Episode 17: Chef Boyar-Death:

Chris was standing on The Dock Of Shame AKA Memory Shame. All of his elimination tools stood tall behind The Host With The Most as he gave the recap of the show.

"Last time on Total Drama, the guys and gals of both teams competed in different challenges for 'different' reasons! The girls get naughty and muddy with each other in Don's challenge while The Guys became Men by working hard and helping me out with a Toxic Waste Problem. And The RCMP unfairly invaded Total Drama, which gave me a free 5 Million Dollars after an easy lawsuit, which yours truly won with little to no effort! After a day's worth a ladies in their bikinis fighting each other in mud, Giant Rats with different abilities, Collapsing Underground Mines and escape sequences, The Killer Tigers, not shockingly, were once again our pathetic losers! And it was curtains for the Ex-Tigress Leshawna thanks to the trusty dusty Hurl Of Shame!" Chris now held two cans of Chef Boyardee's Spaghetti and meatballs. These cans had the faces of Chris on both of them. "Ahhhhhhhhh. I look gooooooood! Anyways, what'll go down on this exciting game? You'll have to stay tuned to find out here only on...Total...Drama...NOSTALGIAAAA!"

The Killer Lions were all grouped up at The Long Table in The McLean Spa Hotel. Jo was trying to talk some strategy with the team.

"We've gotta play it smart now. We know that Courtney and Amy are a freaking power duo right. And their the cause of almost half of their team's elimination. If you all follow my lead, we'll crush them and get rid of them before the merge."

"I say we sabotage their team. Or turn them against each other." Scott was suggesting some of the strategies he used during Total Drama Revenge Of The Island.

"That's not gonna work dirt loser! Owen and Cody are tight as a fat guy in underwear, Gwen and Cody are a lame lovey dovey couple so they won't turn on each other, that Spirit Moon Sensing Weirdo girl won't work with the air quote forces of evil and Amy and Courtney are currently inseparable." Heather made a good point about the current structure of The Killer Tigers which earned her some nods of true.

"Heather's right." Alejandro said. "Their team is to well coordinated. We need to act smart. Courtney's emotionally and possibly mentally unstable right now. So I say we use her emotions against her and cause her self demise."

"Sounds like a plan man. Get Courtney to use her pathetic emotions and get her team to vote her off." Scott agreed with Alejandro's plan. "And I've got the perfect idea Alejandro, we just need Duncan's cooperation. I'll tell you later. Don't wanna spoil the surprise." Scott chuckled before he left the table, as he left, he gained some suspicious looks from his teammates.

Confessional (Jo): "I don't know what Old Mc-Crap-O has up his sleeve, but I will find out. If anyone's gonna be scheming around here, it's gonna be me. Not Ale-Fluke-Dro, Crudcan or Heather-Less."


Zoey, Samey and Kitty were all sitting down on a couch in The Spa Hotel socializing with each other. Emma was sitting down on a recliner reading a dictionary for study purposes.

"So where is he Kit? Duncan would normally be tearing apart the breakfast." Zoey was asking Kitty where her boyfriend was at. Samey asked a similar question.

"Yea, Duncan is somewhat of an eater."

"Hopefully he shot himself out of the Canon, or one of Chris's insane elimination toys." Emma still disliked Duncan with a passion, especially because he dates her little sister. Kitty scolded her older sister in a playful and slightly annoyed way.

"Emma. That's mean. You know me and Duncan go out with each other. He's really sweet if you get to know him."

"Fine...I still don't like him Kit...but if he makes you happy, fine." Emma went back to reading her dictionary.

Kitty then focused her attention to her friends Samey and Zoey. "I couldn't wake him up. He's a heavy sleeper...and he's cute when he's sleeping like a baby."

"Wow, you guys are so adorable. I'm surprised Duncan feels comfortable around you." Zoey added, "He's known for not trusting anybody. You're really special to him Kit."

"Awwwww, thank you Zoey." Kitty and Zoey hugged each other.

"I wonder what craziness Chris has in store for us today." Samey was wondering what challenges Chris would make them do today.

"Who cares? Whatever it is, we just need to make sure we destroy those losers in the other team and win." Jo didn't care about what Chris had planned for them, she just wanted to win, no matter the cost.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Everyone stopped what they were doing as they say the finally awakened Duncan. "Ohhhh man, that sleep was golden."

"Did you dream about making out with KitKat over here? Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah!" Jo was mocking the relationship of Duncan and Kitty.

"Hey!" Kitty was slightly offended by this comment. "What's wrong with that?"

"No i wasn't dreaming about Kit, I was thinking about having a double make out sesh with your Mother and her sister." Almost everyone laughed at Duncan's joke towards Jo, obviously, this would come to annoy her.

"Haha, next time try saying that with a broken jaw."

"Next time try intimidating me with a few broken bones!" Duncan retaliated. The two were now pressing their heads against each other and glaring angrily.

"He's just cranky, Duncan STOPPPP. Even if it is Jo."

"Just one Broken Jaw Kit, come on, you can even take a selfie of Jo bleeding." Kit playfully elbowed her boyfriend before yanking him away from Jo and towards her friends Zoey and Samey.

Confessional (Jo): "Seriously, I've gotta make this team fall in line to their true leader. With me and Heather-Less in a alliance with each other is somewhat decent, we don't have enough numbers to send the guys packing. And with Courtney and Copy and Pasted Twin's psycho sister dominating the other team, they're guaranteed to make the merge. I've gotta do something badly."


The Killer Tigers were all outside of The Loser Cabins with their respective friends or allies. Gwen, Cody, Owen and Dawn were having friendly conversations with each other, while Amy and Courtney were staying away from the rest of the team.

"Okay Courtney, Not to many people left on our team. There's only 4 of them, the losers AKA Gwen, Cody, Owen and Dawn."

"I know. And it's gonna be tough to turn them against each other. Gwen and Cody are an item."

Confessional (Courtney): "Seriously Gwen, I'm so disappointed in your choice of a boyfriend. I would rather have a looping 10 hour video of you and Duncan kissing in front of me then to see you with...that. The Gwen I know would never date that loser. And I don't care how much he's matured."


"And it's so obvious Dawn likes that big tub of lard Owen, likewise for Owen." Courtney made a very good point about the rest of The Killer Tigers.

"And they could form an Alliance and we'd be toasted." Amy added the fact that Gwen, Dawn, Cody and Owen could form an Alliance and gang up on them and eventually eliminate them. This caused the two mischievous girls to continue thinking some more about strategy.

"Your right. Cody and Owen aren't gonna slavishly follow us anymore because they can simply team up with Gwen and Dawn...Damn it!" Courtney was now thinking hard about what to do about the numbers disadvantage she and Amy were at. That's when Amy had a very bright idea.

"I've got it!"

Courtney was curious and eager to know. "What is it Amy?!"

Amy then whispered her plan into Courtney's ear.

Confessional (Courtney): "It's genius. Flirt with Cody a little bit, create some tension. Amy and I came up with a plan. Have Amy and if necessary me, flirt with Cody, thus creating a hole in Gwen and Cody and therefore no alliance! And with Owen and Dawn, that'll be to easy."


Amy, Gwen, Cody and Owen were socializing with each other.

"Dude, what do you think Amy and Courtney are talking about?" Owen was curious as to what the chatting girls could be up to.

"I don't know bro. All I know is that Courtney is crazy and I'm going nowhere near her. She's not normal bro." Cody as did most of the contestants now believed that Courtney was crazy/insane. He wanted little to no interaction with the tyrannical CIT.

"Courtney needs to chill. I'm sure she'll be back to normal soon." Gwen knew that Courtney wasn't being normal, but she wanted to be positive about it. "Courtney is just..."

"Crazy, as is Amy!" Cody said.

"There's a dark force within Amy and Courtney. They are truly capable of anything." Dawn could easily sense the treachery of of the current power duo of Amy and Courtney. She knew that whatever the two were talking about, it couldn't be sunshine and picnics in the park.

"Ohhhhhh dude, Courtney's crazy and scary. Amy to...but don't tell them I said that." Owen expressed and hid his true feelings about Amy and Courtney. Owen, as did Cody, were the only ones left who truly feared Amy and Courtney. Gwen was kind of in between about her friendship with Courtney. She currently felt it was an impending demise, but she also felt that Courtney could, if possible be redeemed and snap out of this crazed tyrannical wreck that her friend was in. Dawn, although not initially afraid of Courtney and Amy, feared the actions they were capable of.

"Guys cool it..." Gwen said. "Courtney's just a little mad now...Amy, we should all hate, but Courtney, I'm sure she's just thinking about how messed up some of her actions are."

Confessional (Courtney): "I'm completely fine with my actions...this is Total Drama, not Total Sweethearts, Barney and Friends or Total Drama Picnics on the beach...I'm here to win this game this time around, not make friends or rekindle relationships...I've got a new journal with plans, if necessary, for each and every last one of the contestants for this season." Courtney pulled out a black diary notebook, similar to the one Gwen sported in Season 1. It had a custom made hardcover with a picture of Courtney inside a black heart, smiling happily. It also had a lock on it to ensure no more 'Mike Situations' as she dubbed it, happened. "Oh, and to ensure that we won't have any 'Mike Situations' where my list aka Journal gets exposed, there's a nice little lock on it."


Unfortunately for the contestants, it was challenge time and Chris came on the Intercom, and as usual, it was good for Chris, bad for the contestants. "IT'S CHALLENGE TIME GUYS! STOP WHATEVER DATES, SELFIE SNAPPING, ALLIANCE DISCUSSIONS AND EVIL PLOTS YOUR CURRENTLY DOING AND HET YOUR BUTTS DOWN TO THE BEACH PRONTO! LATER GATORS! OR SHOULD I SAY, WELL YOUR ALL WOUNDED GAZELLES!" The campers cringed at Chris's attempt for a rhyming pun. The Host Of Total Drama left the intercom and awaited the arrival of the people he loved to torture.

Confessional (Amy): "Seriously, me and Courtney are so dominating this game...i know Courtney's plotting to turn on me when we've ridden the show of the competition, but I'm ready for it...for now, we'll just crush everybody."


The Killer Lions and Tigers arrived on the beach to see, Chef Hatchet, Don and Lindsay standing there awaiting them. Chris of course has his trademark obnoxious smile on his face, Chef stood their smiling evilly as always, Don had his smile as well, and Lindsay had her trademark friendly smile. Chris noticed The current Total Drama Couples, Duncan, Kitty and Gwen, Cody holding their respective partners hands.

"Hey guys." The contestants weren't falling for any of Chris's little games. "Hey Cody? Have you been following Sierra's blog lately?"

"Nooooooooooo. Why would I do that?"

"Nothing, just saying." Chris and Chef laughed under their breaths.

"I'm surrounded by idiots." Don whispered to himself.

"Chris, whatever your up to, drop it." Gwen sternly told Chris to stop trying to mess with her boyfriend. "Don't worry, Old people love pranking people." Everybody including Don laughed at Gwen's joke about Chris's age. Chris was now twitching and boiling with anger because of Gwen's joke.

"I'm not OLD!" Chris angrily said.

"Wise words Gwen." Don said.

"Ugh, Anyways, it's challenge time!" Chris was still annoyed with the age joke, but he had to be happy in order to announce the challenges for today. "Today's challenges will be centered around one of Total Drama's newest sponsors! CHEF! BOY! YAR! DEEEEE!" None of the campers got excited, thus not giving Chris the reaction he always expected. "Seriously, I thought younger people loved Chef Boyardee...anyways, Today's challenges will revolve around The Boyardee brand as I said before, they'll be three awesome challenges."

"Ouuuuuuuuuuuu...we're so scared. The Big Bad Boyardee Monster is gonna eat us...how pathetic Chris." Jo wasn't taking Chris's challenges today very serious. Chris had a smile on his face, he was hoping someone would say something like that.

"I was hoping one of you would say that." Chris began laughing hysterically. "And to answer your question and finish your sentence Jo, Yes! A Monster will likely end up eating you all during the final challenge of the day."

"You had to open your big dumb jock mouth, didn't you Jo?" Heather was annoyed thanks to Jo opening her mouth with smart remarks.

Jo retaliated. "Whatever, at least we're ready for it."

"Oh don't be so sure about that one." Chris and Chef laughed once again.

"I don't know guys." Lindsay didn't know what Chris was referring to either.

"Oh boy, I just hope Fang isn't involved." Scott didn't care what happened as long as Fang wasn't included in the picture.

Chris coughed in annoyance which meant the contestants needed to be quiet, or in Chris's words, "Shut up. Anyways, your first challenge will be to scale up this giant tower I made!" Everyone was confused as there was no tower in sight. Chris solved that problem in The McLean Way. A Helicopter carrying a giant and likely cheap and poorly built tower made out of cans of Chef Boyardee. "RELEASE THE PASTA!" On Chris's orders, The Intern flying the helicopter dropped the tower of Chef Boyardee Cans. The contestants barely managed to avoid being crushed while Chris, Chef, Don and Lindsay were unscathed due to standing at a safe distance.

"Your a Madman McLean!" Gwen yelled.

The Host simply smiled. "I know, it's part of my charm."

"You've got serious issues." Emma said.

The teams were now overlooking this tall tower built out of Chef Boyardee cans. One of the cans fell from the top of the tall poorly built structure. Chris being Chris assured everyone that it was 'safe'.

"Don't worry, we had some of the interns climb up to the top and fall off and hit the ground brutally and are in the hospital, that's safe for Total Drama standards." Chris laughed. "What? You should be glad. Chef Boyardee is paying Total Drama to sponsor them as much as possible. Anyways, it's challenge time! Your first challenge will involve a climbing challenge. Your team will have to scale all the way to the top of this massive tower to retrieve a golden Chris branded flag. First person from your team that snags it, wins the challenge."

"UH UM!" Courtney intentionally coughed. Everyone, including Don and Chris scoffed because they knew Courtney was about to ask another one of her boring questions about the challenge.

"Ugh, yes Courtney?" Everyone could hear the irritation in Chris's tone.

"Are we permitted to any sort of rules while scaling this obvious Deathtrap? You know, Knocking someone off?" Courtney glared at Kitty, who likewise did the same thing. "Use of foreign objects, Kicking, punching, yanking hair, and etc?"

Chris just laughed hysterically at this. "What do you kids think this is? Haha! WWE? I don't care what you guys do as long as someone gets hurt all physically, mentally and emotionally. Especially The Physically part! And besides, Chef Boyardee is paying us just to mention and show their brand so I could care less!"

"That is against all morals Chris." Dawn, obviously was against the idea of Chris's lack of respect and concern for the safety of people around him.

"Don't care! Anyways, ON YOUR MARK! GET SET! GO KILL YOURSELVES AND MAKE ME SOME GOOD DOLLASSSSSSS!" Chris sounded off an airhorn and The Killer Lions and Tigers began scaling the structure.

"Move it people! We've got a challenge to win!" Heather sternly ordered her team to climb faster so they could win.

"Might help if you shut your trap and climb yourself!" Duncan remarked this as he climbed past Heather.

Confessional (Heather): "That little.-"


"Come on you guys! Pick up the paste." Alejandro was having no difficulties because he was naturally athletic, as some of his teammates were.

"Shut it Al!" Jo sternly said. "I'm the leader of this team! Got that!"

"Ugh! Spaz!" Scott simply remarked.

"Ugh, will never win if they keep arguing. Let's just circle around the thing and climb from different angles." Zoey directed this to her friends in Samey, Emma and Kitty. They all agreed with The Indie Chicks plan.

"Right!" Zoey, Samey and The Sister jumped around for a bit and made a circle around the tower from 4 different angles. They began their descent up the tower while Chris, Don, Lindsay and Chef Hatchet watched from below.

"Ouuuuuuu! And The Lionesses of The Killer Lions are moving from 4 different angles! Smart moves. Tigers, you guys might wanna clone yourselves into Amy and Courtney." Chris was referring to how Amy and Courtney were the only super athletic people on their team and how further ahead they were compared to the rest of the tigers.

"Ugh! We'll never progress with things if these losers don't pick up the paste." Amy was annoyed because the rest of The Killer Tigers were not going as fast as herself and Courtney.

"Your right. Owen hasn't even gotten off of the ground, Cody looks like he's about to die, Dawn is worried about cleanliness more than the challenge. At least Gwen's the only good one out of them." Courtney remarked on how Gwen wasn't struggling like the rest of the team.

"NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! FOOOOOOOOOOOD!" Owen said this in a exhaustive manner. He was sweating and he barely did anything.

"Dude...that is just sad." Chris said.

"Hmm hmmm." Chef and Don remarked on how crapped out Owen looked when he didn't even scale the structure yet.

"Come on Owen! You can do it...or you can try to do it...I don't know...I hope I'm helping!" Lindsay was trying her best to be supportive of her friends.

"NEEEEEEEEEEED ENERGYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" An exhausted Owen passed out on the ground, nearing the brink of exhaustion.

"Ugh Come on! You losers need to help us! We want to win and not lose for once!" Amy scolded the rest of the team.

"Cool it Amy! They're trying, okay?" Gwen stood up for the rest of The Killer Tigers. "Courtney, come on, you know what it's like to be yelled at and have no friends, tell her." Gwen was trying to get Courtney to embrace her kind girl days and forget Amy, but much to Gwen's surprise, Courtney pretended she didn't hear Gwen and continued climbing.

Confessional (Courtney): "Nothing personal Gwen, just hear to win...I'll remove anyone who gets in my way..." Courtney then unlocked her journal with the Hardcover picture of herself in the black heart and flipped to a page of people on her 'Hitlist. It showed Duncan, Kitty, Emma, Zoey, Lindsay, Jo a crossed out Mike's name and among other people she's had a grudge against throughout the seasons of Total Drama. "Sorry not sorry."


Dawn and her pet telekinetic rat were making their way up the Boyardee tower. Dawn had forbid her Telekinetic Companion from using it's powers to give their team an unfair advantage. "No little one. We'll do this with the purest of intentions."

"OUT OF THE WAY CREEPY-LOCS!" Jo had pulled Dawn out of her way. Dawn had almost fell all the way down to the sand below, but managed to grab onto the poorly built structure.

"How Rude." Dawn's Telekinetic Rat flashed it's eyes green in annoyance.

"Hey Chef, how about some motivation for our contestants?" Chris laughed as Chef smiled and nodded his head.

"You are one messed up dude McLean." Don remarked on how Chris was gonna have Chef make things even more difficult for the teams.

"It's what makes this job so much fun. I get paid to torture, ruin relationships, and ruin people physically and emotionally."

"That's really mean Chris." Lindsay said.

Chef pulled out his trademark Meatball Bazooka and a Paintball Gun and a Leech Gun. He was ready to cause some Mayhem. "Here's to wrecking my Go-Karts Sissies! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!" Chef began firing his Leech Gun at the competition. Some got hit while others were struggling to avoid being hit. Chef fired multiple leeches at Duncan, but The Ex-Con wasn't phased out at all.

Duncan then lifted up his shirt to reveal that he had one of Chef's bullet proof vests on, preventing any of his projectiles from hitting and knocking him off the tower. "Thanks Chef! Love the vest! Makes me really stand out!"

Chef gasped at the fact that Duncan had once again stolen something from right under his nose. "Sneaky little bastard." Chef muttered under his breath. Duncan laughed as he continued climbing.

"Dude! How'd Duncan get a bullet proof Vest?!" Cody as was everyone on both teams were shocked that Duncan had given himself such a major advantage.

"You've gotta be kidding me Duncan." Gwen said this under her breath.

"Ugh! I should've known that loser with ugly piercings and green hair would do something like this." This motivated Courtney to climb faster. She was currently ahead of mostly everyone, besides the athletic people like Jo, Zoey, Samey, Emma, Alejandro and a few others.

"Wow, he's crafty. I've gotta give the criminal his credit." Heather remarked on how good Duncan's thievery skills were.

"Sooooooooo! Tireeeeeeed!" Owen still hadn't managed to get off of the ground.

"Seriously, what a loser." Amy said.

"That is no way to win a challenge...we're better because we play fair." Dawn obviously didn't approve of Duncan's stealing.

"WE'RE LOSING BECAUSE WE PLAY NICE!" Courtney yelled at Dawn from below which caused her to tremble back in fear. This unfortunately caused her to fall off of the tower. On her way down, she took Cody with her.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They both screamed before crashing into Owen, who was still on the ground.

"OWWWWWWWW!" They all groaned in pain, much to the delight of Chris.

"Much much better." The Host began drinking out of a coconut.

"Well, that's all of the losers out of the way." Amy felt that the losers had taken themselves out of the competition. She also felt that the decent players of The Killer Tigers could now win without any distractions.

Confessional (Gwen): "Seriously, Courtney is really working with that sick, annoying and twisted little cheerleader still? Ugh, what is wrong with her?!"


The Killer Lions were nearing the top of the tower, Courtney was getting desperate to win. "Oh crap. My team is totally sucking right now...I know!" Courtney had thought of a good plan in her head.

"Move it people! Someone grab the stupid flag!" Jo scolded her teammates for not being quick enough, much to their annoyance.

Heather bitterly replied to her alliance member. "How about you grab it and shut up!"

"Seriously, the both of you need to shut it." Scott chimed in because of how annoying Heather and Jo were getting. "Just win this thing already."

Alejandro then chimed in as well. His arrogance even came out. "If you would all move, I could use my athletic gifts and win this silly game for us."

"Come on guys, we've almost got it." Zoey remarked on how close their team was to snagging the flag. But unfortunately, they didn't seem to mind her as their egos were clashing with each other. "Ugh. Never mind."

"I just want to get off of this thing." Samey wanted to win quickly so they could climb down from the poorly built structure that she was pretty sure wasn't built properly.

"Ugh. Idiots. And I'm pretty sure Chris hasn't tested this thing properly." Emma remarked on her team's stupidity and how irresponsible Chris was.

Earlier today:

"We need to test this out for the challenge! There's a reason you're all interns!" Chris was forcing his interns to test out the poorly built Chef Boyardee tower. It was tall and some of the cans were falling off of the tower.

"But it's unsafe boss...cans are falling off of the tow.-"

"Just shut up and climb already! Chef and CopyCat Host Don are trying to make the moves on this lovely lady I'm trying to 'teach biology'. Just do it!"

The two Interns climbed up the tower made of Boyardee Cans. They made it to the top, but unfortunately, due to the cheap and poor nature of the tower, the top part of it gave away and the two interns were now plummeting to the ground.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The interns brutally smashed into each other as they landed on the sandy beach. Their bones could be heard breaking and cracking upon impact.

"That seems safe enough." Chris began laughing as he walked away, thus proving that the challenge was 'safe'.

"Wow, this is really taking a lot of work Em." Kitty remarked on how physical the challenge was on her body. "And this is super fun as well."

Confessional (Courtney): "Seriously, some people are saying my actions are not really purest, but I'm trying to win...and besides, she had it coming, and more coming in the future."


Courtney somersaulted and landed on Kitty's shoulders. She was covering her eyes, hoping she would fall. "Get off of me Courtney!"

"Your in the way! I'M TRYING TO WIN!" Courtney then poked her in the eyes, sending her back down to the ground. "Nothing personal, Darling."

"Kit!" Emma watched as her younger sister fell back towards the ground.

"Kit." Zoey and Samey watched as their friend fell backwards.


"Woah! Gotcha!" Duncan caught her in mid air. Once she realized her boyfriend had caught her, she calmed down.

"My Hero!" She then pecked him on the cheek.

"I prefer AntiHero."

"Just shut up and kiss me after we win."

"AND THE KILLER TIGERS WIN!" Everybody looked up to see that Courtney had snagged the golden Chris branded flag.

"UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone let out a scoff of disgust, everyone except Amy. Even Courtney's own teammates were annoyed because she was holding the flag up like it was a championship belt or trophy.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Heather, now enraged, was annoyed with their team losing the first challenge.

"Come on dude! Of all people, why'd it have to be Courtney?!" Duncan was among the high amount of people irked by his Ex's dirty tactics.

"Maybe if you hadn't played Knight In Shining Armor with your stupid girlfriend we would've won!" Jo coldly remarked on how Duncan decided to save his lover instead of winning the challenge.

"That's my sister your talking about, watch it Tranny." Emma replied with a zinger about Jo's gender, much to her irritation.

"Awwww! Thanks Em."

"No problem Kit."

"I don't care how any of you feel. YOUR ALL LOSERS!" Courtney jumped off of the tower and took, Duncan, Emma, Zoey, Samey and Kitty with her.

"OWWWWWWWWWW!" They all groaned in pain, much to the enjoyment of Chris. Courtney stood on the 5 Gal & Guy pile as if she had conquered a whole kingdom.

"Woah there! Easy Tiger! All Pun Intended." Chris laughed hysterically at how Courtney was standing on the pile that consisted of Duncan, Emma, Zoey, Samey and Kitty.

"That is one mean girl." Chef said.

"These kids are nasty." Don added. "So much cold hearted hatred for each other...that's Total Drama for you."

"Sorry about your friends Lindsay-Iot." Courtney shoved Lindsay to the ground as she walked away from the challenge she had won.

"COOL IT COURTNEY!" Gwen yelled.

"Yea, your getting really mean now Courtney." Owen, who was finally revived nervously remarked on how aggressive Courtney has been growing as of late.

"Yea Dude, you need to chill out." Cody added.

"Courtney, don't you see, this is exactly what Chris wants...he wants to use your anger and hatred for ratings." Dawn was hoping that this would change Courtney's mean and selfish ways.

"Ugh, is there a way you could shut them all up?" Courtney asked Chris if there was a way he could make the complaining of both teams stop.

"Yes Courtney...yes there is." Chris pulled out a remote control and pressed the button. About 10 seconds later, the bottom proportion of the Chef Boyardee tower exploded and the whole thing came crashing down into the sandy pavements of the beach.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" These screams came from the remaining contestants that were originally trying to climb back down. A few short seconds later, the tower was gone and there were scattered campers all over the beaches of Komotay Island.

"Much better." Courtney walked away unscathed by the collapse.

Confessional (Gwen): "Note to self...start hating Courtney."


Confessional (Owen): "I don't like disliking people but..."


Confessional (Cody): "Courtney's lost it."


Confessional (Amy): "As much as I want to ring her neck, this just progressed me and Courtney's plans."


Confessional (Dawn): "She's corrupted by the dark forces."


Confessional (Duncan): "Seriously, I'm so glad I'm not the crazy chick's boyfriend anymore...besides, I cool with who I'm with now."


Confessional (Heather): "That little B-I-T-C-H!"


Confessional (Alejandro): "¬°Courtney ahora es oficialmente una perra loca!"


Confessional (Jo): "She has my respect for the dirty tactics, but she's going down."


Confessional (Scott): "Man! That girl is wild!"


Confessional (Zoey): "Seriously, why did she tell Chris to do that?! In All Stars, I thought people were simply misunderstanding Courtney, but now I get why she has no friends!"


Confessional (Samey): "Seriously, Courtney might overtake Amy as the meanest person you've ever seen."


Confessional (Emma): "Pathetic! I've been through worse things, but seriously, She's going down."


Confessional (Kitty): "Courtney is going to pay!" Kitty began typing something into her phone. "Dear Karma, move The Ice Dancers to second place for people that need to pay! Courtney is now the primary person...she's disrespected me far to many times this season. I now hate her even more than ever. Sincerely, Kitty, Emma, Zoey and all of the other guys people she's wronged throughout the years."


Confessional (Lindsay): "I know I'm not competing this season, but I truly hope Courtney gets eliminated soon."


Chris, Chef, Don and Lindsay stood over the carnage Chris had created with his antics. "Guys? Are any of you conscious?" Chris asked jokingly.

"Seriously, I think we should get them to the Infirmary." Don remarked on how messed up the contestants looked.

"Ouuuuu. You sure did a number on them Chris. HeHe." Chef chuckled under his breath.


"Good! You guys are breathing! Anyways, meet us in at at The Campground in 1 Hour! Your next challenge begins there! Oh and change into your bathing suits!" Chris, Chef, Don and Lindsay left the teams to recover and recollect themselves.

Before Lindsay left, she whispered into Kitty's ears. "Kick her butt Kit, for all of us." Lindsay then left them there to recuperate from the fall of the tower.

Confessional (Courtney): "Seriously, my teammates are looking at me like I'm a madwoman. They should be glad. I carried them to victory as usual. At least Amy is the only person with some form of sense around here."


The Killer Lions and Tigers were all at the Loser Cabins, but with their teams, they were talking strategically about how to win the next challenge.

"Okay, we've seriously gotta kick their butts the next challenge!" Heather continued. "They want ruthless, let's give it to them!"

"Seriously, Courtney's unstoppable enough as it is, but with that stupid blonde, no offense to your sister Samey."

"It's fine Duncan, I can't stand Amy."

"We've gotta really crush Courtney and her lame-o-team."

"Courtney has shown her true emotions. Her being troubled is what'll cause her downfall." Alejandro added how Courtney's emotions do the talking for her.

"I say we do onto them as they did with us. Play dirty, no mercy!" Jo added.

"I've got a plan that'll work full proof!" Everyone looked at Scott with curious eyes. He was rubbing his hands together maliciously. "Me, Duncan and Alejandro here have all had romantic interactions slash relationships and sort of relationships with Courtney in the past...we can use that to manipulate her...me, Duncan and Alejandro will pretend we're fighting for Courtney's love." He said while making his fingers into air quotes. "And when she falls for it, WHAM! THAT'S WHEN WE GET HER!" The more eviler and colder contestants of the Killer Lions seemed to like the idea. Even though they hated and disliked Courtney, the purer contestants thought it was wrong to play with her emotions like that.

"You guys, that's just plain wrong. I don't like Courtney, but i don't want to emotionally scar her." Zoey scolded her teammates for descending that low.

"We'll be no better than Amy if we do that...I don't wanna emotionally destroy Courtney now. We'll all just look like another version of Chris or Amy." Samey didn't like the ideas that were going around.

"While I wanna slap that lips off of Courtney's face, that's way to low...that's like an attorney buying off a judge in the courtroom...and besides, it's childish." Emma didn't like the idea either. "And you better not go along with this Doofcan! If you do anything that hurts my little sister's feelings, I'll be the worst authority figure you've ever come across." This was directed at Duncan.

"Emma, stop it. And you guys, as much as I hate Courtney, I'm not gonna emotionally break her...and Duncan's wouldn't do something that harsh, right?"

"Courtney's already crazy enough, and besides, me and Alejandro already tried this with her during World Tour." Duncan was surprisingly against the idea as well, much to the delight of his girlfriend.

"Who cares?! We lost the challenge because of you Crud-Can!" Jo was still holding a grudge against Duncan for the last challenge. "If you had just sacrificed KitKat we would've won. I say do what you need to do Alejandro and Scott-Less."

"Yea Duncan, I'm disappointed with your conscious." Heather added.

"Whatever, at least I care about my relationship unlike little miss skimpy shorts and Jo-Nathan over here." This cause Kit to blush.


"GROW A PAIR DUD-CAN! ALL YOUR DOING IS PRETENDING TO LIKE HER ALONG WITH ALE-LOSER AND SCOTT-CROTCH! And if we lose today, you'll be the one going home!" Jo threatened Duncan with getting him voted off.

"I've seen scarier trans girls in prison. Let me tell you something Jo, I don't fear anyone, and nobody controls me. Not Alligator Queen Heather, Not You, Or anyone else, here's a warning, don't get on my bad side." The Ex-Con walked away, leaving a shocked Jockette and Heather in the process.

Confessional (Jo): "Seriously, as much as I wanna smash a brick over his face, much respect...but still, if we lose, he goes home...it's either Crud-Can or Scott-Crotch that's gonna say adios."


The Killer Tigers were now in their bathing suits, but the challenge still wasn't ready yet. They were talking strategy to hopefully keep their winning streak today alive. And also some other things. Courtney and Amy were distant from the rest of the team.

"Okay, I think we can all agree, COURTNEY HAS GOT TO GO!" Cody said the last bit of his sentence with a lot of passion. He along with a majority of his teammates wanted Courtney out of the competition completely.

"Oh totally." Owen agreed. "I've never seen her so nasty before. She almost hurt one of my friends, I know Kitty's on the other team, but still!"

"Yes, I agree, Total Drama is a dark place with Courtney's presence." Dawn agreed with everyone that wanted Courtney out of here. Although, Gwen, who knew full and well about Courtney and Amy's alliance, believed she could be revived by getting some sense slapped into her. She disagreed with her boyfriend and his friends.

"Guys, I know Courtney's a little Coo-Coo right now, but give her a chance. It's that little witch aka Heather with Blonde hair Amy I want to go home. I say we ditch her."

"Babe." Cody added. "Courtney's a freaking one crazy CIT Powerhouse. And on top of that, she's allied with Amy, who's a master manipulator. It's like she's Heather & Alejandro fused into one hybrid. She has got to go, and once Courtney's gone, we can gang up on Amy and send her packing as well and then if possible, we all make the merge." Cody made a valid statement which Owen and Dawn agreed with. Gwen was left with the tough decision to choose Option A, stand up for her friend that was Courtney. Or Option B, side with her boyfriend Cody, Owen and Dawn.

Confessional (Gwen): "Ugh, I hate when these things happen to me. On one side, literally everybody on the show wants Courtney's head, and she's still my friend, and on the other side, My Boyfriend and his friends want to ditch her! Gahhhh! Why Cruel World? What did I ever do to you?"


Courtney and Amy were a good distance away from the rest of The Killer Tigers. They to were discussing ways to further their alliance in the game.

"Okay," Amy started, "It's so obvious the loser squad is gonna gang up and pick us off when we lose challenges, so we've gotta prevent that from happening by all means necessary."

"I know. And it'll be four votes against 2 so it's an automatic loss." Courtney stated. "We have to figure out how to turn them against each other."

Amy then had a lightbulb go off in her head. "I got it! You remember that plan I drew up involving that loser Cody and Gwen's relationship?"

The CIT nodded her head as a sign of 'yes'.

"We both act flirty and touchy with the loser. Gwen goes insane, they'll hate each other, and we're destined for gold. Don't worry about The Creepy Spirit Reading Girl and Tubby The Bear, they'll get dealt with after we can Mr Pervert and his Loser Goth Girlfriend."

Unfortunately, it was challenge time, as Chris came on the Intercom and announced that it was time for dubbed victims to report to the campfire pit pronto. "ATTENTION VICTIMS! IT'S TIME FOR YOUR DEAT.- I MEAN IT'S CHALLENGE TIME SUCKERS!" Chris began laughing. "ANYWAYS, STOP WHATEVER YOUR DOING, CHANGE INTO YOUR BATHING SUITS AND MEET ME AT THE CAMPFIRE PIT! YOU'RE ALL GONNA LOVE THIS SECOND CHALLENGE!" Chris left the intercom as the teams, all in their bathing suits headed towards The Campfire Pit.

Confessional (Scott): "My team is falling apart completely. Everybody has hatred for each other. I gotta play it smart. Let them hate each other while I sit idly by and watch it."


The teams arrived at the campfire pit to see Chris, Don, Chef and a very exhausted Lindsay waiting for them. Chris had a smile on his face while Don had a worried look on his face.

"Hey guys!" Chris yelled enthusiastically.

"Just get on with it McLean!" Heather barked.

"Alright fine!" Chris said annoyed. "Your second challenge will come to life in a bit, if you'll all just follow me towards the forest." Chris began leading everyone towards the forest.

Confessional (Don): "I don't use the confessional, but hey, Chris deals with all lawsuits, not me."


The Campers were now standing in front of a giant structure covered with a very large tarp. They were naturally curious as to what it could be.

"What the heck is that thing?" Scott asked.

Lindsay began talking, trying to explain what it was. "Oh it's a.-"

"LINDSAY! YOU'LL RUIN THE CHALLENGE!" Chris angrily cut off The Blonde Girl. "Anyways, your next challenge will be a diving and searching challenge. Each team has to find two large sized dummy dolls that are submerged in this mysterious and absolutely genius creation by yours truly."

"Why don't you tell them what it is Chris." Chef said this in a joking manner which gained him some curious looks from the contestants.

"Will do...OH INTERNNNNNSSSSSSSS!" Chris shouted loudly for the interns to remove the tarp. They were in a helicopter and used its grappling mechanic to remove the Giant tarp and reveal a contraption. It was a giant aquarium sized can of Chef Boyardee. This left the contestants flabbergasted and blown away.

"Woah!" Zoey said surprised. "What the heck is that thing and how'd you get your hands on this Chris?!"

"Okay how is that possible?!" Gwen asked.

"WOOOOOOOOWWWWWW CHRIS! Are you sure this isn't an eating contest?" Owen was the only one that was amazed and impressed with Chris's antics.

"I don't even wanna know what and who you contacted and used to have this built McLean." Emma had a feeling that something was up with this large contraption.

"Chris is one weird dude." Duncan added.

"It looks safe." Samey thought it was pretty awesome at first.

Kitty snapped a selfie of herself in front of the large can before handing her smartphone to Lindsay so it wouldn't get ruined during the challenge.

"Alright people! Enough chit chat!" Chris shushed everyone. "Anyways, since most of you won't likely survive this challenge, this is the final challenge! In this giant Chef Boyardee Can that me and the company themselves had built, contains every type of food that they have produced inside of this gigantic thing, Mac and Cheese, Beeforoni,Spaghetti and Meatballs, you name it! Inside this large bad thing, Are two large test dummy dolls with your team's logo on it! You guys will have to find it and place it on the platform of the can. The first team that finds both of there gets dummies will win the challenge! And the losing team already knows what happens! Elimination Time Baby!"

"Let's do this already!" Jo confidently said.

"Man this is lame." Gwen said.

"Chris, your Aura is telling me that you have a few things in store for us." Dawn said.

"Easy tigers, all pun intended. Before you all take the escalator up, I have a few more announcements...first one is, the invincibility statue!" This naturally made everyone happy. "Oh yea! This season, there will be not one, BUT TWO! Invincibility Statues hidden somewhere around Komotay Island. Find one of them or both of them and you can use it to get yourself out of a jam. You all should know this by now. And second, to answer Dawn's assumption, Yes! There's all sorts of dangerous and humiliating booby traps hidden in this giant Can! Now no more questions, get your butts up here!" Everybody took the installed Escalator up to the top of the gigantic Chef Boyardee Can.

Confessional (Scott): "I've gotta get my hands on one of those invincibility statues! If possible, both of them!"


Confessional (Heather): "Seriously, Chris just handed me an advantage, once I find one or both of those statues, I'm guaranteed a win this season!"


The teams were on top of the Giant Boyardee Can. It had a large walkway that circled the circular shape of the can and a platform in the middle of the can. There were a total of 10 Ladders that were bolted against the walls of the Large Can. The Campers looked down below and saw all of the food products ever made by Chef Boyardee into one giant ocean of pasta like products.

Amy, in her red bikini pulled Courtney to the side. "Remember, we've gotta try and win and turn them against each other." She whispered into The CIT's ears. Courtney agreed to do what she had to do. She began acting like she was into Cody.

"Woooooowwwwwww, nice warm pasta would look good on this guy...his name starts with the letter C." Everyone including Don, Chris and Chef looked at Courtney liked she was mentally challenged. Gwen eyed her friend suspiciously wondering what she could be talking about.

"Easy Courtney, you can sleep around after the challenge." Chris said this in a joking manner. Everybody began laughing at her, much to her irritation. "Anyways, 10!9!8!7!6!5!4!3!2!1! GO KILL YOURSELVES AND PROVIDE ME RATINGS! The contestants all jumped down into the Boyardee Food Made Ocean that was inside the can. Everyone was immediately covered in pasta sauce and food upon impact. Everybody immediately began searching and diving for the test dummy dolls.

"This is the most humiliating thing I've done in my life." Heather said.

"Get over it Princess Wannabe, sometimes you gotta get dirty to achieve gold!" Jo remarked Heather's diva like antics.

"Should we hatch out Scott's plan?" Alejandro was referring to Scott's plan to pretend the two were falling for Courtney and using her weak emotions against her.

"Do what you gotta do." Jo added.

"Quick she's coming!" Scott pointed out how Courtney was nearby and they needed to act quickly if they were gonna do this. "No I LOVE HER!" Scott 'shoved' Alejandro.

"Courtney's been mistreated for far to long! I WILL TREAT HER LIKE THE QUEEN SHE IS!" Courtney shad an annoyed look on her face, but it changed to to curiosity when she heard Alejandro and Scott 'fighting' for her love.

"Pfft. Losers." Duncan scoffed.

Confessional (Courtney): "They're fighting over me? Yea right! I won't believe it...Alejandro is all googly eyes for Heather...but Scott, I don't know. I'll have to keep an eye on the other team...this is likely a trick."


Dawn was with her pet telekinetic rat. She was swimming through all of the piled up food and pasta sauce. "OUCH!" Dawn jumped up to reveal that her foot had caught a Mouse Trap and it had slammed down upon her. "This is an outrage!"

Chris and Chef were laughing hysterically at this as they were watching the challenge from a TV Monitor on the platform above the contestants. Don was simply having a drink. "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"That's really mean." Lindsay said this to the two hosts, but as usual, they ignored her.

"Oh crap! Are you okay Dawn?!" Owen saw the trouble Dawn was currently going through.

"I'm fine Friend Owen, just keep searching for the dummies, I'll handle this!" Owen complied with The Moon Child's orders and continued searching.

Confessional (Owen): "Seriously, Dawn's hot and brave...I just wish I had the confidence to ask her out...man, if only Mike was here."


Cody was swimming around trying to find his team's test dummy dolls, but he was distracted by how hot Gwen looked in her bikini. "Man...I always dreamed about me and Gwen, but now it's reality. The sight of her bikini drenched in.-Huh?" The Self Proclaimed Ladies Man felt something brush by his foot. Suddenly, a braid that looked an awful lot like Sierra's hair suddenly appeared. Cody rubbed his to see if he was being delusional. When he stopped, the braid was gone. "Huh? Must've been my imagination. I could've sworn I saw.-"

"Hey Boyfriend of mine, she's not here, focus on the game or I'll kick you in the groin if we lose."

"Yes Ma'am!" Gwen had scolded The Code-Meister for being delusional and not focusing on the game.

Confessional (Cody): "Seriously, I could've sworn I saw Sierra's hair...but whatever my lady says, goes. That's the way The Codester Rolls."


Emma swam around the Pasta Filled Ocean looking for the test dummies belonging to The Killer Lions. "Hey, this isn't so bad." At first, that challenge seemed promising, but something gross happened. A custom dirty diaper bomb made by Chef had attached on to her hair. She tried to take it off, but it exploded, covering her entire face with toddler doo. "EWW! UGH! I CANNOT STAND CHRIS AND CHEF! THIS IS GROSS AND TOTALLY CHILDISH!"

Chris, Chef and even Don surprisingly all shared a laugh at The Lawyer Chick's embarrassing moment. "AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHA!"

"You guys! That's my friend." Lindsay stated, but once again, she was ignored.

"While I normally find Old Man McLean's antics pathetic and childish, this one around was actually good and funny."

Confessional (Emma): "I am seriously gonna sue the heck out of this show once I graduate from law school and become a successful lawyer...and Noah, you cute little dork, I'll do it for to."


Amy was swimming around looking for her team's test dummies. She was annoyed with this challenge because of how dirty she was and how much food she was covered in. "Ughhhhh! I look like Samey! Ugly and gross! Like a troll!"

"I heard that!" Samey responded to her sister's berating comments about her.

"Shut Up!" Amy threw a large meatball At Samey's face, knocking her back.

Chris and Chef watched this and laughed hysterically. "Man, i love this show."

Confessional (Samey): "Longest Shower Ever!"


Duncan was pressed up against the wall of the Giant Can. He was eyeing the entire thing to see if there were any lumpy objects floating idly by. "Man, This is the lamest thing I've ever been involved in...Ah Crap, Ma is probably taping this for air quote memories." Duncan then felt something brush by his leg. He immediately grabbed it, and to his delight, it was his team's first test dummy. "Ah sweet!"


"Ugh! Can it with the horrible introductions Chris." Duncan ordered Chris to stop irritating him as he climbed up one of the ladders to place the test dummy on the platform.

"Way to go Duncan." Zoey shouted.

"Team Encouragement! I scolded him to do better." Jo as usual tried to take credit for her teammates work.

"Marvelous work Duncan." Alejandro added.

"Yumm." Owen was eating the Chef Boyardee foods he was swimming in. "Delicioso."

"Good, now hurry up." Scott replied.

"The Ex-Con is actually good for something." Heather uncaringly added.

Once Duncan reached the platform, he intentionally dropped the dirty test dummy on Chris's shoe.


"Sorry bro! I apologies aren't in my arsenal! YEAAAA!" Duncan jumped back into the can to continue the challenge.

Confessional (Duncan): "I've gotta seriously watch my back on this team. I know Heather and Jo are in a complicated marriage. And Alejandro and Scott have that plan to mess with Courtney. I'll let them blow each other up while I watch in delight. I'm thinking about ditching Loser Latin and Farm Boy. I'll form an Alliance with Kit, me and her date, so she'll say yes, but then there's her annoying sister...I've gotta think this through."


Dawn's telekinetic rat had teleported back to the cabins because Dawn felt that he would get hurt during the challenge. "Now that my little one is safe, where can I find our team's treasure?" Dawn was feeling around the pasta made ocean for one of her team's test dummies. The Killer Tigers still had yet to find their first test dummy.

"Ughhhhhhhh! Where are these stupid things?!" Courtney was getting frustrated because she wasn't finding anything. She got even more frustrated when she bumped into Kitty. The two girls glared at each other and talked trash for a bit. "Ugh, of all people I had to look at."

"I don't like you either Courtney. As fun as it would be to slap you upside your face, one, for using me, my friend, my sister and my boyfriend as a landing pad, and two, for everything you've been doing to me and other people, I've got more important things to worry about."

"This is probably the only thing we'll see eye to eye on." Courtney continued. "Here's a warning. Stay out of my way darling. And please make the merge, beating you will be much more satisfying when we're not on these loser teams." Courtney swam off in another direction while Kitty just scoffed.

"Ughh. I hate her so much. But I've got better and more important things to worry about."

"Ignore her Kit. We've got a task at hands."

"She's right you know. You've gotta put all obstacles aside to achieve your goals." Emma and Zoey told the Nice Girl that she would have to put her grudge and and personal rivalry with Courtney to the side in order to win the challenge.

"They're right doll face. As satisfying as it would be for me to watch my foxy feline babe, lay it into Courtney, we've got more important things to worry about." Kit blushed at the sentence that was just said by her Duncan.

Gwen was searching a mountain or meatballs in a corner of the Giant Can. So far, she wasn't getting anywhere. "Freaking stupid show. Chris and his.-RRRRRRRRRREGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!" The Goth Girl was electrocuted by an artificially made meatball.

Chris and Chef were laughing to the point where they were holding their stomachs and rolling around on the ground of the platform. "Oh man! Chef I told you we should have more fun with the budget!"

"HAHAHHAHAHA! I'm picking out the next booby traps when we order them." Chef continued to laugh as Gwen got shocked endlessly.

Don looked at his two colleagues unamused and more so embarrassed. "As Scar said in The Lion King, I'm surrounded by idiots."

Dawn's Aura was telling her that she was getting warmer and warmer. The Killer Tiger's test dummy was nearby. "My aura tells me that our team's golden opportunity is nearing me." Dawn stuck her hand to the right and much to her delight, she found her team's first test dummy. "FRIENDS! I'VE FOUND GOLD!"

"AND OUR FAVORITE ATMOSPHERE GIRL DAWN SNAGS IT FOR THE KILLER TIGERS! BRING IT ON UP DAWN!" Don told The Moon Child to climb up and place the dummy on the platform. The Host Of The Race turned his back for a few seconds. When he turned back, the test dummy was there, but Dawn wasn't. "What The? How The? Where The Heck Is She?"

"You'll get used to it." Chef said.

"Man, where the heck is the last one? I'm trying to win!" Jo was angrily punching meatballs and other Chef Boyardee foods because she couldn't find her team's second and final test dummy. "YIKES! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU MCLEAN?!" Jo's hand was nearly taken off when a Bear Trap went off. She barely got her hand away in time.

Chris just laughed as he enjoyed the show from his TV Monitor on the platform. "Oops, must've misplaced the bear trap. It was supposed to be submerged at the bottom." Chris was annoyed because he wanted the trap to catch someone's foot. "But someone loosing a hand isn't all bad."

Confessional (Jo): "Chris is seriously overdue for a freshly baked Jo Ass Kicking." The Jockette cracked her knuckles to show that she wasn't messing around.


Zoey had swum to the southern part of the Giant Can. As everybody else's was, her red hair was beyond dirty and stuck with Ravioli, Beeferoni, Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti and a bunch of pasta sauce. "I am seriously taking over an hour in the shower after this." Zoey tripped over something that was submerged below her. "Ow. What was that?" She pulled up whatever it was and to her delight, it was her team's second and final test dummy. "YEA! SWWET!"

"Awesome!" Gwen had also found her team's second and final test dummy as well. The friends looked at each other and smiled in a devious, playfully and competitive manner.

"GWEN AND ZOEY HAVE THE POWER TO WIN IT ALL FOR THEIR TEAM! ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS CLIMB UP THE LADDERS AND PLACE IT ON THE PLATFORM!" After Chris's announcement, both girl immediately started carrying the test dummies up the ladder. They were slightly heavy, but manageable.

"Come on Zoey! You can do this!" Alejandro yelled.

"Come on Gwen, YOUR THE COOLEST GOTH CHICK I KNOW!" Owen shouted in support of his teammate.

"Just win this already Red! Or else your on my personal chopping block!" Jo put more pressure than support on The Indie Chick's back.

"Come on Gwen...Don't be a failure like the rest of out team." Courtney's support was mixed between an insult and actual support. Gwen was annoyed with The CIT's response, but she had other things to worry about.

"You got this babe! Come o.-What The?" As Cody was trying to cheer on his Goth Girlfriend, he felt something grab his foot. A few seconds later, whatever had a hold of his foot let go. "I know I'm not crazy! Something just grabbed me!"

"More like you've proved yourself to be a delusional loser. Now shut up already." Amy insulted Cody.

Confessional (Courtney): "Zoey was getting to far ahead of Gwen, so I had to do something."


"Yes! I'm almost there! Ouch! Hey!" Zoey felt herself being hit with cans of Chef Boyardee. It was Courtney trying to knock off Zoey and giving The Killer Tigers an easy win. "Ouch! Stop it Courtney!"

"Nothing personal, I just can't let Gwen lose to a Red Head Creep who's stuck in the 60s!" Courtney threw another can with a lot of force. Just as victory seemed close for The Killer Lions, Zoey got struck with the can so hard, it knocked her off of the ladder and back into the Boyardee Ocean, giving Gwen the victory.


"AND THE KILLER TIGERS WIN! THANKS TO GWEN AND COURTNEY ACTING CRAZY!" Chris declared The Tigers the winners. The Tigers celebrated while The Killer Lions groaned defeated and in sadness.

Gwen was very unsatisfied with her victory because she wanted to win purely, not by Courtney's standards. "Ugh, I didn't want to win this way Courtney! Gosh! Sorry Zoey."

"It's fine!" The Indie Chick shouted back.

Chris then said what he said to all losers. "Lions! You guys are the losers and you all know what that means! It's Elimination Time for you guys! One of you Lions or Lionesses are gonna say sayonara to this competition! And seriously take a shower you all smell like tasty crap!"

Great! Just great! Why didn't you just Kick Gwen Off or something?!" Heather was annoyed as was Scott and Jo because Zoey was so close to winning.

"Nice Going Red. I thought you'd be fueled by your rage and hatred over your boyfriend's elimination." Jo added.

"You gotta play dirty to win! Didn't me manipulating you and everybody else during our first season teach you anything?" Scott added on that Zoey needed to get over her nice girl act and start using aggression.

"I'm sorry you guys. I tried my best."

"Seriously, Shut it Jo, Scott and Heather. At least she found it. And if I'm not mistaken, it was me and Zoey that carried you idiots today." Zoey was surprised to see Duncan standing up for her. She was grateful for it. "And all Scott did was come up with an awful plan to try and flirt with Miss Crazy CIT, Heather drooling over Alejandro and Jo just won't shut up."

"You know what? We'll let The Elimination Ceremony decide who gets to shut up Crudcan!"

Scott agreed with Jo. "I'm with Jo on this one!"

"We'll just have to see. It'll be the happiest thing for me all season to see Jo get shot out of a canon, flushed down a Giant toilet, look like crap on The Boat Of Losers or hurled off the island by a catapult. Either way, either you or Scott is going home." Duncan showed no fear in Jo's threat. The Killer Tigers just watched the commotion of The Killer Lions. Eventually, everybody began climbing up one of the ten ladders. When the arrived to the top. They saw Lindsay, Chef, Don and Chris waiting for them.


"Can it Chris!" All of The Contestants said this at the same time.

"Wow, these are gonna be some long showers. Like sooooooooo long." Lindsay commented on how dirty everyone was. Everybody just walked down the escalator. Lindsay gave Kit her pink smartphone on the way down.

Confessional (Amy): "Yes! Everything is working out perfectly! The other team is so busy hating each other, they're picking themselves off one by one. Less work for me."


Later that night, The Killer Lions were back at the campgrounds. They as well as the tigers has taken very long showers to wash off the amount of pasta themed foods and sauce that dirtied them from the challenge. They were all talking to their respective partner or associate.

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I say we cut either Jo, Scott or Heather's rope. Jo for being annoying, Scott for his stupid idea and Heather for working together with Jo." Duncan made valid points on who to eliminate later tonight. Everybody seemed to agree with his comments.

"I say Jo or Scott. Heather's likely plotting to turn on Jo if things get messy for her. And if anybody knows Heather, it's me." Alejandro although he didn't particularly associate with with some of the people he was currently talking to, decided to vote with them as it would Better his chances of not being canned.

"Girls, Alejandro and Duncan make great points. But it's who to vote for that's difficult." Zoey supported both the ideas of Duncan and Alejandro. She was also trying to get The Sisters and Samey to vote with her as well since they were friends.

"I agree with The Ex-Con's plan. Not because I like him, but because it's a strong strategic move. I say we get rid of Jo. I've had it up to hear it with her annoyance. Not only that, but she's a strong competitor in her own right, so it'd be better for all of us in the long run." Emma also made a great deal on who should go home.

"I say we go after that Farmer Guy. He's really manipulative and can weasel out of most situations. Jo is strong, but she's just like most jocks. Either dumb or to arrogant for his or herself." Everybody was surprised by the great point Kitty made. Even her own boyfriend Duncan was surprised by this smart saying his girl pointed out. Samey even agreed with this claim.

"I like Kitty's idea. Scott can be a pain in the butt if he gets to comfortable. But either way, a really strong competitor goes home tonight." Eventually, Duncan, Alejandro, Zoey, Samey And The Sisters finally decided who it was curtains for.

"So all in favor?" Emma asked the two boys, Samey, Zoey and Kitty. They all replied at the same time.

"All in favor."

Confessional (Emma): "that went surprisingly well. Even though I hate working with others, that went pretty good. And I don't feel bad about who I'm voting for either."


Scott, Jo and Heather were talking about who to vote for. They had a few candidates based on what happened during the challenges.

"It's about time Dick-En walks down that dock." Jo went on, "I've had it with that annoying green haired puss."

"I'm with Jo on this one. Not because I like her, but Duncan's getting to weak for my nature. I can't bare working with him anymore." Scott agreed with Jo's plan to ice Duncan once and for all.

"I originally wanted Alejandro or that Red Head unfashionable girl gone just because Alejandro is annoying and Pooey costed us the game, but for today, AND ONLY today, I'll let Mister Latin and The Weird Indie Gal live. I'll TKO Duncan. But let's be clear, this is a mutual agreement." Heather decided to vote off Duncan with Scott and Jo.

"So it's agreed Total Drama loses it's Ex-Con Mascot?"

Scott and Heather nodded their heads in agreement.


"ATTENTION LIONS! GET YOUR PATHETIC BEHINDS DOWN TO THE CAMPFIRE PIT! BASED ON YOUR CONVERSATIONS, I HAVE A FEELING THIS IS GONNA BE AN AWESOME ELIMINATION CEREMONY!" Chris came on the Intercom and announced that it was time for The Killer Lions to vote someone off. The Killer Lions began heading in the direction of The Campfire Pit.

"Hey Duncan? Can we talk?"

"What's up Kit?"

"Thank you...for not going along with that pretend to have feelings for Courtney plan."

"I've been in enough relationships to know that stupid decisions cost you in the long run...and I plan to make this my last relationship."

"It's also because something like this happened to me years ago, This guy I went out with and his friends pretended they were fighting over the affections of his Ex, but he actually still liked her and she did him. And one day, I went over to his house to go spend the day with him, and I found him sleeping with his Ex, no clothes and all. It really ruined me."

The Ex-Con was flabbergasted by this story. "Woah. That's deep."

"Yea, that's why it meant a lot to me when you didn't go along with it."

"HEY LOSER! SHUT UP COME GET VOTED OFF ALREADY!" Jo shoved Duncan as he was in the middle of listening to his GF's story.

"Ugh, she's going down when I get the chance!"

"Later D-Man!" Scott cackled evilly as he ran past Duncan.

"Don't worry Duncan. We'll send you some handcuffs back home." Heather laughed as she ran past Duncan.

Confessional (Scott): "I'm feeling good about my chances. After Duncan's gone, I'll stay up all night searching for The Statues!" Scott began laughing once again.


Confessional (Heather): "And let me make something clear! My decision to vote for Duncan over Alejandro is not because I like him! It was a strategic move! Duncan's crafty and to smart so he has to go! And Dooey will eventually be disposed of."


The Killer Lions were sitting on the trademark log seats that the losing team would sit on. The Killer Tigers were watching nearby in The Peanut Gallery Bleachers. Chris could feel that tension between everybody. "Woah! You guys must really hate each other!" Chris laughed as Jo glared specifically at Duncan and Zoey. Duncan as usual showed no fear and glared back. But not only at Jo, Heather and Scott as well. The Queen Of Mean and The Manipulative Farm Raised Boy glared back at The Ex-Con.

"Dang Chris, you sure know how to create hell between these kids." Chef said this in a evil and happy like voice.

"I knowwwwwwww. There's a reason I'm known as The Host With The Most." Chris held the plate of marshmallows in his hand while Chef held to 8x10 pictures of The Loser Going Home and The Loser That Lives Another Day On Total Drama.

"You see this Courtney? They're picking each other off one by one." Amy told her Alliance member how much the Lions hated each other. The CIT replied.

"I know. They're doing us a favor."

"Oh shut it Amy. You know you're going home if and when we lose next time." Gwen glared at The Blonde Cheerleader.

"Oh shut it Gothy!" Amy bitterly glared back at Gwen.

"Shut it Peanut Gallery!" Chris yelled. "Anyways, Lions, you guys are sitting here staring at this gorgeous smile for a lot of reasons. One, Zoey lost the challenge for you all! Two, Jo is annoying!"

"Shut it McLean!" The Jockette didn't take Chris and his zingers lightly.

"No, that's what your supposed to do. I'm the host. And anyways more reasons why your all looking at me. You all hate each other! You all can't work as a team! Anyways, it's time for one of you to say HEY HEY HEY! GOODBYE! The following players are safe! Heather!"

Chris tossed The Queen Of Mean her marshmallow and she caught it like it was a championship trophy. "As always I reign supreme."


Chris tossed the Latino his marshmallow. He caught it almost the same way Heather caught hers. "We will reign together my dear."

"Shut up!" Heather replied annoyed.

"Jo and Zoey!" Chris tossed The Jockette and The Indie Chick their marshmallows. Jo had some harsh words for Zoey.

"Just so we're clear, I let you live on another day."

Much to Jo's surprise, Zoey stood up for herself. "Your threats don't scare me Jo."

"Wow, Red's got guts."

"Samey And Sisters! You Gals are safe for another day!" Chris tossed Samey, Emma and Kitty their marshmallows. Samey happily ate her marshmallow, Emma ate hers sophistically and Kitty didn't even eat her marshmallow because of the final two people that were left. Duncan, her boyfriend, and Scott.

"Man! I am so pumped for this one! Hahaha! I thought your guys alliance would last a bit longer, but hey, even Chris McLean doesn't get what he wants all the time. Anyways, Duncan, you really didn't do anything that negatively affected your team, I'm assuming they all hate you. And Scott bro, don't even get me started on you."

"I don't give a damn who loves or hates me." Duncan sternly warned Chris that others people's emotions didn't affect.


"My bad Kit." Duncan replied, reassuring his GF that only her opinion and feelings mattered. "Besides Kit and my peeps, I don't give a damn who loves me and hates me."

"I don't care what others think or say about me." Scott continued. "In this game, there are no friends. You've gotta watch your back or else someone will strike the moment you show any signs of weakness!"

"Woah! Bigs words coming from one of you that's about to be a past thought! Anyways the person going home tonight is..." Chef then, much to everyone's shock threw one of the 8x10 picture with a red X across the face of Duncan or Scott like a boomerang. The photo flew across the air and by the time it came back, it would reveal who's gonna be toast.











































































The 8x10 Photo came soaring back towards the campfire pit. Chef caught and the person that was going home was...










"Scott! Sorry bro! Your done son!" Chris held up both 8x10. The photo of Duncan was the same as before while Scott's photo had a red x across it.

"Later Loser." Duncan coldly said before laughing.

"You got luck this time around Dickan. But I guarantee I'll beat you. I'll beat all of you." Jo was annoyed Duncan survived.

"Sorry not Sorry Farmer Al." Emma coldly said to Scott.

"I voted Scott off before so I'm used to it. Bye Scott. Nothing personal." Zoey was probably the kindest out of all of Scott's farewells.

"Later Scott." Samey said this in a awkward tone.

"To make things better, it was between you and Jo." Kitty tried being the peacekeeper.

"No Invincibility Statue for you this season bro. The Dock Of Shame AKAK Memory Shame is that way." Chris mocked Scott for his trademark of trying to find the Invincibility Statue every season. Chef had some of Scott's belongings in his hands. Chef then forcefully picked up Scott and threw both Scott and his belongings into The Canon Of Shame.

"That's what you get for trying to plot on me. Pity. I thought you'd last longer Scott." Courtney rubbed it in Scott's face. She had remembered when Alejandro and Scott were trying to play with her emotions during the last challenge.

"Zip it Courtney!" Scott yelled.

"Any last words Dude?" Chris asked the soon to be officially eliminated Farm Boy a rhetorical question.

"Screw you guys." He bitterly replied.

Unfortunately for Scott, Chris had one more bad surprise for him. "Before I send you flying out of a cannon Scott, I took the liberty of arranging someone to share the ride home with you."

"Ugh, great just.-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! FANG!" Scott screamed in horror he saw Fang with an American Flag themed plane helmet and goggles on. Fang also had a parachute tied to his back. He waved menacingly and smiled evilly.

Fang hopped in the cannon with Scott.

Chris then fired the cannon, sending Scott and Fang soaring through the night.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Scott's screams of horror could be heard throughout the night. Fang even howled like a wolf in excitement. Seconds later, Scott and Fang's shadows disappeared along with their screams.

Chris had a smile on his face. He then closed off the show. "SCOTT IS GONE! WHAT ELSE WILL DISAPPEAR FROM THIS SHOW?! THE DRAMA? NO WAY! Will Duncan and Jo Kill each other before morning?! Will Kitty and Courtney's rivalry break the charts of hatred?! will everyone's already growing or maximized hatred of Courtney grow?! And What evil scheme does Amy have cooked up for us all?! All of this will be answered next time on...Total...Drama...NOSTALGIAAAA!" The Killer Lions headed towards The Loser Cabins while The Killer Tigers went for The McLean Spa Hotel.

And that wraps up Episode 17 Of Total Drama Nostalgia. Scott got the boot because I no longer had use for him in the future. And June is finally here! I Get out of School in a little less than 2 Weeks which give me 3 Beautiful Months of free time which means I'll take less time to release chapters. And it really takes a lot of imagination and hard work to create wacky and creative challenges for Total Drama Fics. It's not as easy as people make it seem, lol. But anyways,

Thoughts/Questions/Comments/Concerns/Reviews and etc!


Killer Lions Votes:

Scott - Duncan, Alejandro, Zoey, Samey, Emma and Kitty = 6 Vote/s

Duncan - Jo, Scott and Heather = 3 Vote/s


Leonard: 22nd

Sierra: 21st

Lightning: 20th

Tyler: 19th

Noah: 18th

Mike: 17th

Leshawna: 16th

Scott: 15th