Chapter 1: A new start

"Err, what happened?" A teenage boy was about to wake up from his slumber. The boy opened his eyes revealing that they are green. "Where am I?" The teenager lifts up his body and looks around his surroundings. The boy is in the middle of a luscious field. The field has a view of a river, trees and mountain range.

"Whoa, How did I get here." The boy himself has white skin, brown bushy hair, and a fit body. He is wearing a black shirt with a green line and a number 10 in the middle. Brown cargo pants, black and white shoes and finally a green, white wristwatch on his left arm.

This is none other than Ben Tennyson, the savior of the universe and the greatest hero that ever lived. Right now the hero is somehow stranded in a strange forest. "Ok, I'm in a field surrounded in a forest." Ben checked around his surroundings. "And there is a giant mansion that appeared out of nowhere." The hero looked behind him and looked away, without realizing what he had just said.

"Wait! What a giants mansion!" Ben shouted as he looked behind. The giant mansion was enormous like a castle. 3 separate buildings that are attached to each other. The buildings were 3 story high, the walls painted white, the roofs green, stairs that lead to the front doors of the three buildings. The building also has an environmental design. Mountains and waterfall designs attached on walls, some parts of the walls and roofs were covered in vines and leaves. The mansion is also surrounded by a garden of trees with different types of fruits, either alien or not to Ben. A giant lake behind the building. A fountain with Omnitrix simple in the middle.

"Wow." Ben was amazed by the design and the size of the building. "What do you think of the design, my boy." A voice with a British accent said behind the teenage hero.

Ben looked behind and saw a familiar that he hadn't seen in awhile. A 50 year old man was heading towards Ben. The man himself has white skin, black hair and brown eyes. The man is wearing a steampunk military outfit design. A robot arm on his right arm and a cane on the left. This man is known as professor paradox, a time walker. A being that lives outside of time and space, but travels through dimension.

"Professor Paradox? Where are we and if your here is the multiverse in trouble again?" Ben questioned the time walker. Paradox just laughed. "As wise as ever Ben Tennyson, but luckily the multiverse is in no danger." Paradox explained to the boy with a calm tone. Ben sighed in relief. "But I do have dire news."

When paradox said that phrase Ben body tense up and felt worried.

Ben looked up and saw Paradox's face. The once cheerful and calm man is now in sadness and regret.

"It's about your universe Ben." Paradox starts, it's destroyed. And just like Ben, the world crumbled into dust both literally and figuratively.

" you mean Paradox? This has to be a joke...r-right?!" Ben stutters in worry, hoping what the time walker had said was a joke or a prank to fool the hero. "I'm afraid to tell you this is no joke. Your universe has truly been destroyed." Paradox said with a sincere voice.

"H-How did this happen? Tell me Paradox how did this happen!?" Anger and hate started to develop in Ben's mind. His universe was destroyed. His family, friends, his love, everything that meant to Ben is gone. Paradox wasn't faced by Ben anger, since he really felt sorry for the boy and understood Ben's situation. Paradox sighed. "If you must know Ben...who was behind in the destruction your the MC itself."

Ben anger was replaced with confusion, but put on a serious face trying to pay attention for once. "The MC?" Before Professor Paradox could continue, he quickly looked around the area like he was looking for someone. Paradox then stared at Ben.

"We should continue our conversation inside the mansion Ben." Paradox said as he walked towards the building.

Ben was about to question the time walker, but decided to push that aside and choose to follow him.

Both time walker and hero walk to the mansion. When they arrived at the door Ben noticed how big the door is like it's meant for giants. Paradox pulled out a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, before he pushed it open.

As the door opened revealing what's inside. Ben was surprised, disbelieved and amazed the inside of the building.

Inside the mansion the color is mostly white and green, but with a hint of brown and gold. Three large stairs that lead three floor levels, the diamond shard chandeliers and lamps. Different types of paintings and plants that Ben doesn't recognize and are alien to him. There also many different types of doors that who knows where they lead too, but that is not all Ben has noticed.

There are three figures standing in line in the middle of the hall front of the stairs. The first figure on the left was a young woman with white skin, pink short hair, light blue eyes and she is wearing a maid outfit, but Ben also noticed that she has chains cuffed on her wrists.

The second figure on the right is a teenage girl with brown skin, black short hair and brown eyes. She is also wearing a maid outfit, but the skirt is longer than the other maid.

The third figure is not a person at all. Instead it appears to be a small robot with round dome design. The robot has a red color paint, two silver metallic tentacle arms attached under the body. Black face screen with two digital blue eyes and mouth. " Hello Ben Tennyson. Welcome to your new home. I am MT-1, as in Multiverse Traveler number 1." The Robot introduced himself, while the two maids bowed.

"Multiverse Traveler number 1?" Ben was confused of the robot weird name. "In other words Ben. This machine will help you travel the Multiverse and it's one of its first kind." Paradox explained.

"Okay, That makes sense I guess?" Ben understands little of the robot. "Then who might I ask are these two girls." Ben asked as he eyed the maids.

The first maid with pink hair raised her head. "My name is Virgo, it's a pleasure to meet you, Master?" Virgo introduced herself as she praised her new master. "Master?" Ben was both shocked and confused.

"Yes, remember Ben you know own this mansion and you're staying with a view of people here, but more will arrive soon enough." Paradox explained to the hero. Next the maid arrived and greeted the hero. "H-Hello, m-my name is A-Alex. I hope I can do my best on my new job." Alex sounded a bit nervous and worried working as a maid.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you girls." Ben greeted the two maids. "I don't really mind staying with you girls and you girls don't have to treat me like a master or a higher person. You can treat me as an equal and I'll do the same." Ben said in a kind and gentle tone, which shocked the two girls.

Not by Ben's behavior or actions, but the way he said and how honest he is in his tone.

Paradox smiled at Ben's kindness, even though Ben lost everything. The hero still found a way to still be himself and that he needs to move on. Ben's family and friends would have wanted that way for the hero.

Paradox pulled a watch known as the chrono-navigator and looked at the time. "I'm sorry Ben, but I have to go. MT-1 can give you all the information you need. See ya around, my boy." Before Ben could stop or could talk to the time walker.

Paradox already disappeared in a flash of blue light. Ben sighs in defeat and disappointment. "Why am I not surprised."

The hero is already familiar with the Time walker's disappearance, even sometimes not giving Ben full information of what to do in this type of situation. Ben turned around a little nervous and worried as two maids and a robot were staring at him.

"Sooooo, urr...what do you guys want to do?" Ben asked nervously. "We wish to serve you master." The two maids bowed in unison. "Okay...I'm sorry. I am not really into this master and servant thing and you call me Ben." Ben calmed and explained to the girls. "Okay. Master Ben."

Ben sighed in defeat again and faced Palm himself. 'I just hope this is all a dream.' What the hero doesn't know is that his life will change for better or worse. The life of a hero in a new universe begins.

To be continued.

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