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Summary: Frodo, having come out of his Dark Night of the Soul, finds himself in a calm dilemma. What should he watch on television to ease his nerves? Why not the Super Bowl, of course!


Since I've been in the third phase of my Spiritual Awakening, this fanfic came to mind. So, here am I, writing my first Super Bowl fanfic, starring Frodo Baggins! Enjoy! :)


Frodo woke up. The dream he had was so intoxicating, he could hardly believe he had it. In the dream, he was with his beloved and he was kissing her so, so much. Aww! He wanted to find his true twin flame, so he could kiss her and love her up.

He chuckled, grateful the dream was so wonderful, but sad to see the dream go. He sighed, closing his eyes and imagining his true twin flame. The way he would take off her clothes and enthrall in her nakedness. Ahh! Such blissfulness.

He chuckled loudly, finding himself gazing off into the sunrise. He couldn't believe how much he endured in only a year and a half. He had just started his Spiritual Awakening and had been through his Dark Night of the Soul, probably the most challenging time in his life.

He sighed, getting up at last, even though he didn't want to. He wanted to stay in bed and just keep imagining being with his true twin flame. Ahh! Why couldn't he be with her now?

He looked over his shoulder, finding his true twin flame in a shimmering bright light. Her long brown hair flowed down her shoulders. He petted her hair, sniffing it too. Such a fragrant smell. He smiled, telling her, "Come on! It's time to get up!" Just like that, she vanished. "No!" Frodo screamed, trying to grab her.

No way. She was gone. Frodo chuckled, teary-eyed. He wanted to be with her. Even now, it seemed hopeless. Oh, what was he to do with himself?

He turned his gaze to his end table, finding a television on the other side of his bedroom. Frodo flipped on the television, finding himself face to face with a football game. The Super Bowl.

"Huh. This looks interesting," Frodo said, enduring to watch the Super Bowl.


Thanks for reading. :)