The last thing Sara remembered was being at the dawn of time, kneeling over Oliver's dead body with Barry as she mourned the last real tether she had to the girl she was before the Queen's Gambit went down and her oldest friend.

Then, the next thing she knew, she was waking up back in her old quarters in Nanda Parbat.

"How the hell did I get back here?" Sara asked, trying to make sense of things, but nothing she thought of made sense, right as Nyssa entered her quarters.

"Good, you're awake. My father is summoning us." Nyssa said, taking Sara by even more surprise.

"What?" Sara asked.

"My father is not a patient man, he wants to see us now." Nyssa said and for some reason, Sara's instincts were telling her to go along with it.

"Okay, just give me a minute to get ready." Sara said and Nyssa nodded before shocking Sara by kissing her briefly before leaving to allow her to get ready.

"What the hell is going on here?" Sara asked, but instead of spending too much time thinking about it, she decided that she'd just go with the flow and figure out what was going on later as she moved to rinse off, finding herself missing indoor plumbing more and more, since a real shower was both faster and more effective than the ancient form bathing used here.

When Sara entered the throne room of Nanda Parbat, she sighed as she kneeled next to Nyssa before Ra's al Ghul.

"You summoned me my lord?" Sara asked, not believing she was having to do this again.

"Yes, Ta-er Al Safar. The time has come for you to prove your loyalty to us." Ra's said.

"Meaning what?" Sara asked.

"My daughter Talia has informed me that we have been deceived. A member of the League I thought had perished in Russia actually faked her death and deserted us." Ra's said.

"Who?" Sara asked.

"I'm surprised you don't remember that it was your sister, Al Nnaji." Ra's said and Sara wasn't sure which part surprised her more. The fact that Laurel had apparently been a member of the League of Assassins or that she'd deserted the League.

"The Survivor." Sara translated and Ra's nodded.

"A fitting name considering the state she was in when we found her. We took her in, allowed her to join us and be reborn and yet she still abandoned us." Ra's said.

"You do not sound overly surprised by this development though father." Nyssa pointed out.

"I have always suspected that Al Nnaji's loyalties to the League were conflicted from the moment she joined our ranks. She had never truly committed to it, despite everything. It was only after you arrived Ta-er Al Safar that she became more focused and committed to our ways. Still, I always suspected that she would attempt to flee from us should she get the chance. Her treachery will not stand." Ra's said.

"What would you have us do my liege? Kill her?" Sara asked, forcing herself to act like saying those words didn't kill her.

"No. I want you both to find her and the man my daughter says is accompanying her and bring them here." Ra's said.

"Why her companion?" Nyssa asked, though Sara had an idea of who it was and if she was right, she was more than happy to bring him to Ra's, since it would ensure her freedom from the League once again. Though she was still trying to figure out how she'd gotten sucked back into it in the first place. Nothing was making sense to her anymore, but she'd figure that out later.

"This man was clearly responsible for leading Al Nnaji astray. For that, he must die along with her by my hand." Ra's said and both Sara and Nyssa nodded, though for different reasons as Ra's dismissed them.

"Are you sure you are okay with this my beloved? She is your sister." Nyssa asked Sara.

"She stopped being my sister the day she abandoned us." Sara said, hating herself for saying the words, but her instincts were telling her to keep acting like she would at this point in time.

"Very well. We shall leave at nightfall." Nyssa said and Sara nodded as they went their separate ways, but Sara was still trying to figure out how she'd gotten herself into this mess.

"What the hell is going here?" Sara asked as she passed an archway, but instead of entering another corridor of Nanda Parbat, Sara found herself in a place that Oliver had told her about, facing a man that she knew had to have something to do with whatever the hell was going on.

"You." Sara said.

"Hello Sara Lance." Mar Novu said.

"What the hell is going on here? How and why am I back at Nanda Parbat." Sara said.

"Because it appears that you and the other paragons were sent to this on the same day that Oliver Queen's journey to become the Spectre began. The day that some say the age of heroes began." Novu said.

"The day Ollie returned home from Lian Yu." Sara realized and Mar Novu nodded.

"Yes. And I think you'll find that several things are different on this new earth." Novu said.

"You're not kidding. My sister being a member of the League?" Sara asked.

"Perhaps that this will help clear everything up." Novu said as he waved his hand and suddenly, Sara felt memories enter her mind.

"What did you just do?" Sara asked.

"I have given you the memories of your counterpart on this earth so that you can blend in." Novu said.

"Okay, so, say I believe this and honestly, after everything I've seen, I actually do, is there anything else I should know aside from the fact that my sister is alive." Sara said.

"Like yourself, all the paragons remember the old world, with the exception of Lex Luthor, since I was sure to erase his memory now that he is no longer useful." Novu said.

"Wait, does that mean that we all live on the same earth now?" Sara asked.

"Indeed. And you should also be made aware that the Oliver Queen you are being sent to hunt down is actually the same one who sacrificed himself in the crisis." Novu said.

"Should've known Ollie would find a way to avoid his death." Sara said and Novu nodded.

"Hopefully by the time you and Ms. al Ghul reach him and your sister, J'onn J'onzz will have made his way to Star City to restore the memories of all his teammates, including your sister." Novu said.

"Well, at least I know that Laurel won't die again and I'm going to get my freedom from the League, since knowing Oliver, he's likely planning on letting me take him to Ra's so he can challenge him and then kill him to free me." Sara said and Novu nodded.

"Most likely." Novu agreed before he sent her back to Earth, a grin on Sara's face about what was coming now.

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