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985 ARR - 15 BBY

Chapter 30 - Home Matters

The aftermath of the Battle of Corellia was not quite as dramatic as the rebels and Mandalorians had initially hoped.

Many worlds even those that hated the Empire hadn't tried to overthrow it, perhaps due to the Empire's relentless propaganda campaign that downplayed the whole incident. But they hadn't managed to dampen it fully.

People did see through all the lies and half-truths the Empire was yelling out at the galaxy and realised the incredible fact that the Empire really wasn't invincible and could be defeated.

So, with great care, they started organising in groups, helped by the still forming Rebel Alliance and Liber8. Taught how to hide themselves from the Empire and with some help with the Rift Alliance and other sources began to arm and equip themselves. Some didn't go down this route, preferring to be more peaceful and have to demonstrations and other less violent methods of protest.

But regardless those that wanted it would receive the help, some weapons and equipment and training from more experienced hands, swelling the forces of rebellion across the galaxy.

Corellia itself meanwhile had become a member of the Rift Alliance, strengthening its position while it expanding its own forces. Jedi who previously had hidden themselves across the galaxy would travel to the planet so they could find shelter there. People who had force sensitive children or were force sensitive themselves would go there too so they would be safe from the Empire and eventually the Corellian Jedi would train them in the Jedi Arts.

The Empire of course was greatly disturbed by these developments and cracked down even harder within their own territory while planning to punish those that dared to question their authority over the galaxy and everyone in it.

Reijar, Ordo System…985 ARR…

The day was special as Luna had gathered all of her friends and existing Akaan and learners to witness an important occasion. As Haron and all the others watched, Luna led the ceremony.

"You have both proven your devotion to not only the force but to Mandalore itself. You have grown in skill and in strength until you have earned advancement to the next level." Luna said to the two kneeling before her before naming them. "Trilla Suduri…Cal Kestis. In honour of your achievement, you are both bestowed the rank of Akaan with all the honours, privileges and responsibilities this new rank carries. Stand and be recognised." Luna said with a smile.

Cal and Trilla both stood and everyone present applauded them, watching as the marks of an Akaan was painted on their armour. Luna turned to Haron who nodded and stepped forward to address them personally.

"You both have come a long way and should be proud of your accomplishment but remember that bigger challenges lie ahead and arrogance has brought down many people." Haron warned them and they both nodded in acceptance of his wise words.

Trilla and Cal on the inside though were beaming with joy, being 'knighted' or the equivalent anyway meant they would finally be allowed to go on missions with the rest of the warriors or even on their own. It was a big statement of trust and they were eager to get out there and make their own mark.

"We will Mandalore." Trilla said with a surge of pride and joy inside her, feeling at last like she belonged somewhere, like she wasn't alone anymore.

"Thank you Mandalore, thank you Luna." Cal said with a similar feeling inside him. Like Trilla he at last felt like he wasn't just a survivor…that he was capable of deciding his own fate and making his own way in the galaxy.

- x -

But the two young former Jedi where not the only ones to be honoured today, the House Leaders had gathered on Reijar to celebrate another great achievement by one of their number. As all the dukes and duchesses stood there in patient silence, Haron stood before Luna and told her with a big smile on his face.

"Luna Lovegood, you may not have been born Mandalorian but ever since you put on our armour and swore to our ways you have been truly one of us. You have achieved great things and given us a culture of our own in the force for the very first time. You have empowered us as a people to see the universe in a new way and enlightened us, your visions have guided our people and shown us danger we would likely have never known was there otherwise until it was too late. You are a true inspiration and a woman I am personally honoured to call my friend." Haron said with pride in his voice while Luna smiled broadly, she loved her friends and they loved her.

"So today we are honouring you with a new award, dedicated to those that bring enlightenment and wisdom to our people. For your building and leadership of the new Force Wielders that now stand among us I am truly honoured to present you with the Lern Ceremonial Sun." Haron said presenting her with a medal made of electrum and styled to look like a sun inside a circle with the runes for wisdom, wise one and power inscribed on it attached to dark blue and red ribbon.

Luna with some reluctance accepted the medal, she was quite happy with the order that she had created and would continue to expand, more apprentices were being added and now they had half a dozen Akaan and the Mareks as instructors it would be easier to train them all.

"Not to mention your recent discovery of Luna Steel has enriched our people with new strength, while we do not have the infrastructure to produce enough of it to build vehicles or ships out of it, we can produce it in sufficient quantities that we can enhance all existing suits of beskar armour albeit slowly. While not as strong as pure beskar, it is a close second." Haron said having named the metal that in her honour. He only wished they could mass produce it enough to make vehicles but it was a long and delicate process that couldn't be rushed regrettably.

"You are a credit to our people." Ijaa said with a nod of respect which was a rare thing for him to say or do for anyone let alone someone who had not been born one of them. "Whatever the future holds, we will face it better prepared thanks to your efforts."

Luna nodded to in respect, she could feel how much he meant it and how difficult it was for him to admit that someone not born into their ways had become so important and given them so much.

Haron let her excuse herself as she had lessons to prepare for the day and he had matters to discuss with the other house leaders. He gave her one last nod which she returned before leaving the room to return to her students.

They all gathered around the conference table and began the meeting.

"Distribution of the new 'Luna Steel' is slowly spreading, mass producing it in sufficient ingots to reinforce all existing armours." Duchess Ceta Farr said having been one of the main houses with sufficient facilities to produce the metal alloy in high enough quantities. "It will take a couple of years but it will be done."

"Excellent, you do us all a great service Duchess Farr." Haron said from the head of the table, knowing there was a thorny issue that had to be addressed next. He turned to Duke Yal Takan, the head of their intelligence network and asked him with a grim look on his face. "Any further news on the situation inside Imperial Space?"

"Yes, I can definitely confirm that an Imperial Invasion of our home territories is now imminent." Yal told them with worry in his voice. They all looked unsettled by the news but Duchess Katale Ma'Gard who was again standing in for her grandfather who had again fallen ill spoke up.

"Look we all knew this was coming." She said with her rough accent and an annoyed look on her face as it was the plain and simple truth and no amount of recrimination or arguing would help. She was already dealing with her grandfather's illness and they didn't know if he would survive this time. Her cousins back home were with him where she should be she thought with frustration.

"Indeed, so what is the status of our border defences?" Duke Yarlten asked, trying to get things back on subject.

"We have a lot of border planets either with considerable defenders, built heavy fortifications like a network of satellites and a few space stations around them but there are still some gaps." Duke Ralmiz said, his own territories being some with outside borders had made him particularly diligent about such things but he was hardly the only one.

They had set up laser and missile armed satellites many of which were automated and with independent shields while on some planets they had put planetary turbolasers similar to the ones on Corellia and planetary ion cannons to go with them. They could now deal a powerful one-two punch so to speak, the ion cannons first disable the target before the turbolaser blows it apart. They had even managed to integrate some Iokath technology to improve the fire power and rate of fire too.

But that being said they were still not finished fortifying their border and had work to do.

"So, do we have any idea just where they will strike?" Duke Mors Lok asked with eagerness, wanting to know just where they would hit them.

"Not specifically, a system not fully reinforced is likely though." Duke Takan told them and then Haron after pondering silently made his suggestion about what they could do.

"The Joryl System."

The others went silent as they absorbed his words. Duchess Morli Kast who held that particular system looked suddenly unsettled.

"Why there Mandalore?" She asked with nervousness but he told her with a grin.

"Because we will leak its unprepared state to the Empire and any reconnaissance that they have will confirm it." Haron said with a cunning look in his eyes and Duke N'Val suddenly caught on to what he was planning and started grinning too.

"It also has a good-sized moon that we can use to hide a fleet behind." They all then started grinning as they understood too.

"And a single vector to which ships from Imperial Space can come in on. You're setting a trap." Duke Cadoruso said to which Haron nodded.

"We could lay mines across that vector. Let them run into a minefield and wreck themselves before our fleet has to lift a finger." Duchess Kane said with an almost sinister smirk. Haron's grin faltered a little when he looked at her but he nodded as it was a fairly good idea.

"Well, let's do it!" Duke Orius said with an eager look in his eyes. The group nodded and went to make preparations for the ambush while Haron held Duchess Kane back. The woman with her white blonde hair was unfazed by this and continued smirking.

"So, is this where you warn me off your darling little sister or threaten to kill me if I break her heart?" Eliza said with a bored look of expectation on her face. Haron was unphased though and told her.

"If I did that then my sister would hate me if not kill me for being so intrusive and heavy handed. What I am going to say is this caring you have for her had best be real and not some form of manipulation. I want her to be happy Eliza and if that means having you in the family then I will accept it, I admire you for your cunning and ability, especially in the face of the opposition that you have dealt with in the past…but that only goes so far." Haron warned her and Eliza actually for once in her life became serious and told him.

"It's real! I don't let anyone see me vulnerable, no-one except her." Eliza said suddenly with anger in her voice. "She knows what it's like…to be alone."

Haron nodded and smiled before telling her with a knowing look in his eyes.

"Then best get to the medical bay. Its time." He said, feeling what was happening down there.

Eliza didn't react at first, then finally realised what he was trying to tell her and ran out of the room to Vysa. Haron smiled as she went, more certain now that she was genuine in her feelings.

- x -

Luna meanwhile was instructing the other Akaan in enchanting their armour.

"What we are trying to do is to weave the force or our magic into the metal, letting it bond and strengthen the armour which in turn does the same to us. It heightens our connection to it and lets us add to our strength." Luna said, sitting in front of all the Akaans who had for once taken off their armour and sat there in front of her, they had even removed their body suits and sat there in their underwear just like her. Gazes struggled to stay professional as baser instincts reared their heads but Luna continued her lesson.

"Let the force, our magic flow into the materials before you. Let them form the armour into what suits you. What you need." Luna said as she concentrated on her own suit and letting the force fill not only her but the armour, letting it flow into it and begin reshaping it while the others did the same slowly and at their own pace.

Luna herself had already practised this until she had mastered it and taught her friends to do the same already, they already had enchanted their armour and now it was the turn of the Akaans. It was powerful Luna thought and decided it might be best to limit the reach of it to more advanced students who could cope with the deep meditation it required.

The metal and bodysuits began floating into the air, the materials twisting and reforming as golden light surrounded them, the Akaan and Luna all sat there with their eyes closed as they learned to enchant their own armour or as the Jedi called it…Force Forging.

- x -

Nearby, the Mareks were teaching the younger students basic force exercises.

They both smiled as the children all levitated balls around them and through hoops to develop their fine telekinetic control, their own son among them.

Their daughter was still a little young to start her training but Galen, now six years old was able to learn with the group. Kento and Mallie both looked on with pride as their boy began to develop his powers. The force was so strong with him they remarked, stronger than both of them put together and would have all the freedom in the universe to discover just how far he could take it.

That being said, they thought with worry his great power made him a target. They feared anyone in the Empire especially the Emperor discovering just how powerful Galen and indeed Mira later could become. What the Empire would do to them if they ever got their hands on them.

It had given them horrible nightmares on more nights than they could count.

They saw visions sometimes, visions of what might have been had they not managed to find sanctuary with the Mandalorians. Mallie would have died; Mina would never have been born and Kento would eventually been tracked down by the Empire and killed by Vader.

But Galen would have had it the worst, taken by Vader and tortured into being his personal assassin and tool only to betray and discard him the moment his master commanded. That their son would have died too saving others.

It terrified them, how just one random encounter could change everything, if they hadn't met Hannah and Neville that day.

But it hadn't happened they thought trying to draw some comfort in that, smiling as their son ran over to them…just glad he would have a better life this time around.

- x -

Vysa's screams and yelling echoed throughout the compound as she went through labour, having underwent the same treatment as Deera so she could have a child with Eliza and lost a bet with her so she had to carry the baby.

Eliza was with her and for once all her confidence and guile had deserted her as she faced her girlfriend's onslaught of insults that came out of her mouth.

Haron and Ara waited nearby, feeling Vysa's pain through the force but knew she had wanted this and so had Eliza. They or rather Ara had gone through this many times in the past and while it was an experience that neither would likely forget, it was a part of having a family. They had agreed to only do it once but still, they had decided to do this.

After a few hours passed before finally they felt it, the baby had arrived.

Smiling gently to themselves they gave the couple some time to themselves before finally going in.

They saw Vysa whose face was still sweaty from all the effort but she was holding a little baby girl in her arms with Eliza standing at her side. Haron and Ara both smiled at the sight before Ara was offered the baby by Vysa who anxiously watched alongside Eliza as Ara held their daughter but Ara was an experienced hand with babies by now and easily held the little girl before Haron took her and smiling gently handed the baby back to her mother who eagerly took her.

It was a shame Deera and Lelia weren't here, they were with Zara visiting Lelia's holdings so she could get used to them and understand better the things she would one day rule. He and Deera had been managing them for her and made some improvements and upgrades to various things but it was her that would one day run them.

But for now, they just enjoyed the moment and let all thoughts of the hostile galaxy outside go for the moment.

Dac City, Mon Calamari…

The throne room of the palace in Dac City was host to a meeting this morning between King Lee-Char and his foremost advisors Nossor Ri, Admiral Ackbar and Admiral Raddus.

"So, is there much to report?" The King asked with a smile, and Nossor gladly told him.

"We've fortified the shipyards and converted the largest ships we have to increase the effectiveness as warships. We are as fortified as we are going to be." Nossor said and Lee-Char nodded in acceptance even if he didn't personally like the fact that their great ships were being turned into warships and moved on to Admiral Ackbar.

"And there was a matter that you wanted to bring up Admiral?" Lee-Char said turning to one of two leading officers in the Mon Calamari fleet. The Admiral nodded and spoke.

"While our larger MC75 and MC80 cruisers are impressive warships, there are shortcomings in the fleet as a whole. We are only just getting the MC30a frigates and MC40a light cruisers into service and while we now have the X-Wing class starfighter from the Mandalorians we lack a heavy assault bomber and it is problematic to have to commit any of our large cruisers to smaller engagements." Ackbar started saying before calling up two designs on the holotable in front of them.

"But our ship designers have come up with this. The MC55 Fighter Carrier, capable of carrying up to forty-eight fighters of various classes with a reasonable complement of weaponry for a ship its size." Ackbar said as he described the idea. It was a wide half circle with the same bulbous design that other ships they had with a five sublight engines coming out of the back. There was a single large launch bay at the front of the ship with two protruding shield projectors at the side and four smaller bays for retrieval at the sides closer to the rear of the ship. The design even had deployable blast doors just in case.

Admiral Raddus scoffed though at the design chosen.

"It's too small for successful operations."

"But would allow our fleet to spare its bigger ships for operations where they might be needed more." Ackbar said, their mutual dislike for each other rising to the surface and the King again had to intervene while Nossor looked on with a frown.

"That is enough! A new ship that will allow us to only use our larger ships more sparingly and increase the capabilities of our forces is a great asset and it has my full support. Now what about the lack of a bomber that you mentioned?" Lee-Char asked, giving Radis a stare that made him stop any further argument.

"A designer named Quarrie has approached us with a design that he claims has great promise, he calls it the Blade Wing. It has all the required weaponry a heavy bomber would need and still has the versatility of a fighter. Combined with the X-Wing it will be a useful addition to our navy, until it is ready though we have a number of Clone Wars era bombers left here. They will have to suffice until then." Ackbar said firmly.

Raddus had no criticisms of 'Blade Wing' even if he wasn't sold on the idea of the fighter carrier which would allow smaller fleets for missions were larger ships might be a hinderance.

Runa's Place, Nar Shaddaa

The lawless nature of the Hutt's moon, as built up as Coruscant on a smaller scale was much the same as it always was. The Hutts and other crime lords ran their various businesses both legal and otherwise through the moon although the Empire had been trying to enforce their law on Hutt space. The Hutts of course were not to be underestimated and were now running many of their enterprises under the noses of the Empire and even getting corrupt Imperial officers to spread them further.

But the Empire's heavy crackdown, especially after the events of Corellia were being felt everywhere and no one could rest easy.

So, in a run-down bar on the Smuggler's Moon two men had come up with an idea to give the Underworld a chance to thrive in such circumstances. It had taken a good deal of talking to get all the people to agree to this but it hopefully give them a chance to not only survive, but actually thrive and even resist the Empire in their own way.

Talon Karrade and Bolster Terrick, both criminals who had risen to prominence in the chaos that was sweeping the galaxy and established their own small 'firms' so to speak had combined forces and convinced others to join them. Talon took centre stage and laid out his idea.

"We feel that a sharing of resources and information is the best way to survive." Talon said before being interrupted by Stakar Ogord, the leader of the roughly sixty Ravager pirate clans that roamed the galaxy.

"So what? You want us to all unite? Into one?" He asked with a look of amusement and rejection on his face as his wife Aleta Ogord at his side openly scoffed. Talon quickly corrected himself and didn't allow the negativity to affect him.

"No, just share information and co-ordinate for larger jobs not to mention staying one step ahead of the Empire. To build places our people can hide, the best pirates, smugglers, slicers, mercenaries, bounty hunters, assassins and other criminals from across the galaxy. Sharing our skills towards whatever goal we have and to achieve whatever task we need done." Talon said and there was a hum of interest from the other major representative in the room.

"An interesting concept, it requires more thought as to exactly how this will work." Winston, an older male human dressed in a rather stylist suit said. He was representing not one but two bodies here today. He was a leading member of the 'Continental' a network of supposedly luxury hotels across the galaxy that in reality catered to the criminal underworld and offered 'safe haven' where business on site was not permitted. But the Continental had ties to the 'High Table', a collection of crime lords across the galaxy and they had entrusted Winston to represent them too. Both organisations were very powerful and had connections across the galaxy while the Ravagers provided useful muscle and transport. This was only the start of what he had in mind as there were several other groups that he had been reaching out too, an organisation of professional smugglers, a very big network of data slicers, a hard-core mercenary company and several others.

It was an enormous undertaking; he and Bolster knew that but it was perhaps the only way to survive in the current galaxy. Sanctuary in Hutt Space was very expensive as the Hutts would bleed you dry if they could, so being able to keep themselves independent was extremely important in his mind not to mention survive the Empire.

He and his people had already been struggling as had Bolster's but they had managed to acquire a useful corvette called the Marauder which had proven very useful especially with its long-range missiles and other features. Some of the Rebel units that were springing up around the galaxy were using it for the same reason and that if he had his way would only be the beginning Talon thought as Winston and Stakar agreed to work with him on getting this Underworld Alliance started.

Benathy, Wild Space…

The planet Benathy was a recently discovered world on the edges of Wild Space, inhabited by a species of the same name which were easily ten to eleven feet tall, covered in brown fur and prominent tusks coming out of their faces. They were very strong due to their great size and resilience and would be exceptionally useful as a slave labour force and their planet useful for further expansion into Wild Space not to mention mining for minerals.

The Benathy had heavy weapons and reasonable blaster technology so they were able to hold their own against the invading Imperial Army and their spirits were bolstered by the appearance of a figure that had been busily rushing around the galaxy helping people and fighting the Empire, the Masked Jedi.

The Masked Jedi held his lightsaber aloft and led the Benathy into battle, the Benathy had never seen a Jedi before but the sight of his incredible yellow bladed weapon that cut through the enemy soldiers with ease, his pure white- and gold-coloured robes making him easy to see as he moved across the battle field at an incredible speed and then with a single leap he managed to reach the top of one of the enormous walkers the enemy was using. He used his 'laser sword' or whatever it was to cut through its thick armour and jump inside. More enemy soldiers flew out of it and then the walker began to attack the other walkers and soldiers on the ground.

The Benathy cried out in victory as the enemy was finally routed and the mysterious figure leapt out of the walker and down to their level. His face was masked and they had never seen such a thing before. They were looking forward to asking him questions when in the distance their great god rose, disturbed from its slumber by the fighting.

Anakin under his mask was shocked as he recognised the creature from an incident on Coruscant and Malastare years ago, he had seen the creature killed and its transport had been destroyed by being flown into a sun. He knew it couldn't be the same creature but at the same time it was so far from Malastare he just couldn't understand how a Zillo Beast could be here.

He felt it in the force, its presence ancient and powerful and when it looked at him, he honestly was sure that it could see right through him. He honestly was sure for a moment that it was going to attack him, like it was judging him and finding him wanting but it instead roared out and then retreated away from the field.

The Benathy bowed and knelt in its presence and only rose when it was out of sight, meaning they worshipped it and he would have to ask about that Anakin thought.

Liber8 Base, Secret Location…A Few Days Later…

Anakin having enlightened the Benathy as to what a Jedi and a Sith or their servants were returned to base and was greeted by his children, Luke and Leia ran straight to him as he appeared and he caught them both in his arms as he knelt down to meet them. They started rapidly telling them all the things that had happened while he had been away.

"Master Kagame taught us to levitate balls dad!" Luke told him while Leia told him excitedly.

"He let us use training sabers! I want a yellow one!" Leia demanded and Anakin was amused at her insistence. Although they were still deeply connected their individual personalities were definitely starting to emerge. Luke was definitely the calmer of the two Anakin reflected with relief; he still had a fair amount of impatience in him as you would expect from a Skywalker but otherwise was far more at ease like his mother.

Leia on the other hand was the opposite and definitely a true Skywalker, Anakin thought with a smirk of amusement. She was impulsive, determined and not willing to take no for an answer. She was impatient and Anakin honestly had to describe her as a daddy's girl. She had to succeed and wouldn't accept it if she couldn't.

Anakin adored her but at the same time the echoes of himself in her worried him, he knew how close he had come to falling to the Dark Side and the mistakes he had made and didn't want it to be so hard for her. Unfortunately, he and Padme had yet to get her to calm down and it had kept them awake many nights.

But for the moment at least, he put those thoughts out of his head as he saw Padme and Kagame approach him. Letting go of the kids for a moment Anakin kissed Padme and gently tickled Mace's chin who giggled which brought a smile to them all.

"Well done. Benathy will not forget that a Jedi saved them in the darkest hour." Kagame said sagely before telling him. "I think it is time for Kahr's formal Jedi training to begin."

Anakin nodded, reluctant to break up the moment but after months of basic exercises it was time to do some formal training.

Anakin reluctantly left his family and went to the room set aside for training.

Arriving inside he saw Kahr was standing the centre of the room with a lightsaber Anakin had made for him in hand, its blue blade moving around as training remote zoomed around to attack him at random. He was doing very well Anakin thought but realised that Allara who was supervising the session looked annoyed.

He remembered her stubbornness had made such activities difficult for her at first, she had been too impatient to grasp it and had needed some help from Master Yoda to manage it eventually. Kahr though had managed such things easily and caught up with people about to take the Padawan trials.

She was jealous.

Oh no Anakin thought with worry as he knew how destructive jealousy could be. He had done some very stupid things in his life due to jealousy and didn't want Allara to go down the same path. But he had no idea just how to ease her worries and feelings of jealousy. That was when he had an idea.

"Allara, I feel you require a more experienced teacher than I right now. Master Kagame will therefore be instructing you in the more elaborate and unique force abilities he has learned. Ones that I do not possess." He told her hoping that it might make her feel better at least till he could think of something.

Allara was instantly intrigued as she knew the vast knowledge Master Kagame possessed even if he refused to be addressed or even recognised as a Jedi Master any more. He knew all kinds of things that would be really useful and she was suddenly eager to learn from him. Allara nodded and left the room which left which Anakin hoped would be enough for now. Turning back to Kahr who had stopped practicing and turned to him with a smile Anakin smiled back and told him.

"Now, telekinesis. Use those containers over there." Anakin said pointing to supply containers on the far side of the room. Kahr smiled and put his lightsaber away and stretched out his hand, his brow screwed up with concentration.

The crates slowly began to move, it was slow at first but soon Kahr had the crates moving.

"Remember, size matters not." Anakin said remembering that was something Master Yoda had taught him once. "Your limits are largely in your own mind; you must learn to overcome them."

Kahr unlike Anakin's previous two apprentices, he was not one to question what Anakin said, he would listen and accept what he was being taught which thankfully had made this a great deal easier if off-putting for Anakin.

When their telekinesis exercises were over and they were drawing their sabers to spar Anakin decided to see just what his apprentice might want to specialise in.

"So, have you found any abilities that spark your interest?" Anakin asked Kahr, he seemed to think for a moment before telling Anakin.

"I am a medic; I have always wanted to heal. Force healing might be an area I want to pursue." Kahr told him with excitement.

But Anakin was immediately struck with a small problem in that area, while he was competent enough in it to heal his own injuries at least so that they could hold together till he could get help from a proper healer Anakin was no expert in the subject. Few Jedi could really use Force Healing and those that could rarely went beyond healing their own injuries, only a select few masters and specialists really went into the advanced areas of the practice.

None of which were around.

Anakin frowned, not sure exactly how to either break it to his newest student that he might have to give up on force healing for now or find someone else who could teach him. Then he remembered a legend he had heard of in Jedi History class.

"There might be somewhere we can go to help you learn, a Jedi Temple in the Deep Core that had a holocron dedicated to Force Healing." Anakin said, struggling to recall the name off the top of his head but he dug deep and managed to remember the name. "Aloxl, that was it. The planet is too hot to visit most of the time but it should be habitable at the moment. We could go there and try to retrieve it." Anakin thought with a considering look on his face.

Kahr was immediately excited, the idea of looking around an actual Jedi Temple was just too good to pass up. He was ready to go now while Anakin pondered again as to whether it was a good idea to go there, the planet hadn't seen any Jedi or indeed anyone in centuries so who knows what might be waiting for them there.

- x -

Padme meanwhile was standing with Kagame who had a job for her if she wanted a more active role in rebellion going forward.

"There is a planet Hargeeva, its people are being brutally abused by the Empire and they might with some guidance be willing to stand up and fight. You and HK-47 will go to see to it. I would send more people but we are somewhat short-handed right now." Kagame said which was true and they had a narrow window of opportunity so waiting would not be a good idea.

Padme who hadn't been on a mission on her own for years was stunned but determined and reassured however much she hated leaving them that Luke, Leia and Mace were safe under his and Anakin's protection. Although the idea of going on a mission with that psychotic droid didn't fill her with confidence, quite the opposite in fact.

"Understood, do we have a local contact?" She asked and Kagame nodded.

"I will give you the details before you leave. May the Force be with you." Kagame offered with a smile knowing he had no control of that. No one ever really truly commanded the force, that was a fantasy he thought with dismay that anyone would ever think otherwise.

- x -

Jaemus, Separatist Space…

One of the major shipyards of the Separatist Holdouts Jaemus had become something of a capital for those that continued to fight and allowed them to maintain and build up their fleet. San Hill was here often as it was heavily fortified and perhaps one of their safest worlds.

Kalani having avoided deactivation and his exile on Agamar had analysed the situation in the wider galaxy and determined given recent events that there was a 37% percent chance at present of overthrowing the Empire, which could be improved by three percent if he joined the fight.

Kalani presented himself to San Hill who honestly was surprised the droid had managed to avoid deactivation and was now proving its incredible tactical abilities by planning a series of strikes on some Imperial held targets.

"I predict a ninety six percent chance that the Mandalorians already know about the coming Imperial push into their sectors and have plans to deal with it. Such an attack would leave a number of facilities along the border vulnerable and relatively easy targets for raiding and would prevent a similar push into our own sectors." Kalani said with as much confidence as his computerised voice had.

San Hill knew the value of these droids and only wished more had survived the war as they were very difficult to build but it was proving its value now. He would send a message to the Mandalorians anyway to ensure they did indeed know about the coming invasion but he would be preparing his own forces to attack into enemy territory.

"If this plan succeeds...Kalani." San Hill said with a guarded voice, not sure if the droid was still as sharp as it had been during the Clone Wars. "Then I will take you as my advisor."

"It will succeed, if not then you can melt me down for scrap." Kalani said with certainty which surprised San but as an experienced businessman and negotiator he knew how to hide his shock.

"It will take that under advisement. Now let us prepare." San Hill said eager to strike a few blows himself and if he could secure the mines of Augesty for his own uses it would be a real jewel in their crown he thought seeing a great opportunity in this which was part of the reason he was willing to give Kalani a chance.

Sern Prime, Colonies Region…

Unlike many other planets in the galaxy that had been emboldened by the Empire's crushing defeat at Corellia, Sern Prime was able to rise against their Imperial Garrison. The President Elect and the planet's former Imperial Senator Fang Zar had both sworn to not take this anymore, especially after the Ghorman Massacre only three years before. When Tarkin had to quell a local protest landed his ship right on top of the protesters killing most of them and injuring and terrifying many more besides.

They had simply had enough and decided that since talk had gotten them nowhere, it was time to take more affirmative action. The Empire had sent one of the Emperor's own servants to put down the uprising but Jallar Golin, the one sent found himself against an opponent he hadn't been expecting.

"Surely you can do better than that!" Rahm Kota said with a smirk that looked vicious with his scarred face. "Surely the Empire must have given you some training? If this is all they taught you, then you must not have been paying attention." Rahm said, taunting him to put him off balance and given the intense hatred Jallar had for everyone else it didn't take much.

Jallar screamed and tried to cut the Jedi Master in two for his insults but Kota was a far better dualist that he was and far more experienced. It was relatively easy too as the man had little training with the more complex lightsaber forms so when he overextended himself, Kota was easily able to bisect him at the waist.

Rahm looked down in satisfaction before returning to help his own militia in the battle to kick the Imperials off this world, something that would be far easier now he had dealt with the force user.

Joryl System, Mandalorian/Imperial Border…

The Joryl System was ruled by a clan that operated a Agriworld, producing crops for themselves and for the rest of Mandalorians worlds. They had been largely New Way so were pacifistic in nature which was fine for farmers but it also made them among the most vulnerable of the border planets and they had even protested having weapons there. Until House Kast had put their foot down and forced the issue and had to remove the previous clan there as it was creating a huge issue for all Mandalorians.

Haron was commanding the fleet hidden behind the moon, using a nearby satellite to keep an eye on the situation outside on the approach vector. He had no real information about just when the Imperials were coming but he did know it was supposed to be today.

"Scanners report multiple signatures approaching. They've come in too close to the system." Din reported, acting as his aide in this battle. Haron nodded before telling him.

"Arm the mines, tell all ships to move up to action stations." Haron said and Din went about giving the orders.

"All mines to be activated and armed, fleet to move to action stations." He called out, Haron watched wanting him to get more experience in commanding and thinking this was probably the best way to do it before giving him a command of his own.

A moment or two passed and the mines activated, just as the Imperials jumped in.

- x -

The small taskforce was meant to establish the planet as a beachhead for future expansion into Mandalorian Territory, but still it was large as half of a newly established Sector Group had been sent, twelve Star Destroyers with accompanying support ships all came in jumping in far too close to the system which had easily alerted the Mandalorians but the Mandalorians didn't activate the minefield until the Imperial Fleet was right in the centre of it. A minefield that the Wookiees and Salient had spent days helping them up.

The explosions that were triggered when the mines were activated ripped through the fleet violently tearing open hulls and some small shops were blown to pieces. Running with shields down in preparation for landing troops and with no discernible dangers around they were unprepared for the sudden attack.

The larger ships hit more mines than the others but by virtue of their size they had greater endurance and some of the support ships managed to survive so they lumbered their way through the field.

The Mandalorian Fleet then moved out from behind the moon and positioned itself between the Imperial Fleet and the planet, the moment that the already damaged Imperial ships came into range they opened fire. The larger A'den class warships firing their heavy turbolasers while the Mirshko-class joined in a moment later with their own heavy weapons.

The Gondwana launched its attack drones while the Halberd and Gladius class escort ships let rip with missiles, striking at the Imperials who were limping along damaged. They fired back but had the disadvantage of being already injured so to speak while the Mandalorians were fresh.

The heavy turbolasers, missiles and drones of the Mandalorian fleet tore into Imperials, Vipers and X-wings fought with the few Tie Fighters they had managed to launch but the Mandalorian fleet was clearly going to win this battle.

Haron watched as his own ship and the Judgement, another A'den class pincered one of the damaged Star Destroyers and tore into it from both sides while the other warships ripped the surviving Imperial ships apart. He would be awarding many of the new Defender Medallions today. A special medal given to those that showed bravery in defence of their homeworld and its territory.

He might have called on his other allies for this fight but his people could handle this on their own and he had a more important task for them.

- x -

All along with Imperial Border with the Than, the Mon Calamari, Dorneans and the Separatists their forces launched a massive number of raids against Imperial facilities, meaning another Invasion would take quite some time to arrange after the damage was eventually repaired. Not just against the Mandalorians but against the other members as well.

Haron knew that he needed to retaliate in some way and so planned it, it had some considerable issues and would likely cause trouble further down the line but he was going to make use of the situation to do something his people hadn't done in roughly a thousand years or more.

He would also he decided assemble a council of ministers who would work with the houses and clans, made up of experts to ensure the needs of their people were met and advise him on matters he himself was ignorant in.

But then his thoughts were disturbed by a message from House Ma'Gard, he grimly read it and sighed having expected this but hoped it would not come so soon.

Duke Alain Ma'Gard had died.

Liber8 Base, Hidden Location…

Kagame was trying to teach Allara to master Kyber Manipulation but the girl simply had no patience. He frowned as the crystal distorted from her attempts to change it and seeing what had happened made the girl so frustrated that she threw the crystal across the room so hard it shattered on contact with the wall.

Kagame said nothing, just ensured that the girl could not run off as she tried to storm out of the room but he held the doors shut. She hit the button to open but the door jammed every time and she yelled in frustration and he pulled her lightsaber off her belt and into his hand.

She was silent for a moment as he held her weapon, Kagame was patiently waiting for what needed to happen for her to finally overcome her impatience and gain inner calm.

Then she started yelling almost incomprehensively with her rage and jealousy just pouring out of her with no valve to slow the flow. He maintained his force wall as objects reacted to her rage and began to fly around the room and at him but he easily deflected them as he waited for her anger to burn out.

It took somewhat longer than he had thought but Allara finally stopped and sank down to the floor, exhausted. Kagame waited for a moment as the girl's real depression at not being able to do it came out and she finally asked the questions she should be asking, the ones that really troubled her.

"Why can't I do it?" She asked him with bitterness and tiredness, just not able to understand. "Why can't I be enough for him? Why does he need another apprentice?"

"For Anakin?" Kagame asked her with a pointed look in his eyes and she sagged and she nodded her head slightly as if ashamed. Kagame just shook his head before telling her. "You are enough, you are his apprentice and you have come a long way under his teaching but masters can teach many students in their lives. Once it was common practice for Jedi Masters to have multiple students learning under them all at once but as the Order shrunk it quickly fell out of favour which only helped the Order shrink smaller. Kahr is not you and neither was Ahsoka. Each student has a special bond with their teacher, the bond you have with Anakin is unique to the pair of you although it may not feel that way. You are advancing and do not need him as much anymore, Kahr on the other hand has much to learn too and needs more of his time. It is a sign of his trust in you, and in your ability to take care of yourself but if you were in trouble he would be there in a heartbeat. Trust me on that." Kagame told her sternly.

He could feel that she needed to hear this and would need to speak to Anakin about it as this was really his job. Allara's mood seemed to lift a little before he told her.

"As to why you can't do this, you have a powerful fire in you Allara. Very strong and it has driven you to become more powerful and skilled compared to the rest of your peers but like any fire it must be carefully managed. It like any fire can burn not only the enemy but those use it too, focusing your fire, your passion and drive will only make you stronger and find your own balance. In the force and within yourself." Kagame told Allara who surprisingly was now properly listening and considering just what he said. "Try again, but remember to control your fire, direct it and not let it direct you." He told her and tossed her a new blank crystal.

Allara caught it and held it for a moment before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath summoning the shards of the crystal she had thrown earlier and held them in the palm of her hand, letting the force fill her and to his own relief she began to control her passions, direct them rather than let them direct her. The crystal in her hand began to glow as the force flowed from her into it, letting its colour shift, becoming brighter and brighter as she finally managed to let her energy flow as it should.

Kagame watched with satisfaction as she completed her task and finally managed to use Kyber Manipulation, she opened her palm and saw to her amazement that she had not only finally managed to shape the crystal but actually repair the crystal she had broken and it too had changed.

One was a clear and transparent still but had a silvery shade to it while the other was very pale yellow. She held the crystals up to the light and studied them closely while Kagame told her.

"You have done well, may I?" He asked and she reluctantly parted with the crystals while he studied them and after a few moments handed them back to her.

"Congratulations, it seems you have created synthetic Velmorite and Sapith Crystals. Velmorite creates a blade which is thin and graceful, excellent for duelling while Sapith produces a very intense blade that is easy to control. I think you were being guided in the force to this. Perhaps you are meant to use them both." He suggested.

Allara was intrigued as that meant a dual-phase lightsaber. They had gone out of fashion long ago but it would allow her to modify the length of her saber's blade and give herself a new advantage in battle.

She nodded and went over to the workbench to begin work under Kagame's careful eye, feeling not only calmer than she had before but more in tune with the force as she worked. Her saber didn't change design or colour but it felt far more fitted in her hands after she had made the changes, adjusting the size of her blade with a smile. Kagame nodded before telling her.

"You are a natural dualist, I have noticed that you have a natural skill at the use of Battlemind, pushing yourself far more than most Jedi can with it. I can aid you in that, in discovering your limits if you so desire and to overcome them."

Allara listened and with a fierce look on her face told him.

"Teach me."

- x -

With both Anakin and Padme off base and Allara training with Kagame, care of Luke, Leia and Mace had fallen to C-3PO, R2 and their Noghri minders.

"Now children please calm down." C-3PO said with a strain in his electronic voice as Luke and Leia were playing a game they had invented, force ball. At each end of the room a goal had been set up and they each stood in front of one of the goals before a ball was placed between them. They each had to use the force to manipulate the ball to get it into the other goal while defending their own.

Mace watched with wide eyes as his siblings played, clapping eagerly in the arms of the Noghri as they watched. The twins bounced the ball around the room, slamming into walls, boxes and even C-3PO and knocking him to the ground. R2 kept score as they played, knowing the twins couldn't manage to keep track of it themselves and would almost certainly end in a fight.

Leia being the sneakier of the two launched the ball so it bounced off a crate and then a wall to make a goal but as she smugly grinned Luke repaid her in kind by bouncing it off the ceiling to go straight over her head and score a goal of his own.

The score now even the two played even harder, determined to outdo each other.

Jedi Temple, Aloxl…

The surface of Aloxl was a burning hot, arid planet even in the 'cool time'. An environmental suit was needed to survive even then and only a few very hardy plant or insect species existed here, mostly underground where it was cooler.

Anakin and Kahr both arrived in their shuttle and looked at the Jedi Temple, carved out of the solid rock itself and looked like a dozen low buildings set in a compound. The exterior walls had two large statues of lightsabers with blades crossed. Anakin and Kahr walked down to the main entrance and Kahr whistled.

"How and why did the Jedi build a Temple here?" He asked Anakin who could only shrug.

"They must have had a reason. Maybe as an extra test for those that came here. Now how do we get in?" Anakin asked him, looking at him expectantly.

"How would I know?" Kahr asked confused but Anakin just told him.

"This is your test, learning to find answers through the force. Now what do your instincts tell you?" Anakin said becoming serious.

Kahr was confused as he honestly wasn't sure just what to do, he looked at the solid stone doors and was completely lost on how to open them. He was immediately thinking of just cutting them open with his lightsaber but realised that couldn't be it.

He reached out with the force and tried to lift them but they were too heavy for him on his own, he tried again and saw the interlocked blades when he finally realised the answer.

"We must work together to open the temple." He said with a smile and Anakin nodded with satisfaction.

"Then together it will be." He said and the pair both reached out with the force and slowly the doors moved and opened the path into the temple. The stone rumbled and dust fell but soon the path was open.

Both of them shared a look before heading inside, the old and ancient buildings were spooky as they passed through them, Anakin and Kahr could feel the force strongly around them. Anakin himself could feel the planet had a strong aura in the force which he presumed must be why the Jedi had built the temple here.

As they walked deeper into the temple, they didn't notice the arrival of an Imperial Shuttle and a single figure entering the temple after them.

- x -

Entering the long hall at the beginning of the compound the pair saw it was lined with statues of Jedi when suddenly the floor gave way under their feet and both of them slid down into deeper halls below. They found themselves separated and Kahr called out.

"ANAKIN!? CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" He yelled out and Anakin answered back on the comm link.

"Yeah, I can hear you. The temple must be unstable after being abandoned for so long. We must have fallen into some deeper sublevel. But it looks like it is still connected so keep going forward until we find a way out. Be careful this place is dangerous in more ways than one. Trust in yourself, and trust in the force." Anakin warned him and Kahr couldn't help but feel nervous of that. Of what might be waiting for them down here.

So, he carefully made his way forward, pulling up his lightsaber and igniting it to illuminate the area but the darkness was so intense it barely did anything. What he could see though terrified him.

A mass of doors lay ahead and all were equally foreboding, there were no signs to say which way was which and no way over or back.

Kahr felt his stomach drop as he was forced to deal with the fact a maze had been created before him. He just didn't know which door led to the right path and then as he stepped forward in hopes of seeing more, he felt the ground sink slightly beneath his feet. Looking down he saw he had inadvertently stepped onto a pressure plate of some kind and he could hear in the distance the sound of stone moving.

A flash of inspiration hit him as he realised that this must be a test of some kind, he had to use the force to not only find the right route but get through the maze quickly enough before the door closed. A test of insight and his ability to empower his body.

Kahr felt doomed, despite what training he had received so far, he had no faith in himself to choose the right path or to get along it in time. It might be impossible to find his way back to the beginning to try again so if he made a mistake, Kahr could literally be lost in this dark maze forever.

He honestly was ready to panic for a moment before a warm gust wind came from seemingly nowhere and he felt his confidence return, his own senses beginning to return to him as if someone had just given him a shot of confidence in himself. With one last steadying breath and drawing on everything he had learned he closed his eyes and let himself go into the force.

He felt nothing immediately but then was drawn to a door on the far right and pulled the force into his body as he began to run down the passage. He felt the force more keenly than he had ever felt it before and he could just 'feel' when to turn, how fast he was running and finally to duck and roll when he at last reached the closing door.

Now through the first challenge Kahr breathed a sigh of relief, glad that was over and noticed that the cave he was currently in was lit by bright blue crystals that were placed against the walls. But the moment Kahr stepped deeper into the room he felt a sudden chill come over him, he shivered as it seemed to go straight through him.

He suddenly heard voices around him and looked around to find their source only to see that the hall he had been in had transformed before his eyes and he was in what looked like a hospital ward.

"No." he said as he remembered this ward all too well now, it was his father's hospital.

"Give Patient 43545D another shot of painkillers. We might not be able to find his injuries but there is no reason he should be in pain." He heard as a familiar voice called out, Kahr turned around and saw his father, Laarkku'HKahr standing there in his scrubs as he attended to his patients. Kahr then turned around and saw his own younger self standing at his side, nodding as he went to administer the treatment.

"But…I never served in a hospital." Kahr said largely to himself. His humiliation coming back from where he had worked so hard to bury it.

His father had been a famous doctor, a great one even as had every single member of their family attending prodigious medical schools and running hospitals in a tradition going back quite a few generations.

All until Kahr, his shame rising as he remembered that he had been the first one to fail his exams…fail to get into medical school. He had studied so hard he thought with humiliation flooding him but every time he had tried, he failed. He hadn't been able to explain it as if the answers just disappeared from his mind and his family had been appalled at his incompetence.

So much so that they had washed their hands of him, he thought with grief as all his family had cut contact with him, all of them without exception even his own mother. He had been left with nothing and had been forced to work as a medic on starships to survive and try to get enough credits together to try one last time before he had run into the Jedi who had offered to train him. His feelings so upset that he grasped his lightsaber so tightly he crushed the cylinder that encased it.

Learning to be a Jedi had only fuelled his hopes but as he was faced with his dream, he knew in his heart it wasn't real Kahr thought with sadness as he remembered the real events of his life. His resolve returning, he saw his father's disapproving face glaring at him. He went to spit out all the venom that came with his inability to follow in his footsteps but Kahr didn't let him do it this time.

"I am not you father; I am Kahr and I will become a healer. I will not do it your way but my way and while you may never be proud of me, I will find my own path in life." Kahr told the illusion of his father who scowled before smiling much to Kahr's surprise.

"Then you know your own worth and are ready for the next step." The illusion said before it disappeared and Kahr found himself back in the empty hall.

"Learned you have to find yourself and your value. Not as part of a family, but as yourself." A wise old voice said, one that Kahr didn't recognise.

"Who are you?" Kahr asked but the voice spoke with a chuckle.

"Watch over the Jedi I do. One of us, you made still be." The old voice said and he saw a glowing light ahead of him. Kahr walked over and carefully picked it up, seeing a tiny crystal and then a skeleton nearby with the remains of Jedi Robes on and a partly broken lightsaber in hand.

"Not all who come here pass. Some, fail they do." The old voice said with sadness. "But perhaps his broken weapon, help you to fit your own it will." He then suggested.

Kahr was unsettled by this and it felt like graverobbing but he had broken his saber and needed to repair it so he reached for the broken saber and discovered it was different to the ones he had seen before. Intrigued he saw it had two side emitters near the primary, he was confused at the arrangement but stripped both lightsabers down to salvage all the working parts.

Once he had that done, he laid them out and concentrated on the force, the old man's voice guiding him.

"Let the saber form in your mind, let the force guide you to what you need. What will connect with your force." The old man suggested and slowly the saber took shape.

When eventually he was finished, he saw that he had assembled a longer hilt than the old one had, one big enough for him to keep both hand on the hilt and it had a simple yet firm grip. But near the top the two old side emitters had been added so he picked it up and ignited his new weapon.

A powerful blue-white blade sprang to life and two small quillon blades of the same colour emerged from the side. Kahr was stunned as he held the saber in his hands, it felt more him than his old one ever had. It fitted his hands perfectly Kahr thought with awe and moved it around in a few experimental waves before reluctantly shutting it down.

He smiled, wondering if this was however Jedi felt when they had constructed their lightsabers, laughing a little before he carried on forward.

A passage way was just at the end of the hall and as he went through it, he felt a very familiar presence in the force and honestly felt a great deal better.

"Anakin." He called out as he emerged into the next chamber with considerable relief at the sight of the Jedi Master. Anakin had felt him before he did and smiled back.

"Kahr, hope this place isn't messing with you too much. I know it's been trying to mess with me." Anakin said, not liking the visions it had tried to trick him with. Visions of his children suffering but pushed that aside as he knew that Kahr had likely suffered the same. "Will you be alright?" He asked hoping the answer was yes. Kahr to his surprise nodded and told him.

"Yes, I hated going through them but I honestly feel a lot better for doing so. Like the pain when you pull a thorn from your foot, it might hurt while you are doing it but it gets better soon after." Kahr said more at least and then they both felt the cold and oppressive aura of the dark side nearby.

"How sweet." A voice mocked, both Anakin and Kahr looked over and saw a figure in what looked like to Anakin's eyes to be ancient Sith Armour. Much of his body was encased in and he held a long hilt with a green blade.

"And you are?" Anakin asked with suspicious eyes, his hand going to his lightsaber as he knew a Dark Jedi when he saw one. The figure's voice was distorted by the mask he was wearing but its meaning and words were clearly understood.

"Malleus, Hammer of the Dark Side. Now surrender the Holocron here and I might consider letting you live." He threatened but Kahr with a guarded and suspicious look on his face said.

"Not a chance, perhaps you should surrender. You are clearly outmatched." Kahr told him, Malleus didn't like that and growled at them under his armour.

"This armour was created by Warb Null with Sith magic, I slew two Jedi Masters with it and he killed many more." He nearly yelled out at them. Anakin was unphased as he had never heard of 'Warb Null' and had faced more dangerous dark side users before and would not be intimidated by him.

Kahr wasn't intimidated either and drew his own lightsaber, surprising Anakin with the modifications he had made to it especially when he ignited the blade and revealed the new white blue blade and two side emitters. Crossguard Lightsabers were very rare these days Anakin thought having only ever seen them in the archives himself but was impressed that Kahr had managed to make one.

Anakin soon ignited his own lightsaber and the pair leapt forward as did Malleus and met in the middle to begin their duel.

The long green blade of Malleus gave him considerable reach but his own inexperience was considerable, the armour seemed to increase his reflexes and drown opponents in a very intense dark side aura but Anakin had faced worse and as he and Kahr used both light and dark sides of the force it actually strengthened them too a little.

Anakin traded blows with Malleus who was sluggish but when Anakin managed to find a way through and strike at his chest, he discovered to his annoyance that the armour seemed to be lightsaber proof. His blade bounced harmlessly off it and Anakin gritted his teeth.

Kahr though managed to distract him by battering away with his blade, actually searing the armour unlike Anakin's blade which surprised all of them. Anakin realised there must be something a little different about the crystal but would consider that later and instead focused on the fight at hand.

While Kahr exchanged clumsy blows with Malleus Anakin realised that the armour did not entirely cover the Dark Jedi's body, there were gaps in the armour and that was where he focused his attention as did Kahr who managed to cut his saber hand off at the elbow.

Malleus yelled in pain but Anakin swiftly went for his neck, severing it cleanly from his shoulders as Ulic Qel-Droma had done to the original owner of that armour thousands of years before although he didn't know that.

Malleus feel down now short a head and his armour and lightsaber clattered as it hit the floor. Anakin and Kahr both stared down at the body and shut down their sabers.

Anakin had no idea just who the man had been but it didn't matter, he was gone now and instead turned to Kahr who handed him his lightsaber, studying it he nodded in approval.

"You've done well here; it is impressive although where did you get the parts?" Anakin asked which made Kahr worry about admitting they had come from a dead Jedi when a voice, the same old voice from earlier appeared.

"Some Jedi do not complete their trials, shame to leave their equipment to go to waste it is."

"Master Yoda!" Anakin called out in surprise, he hadn't heard that voice in so long and had worried the old master was dead after he had disappeared from the galaxy. "How can this be?"

"Concern yourself with that you must not. Know I am here, because you are here." Yoda told them and Anakin could almost feel the old master smiling at their confusion and couldn't help but smile too.

"Thank you...master." Kahr said not sure how to address the legendary Jedi Master now he knew who he was talking too. Yoda hummed before saying.

"Thank you? Nothing have I done. So, a new apprentice you have?" Yoda said, turning his attention to Anakin who sobered up a little. "Prepared is he for what awaits?"

"No one can be fully prepared for the path of a Jedi. But ready as we can be, yes…yes, he is." Anakin said proudly to Kahr and to the voice of Yoda. Kahr looked surprised and Yoda chuckled.

"Good answer Skywalker, grown you have. And now a father of three I sense. Strong they are in the force; be ready for them you must be. And your apprentice, ready she is." Yoda said, referring now to Allara.

Anakin was surprised now as he considered just what Yoda was saying, he knew what Yoda meant and given she was only just turning seventeen he didn't agree.

"She is still too young and has much more to learn. She is still impetuous and too sure of herself." Anakin argued and Yoda chuckled.

"Said that of you once, some did. Ready no one ever really is but a time comes when one must be ready to stand up on their own. That time for her, is coming." Yoda warned him.

Anakin didn't really like that; he didn't like the idea of Allara going off on her own into the hostile galaxy but he realised that was his old fear of losing those he loved coming back again. He had felt the same when Ahsoka had left and she had done well…maybe Allara would do too Anakin realised as he understood he needed to trust her to take care of herself now.

"Learning this lesson, hard it has been for you." Yoda said gently. "But ready for more you are, so that one day…lead you may." Yoda said cryptically before his voice disappeared and the door on the far end opened.

Anakin and Kahr, still a little unsettled by all this walked through the door and emerged into the centre chamber of the Temple, there on a plinth was a Jedi Holocron. Anakin and Kahr both walked over to it and gently Kahr picked it up. Anakin smiled before telling him.

"When we get back to base, I will show you how to open the holocron. Now let us leave this place." Anakin said with a smile as he was eager to get back to his children and to his apprentice, Yoda was right he realised to his own slight anxiety. There was something he had to do.

Hargeeva, Expansion Regions…

"Bored statement: This is hardly what I expected from this mission." HK-47 said which only annoyed Padme more as she wished Anakin had never repaired the blasted droid in the first place.

They had been waiting for their contact for some time but no-one had arrived yet and the sight of the enormous foundries in the distance made for a poor landscape to look at.

Finally, much to her relief three figures appeared, they were human like her and one of them spoke to her with a smile.

"Greetings Senator Amidala." One of them said, a male in his mid-thirties with dark brown hair said.

"Not a senator anymore." Padme said with a grim smile on her face, she was much more a resistance fighter now.

"I suppose not but you will always be to us Alderaanians." The man said with a smile. "I am Merak, Senator Organa sent me to help. These are Stevan Makintay, our local contact here and his wife Ketrian Altronel."

"Pleased to meet you." Padme said as she looked at the couple who were about her age. Stevan was a ruggedly handsome man with shaggy dark blond hair and green eyes not to mention an easy going smile on his face along with a scar on his cheek. Ketrian was a good-looking woman with dark red hair and green eyes.

They both shook her hands with her and Stevan told her.

"A lot of people are angry at the Empire for enslaving them to work in the mines and foundries, there is a good-sized movement already." He said with a smile but Ketrian frowned.

"But we have no weapons. No equipment. No ships. If you can't provide us these things then we might as well start throwing rocks at the Imperials." Ketrian said sternly which made Stevan sag a little with depression at the reminder of their situation and Padme bit her lip as she knew their sources were not currently sufficient to arm them right now as they were stretched with other places.

It took many things to overcome an occupation, one of them was weapons as she knew all too well. She would need to find some way to arm them without relying on outside sources. She pondered for a moment before asking.

"Do the Imperials have an armoury?" She asked, not sure exactly on how things worked here. They nodded with confusion and Padme then suggested something crazy.

"Well, if we can't get weapons the normal way, we will just have to steal theirs." Padme suggested.

They all looked stunned at the suggestion, Ketrian spoke first.

"You are crazy! That would never work."

But then Stevan seemed to have an idea.

"No, it's not, I think I can get the codes. Remember my old friend Merinda? She works in the palace and could get us the codes to enter the vault. We then just need to take out the security detail and we would have the armoury to ourselves. Its only thirty of so Stormtroopers, we could deal with it." He said but Ketrian still had concerns.

"But what about Major Pedrin? He's dangerous." She said remembering the commander of the occupying units here. The man was a sadist but a very smart one and not to be underestimated.

Padme reluctantly then turned to HK-47 and gave him an order.

"I want you to eliminate those guards and this Major. We need those weapons but no civilian casualties." She told him sternly and HK-47 told her.

"Excited Declaration: Oh, Mistress Skywalker! My servos sing with excitement. I cannot wait to get to do something more than guard duty!" He said and the others looked at the droid slightly unnerved at how excited he was to be killing people.

Padme herself was disturbed enough by the psychotic droid then turned to Merak with another job that might just help them.

"I need you to reach out to the Kingdom of Tammuz-an in the next system. Contact Mon Julpa, tell him I have a favour to call in." She told him, she had made many friends during her time as a Senator and the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Tammuz-an owed her a favour, a big one that she was cashing in on to get them something they really needed.

Merak nodded and was confused at just what they might be asking for.

Arginall City, Capital of Hargeeva…That Night…

The city had been a harsh place before the Imperial Occupation as the aristocrats of the planet had oppressed the locals and since the Empire had arrived it had only gotten worse.

The Imperial Complex was lightly protected and HK-47 easily gained access once he engaged his assassination protocols, taking some grenades he had made from some industrial toxins just dumped by the Empire. He rolled them down the ventilation shafts into the complex.

The grenades spread out as he had intended and then exploded, filling the air through the complex with toxic gas. The staff not wearing masks like the Stormtroopers began to choke immediately on the fumes and felt like their lungs were filling with liquid sealant. The fumes also blinded everyone inside the compound as it filled with thick smoke.

HK-47 then entered armed with a blaster rifle and a pistol.

Using infrared sensors to see through the smoke he moved into the complex, not needing to breathe and so was unaffected. He started ruthlessly moving through the building and shooting all the blinded and choking Imperials with no mercy.

Major Pedrin, now wearing a helmet as an officer was crawling through the smoke trying to reach the ventilation fans to use them to clear the smoke only to scream out in pain as HK-47 stepped on his back and then quickly shot him in the head.

When he was certain he had eliminated all his targets or the smoke had, HK-47 activated the vents and expelled the gas.

"Joyful Statement: Oh, that was enjoyable! I do hope that I can do it again soon." HK-47 said as the air cleared, revealing a complex full of bodies.

- x -

Secret Rebel Base, Hargeeva…Later that Night…

Padme shivered as she heard just what the maniac droid had done, it chilled her to the bone how ruthless he was and yet without him the heist wouldn't have been possible she conceded reluctantly.

They had managed to steal countless weapons from the Empire and armed the Rebellion with them, not to mention gotten rid of a nasty Imperial at the same time however much she hated using such methods.

But her heart was lifted when her old friend Mon Julpa had come through.

"Twenty R-22 Spearhead fighters. Supposedly all broken or damaged but with some maintenance they will do nicely." Stevan said with a smile as he looked at the smaller red and white coloured fighters. "We now have the vehicles and weapons; we'll have a real chance against the Empire." Stevan said but Padme cautioned him.

"Do not get carried away, victory is not a sure thing yet." She said and he nodded before reassuring her.

"Indeed, Merak has promised some experts from the Rebellion will be coming to help us learn to be resistance fighters. He even said the fighters might be useful with some modifications." Stevan told her and Padme nodded before telling him.

"And when you overthrow the rulers of this planet and the Imperials, do not forget why. Forget that you do it for the people and their benefit, not your own." She cautioned him and he nodded.

"My father is the sovereign of this planet, he opposed my marriage to Ketrian, just like I opposed the treatment of the people. That is why I am here. I will not forget." He told her and Padme blinked in surprise as she hadn't known he was actually the crown prince of the planet but was a little more reassured by his words.

Liber8 Base, Secret Location…

Anakin and Padme both returned to the base at roughly the same time, the sight of each other was a blessed relief and they hugged each other deeply and then when the children saw them, they knelt down and caught the twins as they ran to them. The Noghri brought Mace over and they all shared a family hug.

Allara and Kahr stood awkwardly together, still uncomfortable with each other but Anakin when he was finished greeting his family, he turned to Allara and gestured for her to kneel. Allara was confused as her master didn't bother with such things but did as he ordered. The others were confused as they didn't understand what Anakin was doing especially when he ignited his lightsaber which made Padme gasp and Allara stare at her master with some fear but what he did next changed everything.

"Allara, since you have come under my tutelage you have shown yourself to be an exceptional Jedi. You have surpassed any expectations I may have had and then some. You have come so far in such a short amount of time and it is time it was recognised. I bestow upon you the rank of Jedi Knight with all the privileges and responsibilities that come with the rank. You may rise." Anakin said proudly as he motioned his lightsaber around her shoulders.

Allara almost fainted as she realised just what was happening, her master had knighted her! She was a Jedi Knight now! Allara thought with shock but managed to rise to her feet and smile which Anakin returned.

"Congratulations." Kahr said with astonishment as he now since a knighting, granted he would have expected more but the Jedi Order was far from its best right now. It meant the world to Allara he realised given how happy she was.

"Indeed, you have earned it." Kagame said, knowing the girl wanted this more than anything. "But perhaps you might stay around as I think I may have a few missions for you."

"Yes…Kagame." Allara said remembering that he didn't like to be called Master.

"Indeed, I know the twins adore you so maybe you can help in their training." Anakin said to Allara who nodded, the two young children being more like family now. She had literally been there for nearly all the major milestones so far, their first words, the day they walked for the first time and others.

It would be an honour to have a hand in their training.

"Absolutely, Master." She said still thinking of him as her teacher before making a suggestion. "But with Kahr's new lightsaber it might be best for him to learn Form 2 and maybe 3. They work best with a crossguard lightsaber unless we try Form 7." She said, slightly nervous of making the suggestion but Anakin nodded to her in agreement.

"I was thinking the exact same thing." Anakin said before telling them all. "Now let's get something to eat. I don't know about you but I am starving." He said and most of them laughed before going to the mess to feed themselves and discuss their own little adventures.

Venato Prime, Mandalorian Space...

The funeral of Duke Alain Ma'Gard was held in the distant countryside of the planet right on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, it was not the custom of House Ma'Gard to bury their dead. So instead, they would be cremated and their ashes scattered to the sea so with the old duke now gone, that was what they were doing.

Haron and the rest of the House leaders were in attendance as were many of House Ma'Gard's vassal clans. The new Duchess Katale Ma'Gard stood speaking for her grandfather as she prepared to spread his ashes to the sea, her two cousins standing nearby all grief stricken but after his long illness it had been expected, not that it helped with the pain.

"My grandfather was more than just a warrior." Katale said solemnly. "He was a mentor, a teacher, a guide. When my parents died, when my aunt and uncle died, he took responsibility for all three of us and educated us mostly by himself. He taught us what it meant to be Ma'Gard, and for that I can't thank him enough. And as I take responsibility for leading House Ma'Gard I swear to uphold those values that he taught us." She said before opening the urn and casting the ashes of her grandfather to the winds, scattering them across the ocean.

They all stayed quiet as they let the ashes disperse, letting the family grief before retiring back to Victre City where they were all staying. Katale and her two cousins both stayed for a while so they could grieve in private and no one wanted to bother them.

- x -

Leviathan, Lucrehulk in orbit of Venato Prime…A Couple of Days Later…

After a few days grace Haron called a meeting of the House Leaders.

"To help advise me and to keep track of each subject across Mandalorian Space, I am establishing a council of Experts to work with me and all of you to co-ordinate efforts across Mandalorian Space. They will have departments of their own but will work with all of us to ensure efficiency. This is not going to curtail anyone's authority, merely help us to be more efficient in the face of the enemy." Haron said and outlined for them that they would work with all houses to ensure the greatest results.

Some didn't like it but since it wouldn't apparently undermine their authority and the members had yet to be picked, they didn't object too loudly. Some of them might well be among the council of experts.

"We should retaliate for the attempt to invade our territory." Duke Ge'hark said with anger in his voice after the Imperials had dared try to violate their territory.

"We should take the sector they invaded from. We have taken no new territory in nearly four thousand years! It's time to expand." Duke Sarek agreed. The other dukes and duchesses all started talking about it, the idea of expansion had been something they had all dreamed of for years but the Republic had always stood in their way.

Haron meanwhile despite being the leader of the Mandalorians was uncomfortable with the idea of invading and conquering other worlds. They had done it before but through means other than military action like on Zakuul but this was different. These were inhabited worlds albeit ruled by the Empire and would be forcefully be brought under their wing.

But he knew it would have to be this way, he had taken many worlds for the Republic during the Clone Wars…this was no different.

So, with great personal discontent, he bowed to the will of his vassals and gave his consent before beginning to plan their first official invasion of known space the Mandalorians had launched in nearly four thousand years.

- x -

Reijar Testing Ground, Ordo System…

Hannah and Neville were both supervising the test of new models of Skytrooper to expand the force potential of their fighting forces, especially if they were going to be expanding their territory which was something they had considerable doubts about but all the same the idea of ruling a planet themselves had a certain…appeal.

They watched as six different types of Skytrooper were tested, an improved version of the mainline model with an improved heavy blaster rifle and a few small improvements elsewhere.

Then they watched as the sniper variant was tested, scanning for it the new sensor resistant materials that coated its plating prevented normal scanners from finding it and to lower the chances of it being seen by the naked eye they had put mimic coating over the top which allowed it to blend in to the local environment. It eluded all methods of tracking and managed to shoot its target with a perfect kill shot.

The Heavy Version was largely intended as an anti-personnel variant, armed with a heavy repeating blaster that normally would be too heavy for a human to carry. It had a cooling unit and power supply attached to the back.

They also had another three variants geared towards fighting soldiers or at least living creatures, a variant had a pair of Flechette launchers that fired out shrapnel over a short area while they had another version armed with a grenade launcher with different types of ordinances.

A flame trooper armed variant completed the three, a fairly powerful flame projector.

The final variant was intended for use against armoured vehicles, they were armed with a rocket/missile launcher.

That when combined with the rest of their armoured vehicles and warriors with improved armour meant the Mandalorians were a force to be reckoned with.

And it was time to strike back against the Empire.

Imperial Space Station, Vultrix Sector, Outer Rim…

The Imperial Station that had been the strategic launching point of the failed Invasion of Mandalorian Space now became the rallying point for the Empire's defence against invasion. Twelve Star Destroyers with support vessels clustered around the station, ready to deploy wherever it was needed.

However, the station's location was no secret and the Imperials who had thought having so much fire power present would deter any potential attack were sadly mistaken as the Mandalorians revealed another weapon they had discovered preserved in Revan's Vault.

A single ship appeared from hyperspace, it was giving an Imperial Signature so the sensors didn't immediately recognise it as a threat but while it was a real Imperial Star Destroyer, this particular ship had been captured by the Mandalorians during the invasion of Kashyyyk some years earlier. After the Mandalorians had examined it for bow to stern to learn all of its strengths and weaknesses, they had decided given its large structure and powerful reactor to make use of it for their new weapon.

Created by the Sith Empire over three thousand six hundred years ago the weapon was known as Silencer, a megalaser that was built as fleet killer as it could quickly lay waste to a whole fleet of ships easily and few if any had a chance of withstanding its firepower.

The internal workings of the Star Destroyer had been stripped to make way for most of the equipment and it was running only a minimum crew in radiation safe areas as the radiation in produced would kill most people very quickly.

The moment the ship was in range the process started, the captain on the Silencer as it was known gave the order to fire.

The Silencer took a moment to build up energy and everyone held their breath as this was the first real test of the weapon as the modifications and construction of the special equipment had taken considerable time to do.

Then it fired, an orange red beam lashed out at the station and the fleet that was staying so closely around it.

The glare of the explosions made all of the bridge crew on the Silencer avert their eyes as the laser hit the target.

It lasted only moments but when they managed to look again it was astonishing, the Imperial Station and its fleet had been decimated by the Silencer, completely and there were no surviving ships and nothing left of the station either beyond debris.

The crew were shocked, it was incredible to consider the weapon although they suddenly noticed it was on the verge of overheating and needed to be shut down. That was something they would need to work on before using the weapon again but with the destruction of the Imperial Sector Fleet, the entire sector was open to invasion.

- x -

War Room, Reijar, Ordo System…

Haron watched as data from the field was relayed to him, coldly watching as their forces raced out to take the sector for themselves. Fifty systems made up the sector in question and of that only ten planets were actually inhabited and only one majorly. Without the sector fleet they would fall swiftly as only local garrisons remained, Haron would no doubt be giving out a few of the new Cross of the Conqueror medals, awarded to those that acquire new territory for their people. He would need to hand out a few others as well. Some would need to be allocated and new clans established from either his own people or the locals. There would be a lot to do not to mention he needed to devise a hearts and minds campaign to bring the populations into their culture.

Haron again was uncertain if he wanted to become a conqueror but he had to look out for his people and he would make sure the locals were treated far better than the Empire ever would.

He would also need to properly develop and defend those worlds so there was a lot of work to be done he thought with tiredness. Sometimes he regreted being Mandalore.

Shili, Expansionist Region…

The forest of Shili was thick and wild while the heat of the planet was surprising for the environment, Ahsoka had been to planets which were much hotter and even walked through the deserts of Tatooine but the humidity here was taxing even to her.

Why she was here, Ahsoka honestly didn't know she thought with confusion at the dreams she'd been having recently were odd and with no real idea of just what she was looking for she had come here in hopes of finding the source.

She felt she knew these forests, the tall pine trees were as familiar to her as the pillars in the Jedi Temple and while she knew Shili had been the place she had been born, she had never been back here since Master Plo had taken her away. But maybe through the force at least, she knew this place.

She made her way through the undergrown and was disturbed by rustling of bushes nearby, she could sense someone there. She pulled out her lightsaber but then returned to her belt as she sensed it was a child in that hedge. She walked over and pulled them apart to see a boy of maybe only ten standard years old hiding in the bush. He was Togruta like her but with purple skin and his lekku were white and blue in colour. His eyes were pale green and he was shocked to see her.

"Please! We're playing hide and seek!" He said urgently, she smiled and told him.

"If so, a shaking bush isn't the best place to hide." Ahsoka told him simply. "I was looking for the nearest village. Can you help me?" She asked him with a smile, the boy looked at her annoyed that she wouldn't leave him alone but a ringing of a distant bell made him get up.

"Time for our evening meal, if you want to see the village follow me." The boy said and ran off, Ahsoka shook her head at his antics before following him. She easily kept up and before too long they got there.

It was a series of primitive looking huts and would have meant nothing to her if she had not been struck with an incredible sense of familiarity.

She knew this place she thought confused, walking slowly into it as she looked around. How she knew it she didn't understand but she knew it. Her appearance certainly was creating something of a stir she noticed as people all looked at her with a mix of confusion, curiosity and suspicion. An old woman hobbled forward, dressed in robes and holding a walking stick clearly the wisewoman of the village. She stared at her before reaching to touch her face which Ahsoka allowed since she didn't sense any threat here.

The old wisewoman smiled as she withdrew her hand and told her.

"I knew you would return. I felt in my bones, Ahsoka, Jedi. Now home." The wisewoman said with a big smile and the older members of the village all looked her with surprise and then studied her closely to see if she really was the little girl that had been born in this village.

"Home?" Ahsoka asked confused as she wondered if this was the very same village she had been born in and then it occurred to her that her parents may well be here. The wisewoman nodded with graceful acceptance.

"Yes, after so many years and a spirit laboured by hardship you have returned. Pav-ti…Nak-il. Your daughter is returned." The wisewoman said before turning to a pair of villagers nearby.

Ahsoka looked at them with baited breath and saw to her own confusion that the woman had the same eyes and face as she did. They both looked at her with the same trepidation although there was a great deal of excitement and longing on their faces. Ahsoka didn't have the faintest idea of what to say as she had never expected to find them here, her own parents and then to complete her confusion a boy with the same colouring and the same markings as she appeared from behind them and looked at her with confusion.

"Yul'xe. Your sister is home." The wisewoman said gently as she revealed their kinship. Ahsoka was now faced with not only parents that she had no idea just how to deal with but also a little brother as well.

Her parents slowly came up to stand in front of her, Ahsoka feeling powerless to move as they approached until they were both standing right in front of her. She looked at them and they at her before her father, Nak-il smiled broadly and grabbed her in a hug which shocked her and she wasn't quick to return but eventually, slowly she wrapped her arms around him and did so while her mother came up to her and put a hand against her cheek, smiling broadly with tears in her eyes.

Her little brother who couldn't be more than nine years of age stared at her before coming over to see her for himself. Ahsoka was several years older than he was and didn't know what to say given their kinship but after her father had finally released her from his hug, making her know her habit of doing that came from him, Ahsoka extended her hand to Yul'xe who looked at it before slowly shaking it.

Ahsoka was now smiling herself, she still had no idea just why the force had guided her here but she was glad, grateful to finally see her family with her own eyes.

Newly Discovered Planet, Edges of the Unknown Regions…

The Empire's hunger for resources and territory would never be satisfied and they did not just look to loot all of the known space but also looked to areas that remained mysterious. So, they were probing the areas of the Deep Core not yet charted but also were now slowly feeling their way into the Unknown Regions. Without stable and charted hyperspace routes this was exceptionally dangerous work but opened up brand new areas of the galaxy to explore and exploit.

A single planet, quite rough and harsh had now been discovered, the survey ship was doing an intense survey to see if it was worth establishing a garrison here. The captain waited for his survey team to return and was greeted by the lieutenant in charge who was smiling broadly.

"Captain." He said saluting. "While unfortunately this planet has little in mineral wealth and would need substantial terraforming to be used as an even halfway acceptable agro-world there is a useful resource here. The local species are extremely tough if lacking in intelligence and seem perfect for the Imperial Army as hired muscle, they are financially driven with little conscience."

"Intriguing." The captain replied as he read the information they had managed to gather. "I will pass this along to command. What are they called again?" He asked as he scanned the details they'd collected.

"Ogami." The lieutenant said, proud of the discovery as they now had a new source of grunts of the Imperial Army.

Alpinn, Vultrix Sector…New Mandalorian Territory…

The planet Alpinn had been a place explored for possible Kyber crystals in the past even if none had ever been found there. There were other minerals there though and a science base was being set up to see if any of them should be exploited.

But as the team began excavating one of the caverns under the surface, they detected a second hidden cave with their ground penetrating sensors. Blowing away the rock with explosives the chamber was exposed and inside it they made a remarkable discovery.

A computer terminal written in ancient language, a dialect that no protocol droid was programmed to speak and when they scanned it into the computers it triggered a major alert. Triggering a very high priority message to Reijar and the immediate dispatch of a better equipped team.

It was Rakatan, and as a testament to its incredible construction it was still working and on the screen an image of an object, a large object appeared one not found in the cave.

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Stakar Ogord is a crossover from the MCU, the apparent leader of the Ravager clans who was Yondu's mentor and liberator and eventually banishing him for breaking their code.

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