hey guys imma be honest im not really a story writer so im probs either gonna put the story on hiatus or just leave it but ill probs be doing short stories or one shots while i get back into the writing mood :)
anyways my first one-shot? dunno hope you enjoy only has like 200 words lol

the man stood in front of his daughter a feral look in his glowing eyes the blood flow stopping from his missing left hand his loyal sword riptide in his right he took a deep breath and did the most taboo thing he could think of his he took control of his own blood his skin darkening as his blood sped up his physical abilities at his peak taking deep breaths he charged as soon as he missed a breath he knew he would most likely die his energy draining quickly he jumped and used all his power pushing past the blinding pain and struck the man's whole upper body disappeared a rain of dark thick blood pouring from the heavens he smiled as he collapsed grabbing two drachma from his pocket wishing his daughter farewell he took his last breath his glowing eyes and his accomplishments going down in history as the man who fought the primordial god chaos for his daughter his name lost in history but his title son of the earth shaker and hero of Olympus