Lucy's father and many other nobles fall in a sudden coma with blood slightly drained from their bodies by an unknown creature. Seeing that no one is doing anything to help, she takes matters into her own hands and looks for help. She visits Freed at Fairy Tail since they were acquaintances before he joined and makes a request to the Thunder Legion to help her investigate and help everyone wake up. Lalu story. This is an AU.

AN: Hey everyone. After taking a couple of classes that required intensive writing, I started to develop an interest in writing. I feel confident enough to write a few things, and I think it's a good way to improve my writing skills. I decided to write a couple of stories about my favorite crack couple, Laxus and Lucy. This will be my first story, so I am open to advice on how to improve my writing. This story is inspired by Supernatural, which is one of my favorite shows. The creature is one of the monsters from Supernatural. If you have any ideas on what the monster is, send a message my way. This is still the world of Fairy Tail, with magic and everything. I'm just not sure what time period to put it, but it's after Tenrou. Lucy hasn't joined the guild, and she can use Stardress because of training with Capricorn. It's an AU. Also because this is my last semester I'm not sure how often I will update. I'm going to be busy with classes and applying to grad school. I have some chapters thought out they just have to get written. Okay, enough of my rambling and I present to you the first chapter.