Okay, so tonight's premiere of Legends was totally worth the wait and totally lived up to the wackiness we've all come to associate with Legends. Also, loving the new girl and no spoilers, but I really hope that Sara and Ava are reunited sooner rather than later. If you've seen the episode, you'll know why. Anyways, on with the chapter.

"So, what are the odds that Mick manages to beat the induction process again?" Snart asked the others as they sat in their cells.

"Considering that his ties to the team are even stronger now than they were then, I'd say pretty good. I'm more concerned about where our captain is. No offense Rip." Ray said.

"None taken, I agree with you. However, I do have a suspicion about what's become of her." Rip said.

"Well, feel free to share it with the rest of the class." Snart said.

"I believe that Time Masters intend to do the same thing to Ms. Lance that they're attempting to do to Mr. Rory. Of course, if Mick could resist it with the limited connection he had with the team the first time." Rip said.

"Then for Sara, resisting it should be a piece of cake, especially considering everything else she's gone through." Ray said.

"Exactly. So, I say we just wait until they come to let us out." Rip said.

"How are you so at ease knowing that Savage is still killing your family while we're locked up here?" Ava asked Rip, not insensitively, but also curiously.

"I suppose it's because I made my peace with that after I failed the first time in the old universe. But it's also because I know that what I'm doing here is important to ensure that I can save them, since this time around, I haven't tried to yet." Rip said.

"So that means that after we take out the Time Masters, we can go back and save them before we kill Savage, since we can't kill him then without Carter or Kendra and an artifact from their first death. Why didn't you recruit them by the way?" Ray asked Rip.

"The only reason I recruited them was because they were needed to kill Savage, but now that we know of an alternative method to do that, there was no need for them to be recruited, especially when one of the many changes of this world is that now, they have a different role to play. New destinies that being Legends would interfere with." Rip said, right as they heard the doors open and Time Master Declan entered the room, with Chronos and another hunter, this one a woman, though her appearance was not as big or bulky as Chronos' was. If anything, it was the exact opposite. Her gear was light and honestly looked a little skin tight, though there were more heavily armored gauntlets on her wrists and she was wearing a helmet similar to Chronos's.

"I see you're admiring our newest hunters. Allow me to introduce you to the last faces you'll ever see. Chronos and Moirae. I can't help but admire the irony that your own friends are going to be the ones who kill you." Declan said.

"I wouldn't be so sure about it." Rip said with a smirk.

"Is that so?" Declan asked as he opened their cells and Chronos took aim as Moira pulled out some kind of throwing knife.

"Kill them, starting with Hunter." Declan said.

"Gladly." Moirae said and Rip was honestly pretty sure that she might throw that thing at him anyways, not that he could blame her entirely, but still.

They heard Chronos turn the safety on his gun off, several of them were surprised it was ever on, as he took aim.

"Fire." Declan said.

"Sure thing." Chronos said as he fired his gun, but to Declan's shock, it wasn't at one of the Legends, but at him.

"What is the meaning of this?" Declan asked as he winced in pain as he attempted to move.

"You should've tried harder to make me compliant." Chronos said as he stomped over to him.

"Both of us." Moirae said.

"Please, I beg of you." Declan begged as Chronos removed his helmet.

"This is going to be just as satisfying as it was the first time." Mick said with a grin as he stomped on Declan's skull.

"Satisfied?" Sara asked as she removed her helmet.

"For now. I still want to kill more of them." Mick said.

"Yeah well, you'll get your chance, right now we need to move." Sara said as their teammates exited their cells.

"So, what's the plan?" Snart asked.

"Well for starters, I think that Constantine would be of more use helping to disable the Oculus than anywhere else." Sara said.

"Why's that? Science isn't really my thing." Constantine said.

"I know, but magic is and from what I got Declan to spill before he tried to lobotomize me, it turns out that this version of Time Masters are either smarter or dumber than the old ones, haven't decided yet." Sara said.

"Meaning what?" Rip asked.

"Instead of using a supernova to power the Oculus, Declan said that the time masters created it using the piece of a magical artifact called the loom of fate." Sara said.

"Wait, the loom of fate, are you certain?" Constantine asked.

"Positive, why does that mean something to you?" Sara asked.

"Yes it does. The loom of fate is one of the most powerful artifacts in existence. It's basically an upgraded version of the spear of destiny. I've spent years searching for it, but could never even get a clue as to where it was hidden. With this piece, I may be able to track down the others." Constantine said.

"One thing at a time and taking down the time masters is still our top priority." Sara said and John nodded.

"Understood, so what's the plan?" Constantine asked.

"We split up. Mick and I each got a download of the Vanishing Point's layout as a part of our hunter induction. Mick will take Constantine and Ray to the Oculus, since between the two of them, they should be able to find a way to shut it down without destroying it. I will take Ava, Zari and Behrad to the communications center, start a broadcast to the rest of the time masters while Rip takes Snart and Nate to the council chamber to confront Druce and expose their conspiracy." Sara said.

"That sounds a lot easier said than done." Ava said.

"I'm not going near that thing." Mick said.

"What do you mean?" Sara asked.

"Personal preference." Mick said and Sara nodded.

"Okay then, Mick will take Ava, Zari and Behrad to the communication center and I'll take Ray and Constantine to the Oculus." Sara said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Ava asked.

"I understand why Mick isn't eager to go anywhere near the Oculus and Rip is the only one who can trick Druce into confessing. I'll be okay. I promise." Sara said and Ava nodded as she kissed her girlfriend before they headed out to complete their missions.