Graduating from college, an event many cherish.

To a purple haired girl playing her GameSlave however, it was just a day of her annoyingly slutty classmates to take to some shitty restaurant and have conversations so vapid that she wanted to grab the nearest fork with menacing intent.

"Come on Gaz, are you even listening?"

Gaz still played with her GameSlave. Sitting across from her in a booth was Liv, a girl with long blonde hair and an annoyingly smug expression. Sitting next to Liv on her left and her right were a brunette and a redhead.

"Uh huh. Boys. Phones. Fucking. Now shut up and let me finish this level" said Gaz, never looking up from her GameSlave.

Liv's lip curled into a smirk, and with quick speed she moved over to Gaz and grabbed her GameSlave. Eyes burning with fury, Gaz looked up at Heather and her friends with a murderous expression.

"Give. It back. Now."

Liv's smirk continued as she got an inch away from Gaz's face.

"And what. If I. Don't?"

Liv went back to her seat. Her friends let out a collective "ooooh" as Liv's smug smile spread across her face. Gaz let out a low almost animal like noise as she clenched her fists in fury, her pupils replaced by red hot flames. The other patrons of the restaurant noticed the purple haired fury in front of them and began to back away, even the crew visibly terrified. Even Heather's friends were noticeably afraid.

"Um, Liv... maybe you should" the redhead began to say before she was interrupted.

"Shut up Heather. Besides, Gaz isn't gonna do anything. She acts like she's this unholy terror but really she's nothing but a scared little girl. I see your act Gaz, and you may have the rest of this hick, possibly inbred, town shitting their pants in fear, but not me. You're just a little cunt who dresses up her face in makeup and wears dark clothing to scare people. But I'm not scared. So go ahead, do your worst."

Liv sat back in her seat, but her friends had a look of terror and hopelessness.

"Um, Liv, you might want to..."

Just as the redhead was about to finish Liv looked at her with a look of annoyance.

"WHAT? What is so fucking important Maya?"

"... Duck" Maya said quietly.

Before Liv could react a loud THWACK was heard, and Liv fell on the floor. Getting up Liv felt something running down her face, and nearly fainted when she saw that it was red. Standing in front of her was Gaz, holding a near-broken plate.

"Oh god... did you hit me... with that?" Liv asked.

"Give me my GameSlave" Gaz said slowly.

Liv looked at Gaz with the face that a rabbit have when it was cornered by a wolf.

"You.. you're a fucking monster. Eleven fucking years and you're still a monster. Jesus Christ Gaz, you need some fucking help" said Liv.

Heather and Maya went to pick up Liv. Holding by the shoulders they left, but not before Maya turned to sneer at Gaz.

"And you can forget about the afterparty!"

Gaz just stood there emotionless, until she saw her GameSlave on the floor. She picked it up and began playing, ignoring the disturbed looks of the people around her.

That was two years ago, and now Gaz found herself sighing in an office. Not many people were willing to hire a girl who had bashed another woman's' head in. Gaz's office was a small one, filled with motivational posters (none of which she had chose) and a computer in front of her, although she ignored those in favor of her GameSlave. Apparently people thought that for Gaz to cool off it was a good idea to place her in an office full of idiots. Just as Gaz was about to finish a level a brown haired man who appeared to be in his early twenties opened the door to Gaz's office and walked in.

"Uh, Gaz?" the man replied with an obviously terrified voice.

"What?" Gaz coldly replied.

"The boss wants to see you."

Gaz groaned. Clearly it was going to be one of those days.

Gaz sat in the main office, looking mostly the same as she did when she was younger. Her purple hair had a more circular shape and she was was wearing her usual black attire. She was about 5 ft 9' and had her trademark blank but possibly fuming expression. Across from her was her boss, Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown was a balding man who appeared to be in his fifties, wearing a black suit and white tie. Mr. Brown cleared his throat, looking nervous, and began to speak.

"Gaz, we need to talk about your um, anger" said Mr. Brown, fear in his eyes.

"Why, did that slut Rachel say anything about me?" Gaz asked coldly.

Mr. Brown gulped nervously, sweat visibly running down his face.

"Um no but you seem to have an... effect on people. For example... Jimmy"

Gaz simply rolled her eyes. Jimmy had stolen Gaz's stapler, and Gaz wasn't happy about this so she took him to a closet. When they found Jimmy he was claiming himself to be the "Queen of pigeons" and was subsequently fired, but not before he did his "business" on Mr. Brown's car.

"It's not my fault people are idiots" Gaz replied.

"Look, I understand that the people here may not be ideal but there is a healthy way to deal with them and an unhealthy way. You keep ignoring my offers of therapy and I can't have you go around attacking everyone so I'm afraid that for now I'm suggesting that you... take a break."

Gaz rose out of her seat with fire in her eyes as she went over and grabbed Mr. Brown by the tie.

"Alright you fat fuck listen to me. If you fire me there will. Be. Pain. I will haunt your nightmares and wish you were never born. There will be pain you can never imagine, and suffering you'll wish you could undo. Do you understand?"

Mr. Brown gulped nervously.

"I'm not saying you're fired, just that you could use a uh... small break. Maybe go to your family, take some time off."

Gaz went back to her seat, seemingly calmed down. Mr. Brown was obviously terrified but tried to get a calm composure. Once he seemed calm he sighed and continued.

"I have a cab outside, and it can take wherever you want to go to for the break. So what do you have in mind?"

Gaz thought to herself, and after a while she had gotten it.


The cab ride had been going for a while and just as Gaz was getting frustrated on when they would reach their destination the car came to a halt.

"Alright here we are. Ya home sweet home" said the cab driver.

Gaz tipped the driver and went out.

"What? That's it?" asked the cab driver.

"Maybe if you were faster" Gaz replied.

The cab driver gave Gaz the finger and drove off. As Gaz began to approach the house she stopped. Feelings of apprehension began to overwhelm her. Did she really want to go back? Soon she brushed them aside. She was Gaz fucking Membrane, she didn't have time for this. Sighing she went to the door and knocked. A young man with black hair walked out

"I told you dad, I don't know when she's coming. I don't know if its her. She didn't say when. Dad I..."

The man stopped as soon as he Gaz. His eyes widened as shock began to engulf his face.

"Gaz?" the man asked.

Gaz sighed.

"Hey Dib."

So there it is, the first chapter. This is basically an introduction to Gaz's future and I hope to explore the hairier aspects of the story in the next few chapters. This was really interesting to write cause I dived deep into the darkness that is Gaz. Dib's gonna have his hands full so please follow and r and r. Au revoir