Chapter 8: The maid

A flash of light appeared inside the center of Ben mansion and shine over the room. The light died down and Ben kissing Marguerite, along with MT-1 by their side.

Ben stops his lip lock and looks at Marguerite's eye. The blonde eyes were filled with passion and stared back at Ben. The hero smiled. "Marguerite, welcome to my mansion." Ben points to the interior of his home. The blonde amazon was amazed and awed at the size of the place. "It's amazing." She commented.

"Ahem." Someone spoke near the couple. Ben and Marguerite see Alex standing before them and bow down. "Hello, master Ben, welcome back." She greeted, before her attention focused on the Kuja. "I see you brought company." Alex said in a formal tone.

"Hey Alex, this Marguerite she will be staying stay here." Ben greeted his second maid and introduced the amazon. Alex bows down and lifts up her skirt. "It's a pleasant to meet miss Marguer-AAaarrggghhh!" The maid could not officially greet the blonde as she accidently tripped on her own foot and fell.

"Are you okay?" Concerned for the tanned-girl, Ben ran towards her. "I'm okay." Alex groans, while Ben supported the maid to stand on her feet.

"I'm just clumsy at times." Alex pouted and averted her eyes away from Ben, feeling ashamed of her clumsy nature. Ben smiled at the young teen. "I'm glad you're okay." He reassured the maid. Alex's face becomes flustered as she tries to calm her heart. 'His so cute!' She thought in excitement and awe.

While Alex was in her own thoughts, Ben looked around and noticed someone was missing. "Hey, where's Virgo?" The hero asked. Alex snapped out of her dreamland and focused on the brunette. "Oh, she is in your room." She answered, before the tanned woman noticed Marguerite looked around the mansion with awe. "Do you want a tour of the mansion?" The maid smiled at the blonde amazon. "Oh…um, yes please." Marguerite blushed that she was caught. "Okay, I'll show you the whole tour." Alex walks away and suggests the Kuja to follow.

"I should quickly have to recharge battery in my chamber." MT-1 said, before the robot flew away in a different direction.

Ben now stood by himself and now want to figure out what to do. "Well, I guess I should check on Virgo." The hero smiled as he walked the direction to his room.

*Knock Knock*

The hero knocked on his door, before he grabbed the doorknob and open the door. "Hey, Virgo are you in-What the heck!" Ben did not finish as he became too shocked to speak as he spotted something in strange on his bed. His maid Virgo binds herself with ropes and laid on his bed? Her arms and legs are bound behind her and rear exposed to the hero. "Hello my prince. Your back." She greets with a stoic expression.

The hero was a bit slowly processing at the event right in front of his eyes. "…What are you doing?" Ben asked, still shocked and questioned his maid situation. "Oh, this is one of my hobbies." Virgo explained while not bothered by either her binds and that Ben is watching.

The hero did not focus on what the maid explained when Ben's eyes were more on Virgo rear. The maid noticed and smirked mischievously. "You know you can take advantage of this. Maybe finally begin where we left off." She suggested and wink seductively to the hero.

Ben gulped as he felt a sudden temptation and attraction towards the maiden. The Omnitrix wielder thought of how he and Marguerite were interrupted from MT-1 arrival and Robin attack. At first, he would try to avoid this kind of situation, but after having an experience with Marguerite and Robin. The hero now wanted a chance with Virgo and maybe learn more about her. Ben closed the door behind him and locked it. He walks over to his bed, while calming his beating heart. Ben was so tempted to take Virgo there and now, but after his event with Robin in the ruins. The brunette needs time to recharge…although inside the back of his mind, he finds it attractive of his maid in her vulnerable state.

The hero quickly shook off that thought and tried to focus on the main issue. "Virgo…I just wanted to thank you again." Ben spoke as he climbed over the bed and sat next to his maid.

Not seeming to be aware and bothered by the ropes, Virgo turned around on her sides as she faced Ben. "About what?" Virgo said, with an innocent but curious look on her face. Ben's cheeks turn red, after he saw his maid behavior. Virgo knew what the hero wanted to say, she was just being a little playful.

"B-Back at the waterfall…the reassurance…It meant a lot for me to hear that and I'm glad it was you that helped me." Ben's eyes met Virgo's as he gave a passionate smile.

Virgo's eyes opened a little as she felt a sudden shock throughout her body and a strange feeling in her heart from Ben's words. Unnoticed that her own face blushed. "It was nothing, I had to make sure that my prince shouldn't doubt himself." Virgo stated. Ben shook his head and grabbed the spirit restraints. He gently unties his maid ropes and lifts her up, so that she can sit on her rear.

After Virgo sat down, she stared at Ben's eyes again. "I know, you're my maid and that I need to get use too having one around…but I also want to be friends." Ben exclaimed his feelings to the spirit. "I also still need to learn more about my journey and I just hope you're there by my side." The hero confessed as he held up his left hand. Virgo became more shocked by Ben's words, as well as intrigued. She looked down at Ben's hand, before she gave a small smile. "I would happily be by your side, my prince." Virgo took a grasp on his hand.

Ben smiled. "Thank yo-Mmhh!?" Ben didn't have time to react or say any further. As his lips were shut by Virgo. The Omnitrix wielder was shocked at first, although he slowly accepted the kiss.

The kiss lasted for a few minutes, before both couples finally disconnected. "Was that necessary?" Ben commented with a goofy smile on his face. Virgo giggled. "Just giving my prince a gift for his kind words." Virgo remarked, which made the hero's face become red.

'Wow, she is so pretty and cute.' The hero felt a bit of excitement returning to his lower region. Unknowingly, Virgo fingers grazed his thighs.

"My prince?" Virgo stared at Ben's eyes with a mix of innocence, passion and a hint of lust. "Can I start pleasing you?" She became forward with her words and moved closer to the hero.

Ben gulped. The hero wanted to decline Virgo request, but after his incidents with both Marguerite and Robin. He might feel a little different than before in his life. Ben felt a sensation that he grave something from the young woman in front of him. Ben tries to resist and try not to follow his lustful desire. "Virgo, aren't we doing this too fast…shouldn't we go like a date first." He advised as Virgo as on his lap and hug around his neck. The maid and hero forehead touch and their lips inches away from each other.

"A date…aren't my prince generous." She commented as she held Ben closely. "Where do you have in mind?" The hero gulped again, but he also felt excited to further know more about his maid.

"Well, what about-"


Both Virgo and Ben woke up from their lustful state, when a sudden feminine voice appeared out of nowhere. Before the hero could question the sudden voice. A light started to appear and shine under the couple. Ben looks down and notices a large circle with strange letters and symbols.

'What's going on!?' The hero became alarmed and aware of the circle. "Oh no." Virgo started with a stoic expression and deadpanned tone, like this was natural to her.

"Oh no? What you mean O-"

Before the hero could say another word, both Ben and his maid then disappear in a glimmer of light. Leaving only an empty bed.

In a puff of smoke Ben crashed on the ground, landed on his butt. While Virgo landed on his lap again, causing the hero to groan in pain. Ben eyes shut as he tries to endure the pain.

"What the hell?"

"Who are those two?"

"Where did they come from?"

Ben heard voices around him. Curious where they were, Ben opened his eyes again and looked around his surroundings. He noticed a couple of men with various dangerous melee swords and most of them covered themselves with cloaks and masks. He also noticed a girl holding a key, a blue cat standing on his feet and a pink-haired young man.

The whole crowd stared at Ben and Virgo in silence, which both were still in an awkward position.

"Um, Virgo. Who's that?" The girl spoke first as she pointed at Ben. Virgo smiled. "Hello princess. This is Ben Tennyson, my prince and my new boyfriend." She stated as she hugged the hero again.

"SAY WHAT!" The whole crowd shouted in shock as the birds flew away in fright.

Back at the mansion, Alex was still giving her tour to Marguerite of the mansion. Unknowing of Ben and Virgo absence. "This room is filled with water, so be careful." She pointed to the door on her left. "That one has a beautiful garden, if you want to see it, go check it out." Alex pointed at the door on the right.

"And if we go straight ahead, we'll go to the library…or did we already pass it?" Alex thought as she scratched her head in confusion. Trying to think if she's going the right direction. As Alex was progressing in thought, Marguerite looked around her surroundings amazed by the size of the building and many rooms. "I can't believe Be lives here, amazing." The blonde commented, before her eyes caught something on her left.

A door was gaped open with a shimmer of blue light peeking through. The amazon looked curious at the blue light; she walked over towards the door. Marguerite reaches and touches the door knop. She opened the door and her eyes widened in shock. "Whoa!?" The blonde looked amazed and started to enter the room.

"Hey, Marguerite, do you know where the library is?" Alex questioned as she turned around and noticed that Marguerite was missing. "Marguerite? Where'd you go?" Alex was confused and concerned about the amazon disappearance.

As Alex walks back to search for the Kuja. She only walked a few miles, before noticed one of the doors opened. "Marguerite? Are you in there?" Alex walks over to the room and pushes the door further. The maid looked inside and her eyes widened in shock! "Oh my gosh!"

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