Rip Hunter was currently flying the Waverider through the temporal zone back to the vanishing point from his most recent mission for the Time Masters when suddenly, something went wrong.

"Gideon, what's going on?" Rip asked.

"I'm afraid some sort of outside force has disrupted our systems. I am attempting to reset, but I'm afraid that we are still going to crash." Gideon said as Rip groaned as he watched the ship lose power and felt the jerk as it was ejected from the time stream and Rip did his best to make sure that the ship remained cloaked, since he wasn't sure where or when it was that the ship was crashing in and did his best to brace himself as the ship landed in the ground, though he didn't notice the ship's temporal delineator get ejected from the time core and the impact from the crash knocked him unconscious.

"Bullocks. Gideon." Rip called out when he came to a few hours later and began to recover from the crash.

"I apologize captain. I do not know what caused the ship to malfunction the way it did, but it appears that the system reboot solved the problem. I am implementing repair protocols now, however, there is a problem." Gideon said.

"Of course there is. What is it?" Rip asked.

"It would appear that the ship's primary temporal delineator was disengaged during the crash." Gideon said and Rip groaned.

"Of course, because why would anything be easy? Okay Gideon, continue on with the remaining repairs, I will track down the delineator." Rip said.

"Very well Captain, but perhaps you would like to know where and when we are." Gideon said.

"As always." Rip said as he prepared to head to the fabrication room to get ready to blend in to whatever time period they'd crashed in.

"We are currently in California, 2012." Gideon said.

"Okay then, maybe I can blend in dressed the way I am." Rip said.

"Actually captain, based on my monitoring of satellite images from this time period, it would appear that the delineator has already been found and taken into custody of the Department of Extranormal Operations." Gideon said.

"Bullocks. How could they even know about the ship? Aren't we cloaked?" Rip asked.

"Yes, but our crash was still not necessarily subtle." Gideon pointed out.

"True. Guess now I'd better figure out how to break in." Rip said, since this would complicate things.

"So, you really think Sara's buddy Hunter is going to come for whatever this thing is?" Alex asked J'onn as they watched the DEO's scientists study the delineator they'd recovered from the Waverider's crash sight.

"This is a component of the Waverider. The only reason I had our men take it is because Sara told me about Rip and how he is essential to forming the Legends, so once he arrives here to steal back the device, I'll restore his memories so that he can put the team back together." J'onn said and Alex nodded.

"I'm sorry sir, but even after hours of studying it, we have no idea what this is or what it does, but there is one thing we found interesting." the lead scientist said.

"And what might that be?" J'onn asked.

"It's not alien technology. While we can barely comprehend the logic of this technology, one thing we can tell is that whatever it is, it was made by humans." the scientist said.

"Okay thank you. Put it in one of the secure vaults for right now." J'onn said.

"So, you posed as a fisherman to get Oliver, Sara and Sara's sister back to the rest of the world before you left to finish restoring the memories of everyone else." Alex asked.

"Actually, while I have restored the memories of our compatriots in Star City, Central City and Metropolis, I got the call about this before I could get to Freeland or start tracking down any of the Legends and I thought I should wait until Batwoman returned to Gotham before I restored anyone's memories there." J'onn said.

"Well, at least when this Rip guy shows up, he can help you locate all the legends across the timeline, since I know Sara had at least one person from a different time period on her team, so you can restore all their memories while we let Sara have her reunion with her family before she runs off to join the Legends again." Alex said and J'onn nodded.

Later on that night, Rip Hunter was sneaking around the DEO, following the signal on his tracker letting him know that the delineator was near.

"Almost there. And they won't even know until it's gone." Rip said, right as alarms sounded and J'onn and Alex came at the head, leading agents to arrest him.

"On the contrary, we knew you were here from the second you arrived. Take him to the interrogation room." J'onn ordered his agents, who nodded as they guided him to the interrogation room.

When J'onn and Alex entered the room, they found Rip just sitting there.

"I'm surprised you haven't tried to escape." J'onn said.

"It didn't seem likely I'd get far." Rip said.

"I'm sure a time master could've managed it." Alex said, taking Rip aback.

"What is a Time Master?" Rip asked, wondering how anyone in this century could know about the Time Masters.

"You'll know in a moment." J'onn said as he restored Rip's memories, along with giving him a crash course of what had happened since his death.

"Sara told you to find me didn't she?" Rip asked as he recovered from the braindump.

"She did. Her exact words were that there were no legends without Rip Hunter." J'onn said.

"Well, I'm flattered that she thinks that, but honestly, she's the one who makes that team work. I'm just the one who provided them with a ship.

"Well, you can tell her that. But right now, you're free to reclaim your property, since the only reason I had my agents retrieve it was to use it as bait to lure you here." J'onn said.

"Yes, I assumed as much once I remembered everything. I assume you'd like to come with me so that you can restore the memories of the rest of my crew members before heading to the Vanishing Point." Rip asked and J'onn nodded.

"Though I would prefer if you dropped me off here once you're done with recruiting." J'onn said and Rip nodded.

"Of course. I wouldn't dream of pulling you out of the timeline. There are others however who would kill me if I didn't. Sara chief among them, though I will let her have a reunion with her family first." Rip said and J'onn nodded.

"Alex, you're in charge until I get back." J'onn said and Alex nodded as J'onn and Rip went to retrieve the delineator before leaving the DEO and heading to the Waverider.