"Father you could have repented and surrendered, but you did not. For your crimes against immortals and humanity I sentence you to death" said Perseus first-born of Kronos and Rhea and now, the new King of Olympus. "Ah my treacherous son, I will be back and you will regret helping going against me" said the Titan. Perseus stared at his father hard and swung the scythe and beheading the Titan King.

All the allies of Olympus and the seven gods Perseus, Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus cheered as the head of Kronos was thrown into Tartarus along with his body.

After that everyone gathered in the newly built Olympus a gleaming white structure on the top of , it had beautiful pathways, gardens filled with lush fruits and statues. After everyone settled into the Throne room of Olympus, the New crowned King Perseus stood up.

"My friends and siblings today we celebrate the start of a New Age, one that will last for milleniums to come, The age of the gods. Equality, Prosperity and Justice will be the pillars on which our reign will be built upon". There was a pause as everyone cheered.

"And I, as your New King swear to uphold the honour of Olympus and take it to greater heights, a toast to the new age" said Perseus his golden and black eyes shining with happiness as he raised his chalice. "FOR OLYMPUS!" everybody echoed clinking their chalices. As everyone began drinking nectar and started talking, nobody noticed that Poseidon and Zeus didn't raise their glasses and were looking at their elder brother with jealousy and hate.

For the next century Olympus prospered and the Council expanded to 14 Olympians, the original seven along with Athena and Hephaestus who got into the council because Zeus influenced the other gods. The twin archers were taken in because Perseus took a liking to Artemis as a Father figure while Apollo looked up to him as the 'cool' uncle. Aphrodite was taken in because of being born of Ouranos's blood.

Perseus even made a council to represent the minor gods, which appeased them greatly and made them even closer allies of Olympus. The mortal world was given importance and Hebe the goddess of youth and Iris oversaw that the humans stayed safe and happy.

One day as Perseus sat on his Throne deep in thinking, his sister Hestia strode into the room. "O wise King of Olympus, what is on your mind? Perhaps the demigod daughter of Athena?" said Hestia with a chuckle. "I have been thinking of how peaceful it has been lately but I suspect something or someone may disturb that peace. Specifically, our little brother Zeus who has been trying to undermine me since the start of my reign over Olympus" Perseus said while pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Why did he have to inherit our Father's lust for power along with most of his attitude" said Perseus. "Why brother, it seems as if you too have inherited our Father's intelligence, which admittedly he used for the wrong purposes" said Hestia glancing over to her brother Hades as he walked in through the doors.

"I also feel that disturbance may come soon" said Perseus, "I agree with you, but the only potential threat I can see is the Titans, who will take several millennia to rise said Hades.

"That is true, and as of now we are at the peak of the peaceful era with most if not all beings being satisfied and happy" said Hestia.

"Ok, we all should settle down now as the council meeting will start in a few moments" said Perseus finally looking up and sitting a little straighter.

"Any more questions before we adjourn" said Perseus after one of the longest solstice meetings. "Brother if I may" said Zeus with hatred in his voice. "You have been treating everyone as equals"You have been treating everyone as equals and as good as that is, we deserve to be treated better and above the mortals and the minor immortals."

"We fought the war to save them and should rule them with an iron fist. We are the Olympians! We should answer to no one but ourselves. We are the perfect beings and we do not make any mistakes" said Zeus while turning to each of the Council members appealing to their pride."

"With this in mind, I challenge you Perseus for the crown" Zeus turned and pointed at his oldest brother with venom in his voice.

Perseus looked at his youngest brother analyzing the situation and looking for any disadvantages that may come up.

"Alright I agree" Perseus replied after several minutes of silence his eyes blazing with betrayal and anger.

Zeus smirked at this and nodded his head looking at the other members of the council.

"Let us go to the stadium then and settle this once and for all" said Zeus with a grin on his face.

Every member of the council then flashed to the stadium for the fight, with most of the members sitting at the front row while Hestia and Hades sitting at the back observing how this could potentially go.

"Alright Perseus, Zeus this fight will begin when I give the signal. The fight will end when either one of you surrender or if one of you is too injured to continue with the fight. The winner will be declared as the King of the Gods" Announced Nemesis.

"Perseus, Zeus are you ready?" Nemesis looked at the two of them, seeing them nod she announced that the fight will begin.

Perseus and Zeus circled one another and twirled their weapon of choice, The Master Bolt for Zeus and the Sword of Time for Perseus the sword of time was made from the remains of Kronos's scythe. After a few more moments of them circling each other Zeus made the first move and charged at his brother using his powers over lightning to increase his speed. Perseus kept track of Zeus location and either dodged or parried Zeus' blindingly fast assault. Zeus realizing he could not land an attack he stopped his assault and stepped back away from Perseus.

"My turn" Perseus said with a smirk and melted into the shadows of the Stadium.

Zeus realizing that the reason why Perseus has not attacked is because he was waiting for the sun to set causing the most shadows on the stadium allowing him the advantage of using the environment. Zeus then lit his Master bolt bright not allowing any shadow near him but he did not realize that there would be a shadow directly behind him. Zeus realized this and turned around and saw Perseus slashing with his sword. Zeus reacted just in time to stop a sword hitting his back.

Perseus went back into the shadows and this annoyed Zeus. He then sent lightning to random places on the floor to cause a fire to lessen the shadows around the stadium. Perseus saw this and was mildly amused and let it be, it had been a while since he saw his younger brother actually use his head in a battle.

"I'm impressed Zeus, you're actually thinking in a fight besides overpowering your opponent" Perseus said with a small hint of amusement in his voice.

"But now for the real fight" Perseus said while coming out of the shadows.

Zeus charged at him and they went back and forth with each of their strikes no one gaining the upper hand but he knew his brother was not giving his all despite him doing everything in his power to even keep up with him. Zeus looked at Poseidon and the other Olympians and nodded.

Artemis and Apollo let out net arrows built by Hephaestus from their bows and restrained Hades and Hestia while Ares charged at Nemesis to keep her from interfering. The rest of the Olympians charged at Perseus with clear intent of killing him. Perseus was going to use his powers to defeat them but he suddenly felt numb and weak as if something was restraining his powers.

"This is the perfect opportunity to take you out of the equation boy. With you gone the Olympians will grow arrogant and be easier to defeat when we return" a mysterious voice whispered to him.

"Apollo, Artemis why are you doing this? He has been a father to both of you more than Zeus has ever been!" Hades shouted at them.

"I'm sorry uncle Hades but we have no choice, our father and Uncle have imprisoned all our children and threatened to kill them" Apollo said to him with tears in his eyes.

"As much as we want to help Perseus we can't, they have also imprisoned my Hunters" Artemis shouted at Hades while closing her eyes as to not see the death of her Father figure.

Perseus could not stop the combined attack of the council and was brought to his knees.

"Any last words Perseus before we make you fade?" asked Zeus.

"Your actions today will cost you, your greatest ally will now be your greatest enemy. Olympus will fall and this is not a prediction or a possibility, it is a promise" Perseus said with ichor coming from his mouth. "I, PERSEUS GOD OF ENERGY,NIGHT,BATTLE PROWESS AND TIME SWEAR TO DESTROY THE OLYMPIANS".

Zeus threw his Master Bolt at him and with a giant explosion, Perseus was gone and his sword is planted on the floor of the stadium with the words engraved on the sword "You have sealed your fate"

Hestia and Hades were removed from the council and Dionysus was added. Artemis and Apollo were distant and unfriendly towards the other Olympians. Hestia became withdrawn and Hades spiteful towards Zeus and Poseidon. The minor gods were denied entry to Olympus and Mortals were considered playthings. Hermes having stayed neutral was allowed to keep his throne and status.

Gods were allowed to do anything. Ares raped mortal women, Poseidon caused seastorms whenever mortals angered him and Zeus neglected his wife and subjects instead causing havoc in the mortal world.

Demeter and Hera were distraught but they were no match against Zeus or Poseidon.

And so, the Age of Darkness began.

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