As they walked through the forest, Qrow never let the demon out of his sight. He might not have been overtly hostile to him, at least not since he first emerged from his iron coffin, but he was still highly suspicious of him. He'd never even heard of anything like him, let alone seen, so he had no idea what his intentions were. The demon looked around at the trees, watching for further threats, but none made themselves known.

"So, uh, you got a name?" Qrow asked, but he simply grunted.

"I do not remember." He said, but there was no hint of sadness or longing, simply fact. Qrow looked at his chest plate again, and noticed something above the small blue light. It was writing, but it was so faded he could only make out a single letter, a 'U'. He ignored it, focusing on getting him to Ozpin. His combat prowess would be very valuable to them, and it was better they got to him than Her group.


They finally reached Beacon, the great Huntsman Academy of Vale. U, as Qrow had decided to call him, had no reaction to it, he simply continued following him. As they moved through the halls, U continued looking around, still on edge despite being out of the Forest. This distrust of them would be difficult to work around, be he was confident Ozpin would be able to get through to him.

U looked around, the building's design causing his memories to stir, but none to surface. It was infuriating. He just hoped this Ozpin person would be able to help him. And should he attempt to exploit him, well, he'd already told Qrow exactly what would happen.

The halls were mostly silent, but he would occasionally hear talking from inside rooms. The signs indicated they were in the dormitory, so the speaking made sense. Qrow also began attempting to rush him through this area, making it obvious how little he wanted anybody else to see him. At one point, one of the doors opened and a pair of students exited out into the hall. They had been in the middle of a discussion of some sort, but froze when they saw him. They were children, old enough to wield weapons but not by much. What caught his eye, however, and what caused him to scrutinize the feeble one on the left, was the pair of chocolate brown rabbit ears sprouting from her head.

He may have not remembered anything, but something told him that was unusual. He continued looking, seeing them flatten against her head in embarrassment, even as he and Qrow walked past, his guide giving some half-hearted explanation about what he was. Something about a 'Semblance', though he did not recognize what he meant. After some more time walking, they reached their destination. An elevator leading to Headmaster Ozpin's office, placed atop the peak of the massive tower. They entered, Qrow having to move aside for his large frame, and up they went.

They reached the top, and their lack of knowledge on him was apparent the moment his metal boots met the floor. The one in the desk, clearly the Headmaster, tensed up noticeably, his hand twitching towards a cane that was most likely a weapon in disguise. The woman standing beside him, likely a colleague, tightened her grip on her weapon and stared at him with blatant shock on her face.

"This is what was in the coffin." Qrow quickly explained, them relaxing in response. Ozpin cleared his voice and adjusted himself in his seat.

"Well, I'll admit you aren't exactly what I was expecting. Please, have a seat Mr?" He trailed off the question while gesturing to the pair of seats before him. He remained standing, crossing his arms and looking down on them

"I do not remember my name, and I will remain standing where I am." He said, shutting him down.

"Well, I am Ozpin, Headmaster of Beacon, and this is one of my teachers, Glynda Goodwitch. Now, you said your memory is sorely lacking when it comes to everything before your emergence from the coffin?" The demon nodded.

"It feels as if they are locked and buried, needing only to be freed. Though how exactly that is achieved, I do not know. I came here assuming you would know of a way to aid me." Ozpin looked over the demon, noticing the faded 'U' on its breastplate.

"'U'. Would that perhaps be in relation to your name?" He asked, but the demon simply shook his head. "Well, how about we call you Ulysses? At least until we uncover your true name." The demon thought for a moment before grunting in affirmation.

"Ulysses. It will do." The demon, now named Ulysses, said. Ozpin smiled as he was getting somewhere with the demon.

"Well, Ulysses, I can help you, but I will need something from you in return." Ozpin said, and Ulysses narrowed his eyes at him.

"Do you have a sure way of returning my memories, or were you simply hoping I would blindly believe you?" Ozpin hesitated slightly at that before his response, and that brief hesitation was all Ulysses needed. He growled angrily and unfolded his arms.

"I will not be manipulated by men in power. I will seek out the cure of my own volition, since you clearly do not have it." He turned to the elevator, but stopped when it closed and locked in front of him. He stood there for a moment before turning his head and giving Ozpin a look that promised a painful death.

"We cannot allow you to leave. The Grimm are attracted to negative emotions, and your presence would only cause a panic in the city. Just listen to us. We don't have a way of recovering your memories, but we could find one. Just work with us, and we will help you." Ulysses turned and drew his shotgun without raising it, making his intentions clear.

"I care not for your petty conflicts, only that my memories are restored. And here you sit, threatening me should I not cooperate with you. Unlock the elevator, or I will make my own way out of this place." Ozpin gave him a hard look indicating he would not be swayed. And, quick as the blink of an eye, the weapon was pointed at him. Before he could fire, however, Glynda used her Semblance in an attempt to wrench the firearm from his hand. However, "attempt" would be an overstatement. The gun glowed purple and shook slightly as she tried to pull it, but his hand gripped it tightly and refused to let go. He looked her in the eye as her face paled, and he dashed towards her, taking her outstretched hand in a crushing grip. And that's when it happened.

The skin on skin contact awakened something within Ulysses, and Glynda began screaming in pain as it felt like something was being ripped from her soul. In an instant whatever had happened had ceased, and he felt the grip on his gun vanish. Glynda collapsed to the floor, and the other two mobilized.

Qrow drew Harbinger and fired a pair of shotgun rounds at Ulysses, but as if by instinct, he whirled around he put out his arm. His hand became wreathed in a hellish energy, and the bullets stopped in the air, inches from him. He looked at them curiously before clenching his fist and making them morph into one large metal ball. Ozpin and Qrow were shocked as they realized what he'd done.

He'd somehow stolen Glynda's Semblance, and was now using it himself.

Ulysses raised the metal orb and flung it towards the window at incredible speeds, shattering it on contact. He then fired off a blast from his own shotgun behind him as he dove out of the open window, plummeting to the ground below.

"Quick, after him! We can't let him reach the city!" Ozpin yelled, but right as Qrow was about to turn into his bird form and give chase, a ghostly dog of all things lunged from the shadows and latched onto his arm, chewing on his Aura.

"What the hell?!" He kicked it away and was able to get a better look at it before it lunged again. It was ghostly in appearance and glowed a dark orange. Its claws and teeth were extremely sharp, and it looked like it was bred for war. It was extremely muscular and looked like it could take down an Atlesian Knight with ease. As it dove for him, Ozpin sliced it with the Long Memory and it vanished in a burst of orange energy. It didn't bark or whimper, it simply disappeared. They looked around the office to make sure it hadn't just teleported, but when they were sure sure it was gone, they breathed a sigh of relief.

"Did Ulysses summon that thing?" Qrow asked, and Ozpin looked out of the window, seeing the demon sprinting away at extreme speeds before jumping off the cliff and into the city.

"I can only assume he did so as a distraction." he quickly turned his attention back to Glynda, unconscious on the floor. He rushed over and looked her over. She was very pale and, upon touching her forehead, cold. She was breathing, but just barely. He pulled out his Scroll and looked at her Aura meter, shocked as the bar was empty, reading 'N/A'. He snarled in anger, but quickly reined in his emotions. Cooler heads would have to prevail.

"Qrow, take Glynda to the infirmary. There is something I need to do here." Qrow nodded and picked up his colleague bridal style before moving into the elevator and taking it down. Ozpin looked through the broken window some more before returning to his desk, somehow undamaged despite the scuffle. He got on his computer and began creating a new Person Of Interest file for Ulysses.

Name: Ulysses

Race: Unknown

Weapon(s): Powerful one-handed double barreled shotgun; dual bladed energy battleax powered by unknown source; massive impenetrable shield drawing from same power source as battleax

Semblance: Soul Stealer. Can steal someone's Semblance and use for himself, knocking out victim and disabling Aura.

He put a WIP label over the file to indicate its incompleteness before adding it to the databanks. He would add to it as he learned more about their demonic "friend", and hopefully convince him to work with them instead of Her.


Ulysses leapt over the edge of the cliff, falling down into the city below. He landed in a back alley, creating a small crater where he hit the pavement. He briefly dropped to one knee before rising and looking around. He didn't see anyone following him, so he assumed his pet was able to distract them long enough. He should've seen this coming, but they should be grateful he did not kill them all.

He looked at his hand as red energy swirled around it. He then looked to a nearby dumpster and used his stolen powers to lift it into the air with ease. He then released his hold, causing it to smash into the ground loudly. His interest piqued, he walked through the alley, his boots lightly splashing in the shallow puddles of water and garbage juice. He was grateful for his lack of smell, as this place would likely reek.

He didn't know what he was looking for, but he searched nonetheless. After some time of slinking through back alleys and avoiding the people in the streets, night began to fall. He didn't know where in the city he'd wandered to, but if he had to guess, it was the slums. Trash was beginning to increase, and he began to come across homeless people. He didn't care if any of them saw him, so he ignored them, even as they cried out in fear. Though, funnily enough, more than a few looked at him only to mutter something about cutting back on the drugs.

Some time later, he heard talking from within a store, one of the few still open. It was a simple convenience store, but he could still make out what was being said.

"I don't have the money, I can't pay! I've told Junior this already, just leave me alone!"

"This is the last time. If you don't have his money, that's it for you." Having heard enough, Ulysses peaked his head into one of the windows, seeing a well dressed man in a fedora and red sunglasses pointing a handgun at the cashier of the store. He wanted to leave, as it did not affect him in any way. But a part of him, a strangely human part, told him to intervene, to bring swift and unrelenting justice to the corrupt robber. Watching them briefly, Ulysses reached out with his power and used it to crush all of the light bulbs in the store, as well as the streetlights outside to descend the entire area in darkness.

They both jumped before the thug pointed his gun around the store.

"Who's there?!" He yelled, trying to make himself sound tough. He saw the door open and he could just barely make out a figure standing in the darkness.

"Get the hell outta here, I'm not here for you!" He yelled, waving the gun. Then the figure spoke.

"But I am here for you." He said, activating his ax and illuminating his terrifying visage. The man's eyes went wide and he dropped his gun, a shot going off and hitting the ceiling.

"What the fuck?!" He yelled, and he went to run to the back door. But the demon would not let him. He used his power to latch on to his leg, causing him to fall forward. He then pulled him towards him, the man screaming for mercy the entire way. Right as he was about to pass him, he planted a boot on his back, pinning him to the tile floor. He then raised his ax and brought it down on the screaming man, cleanly decapitating him.

He deactivated his ax, once again drenching the place in darkness. He looked to the cashier, his mechanical eyes allowing him to see clearly in the dark. The boy, for that was what he was, looked terrified. But he was innocent, and so Ulysses left the store, a new purpose in mind, at least until he could find a way to restore his memories. He would defend the weak and defenseless, bringing cruel and unyielding suffering to those that would exploit them. He would cleanse this city of its filth, beginning with the petty gangs before setting his sights on the corrupt men of power, Ozpin being one of them as he regretted not putting him down when he had the chance.

He would rip and tear his way across Vale, and woe be to any who would dare stand against him.

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