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The Snapper Head.

That was the name of the ship that was currently sailing deeper and deeper into the ocean. Moving thousands of miles further from the surface, far away from the humans and the city of Mariejois that was now just a blaze of destruction. Soon, it would become worldwide news that would mark all perpetrators that were involved, marking them as targets to the world for the rest of their lives.

Currently, Fisher Tiger was on the deck of his ship that was already bubble-coated before his attack so that it could go dive without the pressure of the sea crushing it. He was just staring up at the surface, watching the orange-colored sea where he'd recently set the holy city ablaze.

At the current moment, however, his thoughts weren't on the consequences of the future due to the unspeakable acts he'd committed. Instead, his thoughts were on the safety of the slaves he'd liberated and that were now on the ship.


The salmon Fishman turned his head to see who was calling him by his name and saw who it was.

"Ah, Aladdin, what is it?"

"Nothing, I just came to give my report, that's all," Aladdin said while stopping next to him as the two of them looked to the orange-colored sea, "I've just finished inspecting everyone we liberated."

Tiger asked immediately about it, "Do any of them have any serious injuries?"

"No, nothing serious, luckily," Aladdin answered, "Most have some bruises, that I've covered with bandages, and are just tired. They'll be alright, I gave them all some food and now they're just resting."

Some fish were seen swarming around the coated Snapper Head as they swam across Tiger's view. Once the last fish left his view, he posed the question that needed to be answered.

"What about the boy?" Tiger finally asked, "How's his condition?"

"Ah, well," Aladdin began as he turned around "Follow me."

"He's not going to make it, is he?" Tiger asked, "With the number of bullet holes in his back…"

Fisher Tiger paused as he'd seen the bullet holes in Naruto's back but there were no exit wounds. He expected the boy would be dead by now.

Aladdin, however, knew better, "Well… that's what I want you to see."


As the two arrived, Tiger's expectations were quickly replaced with a shock and surprise due to what he was seeing.

Laying on one of the beds, laid Naruto, sleeping peacefully with bandages covering his upper body.

"He's going to make it?" Tiger asked in astonishment, restraining to keep himself calm.

Aladdin nodded. "Yeah, he'll live."

"But how? I saw the wounds he'd sustained," Tiger argued, "Hell! Those gunshots on his back had no exit wounds!"

"About that, let me show you," Aladdin said as he gently grabbed the sleeping Naruto by his side and began turning him around.

"Wait, what if he wakes up?"

"Don't worry, he's a heavy sleeper, anyway, look at his back," Aladdin said as he pointed to the unbandaged parts where the gunshots were supposed to be.

Instead, there was nothing. No blood, no bullet holes. Just bare skin.

Narrowing his eyes, Fisher Tiger asked, "The wounds… are gone?"

"They've somehow healed already," Aladdin said, being himself puzzled by it, "It's as if he has a strong healing ability."

"This is unexpected," Fisher Tiger said as Naruto was laid back down on his back, "Have you ever seen something like this? In your days working for the Royal Guard?"

"No, I've never seen something like this in my entire life. Not even in the days when I was serving," Aladdin said while shaking his head, as he could not recall anything like this ever before.

"Though, now that I think about it," Aladdin held his chin and recollected, "There is something."

"What is it?"

"Does the Shinobi continent mean anything to you?" Aladdin countered to his rescuer with a question of his own.

"The Shinobi continent…" Tiger muttered, "I've heard a few things."

"The Shinobi Continent is an entirely different world. It's on the other side of the Grand Line, near the end of the New World," Fisher Tiger said, bringing up what he knew about it, "From what I know, it's a treacherous route to journey. Given the World Government hasn't managed to reach it yet, let alone that the number of ships to make it and return can be counted on one hand and have fingers left over? It's like Wano Country, an enormous continent with numerous islands and lands that stretch far and wide."

"An unexplored part of the Grand Line…" Aladdin muttered as it sounded like the Shinobi Continent was at the end of the world.

"Why'd you ask?" Fisher Tiger asked, wanting to know Aladdin's reason for wanting to know.

"Because Naruto's from there," Aladdin said, "And yet, he only talked about the village he's from, more specifically, about how he lived."

"How he lived?" Tiger curiously asked.

"He's an orphan," Aladdin suddenly stated the unfortunate fact, "He raised himself for the most part. No family and he was hated by his village."


For the next few minutes, Aladdin explained everything to Fisher Tiger about what he learned from previous conversations with Naruto about his life which, for Fisher Tiger, was something he would never forget.

Once Aladdin was done, he waited as Fisher Tiger was completely silent with a frown on his face. This made the merman a bit uneasy about how Fisher Tiger was taking this information.

"Uhm, Tiger?"

"And just when I thought human nature couldn't fall any lower," Tiger commented as his eyes darkened.

"Huh?" Aladdin was confused as he watched Fisher Tiger turn around and walk to the door.

As Fisher Tiger opened the door, he stopped and told the doctor one last thing, "Keep an eye on the kid, once we reach Fish-Man Island, we'll figure out what we can do for him next."

"You know he's marked for life, right?"

"With that brand on his back, no doubt about it," Tiger stated as he walked through the door.

"Not that," Aladdin stated, getting Fisher Tiger to stop just before he closed the door, "I'm talking about something else."

"About what?"

Aladdin just stated it, "Tiger, Naruto killed a Celestial Dragon. There won't be a single place where he'll be safe."

That was something the Merman hadn't thought he would ever say these words in his entire life, but he knew they needed to be said, "Once the sun rises, they will hunt down anyone who was a part of recent events, especially the one responsible for the death of the World Noble. They will kill him, completely ignoring the fact that he's just a kid."

It was something that needed to be figured out as, after this night, there was no way in hell the World Government would allow this act of defiance to go unanswered. Not with those slave-owning bastards running it from the background.

"Aladdin, are you sure everyone in that room was dead?" Tiger asked, wanting to confirm something very important, "None were alive when you checked them?"

Aladdin shook his head, "With those wounds and the amount of blood that was lost? No normal human would have survived that, let alone reach a hospital in time."

"And the two human servant slaves?" Tiger asked about them, "Did they see?"

"They had quickly run in fear and said they saw only Naruto attacking the bodyguards, but not the killings," Aladdin telling Fisher Tiger what he had discussed with the girls before they ran off, "As far I can tell, they know less than us, why?"

"It's just something that I needed to know," Tiger said before closing the door behind him and left the medical expert.

"What are you up to, Fisher Tiger?"


Aladdin heard that groan and turned around to see that Naruto was sweating through his bandages and appeared to be in pain.

"Hold on, kid," Aladdin said as he picked up a towel with clean water before rubbing it over Naruto's forehead and skin. Aladdin knew that Naruto wasn't in good shape for a human, with his skin wrinkled, bruised, and being underweight, even with his ability to heal, Naruto could still die from malnutrition.

Yet, Naruto managed to survive through three years of this torture and was fighting. For a kid, that was extraordinary.

"You're strong, Naruto. I wasn't sure you'd make it the first few months," Aladdin said as he smiled, "But you proved me wrong."

As Aladdin spoke, Naruto's breathing began to calm down, as if he could hear what the merman was saying.

"So stay with us for a while, it'll be a breathtaking experience for you when you see home."

Meanwhile, Naruto's Mind

While Naruto's body was unconscious, his mind was another matter. While his body was unconscious in order to heal, his mind was as active as ever.

Inside Naruto's mind, it could be comparable to a sewer as it was wet, cold, and very dark. It had some light, however, for the majority, it was incredibly dark. Now, no child's mind should look like this, however, due to his life growing up, and the torture he experienced for the last three years, it would come as no surprise that Naruto's mind has taken the shape of a sewer.

Currently, Naruto could be seen lying in the "water," unconscious and covered in the scars he gained from the past. All of them were already healed physically, however, were like the brand on his back, burned for the rest of his life mentally on his mind.

Laid in front of the boy's mental body was a large prison gate, that stood taller than a building, it housed the monster that was sealed inside the boy for the past eleven years.

"Naruto Uzumaki…"


Reaching out of the gate bars were the sharp nails of the Nine-Tailed Fox that nearly had touched the body of Naruto, its sight itself was enough to scare any living being.

"You survived again from a situation that nearly cost you your life. Yet still, I had to save your pathetic life by healing you with my power." The Fox said in his rough demonic voice that only a few have heard him speak.

"Yet somehow, you remind me of Hagoromo, and for that, I don't want to see you die just yet. So let me see what you'll end up doing, boy. Because I will be watching you." He didn't bother much to speak or even talk to humans as he had no desire to speak or acknowledge them. All but except one.

"Besides, I want to see what this world has to offer, if what the old man said is true, then I would like to be the first to travel these seas before the others."

Suddenly opening his eyes, Naruto found himself gazing at the ceiling that was made of wooden planks, the moment he saw that his mind began racing multiple questions at the same time.

Where was he?

What happened?

Did he escape?

What happened to Aladdin?

Did he get captured again?

It was then he realized his body was covered in something, and upon looking down, he saw his body was wrapped in bandages and his upper body was exposed except for a few parts. He then noticed that he was in what looked like an infirmary, meaning he was being treated for his wounds. Not like those slaving bastards would do anything to help him, meaning there was only one other explanation for this.

He was Free!

"I'm free." Naruto muttered upon realizing where he was. He touched his neck and felt the collar was gone and looked down to his hands that still had the bruised imprints of the shackles that had bound him for so long.

"Look who's awake." A familiar voice cracked a chuckle. "You heal quickly, I'll give you that much."

"Aladdin!" Naruto shouted before turning to the merman. "You're alive! That means we both made it!" The excitement got the better of Naruto as he grabbed his side and laid back on the bed by Aladdin with an "Ugh"

"Take it easy, kid. You're not out of the woods just yet." Aladdin told as he forced him to lay back down so he could rest. As he did, Naruto felt an intense pain suddenly rush down his back.

"Ugh. My back." Naruto groaned.

"That's because I removed those bullets that were lodged in you," Aladdin explained while checking on his eye pupils. "They didn't go through, so I had to surgically remove them, lucky for you, they didn't hit any internal organs."

"Bullets? Wait, I was shot?" Asked Naruto, his eyes widening slightly.

Aladdin nodded. "Yes, you were. Multiple times by the bodyguards, you don't remember what happened?"

"No," Naruto said, rubbing his head while trying to recall his memories. "The last thing I remembered was me getting tortured by that bastard noble's guy. After that...I saw much blood..." Naruto said what he remembered before asking. "Why, what happened?"

Aladdin didn't show it but he was entirely caught off guard by this, the young boy had killed a Celestial Dragon and his guards, but he couldn't remember a single moment of it.

'He doesn't remember a thing? He doesn't look like he's lying.' Aladdin's mind was thinking this. 'Could it be the trauma has closed off his memory of it?' It was a possible theory, but with the stories Naruto told him about other traumatic events, that theory could be easily disputed.

"Uhm, Aladdin, are you alright?" Naruto asked him confused. "You're zoning out."

"Oh, sorry. Just thinking of something." Aladdin answered him, now wanting to change subjects to avoid talking about it. "Now, Naruto, do you know where we're going?"

Naruto shook his head at the merman. "No, why?"

"Well," Aladdin smiled. "What would you say if I told you we're going to my homeland?"

"You mean, Fish-Man Island?" Naruto asked, having been told about Aladdin's home with many stories about how it was a beautiful place. "You mean I'm going there? To see for myself?"

Aladdin couldn't help but laugh at the boy's excitement. "Of course I will, and besides that, I'll even show you around. How does that sound?"

Naruto couldn't hold back and smile for a short bit. "Yes, I'd love to. It sounds awesome!"

Aladdin informed him of the fact they were already heading there. "We are currently on our way there as we speak."

"How long does it take?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Well, normally we Fishmen can swim down there quickly," Aladdin said, having swam from that distance multiple times. "But because we're in a ship, and because you're with us, it takes a few hours to get there. So I suggest you go to sleep now."

"Eh? But I just woke up." Naruto complained as he didn't want to go back to sleep now. "I didn't even get the chance to eat something."


A cough could be heard from the entrance and the two heard it, having interrupted their conversation, they turned around to see who it was, seeing Fisher Tiger standing there, with a tray of food in his hand.

"I could hear the boy shouting from outside, and I figured he might be hungry once he wakes up." Tiger said, walking inside with the tray of food he placed on the side of Naruto's bed. "Here."

Placing the tray next to Naruto, he saw what the food was. It was some meat with some potatoes and vegetables like cabbage slices and cut tomatoes. It was mostly what was left of what the other freed slaves ate, having left some aside for the young boy once he woke up.

"Eat, it's good for you," Tiger said in a neutral tone to the human boy before turning around. "Once you're done, go to sleep, it'll be a while before we arrive at our homeland."

As the salmon-colored Fishman made his way to the exit, he got stopped.

"You're Fisher Tiger, right?" Naruto asked. "I remember you. At the fireplace. I wanted to say something to you."

Aladdin turned right towards Tiger, who himself was curious about what the human kid was about to say so he responded back with a question of his own.

"What is it you wanted to say?"

"I wanted to say thank you," Naruto said with sincerity as he stayed laid back. "Thank you, for saving me."

Tiger hearing that was not new due to the many thankful gestures he'd been given by many slaves he had freed from all over the city, dozens if not hundreds of slaves thanked him tearfully before running for their lives.

Yet still, this one wasn't much of an emotional or tearful, but indifferent. So he asked the boy about it.

"Why thank me? I only did what I was supposed to do."

"Because, honestly, I wasn't expecting to have a long life," Naruto said, "When those Noble bastards were torturing me, I thought, 'This is it. I'm going to die.'"

Tiger turned around and saw that Naruto wasn't even crying, he just had this look in his eyes. He couldn't believe what he was hearing from a child. Even if he was an orphan, such thoughts coming from a kid were unnerving, to say the least. And yet, when Aladdin told him the sad reality the boy had lived through, he still couldn't believe it.

"Why would you say something like that?" Tiger asked, "Do you really believe that you'd be better off dead? Do you really see yourself with no future?"

Naruto looked up to him and honesty said, "Not really. I didn't have much to live for before and after being a slave, I now have even less."

"Well, I'm not willing to accept that," Tiger said, as he looked Naruto in his eyes, as what he said next would resonate with him for the rest of his life.

"Nobody in this world, no matter who they are, should think that they don't matter. Because that's wrong, everyone's life matters, kid. Be they human or otherwise."

Tiger pointed his finger at him, "That includes YOU. You're worthy of life, and don't let anyone say otherwise, alright?"

Naruto listened to Tiger's words and could feel himself regaining the hope he'd lost.

Tiger could see the light returning to the boy's eyes and knew his words were reaching him, "I mean it," The Fishman affirmed, "So don't think lowly of yourself, okay kid?"

Naruto took a moment to digest what he'd just been told and nodded in response.

"Good, that's good to know," Tiger said before turning to his doctor. "Now Aladdin, look after the boy until he is asleep."

Aladdin nodded. "Sure."

"Good night, kid. See you tomorrow." Tiger said closing the door behind him. Leaving the two former slaves by themselves.

Aladdin turned back to the boy and said. "Go on, you heard him, eat. You can go back to sleep afterwards."

"Did he really mean it?" Naruto asked the merman. "About what he said to me?"

Aladdin smiled. "Tiger's not a person who lies, he's honest. Kinda reminds me of you."

"Of me?" Naruto asked. How?"

"He's also an orphan, grew up like one. Took care of himself at a young age, but everyone looked up to him as a big brother. He's widely respected back home."

Hearing that, Naruto thought of that word. "Respected, like acknowledged?"

"Yes, pretty much. Now eat, so you can sleep." Aladdin said.

Naruto nodded and began to eat, while eating this delicious meal, his mind was having thoughts about what he just heard.

'My life matters…it does.'


Fish-Man Island

Deep down in the blue sea, directly under the main seat of power of the World Government, laid the opposite of Mariejois that was filled with ill minded and corrupted people living under a false painted utopia.

Here, 10 000 meters below sea level, sat Fish-Man Island, a place that almost resembled a mythical place that was surrounded by a sea filled with dangerous predators and deadly obstacles, yet was like the perfect place that shined under Heaven's light.

Located in the middle, there was a giant bubble that was floating, in that giant floating bubble was the island itself, it allowed for the human visitors to breathe in their visit and it was the center of life for its citizens.

One of those citizens was a member of the Neptune Army in uniform, a Whale-Shark Fishman who stood tall and was big, his name was Jimbei.

Coming from the Fish-Man District, he grew up like many who came from that particular area, from an orphanage that turned into a no-go zone where the outcasts of the island live.

Growing out of it with a few of his brothers. like his older brother who he respected, Fisher Tiger, or someone who he considers as a stupid little brother, like Arlong, he chose to become a soldier for Neptune's army, as it was the only way to make it out of that district.

Being in the army of King Neptune wasn't an easy job, that he could say, but it wasn't one without perks. He got good pay, the island gave him respect and even his own men who were from the island who would call him 'Boss Jimbei' as he was one of the strongest men in the army.

He also was glad, having seen Tiger coming back from his journey around the world, he thought life was going to be a normal day on the job, with Queen Otohime most likely preaching her message of her people getting along with the humans. Not like he was going to judge, but he thought it was a hopeless cause.

Why would he need to get along with humans?

"This is bad! This is really, really bad!" Someone was heard shouting while running through town until the person happened to bump right into Jimbei and his patrol unit.

Jimbei turned around and asked then. "What's the problem?"

"Boss Jimbei, I found you!" The frantic fishman said with a horrified look on his face. "It's about Tiger, it seems he attacked the Celestial Dragons!"

Upon hearing that, Jimbei's face stiffened and he froze for a moment to digest what he'd just heard.

"No, that can't be true…"

The frantic fishman wasn't done. "Not only that, one of them was found dead, and they believe Tiger killed him!"


The news spread across the island quicker than anywhere else. It was understandable, for many, it was a moment of pride:

A Fishman from their island attacked and freed the slaves who were there, and to add to it, the story now was that Tiger had taken the life of one of those World Nobles, an act of absolute rebelliousness against those humans who were getting away with enslaving their people.

Of all walks of lives, the whole of Fish-Man Island was encapsulated in the story.

"He actually did it, Tiger fought back."

"Show those humans not to mess around with us!"

"Tiger even killed one of them, nice!"

"That will show them!"

The news has also reached as far as the Fish-Man District, the roughest spot of the kingdom and located on the bottom ocean. In here, they took it a step further, especially the one called Arlong who couldn't stop grinning.

"It looks like Big Brother Ti has finally made his move." Standing up, Arlong got the attention of his crew and proclaimed out the following. "Alright, Arlong Pirates, from here on we work for Fisher Tiger!"

"Let's go, men!" He raised his Kiribachi, getting many support with the decision. they were ecstatic into throwing their allegiance to him. Especially Arlong who couldn't help but feel proud of his big brother.

'You even killed one of those snobby World Nobles, brother, for that I will go through hell for you!'

Next morning

On the outskirts of the bubble island, the Snapper Head had finally arrived at its destination. With the ship's crew on the deck, many of its occupants were overwhelmed by emotions at seeing their homeland, especially the ones who had families who they thought they wouldn't see anymore.

But for some others, like Aladdin and Naruto, they were just watching apart from the rest as they stood on the deck next to the steering. With the young Konoha native given his clothes that were cleaned, covering his bandaged covered body against the cold which was unbearable to the child.

With Tiger only a few feet away from them and seeing at first hand the reaction of the boy.

"Wow…" Naruto said as he saw the massive bubble island with such amazement. Aladdin couldn't help but smile at the child's reaction.

"You like what you see?"

"Like it? It's beautiful!" Naruto cheerfully smiled at the island. He turns to Aladdin and asks him directly. "Is this really where you guys live?"

"In general, most of us reside here or nearby." Aladdin answered as he could not speak for everyone as he did not come from the Fish-Men District. "But yes, we all live around here."

Naruto turned back around to the island once again to stare at it while the ship was getting closer and he was having this urge of curiosity that he couldn't contain anymore and this was noticed by Aladdin.

"Something on your mind, Naruto?"

"... Is it possible to walk around the island?" Naruto asked the question. "... I want to see how it looks."

That was difficult for Aladdin to answer, as he knew the plan was that they could not stay on Fish-Man Island for a long time so as to not draw the attention of the authorities and the World Government on their heels, no doubt in their mind that the Marines would be dispatched to chase after them.

It wasn't that they would be arrested, it was because Tiger did not want the World Government to give the suspicion that the Island was giving the high-profile man a refuge. It would only cause more problems for the whole country than it already has.

"You can see the island for a short time."

"Huh?" Aladdin was confused by what he heard and turned around to Tiger who was still steering the ship, hearing him say that it was unexpected to change plans.


"It will take a few hours for our supplies to be refilled. So making a tour on the island cannot hurt." Tiger stated as he thought it through. "So show him around, Aladdin."

"If you say so, then okay." Aladdin was fine with it and turned to the small human kid. "What do you say, kid? Want to explore the island for a bit?"

"Heck yeah!" Naruto was happy to get that chance.

Having the chance to explore the first place outside from the village he grew up in, was an experience he wanted to have with great memories. The excitement even got the attention of the other freed slaves who couldn't help but smirk at their little friend.

Tiger himself at the moment, had other thoughts on his mind.


Once the Snapper Head had docked, the ones who were still left on the ship were the freed slaves who were working on the ship and Tiger himself who was busy doing something else.


That was the sound of an iron brander being pulled out of a stove filled with hot burning coal, with on it the emblem of his soon-to-be pirate crew that would sail the seas once again, this time for an uncertain long period of time.


Tiger turned to see it wasn't one of the freed slaves who approached him. It was a light pink skinned goldfish fishman who had two big blue fins on the side of his head. Wearing at the moment an orange, open shirt, with circles on it, and white pants, with a light purple sash. He also has a tiny yellow hat on the top of his head. He was carrying a large bag with him and had this familiar smile on his face.


"Who else?" Kaneshiro smirked. "How are you doing? I heard you made a name for yourself yesterday."

"So you heard." Tiger asked.

Kaneshiro responded. "Basically everyone heard, it's in the papers." He handed over an edition of the newspaper to Tiger and it was the front page article. "You've angered a lot of people for what you did."

"Angered a lot of people, huh." Tiger said holding the paper he was reading. With the headline going.

Terrorist Fishman; Fisher Tiger destroys Holy city of Mariejois, murders Lord Donquixote of the Celestial Dragons! A defiant act against peace!

"Terrorist Fishman…" Tiger clutches his hand into the newspaper. "If only they talked about the slaves they were keeping…." Yet they call him the terrorist, the bastards had some nerve.

"You're going to get a lot of heat on you, meaning you'll need help." Kaneshiro stated as began making his offer. "So, I'd like to volunteer myself as the crew's shipwright."

"Are you sure about this?" Tiger asked for his friend's confirmation.

The goldfish fishman complied. "Yes, I am sure about my decision. I want to be in. Can I join before the others will come?"

"Others?" Tiger questioned. "You mean there are more?"

Yeah, Arlong has decided he'll join in with his crew." Kaneshiro told him with a smirk he wasn't able to contain what he said next. "Even Jimbei, he just resigned from Neptune's Army and is on his way here."

This news even caught Tiger off guard, even though Jimbei decided to join in, he expected that Arlong would want to join in for the fun of creating havoc, but Jimbei was a surprise. Seems his acts had got many to rally up behind him.

"So when do we leave?" Kaneshiro asked as he had only a bag with him with his tools. "After everyone's on the ship?"

"No, even if Jimbei and Arlong arrive, I still need to wait for two others who are in town." Tiger informed him. "They'll be back in a few hours."

"Okay, that's understandable." Kaneshiro said as he asked. "Mind if I do a quick check in the lower deck already? I'd like to know the layout."

"Sure, go ahead." Tiger said as he saw the pink goldfish go to the open door that led to the deck below to inspect the ship. Meanwhile, the other freed slaves soon spotted a group of fishmen approaching the ship, most likely Arlong's group arriving.

"Hopefully this all will go well."


Corral Hill

In the busiest port of Fish-Man Island, Aladdin and Naruto were walking through the busy streets. Aladdin had taken notice of this and chuckled at Naruto's reaction that was almost precious to an extent.

"And how's your first impression, Naruto?"

"It's really beautiful here, Aladdin." Naruto said, looking around not knowing how to react properly to his surroundings as he spoke. "I cannot believe such a place really exists here."

Aladdin asked him. "You haven't travelled much, have you?"

Naruto shook his head. "I never even left my village. It's not like I could've gone anywhere else." He said thinking back at his old home and it somehow made him sad. Concerned a bit, the merman asked him what made him sad.

"Why the long face?"

"Aladdin, I wanna ask you a question," Naruto looked up and asked his merman friend. "If I wanted to, do you think I could ever return to my home village?"

The two of them stopped in the middle of the busy street, with people passing by going on their business as the two escaped slaves were just left by themselves.

Aladdin remembered the prospect of that conversation he had with Tiger.


Tiger and Aladdin were standing on deck as the only two men still awake in their voyage to Fish-Man Island.

"We'll arrive at Fish-Man Island in three hours. So when we arrive, we'll have to restock everything for the upcoming journey." Tiger told the merman doctor. "Just the basics are fine, food, medicine, water, tools and weapons."

"I'll get the medical supplies, seeing I will be the ship's doctor." Aladdin said in response to his captain. "I suggest we'll need to find a shipwright, and a cook too."

"That I can agree with. Seeing most of our crew of former slaves don't have those skills." Tiger agreed he needed some skilled members and not blaming his crew. "But let us focus on this first, plus, we'll need to tell the crew that they need to stay on the ship, best to tell them the truth right now that they are still fugitives by the government."

"Yeah, I understand." Aladdin replied as he knew what his captain meant. Most of the freed slaves who were on the ship had families they wanted to go back to, and of course the two could understand it, but they could not stay for too long and had to leave the island within the day, so the World Government wouldn't catch them.

It was heartbreaking to tell their brothers they could not go back to their loved ones yet, but for now, they had to, to survive.

"Tiger, there's something we need to discuss."

Tiger guessed. "It's about Naruto, is it?"

"Yes, about him." Aladdin brought the much-needed topic up. "Is it possible? To bring him back to his home, the Shinobi continent?" Eventually, having asked that question, Tiger was forced to respond, but was less than happy to say it.

"I'm sorry to say this, Aladdin," Tiger answered with a heavy sigh. "but it's unlikely he could ever return back there."

"How so?"

"It's just that it's a dangerous journey that even I don't dare cross the sea…" Tiger said, admitting even he didn't want to go there. "Also, the World Government has a policy of isolating that continent away from the rest of the civilized world, meaning that they have more ships stationed there than anywhere else on the seas."

Aladdin was stunned by this sudden fact. "Is that true?

"There are more ships stationed there than anywhere else in the Grand Line," Tiger added to the conversation. "All of those ships are of course also from other countries that patrol the sea borders between their islands and the islands that belong to the Shinobi Seas. forbidding anyone to cross that border. Of course, some smugglers manage to get through, with some of them holding special cargo."

"Special cargo you say?"

"People, like Naruto, kidnapped and sold into slavery," Tiger cleared up with much disgust in his mouth now he thought of it. "They are rare, even for smugglers who buy their way in and out through the patrol ships."

"So there is no way to reach Naruto's home village?" Aladdin asked with little hope that was left in his voice.

"Even if we could get through that blockade and the dangerous journey, we would land ourselves in a constant warzone," Tiger said to inform him of the environment he'd heard about. "Wars are being fought there on a daily basis, blood feuds, massacres, you name it."

Aladdin narrowed his eyes at this, as a swarm of fish swam past the ship before he asked another question.

"So that's it? we're not going to bring him back?"

"There are still many fishmen and merfolk scattered around the seas who need our help." Tiger said as he had other priorities in his mind. "I cannot risk the lives of these men to sail across the world for just one boy."

"A human boy." That correction sounded more like a statement to what Tiger was saying, as if he was insinuating that he didn't care about the boy.

Tiger did not go into it. "Listen Aladdin, as much as I want to. It's not worth the risk to go there. Not many have sailed those seas, not even our people dare cross those lines. So we will focus on where we can go."

"Then what about Naruto?" Aladdin needed clarification. "We can't just leave him."

"... We'll find a solution for him," Tiger answered to his friend as he turned to him. "I promise you that."

Flashback ends

The merman got out of his thoughts and turned back to Naruto, who was waiting patiently for an answer, having the unfortunate task of telling him the truth.

"Naruto, I-"

"I'm not going back home, am I?" Naruto guessed straight forwards before Aladdin could answer his question.

Sighing, Aladdin confirmed. "I'm sorry, Naruto." Looking for an angry reaction, but instead he got the opposite.

"It's fine, I don't blame you." Naruto said with a heart-warming smile that he projected before speaking further. "Honestly, if I got to be fair, I don't feel like I want to go back home."

Aladdin did not spare a moment to ask why the sudden change. "Why's that?"

Just then a blue ball happened to land in front of them as it disrupted their conversation. The ball came from a group of children who were playing and the one who was the closest was this little mermaid girl who, like Aladdin, was on a bubble to move around.

"Pick up the ball so we can play!"

"I'm going!" The mermaid girl, who had short green hair and a pink mermaid tail said in a happy tone while she floated over to get the ball, only to stop when she saw where it stopped. It was then when the mermaid girl did not move an inch closer as she was afraid to reach further for her ball.

This caught the attention of everyone who stood close by to watch, and they saw what was happening, the mermaid girl and the slighter older human boy were close by the ball and it caused an uneasy situation.

Aladdin saw what was happening and thought of easing the situation by reaching for the ball first to give it back to the little girl.

Instead, the ball got picked up by Naruto, who walked up to the small girl and offered the ball to her while kneeling down to her.

"Here's your ball," Naruto said, offering the ball to her. The girl stood there for a moment, not taking the ball as she just stood there, thinking that he made a mistake and scared her, Naruto was about to step back until she asked.

"Are you a human?" The curiosity had gotten to her. Naruto smiled at her question and answered.

"Yes, I am. Why do you ask?" Then when he asked, she happened to point right at the whisker marks on his cheek, a total surprising act that the girl made before she then asked.

She asked so innocently. "Are those real?"

"Well yes, they are," Naruto didn't mind at all and offered her a chance. "Don't be afraid, you can touch them if you want to." That brought a bright smile to the little green-haired mermaid's face.

"Can I really?"

Naruto nodded to her. "Of course."

The little girl began poking the cheeks of Naruto and began stroking them slowly, much to Naruto's amusement as he didn't mind the young girl doing it. It was perhaps that it's the first time nobody was pulling her away from him for being something in his village.

"Do all humans have whiskers like you, mister?"

Naruto chuckled at her question and responded. "No, it's just me, but please don't call me mister, I'm not much for formalities."

Aladdin had to cover his mouth for the laughter as he didn't need to guess where that came from.

"If you don't mind me asking, what's your name, little girl?" Naruto asked her, wanting to know a bit about her. "Can I ask that?"

"My name's Camie!" The little girl proudly proclaimed her name to the human in front of her as she asked. "May I know what your name is?"

"Mine's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto happily replied to her as they shared a short laugh after introducing to each other while they were getting more attention drawn to themselves, but more of curious attention rather than glares that Naruto was used to, where even some of the other children of Camie's playgroup were drawn to their friend with two of her friends, fellow mermaids, who floated towards them.

"Camie, who is he?" Another mermaid girl asked, she was the same age group as Camie, had white skin and short brown hair and had a pink tail with purple markings. "Is it a human?"

"Seira, he's my new friend, Naruto-chin!" Camie said to her friends. "Yes, he is a human and he's really friendly!"

"Why does he have whiskers? Do all humans have those on their faces?"

"No, no, that's not it. I just happened to be born with them." Naruto chuckled at their curiosity and asked them kindly. "Anyway, may I know what your names are?"

"My name's Seira!" The brunette happily proclaimed as she introduced herself first. "I am four years old and I am a blue striped angelfish mermaid."

"Oh, so there are different types of mermaids?" Naruto asked, being rummy about it.

"Yes, like myself," Camie said with a smile she extended. "I am a kissing gourami mermaid, you can see the difference from our tails, look!" Camie and Seira began waving their tails, showing the distinction between their tails by color, pattern and fins.

"Ah, I see." Naruto then turned to the last girl who happened to be very silent and asked. "And what about you, what's your name?"

"M-My name is Ishilly…" The mermaid named Ishilly introduced herself nervously, she was a pale skinned girl with noticeable freckles on her face, and she also had beautiful black wavy hair for her age as she already had pigtails of hair, but her most broad thing about her, was her black and white striped tail. "And, I am a striped beakfish mermaid."

The shyness of this mermaid somehow got to Naruto, by remembering someone who also was like her who he knew of at one point in his life back in his old village.

"Ishilly, that's a pretty name." Naruto complimented her and followed up with a question. "But what are you so nervous about?"

"B-Because I'm afraid you're going to kidnap me." Those words came out of the little Ishilly as these were that of just a child.

With a reply like that, most of the merfolk who were watching this from the sidelines were fearful for what the little girl said to the older human child and what the reaction would be.

"Why would you think that?"

"Because you're a human."

"Ishilly!" Camie protested. "How can you say that!"

Waiting for a reaction, what they expected would be that if you have been accused of something like that, an outraged response. Naruto instead just chuckled before it turned into a small shorted laughter that quickly confused the three mermaid girls.

Naruto then stopped his laughter to tell the striped-tailed mermaid "You know what, being called a human is the best someone said to me."

"Really?" Ishilly asked, surprised while looking up. "Why do you say that?"

"Because back home, they would call me all kinds of names, they never liked me." Naruto said, explaining, with some truth to it. "They would even call me demon because I was different."

Seira asked right away. "Because of the whiskers on your face?"

"Partly, yes." Naruto answered the girl's question by nodding before turning back to Ishilly. "I promise you, I won't do anything to you. Now go back and play, here." He said offering the ball back to them with Ishilly. Who took a moment before nodding back to the first human she had met.

"Thank you, Naruto!" She smiled at him before turning back to her friends. "Let's go back!"

"Yay!" The three mermaids cheered as they were about to go back to the others.

Just then Ishilly turned right back and asked Naruto. "Aren't you going to join us?"

"I'd like to, but I won't be staying for long," Naruto explained. "I'll be going soon."

"Oh…" Ishilly sounded sad before looking down, then Naruto happened to pat her head with his hand and gave her an assuring smile she would not forget.

"Don't keep a sad face, please. Believe me, I'll come back. Now try to have fun with your friends, okay?"

Ishilly's smile came back and nodded to the human and said. "Okay!"

"Ishilly, come on!"

Seeing her friends were calling her, the girl looked back and forth before going back to her friends who were on their way to the playgrounds and she waved him off goodbye as she got further away, leaving Naruto to wave her off.

Aladdin walked up and put a hand on his shoulder. "That's nice of you, kid."

"It is nice." Naruto said, turning his head to his merman friend. "What now?"

"We've got everything that we need." Aladdin told him. "Let's head back to the ship."

"Okay, lead the way." Naruto said as the two made their way back to the Snapper Head. Not paying attention to the many stares that were given by the citizens of the island. For one of them was a shark mermaid teenager who was on the job babysitting those girl mermaids and had witnessed everything.

The mermaid teenager happened to be carrying a crystal ball. Having been watching from a distance, she also had a vision she only could put into one sentence.

"Good luck on your journey, Naruto Uzumaki, We'll meet each other very soon."

Snapper Head

In just a few hours being back on the island, Fisher Tiger's ship had already been surrounded by dozens of volunteers who showed up in a matter of hours, including some familiar faces. But it was mostly the former outcasts of the Fish-Man District, who all gathered, joined up the man who they looked up as a brother, to join his cause.

On top of the deck, many were already being initiated with the branding iron Tiger had prepared, on it was the symbol of his crew. Including one former soldier of Neptune's army who just earlier that day had resigned his post of his stable life, to join the cause that would denounce him as a criminal in the eyes of the world.

"Jimbei, fancy seeing you here." Arlong said, spotting his brother among the volunteers. "How does it feel to be lumped in with lousy pirate scum?" That remark being from a few days ago. They both arrived at their big brother's ship as the last ones, being two of the strongest men from the Fish-Man District under Tiger.

"Everybody listen up."

All eyes turned to their captain as Fisher Tiger was standing next to a heap of burning coal with several branding irons prepared in it. Waiting to be used.

"It's us against the world from now on." Tiger stated that fact before grabbing one of the iron's handles and picked it up while he spoke.

"If you're truly ready for the days ahead. Then step up!" Fisher Tiger said raising the branding iron, with the hot insignia of the Sun burning a bright red, scaring some of the recruits at first, but that fear quickly went away as they all started getting branded, not one hesitated at the sight and were fast to accept it with its risky future.

Slaves who were already branded with the hoof of the Celestial Dragons were covered with the sign of the Sun Pirates while the non-slaves branded it on their own choice, some on the chest, some on their backs, with even one Octopus who dared to have that mark branded on his forehead.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That hurts!" The octopus fishman was holding his head in pain, his name was Hatchan, a member of Arlong's crew and long time friend and a six-armed swordsman with excellent cooking skills that earned him the role as the crew's chef.

"Hachi, I told you to choose wisely." Arlong groaned as he branded the mark by himself on his left bicep.

"Sorry, Arlong." Hatchan said getting over the pain rather quickly. "Look, the pain is over! No need to worry!"

"Ugh, sometimes I want to beat you over the head, but never mind." Being used to his friend's personality, Arlong turned his sights and saw something that made him smile widely. "Now that's worth a picture."

Jimbei stood there with his chest exposed, with two of the other fishmen pushing the iron against his chest. Marking him as well. Soon, there were none left that didn't bear the mark of the sun.

"Shahahahaha! Look at it now, now we've all branded ourselves." Arlong said as he was eccentric before turning to his brother-figure. "Brother Ti, shall we go now?"

"Wait, Arlong, not everyone's on board yet." Tiger said as he informed his men. "We're waiting for two more people."

"Who are we waiting for, Tiger?"Jimbei decided to ask his captain.

"Aladdin and Naruto, they're in town getting supplies." Tiger informed them about it. "Aladdin's our ship's doctor and Naruto is the cabin boy, he's too young to fight, so he'll be helping with the ship."

"Aladdin, you say?" Jimbei said as he recognized the name. "So he's alive."

Arlong narrowed his eyes. "How so, Jimbei?"

"He was a member of Neptune's Army who went missing five years ago," Jimbei told them of the information he knew. "He was presumed dead after he didn't return from a scouting mission."

Fisher Tiger nodded. "That's him alright, he told me about it."

"Then you got yourself a good choice, brother, Aladdin was one of the Army's best doctors. A worthy ally on our side, let alone a good warrior who can handle a fight." Knowing from experience, Jimbei was convinced to be a doctor. "But who's this cabin boy, Naruto?"

"He was a fellow slave of Aladdin who shared the same master, who has abused the both of them very badly. Very badly..." Tiger said, reminding himself of the details and narrowing his eyes down towards the wooden floor.

Not unnoticed by the others who saw him think like this usually, Arlong and Jimbei knew he would only make that expression when he thought of something serious.

"What do you mean?" Kaneshiro asked, wanting to know what his brother was thinking.

"It was the same slave master who got killed yesterday." Tiger said to the crew. "He was a sick bastard who had kicks for torturing apparently, especially on the boy. The last thing he was doing to the boy was electrocuting him with a shocking stick with his bodyguards."

This type of acts that they heard were being performed only got the angry feelings the fishmen had inside them, out of their hearts. With some of those who were slaves, having nothing but bad memories of what those slaving bastards would do to them.

"Was it the same slaver you killed, right, brother?" Arlong asked with a glee as he wanted to know it for himself. "Aladdin's owner, it was him right? The one who you killed."

"Former owner, Arlong, former."

That new voice that joined into the conversation happened to be Aladdin who just walked up on deck and got all the attention to him as he was seen carrying the supplies he had bought in town.

With a smirk, he saw the many faces and commented. "I see many have come up to join, huh?" He spotted someone that even earned a chuckle. "I'm glad to see you've joined up, Jimbei."

Jimbei was glad to see his old colleague. "Good to see you're alive, Aladdin." The two former soldiers exchanged laughter before someone brought up something.

"Okay, that's one." Kaneshiro said as he wondered. "But where's this Naruto kid, are you sure he came along, or did he get cold feet?"

"He's just below deck, loading the tools for the shipwright in the boxes." Aladdin told him. Even going on the defense. "Naruto isn't someone who gets cold feet. He's a loudmouth sometimes, but he doesn't budge down for nobody."

"Oh, why?"

"Nothing much except he spat against the Celestial Dragon's feet on his first day." Aladdin said like it was no big thing, but that got some eyes to widen up at the guts of doing something like that. "The Celestial Dragons of course gave him a painful time, I'm honestly surprised he lasted long these last three years, I honestly did not expect him to last long."

Hatchan then asked about that part. "How so?"

"Because Naruto is an-"

"Aladdin, I'm done with my part." The door of the cabin behind them opened and they saw someone walking out.

When he walked right out in the open of a crowd of dozens of Fishman, Naruto got a lot of attention put on him with many having shocked and surprised faces.

Jimbei was the first to react. "Its, its an-"

"What is a human doing on this ship?!" Arlong shouted in anger. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"No, that's Naruto," Tiger said, introducing the new crew members to the only human. "Everybody, this is Naruto Uzumaki, he's going to be the cabin boy of this ship from now on."

Jimbei was the one who then was the skeptic asking the big question. "Brother, is it really a good idea to allow a child to be a member of the crew?"

This was probably the very question that was on perhaps all of the other non-ex-slave crew members' minds, but it wasn't shared by the likes of Arlong and a few of his loyal followers.

But Tiger wasn't stupid enough to not read the room as he pointed. "Naruto's got nowhere to go, also if Aladdin says he's reliable, then I trust him."

"But he's just a child," Jimbei clearly protested differently. He held no hatred for the kid, but didn't think it would be helpful either. "He'll just be a hindrance to us."

"That's why I want him to work below deck, Kaneshiro will be working with him, and he'll be working just hard as the rest of the crew," Tiger responded clearly.

Kaneshiro did not protest but was clearly not wanting to spend any time working closely with humans, but he did not want to anger Tiger, so he just accepted it.

"Now, it's their turn."

Fisher Tiger pulls out the last two burning branding irons. Preparing to mark the last two members with the mark they would be sailing with.

"Aladdin, you first."


The seething sound and the small steam of burning flesh was the result of Aladdin grinding his teeth for a good moment as he now carried the mark of the Sun Pirates on his chest. Being given by Tiger himself, he now was given a seat to sit down so he could rest from the pain.

Now the last one who was left without the mark had all the eyes turned to him, Naruto, who stood the smallest out of all of them, now was the eye of attention of all the others who were watching what he would do.

Tiger raised up the last iron and said. "You're next."

Naruto stood there, clearly nervous at the sight, and almost stumbled back, until he heard laughter.

"Shahahahaha!" Arlong was the one laughing. "I knew it, the pathetic human is scared, I knew he was a waste of time."

Aladdin was getting annoyed with the man and said. "That's enough, Arlong. There's no need for that talk."

"What is that?" Arlong turned to the medic and smirked. "Don't tell me you are standing up for that human brat, are you? Or have you forgotten who you are?" This sudden confrontation didn't soot well with the ship's doctor who stood back up to the pirate's level.

"What do you mean by that, Arlong?" Aladdin narrowed to him.

"Simple, he's just a human, an inferior creature. So cowardice is part of their nature." Arlong said it with the straightest face he could make. "And you're part of the Fishman race, a far more superior race than these low scum, yet you associate yourself with them." Such brazen words only were said to openly provoke a reply from the doctor that in no doubt would be in anger.

Aladdin did not let this go by. "You've either got a lot of nerve to say such a thing or brains smaller than that of a worm, Arlong, and I think I'll go say it's the worms."

"As if those insults would bother me," Arlong stood his ground against the merman. "You are the one who brought this human, if for no other reason than because you know him."

"I've spent three whole years as a slave with him under the same bastards who tortured us!" Aladdin shouted back as he was going to tolerate this much anymore. "If you even spend some time hearing this kid out, you'd find more common ground with him."

In the midst of this heated discussion, all eyes were focused on them as everybody wasn't able to see Naruto slowly walking over to Tiger who still had the iron in his hand.

"Never, and I say, never, will that kid have anything in common with me." Arlong strongly disagreed as he remarked. "I couldn't care less what happens to him, because he's just a stinking human to me. What has this kid been gone through that makes you sympathetic to it. You should've just let him there with his kind!"




Everybody turned back around to Tiger, wondering why he just shouted and saw him just pressing the iron into the back of Naruto, who to their surprise, did not scream or yell but just groaned in pain while trying to stand firmly on his two feet.

"There's no need for this rambling," Tiger said. "What's done, is done."

The brand was pulled off Naruto's exposed back, showing that the Celestial Dragon's mark had been replaced with that of the Sun Pirates, glowing and steaming as it was branded on his skin.

Naruto then looked up, glaring right back at the other fishmen as they were stunned at how the small boy was still standing after going through something that painful.

Hatchan was the concerned one and asked. "Hey kid, are you doing okay?"

A smirk grew on Naruto's face. "Why wouldn't I?" He said with a chuckle. "I feel more than better."

"Huh?" Hatchan was confused. "How so?"

"You think I'm just human," Naruto replied to their confusion. "Back home, they wouldn't even call me that, they would call me a demon, so that's at least good."

This was unexpected to hear from the kid to the fishmen, not thinking they'd hear a thank you from getting cussed at by Arlong, they now were really confused.

"Sorry but... I need to rest." Naruto said before passing out, the wounds of his past day had not yet healed as he fell down to the ground unconscious, with Hatchan catching him before he fell down to the ground.

For now, he would heal back up from his old wounds, as tomorrow, those would be healed for a better tomorrow.

A new tomorrow as a pirate.

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