Episode 1: The Very Crappy Memories PT1:

Chris stood on a new island. He was smiling and almost crying tears of joy. It wasn't Camp Wawanakwa as that island sunk into the ocean during the closing moments of All Stars. It wasn't Phakitew Island as that Island went completely haywire and was completely destroyed as well. It was bigger then both of those islands combined. Chris began the season introduction.

"Greetings from your NUMBER ONE host, Chris McLean! And I'm bringing you a new season of Total Drama! You all might be wondering a few things like Chris, what the heck happened to you during last season's world wide race rip off! They wanted that dude Don to do what only yours truly can do! And your probably wondering, Chris what is that extremely danger.- Safe, HEHE, island. This is the gigantic Komotay Island and its somewhere in Canada! This season we will be bringing back players from all generations! Yes including that Crappy Ridonculous Race as I have a few favorites from their! We'll be trying new things! Old things! And it'll be really dangerous! It'll be really fun! And I'll make sure to break the hopes and dreams of every contestant every chance I get for you all! Be sure to tune in! here only on...Total...Drama...NOSTALGIAAAA!

Chris was standing on the new beach. Surprisingly, it was much cleaner then any of the other beaches seen on Total Drama. He was smiling happily that he now can do what he thinks Don failed to do in the Ridonculous Race. And that's torture and annoy the contestants. He then started introducing the cast. But buy seasons and Generation.

"Let's bring out the contestants! But now we're bringing them out by season and generation! So from Generation 1ish, Gwen! Duncan! Courtney! Heather! Leshawna! Noah! Owen! Sierra! Cody! Tyler! Alejandro!" As Chris said this, he pulled out a remote control and blew up a plane that was containing some of the contestants. The first half began free falling to the ground. As they did they all said something.

"I hate you Chrisssss!" Gwen started off first.

"Bring it on McLean!" Duncan then said.

"Duncan! I hope a bone in your body breaks! I don't care which one! And my lawyers will be hearing about this Chris!" Courtney added.

"Ahhhhhh! F-(Bleep) You Chrisss!" Heather added.

"Oh come on guys. We've done this show so many freaking times and you all are surprised still. I'm scared but not surprised. Ahhhhhh!" Noah added.

"I'M COMING NOAAAHHHHH!" Owen said this as he was free falling to the ground.

"CODDDDYYYYYYYYY! EEEEEEEEE!" Sierra's only concern was getting her creepy fan crazed hands on Cody.

"Oh god! Sierra! Leave me alone!" Cody added.

"Lindsay! This one is for you babyyyyyy!" Tyler shouted as he continued falling to the ground.

"¬°Esto es un ultraje, Chris! For those of you at home, that means this an Outrage!" Alejandro said casually but angrily as he fell to the ground. Eventually the first half of the contestants hit the ground and landed on the beach. Chris was laughing hysterically as Owen crushed Noah and everybody either fell in the ocean or on the beach. The first half of the contestants all got on the beach. Some lightly injured and some completely drenched. Gwen was soaked and agitated and gave Chris a piece of her mind.

"I did not sign up for this McLean! That was low! Even for an arrogant and egotistical, dangerous, fame obsessed, scrawny, middle aged, snobby son of a.- (Bleep!) like you Chris!"

"Actually, you all signed up for this! Ahhh can you feel the memories? The Nostalgia? Seeing all of you makes me tear up inside!" Chris said this happily and sarcastically. Duncan and eventually everyone was on their feet. Duncan was about to pound Chris for that stunt he pulled, but he stopped when he noticed someone. Duncan looked awkward, while the other person seemed annoyed and uncaring.

"Ohhh...hey..Gwen." Gwen simply glared before turning away from Duncan with an annoyed look. Everybody, including Chris, noticed this and immediately started laughing at Duncan, much to the Ex-Con's irritation.

"I can still pummel half of you! Watch it!"

"Ouuu! Boom Boom AKA Former Juvenile AKA Mr Ex-Con AKA 'SOFT' boy Duncan, Hehe! Gets curved bad! And now, let's bring in some of your 'friends' from Revenge Of The Island & All Stars!" Chris proceeded to blow up another plane and put came some of the contestants from Revenge Of The Island and All Stars.

"Lightning is gonna win this thing! SHA-LIGHTNING!" Lightning said, casually and happily falling to the ground.

"Your pathetic McLean! I expected something new!" Jo said this casually and Unfrightened, much to the annoyance of Chris.

"PAPIIIIIIIIII! AHHHHHHHH!" Scott screamed, horrified.

"Now would be a great time for Svetlana to just randomly take over and save me! I really wish I didn't regain control! Ahhhhh!" Mike said as he screamed in fear.

"Mike! Ahhhhh!" Zoey then added.

"..." Dawn simply said nothing as she slowly fell to the ground in a meditation like manner. Chris once again laughed as the contestants from Revenge Of The Island and All Stars all crash landed in to the the original contestants.

"HAHHAAHA! Oh man! That was awesome and funny!"

"Chris! I landed hard on my butt!"

"Zoey! Let me help!" Mike proceeded to help his girlfriend off of the ground.

"Get off of me! Losers!" Jo proceeded to throw Mike and Zoey off of her and into Duncan, much to the Ex-Con's annoyance.

"Watch it Manly Tomboy!"

"And what are you gonna do about it DUD-CAN?! Spray paint a bunny on my sweater? Blow up my mansion for attention? I'm not afraid of you 'SWEETHEART!'" Duncan proceeded to push Zoey & Mike off of him and but heads and grin angrily with Jo. Chris was beyond excited by the Drama that's already starting before the show even officially began. The other contestants are looking at this and are having mixed reactions.

"Duncan, calm down! There's no need to fight!" Zoey said, struggling to pull the Ex-Con away from Jo.

"You both are psychotic losers anyway!" Heather simply but angrily said.

"My my my. Duncan and Jo. This'll be an interesting day." Alejandro said casually smiling.

"Ughh, I wish Emma was here with me right now! I would much rather be talking with my hot and commanding girlfriend rather then watch these animals with no vaccines obliterate each other." Noah, said bored of the head to head lock up between Jo and Duncan.

"Papi always told me to use whatever little thing to your advantage." Scott said this while smiling evilly and rubbing his hands together.

"Ohhh wow! Duncan looks really mad today! Am I right little buddy? HAHA." Owen said this much to the sarcasm and annoyance of Noah.

"Go in for the tackle Jo! Go in for the SHA-STRIKE Duncan! SHA-LIGHTNING STRIKES!"

"Ugh, Gwen. Of course Duncan is already being a pain. Am I right?" Courtney said this to her rekindled friend Gwen.

"Yea I guess. Duncan is a known idiot and trouble maker." Gwen added on. As much as Chris loved all of the early ongoing Drama, he wanted to speed things up. He grabbed a air horn and honked it loudly, making the first seventeen players turn to him in annoyance.

"Settle down contestants! Or should I say CAMPERS?"

Chris began laughing while everybody looked at him with a glare on their face. He then decided to tease them one more time before getting back to business.

"Aww. Don't you all love the nostalgia? Don't you all miss me and Chef serving you crappy food? Don't you miss when I used to blow up your boats and planes and sabotage you in challenges? HAHAHA."

"Can't you just shut up and get on with the show Chris?" Gwen said.

"Alright! Fine! But before we do that, first there is one more Chris player and some players from the show that only i and never you will mention in my presence!" The first few generations of Total Drama all began to say the name of the show that Chris hated very dearly.


"ZIPPPP! THE! LIPPPP! I have 3 losers from Phakitew Island and two girls from the show that I rightfully should've hosted and would've never named The Ridonculous Race! Contestants, meet your other contestants and likely rivals and possible teammates, Leonard! Amy and Samey! From Phakitew Island! And The sisters Emma and Kitty from The Ridonculous Race!" Chris then once again proceeded to push a button on his remote control and blow up another plane. This time, The sisters Emma and Kitty and The Twins Amy and Samey started falling the same way everyone else did.

"Don't worry ladies! I'll use my magic spells to protect you 4 as well as myself!" Leonard then started waving a wand up and down in the air, much to the annoyance of Emma, Amy and Samey.

"Uhhh Kitty?! I think we should've listened to Noah when he said there were a bunch of weirdos and creeps on this show?"

"Emma! Even though it's an awful time to be playing Magicians at least try to sound like it's adorable!"

"Ughh, The creepy wizard kid and my copied sister are back to? Great!"

"What did I even do to you Amy?"

"Shut up! Grab me! Ahhhhh!" Amy then grabbed onto Samey and used as protection. They both hit the ground and land in front of the rest of the competition. Owen managed to catch Kitty and Emma did an impressive summer salt and landed in front of her boyfriend, Noah. Everybody is stunned by Emma's beauty, athleticism and now something else. She grabs Noah and kisses him hard, shocking everyone including Chris and Chef Hatchet.

"I should've listened to you silly! That wizard kid is weird." Noah is now in a zombified love phase.

"I knowww!" Chris then wipes the shock off of everybody's face by talking.

"Dude! Chef you owe me one hundred bucks! I knew Noah was an annoying brainiac to everyone but he now has a hot girlfriend and isn't a loser anymore! Anyways. Now that everyone's here, let me give you the tour. These are were you all will be sleeping." Chris then points to one Cabin. The old contestants are disappointed, but aren't shocked because they've seen this crappy cabin a hundred times and plus. But the newer contestants are looking at it in disgust. Duncan then added in his own smart remark.

"And what's next McLean? An even crappier cabin with a million roaches and rats guarded by a grizzly bear?"

"No Duncan! If you would let me FINISH! This is where the winners of every challenge will be sleeping."

Everybody turned to where Chris was pointing. It was a mansion. It was the same design as the one from All Stars.

"This is Casa De Winners. Courtesy of Chris McLean. Teams will be rewarded after each challenge by staying here every night. It's pretty much the same thing as the one we've destroyed during the finale of Total Drama All Stars so we'll skip statistics. This is our brand new confessional boot.- Yess Courtney?"

Chris was annoyed that he was being interrupted but he let her speak anyways.

"Chris, why is the Island much nicer then Camp Wawanawka? And is this new confessional both clean and civilized. I don't want flies flying down my throat!"

"Ughhhhh yes Courtney! The new confessional both is clean and much more civilized! And the reason the Island is so nice and clean? Oh you'll see! HAHAHA!"

Chris sounded demented when he said that last part. Everybody already knew that Chris had some sick and twisted trick up his sleeve.

Confessional (Emma): "Okay, I know Noah taught me everything I need to know about Chris, but I don't think he told me everything about this guy."


Confessional (Gwen): "I did not sign up for this. I should've known Chris would pull something like this."


Confessional (Courtney): "I'm feeling confident this season. If Chris tries to wrongfully cheat me out of my million dollars I have my lawyers. And speaking of Lawyers, there's only room for one former CIT & Lawyer in training and that's me! Noah's Lawyer girlfriend, Emma or whatever her name is has got to go!"


"And I have one more announcement to make..Victi.- I mean Campers, HEHE. This year for eliminations, since I was feeling nostalgic about all of my old humiliating Elimination methods, this year, were gonna use ALL ELIMINATION METHODS FROM EVERY SINGLE SEASON!" The contestants let out a gasp as Chris and Chef show them all of the Elimination Tools from past seasons. The Boat Of Losers was there. The Hurl Of Shame was there. The Flush Of Shame was there. The Cannon Of Shame was there. Chris had almost forgot about the Drop Of Shame from World Tour, but Leonard stupidly brought it up, making Chris happy and irritating his other colleagues.

"What about the Drop Of Shame from World Tour Chris?"

"Ohh, thank you Leonard! Don't worry, we have a plane to use for that!"

Chris knew everyone was irritated. So he mocked them for it by giving Leonard hate from everybody.

"Everybody say thank you Leonard!"

"THANK YOU LEONARD!"Everybody said sarcastically. Chris then continued explaining the rules, but quickly because one, Everybody except the new comers, Emma & Kitty, already knew the rules.

"This is where we will conduct out elimination ceremonies. Veterans & Pros, you already know the drill. Confessional Booths, Vote. Elimination! Emma and Kitty, inside the Confessional Booth, you will vote off the person you want to eliminate. Think of this as as a more brutal and better version of the Ridonculous Race. THAT I SHOULD'VE HOSTED!"

Confessional (Kitty): "The only reason I decided to do Total Drama is because I wanna help my big sister get into Law School. No way I would do this on my own. I've done my research on Chris."


Chris then led the contestants onto the official island from the beach.

"Alright CAMPERRRESSSSS! HAHAHA! Your first challenge begins tonight! And that challenge will decide your teams for the season. Those will be your teams until the eventual merge later in the season! Take this time to socialize, hate each other, sabotage each other! You name it! And I forgot to mention, This season we'll be going higher then 1 million dollars! This season's big prize will BE 3 MILLION DOLLARSSS" This made all of the contestants light up in excitement. After that, Chris left the contestants to do whatever they wanted until it was time for the challenge at night.

"And make sure it's legal, but not to Legal! McLean out out!"

"Mike! Let's go! Zoey said.

"To where Zoey?"

"Let's go relax in the forest somewhere. Me and you, aloneeee Mike." Zoey said this last line flirtatiously as she pulled her boyfriend into the forest.

"Hey Gwen!"

"Hey Court!"

"Let's go talk talk strategy by the Mess Hall. This season will be secured with my strategic schedule."

"Uh, ok I guess let's go talk." Gwen said. Duncan stepped in front of the girls. He was more so focused on his preferred and very highly missed Ex out of the two, which was Gwen.

"Hey Gwen. Can me and you talk in private or something?" Duncan and Gwen both felt awkward about the conversation. Courtney was annoyed and irritated that their Ex was interrupting her plans. Gwen also looked annoyed and confused by Duncan's antics.

"Duncan I Uhh, why?" Before Gwen could get a proper sentence of rejection to Duncan.

"Get away from us Duncan! Me an Gwen are gonna talk strategy for this season. One of my strategies may involve eliminating you!"

"Shut it, Wannabe prom queen."

"What?! How Dar.-"

"Duncan, Courtney's right. Me and her have to talk strategy so I'll say this as nice as possible. No! We can't talk in private. Jerk!" And with that, Duncan is left there, rejected by Gwen, and his hatred for Courtney growing even more than ever. To add insult to injury, Chris comes on the loudspeaker of Komotay Island and announced Duncan's humiliating rejection.

"Woah! Duncan crashed and burned with both Courtney and Gwen! HEHEHE! Do you wish you were still locked up in jail for my Cottage? HEHEHEHAHAHA! Chef this is gold for ratings! Duncan The NICE BOY, fails and gets rejected by both of his Ex's!"

"You know what Chris?! F-(Bleep) You!" Duncan said before walking into the forest, angry.

"Emma, let's go talk to everybody and meet new friends!"

"No way! We're going to find Noah and talk strategy. Like everyone else!"

"Oh come on sis! It'll be fun. And why do we have to find your boyfriend?"

"Because you don't have a boyfriend, Noah is my seriously cute and smart Boyfriend, and he'll definitely be strategizing! Come on!" Kitty is pulled off by a running Emma to go find her boyfriend.

"All y'all should just give up on everything! Because the lighting is gonna win this thing without any plans! SHA-BAM! LIGHTNING STRIKE!" Lightning said as he ran off to go exercise.

"Sierra! STOPPPP!" Cody said, distraught and annoyed.

"Cody we need to talk about strategies for our future family of CODERRAS AND SODIES!" Sierra and Cody then run around the entire island of Komotay Island.

"..." Dawn was meditating in a tree.

The rest of the contestants went off to either get some snooze before the first challenge or to do their own thing before the first challenge.

Next time on Total Drama, 22 Personally selected contestants will compete for the grand prize of 3 MILLION DOLLARS! But as yours truly, it will 100 percent guarantee that it won't be easy! I've brought them down memory lane by using all of the elimination methods this season! HAHAHA! Emma and Kitty are the newest newcomers here and Emma looks ready for battle. Woah! Noah is one lucky scrawny dude!

"I Heard that Chris!"

Don't care! Anyways, this'll probably be the only relaxing episode of the season, so they better enjoy it while they can! HAHAHA! The suspense is killing me! I wanna torture some teenagers! Who do you pick to Will the triple million! Personally, I want one of the twins between Emma and Kitty to score big, but I'll look soft! FIND OUT NEXT TIME ON...TOTAL...DRAMA...NOSTALGIAAAA!


1: Gwen

2: Duncan

3: Courtney

4: Heather

5: Leshawna

6: Noah

7: Owen

8: Sierra

9: Cody

10: Tyler

11: Alejandro

12: Lightning

13: Jo

14: Scott

15: Mike

16: Zoey

17: Dawn

18: Leonard

19: Samey

20: Amy

21: Emma

22: Kitty

Elimination Count: 0

A/Ns: Yoooo what's up readers, Lol. Thanks for making it through the first chapter of Total Drama Nostalgia! My bad for the short chapter of you expected more. But I wanted to keep things light and simple before we really get into the real stuff. Next Chapter will be the First Challenge. 3 Million Dollars are on the line! It took me forever to decide who I really wanted to be on my version of the newest season of Total Drama. Check my other flics if you get a chance. And I hope you all like my selection of Total Drama Characters for my custom season! A few more things:

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2: Who were your favorite characters from The Ridonculous Race? (Mine were the Sisters, Emma and Kitty. I really liked how the writers did them. I wanted them to win the whole thing to?"

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