The blonde's nails had started bleeding from how much she was chewing on them. Elsa couldn't help it though; it was a nervous habit. To be fair, the girl felt she had a reason to be nervous. Truth or dare may not be scary but this version was.

Elsa had a popular vlog with her best friend Jack Frost. The pair had been doing videos for a few years. Recently, they had hit 3 million subscribers and, to celebrate, they were making the most requested video: truth or dare.

Pacing back and forth, Elsa began to wonder why she agreed to this. She had absolutely no desire to play this game, not with Jack. In fact, she was the reason they hadn't done it earlier. Elsa was positive what kinds of truths and dares there would be and yet entirely unsure how to handle them.

"Stop that, Els." Jack chuckled as he entered the room and began setting up the camera. "All your nervous energy is freaking me out."

Elsa rolled her eyes, shooting him a small glare. This was going to be terrible. There was no way this would go well. Would they even be able to continue their channel after this? "You know how I get about this sort of stuff. There's no telling what they will have us do and admit to." She sighed, wondering again why she had agreed to this.

Jack laughed lightly, walking over to her and placing his hands on her shoulders. He stared straight into her eyes. "Els, it'll be okay." He assured her. "If it seems like you're getting uncomfortable I'll try to ease the tension a bit."

Elsa had to admit, the sincerity in his eyes did calm her down. Jack was the only reason she was able to handle being a YouTuber. The blonde felt she wasn't meant for the public eye; however, doing a youtube channel with Jack was worth it. In fact, it was rather fun.

Sure, being pranked constantly wasn't the best and he had once tricked her into eating a beetle. Still, it was something that bonded the pair and Elsa loved that. Being with Jack made everything worth it. Besides, Elsa had once dumped a bucket of slime on his head so they were even.

The blonde was snapped from her thoughts as her sister practically hopped into the room. "Are you guys ready?" Anna squealed. "I am sooo ready! I am serious, guys, the stuff your fans came up with is mindblowing! I cannot wait!"

Elsa groaned, falling onto the nearby couch. Her sister's enthusiasm only made this worse. It was proof that this was actually going to be as bad as she suspected. There was no way Anna would be this excited unless the truths and dares were what Elsa feared.

Okay, so, Elsa may have the tiniest of crushes on her best friend. And maybe, just maybe, she was afraid that would get revealed in this video. Their fans suspected this, of course, so there was no way they wouldn't mention it.

It was a running joke in her and Jack's videos but what would happen when it wasn't a joke anymore. How would Jack react to knowing Elsa's crush? The girl was sure this video would be the end of their friendship.

"Everything seems good," Anna confirmed as she inspected the camera. Elsa's sister was obsessed with video editing and cameras so, naturally, she was the one running the camera and editing the videos. "And it's nearly 3 so you should get in positions. Don't want to keep your fans waiting, after all."

Jack headed over to the couch where Elsa was laying. He made sure their buckets of truths and dares were in position before glancing over at Elsa. "It'll be fine, Els. We've got this."

The blonde nodded. She hadn't felt this nervous in a long time. At first, Jack had needed to assure before every video but as their fanbase grew so did Elsa's confidence. At least, until now Elsa had felt confident.

Anna was pointing the camera at them, a smile on her face. "Okay, I'm going to start it in," The strawberry blonde stopped talking, holding up her fingers. Three, two, and then one.

Elsa felt a smile come onto her face, despite all the nerves bubbling up inside her. God, why was this so terrifying?

"Hello and welcome back to Jelsa! I'm Jack-"

"And I'm Elsa-"

"Together, we're Jelsa," the pair finished together. Jelsa was both the name of their channel and their ship name. When Elsa and Jack had first combined their names they hadn't even realized that was a popular trend for couples. Elsa flushed slightly at the thought of them being an actual couple.

"As you know," Jack began. "We recently hit 3 million! If you haven't watched our thank you video then go ahead and click the link in the bio. Spoiler alert, I nearly killed Elsa!"

Elsa rolled her eyes, faking a glare at the boy. "I told you that you shouldn't try and juggle fire for the video!" Elsa felt a small smile slipping onto her face at the image of Jack trying to remain calm as the fire went everywhere. It would have been funny if not for the fact it had been so dangerous.

"I had lessons," Jack tried. The sheepish grin on his face made him look even cuter than usual if that was even possible.

"One lesson!" Elsa laughed before focusing back on the camera. "We aren't here to discuss that though. As you probably have noticed, this video is live which isn't something we normally do."

Jack smiled at the camera. "However, it seemed appropriate for this special, heavily requested, video: truth or dare!" Jack turned to Elsa. "Care to explain how this is going to work, Els?"

The blonde nodded. "Jack and I put a request for truths and dares on our Twitter and the top 50 truths and dares are in these buckets right here." Elsa picked up the bucket of truths while Jack grabbed the dares. "My lovely sister Anna was kind enough to do this part for us so Jack and I have no clue what you guys came up with." Unfortunately, Elsa added mentally.

Setting down the bowl, Jack grabbed a giant dice that had previously been out of view of the camera. He played with it in his hands, before gently tossing it to Elsa.

"And this-" Elsa held up the dice. "Is how we will decide whether to draw a truth or dare. We will roll this giant dice and whatever it lands on, we do. There are three sides that say truth and, naturally, three that say dare."

Jack smirked slightly at Elsa, placing his hand on her knee. She'd be lying if she said that didn't immediately send chills throughout her entire body. The blonde knew what he was doing though; Jack was trying to reassure her before they started. He was so freaking sweet sometimes.

He gave her leg a slight squeeze before speaking. "Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get started. After doing a rock-paper-scissors match before we started, it was decided I would go first."

While that was technically true, Elsa knew he was going to go first no matter what. Jack had won their match but claimed that meant he got to pick who went first; he picked himself. The boy knew how nervous Elsa was and had no doubt gone first because of it.

Elsa passed him the dice. "Time to see what you guys came up with." She laughed lightly, though she was genuinely curious.

"Let's do this!" Jack smirked at the camera, as he often did, before throwing the dice up in the air. It landed on the floor, rolling slightly before finally stumbling onto dare. "Okay, dare, perfect! Els knows that's what I would have picked."

He turned to Elsa to confirm and she nodded. "He claims choosing truth is a sign of weakness, though I personally think that exposing your truth is actually braver."

Jack laughed slightly, sticking his tongue out childishly. It shouldn't have been cute and yet it was. "Yeah, yeah." Jack scratched his hand into the dare bowl, pulling out a slip of paper. "Let your best friend post an embarrassing photo of you."

Jack laughed, sighing dramatically while staring at the camera. "I thought you were better than this." He shook his head slightly, looking over at Elsa. "There are no embarrassing photos of me, right Els? I'm too photogenic!" To prove his point, Jack posed dramatically.

"Clearly," the blonde teased. She pulled out her phone, scrolling through her albums. She stopped when she landed on the photo she wanted. Thankfully it was easy to find since she had a separate folder for pictures of Jack. "Though I do think you're forgetting about this one."

A look of horror flashed on Jack's face as he stared at the picture. "Elsa Crystal Winters, you better not!"

She raised her brow. "Oh, my full name, huh?" She laughed, looking back at the camera. "Go to our Instagram page, Jelsa, to see this picture of the oh so photogenic Jack Lee Frost."

Elsa ignored Jack's glare, looking once more at the photo. In the photo, Jack had just woken up after falling asleep on Elsa's couch, His hair was a mess and he was frowning due to the light Elsa had turned on. While the photo did expose Jack before he had a chance to become the charming boy he usually was, Elsa still found it adorable. God, she was hopeless.

"Hey, don't look so smug! It's your turn now." Jack smirked slightly, tossing her the dice.

The girl caught the dice, holding her breath as she threw it back up in the air. It fumbled around before finally landing on a side. "Truth."

This was going to be it; surely this truth question would be about Jack. There was just no way it wasn't. The blonde hesitantly reached her hand into the truth bowl. She didn't even have to pretend she was nervous; she was positive her fear was already obvious.

Elsa drew in a sharp breath. "What aspect of your body are you most insecure about?" She stared at the question for a moment. It wasn't what she expected so the girl supposed that was good. Still, she didn't really feel like pointing out her flaws to a live audience.

Jack suddenly laughed, surprising Elsa. "Guys, what kind of question is that? I mean, neither of us have any negative features." Jack had sensed her nervousness and was using his abundance of confidence to help ease the situation. "Look at Elsa; a more perfect human does not exist."

Fighting the blush creeping onto her cheeks, Elsa smirked. "Are you saying I'm more perfect than you?"

"Just this once I will admit that, yes, that is what I am saying."

Elsa smiled at him, before turning to focus more on the camera. Anna was still standing behind it, a look in her eyes that the blonde recognized. Of course Anna had taken Jack's comment the way many of their followers probably would: as some kind of love confession.

Elsa ignored her sister. "Honestly, I think the thing I'm most insecure about is my eyes. They are freakishly big, practically taking up my whole face." Elsa opened her eyes wide to prove her point. The girl typically wore very light mascara as she didn't like to do anything that made them appear larger.

"Els, you have the most beautiful eyes though." Jack turned to face her, inspecting her eyes. "Yup, gorgeous."

Now Elsa was sure she was blushing. It was Jack's fault for making that sound so sincere. It almost seemed like he meant it, like he wasn't just trying to calm her down.

Elsa shook her head slightly before throwing Jack the dice. She was sure there would be tons of comments on her reaction to Jack's words considering there always was. The boy probably already knew she liked him based on all the comments pointing out the evidence of it. Of course, people had tried to find evidence of the reverse being true. Maybe that had caused Jack to brush it off.

"Back to me!" Jack dramatically tossed the dice. As expected, it took a moment to land on anything. "Okay, truth. Fine by me; Els said exposing my truth would prove my bravery."

"You are too cocky for your own good." Elsa laughed slightly, sitting back down on the couch. She wondered what kind of question he would get. While she was afraid of getting something that concerned him, she was also scared of the reverse. She wasn't sure how she could keep her face neutral after hearing his obvious rejection.

She focused back on Jack who was just staring at the paper in surprise. It seemed he had gotten a question that even he didn't want to answer.

"Finally, a question you aren't going to mock." Despite her teasing words, Elsa tried to give Jack a reassuring smile.

Jack laughed slightly. "Yes, well, this one doesn't have to do with how attractive we are." Jack's hand went up to rub the nape of his neck.

The blonde felt her eyes go wide in surprise. That was Jack's nervous quirk, nearly the equivalent of Elsa biting her nails. Was it that bad?

"Um, well, the question is whether or not I've ever thought about kissing Elsa." Jack seemed to be avoiding the blonde's gaze, staring only at the camera. A smirk appeared on his face, though Elsa was sure it was forced. "I suppose it comes as no surprise that, considering I am not blind and am able to see what an attractive girl Elsa is, I have thought about it before."

The girl licked her lips automatically, her mouth clearly tempted by the idea of a kiss. As soon as she registered the action she wanted to slap herself; it was sure to be pointed out in the comments that she licked her lips after Jack talked about kissing her.

He hadn't even said that he wanted to, just that he had thought about it. With how much fans mentioned it, Elsa thought it was probably impossible not to at least think about it. The difference was that, unlike Elsa, Jack didn't dwell on that thought.

The dice suddenly hit her, snapping Elsa from her thoughts. The comments were also likely to mention how distracted she was after Jack's answer. Even if a question didn't reveal her feelings, it would still be obvious by the end of this.

"Oops." Jack chuckled. "Um, heads up?"

"A little late, Jack." She grabbed the dice off the floor before rolling it. "Let's see. Oh, um, dare." Elsa wasn't sure which one was worse: truth or dare?

She pulled out a dare from the bowl, slowly opening it to read the contents. Her face paled. Call your crush. It had been revealed in an earlier video that both her and Jack did indeed like someone, though neither said who. That meant that Elsa had to call someone.

Jack placed a hand on her shoulder, leaning over to read the contents. "Oh, now this is a good one!" Jack smirked at her before seeming to notice her expression. "I'm sure he likes you too," he whispered into her ear as reassurance.

He didn't though and they were live. His reaction and rejection would be live for everyone to see. Not to mention, Elsa's heartbreak. The girl shook her head slightly before remembering she had to read the paper aloud.

"Call your crush," She read aloud, trying not to notice the glee on Anna's face.

The blonde figured she could call someone else, anyone else. That hardly seemed fair though. Elsa wasn't a liar and she wouldn't cheat the game. Honesty was the best policy.

Hesitantly, Elsa grabbed out her phone, not letting Jack see her screen. Jack's name was the first on the screen followed by Anna's number. Still, Elsa pretended to still be searching, trying to ignore the inevitable future.

Elsa's thumb tapped his name, the dialing tone beginning. She listened to it, dreading the moment when sound would begin to come from Jack's own phone. Elsa fought back her tears, her heart clenching painfully in her chest. It was pathetic that she was about to cry before she had even been rejected.

A look of confusion stretched onto Jack's face as he stared down at his pocket. It was on vibrate, Elsa realized.

The boy grabbed out his phone and just stared at the screen where Elsa was sure her name appeared. "Els?" He didn't look at her, his eyes still drilling into his phone. "You're calling me?"

The way he said it made it seem like he thought she had made a mistake and accidentally called him. Maybe he just hoped that was the case so he didn't have to reject her in a live video.

He still stared at the phone for a moment before turning to the camera in confusion. He then proceeded to look back and forth between his phone and the camera, as if deciding whether or not to do this in front of the camera.

"Els," He repeated. He finally looked up at her and their eyes locked. If he had any doubts about whether this was some form of a joke, Elsa knew it was gone now.

Elsa just stared at him, an apologetic look on her face. She tried hard to fight her tears. She didn't want to cry, not in front of everyone. "I'm sorry," The words came out hoarse. "I didn't want to tell you like this or even at all. I know us liking each other is just supposed to be some joke for Jelsa but, well, I'm not joking." She tried to ignore the camera. She had practiced confessing a thousand times but the words seemed lost now.

"I just-" The blonde sighed, fighting the urge to leave. "I just can't help it. You're perfect, Jack, even if I shouldn't feed your ego by telling you so. You're not really that conceited though. You're funny and sweet. Oh my, you are so so sweet. I can't even begin to list all the things you do for me. I suppose asking me to do this channel is the most obvious. I never would have done something like this without you. Not to mention, Jack, I really like doing this with you. I'm sorry if this ruins what we have but I like you."

Jack didn't say anything. Instead, he just sat down on the couch, the dare bowl in his hand. He began pulling them out, reading them, and then throwing them on the floor.

Elsa couldn't help but feel slightly hurt. She didn't want him to reject her but him saying nothing was worse. Was he really continuing their game? Elsa supposed they were still recording but that still didn't feel appropriate.

"Ah-ha!" Jack lept up, a piece of paper in his hand. "I know I was supposed to roll the dice and, well, take the first dare I drew. I just knew there had to be something like this in here though." He smiled down at the paper. "Want to know what it says, Els?"

He was asking if she wanted to hear a dare? She had just confessed to him and he was responding with a dare. The girl felt the sudden urge to strangle him. Still, she forced herself to respond. "Sure." The word rolled bitterly off her tongue.

If Jack noticed her tone, he ignored it. "If possible, kiss your crush." He stared at her a moment as if letting her process the words. "It's possible, though I know I shouldn't kiss them without permission. So, Els, do I have your permission?"

Anna squealed though the sound seemed so distant that Elsa wondered if she had imagined it. All she could really hear was the sound of her own heart, so loud she couldn't even think properly. Kiss his crush? Kiss her? Elsa tried to force her brain to function. He was supposed to kiss his crush. He was asking her. She was his crush? Yes, that meant she was his crush. At least, Elsa thought it did.

Jack smirked slightly as if reading Elsa's mind. "You're my crush," he clarified. "May I kiss you?" He walked over to the girl, putting his hand on her shoulders like had done earlier. "Please," He added huskily.

His mouth was so close to hers that she could feel his breath on her skin. Jack's hands were still firmly placed on her shoulders, his eyes locked on hers. "Yes," Elsa whispered so softly she wondered if Jack even heard her.

It seemed he had, though, as he began closing his eyes and leaning in. His lips were getting so close to her own, less than a second away from meeting hers.

Elsa forced herself to shut her eyes, suddenly remembering she hadn't. His lips met hers and Elsa felt herself gasp into his mouth. She really couldn't help it, not when his lips were that soft and that warm. The feeling completely soothed her and she fought the urge to moan.

Meanwhile, Jack had begun to deepen the kiss, moving his hands to Elsa's waist and pulling her closer. It was clear he was desperate to taste more of her and Elsa couldn't help but oblige. They stood there a moment, kissing each other as if their lives depended on it.

Jack was the first to pull away, though he seemed unsure about whether he really should. Their lips were now barely apart, their heads still close enough to where their foreheads were touching. "We probably shouldn't do much more with the camera still on."

Elsa's eyes snapped to where the camera was; she had completely forgotten about it. Not to mention the fact her sister was in the room, staring at them with a teasing smile.

"I know we promised a longer video," Jack suddenly began, addressing the camera. "I think this was enough of a show though. You'll have to excuse me and Elsa but I think we have some things to attend to in private."

Elsa felt all her blood rushing to her face. Did he really have to say it like that? She groaned slightly causing Jack to chuckle.

"Well, we do." He shrugged innocently.

A familiar click sounded, signaling the camera had been shut off. "I'll leave you to it." Anna chuckled, heading out of the room.

"Now, where were we?" And just like that Jack's lips were back against Elsa's, a feeling Elsa knew she wouldn't soon forget.