️A/N: Dawn was not the only key there were others in the Timeless Halls both after and before a key and a Maia discuss some of the other keys. Don't own any of it.

Characters: Dawn and Olorin

"You were not the only key you know "

A dancing green light turned almost mint green in curiousity.

"You knew another Olorin?"

The Maia turned silver with remembrance "I knew another. He was brave and courageous."

"What did he unlock?"

"Inspiration, the courage to go on. I didn't realize he was a key at first mind you. Just that every one seemed inspired to protect and follow him. He was a Hobbit a Baggins, Frodo Baggins. Was stubborn and tenacious like you, Dawn"

" Did he appear out of nothing too?" Even after many millennia the insertion still hurt.

"I don't believe so. But perhaps, he was orphaned from a young age. Never knew or really remembered his mortal parents. I remember his grandfather but not really his mother Primula so perhaps. He went to live with relatives when he was twelve that would be about six in human years? Mm. Bright fellow, aura was blue. Which really should've been a clue that he was a key. Not a swirling mass of different colors like most aura. "

"Did he have a Buffy like I did?"

"Oh yes, slightly different relationship but I believe his Buffy was either his cousins Perigrine and Meridoc or his gardener Samwise. He was the older Hobbit in both cases"

"Did he have a Big Bad too?"

"The biggest and smallest at the same time a riddle if you like"

"You and your riddles Olorin. Who was after him?"

"The Enemy's Lieutenant." Even after many milenna words had power and yes they were in the halls of Eru but Olorín was still a warrior Maia and old habits die hard.

"The Enemy had crafted a small ring and poured himself into it both in and out as old Bilbo would say."

"Oh like in Harry Potter! Who's Bilbo?"

"It grieves me you know of such artifacts. Bilbo was Frodo's uncle. Took care of Frodo in his tweens that's early twenties for a while. Frodo was a bit of a quiet child and his cousins were rather noisy"

"Olorin, Harry Potter was a fictional series in my world for children ."

"Children should not be exposed to such—"

"You were saying? About Frodo's big bad"

" Defeated him with love and friendship and hope, much like your family did. Both kinds"

" Both ?"

" Estel as a name and idea. Frodo was very good at unlocking the best in people much like you my dear"

" Thanks Olorin " the light blushed a spring green.

" My pleasure dear. He wrote a book you know he and his uncle Bilbo. 'There and Back Again A Hobbit's Tale'. "

" You're joking. I thought it was written by Tolkien. Buffy said it was a tale about a frog."

Olorin chuckled with amusement " I believe she got it mixed up with Wind in the Willows they both start rather slow."

" Probably she never was much good with names or literature. Except haikus 'poems that sound like a sneeze she called them"

" A most delightful child"

" We're all children to you Olorin."

" And all are delightful even when difficult."