"I'm surprised you called us back so soon? We were still in the planning stages of stealing the meteorite from the Nazis that wouldn't involve risking the fate of World War 2." Ray said as the Legends gathered on the bridge of the ship for the team meeting Sara called.

"Well, Constantine came up with a better solution to our Savage problem. One that seems more attainable." Sara said.

"We're listening." Rip said.

"To those of you who were here when it happened, remember what I did to Charlie when we first met her?" Constantine asked.

"Yeah, you put a spell on her that took away her powers." Ray said.

"Exactly. If the spell could work on her, then there's no reason it shouldn't work on Vandal Savage as well. Take away his fancy powers and he's just a regular mortal and before any of you ask, it should work since Savage's powers are more mystical in nature than they are scientific." Constantine said.

"I should've recruited you when I first formed the Legends. Would've made things so much easier." Rip said.

"Don't blame yourself Rip, the Time Masters probably kept you from recruiting Constantine for that exact reason. However, the tough part will be getting close enough to Savage for Constantine to cast his spell." Sara said.

"I may have an idea for that." Snart said.

"Go on." Sara said.

"I say we run a similar play that we did before. Get our hands on Savage's daughter, give her the brain dump to remind her of what a bastard her father really is and use her to get access to Savage." Snart said.

"Sounds like a decent plan. I'll put you and Mick in charge of that operation. Ray, I want you, Behrad and Zari to start working on modifying your suit to prepare you to take on Savage's Leviathan robot, since that's an anachronism that we need to get rid of for both the timeline and rest of humanity." Sara said and they nodded.

"We should go make contact with the resistance fighters, let them know that we have a plan that could kill Savage. I'm sure they'd be interested and they may have some information we can use to capture Cassandra, since I think we can all agree that Mr. Snart's plan is the best way to get close to Savage." Rip said.

"Rip, Constantine, you two are with me, we'll handle that. Snart, you and Mick do some recon on Savage's base of operations and Ray, start working on your suit and Ava, make sure Ray doesn't destroy the ship working on his suit." Sara said and Ava nodded as she kissed her fiance, though they'd agreed to keep the fact that they were now engaged to themselves until after the mission, mainly because they didn't want to deal with Ray's over cheery attitude right now, but also because they wanted the whole team to focused on the matter at hand.

"Also, Nate, I want you and Gideon to start fabricating relief supplies for the refugee camp, since they're going to need it." Sara said, wanting to cover all their bases and make sure that every member of her team had something to do, since she'd learned the hard way that if any of the Legends had too much free time on their hands then bad things happened.

Sara, Rip and Constantine were walking through the wilderness of 2166 when they heard soldiers approach them.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't blow your asses straight to hell?" The lead soldier, who was the same woman as before, asked.

"Because we're the only ones who stand a chance at turning the tide of this war." Sara said.

"What do you mean?" the soldier asked.

"We know how to render Savage mortal. Completely human and while still very dangerous, also killable." Constantine said.

"This sounds too good to be true." the soldier said.

"It's true. Look, we don't have time to explain, but we could use your help and from the looks of things, you could use ours." Sara said.

"You really think you can kill him?" the soldier asked.

"We are likely the only people in history who can do it." Rip said.

"We also brought relief supplies for your camp on our ship, since I'm sure that you guys are barely getting by as it is." Sara added.

"You should've led with that. After saving who we could from Whitechapel, we've got too many mouths to feed. Any supplies would be helpful." the soldier said.

"And don't worry, a few of the crates contain new and advanced weaponry to even the odds a bit." Rip assured her, since now that the Legends were actually aiming to aid the resistance in more ways than one, he had no problem providing the rebels with era appropriate weaponry to help them fight back against Savage.

"Music to my ears. I'll have some of my men come with you to help offload the cargo." The leader said and Sara nodded.

"Some of our crew is standing by to help as well." Sara said and the lead soldier nodded.

"Now this haul might just be our salvation." The soldier said as her troops and the legends offloaded all the cargo from the Waverider, including both relief supplies like food and medical supplies for the refugees and better weaponry for the rebel soldiers.

"We're not leaving until Savage is dealt with and humanity is free again." Sara said.

"It's hard to imagine there was ever a time when Vandal Savage didn't control the world." the soldier said.

"We lived in it and it was beautiful and we're going to restore that freedom to the world." Sara said.

"Any help is useful. Now how can we help you." The lead soldier asked, so grateful for the supplies that she didn't bother questioning where it came from.

"We need to get our hands on Savage's daughter Cassandra. She's the key to our whole plan." Sara said.

"Why do you need her? If you think Savage will negotiate." The soldier asked.

"Oh no, we have no intention of negotiating with Savage. However, we do know how to turn his daughter against him, since we know the truth about the armageddon virus that killed her mother." Rip said.

"What about it?" the soldier asked.

"Savage is the one who released it, not Per Deggaton." Sara said.

"Okay, I can see how that might be useful. I'll get you everything my people have on Savage's daughter." the soldier said as she walked away.

"She is a lot more cooperative this time around." Rip noted.

"That's because this time we actually came with real proof of our intentions to help them instead of just words like you did before. There's a reason they say actions speak louder than words Rip. The supplies we've brought are a sign of trust. Now, let's put it to good use." Sara said and Rip nodded as they went to meet with the leader while the rest of the legends offloaded the supplies and weapons.