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6 Years ago

Elemental Continent


It's not just a concept that could be easily fantasied about warriors with glory, but an grim reality of pain, that many nations in this world would rarely experience, yet fetishes this belief beyond reasonable means.

But that wasn't the case for the unfortunate experienced nations that were in the Shinobi Lands, where still after all these years, the Fourth Shinobi War was still in its full swing. As now for almost half a decade, this conflict was unresolved and still was producing its fresh victims. Either coming from the famines, bandit attacks, battle zones or just any other curse that has been unleashed by the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

It was to say that not many places around the continent were safe anymore, except for one place:

The Sea Snake

In his own private quarters laid the commissioned officer Uzumaki Naruto, seen laying on his bed, with his uniform on except for the shirt with suspenders he was seen wearing, as his mind focused on what he was reading.

Scrolls, mainly sealing scrolls written in his native language that he hadn't forgotten even after all these years of being away from this place, the one he left over a good decade ago.

The scrolls were some of the more recent new updates on the conflicts that were occurring in the center of the Elemental Nations, in the areas of the Land of Fire, Rain and Rivers, where according to intel, most of the brutal fighting had destroyed large portions of lands.

The intel also details how the Village Hidden in the Leaves, or better known as Konoha, his old home. It had been one of the few safe spots in the whole area, with luck really.

'I see that your old home Konoha still keeps its reputation strong, despite the situation they're still in.' Kurama stated as he himself was reading the intel. 'They're using their regular units to protect food convoys and any other relief, while the ANBU Black Ops are countering every threat that comes near the village.'

Naruto didn't respond as he began to roll down the scroll and wrap it up, as he got back up from his bed and went to his desk.

'You're still holding a grudge?'

He placed the closed scroll back on the desk and then proceeded to then grab a pencil and write down a short version of the intel.


"I'm not going into this, Kurama." Naruto responded to his friend as he wrote down the report. "I'll just give this info to my superiors once they summon me."

'Okay then. Just don't act like an cold asshole.'

"I'm not." Naruto replied back as he finished writing. "It's just that the chance is small that I'll be even close to getting to that place, given its over a thousand miles away from the coast."

'Yeah, but still closer than usual.'


*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

The sound of someone knocking on the door got Naruto to turn his head towards it.

"Come in."

The door opened and walking right in was one of Naruto's men who saluted him on the spot.

"Lieutenant Uzumaki, your presence has been summoned to the war room by Major Whitehall, sir."

Hearing that, Naruto nodded and responded to the soldier. "I'll be on my way in a minute-"

"Its urgent, sir." The young man added. "Something that Captain Bishop has urged every ranking officer to be present on."

With Bishop being the one urging everyone's presence? That would mean something had happened.

"... Alright, I'll be on my way now."

Grabbing his officer's jacket and closed the buttons before he then walked out in his semi-full inform clothing, as he then proceeded to pick up the paper of intel.

"Lead the way."

"Sir." The messenger nodded as he went on, with Naruto following behind him with, closing the door to his room behind him.

Walking up the staircases, the young soldier opened the metal door as he reached the deck with Naruto following behind him, now met with the open blue air.

Then he happened to look out of the open windows:

Haran Harbor was not just a large harbor, but perhaps the largest one in the world, where even the closest eyes could only count a few dozen major battleship being stationed at the docks as smaller boats, mainly repair and patrol units were seen going by, with the occasionally fisher boat seen among them.

The docks themselves were modernized, with that even to be rivaled to the most advanced ports of Water Seven or even the many fortified bases of the Marines, as mechanized equipment like cranes and transports were seen being used on a daily basis.

Diverse in design, building material and nationality, the many ships were from different parts of the world, with the peacekeeping force containing military forces from small and major nations and kingdoms.

The main bulk of the peacekeeping force was located close to the main ports of the Hotsprings Nation, not far away from the capital, as the Bay was largely surrounded by multiple nations its military presence was bordered on.

It wasn't without dispute, with Kumo AKA the Hidden Cloud Village, which was one of the Five Great Shinobi villages, having stated its position to have no major fleet presence near its waters, to which there wasn't any as most ships happened to be docked near the western part of the bay, far away from its borders.

While the harbor was huge, it was also close to the front line of the current conflict that was still going on. With the Shinobi battlefields only a mere hundred miles off from the closest military checkpoint of the World Government-controlled Expeditionary forces.

"Sir. we're here." The soldier opened the door for Naruto to enter.

"Thank you." Naruto off course saluted him. "Close the door behind me."

"Yes sir."

Once Naruto entered, the soldier closes the metal door right behind him and then stood guard.


Inside that room, multiple matches and lighters could be heard being used, but the one Naruto was using made perhaps the biggest sound as he then puts the lighter away as he just ignited the end of his cigarette and took a drag from it.

As he was now in the war room. Where he and a few other commissioned officers of the Alabasta Foreign Legion were now waiting, with some of them being noticeable smokers.


The order got all the ranking officers to stand firm as they saw that Major Whitehall and Captain Bishop had entered the room.

"Open a window already." Bishop ordered while waving his hand. "Too much smoke, even for me, Christ."

One officer did and opened a small window, allowing the smoke to get out as then the Major planted his hands on the table.

"We got the update here from intelligence." Whitehall stated as he brought up some unsealed documents. "Normally we'd be getting this by the week, but because of the situation, it's better to brief you all in."

The officers were giving some funny looks before Whitehall pulled out a map with update graphs and coloring of the Elemental Nations, with big changes having been made.

The looks on the young lads' their faces said it all, with an junior officer standing next to Naruto being the first one to utter out.

"Jesus, looks like the fighting has intensified."


"Another one!"

Three jugs of beers were seen laid on the counter as they were quickly snatched up.

Right while the officers of the AFL were in another debriefing, the rest of the men who were on their weekend break, were busy getting themselves the time of their lives.

Having themselves settled for some fun outside the main base in a small town village that was inside the 'blue zone' of the war. The men of the 9th Battalion Raiders were in several full packed bars and restaurants. It was the usual thing to do after a week-long duty, to try and getting themselves relaxed.

"Another round!"


The more conserved and humbled reaction came from the table in the corner, four people, all of whom were the customers sat but stood out in their clothing, as not members of the AFL or any of the other Expeditionary forces, or even Marines. Their uniforms alone were different from the normally khaki brown or rugged uniforms of the numerous servicemen inside the bar.

They were one of the few 'allowed' parties that had access to the 'Blue Zone' and wore a different set of outfit to each of their own style, yet they all wore the similar headband protector that had a noticeable insignia.

These were Kumo Shinobi, Ninja from the Village Hidden in the Clouds.

And it happened to be they were here for a specific reason - a specific person.

The dark skinned woman with long red hair with the 'impulsive' character, spoke first.

"These are the best of the best from that harbor? Pffft, yeah right."

"Don't be reckless, Karui." The eldest spoke. "We're here for recon, not sabotage."

The one who spoke was an woman in her maturity, as she had been assigned as the head of the 'diplomatic' team to observe and see Haran Harbor from up close.

The woman had long, straight, blonde, hair bound with taut bandages and dark eyes, and stood out as the one with a short-sleeved black and purple blouse and black pants, both of which had a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of white beads wound around her left hand.

"Remember, we're looking for one person." The mature woman with lipstick spoke as she had the instincts of a cat. "So we cannot let ourselves be seen doing anything to arouse any sort of suspicion."


A couple of men were seen walking by the Kumo nin's table and one of them was clearly ogling at the other blonde's features. With the younger one having even taken to time to whistle at her.

The blonde with the big bust and the Stoic stare.

She had blue eyes and straight, blonde hair framing her face cut in an asymmetrical bob style with the front bangs reaching her shoulders. Her name's Samui, and she was anything but bothered by the calls she was used to.

"Perverts." Samui stoically stated while sighing at it. "Uncool."

The last person sitting at the table, the light-blonde, dark skinned young man, with a popsicle in his mouth, then voiced his opinion out.

"Hmm, what if one of the guys in here will approach you and you reject him in his drunken state? And a confrontation will esc-"

"Shut up, Omoi!" Karui told off her comrade with a warning. "Last thing we need is you overthinking it!"

Samui then turned to look around and noticed then that at the table in front of her, a rather less busy table:

Sitting at the table was one man, one of a significant rank, higher than the ones she had seen, were just a few feet away from them.


"I see it." The cat-vibe woman said, instructing her. "Just listen…"

Sitting at the table and only having half a glass of beer, it was Gin who had his eyes fixated on the newspaper he was reading on the table alongside a plate of untouched snacks that he ordered.

The past few months, Gin, a no-bit good criminal who had been jailed for Piracy, had wit luck managed to sign himself in the Alabasta Foreign Legion just before he could be caught by the Marines for his loyalties to Don Krieg, a small but upcoming pirate who's been causing all kinds of ruckus across the East Blue.

Gin was himself not from the East Blue, in a matter of fact, his life didn't start that of a criminal, not even of a pirate.

It was that of a soldier, who's country long ago had fallen into the hands of a notorious pirate, who had become a member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and forced him and many others into Exile after the royal family got dethroned.

That said country, is still under that pirate's control-


The sweatband wearing soldier looked up to see he got approached by two guys from his company, and he recognized them.


"Easy corporal, we're off duty here." The older black-haired man told him as he sat down. "Just call me Hawk."

"Uhm…sure… Hey Vic."

"Gin," Vic, another corporal nodded to him as he and the sarge sat down. "You've been sitting by yourself."

"Yeah, I've been." Gin said waving the newspaper. "Wanted to read the news in peace."

"In peace? In a bar? Ha!" Vic laughed as he took a handful from the snacks Gin had ordered and ate them. "Heard the news?"

"What news?" Gin asked.

"Lieutenant Li got a promotion, he's a Captain now." Hawk said while removing his jacket. "He's already gotten his next stripes."

"He did?"

"Yeah, just when he's going down the Tea Peninsula." Vic added as he took a cig out. "Out on a anti-bandit operations there, with the local garrison."

"Oh yeah, those 'garrisons.' they're as trustworthy as I can throw them."

The Local Defense Garrisons were often groups of poorly organized and underequipped troops that were organized by the Nobles, often seen as 'allies' by the higher ups, the people on the ground knew they would barely put up a fight.

The Kumo nin, made sure to not attract much attention and made sure to look occupied by enjoying themselves, all while eavesdropping crucial information.

"They're talking about recent promotions," Samui, having a good ear while drinking. "Some recently turned captains,"

Karui sighed and rolled her eyes while then stating.

"Just the same old bull-"

"-What about Lieutenant Uzumaki."

The words in her mouth died and stood silent, so did the muscles of the Cloud Shinobi.

"What about him?" Vic asked. "Naruto's not getting an promotion anytime soon."

"I know, but that's why I'm asking." Gin brought up. "Some promotions are going around and we've only been here for like two months."

"I don't know, maybe the Lieutenant has rejected one." Hawkins responded. "You got to ask him about it."

"Speaking about the Lieutenant, where is he?"


"You're all dismissed."

The room soon was to be seen going empty with all the officers seen leaving the premise, having been gone through the debriefing for almost an hour.

Except for Naruto who stood there and was busy watching the drawn out map of the whole continent:

On the Eastern Region of the continent, the situation was clearly drawn out by detail: The blue colored lines indicated the territory that was controlled by both the Marine and Expeditionary peacekeeping forces that went alongside the entire coastlines of several countries and the lands that contained the railroads, with even a few main roads and towns. All the way from the Shimo to the Land of Tea.

With the red lined colored territories being active combatant zones, and those red zones had grown bigger, as some of them had covered entire countrysides and major cities that were swallowed up, double the size of what the peacekeeping forces managed to contain.

These zones were controlled by numerous factions that ranged from bandits, local warlords, rogue military units, local militias, ethnic militias, even the port towns that were controlled by some pirate crews.

For most of the time, no major clashes occurred, as the violence only had grown in the Western Region (like Konoha and Iwa) while the last few months, with the fighting in the south-west Suna having also ended in a stalemate with the civil war there.

'And Lieutenant, how does it feel like seeing your old village still standing on its own feet?'

'Nothing much if I'm going to be honest….Just a few months and then we're done.'

'You're smart kid, you know they're going to try to stretch your presence here by any possibility.'

It was true, even Naruto knew it. That the Reverie and essentially those who decided on the top, that there would most likely be an long extension of their service in the Blue Zone, especially after those who landed got to face the reality of what the war was on the ground:

Mainly by the large flow of refugees that had entered the Blue Zone, with the hundreds of thousands of civilians who had come from distances short or long to get to the safe haven that was controlled by the foreign forces that were there.

It almost turned into a semi-humanitarian mission for Naruto's men, if not a full mission to keep the peace and set up safe zones and corridors for refugees who were to be evacuated out of the combat zones, and to feed the exhausted and hungry civilians who had lost everything due to the violence.

While unknown thousands had died during the journey to Haran Bay, more perhaps had died to the other Marine/Reverie forces occupied zones, numbers that weren't verified to this day.

And the young Uzumaki knew for a fact this from experience, having seen the scale of the unveiled refugee crisis with his own eyes.

"Lieutenant Uzumaki."

Naruto's head shot up at the mention of his name, seeing it was coming from Major Whitehall, standing at the door with Bishop.

"Yes Major." Naruto stood in attention. "What is it?"

"At ease, kid." Bishop told him to stand down and asked. "Mind coming with us? We'd like to introduce you to some newcomers."

"Newcomers sir?" Naruto asked up.

"Some old friend's students."


Off the coast

The blue sea was accompanying the sky that itself was becoming clearer with the white clouds hovering alongside the sun. With seagulls seen wavering their wings to fly over the ocean.

With the sky being left clear, it was the waters that were being sailed over by a few ships that were nearing their destination, after a long trip from across the seas. After having entered the bay, they now were just a few miles offshore from the harbor.

With the leading ship being that from the Navy, as its standard Warship-class that has enough canons to be a part of an Buster Call, if one was ever to be called in the future.

On it were several members of the recently called in ranked Marines whose tickets were called in to serve in this forsaken place that was on the corner of the world.

But there were those Marines who weren't bothered by it, like the one seen leaning against railings of the ship:

This young woman was like any other Marine, wearing the white uniform with a blue tie and had her standard choice of weapons strapped on her like two short dagger knives, with two old pistols too.

But she was different for not only her calm and almost Stoic stance, but also she had dark blue hair that could fit perfectly in the dark nights, alongside her rare eyes that were reddish-brown eyes, yet could be confused with that of a rare beautiful gem.

Her name was Ain, and she unlike many others, had volunteered to come to the Elemental Continent. As she had her own reasons to do so…but one of them was curiosity.

Curious, as these lands were mostly untouched by the World Government, nor even stepped on for most part by the Marines, as even some of the most famous Vice Admirals, let alone the Admirals haven't even set foot on it.

But now, she would be there…


The calm young woman could hear the clicking sound of boots coming towards her, as the person then happened to lean towards the same rails as hers, wearing the same uniform and all, another woman.

But she was different, blonde long hair tied in a knot, tinted sunglasses and the white cap on, and her more strict demeanor and upstanding stance, she and Ain were a pair of woman that got along good.


"Domino." The bluenette responded without turning her sight away from the ocean view. "How are you?"

"Doing good." Domino asked her fellow female colleague. "We're almost there, Haran Harbor."

"Where the main force peacekeepers are stationed at."

The short-lived conversation ended there for the two, as not much of talk would occur much between the two as then another Marine happened then to walk up.


The two small sounds made the two women turn around to see it was the sound of a lighter turned on, burning something on.

And it wasn't just something, it were two cigars that were in the mouth of a light blue-green haired man with the grumpiest expression a Marine officer could ever make, with his Jitte strapped to his back, this was the Lieutenant and second-command of this Warship.

This was Smoker, an native of Loguetown, the town where the King of the pirates was both born and executed. A witness to the beginning of the Pirate Era.

"Lieutenant Smoker," both females saluted him.

"Ease down, you two." Smoker told them with his cigars-full mouth. "We're about to enter the harbor, so I need you two to get the rest of these morons on standby for proper docking."

"On it."

Smoker gave the go. "Wake the rest up, their asses out."

They both nodded and ran off to fulfill their orders, just when the highest ranking Marine officer on the ship was seen approaching the lieutenant.

And 'highest' could mean more to him. This man stood 9'9 feet tall as a Christmas tree and was a muscular guy with curly Afro hair, was tanned skin and long build. He also wore one noticeable coat that read the letters only a small group of Marines could wear, a title that meant business, Admiral.

This man was Aokiji, one of the Three Admirals, and he was on a mission to Haran Harbor with an escort - yet he barely had his sleeping mask off his head as he walked up to his subordinate.

"Everything good, Smoker?" Aokiji spoke to his subordinate officer with his name. "You seem tense."

The two Marines knew each other, given away that the Admiral addressed him by his name, it meant they must be on good terms, but to what extent was yet to be known.

"Just keeping the men from easing down, sir." Smoker argued as he looked around the islands and coast surrounding them. "After all, we're in a war zone."

Kuzan, that being his official name, could understand the cautious instinct that Smoker had, he liked that the Lieutenant was not like most to the belief of the 'Absolute Justice' code that many of his colleagues took upon.

They both were level-headed, hard but fair Marines who would not dare to take unnecessary risks that could have put innocent lives at danger and even questioning the moral compass of the Navy at the moment, even hating the fact the inner core of the government was what the cigar smoking lieutenant hated.

He was no blind follower, he was a worthy marine with a good heart, even when he barely looked like he could have it.

"And before you mention it, Admiral. Those 'negotiations' that are taking place in that Mist village, I don't trust a damn word of them bastards, especially those guys."

"Yeah, you're not the only one." Aokiju agreed, grimacing a bit when that name's mentioned. "I'll say, those guys are on a way different level of dangerous than Dragon and his Revolutionary Army….the Akatsuki."

The Akatsuki, that was the name of one of the main factions in the current war that was in the Elemental Nations. And what was worst, they were the biggest one in power at the moment, spread across the entire continent with manpower to be estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

Their history however was simple of a subgroup that emerged during the Third Shinobi War that occurred in Ame, and grew in numbers and victories by its leaders before they were stomped down for a short period of time. Putting them into a long hiatus before they made their return in the prelude of the Fourth War.

And when that Fourth War exploded, so did their numbers. As they expanded their influence across the war-ravaged nations but also countryside of other nations.

Misplaced villagers, angry peasants, demoralized soldiers and all the others of people joined up with the red cloud organization in their anger for the established Shinobi Villages and their wars, often outnumbering the Shinobi with ten to one in numbers, and land. They grew up in such a force that they actually were invited by the Gorosei into the negotiation table to try and contain the violence, a decision that pretty much pissed off anybody who previously fought against them.

Nobles who lost their land, Shinobi who fought against them, even Marines who've come across these 'fighters' and seen their actions against local populations who weren't submitted to their leader who called himself a god.

"A leader of a renegade bunch who calls himself a god on the negotiation table?" Smoker began with much visible skepticism. "Call me reckless but I believe the Gorosei have gone nuts believing we need to negotiate a peace with them."

"I know."

"I mean, the stories that are coming from the reports that reached Loguetown, even the refugees that settled there. Are disturbing enough for me to know what these guys are capable of." Smoker mentioned what he read before being deployed. "And the rumors…."

"Still unconfirmed," Aokiji said, feeling like he heard this before. "We still don't know if they are true."

"But even so, they are becoming more relevant." Smoker wasn't done. "If its true they got their hands on that kind of weaponry, it means they'll might be holding a better hand than most of these Shinobi settlements….they might even turn the guns on us. Either them or someone else."

Hearing that got even Aokiji to look funny at the guy and question.

"You really think someone would attack us? The Marines? The World Government if given the chance?"

A moment it took for Smoker to then turn his head to the Admiral as he then answered.

"If this place makes Dragon look like the normal person, I'd say we cannot underestimate this region's insanity."


Then all the Marines came out of any directions on the orders of their NCO's as the ship was close to reaching the ship was reaching the harbor soon alongside the rest of the small fleet.

"Let's get ready to meet the old man." Aokiji said as he yawned. "Heard he was here. Remember Bishop?"

Smoker sighs, for a moment before he then responded.

"Hard to forget a man like him."

Only a few miles away from the those Navy ships would've noticed that they were being trailed by something that was underwater

And a periscope was eying on them, right before it went back into the ocean.

Sea Snake

Seen walking down the boarding plank, the three officers were seen walking out of the ship and step on the dock.

"An Admiral is coming, now?" Naruto asked stepping as the last off the boarding plank as he had put his hat on. "Like right now?"

"Yep, it's Kuzan, better known as Aokiji. Was his mentor and took him under my wing." Bishop spoke as they both followed Whitehall. "Thing is, he was one of my best students I had, but also one of the lazy ones, but he got brains."

"Reminds me of someone I used to know." Naruto's remanences as he chuckled. "Back when I was hitting the school banks, I knew a guy who was smarter than any teacher I knew, but was the laziest guy I ever know."

"Oh yeah, you told me once about him. His name's Shikamaru, right?" Bishop guessed it right on the nose. "From your old village, pineapple head, back in Konoha?"

"Yes, that's him…" Naruto said as he kept on following. "He's an Nara, of course. So it wouldn't be much of a surprise."

"The fact you admitted that you're from this continent and even from that village, gives me much more leverage than I needed." Whitehall said reading a document.

"Leverage of what?"

"Leverage of that bet that's on your head, kid." Major Whitehall reminded of the guess bet. "Last I heard it's gone up to 900."

"The pot went up that high?" Naruto asked and then joked. "And it hasn't even reached a mill yet? Pffft, I'm kinda disappointed."

"Says you?" Bishop smirked at the young one. "I'll take you to the nearest casino, and with your luck you'll be bagging twice that cash before getting kicked out."

"Only two?"

The three laughed for a bit as they continued to walk up the harbor as then multiple ships were seen at anchor, with the view of it, there were a lot of magnificent ships that caught their eyes.

Some of which were country build military ships that were explicitly different from the Navy, who's ships would look outdated to the ones that were stationed here, both in material and weaponry.

"Look there."

One of those ships happened to then pass by from a recent training exercise. As its steel sailed through the harbor waters with its guns pointed upwards and announcing its arrival.

The first thing that stood out was the lack of wood that surrounded the hull. Instead, it was built out of metal and iron. On the deck were four huge triple turret guns. These 12-inch guns could easily rip through most wooden navies with ease. Or even a whole camp of pirates without a warning. With its 52-caliber guns mounted in four triple turrets distributed the length of the ship, it would be fair to say they were equipped for such a job. It also being mounted with twenty secondary 130 millimeter cannons and some 38-caliber 2.5-inch guns for close combat firing.

That was the Koslova, a dreadnought steel battleship from the Grand Line island known as the Vodka Kingdom. One of the main contributors of manpower and ships that was sent to the Elemental Nations, with over a dozen ships being sent from a kingdom that had climbed up the ladder of being one of the poorest nations, to one of the powerful ones through relentless warfare and military spending.

For the kingdom that produced soldiers but also notorious criminals, like for example Kaido, it lived through its reputation as one of the strongest military powers in the Grand Line.

"Looks like the Koslova is back."

"And there is the Scarlett right behind."

Not far away behind, came another battleship, which happened to be the main top dog in Haran Bay.

She was bigger than any ship currently in the harbor as it even made the Navy Warships make insignificant, but was an worthy opponent against its Vodka dreadnought counterpart, with its size and its armor steel, it was one of the most modern built ships at the time.

But it was her armament that made her a outlier. As she was equipped with eight breech-loading 15-inch Mk I gun that were in four twin-gun turrets, in two super firing pairs fore and aft of the superstructure. Its primary canons were magnificent. Its secondary sixteen 45-calibre breech-loading 6-inch 152 mm Mk guns that were fitted also weren't a disappointment, as it also was given additional cannons like It also was equipped with 3-pounder guns that were usually reserved for salutations, and two quick-firing 3-inch guns.

This was the Scarlett Super-Dreadnought battleship, the royal pride of the Kingdom of Dressrosa. Named after the former princess of the kingdom.

"Scarlet's going back to her spot, with the others, I suppose." Whitehall noted as he shook his head. "At least it's here with the government-in-exile forces."

"Got that right." Bishop agreed. "Better here with us then with that lunatic Doflamingo."

Naruto just watched the ship pass by as its sailors were seen preparing for docking. Unable to curb the thoughts that were in his mind.

'Unbelievable that so many sailors and army men rebelled against Doflamingo's take over, it takes balls.'

The Scarlett was the primary ship of the exiled Dressrosa Royal Fleet that currently was stationed here with, with members of the former Royal Army that refused to lay down their weapons.

Even when their former king pleaded for them to stand down, a good portion of the Army decided to fight on Doflamingo's crew, but were taken out and forced to flee away from their home.

Now with many living abroad, it was easy to say many Dressrosans had little to no hope at the moment to return back home. Refusing to take orders from a pirate who destroyed and took over their country, and maybe even having assassinated the princess who's long gone without a trace.

Thousands of them, forced to leave their homes, to the possibility of never returning home.

Moments later

Only a few meters away, Naruto and his superiors were seen waiting. With two jeeps seen parked behind them, M30's to be exact that were filled with enough gas.

Standing on the opposite side of them was a row of Marines seen standing in formation with their hands behind their back as they awaited for the arrivals to come down from the boarding plank that was just placed by the Warship crew.

"Been a long time seeing Kuzan, makes me feel old." Whitehall stated as he got some old memories. "Wonder what he's been up to."


The Marines stood firm as then the first man to seen walking off was none other than Admiral Aokiji himself, as he then was followed by his Lieutenant and two of the other officers.

The 'unknown' fourth welcoming party men, had already made his opinion on the last two.

'Look at those two women-'

'Shut the hell up.'

Replying that in his head, Naruto unintentionally had his face frowned, catching the attention of the three Navy officers who spotted him standing in the back with his hands behind his back.

"Old man Bishop…"


The former mentor and the mentored now looked at one another, with the difference being more than just height, it was then that it was Aokiji who extended his hand out to him.

"It's good to see you still alive." Aokiji said with an genuine smile that was often seen on him. "Been way too long."

Bishop smiled back with a grin. "Agreed. Admiral."

Those words really hit for the cold Admiral as he took it deep, as he knew the old man was proud of him managing to reach it to this level, and he couldn't help but feel like a young recruit happy again.

"I see you doing good, son." Major Whitehall spoke to get the marine's attention. "You better not forget your drill instructor."

"Of course I couldn't. Major." Aokiji replied while shaking his hand next. "I heard you got back into the service."

"Never went out really, just worked for a different branch."

This allowed Bishop to then turn to the next marine, one who he at least to see back once in a while, and could remember him with the cigars.


"...Captain." Smoker responded with the rank insignia on Bishop's shoulder.

"Still smoking twice at once?" Bishop stated the obvious. "You know the reason why you keep buying them packs in days is because of that."

Smoker replied. "Should I mention your alcohol problem?"

"That a way to respond to an superior officer?"


"No sir."

Bishop then smiled back. "Good to see you're still breathing, son."

"Likewise, sir." Smoker replied with a nodded head before then adding. "I take this guy behind you is Uzumaki Naruto?"

Having spotted the uniformed young blonde right there and then. Bishop only found it fair to respond.

"That's him, yes."

Before Smoker could ask anything else, it was then that Major Whitehall spoke.

"As much as I'd like to have our little reunion going, we got some urgent business to attend. So if you please step inside the jeep, we'll go straight back to our headquarters."

"Fine by me." Aokiji agreed with his head tilting the sleeping mask upwards a bit. "The sooner we do this debriefing, the better."

"Lieutenant Uzumaki. I entrust you to show our Navy colleagues around in the meanwhile." Whitehall said as he entered the second jeep with Bishop and Aokiji. "Just make sure to bring them to their quarters at the end of the day."

Naruto saluted. "Will do, sir."

"Good, and also." Bishop started the engine of the jeep. "Don't try anything stupid."

The second jeep soon left, making Naruto alone with the three Naval officers.

"Alright, I see I'll be your tour guide for today." Naruto said as he walked over to the driver's seat and tapped on the hood. "Come with me if you'd like and we can get to know each other as colleagues for the next few months."

"Sure." Smoker replied as he decided to sit on the shotgun seat.

While the two ladies decided to sit in the back, but then heard him warn them;

"Excuse me for the bumpy drive, ladies. But if we wanna start our tour, I won't slow down."

Then he started the engine and drove off in the first jeep, starting the tour.


Up a hill, that overlooked the harbor, it was there where a man was seen, in a dark cloak and by himself, seen holding something in his hands.

And he was seen raising the object, what happened to be a camera, and his sights were set on Haran Harbor.

With a noticeable red cloud tattoo seen on his hand - that of the Akatsuki.


Scarlett - Queen Elizabeth-class battleship

Koslova - Russian battleship Imperator Nikolai I

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