I keep getting reborn into different books, manga and real-life situations during this time I caught a hanger on, in each rebirth we would meet up and try to make a life together no matter what sex we were. I lost count of the reincarnations, that took place, I just learnt to change and grow plus was super clever and liked to read what was happening in the world I was born into, taking all my skills to transfer what I needed to train up. I had become more wall flowery, selfish and shy due to not changing stories, timelines or characters, it was a waste of time, at the start I was reborn with the main people as time went on not so much now I was near the side-lines, most of the time it never touched me, I was now repeating worlds as different people which were fun and I learnt a lot.

I had also forgotten my real name and now just was acknowledge the name my parents named me. I was reborn on March the 8th my parents called me Tano Ko meaning happiness and peace the Tano family lived in Japan but did go away for business, it was a happy family I seemed to be an only child in this live and was grateful it seemed I would get a relaxing and calm life. Only problems will be what to do for a living and to tune my education towards that way. to keep fit exercise and learn self-defence, and to generally be a carefree person and enjoy life, and to find my companion.

My childhood was ideal it went smoothly and no real problems my kaa san name is Suryri and tou san name is Sai both loved and cared for me. I looked like my mum with my dad's eyes mum had white blonde hair and blue eyes and my dad had purple eyes and dark hair bot were handsome and I looked like Danni in (game of Thornes). Over the year's things seemed to stand out what kind of things you ask, weird things? Such as people coming day and night most in secret, I was not introduced to them, shady business.

I was around twelve when it happened, I awoke to the sound of shouting and fighting glass smashed and loud noises were coming from the living room shots were fired and I ran to the safety of my parents room and hid under the bed with a blanket I kept there near the head while under there, footsteps were coming and a dragging sound, I laid flat under that blanket I felt fear for the first time in this life, the light was switched on and someone fell on the bed. They sounded like my mum and another man, asking why she killed his brother and then he seemed to assault her with his fist, she never spoke a word my father came in their blood all over him as he tried to fright the man trying to hurt mum. The other man came in and was hurting my dad he shot him in the back he fell I caught my father's eyes, he looked shocked I was there and then mouth I love you and took his last breathe. Silent tears fell down my face my whole body shaking, my life felt like a horror story, my mum was screaming and their was grunting the bed bounced, I never felt so heartbroken in that time my whole body was numb and I felt my self-go into shock.

I tried not to listen to the sounds of pain and grunting the bed bouncing other men coming in at least five more as they hurt my mum, I wanted to remember there voices, and gain names I wanted to revenge my parents the one thing that really stood out that day the strength of my mum she never told them anything. The other thing that really stood out that night under the bed was a picture of my parents on their wedding day I constructed on that picture it made the horror's a distance thing, it was that night my carefree life was taken and a new one took place.

The next month or two are very blurry, I never left that place until the police came it says I was under there for four days I would not know, I buried that day as far as I could it was said I was suffering from shock due to trauma yes when you see your parents killed you would be in shock to.

My carefree life and fun personality was overrode with darkness, hate and anger my clothes started to reflect this my gothic clothes my fuck you personality, I hated that this had happened, I have really thought this world was going to be relaxing more fool me. I felt on guard all the time I cat napped and I was slowly going insane with lust to kill my parent's killers. I did go back to my home and to gather some items, the place had been cleared up and now felt cold lacking in love and caring. This was where my parents died it left a hollow feeling deep in my very soul, they were the first parents in a long time I cared about loved even. I would miss them, but I would gain vengeance for them.

I took items such as photos and the picture in their bedroom the funerals had been and gone the empty feeling still there, my heart felt heavy in this time I learnt my parents were killers for hire their business trips just targets to kill they worked all over the world. They were professionals and were part of a group across the world, I never gain much information on this until I got better shock can kill you know. My inherits was lots and lots of money and many homes.

I grew up that year a childish word never grace my lips again I now was acting like Sasuke, my social worker change my placement many times I runaway many times, I got into the wrong street gangs and learnt to be street smart which is a skill needed. I learnt to gain information from the homeless people and any whispers about the Tano family massacre. I tried to always be sent to foster parents and care homes around there, but it soon dried up people rarely change most were in it for money, I could not stay in the area for much longer. I was given a place in a care home in Tokyo

I hated it, it was small clinical and cold, the place was a prison of despair, as I step in I shuddered with cold. Here goes nothing I thought as I was introduce to the others in the home all looking like society had given up on them, it was stupid I hated it and my life stared going downhill, I got into drugs and drink I stared to stay out late and not attended the shitty school I was sent to, I was put on a report to change behaviour so I just hid it better my eyes were empty people who looked turn away real fast, I tried to sort myself out but I think this is real life and I need to be observant so I started to try, it happen to be my 14th birthday when I saw them again, the ones who killed my parents, just standing outside my children home as I walked back from school they had a young one with them who looked beaten up I turned the other way as a car pulled up going round the corner to hid in the shadows a fat man got out his name I got was Kon Ren the ten dragon's was the gangs names, they were all going down.

The man had a pimp cane and wore a suit and hat coloured was white with a red top all wore red tops and black suits, I would never forgot that night they came to kill my family, never forgive never forgot, going round the back of the home, I saw them talking to the care givers and the window opened they were looking for me, I was a wittiness to their crime had to take them out bastards the lot of them as the women got hit which broke her neck to hard one of the men said as other children came in and was subject to depravity and death they knew I must of saw them done a runner clever gang, they hurt the place that night and set fire to it, again shock got me but was pushed back by revenge I needed to stay focus the police showed up and saw me again the Tokyo massacre went nationwide, I went with the police this time I gave the name Kon Ren the ten dragon's gang and the police were knowing I was in danger put me in police witness protection.

I was taken out of the country and put into England here the creed my parents were with, came and sent me a trainer to help me became what I should become.

The one who came was Yoshio Isa a male in his late 40s how taught me what they stood for taking out corporations, supernatural and individuals who prove a danger to others, we work alone but pass information this of cause could cause wars and destroy society as we know it we were grey they is no right or wrong just your moral compass., I practiced hard and fast and went to school I learnt to bury the pain down as far as it could go, I really wanted my companion I wanted that familiarity I started to look for him not knowing what he looked like, the usual parameters was he would be about 5ish years older than me in a distance of 50 miles and usually had black hair. So that meant he is in Japan.

For months she looked but being in England there was not much she could do she needed to get back to Japan. She looked up some schools and decided to use her knowledge and skills to gain places in some school near Diago a boarding school called Cross Academy, she felt so slow Cross Academy fuck she was in Vampire Knight, everything evolved round that shitty school at least she remember the entre test and decided to study for it , she spoke to her officer in charge of her and it was agreed she would try to move to the town in Diago she would not get mixed up with all that shit though. She was just part of the wallpaper no one needed to know her. She also looked into being a legal adult (cant think of the word) she went to court and the court agreed she could take reasonability for herself she was nearly 15 this seemed to be the work of my Isa my teacher who trained me went back to the creed in Norway he was a good hit man unfortunately he fell in love and was trying to leave you never leave.

Getting of the plane she looked around finding her suitcase and bearing she was back in Japan to find the one. She was standing in a hotel room for a few months until the school place was available, she would pay she was now her own person had her parent's money, she was ready for the next stage in her life.

She arrived in cab outside her new rented flat she was shown around and the basics being there she made some food and decided to go shopping the next day she fell asleep and was happy in her choices there had been some other instance with the gang but she was not here. She kept a eye on them and she also done a lot of research she was as ready as she could be having to spy on the school a little she notice that yuki and zero were about 14 too. So, I was in pre ark vampire knight.

That meant if I remember when last here as I was yuki twin sister her and kaname would get together he would kill himself and zero would get with yuki and then save yuki by dying and then yuki would revive kaname and make him human by killing herself. It all so twisted and fucked up all three are broke and fucked individuals. I hated being in this story, reborn at least three times this being the fourth. I did save kaname twice but that's it. Sometimes it was yuki bashing others zero bashing this time would be all bashing I had other things to take care of school was a means to an end.

I brought clothes and study looked into different avenue where he was and hoped he was close groomed myself and took care of my needs I looked good my long white blonde hair and purple eyes were wonderful and my c cup were still growing I love how I looked sexy and beautiful. My clothes were rip stretch jeans boots roll neck black and leather coat as well as black sunglasses. My hair in a low bun, I was very beautiful better looking than yuki.

In this reincarnation I would not be friends with anyone the headmaster contacted me I went to cross academy, took the test I was in highest marks this year I paid in advance and left school term would start in a weeks' time, I left and started to get my affairs in order the term would start soon my searching would be limited and I would still need to make sure that I did not lose him.

I settled in to the sun doms I brought a room for myself with bathroom, and I stay as an over achiever wall flower and really anti-social I talked to no one accept to say morning , evening ,move and please and thank you I never knew any names and yuki, zero and the vampires paid no mind to me. I was safe for a while and could relax a little, after that first year I knew the routine, I was surviving school I went back to my flat I brought it to ensure a place to go. A the beginning of the ark of vampire knight I saw him( you all thought it would be a main character didn't you )

He was in the town walking towards me looking like his original body I had found him we locked eyes, and a lifetime of memories went between us, he stop and watched me, watching me, looking at him, I turned and brought him to my flat. I left the door open and turned to face him he had followed and was in my flat I was not alone anymore. He spoke softly hello Kira Nara, opening his arms I run in to them I was home.

hello Itachi Unchila and then he leaned down and kissed me.