Chapter 1: Where It All Began

(*This story is set 2 years after the end of Season 1*)

Richard Grayson was desperate; he knows that he'll have to break the hero's code but he's left choiceless. They were pinned down, their enemies were coming very close to capturing the entire Team; Miss Martian, Zatanna and Superboy were unconscious, Kid Flash had broken his left leg, Artemis was running out of arrows, Aqualad and Rocket had also been separated from the group. With the situation turning dire and as well as his supply of Birdarangs now empty; Robin knew that he had to resort to his last-ditch weapon, he would deal with Batman and the League when they got back to the Cave, but right now, the survival of the Team was his utmost priority.


Robin fidgeted as they neared their destination, he was never nervous whenever it came to missions but something about this one put him extremely on edge.

The speedster seemed to take notice of his friend's awfully weird behavior, "Uhh dude, you alright? Got butterflies in your stomach?"

Robin snapped out of his thoughts as he heard the redhead speak, "Uhh, not really man. Just fidgety is all."

Kid Flash gave his best friend a knowing look, "You sure? Cuz I've been with you on countless missions even before we formed the Team and I've never seen you be this nervous."

"Like I said, just fidgety man, I'm still feeling the aster.", the Boy Wonder replied.

It had been 2 years following the attack by Vandal Savage and the Light on the Watchtower and the League as well as the Team are still shellshocked by what happened. Following the assault, the League immediately started a search and investigation effort focusing on what the Light is as well as how do they operate, what are their assets, and when will they possibly strike again. Red Arrow also branched out from the League and the Team by spearheading his own search for the real Roy Harper.

Though the League and the Team, especially Robin and Kid Flash, offered their support to Red Arrow to help assist in the hunt, Red declined, saying that this matter was for him and him alone to finish and complete. Yet before he left, he mentioned that he would ring the Team whenever he ended up in a situation where he really needed their help as necessary. For Robin, Kid Flash and the others, it was the best answer they could get for the time being.

The mission the team was on today was a rather simple, it was a stealth deployment deep behind enemy lines. A secret shipment of Kobra-Venom had been detected heading for the United States, it was identified that the shipment was most likely to be delivered to the Light or some other criminal organization; the Team's mission was to halt the transportation of the Venom as well as to seize and confiscate it so that it could be safely kept by the League so it won't fall into the wrong hands. Basically, it was the usual.

Robin had no problem with this, he was used to undercover deployments so much so that it's second nature for him. So why was Robin nervous? Simple, because the warehouse that the Kobra-Venom was being kept at was located in Bucharest, Romania; the place where his life really began…


The Team expected armed but light resistance, just simple goons made to do their superior's grunt work; they were caught off-guard when in the midst of the battle, goons armed with Apokolips Tech stormed into the warehouse. With 3 members of the team down, 2 being surrounded by goons, and another member nearing collapse, Robin knew what he had to do. Reaching into his thigh, Robin drew out his concealed Karambit Knife and twirled it in his hands; Batman knew that Robin couldn't solely rely on his Birdarangs alone and that when the time came when his Birdarangs ran out in the middle of combat, he needed another weapon to defend himself.

Batman knows that Robin has a concealed personal-defence melee weapon somewhere in his uniform; he just doesn't know that the weapon is in-fact, a sharp, military-grade, self-defence knife that was ready to kill at all times. Robin felt something different come over him as he drew out his last-ditch self-defence weapon; for the first time in 8 years, a familiar intent began to return in Robin's system. An intent that he thought he'd gotten rid off when he first set foot in America, an intent that he thought he'd gotten rid off when his parents died, an intent that he thought he'd gotten rid off when Bruce took him in, an intent that he thought he'd gotten rid off permanently, an intent that he thought that was never coming back…

That intent was the intent to kill

Robin was immediately engulfed in sudden flashbacks; memories of his life before he came to America, memories of his life before he came to Romania, memories of his life in the place where he was born, memories of his life in the place where he grew up, memories of his life…

Living under the banner…

Of Mother Russia…

Robin shivered at his thoughts, now wasn't the best time to have a flashback slideshow, now was the time to act; he needed to get traught or else he or his friends could end up dead.


Robin jumped up into the air, his gaze fixing on the nearest available targets.

"Three goons.", he thought.

Acting quickly, Robin threw his knife, aiming for the first guy's head. The knife reached its target, impacting with a sickening 'thunk' as the blade pierced through the man's skin and skull. Robin landed withdrawing the knife from the dead man's head; dodging the second guy's attack, he shoved the knife straight into the second man's temple. As he fell towards the ground, the third man began to back away from the Boy Wonder as Robin gave him a glare filled with deadly intent.

For the first time in 8 years, the sensation of bloodlust had returned to him.


Artemis was startled when she soon found that the armed men were no longer coming at her; Kaldur and Rocket also saw the same as the men they were fighting seemed to be redirected, re-mobilizing to attend to a more serious threat. The trio's thoughts were answered as they saw the Boy Wonder take-on the entire horde of armed men, solo; yet unlike the previous instances where the Boy Wonder took on hordes of goons alone, this time was different since Robin held a curved knife in which the blade was clearly covered in blood. The look on Robin's face as well as his movements were also different as his goal was to clearly not subdue their opponent, rather, his goal was to kill and wipe all of them out.

The trio couldn't believe what they were seeing, Robin, the Boy Wonder, the protégé and heir-apparent of Batman, was out killing and slaughtering hordes of dangerous armed men. Granted, those men have clearly killed a person or two in their lifetime and would have probably deserved to also die but Robin? Killing? It was unthinkable.

Seeing the shock and distress in his friends' eyes, Robin gave them a heavy and knowing glare, "Artemis! Attend to the others, get them on-board! Aqualad! Rocket! Load all the Venom on the Bioship quickly! I'll deal with these лохи (fuckers)!"

The trio were stunned, apart from never hearing Robin speak a foreign language, this was also the first time that they heard the Boy Wonder give them swift and direct orders.

"But-", Aqualad tried to protest, yet he was soon cut-off by the Boy Wonder.


A sudden wave of fear washed over the trio as they went on to do what they were told, Artemis went on to tend for the telepath, the Kryptonian, the magician, and her boyfriend whilst Aqualad and Rocket loaded all the crates of Kobra-Venom on-board the Bioship.

One of the men recognized the language Robin swore in, "Ты сам маленький ублюдок, малыш! (You're a little fucker yourself, kid!)"

For the first time in his life as a hero, Robin cackled; not chuckled like he usually does, this time, he really cackled; he cackled in a very ominous and villainous way.

After wiping out 10 more men, Robin smirked, "Что сказать, лохи всегда пытаются друг друга трахнуть. (What can I say, fuckers always try to fuck each other.)"

Robin went on to completely slaughter the remainder of the men, dodging bullets and laser beams left and right as he delt fatal and deadly blows to which ever goon he came across with.

Soon enough, Artemis had finished getting all their injured teammates into the ship as well as Aqualad and Rocket finished in loading up all the crates of Kobra-Venom. By the time they were done, the warehouse was covered with the blood and dead bodies of all the fallen men; eventually, one man was left alive. His right leg had been injured and he was limping away from the carnage and destruction that Robin had left behind.

His efforts would prove futile as Robin quickly and ominously walked over to where he was located; with his system still filled with adrenaline, he grabed the man by the neck using his right arm and lifted him up, his knife in his left hand now placed at the bottom of the man's chin.

Fear was present in the man's face, if he was scared, he showed it; all of his colleagues were dead, he was the only one left.

"Please…", the man pleaded, his Eastern European accent lacing his words, "I beg you, please don't kill me!"

Robin was about to deal the final blow until…


Robin's gaze met the owner of those words. Aqualad had extended his right arm, after seeing he'd got the Boy Wonder's attention, he began to speak, "Robin, please, put the knife down. Look around you. Look at the carnage, the death, the destruction."

The Boy Wonder's gaze began to change as a sudden realization began to dawn on him…

"Please Robin.", his leader reasoned, "All the men who died here today fell under your hands, I do not wish to fight you. So please, put your weapon away."

Realization hit the Boy Wonder like a ton of bricks…

I killed…



The Boy Wonder gave a confused face as he glanced at the bloodied weapon he was handling. Throwing it on the ground, he also let go of the man as he too fell on his knees, crying.

"W-What have I d-done.", Robin asked to no-one in particular, "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

Aqualad began to approach the grieving 15-year-old.

Kneeling infront of him, he began, "Robin, please, tell me what happend?"

"I-I don't know Aqualad.", he sobbed, "I was out of Birdarangs; Miss M, Zee, and Superboy were unconscious; Wally broke his leg and we were all surrounded."

Aqualad went on to encompass the teen in a brotherly embrace as he tried to calm the teen down.

"That k-knife was my last-ditch w-weapon.", he continued, "I don't know why but when I held it, a sudden urge came over me; an urge that I thought I left behind many years ago, from where I was raised."

Aqualad was confused, "From where you were raised? What do you mean?"

Robin continued to cry harder, "I-I can't talk about it, I know I sound stupid but I just can't."

Aqualad went on to pat the teen's back, "It's alright my friend, we will deal with this when we get back home."

"Y-You're not gunna tell Batman what happened h-here?", Robin asked.

Aqualad took a glance behind him, Artemis and Rocket had the same look on their face; sure they were flabbergasted by what happened, but they know Robin would be in deep trouble if Batman or the League would have heard of what happened. Granted, it would be like them protecting a murderer by doing so, but they needed answers; Robin wouldn't just slaughter people whilly-nilly. Something was behind this, something far darker, something far more sinister. The duo gave Aqualad a knowing nod, Aqualad did the same.

"Normally, I must address this to our superiors my friend, including Batman.", Aqualad continued, "Yet it is clear that you were not in control of your own actions. Something far darker is behind this and we need to know the answers. Of course, we would need your cooperation."

Robin pulled-away and gave his leader a reassuring nod, "I don't know what happened to me but I promise, I'll tell you all that I know."

Aqualad help the Boy Wonder up as he tried to stand, "If that's the case, we will not inform the League and keep our lips sealed of what happened here today; so long as you swear to provide us answers of what happened here."

Robin gave his leader a half-mustered smile, "I will."

Soon enough, Robin went on to discard the Karambit Knife before he boarded onto the ship, he also made sure that there were no remaining blood splatters or marks left behind on his suit and gloves before boarding.


As the Bioship began to disappear into the sky, a trio from the nearby hills began to appear from their hidden observation posts. One of the men began to draw out a communications device.

"Black-1 to base, do you hear me?", he began, a thick Russian accent lacing his words.

"Base to Black-1, we hear you loud and clear.", the man on the other side of the line replied, a heavy Russian accent also present in his voice.

"Black-1 to base, confirmed, observations are a success.", the man continued.

The man on the other line answered, "Excellent, Ops Team Black, report back to base."

"Right away sir.", the man replied, "Ops Team Black over and out."


The Bioship landed in the Cave's main hangar, waiting for the team were some members of the Justice League; Batman, Red Tornado, Black Canary, and Green Arrow.

As the vessel's doors opened, Kaldur walked out to face his superiors; behind him were Artemis who was assisting an injured Wally, Robin assisting an injured Zatanna, Rocket assisting an injured M'gann, and Superboy who was unloading the crates filled with Kobra-Venom.

Batman stepped forward to face the young Atlantean, "I see that mission was not as we expected."

Kaldur gave a slight bow, "My apologies Batman, our opponents have anticipated our arrival; not to mention, they were also armed with weapons from Apokolips."

"I see.", Batman replied, "What of the assailants then?"

"They've been taken care of sir.", Kaldur answered, "Romanian Law Enforcement should deal with the rest."

Kaldur had never lied to anyone before, he had hoped that the Dark Knight would buy what he said. He knew lying was wrong but he promised to cover for the Boy Wonder hoping that he would keep up his part of the bargain.

After what felt like an hour, the Dark Knight spoke, "Alright then."

Kaldur mentally sighed.

"Apart from the men being armed with extraterrestrial weapons, what else happened?", the Dark Knight continued.

"Though some of my teammates have been considerably injured on the mission, we have completed our objective and the packages of Kobra-Venom have been successfully confiscated.", Kaldur replied.

The Dark Knight nodded, "You and your team did well today Aqualad, go ahead and tend to your injured teammates, we'll take it from here."

Kaldur gave a respectable bow and went on to the medical bay.

After the Atlantean left, the Dark Knight went on to speak, "Canary, head over to the med bay and check up on the team; Tornado, Arrow, I need your hand with these crates."

The Leaguers nodded as they attended to their tasks.

To Be Continued…