing with Balon Greyjoy should be more than enough for them. Kill him and then send his head to Joffrey and he will be happy." Meera said knowing he would appreciate that far more than anything else. Except for him being alive to be tortured to death but there was no chance she was going to leave him for Tywin to potentially use against them.

"His head?" Sansa asked with disgust but Meera nodded with reluctance.

"A sadistic person like him prefers gifts more on the macabre side of things." Meera told them with some worry given how you must never forget just what you were dealing with in regards to a dangerous animal and that was what Joffrey was, a vicious wild animal. She knew the Tyrells had no more chance of controlling him than the Lannisters did and she suspected he would not live long if he didn't do what they wanted.

"He's dangerous." Arya said in agreement before bringing up another problem. "Lanna's been summoned to Kings Landing to be married to some old bastard to advance Tywin's cause."

Meera sighed with worry, having forgotten about that possibility when faced with other problems but came up with a worrying if quick way to solve the problem.

"Perhaps we can give her a new future husband, one who would keep her safe from such things without abusing her. One of rank that could be acceptable and have some connections that would be useful but not threatening." Meera said with a pondering look on her face before she turned to Jon and asked him outright. "Would you pose as her husband?"

Jon and the rest of them were stunned at the suggestion and Sansa who understood the game of thrones perhaps the best of all of them blinked in surprise before frowning.

"I'm with Ygritte." He reminded her and Meera nodded before saying.

"We'll explain it and you don't need to get married just fake it. That puts her off the marriage market and keeps Tywin occupied. If Lanna and Ygritte both agree then it might be the best way to keep her safe. After all you have a keep and lands of your own now, besides since you are a supposedly a bastard and so is she even legitimized it's not a step down or up. Besides you at least we can trust not to take advantage of her."

"If we did this then we'd need to get something he wants to soften the blow." Sansa reminded her before suddenly remembering something. "If you could get your hands on the ancestral sword of House Harlaw, Nightfall. We give him that, a longsword made of Valyrian steel I think it might be enough to get him to accept it. We know how much he wants one." Sansa said with a somewhat strained look on her face.

"It's not perfect but it should be enough to get him off our back till we can come up with a better plan. Or someone kills Tywin." Meera said before turning to Jon who told them.

"If Ygritte agrees, then I will pose as her future husband." Jon said but he doubted Ygritte would go along with this and wondering why it had to be him?

- x -

Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed when he, Lanna and Ygritte met to discuss it sometime later.

"He basically wants to steal Lanna here, to bind her to some old fuck just to make himself richer?" Ygritte said with disgust on her face. "And to stop him you want to pretend to steal her just so he can't?"

"Indeed." Jon said feeling very uncomfortable but if it was pretend then it wouldn't be so bad, would it? He asked himself.

Lanna meanwhile was close to blushing as her old crush on Jon came back but it wouldn't be real, she had to remind herself but it would be nice, she thought with a small smile. Just to have that fantasy for a while if this wildling woman who she felt a little jealous of but hopefully she would allow it.

Ygritte laughed and told him.

"I think it's a shit plan but it might be nice if she's willing to join us later." Ygritte said with a suggestive smirk which made both Jon and Lanna blush. "Maybe we might steal her for real." She said almost as a joke but Lanna was a fine-looking girl and might be nice to have around. Something that only grew more alluring a moment later when Lanna asked her.

"Can you teach me to shoot like you? I can use the bow but I hear you're a master at it, can you teach me?" Lanna asked and Ygritte's grin only got wider before she laughed again.

"If you want to see what it means to be huntress then sure I'll teach you." Ygritte said and then grabbed the younger girl by the hand and dragged her off to see how much work they had to do, leaving Jon behind feeling nervous as Ygritte had him already in the palm of her hand and now it looked like Lanna might soon do the same.

- x -

Lorra meanwhile was holding her great niece and nephew under Sansa and Arya's careful eye. But they had no reason to worry, Lorra had three boys of her own and a grandson already. She knew how to handle herself.

"They are a treasure, a good pair of Wolf pups." Lorra said with a smirk as she carefully moved with them. Looking over to Sansa and Arya before telling them. "You two both remind me of your grandmother, you have her hair and you have her eyes. Both of you have her cheekbones and indomitable spirit though." Lorra said with a smile.

"Really?" Arya and Sansa asked her together before sharing an awkward glance as they knew little of their grandparents. Their father had always been hesitant to speak of it but there were times like now where they wished they knew more. They all had so many unanswered questions but no real way of getting the answers. Still, they thought with some ease, she was easily far ahead of their stuffy mother's family and it was nice to have her and Uncle Benjen here to help.

- x -

Samwell was in awe of the Winterfell library; it was easily three times bigger than the one at Horn's Hill or anywhere else he had seen with so many of the books so old you wouldn't find them anywhere else.

"So big." Gilly said at his side, easily as in awe of the place as Samwell was. "Think they'll let us read some of them?" She asked, for once glad of being Loki's slave as he had actually demanded that she and her surviving sisters learn to read or he would be forced to destroy them to make way for more intelligent company, he wanted to rule but hated stupidity. She had learnt first and managed to help the others learn too.

"I should hope so." A family ancient voice said as they turned to see Maester Aemon enter the room, guided by the younger but still quite old Maester Luwin. Aemon turned to his much younger colleague and told him with a big smile. "I really am quite impressed by your assertion that all things are made up of much smaller things clinging together. It is rare to find one of our order that has such an open mind and I shall be delighted to speak more on this later."

"Indeed Maester Aemon, I think we might find a way to prove like you said by taking the Myrish glasses mention and instead of focusing on things far away, make things appear extremely close. Marvellous." Luwin said to his more experienced colleague.

"Well young Samwell, there are many copies of rare tombs here that need to be duplicated and I can feel that you can learn a great deal here. We would be interested in seeing if you would like to help us in our experiments. Does that interest you? Both of you?" Aemon asked with a gentle smile.

Samwell and Gilly were both taken aback but eager and answered immediately.

"We'd love too." Gilly said with excitement and Aemon and Luwin nodded before telling them.

"Well then, best get started."

Samwell, he actually was really drawn to higher learning was smiling broadly, even more so as Gilly could join him. He honestly blushed when she smiled, it was enchanting he thought with a slight feeling of butterflies in his belly.

- x -

Two Days later, Jon, Robb, Ygritte, Meera and Arya led the assembled force away from Winterfell in the direction of Flint's Finger. The large column was joined by a number of wagons apart from the normal supply wagons, they carried barrels of ingredients that Lady Meera had insisted they bring with them. No-one beyond the Starks knew just what the barrels were for but it was a source of great gossip in the men. The Free Folk warriors were wisely kept separate from most of the army which didn't help the mutual distrust that ran through both Free Folk and Northerner, but when they were about a day from arriving at the battle site Meera, Jon and Ygritte broke away from Robb and Arya and the rest of the army to travel a slightly different way as part of Robb's plan. Jon sent Edd and Grenn back to Castle Black to manage it in his absence as he would likely be busy for some time.

Reactions to the Night's Watch dissolution soon spread first across the North and then further south, many couldn't believe it at first even in the south. The Watch had stood for so long that it had outlived most kingdoms or houses in Westeros and beyond. But while in the North it was mourned, in the south it was only an inconvenience as they could no longer dispose of criminals or awkward family members or enemies there. But a swift axe solved most of those problems.

Riverrun, the Riverlands…

"MARSHALL…OF THE…RIVERS!" Edmure Tully called out with a slur to his words as he and his drinking companions dosed themselves with plenty of wine or vodka. They were absolutely drunk beyond any doubt, celebrating the great boon that had been given to House Tully for their service to the crown. A new title and all of the lands of Harrenhal had been put into their holding, that was enormous tracts of land, some it very valuable and he was beyond excited at his new holdings.

So, he had been celebrating all week and could always be found with some alcohol in his hands or with whores and his friends, the followers who hoped to benefit from being in his good favour. Fortune hunters and lackies basically. Women from noble houses also were circling around him, hoping to trap him into marriage as he had not been betrothed before his father's death and so Edmure himself now had control of just who he wed.

Brynden and Catelyn watched from the side with disgusted eyes, Edmure had always been somewhat neglectful of his duties as Lord of Riverrun and of the Riverlands but now he was doing absolutely nothing. The Iron Born were still pressing at their coast and with the Northern army now drastically reduced here since Robb had gone back North it was falling more and more on Brynden to handle things there. Running the castle and the Riverlands too however was now falling on Catelyn's shoulders, thankfully despite her issues at Winterfell she knew how to run a castle and the wider issues with the Riverlands thankfully she could manage without much help. She could often be found now in the lord's solar with young Minisa on her lap as she worked on things.

Some even joked at that Catelyn was starting Minisa's training young to make up for her uncle's stupidity.

However, this was not a joke for Catelyn or Brynden as while they could handle most things Edmure's drinking was starting to worry them. The amount he drunk would have put Robert Baratheon to shame and it wasn't slowing down at all. If anything, he was drinking more and more and they were worried for his health.

They waited that night till they had all passed out and removed his drinking friends from the castle before firmly shutting the gate and disposing of all alcohol in the castle. They would sober him up when he woke up. And hope that they could get him straightened out.

News of Meera's return to Winterfell had been bittersweet to Catelyn given the vast distance between them, according to the rumours that had reached them Meera had won some great victory against the wildlings and some said that they had conquered them, installing a puppet leader to ensure they controlled them.

That shocked her, she had known her eldest girl was a strong fighter however much she disapproved at her fighting rather than finding a husband and running their home. She was disappointed that the royal marriage had not come about and was sure that if Robert and Ned had not died it would have but she had no say in such things anymore she thought sadly.

Oh, how she hated that, Catelyn thought sadly, knowing she and her eldest girl were so far apart in both terms of land and emotion. She had thought when Meera and Robb were born that they would be the best of friends and talk about how foolish other people were in private.

How things change, Catelyn thought with depression knowing it would be a miracle if she and Meera would ever talk again, let alone it not turning into some big fight.

The Red Keep, Kings Landing…

Cersei was screaming in both shock and aggravation and she was forced into a freezing bath to clean up after another night of her enforced sobriety.

How they managed to get the water so cold was a mystery to her but however they did it, it was freezing cold and she was scrubbed hard to within an inch of her life.

The pain of being deprived of the vices she had been dependant on was still very much present but thankfully she was starting to get herself back to a healthy weight and no longer fought their attempts to feed her.

Cersei had decided that wasn't worth the pain that came with force feeding but if it got her out of this room she would play along for now. Her father would let her out of here for the wedding if she behaved, Cersei thought however much she was disgusted at Joffrey marrying that little harpy! Apparently so was he she thought with amusement as word of his dismissal of Margaery Tyrell had reached even her and it had given her a desperately needed laugh and also gave her hope that Joffrey was at last making the right decisions for himself.

- x -

Lancel Lannister was celebrating himself today, Tommen Lannister the mewling little cub had been named as the new lord of the Stormlands by his great uncle even if it was still held by Stannis Lancel thought with a laugh.

But that had opened a huge door for him, well for his father but eventually for him Lancel thought with excitement, with Tommen out of the running for Casterly Rock that put his side of the family in line to inherit their seat in the Westerlands! Yes, the Imp was technically in line before them but who would prefer that ridiculous half-man to his whole and healthy father who had him for an heir? Lancel thought dismissively.

He was enjoying his new reality when the former whore that had married the peasant Lynthorne and worked for his imp cousin came in, she probably sucked both of them off regularly he thought with disgust but even though she was older she was still a good-looking woman. She looked almost like a Lannister with her golden hair even if it was more silvery than usual and her teats looked firm. She looked at him with a calm stare and told him.

"Your cousin is not present and these are his rooms Ser Lancel. I suggest you leave as there is work to do." She told him pointedly which only made Lancel angry, she was rejecting him! He thought with rage and he got to his feet, already quite drunk he stumbled as he grabbed for her but she moved quick on her feet. She easily dodged his lunge and opened the door so her guards could see what was going on. Lancel, very drunk and angry did not let up and instead stumbled after her, failing again and again to grab at her.

"COME WHORE!" He snarled at her while her guards wisely put themselves between him and her, seizing Lancel who immediately started yelling. "UNHAND ME! I AM THE FUTURE LORD OF CASTERLY ROCK! I WILL COMMAND ARMIES AND…" He started saying before throwing up in the hallway. Marei looked at him with disgust and walked away, her guards dropping the drunk Lancel face first into his own sick before following her.

- x -

Tyrion was annoyed as he listened to Lynthorne raging about how his wife had been treated, he was himself annoyed as Lancel who had been a useful source of information once was now proving himself a far bigger fool than he was willing to let stand.

Tyrion himself had no loyalty to any of his relatives except his own daughter, and to his niece and youngest nephew. No one else, he thought darkly even if he and Jaime were now on speaking terms again, that was all it was. They talked but not as closely as they once had, a part of him did mourn for that close bond he had once shared with his elder brother but the rest of him would never let him be so vulnerable to Jaime again.

Not after what it had cost him, Tyrion thought sadly, Tysha and Lanna's faces coming to his mind.

His mood was already foul today as he remembered the letter that had arrived from the North, Lanna was betrothed he thought with anger but it was all directed towards his own father. He had to thank the Starks, in particular their bastard for taking the risk to pose as her future husband and therefore prevent Tywin from trying to use her to pay off the enormous debt the crown had, he would make sure that he paid that debt back at some point in the future and got rid of the old lion before he did anything to ruin it. As they said, a Lannister always pays his debts.

But turning back to the matter at hand, Tyrion thought darkly, he was not going to permit a rival to Casterly Rock. Granted he wasn't much of one and Kevan Lannister would never sit on that throne either but it was something Tyrion wasn't willing to risk as despite all the power and influence he had gained there were still some who would refuse to serve him due to his status as a dwarf.

So, Tyrion thought darkly, it was time to dispose of Lancel. He had a cyvasse game with Varys later and he wanted to be on his toes as you never knew what the eunuch was playing at when dealing with him. So, he would get rid of Lancel quickly and effectively.

- x -

Lancel Lannister was found only two days later, his body fished out of Blackwater Bay and everyone assumed that he had drowned after falling in. He had last been seen stumbling around drunk in the Red Keep so how he had managed to get all the way into the water was confusing to many as his injuries didn't seem to indicate him falling from the battlements.

- x -

Joffrey meanwhile was admiring gifts he had been sent for his recent name day and was frankly bored with all of them, except the elaborate dagger his uncle had gotten him Joffrey thought with some reluctance. It was wicked looking thing Joffrey thought as he held it in his hands. Black leather grip but the pommel and small cross guard were one solid gold piece shaped to look like a snarling lion but the blade was single edged but purposefully jagged in its shape so if you stabbed someone with it and twisted, the blade would be more damaging.

Then came his gift from House Stark, he thought and eagerly opened the box only to see a strange collection of knives, small ones that would be not much good as stabbing weapons he thought with confusion before reading the message that came with it.

Your Grace,

I instructed my brother to send this in case I was otherwise detained when the time to celebrate your name day came, I can only hope your rule is going well as I expected. I regret not being able to see it but dealing with the Wildlings may take longer than I had hoped, and I would not wish to leave you without a token of my affection.

The implements are from Essos or so I am told. They are unusual but I am sure you will like them once you have mastered their use. They are called throwing knives, lighter blades you throw at enemies who are close by. Given your sharp eyes and steady hand I thought these might prove to be a useful addition to your arsenal. They are fairly easy to conceal and can cause a great deal of damage.

I only wish I was there to give you these weapons in person but I must do my duty as you are doing yours right now by ruling.

With all my love,

Meera Stark.

Now understanding she was giving him a weapon that he could have great fun with he decided to go to the best blacksmith in town and get him to make more before he started training with them.

He smirked, glad that he had another excuse to not waste his time with Margaery Tyrell, he thought glad that his Stark girl had given him a way out.

- x -

Margaery Tyrell sat on the veranda overlooking Blackwater Bay with her grandmother and servants all around them. Her normally beautiful and kind face was twisted with anger and annoyance as yet again she was spurned by Joffrey.

"I am at my wits end with him grandmother." Margaery said plainly, dropping any sense of being a lady to finally let out her frustration with the king. "There is nothing wrong with me and yet he constantly rejects my attempts to build a relationship with him! The court is sniggering at me from the corner and gossiping behind my back and it is driving me mad." Margaery said, looking very much like she was imagining Joffrey's face when she dug her fork into the cake that had been brought up from the kitchens for them.

"I know my dear, I have to admit that I myself have become very dispirited at the state of things here. I would have thought Tywin would have more control of Joffrey than this but perhaps he has grown too arrogant to listen to any good counsel now, shame he had a good beginning but now it seems we must prepare for the next one." Olenna said and even she was shocked at what Margaery said in response.

"When?" She asked her, Margaery's face eager and lit up with excitement. Olenna was shocked at how quickly the usually cautious and restrained Margaery had jumped on with her plot, clearly, she was more annoyed with Joffrey than she had thought but it was understandable Olenna thought with a sigh of acceptance.

The boy was just like his mother, arrogant, felt he was invincible but Olenna was taking great enjoyment as her plan neared being ready to turn the game in her favour.

Storm's End, the Stormlands…

Stannis Baratheon was getting dressed after another night with his queen, the girl was laying there unable to walk with the force of his efforts last night to put a babe in her. Signs were good he had been told by his advisors, she was bleeding right now and he slept with her every night to make sure it took.

He cared nothing for her, Stannis thought, he did not leave her unfinished but the moment she did her duty and gave him another son he would give her a reprieve. Until he had another son his claim was still weaker and he needed to make sure it was secure.

Shireen though he thought with pride was proving he was right to leave Dragonstone in her hands, she was ruling well and he couldn't be prouder of her. His son Steffon to was growing quickly before his eyes and would in a year or so be talking.

He gave a small smile at the pride he took in his children, the only thing he was really proud of in the world and the only thing that had really been his for most of his life. He saw their great potential and was determined to see them rise to the highest place he could put them, give them a better life than he ever could have before.

It was what kept him going, kept him fighting.

News had just reached him though that the wildlings had overthrown the Nights Watch only to be beaten and conquered by the North who was now turning its full attention towards the Iron Born with the extra warriors at its back. That meant the North still had most of its forces in case they joined the fighting, and one of the key players in the struggle to come. They had thus far not honoured their oath to the crown and he was angered by this, vowing to ensure they remembered their duty to him in the future.

Still, he was a little…amused at the bastard Joffrey's stupidity in resisting marriage to Margaery Tyrell, it was foolish to ignore his chance to secure his hold on the throne by wedding her even if the Tyrells were fairly weak after the war.

He would make sure they too paid for their betrayal, Stannis thought before going to get his first meal of the day. There was much to do.

Renly Baratheon's Camp, Unknown Location…

The camp of Renly Baratheon had slipped itself quietly into more fertile lands with game so they could feed themselves more easily, moving through the Kingswood mostly to avoid being found.

Renly Baratheon was still unable to get used to his surroundings and he was starting to wonder if he should just give himself up to Stannis, who he was fairly certain wouldn't outright kill him. It would mean a jail cell but it would be better than this Renly considered.

Loras had tried to cheer him up but it was a losing battle and even he was starting to get weary of their existence, Lady Brienne was dealing with it well enough, she led the foraging for food and found the best places to camp unseen.

She came up to him and told him something that one of their men had discovered when he risked going to a nearby village for information.

"Your grace." Brienne said politely despite his situation making sure to remind him he was king of nothing right now. "I have learned that Stannis has taken his wife and son to live with him in Storm's End while his daughter now rules Dragonstone in his absence."

Storm's End, Renly thought with a sense of longing, while it was nowhere near as rich or as comfortable as Highgarden it was a far better option than here in these woods Renly thought and it should have been his, he thought with a sense of anger, knowing Stannis had stolen it off him at the beginning of the war.

But then the news that Shireen, his niece was running Dragonstone managed to ring its way through his mind. He had never even met the girl, despite her coming to Kings Landing once or twice he had never bothered to meet her and he honestly didn't think he had even sent her a names day present but she was young girl and easily fooled he thought as a plan to get them out of Westeros and to relative safety of Essos, far from the mad men in the Faith came together in his head.

"We need to get a boat." Renly said with a sudden look of hope in his eyes. This surprised Loras and Brienne who had been really worried for him since they had been forced to run from Highgarden, given his lack of spirit and general depression.

"I don't think we can risk the Narrow Sea, in a boat." Loras said, even he with his lack of seafaring experience knew better than to try such a stunt but Renly was undeterred and told them.

"We only need to get to Dragonstone; I think we might be able to gain some assistance from my niece." Renly told them with a smile on his face for the first time since they had left Highgarden.

"Stannis holds that island." Loras reminded him but Renly just told him.

"She is only a child. Easily manipulated, we only need to fool her long enough to get enough gold to get us a ship to cross the Narrow Sea with and maybe give us enough to start on the other side." Renly said with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

Loras, always the follower smiled now himself and nodded eagerly, he wanted to be out of this forest as much as Renly did and would do anything to get them over the Narrow Sea.

Brienne on the other hand was shocked at the idea, that was her king's niece and he was planning to manipulate then rob her blind. She was sworn to serve him but honestly, she was revolted by the idea, she was now wondering if she would have done better to serve herself to another but at least Renly had seen fit to name her to his Kingsguard. The others were bastards or cruel tyrants that she couldn't serve in good conscience.

Maybe she thought as they packed up camp to make the trip to the coast, she could just go back to her father on Tarth? It would mean admitting that she couldn't make it on her own but she could do it with a clear conscience she thought but then her own pride would permit it, nor her loyalty to Renly however strained it was.

She just hoped things would improve and that the little lady ruling Dragonstone would be wise enough to not be taken advantage of.

Sandship, Dorne…

Arianne, Trystane and Rhaenys all sat around the Water Gardens with their younger cousins while Ser Barristan and the guards were keeping watch, depressed as they had still heard nothing from Quentyn and Rhaenys was now only held back from riding up to the North and finding out for herself by the fact that her uncle had forbidden her from the stables and doubled the guards to make sure she didn't steal a horse and go.

She was now almost ready to chance it when at last Uncle Doran came with Uncle Oberyn at his side, Ellaria looked much healthier now she had been allowed to stay with her daughters and smiled brightly as Doran gave them the news.

"A letter from Quentyn has arrived." Doran told them with a great relief. They all breathed out too, they had been worried sick about him. What Doran said next surprised them all though. "He went on some sort of quest north of the Wall and claims to have had 'an adventure beyond anything even Oberyn has ever done'. He said he will explain when he gets here." Doran said with a confused smile, Quentyn was always the quiet one of his children so what he could mean by having an adventure that was stranger than even Oberyn confused him but he was just glad his son was on his way home.

Oberyn laughed, embracing Ellaria by the waist as he claimed.

"I knew the boy's blood ran hot somewhere, who knew it would be north of the Wall."

Ironrath, the North…

Seeing her ancestral home again brought mixed feelings for Mira Forrester, she had spent many years in Winterfell and more recently at Nifhiem. Ironrath was always home though. But now she was here to right a wrong, Mira thought as she rode through the gate. Josera and Elsera were with her, Shadow at their side. The sight of the enormous snow bear shocked the guards but at her command they made no move to attack Shadow despite looking at the fierce beast like it would attack them at a moment's notice.

Josera and Elsera looked around Ironrath with unsettled looks, neither had been allowed within the castle's walls before and now here they were, faced with their father's home. Mira had not written ahead to say they were coming so there would be no chance of their father making plans to avoid the truth coming out. It seemed underhanded but Mira was not going to allow her two half-siblings to be excluded anymore.

The doors to the small keep opened and Mira was faced with the sight of her mother coming out at a fast pace, grabbing her in a tight almost crushing hug and babbling nonsensical words. Tears flowed down her cheeks but the relief on her face made Mira feel bad as she knew she was about to break her mother's heart.

The sight was difficult for Josera and Elsera to watch as they hardly remembered their own mother, she had died when they were very young. They had been kept as separate as possible from the rest of the Forrester family and sent North as soon as their father could manage it.

Mira saw her younger brothers and sister come out to see her along with her sister-in-law Elaena, Gwyn of course being at Sea Dragon managing her own castle while Asher was fighting. Rodrik, she guessed must have been away fighting too although her father appeared and when he saw Josera and Elsera his face fell slightly.

He knew who they were.

That actually shocked Mira, Josera and Elsera who had all believed that he wouldn't recognise them. Evidently, they were wrong.

While her mother fussed over her, followed closely by her younger siblings Josera and Elsera stepped up to Lord Gregor who was unusually solemn now that he was faced with his own decisions.

"Somehow I knew, you would find your way back here." Gregor said with sadness in his voice. "But what about the Grove?" He said with concern but Elsera told him with folded arms.

"Its protected, Lady Sif makes sure of that." The anger in her words made even her brother cringe slightly. Josera just shook his head with anger making his face redden.

"All these years…all this distance and all you can think of is the Grove, you really did send us there just to get rid of us, didn't you?" He demanded, his voice rising and making everyone turn to look at them. Even Shadow was forgotten now as everyone looked at Lord Gregor and the two roughly dressed younger people who were glaring at him.

"Husband?" Lady Elissa asked looking at the pair with suspicion and Mira knowing it had to be done, said the words that her father dearly hoped she wouldn't.

"They're my siblings' mother, my half-siblings Josera and Elsera Snow." Mira said, now looking at her own father with anger. "The two that he abandoned on the other side of the Wall and the ones who saved my life when we ventured there."

The silence in the yard was oppressive and swift. No one could believe her words as the noble and great family man Lord Gregor Forrester was exposed as the man that had broken his marriage vows and not only slept with another woman but fathered two children by her. Judging by their age they were roughly as old as Lord Rodrik was so he had definitely been straying when he had married.

Everyone was silent, Duncan Tuttle and his son Gared who squired for Lord Gregor, Thermund who served as the Lord's Sentinel and advisor to their father, Maester Ortengryn, The Master at Arms Royland Degore, Lady Elissa's brother Malcolm Branfield not to mention their most loyal men at arms Bowan, Errold, Erik and Norren.

Everyone was in complete shock at the revelation, Elissa was the first to react though. Stoic she walked over to them despite her brother trying to stop her. She left her younger children with Elaena and Mira before standing in front of the two newcomers, her imperious stare made even the stubborn Josera wilt a little. She didn't look at her husband at all which was almost painful to watch before asking them.

"Welcome to Ironrath, will you be staying long?" She asked them coldly, the pair felt immediately unsettled by this and unwelcome but again it was Mira that said what needs to be said.

"Mother they and I will be leaving again tomorrow to join the fight against the Ironborn, I came here solely so Josera and Elsera can see their ancestral home. And they can meet the rest of our family when we return." Mira said sternly, surprising them all with the force of her words. "Now, Ethan, Talia, Ryon. This is Josera and Elsera. They are our siblings; we share a father." Mira explained to her younger siblings.

Ethan and Talia being the oldest figured out first just what was going on and were very upset with their father but tried to look mature as Josera towered over them. Ryon being the youngest had difficulty understanding just how they could be his siblings when he had never met them before. But none the less Josera and Elsera came over to greet them.

"Hello." Talia managed to say, not sure just what to do in the face of two older bastard siblings that Mira had presented them with. Ethan beside her was far more an intellectual and decided to try and break the ice with a simple question.

"How did you come to have a snow bear as a companion?" He asked, actually interested as he had heard and even seen for himself that the Starks had direwolves and yet his elder half-brother had a snow bear for a pet. The older twins were thankful for the question and answered gladly.

"My brother and I can warg with animals, Josera found Shadow when he was a cub and raised him after his mother died. He has been with us ever since." Elsera told her younger siblings who she thought looked adorable even if she was as nervous of them as they were of her.

"Warging? I thought that was a myth." Ethan said with excitement, he knew the old legends about such things and Josera nodded, calling Shadow over who knelt down and without warning flipped Ryon up onto his back.

The guards were terrified at the sudden movement, sure their lord's youngest son was about to be mauled to death, Elissa nearly screamed in fear as did Talia but when a moment later everyone realised nothing was wrong and Ryon squealed out with the thrill of riding a snow bear who carefully walked around with the little boy on his back. Ryon called out in joy at the experience and everyone relaxed a little.

Eventually the ride ended and Shadow lay down so Ryon could slide down into his waiting mother's arms who held him tightly with fear and slowly moved away from the bear. Ethan and Talia both gently rubbed his ears which Shadow liked a great deal and Josera told them.

"He does enjoy having his ears rubbed, but if we want to join the fight against those 'Ironborn' as you call them then we had best be off."

"Wait, we'll get you some fresh supplies and you can sleep here tonight before going in the morning." Ethan said, not eager to see his sister go off again when she had only just gotten back from beyond the Wall. Not to mention he was keen to hear just what she had seen there since the lands beyond the Wall were a virtual unknown to the North.

"Okay, for one night." Elsera said seeing the pleading look in her younger sister's eyes. She didn't really want to stay as this place was unsettling for her but it would be nice to sleep in a bed and have a cooked meal. Her youngest sister now came up to her and asked.

"Can you sing?"

The question completely confused her but Elsera managed to say.

"No, can't say I can. When I sing it shatters glass." Elsera said with an uneasy smile. Talia, she remembered smiled before saying.

"I sing, just like Ethan is really smart like a maester. Rodrik can negotiate any kind of deal he needs too and knows all about trade, Asher is the warrior who is stronger than any of us on the battlefield. We all have a skill, Ryon doesn't know his yet. What's yours?" Talia asked.

Elsera hesitated as she had an answer but wasn't sure it was best heard by such young ears so she told her youngest sister although it was strange to think of her as that.

"I have skills, knowledge of the older world. One largely forgotten in the south. I won't say anymore but like my twin brother, I can warg too." Elsera said, not wanting to say she understood blood magic and other areas of the mystic world. Talia looked confused but accepted her answer.

Mira was just glad her younger siblings were warming up to Josera and Elsera as if she had her way, they would be a part of this family. Whatever happened House Forrester had two new members who should have grown up here with them, not frozen in a grove beyond the Wall, she wasn't sure she could forgive her father for what he'd done. Judging by the look her mother had on her face she probably wouldn't either Mira thought with sadness but the truth had to come out.

Flint's Finger, the North…Two Days Later…

The Northern army had decided to strike the Iron Born at night for the added benefit of surprise, the Iron Born had moored many ships here, roughly a hundred in docks they had thrown up or just moored and moving back and forth between ship and shore by small boats.

Since they had a split force which was an important part of the battle plan, co-ordinating these two forces would be a difficult task in the day let alone at night. Robb would no idea just where his sister and Jon were at first and they likewise would no idea just where he was.

But they had an advantage that others did not, they had magic and it was something they intended to take full advantage of.

A tawny owl, common in the North flew overhead, scanning the ground beneath it with its incredible eyes that saw well in the dark. It flew over the village and the nearby rocky formations that helped hide the Northern armies approaching. Not to mention both armies as well.

Robb had been told by his sister that she would send a message to him when the time was right to move, how she had explained although he didn't fully understand just what she meant but he would soon learn and that it would be best if he was alone for this.

When a bluish white stag made completely of light appeared before him, he was completely floored at the sight before him. His sister had told him she had been experimenting with magic to see what was possible something like his hadn't even crossed his wildest imaginings. But what happened next almost broke him.

It spoke! With his sister's voice!

"Robb we are in position, just blow the horn when you want to launch the attack." The stag said before vanishing before his eyes.

Robb blinked, not sure if that had just really happened but finally his mind managed to catch up and made him swear to learn that particular skill the moment that they had a free moment. But first he and his people had a battle to win, Robb thought with a certain anger driven blood lust fuelling him up as he looked at the camp of this thieving bunch of scum!

Theon in particular, Robb thought with disgust. He had treated him like a brother only to be repay for that by betrayal.

He would pay, Robb thought as he mounted his horse and blew the horn as loudly as possible.

The horn had been enchanted by his sister so it made a louder noise than was normal and could be easily heard by both Northern forces, true the Iron Born could hear it too but it was a small price to pay for being able to strike from two directions at once, at the same time and in the dark.

The noise echoed around, some men put their hands over their ears while the horses were a little spoked by it and had to be forced to calm down by their riders but that was just as they charged so it mattered little.

The horses rode at top speed down towards the occupied village while from near the coast, the Free Folk warriors came charging up along the beach and into the village from a different direction, cutting off the Iron Born's only route of escape.

The Iron Born were shocked by suddenness of the attack, they had been drinking and celebrating their limited success so far, Theon and Yara were standing around a fire just talking privately to each other when they heard the horn and Theon felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He heard next the rumbling of hooves and of feet, in the dark it was impossible to see properly but a mass of thousands and thousands of Northern warriors was just visible under the moon light.

He turned around and looked towards the harbour only to see a Northern Infantry force had cut him and the rest of their people off from their only means of escape. He and Yara shared a look of mutual horror as they both realised just what was about to happen but they ran for their weapons anyway.

Theon was wondering why the scouts he had sent out hadn't picked up on a Northern army this size and not warned them? He wasn't to know that the skilled hunters like Ygritte had picked them off before the main army had come through. The silence from the scouts hadn't worried anyone either, assuming that no information meant everything was good.

But as the Iron Born, rushed to get their leather armour on and grab whatever weapon was to hand to meet the Northern Army were struck with fear as they saw what looked like literal demons charging on them.

The Northerners had all decorated their faces with face paint, different colours and in many different patterns which shocked the Iron Born when they finally got close enough to see, the darkness making it seem even more terrifying. The sight of all the cavalry not to mention five vicious direwolves and a snowbear charging straight at them, shook the Iron Born who were used to being the ones who surprise attacked people, not the ones who were surprised.

Not to mention the Northerners and even the Free Folk were wearing steel with their armour, meaning they were protected far better than their enemies.

Arya rode beside Robb, smirking broadly as she speared a raider through the chest before jumping off her horse with Nymeria at her side and pulled out her short sword and dagger, moving like a dancer around the poorly equipped Ironborn, cutting at the joints and other weak spots as she moved.

Robb himself now dismounted with Greywind and had Ice in hand as he swung the large sword around, cutting down Iron Born like a man possessed. The rest of the horse men either dismounted or rode around the Iron Born to ensure that no one escaped, especially the Horse Archers who would pick them off at will. Mira Forrester proved how much she had improved with the bow as she rode with them and picked off more Iron Born who tried desperately to escape.

But coming up from the coast was the enormous mass of Free Folk and Northern infantry, led by Jon, Meera and Tormund, who had Romulus, Rema and Ghost with them. Shadow charged straight in alongside Josera and Elsera, Josera swung his axe hard into one reaver's head while Elsera used a spear to impale one right through the chest. Shadow meanwhile bit the head of a reaver clean off with one jerking bite and Tormund swung his freshly made steel axe straight into the chest of another one.

Jon and Meera though, they were unstoppable.

Moving with inhuman speed they stabbed and slashed their way through the reavers, not showing any mercy to those that crossed their path. Jon moved Hofund around like it weighed nothing and cut through whoever came in range, one Ironborn tried to use an iron longsword to block it but Jon put enough force behind it to cut straight through it like paper. The reaver had only a second to react to this before Jon took his head clean off his shoulders.

Meera likewise was stabbing her spear straight through shields if the reaver had them or armour if they didn't and ending them with accurate thrusts and catching people with wide arcs. She moved fluidly, now much more used to her spear and its great reach and having much more experience than before.

Those quick reactions saved her a moment later when out of nowhere one of the Northern men sworn to them without warning lunged at her with his sword, she missed it by the skin of her teeth but then speared the man with the other end of her spear.

A red wisp escaped his mouth before fading into nothing but it reminded Meera again of the threat Sif had warned her about.

But with the fight going on she had no time to dwell on it, she just had to get on with fighting and also with looking for the leaders of this little invasion which fortunately didn't take much effort to find.

Theon to his credit was not a coward, he stood and fought and so did Yara. They fought hard with their respective weapons against the seemingly endless Northern army. The pressure and speed of the fight was so great neither of them had any time to speak or yell insults or anything because the moment they defeated one person, another would immediately take their place.

Theon was sweating like crazy with the effort of such a hard fight as was Yara, this was exactly what she and he had feared, a proper fight against a land-based army.

One in large numbers, with armour and horses.

At night and by surprise.

They didn't have a chance.

However, they suddenly found their legs locking together much to their own surprise. They felt forward helplessly and then were seized by two of the former Unsullied that Theon recognised from Winterfell. Their legs unlocked but it was pointless now as the Unsullied and a pair of others grabbed a firm hold of them.

Looking up Theon's blood ran cold as he saw who was looking down at him.

She was as tall as him but now with him being forced to his knees easily stood over him, her fur covered armour was almost like silver but with the distinctive ripples of Valyrian steel. Her thick dark brown hair was tied back in several ponytails and her face was almost frightening, dark blue and black markings around her eyes and two tears painted on one cheek. Even without the six-foot-long golden coloured spear she would have scared him as he recognised her and that vicious smirk on her face.

"Well, look who it is. Theon Greyjoy…and his sister. Two little squids caught on dry land. Precious." Meera said with amusement before turning to the Unsullied and others holding him and Yara before they could say anything. "Gag and bind them. They will live long enough to see just what 'Winter is Coming' really means."

Those words made Theon really afraid at what she meant by that, Meera could be vicious if provoked and that was proven a moment later when she told the men.

"No other prisoners, we only need these two. Kill everyone else." Meera commanded and the men didn't hesitate to follow her command, even Robb and Jon took their lead from her in this.

The pair were gagged and tied up, forced to watch as the rest of their raiders and their own personal crews were slaughtered without a single bit of mercy. Some actually threw down their weapons and said they would take the black, only for the Northerners to grimace and stab them while saying there was no Watch to join anymore.

- x -

If Theon and Yara had any tears to shed over this they had all gone by morning, left with either anger or depression. The victors didn't even give their people the dignity of a burial at sea, instead throwing the bodies onto huge pyres they created. Splashing them with fluid and them setting them ablaze.

Yara would likely have been swearing up a storm at all this but with the gag she wasn't able to speak as Jon and Robb approached, they too looked fierce in their face paint and armour. Robb looked at Theon with disgust and despite his pleading eyes, he turned back to Meera and Jon to speak.

"All one hundred ships, secured. Good ones too, we can make use of them." Robb told them which only made the pain of loss worse especially for Yara, the North had slaughtered their invasion force with the exception of them, but worse they had allowed the North to take their ships intact and would now likely be put into Northern service.

Theon then felt a blade of cold steel against his neck and he looked up to see Arya standing there with a vicious grin on her face that was so like her oldest sister's it terrified Theon and she told him.

"You know, what we have in mind to punish you and your people…will echo in eternity. Even Tywin Lannister might catch his breath." Arya said, taunting him and Yara who looked at each other with concern. Not sure exactly just what they meant by that but given what Tywin Lannister was famous for they became very worried for their people.

- x -

Once the grisly job of disposing of the dead bodies, the party had begun.

The Northerners and the Free Folk despite their long-held differences did discover something about each other that day and night.

They both loved a good party.

Especially when alcohol was involved.

The booze was flowing fast that night as they all gathered around fires and started singing songs, boasting of their achievements, arm wrestling, wrestling in general but perhaps they were too drunk to remember their grudges and all just acted like men and women. No more, no less.

There were a few fights but they were fairly small and didn't take much an intervention to shut down. And the following morning everyone was too hungover to fight as the hangover potions were handed out. But that party did something else…it broke the ice between the groups. There was still a lot of distrust between them, thousands of years of fighting each other didn't go away so easily but it was a start.

When they finally had recovered their wits enough, they were assembled by Robb who had a duty to do first before they did anything else.

"Jon Snow, SmallJon Umber, Torrhen Karstark." Robb said as he stood before the three kneeling figures. "You have all shown the utmost valour and dedication to the North so…in the name of the North…I charge you to be bold, to be swift and to be steadfast as you stand among the North's finest warriors. I name you… Jon Snow, SmallJon Umber and Torrhen Karstark…Paladins." Robb said proudly as he recognised them for their achievements.

Jon, Smalljon and Torrhen all smiled as the crowd clapped and cheered, standing and Meera plus Arya were among the loudest. Glad to see Jon in particular be recognised for his skill and achievements.

As the crowd dispersed to prepare themselves for the voyage ahead, Meera turned to Jon and Robb and decided to say something that was on her mind.

"Perhaps it would be best if you both stayed here in the North to spend time with your children and getting Castle Black in order." Meera said, knowing full well what was going to have to be done to stop the Iron Born from being a threat to them anymore and her brothers were good men.

What they were going to do, was not something good men could stomach.

Both men looked at her with surprise at what she was suggesting, it was expected for Robb to lead the North and where Robb went Jon was going to follow. Immediately rejecting that Robb told her.

"It's a Northern invasion, I should be the one leading it." Robb said firmly and Jon nodded.

"We stand together." Jon told her and Meera frowned before nodding reluctantly, not sure this was a good idea and that their mercy might prevent them from doing what they needed to do.

Meera continued to worry about it till she met up with Strong Shield, Arrow Point and Gendry who it seemed were always around her, had become her main guards now it seemed she realised and then saw Osha who was cleaning her spear. The wildling woman had done incredibly well in battle, downing a good number of Iron Born and had a certain ruthlessness to her.

She looked up and stood, smiling as she spoke.

"Lady Stark. Anything ya need done?" Osha said, not at all falling over herself to defer to her but she was respectful in her own way. Meera knew where she stood with her and Osha knew where she stood with her. They understood each other.

"When we go to the Iron Islands, I may have need of you. Stick close." Meera said and Osha smirked while nodding, not keen on crossing the water but eager to get into a fight. Romulus and Rema at Meera's side rubbed against her which she returned eagerly, glad to have them with her.

A figure then started coming through the crowd, drawing attention as he was far different to everyone else. Tall but fat with a red cloak and steel armour, his head was shaved but he had a grey beard. Nobody here knew him except Meera who had only seen him once before, during the Tourney of the Hand in Kings Landing.

"Thoros of Myr." She greeted him as he came up to her. "What brings you all the way to the North? With the war in the south, I would have thought you had enough to do down there." She was cautious of him as their last encounter with a member of the Faith of R'hllor it had had ended up with a prisoner being burned alive. She was understandably cautious about dealing with another one.

"A fight perhaps but not the war that I and my people feared. That war was fought by you beyond the Wall, you brought the dawn. You are the Azor Ahai and while I could not help you in that struggle, I swear to aid you in all future wars. I am here to pledge myself and my sword to you." Thoros said much to everyone's surprise.

Meera was astonished as to how he could know what went on beyond the Wall and was immediately suspicious, wondering if it was Loki trying to trick her or a red wisp or something else altogether. He was she knew a skilled fighter and she would need that where she was going next.

If he was here to cause trouble then she needed to know why. But also, what Azor Ahai meant? She knew something of their cult but not that.

"We sail for the Iron Islands tomorrow as soon as the ships are ready and the men are prepared. If you wish to sail with us, be ready by then." Meera told him, he nodded and bowed to her before leaving to ready himself for the journey.

Meera was unsettled by his sudden appearance and wasn't sure just what to think but could feel in her bones this was important somehow and just hoped that Azor Ahai wasn't some saviour or something.

Either way, she decided there and then to do something she should have done a while ago, tonight she thought with determination for if trouble was coming, she would need every asset she could find.

- x -

Arya was checking her weapons while Nymeria slept at her side, she gently rubbed her ears and the direwolf snuggled closer into her which made Arya smile. She loved spending time with her wolf and fighting together against the Iron Born had brought them even closer.

After a while Jon appeared with Ghost and Ygritte at his side, while Ghost was nice Arya wasn't sure yet about the woman that had inserted herself into her brother's life. She was nice enough but Arya just wasn't sure she was good enough for Jon, Arya thought with annoyance. Her brother was so good to people, so brave and selfless, look at the risk he was taking for Lanna to protect her from her father's family, and Arya just didn't know if Ygritte was enough for him.

"Arya, I was thinking since there is a lot of land vacant now attached to Castle Black, maybe we could establish a horse farm there, one that you could run." Jon suggested to her knowing of her love for horses. She had enjoyed raising a couple at this point and it made sense to give her a chance to do it on a larger scale.

"And north of the Wall Lady Sif created a breed of hound as she called it that is perfect for pulling sleds and does well in the cold. She only just managed it so we only have a few right now but you could breed them on your 'farm'." Ygritte suggested, not sure of the terms but knew having more horses and the hounds would benefit people on both sides of the Wall. It would be a good commodity to trade with, Jon had pointed out that out to her.

Arya was speechless, she had never believed she would be allowed to do something like this! She had always worried she would just be wed off to whoever benefited them at the time, that was what her mother would have done Arya thought with disgust. Instead, her brothers and sisters had always said if you wanted to marry her, you would have to get her to agree first.

That had made a lot of lesser boys back off, Arya thought with a smirk and this was something she would love to spend her time doing.

"Thank you." Arya said, smiling broadly at Jon who nodded with a smile of his own, knowing this was what his youngest cousin/sister really wanted.

- x -

Later that night as most of the camp slept; Meera led Jon, Robb and Arya away from the camp and brought the four dragon eggs with her. She and Jon put the four eggs in a small hole in the ground and took a step back before pointing their dragon rings at the eggs. Both of them saying together, Meera already having taught Jon the word beforehand.


The rings immediately created a powerful stream of fire each, blasting forward with enough force to put them back a step, but they maintained control and focused the magical fire on the eggs and hoped they could get it hot enough to hatch the eggs.

Meera used all her will and focus with the flames, making them burn intensely before finally stopping after a good while and Jon immediately followed her lead. They both were a bit winded but otherwise fine. Robb and Arya were astonished at what had been done and wondered just where they could find foci like that.

But instantly they were drawn to the spot where the eggs had been a moment ago and saw to their awe that the spells had done their work as four tiny dragons sat in the middle of the scorched ground. Meera walked over without fear and gently picked two of them up while Arya followed suit and picked up the other two. The dragons leaned into them, comforted by their warmth. Robb and Jon came over followed by the direwolves and looked at the tiny little creatures, unable to believe they might someday become the enormous beings of destructions that dragons were famed for being but if trouble was coming, they would need all the help they could get.

- x -

That morning with the dragons safely secured in the Black Wind's cabin along with the direwolves, not to mention Theon and Yara gagged and guarded in the hold, Meera stood on deck with her brothers and sister, not to mention their most trusted as the ships sailed towards the Iron Islands. A voyage that would usually take roughly two days but Meera was going to test her spear's power to get them there quicker.

She stood with Gungnir in hand as they cleared the cliffs at the south of Flint's Finger, with a straight route to the Iron Islands she called on her spear's deeper powers with her eyes closed.

The effect was slow at first but the winds began to pick up but to the surprise of the crew it caught the sails at the right angle to propel them forward at a faster speed while the seas stayed relatively calm.

The Northern Army were astounded by their luck as where the sailors who manned the ships, now they would make landfall in only a day's worth of sail. Her siblings all looked at Meera with amazement as she managed to command the winds and therefore the waves around them, meaning they would reach the Iron Islands in record time.

And they all swore to teach the Iron Born a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.

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