AU: OK, so I noticed something I missed in the last chapter, besides grammar mistakes and such, character descriptions. So if you want to now how I'm picturing them as I write, here they are.

Harry, I picture as 5'6, I wanted him to be short but not to short, with pale skin that starts to bronze due to sun exposure, Minato style of a spiked mess hairstyle, long bangs, short back, and black. Along his iconic green eyes, that glow from his panther's influence, framed by almond eyes and lashes. I kinda picture him with the movie versions jaw only less squarish and more slender. And his clothes are going to be his battle wear only with a few changes to blend in, such a enlarging his shirt so that it resembles a quarter sleeved hoody and changing his trousers into black yoga pants, that looks to have a scale pattern, leaving his boots to be unchanged.

As for Teddy, he look like any other baby but with cute dimples, a full head of color changing, brownish black usually, hair, and a body full of joyful babyness for godfather and group.

Merle, I kind of picture as the movie did only with a less severe jaw, sandy brown hair peppered with grey and cobalt blue eyes. He also wears the same clothes as the TV version, which is a white T-shirt, olive green coat and brown cargo pants.

Daryl, I picture as the series did. Go Daryl! PS was I the only one shocked by the Rick actor Andrew Lincolns english accent?

Tiredly cracking open his eyes at the sounds of birds chirping all around him. Freezing in place, as he felt around his unfamiliar surroundings, only reassured by the warm weight of Teddy on his chest, sitting up slowly he cautiously looked around to observe his immediate surroundings. He, and a still sleeping Teddy, had somehow appeared in the middle of a over grown field surrounded by trees. Jerking to the side slightly as memories of the previous day suddenly ran through his mind, quickly ending with someone throwing a vial of something at him that exploded into a thick white mist.

Realizing that was his last memory before he had blacked out from the strong disoriented feeling of losing the ground from below his feet somehow, coupled with a strong sense of being pulled somewhere fast. He cast several different purpose diagnostic charms upon Teddy first, and then himself. Sighting with relief, as all that came up was a few minor scrapes and small bruises, no sunburns as it was early dawn, and in his case mild nausea. Casting a few spells to disinfect and purify the skin around the scrapes and lathering it with a tiny bit of murtlap essence, putting on a bit of bruise balm, and taking a nausea potion, they were as spick as span.

Standing he made his way towards the treeline, taking a seat under the shade as he woke Teddy for feeding and a nappy change, banishing the waste and he then placed a contently gurgling Teddy back in his strap and cuddled with him for a bit to regain his energy. Resting a bit against the tree he was taking shelter under, he contemplated what to do next as his panther prowled around in his mind, discontent. Deciding he wanted to now where exactly he was, as his gut was giving off a strange feeling, he cast a tempus, the glowing blue letters spelling out 2:17pm in the air, and set off towards the closest town with a quick point me spell.

But, before he could even get a few feet away, something strange happened, a unsteadily stumbling figure, with a foul odor emitting from it, started to make its way out of the brush. As a ray of sunlight hit it he was horrified, at the sight of an inferi like creature as it made its way slowly towards him, shielding a napping Teddy as he took in the male forms torn out neck, with bits of rotten flesh hanging from its exposed torso, to it snapping jaws and glazed eyes, Very similar to an inferi, IF IT WENT VERY WRONG, AS IT WAS VISIBLY DECOMPOSING, WHILE INFERIUS USUALLY STAY IN A STASIS LIKE STATE ONCE MADE, he compared to himself as he cast a slicing curse at its head, watching as it fell. Cursing to himself, NOW WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN INTO, as he searched for the tallest tree he could find, before levitating himself up by his trousers to a sturdy branch high off the ground, so that he could get a scope of where exactly he landed.

His emerald eyes widening into a horror filled stare as be spotted what looked like a moderately sized town flooded with hordes of the inferi like creatures, standing the area around them with blood and gore, painting the streets red.

After staring, shocked to his core, at the grotesque sight in the distance for a little while, his panther's low growl ringing in his mind startled him out of his horrified shock. Grabbing his firebolt from his shrunken trunk, he made sure Teddy was secured to his chest, before taking off in the opposite direction of the town, searching from an aerial view for a safe place to set down and make camp, while he tried to figure out what the bloody hell happened while he was out for one, bloody, day.

After spending an hour and a half flying, going over a few more towns with the same problem as the last, he landed on the planks of an old looking but sturdy tree houses deck, in the middle of the wood and miles away from any of the towns he had seen so far. He decided to make this his base for the time being, until he could find something better.

Keeping a lightly snoozing Teddy strapped to his chest he began setting up strong protective, detection, and repelling charms around the base of the tree. Once he was done he made his way back up the tree, pulling his housing trunk out of the fourth stud and went inside.

Placing Teddy down on a soft fluffy blanket in the play pen near him, watching as he rolled around his pen playing with the his favorite stuffed black panther toy. Processing the events of the past day and a half leading up till now, he decided to somehow get his hands on any type of information as to what happened, as with the amount of walkers, he decided to call them as they weren't inferi but at the same time were the walking dead, in each town he would bet that it would be just as bad if not worse in larger cities, as this type of thing doesn't just happen overnight even though that's what it seemed like to him.

Nodding in agreement to his plan, he contented himself with making an early supper for himself and mashed up some bananas and strawberries in a smaller bowl for Teddy. Relaxing his sore muscles in the lightly steaming engulfment of a bath with a tuckered out Teddy in his lap, as he settled down, after dressing in comfortable loose night pants, into his bed with an already sleeping Teddy in his crib facing him. His panther's loud purring the last thing he remembered as he fell asleep.

The next day after a light breakfast, with a fed and still sleepy Teddy, he took out his broom and started in the direction of the nearest town. After a few minutes of covering the miles with the help of his firebolt, he arrived in the town a few miles out from his base, hovering just above the towns highest rooftop a good few yards in the air. A few of the inferi noticed him, their growing intensified as they tried to reach for him to no avail, he ignored them as there was no way they could reach him unless they grew wings, snorting in disgust at the idea of a rotting flesh eating corpse on wings, he continued looking for anything from newspapers to flyers, that wasn't already ruined by the amount of gore in the road caused by dead half eaten bodies and said flesh eating corpses. Spotting a flash of off white paper in the corner of his eye, a undisturbed newspaper dispenser in front of an convenience store, summoning one to him through the slotted opening, and checking for the right year, before heading back.

Touching down he went back in to the trunk to put down a sleepily grumbling Teddy who was rubbing his eyes with his small fist while grumbling. Placing the light purple cushioned sleeping mat next to his chair he gently lowered a sleeping Teddy in the middle and placing his blanket over him, POOR CUB, THE DISPLACEMENT MUST HAVE TUCKERED HIM OUT MORE THAN I EXPECTED, he mused. Taking out the shrunken paper from his pocket, he read through what must have been the last few months worth of reports about people coming back from the dead and eating people in a horror movie like fashion, all because of a mysterious virus, that caused it's victims to die from a high fever, that quickly spread across all nation's. Going into further detail of how getting bit by one of the dead was a death sentence, how the military had gunned down multiple civilians without any evidence of them being infected, and how there was a large military ran refugee camp in Atlanta, GA.

Scrunching up his brows at this influx of information, as be had not heard anything of the sort before, sure while the wizarding world was separated from the muggles and largely uninterested in their actions, any major or largely important news where still reported on as it had a chance of affecting the wizarding world to, and with the level of importance the paper was stating, it spread across all of the nations. And the paper had been printed a month before the date of his attack, a sinking feeling settled in his gut as nine of this made any sense, freezing as a violent shudder racked up his spine at the terrifying thought of world displacement came to mind. There had been a case study of it in the early 1700s when a wizard appeared out of no where, in the middle of a bustling ministry department with no sign of aperaition. After being apprehended by aurors he was questioned as to where he had come from and how he had broken through the wards, and during an extensive interrogation by unspeakables it was founded that he was from an alternate world from theirs, as his world had minor differences to it's world history, that were distinctly different from theirs. After which the wizard was placed in the ministry's mystery departments holding rooms as they tried to find a way to send him back, and with a few unsuccessful attempts he died a few years later do to old age as he was already fairly old when he had arrived. A few had tried to create different ways to travel to a different world now that they knew of their existents, all were unsuccessful unsurprisingly, untill now. A shiver made its way down his spine at this horrifying though of being stranded in a different world with no way back, and no way to test if he could even if he wanted to if it was true.

To try and reassure himself that it wasn't the case, he spread out his magic as far as he could, which was quite a few hundred miles as he was one of the most powerful wizards of his time, and came up with nothing. Absolutely nothing, holding any sort of magic pinged, not an artifact, ward, or even creature could be felt for hundreds of miles in each direction, except for the planet's own wild magic.

Calming himself down by slamming up his oculus shields with deep breaths, as he felt an oncoming panic attack trying to set in, he quickly summoned a copy of this worlds history book as he stepped out of his trunk, even if his gut was feeling him it was true he needed the confirmation, not particularly caring about the consequences at the moment, Catching it with honed seeker reflexes as it came whistling at high speeds like a bludger, heading towards him, he quickly stepped back inside to quickly skim through it. If he where standing he would have collapsed to his knees as he fell into shocked disbelief, as the proof of his displacement glared back at him from the harsh yellow and black inked pages of the book, slumping back into the cushioned chair as he stared with a blank gaze at the wall in from of him.

A few minutes later he was snapped out of his comatose state, blinking his now dry eyes, at the sound of Teddy's grumbling in his sleep, turning to his side facing him as he scrunched up his little face, completely unaware of his godfathers frozen state. Fixating his gaze on the still growing baby, the sole reason why he would still go on living in the apparent zombie apocalypse of another world, he steeled himself as a darkly protective parental instinct started roaring back to life in his frozen veins, stronger then ever now that there were multiple dangerous threats present outside the walls of his trunk, both alive and dead. Nothing mattered to him more then Teddy, and he would decimate anything that tried to harm his cub, as he was the only thing that made him want to keep living now. His panther's feeling of agreement swelling up from deep inside him, instincts merging with his own.

After a few days of staying within his trunk and playing with a now fully energetically recovered Teddy, he decided to get a move on as even though he wanted to, and could, stay with in the security of his trunk, he knew that sooner or later he would have to have social contact with others, as it was in his nature even if he was a recluse at his center, he still made small contact with people during the few times he went outside of his house, under a glamour of course. And while Teddy is his top most priority, he was still in the learning stage of how to talk, so he's not exactly a great conversationalist when he's not deciphering the baby babble.

So with this in mind, he strapped an excitedly squirming and babbling Teddy to his chest, placing a stinking charm on his favorite panther toy to his hand as he handed it to him, so that he wouldn't drop it during the flight, and took down the charms around the tree house.

Finally setting off, he headed towards the northern part of Georgia, as he had grabbed a map of the areas that had government refugee camps marked on it. As he had learned from the newspaper, he had landed near the southern part of Georgia in the Americas. On the other side of the pond from his original resistance in his world.

Along the way to Atlanta, he stopped at a few sports and equipment stores to scavenge for believable muggle supplies as most of the supplies in his choker were the magical variety with a few muggle things thrown in. So with his future company most likely to be muggles, he put on one of the larger forest green hiking bags after weaving feather light and expending charms into the threads, making the inside hold more then ten times it volume. He rolled up two of the black sleeping bags and placed them inside, as well as a camouflaged waterproof two person tent, a solar powered hot plate, which he would adjust to his magic later, ten cases of water purifying tablets from the store itself, a few cases of thirty two water bottles, flavor packets, he also grabbed a pair of light elbow protectors, putting them on and placing the rest in his new bag. Then he took out a dagger that he strapped to his belt, a short bow and a few arrows which he placed around his back next to his bag, along with a short sword that doubled as a boa staff when placed back in its steel holster. He also took out some of his non perishable and canned food from his choker, along with a bag of nappies, wipes, clothes, and a bib for Teddy that he placed into the bag, zipping it up tight, all the while keeping Teddy to his chest while outside of the trunk. Taking a short break behind the cashier counter to feed some crushed peas and milk to Teddy, while he scarfed down a roast beef sandwich with a few swigs of water. He then left the rest of the supplies in the shop for the next lucky survivor to stumble upon it.

Almost halfway to Atlanta he slowly stopped his firebolt midair, much to the excitement of Teddy as he bashed his all over him while turning his head to take everything in, smiling at him as he checked the map with a quick compass charm to find which way is North, he estimated he only had about 25 miles till he hit Atlanta. As he was wondering how far in the refugee camp was inside of the city, he heard the distinct sound of a struggle, with some vicious cursing thrown in, from where he sat in the air. Curious to see the first living person since he's arrived in this world, he placed a silencing bubble around Teddy so he wouldn't hear the fight as he played with his toy, he slowly crept his broom closer to the direction the commotion was coming from.

As he got close enough to peek out from under the tree tops he was hiding from view with, he observed as two dark haired men were fighting off a group of fifteen or so inferi with a gun, knife and in the shorter man's hand a crossbow, as they were slowly being backed up against a large rock where the inferi were ambushing them. Deciding to help them from a distance he crouched down on a nearby tree branch that offered enough coverage while not obstructing his movements, took out his short bow, aimed and downed six inferi in quick succession, as his arrows joined the bolts from the shorter man's crossbow.

With the dead threats taken care of the two men's attention shifted to the general treeline where his arrows had come from within the trees, the tallest stepping partially in front of the shorter man, as to protect and at the same time not obstructing the path of his crossbow, as he called out a, "Do either of you require any medical aid?" To them cautiously as he wasn't naive to the darker sides of the people.

Exchanging a silent conversation with their eyes both men nodded their heads negative, as they tried to pinpoint the area where the accented voice had called from. Relieved he quickly stashed his firebolt in its designated stud before, "Do you mind if I come a bit closer to you?" He asked them as their narrowed gaze fixed on the exact location where he was crouched on the branch.

After another silent eye conversation the tallest, and bulkiest, stepped up to answer with a cocky confidence in his voice, "Yeah, but if ya pull anything funny..." The unspoken threat was clear as his panther bristled, shaking off the effects of his panther's feelings, he grabbed onto the branch below him with a firm grip and, while being extremely conscious of Teddy, he swung down to land on the ground with a light wandless cushioning charm.

He made his way towards them through the small field of corpses, as he began to get near them he started taking in their features. They were obviously related now that he can get a good look of them, brothers probably, both with deep blue eyes, stocky builds, and sandy brown hair. The tallest physically looked older with a broader build then the younger with wide shoulders and chest, with a more defined, chiselled jawline, short shaved sandy brown hair, brows and stubble peppered with different shades of grey, with deep set cobalt blue eyes that watched him with a hardened look as he got closer. The younger had a similar build but with less bulk in the shoulders and chest, darker, and slightly longer hair, and a shade or two lighter blue eyes, compared to the elder that watched him just the same way as his brother. And only due to his years as a seeker and war instincts he noticed as both the brothers softening ever so slightly at the sight of a happily gnawing Teddy, who was chewing on his favorite toys ear as he watched them in wonder over his tiny shoulder as they got closer.

Stopping a few feet from them, "Are you sure your okay? I'm Harry Black by the way," he decided to introduce himself as, raising a happily squealing Teddy's fist in the air to wave, "and this handsome little guy is Teddy." He finished as Teddy started babbling at the sound of his name, looks of amusement going over the brothers faces in a flash, obviously charmed by the cute baby.

Smirking cockily the tallest answered, "Is he really named after a stuffed toy of yours or are you pulling on my leg, shortcakes," gesturing gently towards Teddy with an amused grin, eyes softening again as the little man reached for his fingers, pouting when he couldn't reach them, "I'm Merle, and this little shitstain next to me is ma baby brother, Daryl Dixon." Said brother giving the elder a dirty look, before leaning his back against the large rock behind them, keeping his crossbow at his side. Blinking at the strange accent coming from the elder, Merle, not really minding the vulgarity, as he had lived in a boys dorm room for seven years. Even his panther ,who was settling down from the earlier threat as he was pacified by their actions towards Teddy, and wasn't fazed by it.

"No, his real name is Edward. I call him Teddy as it was the nickname his father gave him before he died, and Edward is a mouthful for a baby of any age." He answered with a calm amusement as he started to relax, to the brothers clear surprise, apparently not used to people relaxing around them, which was a shame as his gut told him they were good people despite the rough and tough exterior they projected around themselves. Something even if his gut hadn't told him he would have picked up on by the way they acted around Teddy within the first few minutes of knowing them.

Deciding that he might as well stay with them, as his instincts were telling him to, he asked them, "Are you guys also making your way towards Atlanta?" With a friendly voice and sheepishly hopeful expression as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

Narrowing his eyes at this, Merle spat out, "What business is it of yours where we're headed." As he placed his hands on his sides in a confrontational style. Daryl also narrowing his eyes as he pushed off from his spot against the rock to stand next to Merle.

Smiling slightly he bluntly stated, as he could tell that like him, they didn't take to well to flowery words or hidden meanings, "Well I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I stuck around with you two as you seem nice enough, and you're the first survivors I've come across so far, and let's face it little man here's not actually a great conversationalist." Smiling wider as brothers eyes widened at his blunt way of speaking. Their eyes taking his form in fully, pausing on a quietly playing Teddy and his visible weaponry as well, he had discarded his top robes before leaving as they would have only gotten in the way, which left him only in his battle gear, which he had made some changes to, charming his shirt so that it resembled an actual quarter sleeve hoody and his trouser into a pair of stretch pants that still had the, dragon scale design, and military grade black knee high boots with dark grey elbow guards, all for better mobility, protection and blending in.

Settling on his face, Merle gestured towards his bow, staff and dagger as he asked, "Do you actually know how to use those, cuz we ain't going to be carting around a pansyass layabout who can't pull there own weight around the camp." He sneered in disgust. Daryl nodding in silent agreement from beside him, not yet saying a word as obviously Merle was the leader and mouth of the two.

Smirking back in amusement, not at all insulted, he sassed back with, "Yes I can use them quite well, as you've just seen I'm quite the shot with my bow, and," he cheekily grinned, "as a doctor I can most certainly say I'm healthy enough to pull more than my own body weight." He snorted in amusement as the brothers choked slightly at the word 'doctor'.

Recovering, Merle laughed as he relaxed, his arms falling loosely beside him as he stood up straight, taking his hand into a shake as he slapped his shoulder lightly with the other, mindful of a curiously looking around Teddy, further adding credit to their character, "Welcome to the Dixon's then, shortcakes." He smirked at his glare, already getting the feeling that it was all he was going to get out of the taller man, as he stepped away from him. Daryl nodding his head at him as he started gathering his bolts from the heads of the inferi, handing him his arrows as a sign of good will, still not getting a word from the man.

"Come along then if your coming. We where tracking a deer before these uglies ambushed us," He waved as he and Daryl started walking off deeper into the woods.

"Just follow behind us as quite as you can." The softer gruff voice of Daryl greeted him finally, as he caught up to their larger strides. Teddy giving out a delighted laugh as he waved his arms around himself, rubbing his back to quieten him down as he nodded his head and fell back a step or so behind them. Following with childhood and later on war time silent footsteps, as he walked on the balls of his feet and avoiding large piles of leaves and fallen branches. Remaining quietly following them as the brothers followed the trail the deer had left behind expertly.

Not to long after, they returned to the Dixon's campsite with a small doe being carried across Merle's back. Setting down his bag next to the campfire and switching Teddy's strap to his back, he helped Daryl roll out a plastic sheet to lay the doe on. Waving him off, watching as he sat a small foldable chair he pulled out from his bag, as they bound the back legs together and hung it up on a high off the ground tree branch. So they could bleed it with small incisions down the legs and neck, an empty green mortar bucket underneath it to catch the draining blood, they could empty it later on with the uneatable guts, far away from the camp so natural predators, like his panther who was almost salivating, and geeks, as the brothers called them, wouldn't follow the scent into the camp.

Afterwards the brothers helped him with putting up his tent, leaving his bag in his tent he moved his chair next to the small campfire, taking out some of his blunted arrows and began sharpening the tips, offering to do the same with some of Daryl's bolts and giving him some of his smaller arrows, who took them with a grudgingly grateful look in his eye.

That night as he laid down in his sleeping bag with a tiredly drooling Teddy, stomach full on venison and veggie soup that he had helped cook, adding in a bag of his white jasmine rice, falling into a light sleep as Daryl took up first watch for the night.

After being with the Dixon's for a few days, he started picking up on more of their characteristics, most of them he liked, expect for their habit of smoking whenever they had the chance to do so.

Merle, he noticed, has a very straightforward personality as he doesn't like to mince his words just to make you feel better, but this doesn't mean he doesn't care, he's just very subtle in his way of showing his care. For example, once in a while out scavenging in a small town he brought back a set of arrows and bolts, one for Daryl's crossbow and the other for his bow, a carton of cigarettes that he divided between himself and his brother, and a soft brown wolf plush for Teddy, smirking softly as he immediately started playing with it.

Daryl, while he was on the quieter side, was much the same as his brother, only being less crass about it, most times. He to would bring back small thing for their small group, such as motor magazines for Merle, a book on hunting and tracking for him, and a small deer plush for Teddy.

ALL WE NEED NOW IS A DOG PLUSH AND HIS SET WOULD BE COMPLETE, he snorted in amusement. Another, more endearing, characteristic about the brothers is that they were protective of each other, Merle more so than Daryl, and they were very slowly coming to accept him and Teddy into that tight circle of protection.

With this in mind, while his instincts still made him keep Teddy next to him at all times, he was slowly allowing him out of the baby strap, and onto the baby mat next to him, with his collection of plushies surroundings him. His actions seems to startle the brothers, as they to had noticed, that he is obviously very protective of Teddy, and made them regard him in a new light.

Slowly at first, they started offering to teach him how to hunt and track, starting out with allowing him to accompany them whenever one of them went out hunting, to pointing out things to him and explaining as best they could, what to do. After they've deemed him suitable, a few days later of their discrete teachings, they even allowed him to take the lead for a bit. Later on moving to cleaning and skinning their catches, pointing out ways to see if the meat would be good or spoiled by checking the liver of the animal, how to pull the entire skin off with a few cuts to the wrist, ankles and neck of the animal, and to first drench the fur as to not get any on the meat and to make it easier to come off.

During one of these hunting trips they stumbled across a deserted hunting quarry, that they quickly decided to move their camp to with the help of Daryl's truck. Quickly setting up warning systems around the camp, trip wires attached to a series of cans hanging u in the trees surrounding the perimeter of the camp a few kilometers out, that would alert them by the loud clanking sounds it will make if something was near their camp and stepped on it. His own warning system being minor unnoticeable protective wards, that he set up while excusing himself to use the loo, that would alert him of anything coming near them and how many.

A week into staying at the quarry, and growing even closer to the Dixon brothers, he decided one night, to let them hold Teddy. Standing, he took a happily babbling Teddy out of his chest strap, and very carefully placing him in Merle's lap, shakily moving his hands away as Merle's moved to support Teddy by holding his sides. He and Daryl both, were stunned still by the level of trust he was showing them by allowing them to hold Teddy. Jerkily moving away to place his chair near them as he watched Merle snap out of his shock by Teddy jumping up and down in his lap, uncomfortably glancing at him and a his still shocked brother for help with a small frown. Hesitantly placing his forearm around Teddy's torso to support him as he slowly helped him jump a bit higher, to the very vocal joy of Teddy. Slowly gaining confidence that he wouldn't accidentally hurt the small baby, and with a nod from Harry, he began to periodically bounce Teddy above his head for a split second, as he continued to play trampoline with him. Daryl watching on in amusement quirk to his brow, still a bit stunned by his gruff and rough older brother playing with a baby in his lap. A few minutes later, after listening to Teddy as he squeaked in joy as he bounced in Merle's lap, he was carefully passed over to a visibly nervous Daryl, as he to played awkwardly at first with Teddy bouncing in his lap, Merle snickering as he did. A short amount of time later a tuckered out Teddy was passed back to him with Daryl smiling softly as he did so. Nodding their heads at him in silent acknowledgment of his trust in them.

Smirking at them as he held a conked out Teddy to his chest, as he jokingly asked them, "So does this mean I can get you to change his nappies from now on?" Bursting out in laughter at the mixture of disgust and scandalized looks on their faces, followed by loud 'hell no's' from both the brothers. Tears of mirth running down his grinning face as he placed Teddy back into his padded strap, leaning back into his chair, enjoying the crass comedy of Merle as he basked in the warmth of the fire and company that he trusted.

Afterwards, it seemed this major show of trust from Harry, had completely folded Harry and Teddy within their close knit, protective circle with Teddy at the center as the youngest and most vulnerable. Becoming a sort of ragtag family, that would protect each other at all cost.

A day and a half later, in the middle of tracking a good sized deer, they were all startled by the sounds of bombs going off in direction of Atlanta, where they've decided not to go to after all. Choosing to instead to survive together outside of Atlanta, as all three of their guts where telling them to stay put, and without any real reason not to trust their gut instincts, had stayed in the quarry until they could find a safer, more secured place.

Moving to higher ground on a high up cliff side to get a better view on what was going on, they where all horrified to see military commissioned choppers dropping live bombs onto the city of Atlanta and the refugee camp that was said to be ran by the military itself. With this horrifying sight, they lost what little speck of hope they had, that this would somehow end, and still have a form of justice system still standing, died for good. With the images etched into their minds as they made their way back to camp, they'll put off hunting the deer for today, to take in the powerful feeling of shattered hope, the world they knew before the virus seemed to dissipate into the past, leaving them in this world where they'll look out for each other as they have been. Sharing looks with each other they made a silent pact, that no one was left behind, no matter what happened, they would protect each other first and foremost, with a sleeping Teddy in their center.

Jumping up to their feet, they got into different defensive positions, as they heard the sounds of multiple engines coming down the path to the quarry. Merle taking the lead position with a gun and knife posed for either offense or defense, Daryl close behind him as he held his crossbow at the ready, Harry, with Teddy on his chest, ran to the tree line near the path, climbing up to a branch out of sight, crouching down and taking out his bow, notching an arrow, waiting to provide hidden backup from the tree line, while covering Teddy from harm. His panther ready to spring forth in a partial shift, at any given moment. Watching as a blue and tan police cruiser pulled to a stop within the quarry, followed by four more different cars and two RVs.

Narrowing his eyes as they wards alerted him of the 23 people within the vehicles, bracing himself as a tall, tanned man sporting a mini black afro and a deputy uniform stepped out of the first cop car. Keeping his eye on him as he cockily stepped from the vehicle with his hands raised in the air, already deciding the he really didn't like this man as both his instincts and panther both raised the hair on his neck at the feel of him. Sensing that the largest threat would be the deputy out of the twenty or so people still in the vehicles, he kept his arrow trained on his head as he watched for any sign of movement from the vehicles.

Staying quiet as the man called out to, what he though was, the only two people in the quarry, "Whoa there partners, we don't mean you any harm. We were at the road block, heading up towards the refugee camps, luckily we didn't make it there before we saw them drop the bombs," he paused for a second narrowing his eyes in annoyance when they didn't lower their weapons at all, "We would appreciate it if we could camp together here in the quarry." HE DOESN'T REALLY SOUND LIKE HE'S ASKING, AND MORE LIKE STATING WHAT THEIR GOING TO DO, all three thought at the same time, bristling at the audacity of these people just coming into their camp and just telling them what they were going to do, only thing that stopped them from shooting right then, being that they had no idea what kind of weapons they had.

Grudgingly starting to point their weapons at the ground, except Harry as he still had his bow trained on the deputy, Shane Walsh as he had introduced himself, when a small mop of brown hair popped out the window of the cruiser curiously before a brunette women, probably his mother, pulled him back in.

The brothers shared a look before quickly glancing towards where he was crouched when Shane looked behind him at the small boy in his car. Pursing his lip in irritation he lowered his bow as Merle stepped forward, "Alright, we'll let'cha stay but only because you got a youngin with ya," Merle allowed with a dissatisfied scowl. Turning his head to the trees he called out, much to the shock of the group coming out from inside their vehicles and suspension of Shane, "it's alright shortcakes, you can come out of the tree now, you blasted monkey." He teased. Snorting amusment at the wise crack he swung down from the branch and landed lightly on his feet. Smirking at the sight of the other groups expressions, as the a young looking teen, to his annoyance as he was already 20, with a baby strapped to their chest and a bow on their back came down from the trees beside them.

Coming up to the brothers, standing beside Daryl, a bit behind Merle, sporting an amused smirk, he waved with a badly accented, "Howdy."

AU: Fun fact, I actually am from Georgia, and yes we call our kids youngins. :) also sorry about any inconsistencies like my changing of diapers to nappy, and I finally made a chart for the organization of Harry's choker studs. Here it is.

1: has all weapons from the merged Potter and Black vaults. Swords, daggers, bows, scythes, etc.

2: has all the Gallons, Sickles, and Knuts of the Black and Potter's. Which totaled £65.2 billion.

3: has all books and documents of the Black and Potter, as well as the ones he bought himself.

4: has bothered his regular trunk and his housing trunk, as well as some other things such as a full professional kitchen and camping sets.

5: has his child supplies for all ages, for Teddy.

6: is full of stasis food plates along with cooking ingredients and spices.

7: has all of his healing equipment such as a med bed, bandages, stitches, pastes, and potions.

8: has a never ending supply of potions ingredients.

9 & 10: empty

So quick question what do y'all think about Harry helping Shane out when rick shows up? Or helping/adopting Carl and/or other child mc/oc? Ps, I kinda want the others to think Harry's a girl so that I can write about how Lori tries to boss him around and talk smack about his parenting, while continuing on even when Harry gives her hide a thorough roasting.