Chapter two

With a good confundus charm on the muggles along with magically made fake papers, Harry was able to get approved by the muggle doctors for the procedure. He was checked over thoroughly by the doctor before he made the appointment that would change his appearance forever. He had been given a lot of reading materials and a list of the drugs he would need to take.

Harry knew this first procedure was just the start, a few more operations then it would be he's eyes and scar before he was completely transformed.

As Harry sat in his small flat, he studied what the drugs were for and how he would need some for the rest of his life. Something occurred to him, that maybe there was type of potions that might work better than muggle drugs. Harry used his last bit of polyjuice potion and went looking for a magical town where he could find the books he needed in the hope he might be able to make some potions that would help his appearance.

He found a few books on the types of potions that might help, so he sat in his flat and studied the text as much as possible. But since he had another month before he's first operation, he decided to try and make the potions, to see if he could as he was never very good at potions. He knew he did better when he used Snape's book and wished that it never got destroyed.

So again Harry went into the magical town, but this time he kept a hat low over his head, but he had changed the colour of his hair and used a glamour on his nose, making it bigger and gave himself a full beard. He knew it would only last a few hours, but he thought that's all he would need. He bought enough of all the ingredients so he wouldn't need to return for a long time. He also bought scales, knifes, stirring rods, three burners and three different size cauldrons. When he had everything he needed, he shrunk he's purchases and headed back home to practice making the potions.

Harry admitted he was nervous, this was a very big operation and a big change, but to Harry it was necessary, it would turn him into the person he was supposed to be. When he used the stone and explained to his parents, they didn't even seem surprised. Maybe like Sirius said, they had been watching, so if they were watching him over the last few years, than they would have seen how Harry was.

It took a lot to keep this secret from his friends. He had a feeling Hermione would understand, but he didn't think Ron could ever accept it. Now he was glad he never told them, they were a couple, if Ron couldn't accept Harry's change then he couldn't expect Hermione to go behind her boyfriend's back to see him. It wouldn't be right and he was not going to put them in that type of situation.

Harry never woke until hours after his first operation and even though he had been given drugs to control the pain, he still felt a bit of it.

It took a few days before Harry could move without the pain becoming too severe, so he would keep walking slowly up and down the corridors, sometimes heading to the cafeteria. He did that mainly to watch the people come and go, that was one thing Harry did a lot over the years, watch people. This time was different as they were all muggles, but Harry still kept his scar covered just in case one of these muggles had a magical relative. He had dyed his hair because it would last longer than a glamour, he just couldn't take the chance that anyone from the magical world would find out what he was doing.

After the bandages were removed, the first thing he did was ask to see himself, the doctor and nurse must be used to this question so the nursed had a mirror ready. When Harry saw himself that first time, yes he looked different, but he felt now he was starting to look how he was supposed to look.

For a month he had to stay at home, nothing strenuous before he could have the second operation, which turned out to be just as bad as the first in regard to the pain. But again, he thought he was now looking as he should. The doctors had been explained that some things could never be medically altered, but Harry found a few good spells and when combined with potions would help with the few things that muggle medicine couldn't.

Again he rested for a month before going back for his check up, which meant a full naked check up, but he was getting used to that. Harry stared at himself in the long mirror in the doctors office with a huge smile on his face.

Once that was over, Harry had to see another doctor who could use plastic surgery on his scar. He was examined, then asked how he got such an unusual scar. Harry lied even though he hated doing that to anyone, but he said he got it in a car crash that killed his parents, that usually stopped anymore questions.

Harry again smiled when he looked in the mirror to see that his famous lightning shaped scar was gone. It took a while to heal just like the others did, but to Harry it was worth it. He went to see about his eyes next and the last thing he would need to make his transformation complete. Once all his changes were made, he went to see one more specialist that could show him how to use certain products that he would need. That again took a few visits before he got it right. Now it was time to work on the parts that muggle medicine couldn't help with, his magic and potions is what was needed now.

Harry first stood naked in front of the large mirror, smiling at the sight before him. Then he dressed before looking in the mirror again.

'Now that's how I am supposed to look, this is the real me. So goodbye Harry James Potter, for good. I am sorry that I cannot keep my parents names, but it would be too suspicious. But anyone seeing me now would never see the magical worlds hero, the-boy-who-lived, the chosen one, the saviour, no they won't. All they will see is a very nice looking woman with dark red hair, green eyes, a decent set of breasts, without being too big, a nice figure that his little black dress showed off nicely.

'Hello Rose Vanes, welcome to the world,' Rose laughed loudly but she could not stop staring at himself, 'The pain was worth it, but if any of my male friends knew I'd had my cock and balls cut off and now had a vagina, that I now had breasts. That I had used magic and potions to shrink my adams apple, remove the hair from my body and made my legs look more feminine. They would probably put me in the mind damaged ward at St Mungo's. But this is me, this is who I am meant to be, a woman, not a man. Now it's time to go out into the world as Rose Vanes and start his life. I wonder what sex with be like the first time, having a cock go inside me,' Rose laughed again, knowing she would soon be ready to face the world. It had taken a year to make the transformation, but a year Rose thought was completely worth it.

Once Rose healed completely she put on a dress that belonged to her mother, she ran her hands down over her breasts, her flat stomach and thought she looked good. She left the house and headed into London to do some shopping, not just for clothes, but for shoes, makeup, all types of female products. She had some, but it was now time to try all different types until she found the ones right for her. By the time she finished she had spent over five thousand pounds, but Rose thought it was all worth it.

Over the next five years, Rose learned everything she would need so when she went back to the magical world, she would have a career. Her looks would make it impossible for anyone to connect her with Harry Potter. He had been gone for six years, but only Rose knew he would never return because he was gone, for good.

Tomorrow was going to be a big tests, to see if anyone recognised her and if they did, Rose wasn't going to answer questions. She would say they were mistaken and tried to act like it was hilarious. If that happened then she would leave and try not to go into magical towns very often. She had been lucky with the scar, muggle surgery was able to get rid of it with skin grafts. Being done by dark magic meant it could not be healed by magical means, so sometimes resorting to the muggle world worked better. Then muggle laser surgery done on her eyes, Rose believe no one would ever pick up on the fact that she used to be male, that she used to be Harry Potter. He used to wear glasses, now she was Rose Vanes, who didn't.

One thing Rose did do when she returned to England was use power that no one knew she had. With her invisibility cloak over herself she was able to apparate onto the grounds of Hogwarts. She couldn't believe how the old castle looked, like it was never damaged. Rose checked to make sure Hagrid wasn't inside his cabin, snuck in and gathered up some of the stuff Hagrid usually had but she knew he would never use it. A unicorn horn, some unicorn hair, hair and fangs from an acromantula, some dragon scales and dragon blood. She left a heap of galleons on the table before sneaking down to the greenhouses. Rose made a list of every plant in there, then again he took some cuttings and pods, leaving a pile of galleons on one of the table.

Rose realise that with the potions she would need to take for the rest of her life, that's what gave her the idea of opening her own business. She bought a big property on the edge of Hogsmeade and the only reason she came back to a place where everyone knew who her former persona was, as Harry, he loved this town, Rose still felt that way.

Rose set up her own greenhouses and gardens that she could grow everything she would need. The other ingredients meant buying from dealers or places like the apothecary. She had been lucky, she got in contact with people that dealt in hard to get ingredients, like dragon heart strings, dragon's blood, tail hair from unicorns and hippogriffs, and a wide range of stuff from magical creatures. She made sure she had an area set aside for frogs and newts as there parts were used in a far few potions. Some flowers or plants she needed were expensive but worth it in the end and she didn't have the expertise to grow them so buying them was best. Adding a petal from the right orchard made her potions stronger and last longer than it would if she used a petal from any orchard, same with the lily and again with roses. Using a red petal worked differently than a white one. It took her a long time to learn, but it was worth it in the end.

During her time recuperating from her operations, she studied up on all aspect of potions and ingredients, now she had a huge potions room set up. After contacting the ministry, they sent someone to inspect everything, her potions, her work room, her store cupboard, her greenhouse, her charms to keep certain plants from harming anyone. After the inspection he had given Rose her licence to sell potions or ingredients.

That day made Rose nervous, mainly to see if the man would recognise her, he never did which made Rose relax for the first time since she came home. She had been gone six years, the first year spent on her transformation, the next getting used to her new self. Finally she started to travel so she could learn the craft of potion making and buy anything she thought she would need. Naturally she would always need to travel to replace ingredients when they became low or ingredients that went off after a certain amount of time.

It was during that time she found an old potions master who took her on as a student, taught Rose everything she would ever need to make any potion she wished. She was also now a potions master, or mistress Rose would say to herself which always made her laugh.

Rose placed adds in all the magical newspapers and magazines. She also had shops in Hogsmeade and Diagon alley put a small poster up with the name of her shop. The poster had a white lily on it and even though Rose thought it might get some people suspicious, she had to use a lily as it was her mother that had passed on her talent of potions to Rose.

Within weeks of advertising, Rose was quite busy with customers, including a lot mail orders. She had seen familiar faces, no one looked at her like they knew her, which made Rose relax even more.

Some days, Rose would make herself breakfast, lunch or dinner, other times she would go out. Today she decided to go out, so she stepped into the Three Broomsticks, order her breakfast and sat at one of the tables near the window. When she finished eating, she sat with a cup of coffee and watched the people come and go. She had met a few of the other shop keepers and again she had been nervous, but no one picked up on who she really was. She took a sip of her coffee before glancing out the window.

'Oh, it must be a Hogsmeade weekend. If I rush out people might get suspicious,' Rose took a couple of deep breaths to help her relax, then watched as students from the school stepped inside, ordering butterbeers. She did see a couple of younger brothers or sisters of old friends, there was a strong resemblance, but when some of the staff stepped inside, that's when her heart rate picked up.

Rose saw McGonagall, Flitwick, Slughorn and Sprout sit at a table. Then she saw Snape who was talking to Rosermta and if Rose wasn't mistaken, Rosermta gestured towards her. Rose stood, brushed her dress down, then strolled as casually as she could out of the pub.

'Miss Vanes.'

Rose stopped feeling the panic rise because she knew that voice. She turns, 'Yes, I'm Miss Vanes.'

'I'm Professor Snape, from the school. I was told it's you that own the potions shop here in Hogsmeade.'

'Yes, that's right. I remember your orders Professor. Were they to your satisfactory?'

'Very much so, which surprised me. Not many people are up to making such complicated potions.'

'I enjoy brewing potions, it doesn't help my hair, but that's the price you pay to do something you love. If I'm not mistaken, you are not the potions master at Hogwarts anymore.'

'No, I am the defence against the dark arts teacher, but I still use certain potions myself. Horace is good enough to teach students, but he is not a potions master, where you are.'

'Is there something you need?' Rose was hoping she could leave before something in Snape clicked to who she was.

'No, I just wished to thank you for opening your shop and of course, having the experience to brew potions. If you do not mind me asking, because I do not recognise you, did you attend Hogwarts?'

'No, I studied overseas, but I always knew I would return home.'

'Then I am pleased you returned. May I ask one more question?'

'You may, I might not be able to answer Professor.'

'Call me Severus.'

'Rose,' she nodded.

'You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago, a woman with dark red hair and green eyes. You have the same dark red hair and green eyes, but that is not all you have in common. Her name was Lily, yours is Rose, both flowers. You would not be related to Lily Evans would you?'

'No, I'm not, haven't you ever asked her about her family?'

'She died a long time ago.'

'I am sorry for you loss, but I must go Severus. It was nice to meet you,' Rose shook Severus' hand, she felt like a spark that went through her body. She snatched her hand away then turned and walked as quickly as she could, but she could feel Snape's eyes on her, 'No, he can't find out, but what was that feeling?' Rose was almost running by the time she got to her house, which was hard to do in high heel shoes.