AN: My headcanon for Jeller own kid is like this: The little boy looks completely like his father from head to toe, and nothing like his mother—not even the slightest. And it's like a phenomenon, to other people, when they see it...(Sorry that this's in present tense while the precious chapter is in past tense; I just did what sounded natural to me at the time)

Years full of ups and downs and sleepless nights went by. And by now, the infant, Peter, has turned into a toddler, a quiet and charming one with features that make everyone see him comment on how drastically he looks like his father from head to toe, and nothing like his mother—not even the slightest. Kurt smiles, feels honored whenever he hears others say like that, and Jane simply agrees.

Both parents think that Peter is just a toddler, hasn't formed fully yet, and making such comments about his looks seems to be overdone. But, really, as the days pass, and as he grows up, the fact is more confirmed, hard to ignore.

Even their closest friends, to this modern day, make the same fuss about it over and over, as if it were a revelation. When in special occasions Jane and Kurt share exclusive family photos in the group chat with them, everyone pretends to freak out, and all the replies unite on how crazy Peter is basically his daddy's twin. Though everything is said in a funny manner—they all eventually laugh, including Jane—except for one rude reply that implies how Jane looks like a nanny between Kurt and Peter in the photos—no wonder who would be the one saying such a thing.

The comments regarding the matter increase in number and can be presumptuously said sometimes—new friends throw questions if Peter is actually Jane's biological son, others stick their noses and advise the parents to run a DNA test for Peter to investigate the matter.

Jane herself finds it hilarious, really, the way people think of it, surprised at their narrow mentality. And Kurt does too. But at one calm evening he spots Jane folding small pieces of Peter's clothes, and so he comes over and beings helping, though she doesn't need the help, he knows—but after how long they've been together, the instinct for them to do everything in collaboration never seems to fade. And when they're done with folding, he asks her to be honest and tell him how does it really make her feel when hearing such comments from people, if she ever feels touchy because of it, the whole fact, given that she's been so incredibly passionate about this baby before he was in her womb yet, that she's been the one to have carried him for nine months, around forty weeks, spent half a day on labor and went through awful afterbirth pain for a period of time afterward, only so Kurt can get all the credit and she be teased about it?

She then looks up at him, blinks in surprise at each and every word he's said, and then chuckles lightly. "What, you think it makes me sad or something?"

"I don't know, you tell me, how does it make you feel, the whole fact not just what others say?"

"Of course it makes me happy! The whole fact makes me happy." She states for once and all, loud and clear.

"It does?"

Her face changes a little at the sight of him debate her statement. So she takes his hands in hers, locks her gaze with his, and continues, "Wanna know something, Kurt, huh? Every time I gaze at you, let's say in a moment of silence, I can't help but think this's exactly how Peter is gonna look like once he grows up, becomes an adult, like you now, and vice versa—every time I gaze at Peter I could easily see you in him when you were Peter's age. It's the best feeling imaginable, I swear. I must say thank you, Kurt! You've left remarkable traces of you in him—effortlessly though but it's still something priceless. And God, who do I love more in this world than you two?"

The soft smile Jane wears at the end clears all of his worries that have been lingering. Sometimes—such as this time—Kurt wonders if how much Jane can make him feel has got something to do with magic, because it makes him go back in time and fall in love with her all over again in an instant.

"What would I do without you?" He keeps wondering, awash with affection for this woman who reaches out for him in a delicate, seductive manner.

"Let's not think about it." She whispers, putting an end to the topic.