The blonde wasn't sure what force was pulling her to a beat-up karaoke bar at 2 am in the middle of the week. Elsa had classes tomorrow; in fact, she had business communications at 9 am. Most nights, she would be fast asleep at this time. Instead, here she was, standing outside the bar, already able to hear the sound of music.

She glanced at her phone: several missed calls from her sister Anna. It came as no surprise. Elsa had left her sister's engagement party rather suddenly and hadn't answered her phone since then. Anna probably wasn't even mad, just concerned. Somehow, that was worse.

Okay, so, maybe Elsa did know what force was pulling her here. Maybe she knew she felt insanely isolated. And, maybe, just maybe, Anna's engagement was only serving as a constant reminder of Elsa's lack of relationships.

Bars were where lonely, single people went, right? Elsa sighed slightly as if finally realizing how pathetic she was being. She wasn't the drinking type, wasn't normally even the sulking type. Still, right now she craved sitting in this old karaoke bar, listening to people singing poorly while she sipped some drink.

Elsa grabbed onto the handle, briefly wondering the last time it had been sanitized, before shrugging those thoughts aside. A late-night karaoke bar was probably not the best place to be concerned about germs. For once, Elsa felt she just needed to relax.

The girl headed inside, immediately being met with the sound of terribly off-beat singing. Elsa focused her attention on the stage where two girls were extremely drunk and struggling to keep up with the music. Their voices weren't bad. Still, they were leaning on each other for support and Elsa thought it was rather impressive they hadn't passed out yet.

Despite this, the people in the bar were cheering for them, some looking equally as drunk as the two girls. Others, however, seemed to just be slightly tipsy, enjoying only a couple of drinks. Elsa decided to join them, heading over to where the bar was.

"What can I get you?" The bartender was a young man, probably only a few years older than Elsa herself who had only been 21 for a few months. He was smiling at her and, for a moment, it seemed his eyes lingered on her chest. Elsa tried to ignore the knots suddenly forming in her stomach.

Elsa racked her brain, trying to remember the names of the drinks Anna had recommended for her. "Oh, um, a strawberry lemonade vodka." Elsa wasn't the biggest fan of vodka; however, Anna had insisted that Elsa would still enjoy this.

As the bartender turned around to make the drink, Elsa felt herself trying to adjust her outfit. Having been at Anna's party, she was in a dark blue dress that showed a bit too much cleavage. Her best friend, Rapunzel, had lent it to her, insisting that it would help Elsa "finally land a man".

However, now she stuck out like a sore thumb. The tight, little party dress was hardly appropriate for such a casual scene. Not to mention, the bartender was still turning around and glancing at her chest, not even trying to be subtle. Elsa prayed everyone else would leave her alone.

"Here you go, miss." The bartender licked his lips, a seductive look in his eyes. He was rather cute with chocolate brown hair and a sharp jaw. However, he made her far too uncomfortable to possibly stand there another moment.

Elsa grabbed her drink, heading over to an abandoned table in the corner of the room. She glanced down at her drink. It was a lovely shade of red with a plump strawberry floating on the top. The girl had to admit it looked delicious.

Hesitantly, she put her lips on the glass, immediately being met with the taste of strawberries. The drink was sweeter than she expected, a pleasant surprise. While the vodka did still burn her throat slightly, it almost tasted like a normal lemonade might. She would have to thank Anna for the recommendation.

"And now we have a familiar face, Jack Frost!" A member of the staff announced. "Tonight he'll be singing All of Me by John Legend!"

Her eyes were glued to the stage as Jack Frost stepped onto it. How did she not know he came here? He had been one of her closest friends since their Freshman year of college. Not to mention, when Elsa and Rapunzel moved off campus to a nearby apartment, Jack too moved there. The white-haired boy and his friend Hiccup were just a floor below the girls.

Jack was standing on the stage, a microphone in his hand. He was smiling at the crowd, a gentleness in his eyes that Elsa had come to adore. It was clear he did come here frequently; he seemed completely at ease on that stage. "As some may expect, this song is about the girl I've liked for a while: Elsa Winters."

A random guy in the crowd shouted something along the lines of "ask her out already" but Elsa barely heard it. In fact, Elsa was having trouble hearing anything at all over the sound of her heart.

She felt herself breathing deeply, eyes locked on him. He clearly hadn't noticed her, still staring into the crowd blissfully. Had he really been coming here and dedicating songs to her?

"What would I do without your smart mouth? Drawing me in, and you kicking me out." The words rolled off Jack's tongue gently, the sound both smooth and soulful. After all the drunken performances, the sudden talent seemed to catch everyone's attention.

The boy paced around the stage, lost in the words as he sang them. It was clear he was putting passion into this. "Cause all of me, loves all of you," Jack sang. "Love your curves and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections."

It was then that Elsa remembered the nature of this song. This wasn't the kind of song someone would sing to just a crush. It was about love, overwhelming, amazing, love. Could Jack love her?

Elsa headed towards the man who had announced Jack, trying hard not to be spotted by the white-haired boy. Suddenly, the blonde knew exactly what she wanted to do.

"What can I help you with?" The man asked her. He seemed a bit surprised by her attire but, thankfully, he didn't stare at her as the bartender had.

Elsa whispered her response near his ear, wanting to keep this as secretive as possible. Furthermore, she would hate to cover the sound of Jack's beautiful voice.

"Really? Well, that sounds good!" The man smiled widely. He was rather tall, towering over Elsa. Still, his voice had a joy in it that Elsa found she loved. "You know, I'm glad you're here. I'm North," He told her, sticking out his hand for her to shake.

He glanced up at the stage where Jack was singing. "I've gotten pretty close with him, couldn't really help it when he comes here every other day." He laughed again, a fondness in his eyes.

"I give you all of me and you give me all of you." The final words slipped from Jack's mouth. "Oh-oh." Jack stood there a moment, the same smile from before on his face. "Thank you!" With that, Jack headed off the stage, going towards the bar.

The blonde headed to where North had instructed, watching as he headed to the stage. She felt her heart pounding, nearly bursting out of her chest. Elsa wasn't drunk, not even tipsy. The idea that she was about to do this was so preposterous that the girl wondered how she had come up with the thought sober.

"Next we have a special girl who I'll let introduce herself." North smiled knowingly and Elsa headed onto the stage.

The audience was still captive after Jack's performance and she felt many eyes shift to her. Despite the dryness in her mouth, the girl forced herself to grab the microphone from North and begin speaking.

"Hi," she squeaked out awkwardly. Just the one word seemed to immediately catch Jack's attention. He stared at her and Elsa did her best not to look back, not yet at least.

"The performer before me mentioned a girl named Elsa." She smiled at the crowd who seemed interested in where she was going with this. "Well, I'm Elsa and I'll be singing in response to his song. This is I Think I'm in Love by Kat Dahlia."

A man, who Elsa suspected was the same man who had yelled earlier, whistled loudly in response.

Elsa closed her eyes, the first notes of the song sounding. Elsa tried not to focus on the fact that Jack had made his way over to where the stage was, only a short distance from where she was. "Time's been ticking, hearts are running. Think that Cupid's up to something." Elsa had been told many times that she had a gift for singing and the blonde had to admit she believed them. Singing had been a secret joy of Elsa's for far too long. Still, she never pictured herself singing on a stage, even if her audience was too drunk to remember her in the morning.

"You ask me how I feel, I say nothing. But lately, colors seem so bright." Elsa pictured that day she and Jack had gone to a nearby park. They had sat on the swings, talking for nearly three hours. It was weird because that was the happiest Elsa had felt in a long time. Still, the girl had refused to admit there might be a reason for that, a reason why with Jack, everything just felt right.

"I'm ignoring all the signs," Elsa dared herself to look at Jack as the words flowed from her mouth.

He was standing right in front of her, his mouth partially opened in what looked like awe but may have been confusion. He still seemed shocked by her presence and Elsa supposed that made sense. It was clear he had come here countless times and had not yet been discovered.

"But I crave us hugging. Yeah, I stay stubborn." Elsa felt herself smiling. She supposed it should have been obvious to her how she felt. Most people don't lay in bed wishing their friend was there with them. Most people don't dream of kissing their male best friend. "Cause I can't admit that you got all the strings and know just how to tug 'em."

The conclusion was obvious, far too obvious and Elsa found herself wondering how long she had held this in. How long had she been ignoring this, hiding it from even herself?

The blonde made sure to lock eyes with the boy, smiling at him gently. This was it, the line she suddenly wanted him to hear more than anything in the world. Something she wanted to scream from the rooftop. "I think I'm in loveee!" The words echoed throughout the room as the girl poured herself into the song. Jack Frost was more than a friend, more than a crush even. She was in love with him, wasn't she?

If the girl hadn't been in the middle of a song, she probably would have laughed. Instead, she settled with smiling as she sang, feeling intoxicated by both the music and her feelings. She twirled around the stage, the way a young girl might. She didn't care though; Elsa was unbelievably happy.

"My heart's pacing. I'm confused, I'm dazing." This feeling, was this what Anna felt? It was clear Kristoff did something amazing to her but Elsa had no clue it was this good. Suddenly she was drunk but on something other than alcohol. "I saw something I never seen in you, it's got me shaking."

Elsa thought back to when Jack had been on the stage and the confidence he had possessed. The way he had gotten up there and laid himself bare. Something about that had made it all click for the girl.

She smiled at him as she felt the song coming to an end. "I think I'm in love." The final words left her lips and Elsa smiled widely. "Thank you!" The girl smiled so wide that she suddenly broke into a fit of laughter as she headed off the stage.

"Maybe I should become a regular too," Elsa told Jack as the eyes slowly began to leave them.

He still seemed in shock, just staring at the girl in front of him. "Els." He continued to look at her, not saying any more. Finally, he grabbed Elsa's hand, leading her outside.

He didn't say anything, though it was clear to Elsa that there were several things running through his head. He continued to hold Elsa's hand as they approached the park the girl had been thinking about earlier.

This time, they didn't go onto the swings. Jack led her up to a pair of twin slides, sitting down so that his feet were on it. Elsa followed suit.

"I-" Jack paused, shaking his head slightly. "I mean, wow. I just, I can't even wrap my mind around what just happened. Did that even happen?" He laughed lightly, still staring in front of him.

Throughout the time Elsa had known the boy, he had always been extremely confident, possibly to a fault even. In all honesty, the girl felt rather proud that she seemed to have put him in this state. In fact, he almost seemed flustered.

"I take it you saw everything?"

Elsa nodded, smiling slightly. "I arrived just a little bit before you went on."

Jack stared at her a moment before looking off into the distance again. "You are the last person I expected to come." He glanced down at his watch. "And this late at night?"

Elsa realized the last part was a question, one she wasn't sure exactly how to answer. "I wouldn't expect myself to go there either." Elsa thought back to the events that had lead to it. "Anna and Kristoff's engagement party was earlier today."

"That would explain the dress." Jack glanced down at her body. His eyes on her felt different than the way it had with the bartender. While Jack did seem to be checking her out, it wasn't in a pervy way. It didn't make her feel uncomfortable, the opposite really.

Jack's eyes suddenly snapped up as he seemed to realize he had been staring. "It's a pretty dress." He glanced down again for a moment. "You look beautiful in it."

Elsa didn't know how to explain it but suddenly the difference between Jack and the bartender seemed so clear. The bartender saw her as sexy but Jack had called her beautiful. The girl felt heat rush to her cheeks.

"Thank you, Jack." She glanced down at her hands a moment before continuing. "It's going to sound immature but I just couldn't help but feel jealous of Anna and Kristoff. I don't know, I just felt like I would never have something like that. I left and I've been wandering around ever since. Before I knew it it was two am and I was standing outside a karaoke bar." Elsa laughed slightly, turning to Jack.

"Do you believe in fate?" She asked the boy.

He raised a brow, meeting her eyes. "Fate?" He seemed to ponder it. "I hadn't really thought about it before but I suppose so."

The blonde laughed lightly. "I hadn't thought about it either, well, before tonight." Elsa turned more serious, her smile fond. "Seems almost like fate that I ended up at that bar just before you went on."

Jack didn't respond, breaking their eye contact. Elsa took that moment to really study him. He was wearing brown pants that would almost seem dressy if not for the fact he had paired them with a blue hoodie. Elsa loved that hoodie. For one, it brought out his eyes. However, what she really loved was imaging what it would be like to wear it.

"Why didn't you tell me?" The girl asked suddenly.

Jack shrugged, not bothering to pretend he didn't know what she was talking about. "You're not so easy to read, Els. I had no idea how you'd take that kind of confession." He laughed suddenly, glancing at her again. "I have to admit though, your reaction was far better than I possibly could have imagined."

"I meant it, you know?" Elsa wasn't sure why but tonight she felt more confident than she ever had. "I'm not sure how I didn't see it before but I am in love with you."

Jack's eyes widened in surprise. "In love? No 'think' this time?"
Elsa laughed slightly. "I'm sure, Jack." She grabbed his hand, smiling up at the sky. "I love you."

Jack didn't respond and Elsa briefly wondered if she had somehow misinterpreted his song. It had been a love confession, hadn't it?

However, Elsa's doubts were pushed to the side as Jack gently placed his hand on her cheek, turning her so they faced each other. Jack stared at her eyes, asking without words whether or not he was allowed to close the distance.

Elsa closed her eyes in response and slowly she felt hesitant lips hit her own. Jack's lips were slightly chapped but that didn't stop Elsa from feeling the warmth they possessed. It was clear Jack was letting Elsa lead, unwilling to do more than he was sure she was comfortable with. He was ever the gentleman.

Elsa smiled into the kiss before beginning to tease his bottom lip with her teeth. He gasped into her mouth and Elsa felt her smile grow a little wider.

Jack was quick to recover from his surprise, his hand moving to Elsa's neck as he pressed her against him. He was kissing her with an urgency that intoxicated the girl. She felt herself whimpering slightly into his mouth.

"Jack," the name slipped off her tongue, almost like a moan.

Jack's lust-filled eyes met hers. "I have been dying to hear you say my name that way." He smiled while Elsa fought off a blush. "Els, I love you."

Jack was an amazing singer, yet, somehow, hearing him simply say the words was better than the song. Not to mention, the way he was staring at her with undeniable love was intoxicating.

Elsa smiled at him, squeezing his hand slightly. "I love you too." She told him.

Despite the fact it was past 3 am, neither seemed in a hurry to go anywhere else. Instead, the pair continued holding hands, both staring off at the sky with smiles stretched across their faces.

Author's note:

This piece is a little different than my normal style but the prompt came to me so I went with it. Also, the two songs in it were All of Me by John Legend and I think I'm in Love by Kat Dahlia. I changed up the words ever so slightly for Elsa's song, taking out the word 'again'. Anyways, thank you for reading :)