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Level 4





In the upper tiers of Level 4, a gunfight had broken out as guards were forced to leave certain sections of the area after being overrun by the amount of firepower and deadly precision they were dealing with.

The firefight had claimed the lives of many of the guards present, littering the floor and walls with their blood and innards. Only a few had been fortunate enough to avoid the same fate, and not one soul escaped unscathed.

Few of such guards quickly jumped behind one wall for cover where one was already hiding, as their other comrades were downed.

"Damn it! We're cut off from the rest!" The first guard, armed with a rifle, said to his comrades before giving an order. "Fall back! I'll cover you!"

"Like hell you will! You'll die!" The second yelled back at him. "What's happening?! Where are the shots coming from?!"

The gunfire suddenly slowed to a halt, much to the apprehension of the guards. They shared a look before one of them volunteered to look to see the cause of the lull.


The guard watched in horror as his colleague's head whipped back as a bullet tore its way through his skull, spilling blood and brain matter on the floor behind him.

"Where the hell are those shots coming from?!" The guard screamed again as the gunfire resumed again.

"Uzumaki is what's happening, he-"


A bullet ricocheted against the wall next to them, as then the guard peaked towards the upper tier and saw multiple men firing their rifles at their position from up high.

"He released his Damned Raiders!"

From the upper tiers, the Raiders with stolen rifles didn't hesitate to shoot at the jailers, no doubt in hatred for their wrongful imprisonment. They wanted them all dead and wouldn't spare a single bullet in making sure that was exactly what happened.

Unlike the rest of the Impel Down inmates, these men were still wearing the clothes that they came in with. A mixture of different uniforms from khakis to some even blue buttoned-up shirts, wearing helmets and hats they wore in service. They didn't mind the heat, as they had gone through worse things over the years.

"Damn it! Nearly got him!"

"Keep those bastards busy!" One of the Raiders spoke holding a rifle. "We have to give the others enough time!"

"On it! Ready!"

By a simple order, almost a dozen men with firearms, pistols and rifles came out of their hiding spots and aimed downwards to the guards.


A barrage of gunfire was unleashed by the freed Raiders, the bullets hitting either the guards or the area surrounding them, forcing even more of them into cover or outright neutralizing them.

One of them, wearing an open gray-white jacket lined with twin red sea-serpent designs, a green undershirt, gray trousers, a gray headband with blue stripes, the tanned man was the leader of the group as he proceeded to order.

"We got them pinned down for now!" announced the leader, "Remember the Captain's orders, get as many of our guys out and follow his lead!"

Having been in this prison for barely a few months, this former Foreign Legionnaire decided to follow his captain's orders to press the attack.


Down below, in front of the many remaining guards who haven't retreated remained planted in their places, their faces frozen in shock.


The man moaning in pain was a guard being held by Luffy who just knocked him out of consciousness as he was the latest man to have tried in vain to charge at the rubber man and the former Warlord.

"Why don't they just get outta the way? I don't have time for this!" Luffy asked, rather angrily at the unwillingness of the guards to give up. "I got to save my brother!"

"I agree, but be patient, we cannot face them alone." Jimbei stated as he was just as impatient on having to deal with these guards. "We wait for our backup to arrive-"


Announcing their own entrance, Ivankov along with everybody from Level 5.5 stampeded their way to freedom, arriving just on time, eliciting terror from the guards as one of them recognized the bunch and announced it for his colleagues to hear.

"The missing prisoners!?"

"There's too many of them!"

One of them still had his spine, and did his best to inspire morale in his troops. "Get a hold of yourselves! Take those criminals down! They're all criminals! Fight!"

A roar was heard as the wave of Impel Down Guards charged the pirates in turn, their morale boosted-

"More? Damn, just give up already!" Luffy cursed, readying himself. 'Guess we'll just have to kick their asses!"

In the middle of the chaos, it was then that Jimbei saw three items fall right in front of him, and he recognized those items. And right as they landed, the bombs detonated.




"Luffy! Stay back!" Jimbei warned him.

The area in front of them imploded with a cloud of thick smoke as it caught both the escaping prisoners and the guards off guard.

Through the thick smoke, multiple pairs of boots landed on the ground, having landed from above, they stood in a stance to fight.

"Those damn criminals! Using tricks on us!" The guard leading them said, believing this to be a trick he raised his pistol at them. "You all will be regretting this! In the name of-"



The shot punched into the chest of the guard commander, knocking the man backwards with his mouth gasping for air, a bloody hole was seen out of the uniform's chest.

"You talk too much."

The guard landed on his back, motionless as the smoke began to clear out. And standing there in that smoke were a group of men, seen wearing uniforms that got them recognized immediately.

The mere sight of these men caused the guards to back off for a moment.

Luffy however was confused by their reaction and was about to ask someone-

"Been a while, hasn't it, Straw Hat?" asked the Raider with the smoking gun, "Heard you were causing havoc, but am I surprised."

"Hmm?" Luffy's eyes raised up in surprise. "Do I know you?"

The gray-wearing Raider turned his head around, and looked straight at the Straw Hat wearing pirate, and once the two met face to face, it then came hitting like a rock.

"Hey, I remember you!" Luffy smiled as he remembered. "Gin! From the restaurant!"

"You still remember me, good!" Gin greeted, smiling at Luffy, "Heard you wanted to save Fire Fist Ace."

Luffy nodded, as the chaos spilled into their area. The newcomers all wore different clothes from both the prison guards or the prisoners themselves, though there were a number that identified themselves as Ivankov's people.

There was suddenly a standoff between the two main groups. Gin's people, while fairly outnumbered, were holding their own against the Impel Down guards.

But then landing right in between of the two, Naruto was there alongside a prepared Haku, who stood up first alongside his captain as they faced off the guards.

The tension could be felt as Jimbei could see the glares Naruto's men were having for these guards.

"Take down Uzumaki and his Damned Raiders!" The head guard ordered his men. "Charge!"

"Raiders! Attack!"

The two groups charged towards each other with no hesitation and their blades and rifles pointed at their enemies.

Some even brandished rifles with fixed bayonets - just like their previous battles.



Up on level two, the uprising had already been dealt with by Warden Magellan, the floors were littered with bodies of escaped inmates covered in the purple substance that was poison.

If those infected would survive it was out of the question, the question was how long it took to die. If the poison coursing through their bodies didn't kill them, then the gasses it produced was sure to finish the job.

The ones standing by were guards and Marine reinforcements, all wearing gas masks as they were prepared for the Warden's devil fruit powers. It was quite dangerous to stand around for.

Also wearing one was Vice Admiral Gion, who watched in pure amazement at the warden's efficiency as putting down a rebellion, even when she had put some effort into the endeavor.

"What a mess."

"Well, they should've stayed in their cells if they knew any better," Magellan stated as he looked around the area, "Do we have a transponder snail, I need to contact Hannyabal."

"On the way, sir."

"Warden," Gion began. "I still have a question - why have you closed off this section of the level?"

What she meant was the large purple poison wall that covered the entrance, a section of level 2 that they didn't enter.

"That section is a dead end, so there's no need to waste our time putting those prisoners down once it's been turned into a killbox," Magellan answered, "We've got more pressing matters, like the growing amount of inmates causing havoc in Level 4."

"The elevator is ready for usage, sir!" one guard saluted. "We can get there once you have made contact with the Vice Warden."

One guard came rushing with one in his hands and handed it over to the Warden.

Magellan nodded. "What's the word on Level 5?"

"They're still waiting for your orders, sir."

"I'll contact him on our way to the elevator," Magellan stated, leading the way, "Let's go, we have no time to waste."

As the guards and marines were making their way towards the end of the hallway where the elevator was located, they left the dying prisoners. Strangely enough, the cells would normally be searched for survivors after an inmate was causing trouble—yet inside those cells were spectators in the shadows.

The first pair of boots were seen stepping out of those shadows, the only visibility that was given to their faces were the gas masks they had stolen from the guards - and the khaki uniforms they were wearing.

"Let's go, people."

"What do we do?."

"Get a ship, of course." The first guy with the mask and the hat said he wore a blue shirt, "Now arm up."

Coming from behind, that same man was given a rifle with a belt and some ammunition.

"Let's go. Level 1."

Level 4



The sound of a guard's head being slammed in by one of the Raiders' holding a rifle, was one of the many sights to be seen as they were fighting in close quarter combat - one of their professions.


As a guard's pitchfork was clashing against the stolen rifle of a Damned Raider who quickly overpowered him and punched him away.

"Move it!"

Another one of Naruto's men was seen using the butt of a rifle to bash his head in, brutally knocking him out in the process. While a different Raider was seen pulling one weakened guard upwards before throwing him against a row of guards, completely catching them by surprise.



A shovel with sharpened edges sliced right into the shoulder of a guard by a Raider, eliciting screams of pain which horrified everyone nearby.

Jimbei was watching and was surprised to an extent, not for the fact they were fighting this viciously against those guards, but for the fact that they had the energy left for it. Knowing they were put in the most difficult place ever, they seemed unbroken by their incarceration.

Standing next to the flames, the Raiders doled out no small measure of brutality upon the Impel Down guards. Every bit of pain, wound or mental trauma that they felt like they wanted to give was directed upon them in a torrent. The anger, the despair, the feelings of betrayal - all of these emotions that Jimbei could clearly see these men were showing in their actions. The ways of fighting they had shown in their early years.

"Get them!"

Jimbei turned to his right and saw six guards, all of them carrying pitchforks, running straight to where Naruto and his second-in-command Haku were standing.

Haku suggested. "Shall I take care of them?"

"Keep some for me," Naruto said as he held his summoned tantō blade. "Three for you, three for me."

"I can work with that."

"Die!" The first guard shouted with his pitchfork pointed. "You won't get past me!"

The two disappeared in a flash right before the guard could hit them, causing confusion to the attacking guard.

"What the-"


From underneath him, the guard was kicked in his chin by Naruto, nearly getting him to bite his own tongue off as he went out of consciousness.

"Damn you!"


Naruto saw he was surrounded on both sides, forcing him to dodge both pitchforks before he then went on the assault, using his blade and -



He bypassed them and sliced their clothes apart alongside their flesh, taking them out painfully as the third one tried to shoot him from behind with a pistol.

"Now I got-"


A painful moan was heard by Naruto as he turned around and saw the third guard sink to his knees in pain, dropping his weapons as he fell flat down, revealing that Gin had bayoneted him.

Pulling out from the guard, Gin turned to his captain. "Now we're even, sir."


"Nevermind." Gin muttered, reloading his rifle with the bloodied bayonet. "Looks like the Lieutenant finished up."

Just a few feet away from them, the results of the short-lived battle against Haku are already available, by the sight of the three guards seen laying on the ground, unmoving as the former Kiri-nin stood over them.

There were no stab wounds or gunshot wounds or even a drop of blood seen on them, as the only indicator was the nearly razor-thin needles that embedded in their bodies. Same needles that were sticking out of Haku's hands, one of his deadly specialties as a former assassin.


Naruto and Gin turned around to see Luffy holding another guard in his hands, knocked out as Jimbei just took out four others scattered around him.

"Good to see you two still standing." Naruto said as he sheeted his blades away. "You alright, big guy?"

"Like I said, I'm fine." Jimbei urged while sweating hard. "Just need to get out of this place."

Naruto nodded and turned. "Haku, stay and watch over Jimbei."

"Yes, captain." Haku acknowledged approaching the Fishman.

"Sir, they're regrouping!" One of Naruto's Raiders shouted. "Permission to engage!"

"Negative, wait for my command," Naruto ordered, looking around, "Matter of fact, how many do we have here in total?"

"Around thirty here now, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get sixty by now," Gin answered, "We've got around a hundred fifty others on Level 2, but we're all that's left in here."

"So possibly around three hundred of our guys and a few hundred of Iva's," Naruto figured out while fishing something out his pocket, "Against thousands of Magellan's people, heavily armed, equipped and maybe more Marines waiting outside."

"Yes, that's an accurate calculation you made right there." Jimbei agreed. "This means we'll have to fight our way out of here with all the strength we can pull out!"

"I don't care!" Luffy shouted as he spread his arms out, clearly unbothered. "I need to save Ace, so let's go!"


A small burning fire was lighted as it was hovering over the end of a pipe, it ignited the end of the pipe where the mixture was in, as the user of it felt like taking it in this time and place.

Jimbei turned to the source of the sound and saw what it was, slightly unsatisfied by what he saw.

Naruto, having pulled up his pipe, took a drag from it and puffed the smoke out of his mouth as he moved the pipe to the corner of his mouth as he had an ever assuring smirk.

"I like those odds just like your style, Straw Hat." Naruto commented. "Let's get on with it, boys!"

"HEEEHAW! I've finally caught up with you!"

And there it came, Ivankov's people with the bunch just in time, with the rest of his Okama right in the mix and coming with eagerness to join into the fight.

One of the Raiders looked back. "Wait, are those prisoners wearing-"

"Yeah, but let's focus on getting out here first!" His friend told him as he aimed back down the hallway, "Here they come! More guards!"

Without preamble, the guards regrouped in massive numbers and charging as Ivankov's people were ready to enter the battle, including one Bon Clay.

"Straw Hat!"

"Bon?" Luffy recognized the voice, and happily turned around to see his friend alive and well, "Looks like you got your juice flowing now." Even with the ballerina covered in bandages, the man was not at all bothered by it.

"Yeaaaah! I'm better than ever now!" Bon said spinning around like crazy as then he happened to be walked past by Crocodile and to his surprise, Daz Bones whom he recognized on the spot.

"HANG ON! Why are you here, Mr. 1?" Bon asked before he noticed the uniformed men running alongside them. "WAIT! Aren't those the Damned Raiders?"

"Wait, Clay - that you?" Gin asked, spotting him and surprised. "You were here this whole time?"

"Wait, you know them, Bon?" Luffy asked, confused as they ran alongside each other, "And who's this guy?"

"Yeah I know him, and so do you!" Bon pointed at Mr. 1. "Your swordsman buddy defeated him back in Alabasta."

"And the others?" Luffy asked, not ringing any bells on Zoro's fight. "How do you know them?"

"Clay? We know him from back in the service," One of the Raiders replied, "Back then he was simply Sergeant First Class Bentham."

The sudden revelation caused Bon Clay to suddenly have his face frozen.

"You were in the Elemental War?" Daz Bones was surprised by it as he did not expect it from the likes of him. "Now that's a surprise."

"Oh shut it, Mr. 1!" Bon Clay responded back. "It was a different time and I was drafted in-"


The hordes of guards were coming towards them as a wall, engaging while also preventing any movement forwards by the inmates.

"They're trying to stop us!" Naruto said running. "Ivankov!"

"Don't start giving me orders, boy! I'm already on my way!" He answered while sharpening his fingertips that turned into injector nails.


Injecting himself, the head of Ivankov grew massively, to the point of obscene ridiculousness that one Raider pointed out clearly.

"That's one big head."

"HELL WINK!" Ivankov shouted with one big eye wink, as he managed to send off a whole lot of guards flying, nearly clearing a big hole in their path.

With themselves being overwhelmed, the guards who weren't sent off were getting trampled or taken out by anyone that stood in front of them. As Ivankov's Okama were not keen on being easy on their tormentors, slashing or shooting them down without hesitation.

Guards fell left, right, and center, with one however still holding onto his transponder snail that he tried to keep active-


The guard's hand released the snail as it was snatched away by Gin who proceeded to keep it as he watched the few Devil Fruit users going on the offense.

With another hole opened in the guard's line by the sandstorm that was Crocodile, who bypassed them through their bodies, destroying and desiccating them in the process. Any that tried to fight back would find their efforts futile, as both Inazuma and Daz Bones would cut them down before they even could lay a hit.

Even the actions of Bon Clay kicking the guards surrounding them whilst they were holding, or the needles of Haku striking them with Jimbei backing him.

But the most ferocious blows being given were by both Naruto and Luffy who lead the group, alongside the Damned Raiders who followed right behind them as Luffy then happened to smash another wall of guards out of his way.


Navy HQ

In his office, Fleet Admiral Sengoku was dealing with the news that was coming in with update after update, each one worse than the last.

A riot broke out at Impel Down the near execution grounds of one of Whitebeard's commanders, a Warlord going missing, a Marine Warship entering Impel Down's waters without permission, and all while their forces were stretched thin with the immediate war to come with Whitebeard.

"What a mess…" Sengoku muttered while rubbing his eyes with his glasses off.

"Difficult situation in, aren't you?"

The fleet admiral looked up, having made every one of his staff leave him alone for the hour. The only one who wasn't afraid to defy his orders was Garp, sitting on the sofa next to his office desk with his goat lying on it.

"Yes, they are." Sengoku replied, putting his glasses back on. "All of this and Whitebeard hasn't even made his first move."

"Yet you still refuse to debrief the latest reports out of Impel Down…"


The goat was the only thing moving in that room, not at all bothered by the tense atmosphere in the room as it chewed on a leaf of lettuce.

"I don't know how he managed to survive that ambush, or how he even escaped from that island," Sengoku said, his voice calm, "I don't even know how he managed to get into the most secure prison in the world - but one thing I know for sure."

"And that is?" Garp asked, narrowing his eyes.

"The moment word gets out that he is still alive, I'm afraid that the possibility is that he won't be the only one that we might see today," Sengoku cursed, clenching his fists. "We know now for a fact that Fire Fist Ace was a volunteer for a short time with the Alabasta Foreign Legion….and that some among our ranks are dissatisfied about his execution."

"Especially those who were there also…" Garp added, glad he wasn't singled out for being the only Marine against Ace's execution.

Garp was lucky, with an already established reputation as a hero with a long service record. He was also the grandfather of Ace, making his situation understandable at the state of affairs.

However, the same could not be said for those other dissenting voices, who were getting bolder by the day. And these weren't some low-ranking, naive marines fresh from the academy, they were former combatants who fought alongside the expedition forces in the Shinobi Lands—hardened fighters that the World Government were short of. Of course many of these veterans were spread out across the seas and especially on the Grand Line, both to keep the seas safe for the upcoming confrontation, but also because of fear of silent protests.

Yet there were some Sengoku could not miss, and they were stationed here to fight Whitebeard. They were Petty Officers, Captains, Commanders, and even a few Vice Admirals, some of whom were Devil Fruit users.

"You know, there will be some sort of action being taken, a silent protest," Garp added with a sigh.

Sengoku let that news sink in as he proceeded to ask. "What about you?"

Looking up, Garp looked the Fleet Admiral straight in the eye, and just when he wanted to answer, the doors burst open with a marine giving another update.

"Fleet Admiral! News out of Impel Down!" The marine spoke. "We've got confirmation: Blackbeard is there."

Sengoku narrowed. "Why is he there of all places?" He nearly shouted. "We need him here!"

"Because he's attacking the guards, sir! It's reported he came in with a whole crew of dead marines!"


Impel Down

Just when one active riot was thought to be put down, another unpleasant situation had taken place and this time it was not caused by the prisoners of Impel Down.

Blackbeard came in on a hijacked Navy ship with all of its crew dead and managed to dock in the prison, yet the staff waiting outside alongside the number of marines, stood their ground and ordered him to stand down.

In response the lines of guards and marines were wiped out without mercy, with whole crews of ships being eliminated as their bodies laid across the docks and inside the entrance halls.

"Zehahaha! Well that is interesting!"

Walking down the hallway, Blackbeard and his crew entered the facility with ease, cutting down anyone standing in their way.

"What is so interesting, boss?" A bulky man named Jesus Burgess asked, "What have you heard?"

"Haven't you paid attention? The Marines were talking about these 'silent riots' that are happening even now," one white-faced man with wings named Laffitte, who with a top hat spoke. "And wouldn't you believe it, apparently one of them is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Uzumaki? As in the famous captain from the Elemental War?" Burgess asked with an raised eyebrow but smiled. "God damn! What a coincidence, and here I thought he was dead!"

"You won't be the first one to think like that, even Navy HQ believed he was dead," Laffitte spoke with knowledge of it. "They just found out a possible link he might be alive, but the chances that he was here in Impel Down? That they did not expect."

"It'll be an interesting development if we come across this young man. After all he's a renowned warrior and formidable captain." The bespectacled sniper of the group by the name of Van Augur added, "Having survived many battles, I doubt he's a weakling."

"More than a dozen times shot, a handful of times cut with swords. And an uncountable amount of times being ambushed with his men. At this point he should be deader…than me." said Doc Q, a sickly looking man sitting on his equally sick-looking horse.

"That's right! And that is what makes it interesting." Blackbeard shouted in sheer excitement as he kept walking down the hallway with his crew. "We came here to look for the best of the worst, and maybe we can meet this guy."

"Are you sure about that, captain?" Van Augur asked, holding his rifle. "He's a wild card."

"We'll see. Now let's go." Blackbeard said as they kept on walking, ignoring Impel Down guards who were lying left and right.

But once they left the hallway, they did not notice the one other hallway that was dark, and saw three men coming out, with all three still wearing gas masks and checking on those pirates leaving through the other end of the hall.

"Heard that? Captain is alive."

"Figures," The man wearing the blue shirt turned while still kneeling. "Well, change of plans - we move out, secure a ship and stick around for a while until they reach the top - no need to wait here."

"Right!" the other gas-masked man nodded and turned to the third. "What about the control room?"

"Explosives set for one hour," The third man said, checking his stolen watch, "More than enough time."

The blue shirt inmate stood up and turned to the dark hallway, where dozens of men in the same dark light brown khaki military uniforms that they mostly wore. In long lines with most being armed with either pistols, rifles or bazookas, but also strapped on their backs were backpacks and covered up property of them that was confiscated during their arrival.

They were ready.

"Okay, let's move."


Dozens of guards lingered in the air as the path was cleared yet again by the escaping prisoners.

As Luffy was seen advancing forwards with Ivankov's people, Naruto was seen taking a few steps back alongside his own men as more inmates had been freed while on their way, strengthening their numbers.

It was then that Naruto happened to then have enough numbers to cover the much-needed back of the escape group, as the first wave of enemy reinforcements came from the back.

"Looks like small patrol units have arrived," Gin noted, aiming his rifle at the far-end of the bridge while people ran past them, "Orders?"

"Just keep moving and cover the rear," Naruto ordered, watching the crowd pushing for the bridge, "The staircase to level 3 is just across the bridge to the left. Just make sure to get our men out and keep up with Straw Hat."

Jimbei stopped by and nodded. "I'm on it. Now move!"


"The prisoners stole the keys!"

In the middle of the chaos, Ivankov implemented the next phase of their plan.

"Listen up, candy-boys and candy-girls! This is a nice advertisement but we're going to need chaos on every floor in this hellhole. If you want to make it out alive then release every prisoner you can and divide the enemy forces!"

And as told, the closest cells were being unlocked by the Okama members, some even giving a few encouraging words.

"This is your only chance, so join up!" One female Okama said, turning to the cells with a smile, "So come on!"

One of the imprisoned inmates smiled, pumping his fist in the air. "Hell yeah!"


Once she unlocked that door, the inmates inside ran off and joined up on the front, making the Okama feel like she did her part.

"Help! I need help!"

The Okama turned around and was surprised to see that it was the defector, Domino calling for help, as she just opened another cell door that showed to hold prisoners who wore khaki brown uniforms that Uzumaki's men were wearing, to various degrees, but with many of these men looking tired or struggling to come out.

"I need help with these men!" Domino shouted, helping one shirtless man out who was too weak to run, "Anyone?"

"I can help." The Okama woman said, running up to them, "They're your men?"

Domino nodded. "Yes! Please help them, they're good men."

"Sure, give me a moment." The female Okama turned around and yelled. "Hey! Need help moving these people!"

And as asked, a few of the Okama did come and lend their help to some of the weakened members of Naruto's crew, who accepted the help without question, all the while those still able to fight were given rifles or swords to join the fight.

Ivankov saw this and was not surprised how already these two groups were working with each other, even given their vast differences.

"Move it, people!" He said as he pointed out. "We've got work to do!"


As they were on their way down to Level 4, Warden Magellan and Vice Admiral Gion Momousagi, both still waiting patiently for the elevator to reach the level. There was however tension that had built up. As the nervousness was already seen on their troops' faces.

"I cannot believe you released Shiryu!" Gion snapped, "You can get into a lot of trouble with this!"

Magellan responded. "Perhaps, but now I am dealing with a riot on multiple levels, with many of my men unresponsive at the moment - the only line of communication open is with Hannyabal."

"And you trust him to handle this?" Gion asked, "He's about to face off against some very dangerous individuals…"

The Warden, who had experienced many things in his private life, could say one thing about the often oddball promotion-seeker Hannyabal, many about his bad sides that were often innocently dumb, but one thing he knew for sure-

"He can take a hit, so that's good enough for me."

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