"So, what's the plan to kill Savage now that he no longer has the Time Master's backing and time is no longer being controlled to help him take over the world?" Nate asked as the Legends reconvened on the Waverider.

"I say we go back to the moment Savage was born and kill him then." Mick said casually and Sara rolled her eyes.

"No. Now that we're no longer being hunted by the Time Masters and this mission is now legal, we have to take the time to actually think things through, since Savage is one enemy where we have to be careful about when, where and how we strike him, since now we're actually able to advantage of those luxuries." Sara said.

"Meaning?" Rip asked.

"Whether we like it or not, Savage has spent his entire lifetime helping to shape humanity's existence. As much as it pains me to say it, interfering with his life could have disastrous consequences." Sara said.

"Just like how killing Darhk early would've?" Ray asked.

"Yeah and I'm not saying this to be hypocritical, I'm saying this from experience. Trying to kill someone like Savage at the wrong time could have terrible consequences and Savage has been manipulating events far longer than Darhk has. I can understand partially why the Time Masters wouldn't remove him from history like Rip wanted, because it was too dangerous." Sara said.

"So what are you saying?" Rip asked.

"Don't worry, we're not going to let Savage live, we're simply going to make sure that we hit him at a time where his death won't have a negative impact on human history." Sara said.

"So in 2166." Ray said and Sara nodded.

"I know that confronting Savage at the height of his power is dangerous, but it's the only option we have. Especially since I don't want Savage knowing that the Time Masters are no longer backing him, since as soon as he learns that, he's likely to try to blow up the world three times." Sara said.

"So, what do you suggest?" Rip asked, since he had to admit, Sara had proven yet again why she was a superior captain to him.

"Well we know Savage's weakness. Ray, you're our tech genius, any ideas on how we can exploit it without nearly destroying time?" Sara asked.

"Well, maybe we should start by acquiring one of those meteorites. We know that it's radiation can weaken Savage, so it's possible that I might be able to find a way to weaponize it without activating them." Ray said.

"We should also collect any and all artifacts that we know are capable of killing Savage to give us an extra advantage." Rip said.

"Okay so that would include the Staff of Horus, the Amon Dagger and Kendra's bracelet. Gideon began scanning the timeline for any traces of all three artifacts. For right now, we'll focus on saving Rip's family. That is our immediate issue. Once they're safe at the Vanishing Point, then we can focus on Savage." Sara said.

"Thank you." Rip said.

"You originally formed this team to save your family Rip. I think it's time we finally complete that mission." Sara said and all the Legends, even Snart and Mick, nodded in agreement.

"Then let's get to work." Rip said with a grin as for the first time in years, he felt hopeful that he'd be able to save his family.

"Gideon, set a course to London, 2166 and warm up our guns. We're gonna need them." Sara said.

"Right away Captain." Gideon said as they all took their seats and Sara hit the throttle and the ship jumped out of there.

When the ship exited the temporal zone, all of the Legends found themselves grateful that they'd strapped in since they were once again being shot at by Savage's forces.

"Gideon, get us beneath their artillery fire and find us a place to land." Sara said.

"So, what's the plan?" Ava asked.

"Actually, I think that getting Miranda and Jonas to safety will be relatively simple, since unlike before, now we have these." Sara said as she held up her recently completed time courier.

"Then why are we here?" Mick demanded.

"Because we're not leaving until humanity has a chance to take back it's freedom. We can use the time courier to get Miranda and Jonas to safety and then we'll meet up with the resistance and see if we can turn Cassie to our side again." Sara said.

"Leave that to me." Snart said and Sara nodded since Snart had been the one who'd turned Cassandra to their side before.

"Rip, give me the coordinates for Miranda and Jonas's location, since you know that you can't be a part of the rescue without risking time and frankly, I'd like to avoid breaking time again." Sara said.

"And yet you still want to open the cage." Constantine said.

"You and I both know that most of the creatures in it don't deserve to be locked up. Including one of our teammates." Sara said and Constantine nodded as Rip finished programming the time courier.

"Okay the coordinates are programmed into it." Rip said.

"I'll get them out of there Rip. I promise." Sara said and Rip nodded and smiled at her in gratitude.

"Thank you Sara." Rip said.

Miranda Coburn was growing more and more worried for her husband Rip Hunter, since he'd been out of contact with her for a while and since things were deteriorating here in London at a much faster rate than they'd anticipated. Which was why she wanted him here so that they could get on the Waverider and escape to a safer time period. Preferably before 2149, since that was when all this chaos started.

Anyways, she was driven from her thoughts when she heard a strange noise behind her and she turned around to see a strange blonde woman step out of a rectangular shaped portal that appeared out of nowhere.

"Who are you and how did you find this place?" Miranda asked as she reached for her gun, only to have the woman raise her hands in surrender.

"Whoa, calm down. My name is Sara Lance and I'm a friend of your husband's. He sent me here to get you and your son out." Sara said.

"Why didn't he come himself?" Miranda asked.

"It's a long story, but the point is that we need to get out of here before Savage's forces find you." Sara said.

"The Time Masters." Miranda said.

"Are no longer a concern since they've been helping him. But not anymore. Things are changing, now grab your son and anything else you want to take with you and let's go. We don't have a ton of time." Sara said and finally, Miranda decided she should trust Sara as she went to get her son and a few more items of value before Sara opened up another portal and Miranda was relieved to see the familiar interior of the Waverider.

"Rip." Miranda said as she hugged her husband.

"Miranda." Rip said as he hugged her and then his son, feeling the guilt of failing to save them finally be lifted from his shoulders.