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With dozens of ice chunks shattering to the ground, they all went past or went straight through the three Admirals who didn't flinch or bat an eye for the person who was doing this - with Luffy relentlessly punching them in their direction with a roar of anger.

"He's fucking insane."

"Honestly it does not surprise me this kid's got a big price on his head."

Shikamaru turned to Naruto, "I don't know about you, but I see this might be the perfect chance to get passed these guys."

Naruto, still covered in flames, looked around and saw his men were already engaging the Marines who were surrounding them from three sides, with the assault troops alongside the flamethrowers starting to extend their perimeter.

He then turns back to respond, "He's distracting them."



The moment the last ice piece of the mast was kicked at the three Admirals, Luffy made his move and quickly tried to go past the three, with it being Admiral Kizaru spotted him first and was about to stop him.

"Stay here and help Whitebeard - I'll help Straw Hat!" Naruto ordered, "Widen the gap into the Plaza!"

Disappearing from the spot, Kizaru was about to kick his leg into Straw Hat-


A fist grabbed Luffy's shirt and he got thrown aside, just when…


Like blades, Naruto's arm and Kizaru's foot struck one another with intense force, and Naruto intervened just in time.

"Well look at that," Kizaru sounded, "it's the culprit who burned down half of Marineford - I must say that I am finally glad to see your powerful form in action."

"And you're the bastards who nearly burned my men alive." Naruto replied, glaring extensively at the man in front of him with a warning, "If you want to play dirty, I can do that too and I won't hold back!"

The two strong men exchanged further physical attacks against one another, with Kizaru throwing kicks at him, it was Naruto using his hands. Both were too quick for the normal eye as they left impressions on both sides of the battlefield.

"Unbelievable," One Marine comments, "Uzumaki is keeping up with Admiral Kizaru."

One of Naruto's men looked up, "Hopefully, he'll keep the bastard away from us…"

After being flung into a building that the rubber man had wrecked, Luffy was now upright and massaging his head from the blow to his skull.

"Ugh…that hurts…" Luffy groaned and looked up, "Stupid…Naruto…"

Watching what was going on, Luffy was astonished by seeing Naruto holding against Kizaru in a one-on-one fight, with the speed of the same admiral who was nearly responsible for the defeat of his crew in Sabaody, he was blocking every attack.

"Get ready!"

Sengoku was done with this, turning to the two executioners who held their blades up, ready to strike Ace.

"Now do it!"

The two blades began descending on Ace, ready to decapitate him on the spot.

Many watched in horror at what was about to happen, from Whitebeard himself to his subordinates, all the captains and their crews, and allies - they all could only scream or watch at what was about to happen, but one scream stood out.


And for a moment, Ace was seen in silence as if he was ready to accept his fate…


A sudden sound came in loud and clear then it was followed by a stream of blood that splattered across the scaffold - only it wasn't Ace's blood.

It was that of the executioners who found themselves getting sliced across the chests, without warning or mercy in front of the very eyes of Garp and Sengoku, both shocked at what they witnessed.

Both executioners screamed their lungs out as they fell off the scaffold, leaving an enraged Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

"Who did that!?"

The perpetrator of this defiant act was standing among the Marines, who in return aimed their rifles at him.

He stood there with his head bleeding, a cigar in his mouth, and unimpressed with the reaction he was being given for the defiant act he had done.

"You bastard! Considering your old grudge against Whitebeard, I had thought we were lucky: curse you, Crocodile!"

Crocodile stood there and gave no reaction to the angry outburst of Sengoku or the thousand glares being given to him by the surrounding party, while the others themselves were left stunned too by his action.

Luffy stared in surprise, "No way!"

"Huh…" Marco landed on top of the wall with his powers, "It wasn't my turn yet?"

"Just a short while ago Crocodile was trying to murder Whitebeard," Jimbei commented from the hot water he was in, "What changed his mind?"

Whitebeard just stared at the scene, wondering why Crocodile would save one of his sons, left wondering also.

Crocodile answered the question on everybody's mind to his reasoning. "I can kill that old dying fart whenever I feel like it, but as for right now, I'm not gonna let you taste victory; you and your crooked operation."

The man's eyes then turned to the only other person he directly talked to.

"Uzumaki, I saved your best lieutenant, so you know - we're even now for what you did in Suna. Got it?"

Naruto, who had his hand slowly creating a blue orb, started to disintegrate away as he was ready to intervene but lowered his hand before replying to the former Warlord.

"Fine, we are even."


Then in front of everybody, the head of Crocodile was decapitated swiftly, something that shocked everyone else but Crocodile himself whose head then fell to the ground and imploded into a heap of sand.

Doflamingo came walking by towards Crocodile's headless body, with a shit-eating grin of his.

"Hey pal, do you remember me? First, you turn me down and now you want to team up with Whitebeard."

Still with his back turned against the blond crazy moran, Crocodile's head re-emerged with the blood on his face having dried up and the cigar having fallen off his mouth, a shame.

Doflamingo stopped and showed his creepy smile, "You got some nerve, playing me like that."

Responding, Crocodile did not bother to turn his head around, having very little respect for him as possible, he responded.

"Don't be foolish, I'm not teaming up with anybody,"

"Yet you return favors to some renegade soldiers?" Doflamingo commented with a smirk, "Sounds like you got some heart underneath that sand-covered chest of yours."

"...Deal with it."

Once done talking, both stayed silent.



Crocodile attempted to deploy his hook, and Doflamingo attempted to trample him with his feet. The blast from both attacks was so strong that it swept every marine in the area away, showing the power that both current and former Warlord held back.

Naruto's flames slowly started to grow smaller, to his luck nobody of the surrounding Marines was trying anything against him as he stood there alone.

"I'll need to catch up with Straw Hat…"


One Marine, either full of guts or blind stupidity tried to slash the flame-covered Naruto in half, but found his blade being chopped in half by the slightest touch it made to him, surprising the marine.


"Fool…" Naruto said before turning around with a closed fist, "MOVE!"

A punch right in the face sent the marine into others of his comrades, leaving nothing but broken bones and demobilized by a single punch of an irritated Naruto who then turned to the others to whom he spoke.

"Anybody else wants to be cocky? Come at me!"

"Open fire!" One marine ordered, "Kill that bastard!"

Gunfire erupted with many firing directly at Naruto, with only the bullets going through him like it was nothing.

"They just go through him!"

"Just keep firing!"

Without the marines even realizing, several bombs landed underneath their feet…


The explosion caught the riflemen Marines, decimating most of them, with some of those still standing coming out of the black smoke with bruises, aiming their rifles again at the blond.



The Marine got shot right in the chest, with that coming from the Legionnaires who've managed to get on top of the wall, now firing with all kinds of weapons at the Marines from the high ground, including one Foster, with his gun smoking.

"Go, we got you covered! Help Straw Hat!"

Naruto nodded and made his way through the plaza with his men covering him, with more and more of them coming up on the wall and starting to fire down on the Marines.

More and more kept arriving either on top of the walls or managed to get through the holes that Reiser and his men made, with heavier gear going into the fight.

"OUT OF MY WAY!" Luffy's anger spared no one as he punched his way through a group of Marines.

"Hold it, Straw Hat!" One Marine officer ordered while holding a blade, "I will not allow you to go any further-"


A powerful punch from Naruto punched the man in the gut, without giving the marine a chance to prepare himself - at such speed the blond in flames had taken out the Marine in a single move.

"Wow! That was fast." Luffy said, thanking him, "I owe you one."

"Just keep moving, Crocodile bought us some time." Naruto told him, "They'll be quick to call in the replacements."





The two then found out they were surrounded by hundreds of Marines who were facing them off, in a circle they managed to block them as they were about to strike at the two any moment.

However, something began to tremble - and it came from the bay - and there in a moment, they saw Little Oars Jr having brought in a ship of Whitebeard into the plaza - with Whitebeard on it.

"We've made it to the Plaza, guys!"

"They've broken through the encircling walls!"

With the Whitebeard Pirates managing to get inside the Plaza, and Naruto's Legion's men having taken the walls, the Marines now were pushed back fully into defensive mode.

"Impressive, that space could barely fit one ship through yet here we are with a boat filled with pirates. The walls were supposed to trap them, but instead, the Damned took it over and made the way for the pirates to come in without getting heavy fire." Garp spoke, asserting the situation from what he saw, "We're on the last line now."

Ace yelled, "That's enough!"

Sengoku growled at Whitebeard, "He doesn't give up."

Blood hanging from his mouth, Whitebeard was relieved, "Finally a lucky break, we got here right on time."

A tired Oars began to speak, not knowing he was now in the line of fire.

"We made it, the platform Ace is on the platform, we can do-"

Cannon fire shut Oars up with a direct hit to his mouth, and more hitting him all over the body with dozens of shots fired at the same time.

"Oars, No!"

Dropping to his knees, an exhausted and demobilized Oars turned to the Whitebeard Pirates and said with his face covered in blood,

"Save Ace for me guys… don't let them… kill him…"

Once on the ground, Little Oars Jr finally reached his limit and lay defeated on the plaza, right in front of the eyes of Whitebeard himself who had watched one of his sons having been taken out after everything he could give.

Gripping his weapon, the Emperor began making his way through the crowd of his men who took a step aside, forward, allowing him to jump off the ship and land with both his feet on the plaza, facing numerous nervous Marines who were forced to face him.

"It's Whitebeard! He's entered the plaza!"

Whitebeard asked his sons to stay back, as he prepared his Devil Fruit Powers to Murakumogiri, he unleashed a roar of anger and caused a crack in the plaza - turning it into a quack that whipped out hundreds if not thousands of Marines who stood in his way and sending them off flying.

The Admirals and other Marines who were strong enough were forced to watch their colleagues being sent off like they were nothing, watching the wrath of Whitebeard who was in no mood to stay back anymore.

After the attack, all of the Whitebeard commanders jumped off the ship and landed next to their father, who wasted no time raising his arm and order:


Roaring in agreement, the Whitebeard Pirates resumed their assault on the Marines, all in front of the eyes of Ace who could only watch, and Sengoku who spoke to Garp.

"I don't think we can hold back anymore Garp,"

He pulled up one of his sleeves and made a fist

"This battle may be our last."

Garp concurred. Not only was he now compelled to see his grandson battle against his beliefs, but also the wrath of those who were rotting in Impel Down.

Who was fighting just as back then on that continent…

Naruto and Luffy still were surrounded, but Naruto saw Oar's fall and could only stare at his body, silently thanking him.

"Thanks for the help, Oars. You did well."

"Hmm?" Luffy was confused, "You know the big guy?"

"He helped me and your brother after the war, big guy with a big heart." Naruto answered the question while still on guard, "I owed him one, hopefully, he'll survive so I can repay the favor."


Once again gunfire went off with the impatient Navy men squeezing triggers as bullets hit but didn't inflict much damage on them, with those hitting Naruto only going through him while Luffy's rubber just bounced them back at the marines and hitting them.

"They just don't learn." Naruto muttered and turned to Luffy, "You first!"

"Right!" Luffy began stretching his leg, and shouted, "Gum-Gum…."

His leg extended large enough for Naruto to duck as it went around-


His leg kicked in a wide circle and struck multiple foes after another, whipping out a large group in their way and allowing a gap in the circle. Allowing Naruto to run through the gap.

"On me!" Naruto spoke as he jumped up and slammed his fist into the ground, "MOVE!"

Creating a crater, the shock was as powerful as Whitebeard's quack as it caught the marines off guard and took them out, leaving a clear path for the blond and rubber boy to the scaffold for a brief moment.

'Time's up!'

Hearing that warning, Naurto did not waste any more time and threw his hand up as the flames around him disappeared, leaving his body normal except for his left arm, still in flames.

"He turned normal!"

"Why's his arm in flames?"

Naruto roared as he was about to smash his arm into the second group of marines who were unable to run-


That was prevented just in time by someone who interfered - with his blade he stopped the orange-flamed covered fist that was a powerful punch the opponent felt. It was then that Naruto's arm also turned normal, with him able to now hold the blade back with a kunai knife he had with him.

"Vice Admiral Momonga."

The purple/white-suited man with purple hair and facial hair held himself against the younger experienced warrior.

"Uzumaki, our paths have finally crossed once again."

"Not going to deny it, wish we didn't."

The katana and the kunai were both in a stalemate with either opponent giving each other an inch.

"If Bishop or even Whitehall could see you and your people…"

"Don't, out of respect for you - do not ever assume he'd be ashamed of it," Naruto warned the vice admiral, "He would've been disgusted with what the World Government did to my people - his people at the last year of that damned war."

"A war where you came out with glory…"

"...Fuck the glory."


"Straw Hat is hit!"

Naruto turns to face Luffy after noticing that he was struck severely by one of the other vice admirals, Dalmatian.

Dalmatian began running for the downed Luffy, trying to finish him off-

"Damn it!"

"Don't you drop your guard!" Momonga warned him and raised his blade again, "Uzumaki-"

"Shadow Possession Jutsu!"

Momonga suddenly found himself paralyzed, looking down to see his shadow was connected to one of the Shinobi, Shikamaru who came just in time.

"Complete!" Shikamaru finished, "Naruto!"

"I'm going!" Naruto jumped away and went to help Luffy, with only Momonga screaming out.

"Dalmatian! Look out!"

With Whitebeard

Several explosions occurred in front of Whitebeard that weren't coming from cannon fire, gunfire, or even bombs, it meant a heavy fight was going on between 2 strong fighters, with one more determined enough to beat the other.

it went on and on until it finally stopped for some reason. But that was not what the old Yonko was focused on.

"He's becoming more vicious, damn…" Whitebeard commented to himself, having just finished watching it all unfold. "Someone needs to intervene…"

"Damn it!"

The old man then turned to see Ace's younger brother, Luffy, he was getting kicked by Kizaru and he landed in his hands, and by the looks of it, the boy was on the brink of exhaustion.

"Huh, looks like the Whitebeard brand is losing some of its punch."


When Kizaru and Whitebeard turned to see who was screaming, they spotted a marine flying in the direction of where Kizaru and Whitebeard were standing.

The man's face was a bloody pulp, his green suit ruined and his fingers looked like they were broken one by one, it was a Dalmatian and he was barely conscious as he had just received a nasty beating.

"Vice Admiral Dalmatian is down!"

Naruto turned back to Kizaru after turning to face Dalmatian and glancing at Luffy, which enraged him once he saw the state of the boy.


Naruto kicked the Dalmatian's body to Kizaru's feet, showing how much 'respect' he had given to the vice admiral, and an extend the current admiral.

"Here's your mutt!" Naruto said holding onto his revolver pistol he had just used to knock the bastard out, "I didn't kill him, but next time I'll put him down like a stray dog!"

Momonga noticed the body of a battered Dalmatian and grimaced, knowing fully well Naruto was capable of killing him.

"Damn it, Dalmatian…"

At this point, Naruto's people alongside Ivankov with Jimbei arrive, and they finding the worn-out Luffy in Whitebeard's hand.

They looked at how Whitebeard said that he had done his fair share and ordered his crew to treat his wounds while ignoring Luffy's pleas to let him continue with the fight.

Naruto heard Luffy's cries and saw him try to stand on his own two feet but fell on his face due to exhaustion. He had no energy left anymore as he only could lie down while being restrained.

"Let me go! I'm so close!"

"Easy, let us help you." It was Gin and some of his guys, "You're too worn out, kid."

"I can't! Let me go!"

"Easy! Easy!" Gin tried to keep him down and called out, "Chōji! Haku!"

With Chōji trying to keep Luffy down and Haku coming by his side and trying to treat the Straw Hat kid, it was then that Jimbei came along and tried to help out as well, with Luffy's pleas to continue.

This determination to save his brother earned him some kind words from Whitebeard in his way, something he talked to Naruto about.

"The brat's close to losing his life yet is willing to go through."

"Right, from what I've been told - he went in Impel Down, up, and didn't take a break." Naruto responded, "...What do you think?"

"He's nothing but a big-mouth kid who's looking for trouble. Dumb, clumsy, and careless too… but I got a soft spot for fools like him."

"...I got one like that on the scaffold."

Both turned to Ace, who watched in fear at what was going on. He watched as Whitebeard stepped forward, stopping as he stood in front of another group of hundreds of marines.

Cracking a laugh, Whitebeard addressed them, "If you're ready to die step up and meet your maker!"

The marines only watched in horror, watching now that Whitebeard and Uzumaki stood side by side. The fear overtook them.

"Not again!"

Ready to cause havoc again, Whitebeard slams his blade-


However this time it was Akainu who intervened, causing an enormous amount of impact of powers that both the admiral and emperor were combining.

"You. You're always around creating havoc," Akainu spoke angrily, "but it ends right here!"

Whitebeard just laughed, "Hahaha! That's what you think!"

The two exchanged blows that neither of them managed to hit, but their power was too dangerous to stand close by, Naruto was the closest with his feet standing firm on the ground.

'Those two are monsters, keep your distance from them unless you want an unfortunate ending.'

"Captain! Our armored support has arrived!"

And there they came, alongside the allied pirates of Whitebeard, several of the tank and heavily armored units had managed to break through the flanks and regroup with the main force, with them attempting to box in the navy even with the Pacifistas giving them a hard time doing so.

"Marco's making his move!"

Up in the sky, the Phoenix form of Marco came very close to Ace, attempting to free him-

However, Garp appeared in front of him and punched him right in the face and his body slammed into the ground.

"Ah, shit!"

Once Marco was grounded, Garp landed back on the scaffold, putting a halt on the attempt and causing some panic.

Ivankov yelled. "No way! We've got to fight Vice Admiral Garp!"

"He finally joined in!" a pirate said "The hero of the marines."

This gave confidence to the Marines, "Hell be the greatest keeper for us!"

Knowing how strong Garp was, the seasoned Damned members began to perspire a little bit. They realized the Marines had advanced to a new level if he fully participated in the fight.

"Keep fighting, lads!" Foster yelled taking the lead with one of the tanks and yelling, "Box them in and keep moving!"

The combat went on.

A few marines made a valiant attempt, but without success, to delay the enemy. A company of marines, supported by a bunch of pirates, were just forced to flee as a tank broke through them.

Subsequently, the pirates near the tank were rendered intangible by a light beam. The source of the beam was a group of Pacifistas that were firing at the armored units.

When Foster saw this, he grabbed his grenades and flung them at the pacifistas in an attempt to slow them down, shouting,


As the others began to take out their grenades and launch them at the giants, a large explosion severely damaged one Pacifistas' leg, causing it to fall on his face.

Two shells found their way into their chests, piercing their armor and destroying them before they could fire another beam.

"Set up a perimeter!"

With the armored units holding the Pacifistas and the marines off with the help of the Whitebeard Commanders, it gave breathing room to the Impel Down crew - especially the exhausted Luffy.

Exhaustion, a few stab wounds, a hole having gone through the body with courtesy from Kizaru, with wounds like these nobody would survive what he'd gone through. Yet the kid managed.

"Haku, how bad is it?"

Once finished with his examination, Haku turned to his captain and shook his head, "He's done."

Jimbei looked grim, "You mean he-"

"No, he's going to live if he just rests now, exhausted." Haku said, "I want him to be evacuated to the rear, Domino is there with the wounded."

"As it seems, the boy has reached his limit." Ivankov shook his head, but agreed, "I'll be the one to escort him to the back-"


Luffy's hand grabbed onto Haku's arm, surprising those around them to see him still have the strength to grab onto someone, let alone talk and be responsive as he looked directly at Ivankov.

"Iva…I need…a favor from you…"

Naruto and Haku were about to listen when an explosion rocked behind them, seeing that one of the Mark tanks had taken a hit, with one of the men seen running towards them before briefing them.

"Captain!" The legionnaire saluted on the spot, "We need you on the frontline quick!"

"Just a sec-"

"Sir, they successfully hit Whitebeard and stopped Jozu; the attack is ready to become a hold. It will be too late if we don't act quickly!" The member stated, "We're ready for our attack to resume, but we need you to lead!"

Frowning, Naruto turned to Haku and nodded to him before he stood back up and turned to the soldier.

"Alright, let's go. Tell Gin and Foster to fight on the flanks with Shikamaru and Chōji to back them up."

"Yes sir!"

"HUH! Another hormone shot!"

Naruto briefly turned around to see Ivankov and Haku discussing with Luffy, something that sounded like there was massive disagreement over…


His focus was suddenly disturbed once more when he turned to see that the tank that had been hit earlier had been hit again, completely taking it out of commission. The Mark V tank was destroyed, and the crew had fled, firing their handguns at the Pacifista that was aiming for them.

"Shit!" Naruto sped forwards, just when Jimbei spotted him.


The Mark V tank crew that was retreating consisted of the whole crew, having been lucky so far, it was their commander and driver who was wounded, getting dragged by the loader, it was the other three members of the crew who were firing their revolvers at the Pacifista that was chasing them.

"Our bullets just bounce off!"

The Pacifista was unbothered by the bullets it then raised its hand and a beam was beginning to glow.


Returning with his tantō, Naruto was fast and sliced off the mechanical arm of the Pacifista and decapitated it also in one quick move, destroying it on the spot as it landed down on the ground. Facing the tank crew, he recognized the crew and its commander who he began to approach.


"I'm alright, just my leg's busted," Edwards groaned while in pain, "We will go to the rear."

Naruto nodded along and allowed them to go back under the covering fire of Gin's men who set up a machine gun nearby and began firing at the marines.

"We're running low, sir," Gin said arriving at his captain, using now a marine's rifle, "Our men are already using enemy weapons."

"I know, I know." Naruto agreed, looking around, "Just need to link up with Whitebeard and-"


Their conversation was short-lived when Luffy got their attention - screaming from the top of his lungs as he was back up standing and looked like he was rejoining the battle, surprising even the veteran fighters.

"That kid got hit by Kizaru's beam and this kid's still going to fight?" Gin asked surprised.

Naruto sheathed his blade back in and readied himself to go straight for the prize; nothing else than saving Ace.

"Remember Straw boy, energy hormones get you pumped for now, but if you fall again that's it! You're a dead boy got it!" Ivankov warned while yelling out for everyone to hear, "The hormones make you think you're okay, it won't heal your wounds at all."

Seeing how Luffy was staring at the platform, at his brother, it was clear he was going back in the offensive.

"That's okay for me. That means I must not fall."

Luffy proceeded to then run forward, with Ivankov following up behind and his people.

"Straw Hat is advancing!"

"And so are we!" Naruto responded, ordering, "Gin! Cover him and make sure he'll get through!"

Luffy and Ivankov soon found themselves getting backed yet again by the Raiders, despite running soon into more marines who were determined to block them.

"Straw Hat's still alive!"

"Not for long he's not!"

Several sword-wielding marines began to obstruct their path. However, as Luffy began to move through the groups of troops without stopping, one of them was tossed around and found himself surrounded once more.

"Go, I've got him!"

A rope-wielding marine broke through, grabbed Luffy by the neck, and began to push him back.

"Oh no you don't!"

With a terrified expression, the marine turned to face Naruto, who struck him on the back with his sword, killing him in the process.

"I'll finish him off!"

Then a marine with a knife took the chance to sprint up high and charge at Luffy.



Naruto, with his blazing revolver in his hand, and Gin, with his rifle, both fired two shots at the marine, killing him.

"I fired at him first!"

"Yeah, I did, but you made a good shot to stop him." "Any more of these idiots in the sky, shoot them like ducks," Naruto stated as he holstered his weapon back.

The three found themselves surrounded by a group of marines who weren't keen on seeing two of their own getting taken out like that, vowing defiance.

"Enough crap, you're not taking another step!"

"We got you surrounded now!"

"Yeah, he's right there is no way they can defeat all of us!"

"The Navy always wins, you might as well give up."

The marines started to smirk and laugh slightly, thinking they had the upper hand.


Out of nowhere, Ivankov attacked them with a simple move and caused hundreds of them to be sent flying away or taken out on the spot, even causing a cloud of concrete dust that made visibility to be minimal.

Luffy ran but thanked, "Thanks, Iva!"

"Run in the dust!" Naruto shouted, "Advance and widen the gap!"

This was the cue for the Raiders to attack, with Luffy running in the dust with them following behind, they were going on the assault and taking out any obstacle that got in their way.

Inside the dust cloud laid numerous marines who were unable to move due to their wounds, or were too afraid to get back up, knowing what was going to come past them, but nobody there who wore the uniform stood up there tall.

All except for one person who stood there in the middle of the path that was going to be filled with their enemies, there stood Koby, and for some reason he found himself staring at the advancing enemies that he earlier had witnessed kill many of his fellow Marines.

"K-Kid, go away!"

Already nervous, the pink-haired marine turned down and saw one of his comrades, stricken by fear, warning him.

"These guys…are killers…they're merciless monsters…run…"

Despite the warnings, both men spotted Luffy and Ivankov coming in their direction, with the Legionnaires seen following behind them with guns shot left and right.

This was enough to scare the downed marine away in cowardice, but Kody stood there still, standing out like an open target for them to see.

"There's one standing!"

"Shoot him!"

"Wait!" Luffy recognized the person "Koby!"

That simple mention might've saved the young marine's life, but that didn't process into Koby's head as he was fully focused on the guy whom he met in the East Blue and made a promise.

"If Luffy and I didn't meet back then…I'd never made it this far."

"Shoot at him, make him go away!"

Several shots ran past the young marine, some deliberately missing him to make the boy go away or duck, but Koby stood there firmly on his feet.

"Focus, if I want to become stronger as a marine…I'll need to fight all enemies, no matter who they are."

"Don't shoot! He's my friend!"

"I'm sorry Luffy, this is war! So I'm going to have to kill you!" Koby was in the position, ready for battle.

The two youngsters looked each other in the eye, with Luffy and Koby wasting no time, and both went on the offensive.



The battle was over before it even began, with Luffy giving the young Koby no chance and hitting him in the face with a closed fist, preventing him from any kind of attack.


Crashing down to the ground, Koby barely hung to consciousness as he lay there with Luffy running over him with Ivankov right behind him.

'I'm useless…I couldn't even stop him…'

"Keep up with Straw Hat!"

Unable to move, Koby watched as men in the dozen were running over or past him, and recognizing them by the uniforms and weaponry, the Legion's Raiders were advancing and all he could do was watch them, with some even firing their rifles right over him to any nearby marines.

Some of the shell cases even fell to his face, with others around him, they all kept moving, not even batting an eye on him as they tried to keep up with Luffy…


One however, stopped right above the pink-haired East Blue marine, with a shotgun pointed at his face, the Raider wore a gas mask and a weird-shaped helmet, with that helmet was chalk the number of kills he had.

He pressed the barrel of his shotgun right at Koby's forehead, and all that Koby could do was not break into tears, thinking his life was at an end.

Preparing, he was about to accept his fate…

"Move it!"

That Raider however didn't get the chance to pull the trigger as he continued to follow the others, with the man who saved him just then was Naruto himself, holding onto his revolver aimed up as he spotted the kid.

"Stay down, kid." Naruto warned him, "You're too young to die for this stupid war…"

As Naruto left him, Koby was unable to process the fact he had just been spared, with that processing ended him fading into unconsciousness just as his friend came to his side.

'Too young to die?'

Once out of the dust clouds, Naruto watched as Luffy ran past a few Pacifistas who were getting themselves a beating by Hancock herself.

Resuming to follow up, Naruto and his men got close to catching up with the unexhausted Luffy who with Ivankov got themselves into more marines who were getting in their way.

With Whitebeard

Things took a terrible turn when Whitebeard was hit full force by Akainu's magma fist, which left a gaping hole in his stomach that was visible, while Jozu was completely paralyzed by Aokiji and Marco imprisoned by a Vice Admiral who strapped prism stone cuffs on him, rendering him useless in the fight.

Jimbei was now trying to get to Whitebeard, shouting, "He's in danger!" while he was encircled by numerous Marines and had chains around his neck.

With no time to react, Jimbei found himself getting bound by chains, with Marines having caught him, they wasted no time cussing him out.

"Hold still, you monster!"


The group of Marines holding the chains found themselves getting mowed down from above, with it being the biplane of Blackburn making a return and firing his machine guns into them, forcing them to release the chains and setting Jimbei free.

"Ah!" Jimbei turned up and shouted, "Thank you!"

Blackburn only gave a hand gesture response before flying back up, avoiding any more ordinances fired at him.

Sengoku recognized the chance.

"All right, hurry on in! Go after Whitebeard and set the others aside!" This was the Marines' opportunity to take down Whitebeard.

In an attempt to cause internal harm, four marines slashed through Whitebeard's chest with their swords. Then, all the marines carrying guns began to fire at Whitebeard, attempting to accomplish the same. Then, with Whitebeard's head shrouded in black smoke, a marine with a bazooka delivered the killing blow.

The pirates were horrified, "POPS!"

When it appeared as though Whitebeard would topple down, the pirates moved quickly to attempt and support him…

"No stay back!"

Whitebeard began to stand up again. And he was furious…

"You punks really think that's all it takes to defeat me? Just a few toy swords and guns?"

The amazement in the marines' expressions did not go away as he stood back up, with those even laying hits on his chest finding themselves unable to properly cope with what was happening.

"I can tear you all apart single-handedly…but you know that, don't you?" Whitebeard's face reappeared from the smoke, angry and on a path of destruction, "Because you quack when you hear the name WHITEBEARD!"

Raising his weapon, Whitebeard started to rip into the ground beneath him, eliminating any marines that dared not be spared.

Whitebeard unleashed such rage that he caused an earthquake strong enough to launch his opponents into the air and send marines hurtling so high above the island that their cries could be heard as they fell to the ground.

With the harrowing stare that Whitebeard was in, he stumbled for a moment before he stood back firm up, addressing those on the execution platform.

"What did he say?" He smiled as a few drips of blood dropped, Whitebeard spoke, "That's a good one. This is not the kind of scratch I need to heal from. Do you believe that this will make me give up and lie down? I'm not that stupid; I know what will happen if I even the slightest bit falter. Knowing the harsh reality of what would happen to me when I pass away, I can't let myself give up until the very last minute."

Not knowing he was getting surrounded by the Marines, but also that others were coming near him as the old man was ending his addressing.

"So I'll wait until I've taken care of the future for my sons. Got it, Ace?"

Looking up, Ace was returning with only sheer emotions of despair on his face.

"Old fool lost it!" The Marines were about to attack, "Take him ou-"


An explosion prevented such an attack, followed by others as the Marines who surrounded Whitebeard found themselves getting attacked, removing that opportunity to attack the man, they now were faced with the ones who were protecting him.

"The likes of you….should be ashamed of yourselves!"

Those covering Whitebeard's back were members of the Foreign Legion, but they were a special group of Raiders, those wearing armored plates and weapons that only a few carried, with among them being a man carrying a heavy MG.

"I've served among good men and bad men, and frankly - Whitebeard's the guy I rather choose than you Mariejois bootlickers."

Joining in the defense of Whitebeard was Haku along with Shikamaru and Chōji, alongside also the Whitebeard Commanders themselves and Jimbei.

Jimbei stood in battle formation and spoke, "If you want to get to Whitebeard - you'll have to go through us!"

Focused back on the advancing party, Sengoku watched as Straw Hat Luffy and the spearheading attack of the Damned were going through group after group of Marines, closing in on the scaffold with no signs of stopping, with the blond leader himself causing as much damage as possible.

"Your old war buddies are more keen on saving you than anyone else, Portgas…almost suicidal if you ask me."

Not responding to the Fleet Admiral's words, Ace found himself joined by the two executioners who were replacing the others, ready with their blades against him.

Seeing them ready, Sengoku stood there and decided to say something back to Whitebeard.

"Concerned about the future? I'll be more than happy to show it to you now. Let's end this.."

He turned to the executioners, giving the order.

"Execution him!"

When Naruto looked up and saw them brandishing swords.

'Shit, Kurama!'

'Still need to wait, shoot or something!'

The executioners stood there for a long time. Ace seemed emotionless as if he had come to terms with his fate.

Naruto pulled out his handgun and closed his eyes to aim. He knew it would take a good shot to shoot both men at this distance, but he needed to get a hit!

'Hit damn it..'

About to pull the trigger…


Before he could pull, Naruto stopped when a surge of power went through his body, paralyzing him for a moment before he realized what it was and found himself shocked.

'That is…no way…'

'Conqueror's Haki…'

The immense amount of pressure could be felt across the plaza, if not across the entirety of Marineford itself, and the source came from in front of him…

It was Luffy, he had just summoned it.


Once the surge was over, bodies began to drop.



Even those two executioners who were about to kill Ace fell, all who were weakminded and unprepared for this dropped like flies across the battlefield, leaving those strong-minded ones shocked at what they'd just experienced.

The astonishment was there and it brought silence until it was Luffy who resumed running.

"It is not over yet!"

"Did you just do what I think you did?" A stunned Ivankov asked while following.

"It's the conquerors… spirit." One of the Whitebeard commanders stood there while one of his men fell unconscious.

While he kept running, the number of bodies on the ground his actions just now got many to realize what just happened, including Aokiji.

"Well damn, this is a mess."

He kept running.

Even Kizaru commented, "There's a surprise for you…"

Luffy kept going.

With many faces now turning to Luffy, there was a renewed focus on how Straw Hat Luffy, who had just used this power had saved Ace from certain execution and extended this war further.

Even Whitebeard himself was eye-widened by what just happened, a power like this was rare to see, and it was thanks to this kid that Ace was still alive.

A power only he, Shanks and a few others could name from the top of his head…

Back to Naruto, he caught up to Luffy and Ivankov, with Gin helping the others - this leaves the three of them to go in alone, with Ivankov asking right away what just happened.

"How did you do that Straw boy? My energy Hormones didn't give you that."

"Power? What do you mean?" Luffy asked, being sincere.

'He doesn't even know it. The little brat.'

Naruto tapped Ivankov's shoulder and shook his head, he nodded and kept running, as they were getting to another group of Marines, this time being accompanied by Vice Admiral Doberman, who was preaching to his men.

'I remember him - the prick.'

'Want to kill him?'

'I wish, but I got to get to Ace first.'

On Doberman's orders, the Marines went on a frontal assault against the three - but found themselves getting whipped out quickly by none other than Whitebeard himself, who wanted to attention focused on him.

"Scared of a young boy then of me?" Whitebeard taunted them with his grin, "Come on then! I'm standing here!"

With the focus laid back on Whitebeard, the Marines went to fight against him and the Commanders. This drew as much attention away from Luffy and Naruto, as it allowed them to advance to the scaffold.

The fighting turned more vicious as Whitebeard and his men were pushing through, even with their top commanders like Jozu frozen and the prism cuffs still on Marco, they were making headway in the plaza and causing as much chaos as possible.

"More tanks!"

Also, the Damned were doing their part as several more tanks from the rear, who initially had been with the Allied Pirates, have finally regrouped with the others, getting accompanied by the assault units to push.


Naruto saw that those who joined him were Reiser, along with others who were carrying not only pistols and machetes but also grenade launchers, sawed-off shotguns, and even impact grenades.


"Took me a while to get to you, captain!" Reiser said while reloading his machine gun, having ditched the flamethrower once it was out of fuel, "We'll provide cover fire while you and Straw Hat get to the scaffold."

Naruto noticed that among his men also were Whitebeard's crew and allies, who were keeping the Marines busy while making Luffy's path clear from any heavyweight names going after him.

One such was Momonga who got stopped from laying a hit on Luffy, by Doma the Bohemian Knight, or Doberman who got busy with McGuy.

"Hey, Straw Hat!" A pirate named A O yelled, "We've got your backs just keep going!"

"Yeah, all the marines are busy with pops so this is our only chance so get to it!" another one called Ramba yelled.

Delacuaji turned around and said, "We'll make an opening for you!"

Luffy was confused and turned to Naruto and Ivankov, "Who are these guys?"

"These are some of the strongest pirates of the New World, Whitebeard's allies." Naruto responded as he kept running, "He trusts you now to save Ace! Just don't ask questions and keep going!"


"It's Hawkeye!"

Another such obstacle was Mihawk himself, who was about to lay an attack on them, especially Luffy.

"Luffy - dodge it!"


This time however it was Mr. 1 who came to be the savior, using his Devil Fruit power to block Mihawk's attack, allowing Luffy and Ivankov to pass through, but Naruto was the one to hear out what the dark-skinned man said.

"Our debt is settled, now go!"

Naruto nodded and went on, not knowing what the man meant by, he had no time to think as Mihawk and Mr. 1 started their fight, joined in by Crocodile who went past him.

The fighting continued as even more pirates came to Luffy and Naruto's aid, with them somehow managing to clear a path, a literal one void of any fighting that led straight to the scaffold.

At this point Ivankov stopped, much to the confusion of the two - right until Inazuma jumped out of his purple fortress hair and started cutting the ground beneath him and directed it towards the platform, creating a staircase.


Naruto and Luffy began running to the stairs, which was a long way to go with already gunfire directed at them.


A bazooka team attempted to hit the duo, but they got stopped by the swordsmen Whitebeard Commanders who sliced the ammunition in half, any attempt against them to be made futile.

A group of marines managed to break through, but they then received a blade slash from Naruto and were tossed aside. Then they finally got to the path.

"Go up straight to the top!" Inazuma advised.

"Thanks, Inazuma!"

With Luffy going up ahead, they were getting closer than ever before, with Ace watching in disbelief at the real chance of getting rescued by his kid brother and former captain.


Luffy himself was unable to stop smiling and yelled in joy.



Then the ground in front of them split and became dust, severely damaging the path and putting it in danger of collapsing. Garp, who was now standing in front of Luffy and Naruto, was the one who started this.

Naruto swore, "Damn it, Garp. Not right now."

"Grandpa!" Luffy yelled. Believing that this was a joke, "Get out of the way!"

With a furious expression on his face, Garp started yelling,

"I'm not moving a damn inch! I am a Navy vice admiral! Long before you were born, I began fighting pirates, and I won't stop now."

Ace was shocked, "Old man…"

"You're not my grandson here! You're the famous pirate Straw Hat Luffy, and I'll fight you to the death. This is the path you choose to take, you and your brother alike." Garp shouted.

"I'm not hurting you - MOVE!"

"If you don't strike me dead, you'll lose Ace!"


"You can't just cry until you get your way, I won't show you mercy. You're a pirate Luffy, that makes you my enemy!"

This conversation was splitting a family apart faster than anyone else could, with both being forced to then pull their arms back to punch one another, with all the strength they could summon.

Garp threw his best punch at Luffy, as he was about to go Second Gear…

While it was Naruto, who with a minuscule amount of red chakra around him, did a hand sign.



At the last moment before he could, Luffy found himself a few steps back, unknown how - he was the first to see what had just happened.

Naruto and Garp had punched each other right across the face, with both spilling blood if not crushing something - where both the 'Cunning Fox' and 'Hero of the Navy' were seen falling to the ground.



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