"Now that's where you are wrong, the creative spirit has not died out, and this power... IS INFINITE!" Kotaro said to Emperor Bihazzard, then him and the the other 5 Mashinrangers absorb the creative spirit and use it to transform into the 6 Mashinrangers, this spirit forms a great cannon the size of a large car that resembled each of their mechs. "ULTIMATE MASHINZOOKA!" Mashin Red yelled as the creative spirit of everyone they had met had all not only formed but fully charged the cannon. "FIRE!" The 6 all yell as a multi-coloured beam of energy shot out straight at Emperor Bihazzard, who is evaporated by the force of the energy released, which also creates a MASSIVE EXPLOSION.(Skipping some scenes that aren't relevant)

Mashin Red has just ran up to see another figure in red before him, this guy resembled a Griffin, with a white wing across the chest, Mashin Red goes up to Muri Red, who offers a high 5, Mashin Red gives it and walks off, with the camera then focusing on Muri Red as he gives a peace sign.

Long ago there was only 1 being: The Eburirenjā. A force of unstoppable hope, and the creator of the powers that most Sentai heroes tapped into. On his death he travelled through the multiverse, being reincarnated into many individuals, now in the present day the force he once battled tirelessly against comes back, so 5 reincarnations from many universes(which technically makes them Marvel universes, or sub universes) have all been collected together as the new heroes, in new appearances to hide their true form as 5 High School students. The 5 returned stars of hope! Dimension Squadron Multiman!

Cast(the guys):

(Italics is real name, this also only covers the rangers)

Muri Red/Haru Nakamura=Harry Potter(Self Explanitory)[odd slight name change]

Muri Blue/Kida Sato=Taro Yamada(Yandere Simulator)

Muri Yellow/Hiroshi Ito=Ethan(Pokemon)

[eventually] Muri White= Hiroshi Takahasi(An OC)[current incarnation]

Cast(the girls):

Muri Green/Ichika Suzuki=Himiko Toga(Boku no Hero Academia)

Muri Pink/Yua Nakamura=?{maybe called Saki? For the sake of this story her name is Saki Nakamura}(?)[You'll see why later]

So how's that? I will try as much as I can to get it to work, also I have a challenge, but I'll only reveal it once the force of evil is defeated, this time, for good