At that moment, she should have left.

Glaring at the man across the room, she drew her wand. Anger coursed though her veins, her hands shaking, her mind reeling. "Say that again." She whispered, not trusting herself not to yell if she spoke any louder.

The red-haired man ran his fingers through his hair, sighing loudly, obviously annoyed at the witch across from him. "I said, I'm done. You're asking too much of me. I found someone else."

"I'm asking too much of you!?" Her voice shook as she stared incredulously at her now ex lover. "And you found someone else!? Have you slept with her yet?"

Ron sighed again, "Come on now, 'Mione, you know how much I want a family. You're saying you want a career over kids? That's not-"

"That is not what I said, and you know it! I said that I'd rather wait a few years so I can get my career started. We're only twenty, Ronald! I'm not ready for marriage, kids, I need some time!" Hermione fought back tears, refusing to let Ron see the pain he is causing her.

"Well, I found someone who doesn't want to wait. She's pregnant." Ron said, his blue eyes boring holes into hers. "I packed my things while you were working late. I'm sorry."

"Ron! Wait!" Hermione raised her hand to stop him from leaving, but a loud crack echoed through their, no her, flat. She sank to the floor, finally allowing her tears to escape. Painful memories started surfacing as she looked around the flat, memories of their short time here together all seemed to attack her at once. The memory of the time Ron had almost burnt down the flat after trying to cook dinner the muggle way, the memory of Harry coming over after he had proposed to Ginny. She sighed, she couldn't stand to stay here alone. Without thinking, she stepped into her Floo, and called out her partner's flat.

Confused by her own actions, Hermione stepped out of the fireplace and into the living room of Draco Malfoy's flat. She should have left, but as her thoughts caught up to her actions, Malfoy walked into the living room.

"Granger?" He asked, concerned, "Is everything okay?"

Hermione just burst into tears, "I'm sorry, I should go," she mumbled as she turned, trying to escape the embarrassment of crying in her partner's flat.

"Hey," Draco said, pulling her away from the fireplace and onto his couch. "What's going on?" He brushed her curls out of her face, his thumb wiping some of the tears falling down her cheek. "I'm not just your partner at work, I'm your friend. Talk to me."

Hermione leaned forward, burying her face into his chest as she sobbed. "He left me," was all she had to say. Draco wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him, his hand rubbing circles in her back as she cried. "I'm sorry, I don't know why I came here. I should go." She said as she pulled away, wiping the tears off her face.

"Hermione," She gasped, she couldn't remember a time when Malfoy had called her by her first name. "You're more than welcome to stay here, I've got plenty of space. You don't look like you want to be alone."

The witch simply nodded, forcing herself to look into her partner's grey eyes. "Thanks."

"Why don't you go take a bath, I'll get started on dinner," Draco smiled softly as he helped her up off the couch and lead her to the guest bathroom. "Everything you'll need is in there." He shut the door behind him as he left, leaving Hermione alone in the forgein space.

Slowly she turned on the water, looking at the different bottles of hair care products and soaps in the bathroom. She grabbed a fluffy white towel out of the cabinet before she climbed into the warm water. Hermione let more tears fall as she laid in the tub, the betrayal of the man she loved left her feeling empty, like there was a part of her that she'd never get back. After the water began turning cold, she got out of the tub. As she redressed, she thought of an excuse to give Malfoy so she could leave. She would deal with him in the office later, she couldn't stay here. It was unprofessional and rude, she told herself as she walked back out towards the kitchen. The aroma from the kitchen was mouth watering, the grumble from her stomach reminded her she hadn't ate anything since breakfast. Okay, fine, I'll leave after dinner, she told herself.

"That smells amazing Malfoy," Hermione said as she leaned against the counter.

Draco turned and smiled at her, "I hope you like Italian."

The pair ate in silence, only the sounds of glasses and silverware clinking against each other ringing through the room. "Thank you for the food, Malfoy, it was incredible."

"Not a problem, Granger. One of the few good things about my childhood was cooking with my mother." He smiled sadly at the memories. Hermione looked at him softly, her eyes drifting to his toned arms, his chest peaking out behind the top few buttons he had undone of his work shirt. When she glanced back up at his eyes, she found him staring at her. She blushed, and quickly looked away, trying to hide by taking a sip of her wine.

"I really must get going, I can't intrude on you, especially on a Friday." She said, not looking at him as she got up. Suddenly Draco's hand was on her waist, his body dangerously close to hers.

I should leave.

"Stay, Hermione." He said, his grey eyes staring into her soul. "Please." All she could do was nod as his other hand found its way to her cheek, gently caressing her face. He leaned down, bringing his lips close to hers, but refusing to make the move. At that moment she should have left.

Hermione closed her eyes, and leaned in to his kiss. She felt Draco stiffen in surprise, as if he'd expected her to slap him instead of kiss him back. His mouth moved gently against hers, sending a small wave of pleasure across her body. Her tongue tentatively reached out, brushing against his lips in search of more. Draco moaned softly as their tongues intertwined. Hermione's body was on fire, these feelings were unlike any she had felt before. The softness of his touch, his lips, sent electricity throughout her body. His hand in her hair, gently pulling, made her feel like she was flying. She reached up and ran her fingers through his soft hair, relishing in the way Draco responded to her. He pulled her flush to his body, his arm snaking around her waist. The fireworks going off in her brain sent sparks to her fingers as she tugged at his hair, making Draco moan with pleasure. Seeing an opportunity, Hermione gently bit his bottom lip, dragging her teeth as she pulled away. Their eyes met, Draco's soft grey eyes now burning with desire. He kissed her again, forgoing the gentleness of the previous kiss, he feverishly moved away from her mouth and down her neck, nipping and kissing as he went. Hermione moaned, tilting her head back in pleasure. The blonde made his way back to her lips, kissing her again. The passion between them was a roaring fire, ready to engulf anything that stood in their way. The electricity in her fingertips encouraging her to continue touching the blonde, not wanting her to pull away. The fireworks going off around them drew them closer, as if they would be burned if they pulled away.

She pulled away from the blonde anyway, meeting his gaze.

At that moment, she should have left.

"I felt that too," He said softly as he untangled his hand from her curls.

"I should go," Hermione said softly, talking more to herself than to the wizard standing so close to her.

"Why?" Draco asked, the hand on her hip still lingering.

"If I stay, I won't leave." She blushed as she spoke, but kept her eyes locked on his, hoping that he understood what she meant.

"Then stay."