Chapter six

Rose sent a message to Hermione to find out if she could meet at Rose's house that night. Rose needed advice; she needed to talk to another woman.

Rose paced the living room when she heard the knock on her door and practically ran, yanking it open.

'Rose, what is it?' Hermione hugged her friend as she pushed the door closed.

'Oh Hermione.'

'Tell me,' Hermione helped Rose sit down, 'Did someone find out, you're not going to leave are you?'

'I don't want to, but yes, Severus. He said he won't tell anyone but it's not just about that. Okay,' Rose took a couple of calming breaths, 'From the moment Severus met me, Rose I mean, it was instant, an attraction. I tried to deny it; I even stopped eating in Hogsmeade on the weekends the students visit. But he visited the shop then he came here. He knew I had something to do with Lily Evans and thought I was her daughter. He admitted he was attracted to me but wasn't sure it would be right, being Lily's daughter. Then he wasn't sure if he was attracted to me or because I look like my mother. I told him the truth, he even offered to make an unbreakable vow so I would know he wouldn't say anything, but I knew he wouldn't. He was shocked but after a few minutes, he um, he kissed me.'

'But that's good, isn't it, especially if you were attracted to him.'

'I am, but, oh I don't know. He knows who I was; he was in love with my mother. I don't know if I could trust his feelings, me or my mother. But I'm also worried that if we start something then…Harry will come into it and he never liked Harry because of who he looked like. I don't know if it's worth starting anything. Oh but I do like him Hermione, hard to believe isn't it?'

'No, even though he's nose is on the large size, he does have this ruggedly hansom air about him and I will admit this though, never to anyone else, but he does have a very sexy voice. From the time the war was over, he was nice, we all thought so and we were all shocked at how he acted, how he spoke to us. Neville stuttered for so long when Severus asked how he was and how his parents were. I squeezed his hand tight until he was finally able to answer. Severus never made us feel awkward even though we stared at him. Rose, if you like him and he likes you and knows the truth, then what could it hurt?'

'I don't know, what if something goes wrong?'

'You mean what if he dies, right?'

Rose sighed as she shrugged, 'It happened to me a lot, you know that. I just think spending my life alone is the only way I won't feel that pain again.'

'But is a life that you are just living with no love worth it? It's like your just surviving instead of living. I know you are good at potions and you are dedicated, but you need more in life, you need love, everyone does. I know you have my love, a friends love, but everyone needs to find someone they can love and spend the rest of their life with. Look at the war Rose, look how often you could have died, how often all of us could have died. We fought to live in a free world, to live as we want, to love who we wanted. You of all people deserve to love someone and be loved in return. What did Albus Dumbledore tell you and more than once?'

Rose smiled, 'That I'm full of love.'

'Yes, yet your smothering that, trying to stop it coming out. You can't do that Rose, let yourself love.'

'It's so good to talk to you about this, about anything. So many times I wanted to talk to you about girly things, but I didn't want you to get suspicious and Ron was usually around.'

'We can talk girly stuff anytime you want, especially clothes, makeup and shoes, lots of shoes.'

Rose giggled making Hermione laugh, 'I had to hide my giggles from all of you. I usually turned it into a cough.'

'It's so…girly,' Hermione chuckled making Rose giggle again, 'But answer this if you can. In our fifth year, Umbridge the bitch and what was going on. You would disappear a lot, using the cloak and map. Were you at one time giggling in an unused classroom on the fourth floor?'

'Um, yeah, but how did you know?'

'Ron and I went looking for you to make sure you were alright because of what she was making you do with the quill. I happened to pass by that room when I heard a very girly giggle, I figured it was a ghost when I peered through the crack and didn't see anyone. I never imagined it was you because it did sound like a girl. But you did the right thing Rose, you are meant to be female. Let me tell you this, I found a book about sexual feelings and genetics. It's not that uncommon for some people to believe they were born with the wrong genitalia. There is a specific time when the fetus develops, so it will be a boy or girl. Some healers believed that these people that think they should be opposite is that something happened during that time, something that should not have happened. Some said that maybe the mother ate or drank something that stopped the boy becoming a girl and became a boy instead. Some mentioned potions that might have been inhaled, some mentioned spells. They said everyone that felt they were the wrong gender all said the same thing, I know I'm not this person, I know I'm not meant to be a boy or a girl depending on who they spoke to. So you see, when your mother was pregnant with you, something made you become a boy when you should have been a girl. It's a shame there is no one around who knew your parents during that time. They might have known if your mother was sick or she inhaled a potion she shouldn't have. It would be nice to know one way or another.'

'My mother was good at potions; Severus's memory let me know. I spoke with Dumbledore during sixth year, he said my mother and Severus were the best in the year at potions. Maybe you're right, she might have been making potions and didn't know she was pregnant. I know there are quite a few that pregnant woman need to stay away from. That is one reason why I haven't invited you to see my potions room. I normally have a dozen potions brewing at the same time and at least one or two should not be breathed in if you're pregnant or even trying to conceive, like you are.'

'See, you were meant to be Rose, something just went wrong. But back to what we were discussing, Severus, are you going to see him?'

Rose gave a small shy smile, 'I want to, but I'm so nervous.'

'That's natural; everyone is when they first start dating. You know Rose, if Severus or Harry were gay I could see those two men in a relationship and do you know why?'

'No, they hated each other so how could they?'

'They are very similar, in a lot of way. Harry liked to spend time alone, even when Ron and I were sitting with him, he was off in his own world. How many times did we have to go find him mainly because he had been gone for hours and we were worried and then we did find him just sitting somewhere all by yourself. Severus has spent his life alone and from everything that came out about him, after the war, he never had any relationships. For all we know he might have dated but it never lasted. Think of this as well, both were raised with a muggle or in your cases, muggles. His father was a very abusive muggle who used to beat his wife and occasionally his son. Harry was raised with those people, starved, locked up, treated like a slave, locked up most of the time. Another thing, Harry and Severus were both connected to Voldemort, in different ways I give you but they were and both were willing to give up their life to end the war. He lost the woman he loved, Harry lost his family. Both men are very serious and both men are very reserved, they like to keep anything about themselves private. So even though Rose is a beautiful talented woman, those traits are still there, except now you're giggling when Harry hardly laughed.'

Rose kept staring at her friend and she listened to what she said, Hermione was right. Severus and Harry were very much alike, very similar backgrounds and Rose did still have a lot of those traits. Maybe it is time Rose invited Severus over for dinner so they can sit and talk, openly and honestly.

Severus was sitting at the staff table having breakfast, his eyes kept scanning the great hall to make sure students were behaving. When the owls arrived he was surprised when one dropped a letter in front of him, a letter with a Lily on it. Severus could see some curious looks but all he did was put the letter in his robes.

Once breakfast was over, Severus left the great hall, heading to his chambers where he stared at the envelope for the longest time before he finally read.

"Dear Severus, I would like to invite you to dine with me this evening. If you cannot make it or do not wish to join me can you please send me an owl. If you do decide to join me, then there is no reason to respond. But I will admit even though I am nervous, I do want to see you again, Rose."

Severus kept staring at the letter, 'I can't deny I'm not attracted to you Rose, even with the knowledge of who you used to be. Should we start something? but if we don't, we could be passing up an opportunity to have the one we are meant to be with.'

Rose kept herself busy with customers and her potions. Over the first few hours she never received an owl which told her Severus was going to join her for dinner. And thanks to Hermione who was going to arrive a couple of hours before to help her put together a meal.

'I can see your nervous Rose, try to relax.'

'I think that's impossible, but I think I understand why girls are a little more wary than boys when it comes to sex. Were you nervous Hermione?'

'Petrified, shaking like a leaf. Ron had been so patient with me, he never pressured me even though we had been together for more than a year. The night he proposed is the night it happened. It's worth it and even after the first few times you're still a little nervous, a little embarrassed showing your body.'

'I worked hard to get my body and I have to say it looks good, but no one apart from the doctors have seen me.'

'You'll know when you're ready, which won't be tonight. You and Severus will have a very romantic dinner, you will talk and you will get to know each other, you will probably kiss as well. But I don't think Severus is the type that would pressure you into sex on the first date.'

'I know he wouldn't, but I know if this works it will happen.'

'Yes it will,' Hermione smiled encouragingly, 'Before I go as everything is ready and under a warming charm, so all you need to do is serve. With Ron, I realise why you never want anyone to know, but he kept your secrets all through our Hogwarts years. Do you think one day you could trust him with this?'

'I don't know, I was going to speak with you about this as you know Ron better than anyone. You would know how he would react to hearing his mate is now a girl.'

'I believe after we've woken him,' Hermione giggled making Rose giggle, 'he would ask how you could cut that off, then ask why. He will be shocked, we both know that, but I think he will accept it once you explain. There's no hurry though so you've got time to think about it. But I promise I will never pressure you into tell him, or anyone. Now though, you need to get yourself together, you are about to have a very romantic dinner and hopefully, a lot of snogging.'

Rose giggled then hugged her friend, 'Let's hope.'

Hermione smiled again then left, but she knew tonight would be a little awkward at the beginning.

Rose had one dress that she never had a chance to wear, now she did. It would show her figure and a little bit of cleavage. She didn't want to appear like she would jump into bed with the first man she saw, but this dress did look good on her.

Rose made sure everything looked perfect, she kept fixing the cutlery or the flowers to stop herself from pacing. When she heard the knock on her door, she squeaked, she took a couple of deep breaths then opened the door. She had to smile at the look Severus gave her, it told her he liked what he saw.

'Come in Severus.'

'Thank you,' Severus stepped into the living room, 'You look lovely.'

'Thank you. Would you like a glass of wine, or maybe something stronger?'

'Wine thank you,' Severus watched Rose move, her dress clung to her body and watching her was making his body do things it hadn't in a long time.

Rose handed Severus his wine, 'So how are the students, still…dunderheads?'

Severus chuckled, 'Yes, every one of them, but now I don't have to worry about them blowing up the potions room.'

'Do you know that when I thought of you, as a teacher I mean, I used to think that you might leave Hogwarts, find something else to do. You never seemed happy teaching.'

'At the time it was needed, but I admit I do not mind teaching, I just do not like having to deal with so many children. I have nothing against children, but dealing with hundreds every day can tax anyone's resolve.'

'I admit you were a good teacher, but you did not seem to know how to deal with the kids. I could never picture you as a father, sorry.'

'Don't be, I did have hope I would have a family one day, I gave up that dream a long time ago. You, nor anyone else ever saw me with Draco as a baby then a young child. I would enjoy playing with my godson, I enjoy spending time with his son, even though he is a little on the spoiled side.'

'I did not know you were his godfather. How is he doing?'

'Very well, now he no longer has to put up with Lucius. He married Astoria Greengrass, they had a son a year ago, his name is Scorpius.'

'I spoke with Astoria once, one of the only Slytherin's who was nice. We both wanted the same book from the library, I let her take it even though she was going to let me have it. I said I would borrow Hermione's. I think she was the only Slytherin I didn't want to hex.'

'Oh yes, you and many of my snakes wanted to hex each other as often as you could. This is a very unusual situation…Rose. We're talking about times when you weren't Rose, but all I see is Rose.'

'I knew if we were to see each other, whether it was friends or…more, then it would be inevitable that our past would get brought up. I figured since you do know the truth, then we can at least talk and be honest. Having to live this life meant lying to a lot of people and I do not like to lie. So if we can speak about our time at Hogwarts honestly without it being awkward, I believe it should help. All I ask is that you remember I am a woman, in every way.'

'I do know about those muggle procedures and I can tell you are all woman, Rose,' Severus smiled when Rose blushed. He really did see a woman, a very beautiful woman. He hoped very soon they might be more than friends. For now it was time to get to know Rose and put Harry Potter to rest.

Severus put his glass down then took Rose's glass and sat it down next to his. He moved closer until he was almost touching the beautiful woman standing in front of him. He could tell Rose was nervous, but he could also tell she wanted to be kissed, so he did. When the kiss began to get serious, their arms went around each other and their bodies were touching. Severus knew instantly that this was right, that Rose was the woman for him.

Rose melted into Severus' arms as the kiss went on and on. Her body began to react. So even though she knew what it felt like for a boy to get turned on, now she was being turned on as a woman, by a man who knew what he was doing. Rose knew Severus would not expect anything, and Rose was not ready for more than some kisses and a nice night. But one thing Rose knew, this was the man for her. She had finally found the one she was meant to be with.

It took Harry Potter to disappear and for Rose Evans to emerge but Rose finally had everything she ever wanted. She had a good life, a business that was very successful, she had friends and now she had a man she knew she was beginning to fall in love with. Rose finally had what everyone dreamed about, someone to love.

The end: