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I looked down at my demigod twins Thalia and Níhar resting in the arms of my favored mortal Beryl Grace. He never wanted to cheat on Annabeth as she was his eternal consort but when he heard about the Great Prophecy after World War 2, Percy had come to the conclusion that the child of the prophecy would be his because the other Big Three's children were too temperamental, Zeus's children were too arrogant, Poseidon's too devastating and even though he was loathe to admit it his brother Hades's were weaker than Zeus and Poseidon's.

As much as he hated the Olympians, he hated his father and the rest of Titan's more. Annabeth and Perseus had never had any sons or daughters because question would arise of their father as Annabeth was an eternal virgin something that only Perseus knew not to be true as she was his wife.

Annabeth had agreed that Perseus needed to have demigod children as the fate of the prophecy depended on the eldest gods child that turned sixteen and he was the eldest god and when he heard that Poseidon and Zeus were about the break the oath, soon he found a mortal Beryl Grace and had his first and quite possibly his only demigod children.

Even though the children were made because of necessity, to Perseus they were the most beautiful things in the world. The twins both had gold and purple eyes, jet black hair and Níhar had Perseus's face structure while Thalia had Beryl's.

Thalia was named after the muse Thalia who was Annabeth's best friend on Olympus and also to make Annabeth feel a little better. Níhar was born during the morning, when the dew was prevalent, so his name literally meant the morning dew the embodiment of a new starting.

He looked down from his house in a forest in Northern California where he lived deep in the woods quite close to Othrys and incidentally the Roman camp. He had to leave Beryl because his aura would have alerted Zeus and the other Olympians.

A month later

When Perseus left her Beryl had grown angry and spiteful changing from the good natured, beautiful and kind woman into drunk.

She neglected the twins, she maybe could've changed back into her old self if not for one fateful night, when she met Jupiter at a bar and next thing she knew nine months later she gave birth to Jason Grace.

By now Beryl had become a total alcoholic and the children would have uncared for if Beryl wasn't a rich tv actress, she hired a nanny who was thankfully, caring and raised her children as her own.

5 years later

The actress Beryl Grace watched her children Níhar and Jason fight against each while Thalia was watching TV and laughing to SpongeBob. She wished their father's could've seen them now.

She watched with love and affection as she saw Thalia join the fight and Níhar get Jason in a headlock while Thalia jumped on Níhar and started tickling him he was forced to give up his headlock as Jason and Thalia double teamed him.

Jason was 10 months younger than the twins the twins were 6 now and Jason was 5. Then suddenly Jason looked at her and it was as If a flip was switched, she got flashbacks of Perseus telling her that he needed to leave her or the children would be killed.

But Zeus/Jupiter had left her behind. She knew it was going to happen, but she clung to false hope, trying to convince herself that he loved her and would never leave her.

She was wrong. So, so terribly wrong.

Zeus left right after the Jason's birth, not even giving Julia a proper goodbye. She resented him for it, but she also loved him, therefore making it virtually impossible for her to hate him completely. She needed Zeus, and he left her behind.

All alone.

"Mommy? Why aw you cwying?" Jason asked kindly, walking up to the couch where she was seated. Thalia had let go of Jason, staring warily at Julia. Thalia knew what happened whenever she cried.

Julia glared at her son, her mood changing from love to sadness to fury. However, that's how alcoholics are: unpredictable.

Beryl became infuriated as she stared at her son, studying his electric blue eyes and blond hair like Zeus's. His eyes—oh, his eyes—Julia could find herself completely immersed and lost in the vast expanse, the same color as the sky. Same color as Zeus's eyes. And for that, she hated him.

Beryl roughly kicked Jason to the floor and onto his back.
"YOU LOOK SO MUCH LIKE HIM!" She screamed as tears began to rapidly fall down her cheeks, "YOU REMIND ME SO MUCH OF HIM! HE LEFT ME! HE LEFT ME!"

Níhar rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his baby brother, pulling him away from Julia. Ms. Grace wasn't done—oh no, she wasn't even close to being done.

Beryl rushed into the kitchen, kicking aside stray beer cans as she passed through the living room. She reached into the fridge, pulling out a six-pack of Miller Lite. She was thoroughly sobbing now; she quickly returned to the couch, popping the cap off a bottle and taking a large swig. She coughed and sobbed at the same time, causing some of the beer to drip out of her mouth and spill onto her lap.

She laughed maniacally before reached forward and putting a hand gently on a trembling Níhar's cheek.

"You look so much like him," she cooed softly, with a strange glint in her eye, "you have his eyes, his beautiful purple gold eyes."

Níhar raised a trembling hand to his mother's arm. "M-Mommy?"

"CURSE YOU, PERSEUS AND CURSE YOU ZEUS!" She screamed, slapping Níhar and shoving Thalia away in the process, "YOU LEFT ME! YOU FUCKING LEFT M-ME! HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE YOU!"

The kids had finally gone to bed, leaving their mother passed out on the couch with five empty bottles on the floor and one half-full on in their mother's loose grip. The house was silent until a small pop and a flash of light. Standing in his black cloak was Perseus himself, gazing around the house in shock. Noticing the empty beer bottles, he wondered if Beryl had drunk all of this alcohol. Finally, he turned around, only to intake breath sharply.

He walked over to his lover's unconscious form, feeling insurmountable guilt gnaw at his insides. He had heard her curses, and assumed that she was just angry. He had no idea she would do . . . this. Perseus's black, purple and golden eyes never left her face as he shook her awake gently.

"Go the hell to bed, Thalia, Mommy is fine, dammit," she slurred harshly, her breath smelling terribly of alcohol.

Perseus's eyes widened. She used that kind of language with her kids? What had happened to the kind and innocent actress known as Julia Grace?

"It's not Thalia, honey," Perseus replied softly, channeling his inner kindness.

Her eyes snapped open, seemingly more alert. They were still glazed over and unfocused, but they widened as they locked with Perseus's.

"P-Perseus?" She stammered, partly from intoxication, and partly from shock.

Perseus nodded, almost timidly. She raised her hands to his face, dropping the beer bottle onto his foot without even noticing.

"You've come back? For me?" She asked hopefully, her eyes filling with tears of joy.

Perseus felt guilt eat at his insides once more. "N-No, Beryl. It's the children . . . they can't be together anymore."


Perseus had come here to tell her that his Roman children needed to be separated from Thalia. It was dangerous for Greeks and Romans to mix, even if they were siblings. Perseus hated doing this to his own children, but it was necessary.

Though Jason was Jupiter's kid he considered him his own, Perseus was shifting between his Roman and Greek form when he had the twins. His Roman form was Noctis, you might ask how did he have a Roman form if he wasn't worshipped during Rome.

Perseus had his own cult or army, they were a group of battle hardened men who were sworn to Perseus, Perseus had trained them himself, they were his elite hit squad, they had partial immortality like the Hunters of Artemis. They worshipped him at their training ground in North Cali. They were called 'Militibus Umbra' or Shadow Warriors. Their commander being the boy who he rescued from Caligula palace while leaving, his name was Thaddius and he was the Son of Bellona, he was the most powerful in Militibus Umbra.

Níhar and Jason were Roman while Thalia was Greek, Percy didn't want to send them away but Thalia's and Níhar's auras were too strong so he separated them and toned down their auras so Thalia and Níhar could pass as children of minor gods.

Perseus knew that Olympus the kingdom he shaped, was at risk if the children remained together, it would cause Civil War.

Come the morrow Perseus would take Níhar and Jason to the wolf house while taking Thalia to a son of Hermes because getting to close to Camp Half Blood could reveal his identity he had leave Thalia on her own with a son of Hermes and daughter of Athena.


He woke up rubbing his eyes and saw a tall lean man looking down at him adoringly. Níhar yelped and nearly fell out of the man's lap the man caught him and said in a calming voice "Easy child, I'm not here to hurt you" the man let Níhar down.

"Who are you?" asked Níhar curiously, the man looked pained "I can't say that, but I'm here to protect you, you may call me Percy".

"Why do we need protection and where is my sister" Níhar questioned, nestled into the Percy's shoulder was Jason who was beginning to stir, "You, my child, are a demigod, Demigod, or half - bloods, are a race of beings that are half-mortal and half-god. They possess mortal souls and are vulnerable to old age and death though they have longer than average human lifespans; however, their divine blood endows them with supernatural abilities that allow them to achieve feats usually not possible by humans, this may be a lot, but I'm sure you understand", Percy smiled.

Jason finally woke up, and screamed "MOM!" after seeing a stranger carrying him, Percy calmed him down, and set him down gently, Níhar had a question "So if my mommy is mortal then who is my daddy".

Níhar saw Percy look at him with something akin to love, surely not he thought, he didn't even know him. Percy bent down and said "I don't know your godly parent, but I'm sure that he cares for you".

Jason nodded solemnly, "Where is Thawia?" he pouted, Percy was silent for a moment and his eyes filled with heartbreak he said "Your sister is dead".


Thalia woke up in an alley with a man standing beside her, she immediately turned and ran towards the mouth, the man raised his eyebrow and waved a hand, and suddenly Thalia was back where she started, "Don't worry child, I won't hurt you, I don't have much time" and the man proceeded to explain Thalia that she was a demigod, and was in New York, he told her that he was her guardian. He told her to go to a café close by and handed her a pitch black spear, he called it a mix of Stygian Iron and Tartarean Steel whatever that meant, he then handed her a small gold pendant which when she touched its tip, turned into a shield with an ugly lady's face on it.

Thalia liked the man but was confused about why she had been sprinted from her home to a New York alley, "Why am I here? and where are my brothers?". "Your brothers are dead", hearing that Thalia broke down, her chest heaved with her sobs, her brothers her only real family left were dead, Thalia was still young but she was more mature than both her brothers.

After collecting herself, she said to the man "What do I do now, you said monsters are tracking me", "Follow my instruction and go the café dumpster, there you will find an ally, stick with him".

Thalia nodded and asked the man his name "Percy" he said, Thalia liked the man even though she felt like she had met him before.

Thalia ran towards the café and near the dumpsters, scrounging through the leftovers was a boy who looked to be about ten, he was blonde and was wearing old clothes and smelled like a homeless person but he carried with him a bronze sword.

Thalia cautiously approached him, "Who are you?" he snarled, "A demigod" Thalia replied.


Níhar signaled his brother to move, Jason nodded, his blonde hair falling on his eyes, they both moved silently through the forest, running faster than should have been possible, they were on the hunt and they had caught the trail.

After a few minutes they reached a clearing where they saw their target an enormous wild boar, they both approached cautiously, Níhar was 9, and Jason 8 now, but both of them were exceptionally powerful, they had taken down multiple animals and monsters together, they moved in tandem, Níhar whipped out his swords, he was a dimachaerus, a type of Roman gladiator that fought with two swords.

He had two swords given to him by Percy, one was a grey – blue sword made of Atlantean Steel he called it Crosscurrent and his other sword was pure black it was made completely of Stygian Iron. His brother Jason wielded a gladius and lance, Percy had given Jason a coin, inscribed with Lady Annabeth's picture, the minor goddess of war and strategy, he flipped it and it became what Jason wanted.

Jason had also been gifted a silver – blue helmet, which was a hybrid of Atlantean and Tartarean Steel. They both approached the boar. The boar wasn't a boar at all they later discovered, it the Ermanthyian Boa, the terror of ancient Greek villages.

The boar turned and that was when Níhar and Jason realized the gravity of the situation they were in.


Fear, Denial, Disbelief, anger.

These are some of the emotions running through me as I continuously re-evaluate everything I'm looking down upon.

Anger because someone should have known that this was the Crommyonian Sow and that Lupa would never give such and easy task for the final hunt.

Denial and disbelief because I still haven't accepted the reality of the situation below me.

Fear because taking on the Ermanthyian Boar was literal suicide, greater heroes had fallen before it.

It was at least the size of a semi truck with thick brown fur, a hairy main which stood on end and bristled like spear points, but still waved and flexed ensuring that it was not another type of weapon. It had large, blood red eyes and massive, hook shaped, razer sharp tusks the size of canoes.

"How we gonna do this brother" Jason shouted, several half – baked plans raced through Níhar's mind, he decided to go with a classic one, "Split up, beware of the tusks, try to penetrate it's mouth", Jason scowled, ever the true Roman, thought that they were supposed to have an actual plan, Lupa often berated Níhar on this.

The boar pawed the ground and charged, the battle that followed was short and bloody, they both split up, the boar came for Níhar, bellowing and snorting the three ton boar crashed into me, just as it was about to crash, I rolled to the side, Jason charged from the flank, gutting the boar with his spear, but the skin was too thick and it only left a small scratch, the boar enraged ran towards Jason intent on spearing him, at the last moment Jason flew up, from behind Níhar charged, sliding beneath the boar's stomach, leaving a huge scar with Crosscurrent, he the stood up and struck the boar's tusk, nearly disemboweling it. The boar roared in anger, and chased after him.

Níhar desperately screamed "Now!" and not a moment later Jason came to the rescue, he summoned a huge lightning bolt that lit up the sky, he channeled it into his lance and threw his lance into the boar's mouth, the boar squealed and tried to dodge but to no avail, its huge heavy body was a disadvantage this time.

Its insides lit up with fire and it disintegrated into yellow dust leaving behind fragments of its tusks. "That was close" Níhar said, "Too close" mumbled Jason before toppling, Níhar caught his brother, the lightning had obviously taken a lot out of him. He fed him some ambrosia, and propped him up on a tree. "So how far back to the house" asked Jason weakly. "27 kilometers".

"Well shit"

That's a wrap, not my best chapter but a necessary build up.
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